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Where is Horseneck Beach State Reservation?

REVIEWS OF Horseneck Beach State Reservation IN Massachusetts

Crystal Gagne

Love this beach.... Been coming here since I was a kid. Love the waves and the soft sand castle sand.. love that it's open until 8pm and can use boogie board after 5... Passing the tradition on to the next generation and my kids love it here. I love the bathhouse with the foot showers and the raised walkway to get to the beach.

Brandy Capistran

Andrew is the BEST! My family stayed there in July. The night when the Cape had some tornadoes, we had hard rain that night. Woke up to site flooded really bad. I went to the camp office to see what we should do, and Andrew was so understanding and very helpful. 5 stars to Andrew!! Thank you, again. Hope to see you in July!

Karen Martin

Beautiful & peaceful, a spiritual calm for me here. Gorgeous beaches w/kite surfers off shore, & the islands off in the distance. Cruise ships & cargo ships travel the shipping lane while smaller boats catch fish for markets & restaurants not as far out. Tourists & locals equally friendly greet you on your walk. Dog friendly beaches a hard to find but they are welcome on Gooseberry Island. Parking is free & closes at 8pm. Across the street is Allen's Pond wildlife sanctuary that's a must if you're here. Endangered bird species nesting grounds, trails for miles, along w/rock cliffs to climb & a few more miles of beach. An Osprey nest is usually home to parents w babies so bring binoculars to watch them diving for fish. Rolling hills of tall grasses are a beautiful home to many bird species. Absolutely gorgeous here.

Justin Hinds

This is a great beach. I do love this beach and before I say this I’m not cheap by any means... however $13.00 to park at the beach is absolutely ridiculous. I could almost park in Boston in a Saturday night for that. So whoever is running that show over there is absolutely price gouging... there’s absolutely no reason to charge more than $5 for parking.

Eric Davis

If The bathrooms got more attention it would receive a fifth

Cassandra Lemay

Nice beach, wish parking was cheaper for MA Residents though.

Kevin pip

Really nice beach, water wasn't cold at all. It's a state park so you have to pay to park or have a pass. Waves were pretty good, there's a strip of rocks smallish rocks. Then it's nice sand bar, it's pretty shallow for a good distance.

John Houlihan

A evening trip to the beach with the Mrs. Always a great trip

Pavels Danilovs

Great beach, but bathrooms require more care. The stink is unbearable sometimes. Have gotten worse despite rate going up over last 10 years.

barry bornstein

The perfect place to take pictures of stars and sunsets

katie grava

Awesome beach. I love the waves and the atmosphere. It’s my favorite place to be

Marc Spisto

Beautiful, clean, well maintained- a true gem. Really enjoy the walking rails through the dunes.

Kenneth Carpenter

Best place in the whole wide world

Cyndie Bourgeois

One of my favorite ocean beaches. Very rocky so bring water shoes.

Amanda My life story

Horseneck beach has been our Family beach Since I was child, Now 34yrs I've continued the honor of bringing are 3 year old Son to Horseneck since he was a Newborn! It's a Very Relaxing time friendly Staff with Recue and Police present at all times!

Dave Miles

Decent beach but too much seaweed and rocks.

Ann Burkhardt

Great Sandy saltwater Massachusetts state beach. Has wheelchair accessible facilities and water chairs that are available so that those who can't walk can actually get into the water!

Dan Harlow

Was great had a handicap wheelchair that we used on the beech

nathan paquette

Awesome and I can bring my dog to the boat launch beach area!

William Thompson

This park was so nice... Staff gracious..

Anya Supryaga

Beautiful bay! We walk with our dog and kids, and all of them were enjoying :)

Nicole Manson

My favorite beach on the east coast!

Paul Luc Girard

This is a very calm and peacefull State park/reservation. Beach at czmpground is rockh but only at high tide. Low tide exposes a beautifull sand bottom. Quite swimmable. Nice staff and operation.

Kelly Medeiros

Too many rocks no sand. Massachusetts DOSEN'T take of their beaches. But Rhode island gives breaks on prices also last week they didn't change wouldn't that be nice

Chris Jordan

Overcrowded. Reminds me of an episode of jersey shore so if that's your crowd have fun...

Cheryl Happnie


Chef Andy Teixeira

What a great place to spend the day! So relaxing and clean

Rose Dery

Love finding sea glass and shells

dave hartshorn

Love this beach can find the best seashells here we come down from maine and walk this beach for hours looking for them even in the winter we walk the beach for the shells

Bobby K

I love this place, was such a nice find!


Nice beach without being over crowded. Beautiful sand dunes. Lots of sea shells to collect. Will definitely be back again next year

Richard J Huggins

Great beach at cherry and webb Westport

Meaghan Giles

So sad, it was the rockiest beach ever and WAY overpriced!!!! Not worth the $30 I had to pay as a non resident despite being a resident. All because of my rental vehicle. Note to all: do not waste your money.

Tess Rondeau

Gorgeous late summer day of wave and bird watching. This is a rocky, natural beach that also happens to have a flat top trail for wheel chair accessibility.

Kali Robinson

Water is clean though 13 dollars to enter. Not crowded good for white gay men.

Alan Feldman

All in all a great beach but it seams they dumped a ton of rocks along the shoreline for erosion protection I imagine and it really takes some of the joy away. Warm water great waves but there are RIP currents and you need to be on guard. There are plenty of lifeguards watching out in case you do get into trouble.

Jim Beaudreau

Lots of open space. Farmlands and Marshlands. Water is very clean but it gets very seaweedy sometimes. RV park and Audobon nearby. Watch out for strong rip currents and biting flies. Bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen and deep woods off. Only one small restaurant near Audobon but it's always packed. Long wait.

monique kreiner

Always a great time at this old stomping grounds..

Matthew Blackerby

Too many rocks and shells on the beach that cut the bottom.of your feet on your way to the shore.. they need to invest into combing the beach to make it more welcoming to beach goers

Russ Goheen

I love the beach and this one rocks the house

Elisabeth Strout

Love this beach, great waves, not too crowded, $13 before 5 pm, free after, bathrooms are relatively clean and spacious but a sign says they close at 7 pm, just beware, the first parking lot takes you to an all sand beach, the second one is sand for sitting and sand in the water but you have to walk over a wide layer of small sharp rocks to get from the beach to the water, painful without water shoes !

Amanda Deibel

Lots of seaweed. Great waves. Minimal rocks


Very rocky beach and when I went couldn't go in the water cause there was to much seaweed.

Heriberto Rivera

Love the guy who makes sandsculpture

Ryan Humphrey

Great place to visit. The campsites at the State Reservation are very well kept. Essentially surrounded by beaches; with both East Beach and West Beach (highly recommended) within biking distance of the campgrounds.

BonBon S

Beautiful beach park. Some beach front camp sites. Shower / bath house is new and clean and well lit. Showers are hot enough to feel great, although I couldn't figure out how to adjust the temperature.

T.j White

We love how big this beach is, decent amenities, nice sand and it's really not very rocky compared to some other beaches. The water can be a bit rough at times because it is ocean water and beware of the seagulls, they will scavenge through your bags if you give them a chance to do so. Overall, Horseneck is a great beach for the whole family to spend an entire day at.

Oanh H.

Beautiful beach with easy parking space. The drive up is beautiful with scenic views all around. The most unique feature for me are the composting toilets. Very clean and environment friendly beach.

Matilda Vieira

Very nice place reasonable rates Wonderful Host staff Tammylou

Exploring with Andrew CLARK

It's very beautiful here and has clean beaches.. Lot of rocks so bring water shoes .A great place to go and watch the fireworks on 4th of July..

Roberta guilmette

Love this beach clean and close to home


When I went during the end of July the beach was full of seaweed and rocks everywhere. I would recommend going to a different beach but it's an ok beach.

Ammar Alkass

Gravel beach, no concessions, big waves...not ideal for kids but ok. There is big parking lot so you can get to the beach rather late in the day without issue.


Great place for surfing good waves

Desiree Gallant

Beautiful place, should only be for locals

Danielle Beaton

Beautiful beach, plenty of parking, clean restrooms.

Brenda Gouveia

It's a perfect New England beach, quiet with sand dunes.

Audrey Lariviere

Great place not much to do but I'm very pleased I've been camping there for 17 years and the bathrooms are ok they've made a lot of improvements over the years

Jared Fournier

One of my favorite places in the world

Scott Stanley

Nice place bit 20 dollars to park is outrageous

The Math Help Site

Nice clean campground. Not wooded. Mostly camping on a field on other side of dunes to the beach. Bushes/plants give sites some privacy. Some sites along beach. Small playground(swings and sandbox). Beach is rocky but when tide is out nicer for swimming. Camp pass gets you into horseneck beach, or you can walk/ride bikes to Gooseberry Island. Fun beach camping. Can hear waves from sites.

Kerry Carter

Really liked this beach. Sand was clean. Not crowded 4th of July week. Lots of seaweed in the water, but that's pretty much expected on the northeast coast. The undertow was minimal. Babies could play at the waters edge without being knocked off their feet.

Vicki Harris

Affordable, scenic, family oriented. Just do darned rocky. Bring water shoes!


They stole my 3000 w Honda Generator. Also if you are lucky enough to get a lot by the beach, there will be inconsiderate people constantly walking through your lot. And refuse to use the public walkways to get to the beach.

Виталий Хоманько

Great place, it has a flavour of its own...

Mariel Epps

My first time there ever and it was perfect! Sunny day then overcast, but the beach was very clean. A few rocky areas, but nothing water shoes cant fix. Some few seagulls but you can just shoo them away. Very nice lifeguards too.

Kate Capron

Everyone was friendly, beautiful environment, well maintained

Angela Chang

The beautiful setting and lovely parking is with a visit. When we got here we saw whelk casings and shark egg casings. Went in and found lots of marine life in the ocean, including a little jellyfish and small fishes for observation. This place is usually not crowded and the only thing I don't like is the dog leavings that people don't pick up on the path from the parking.

Rob Schneider

Clean, breezy, and right on the shore. Doesn't get much better than this.

Erica O.

Beach is very clean. Usually attracts a pleasant crowd. If you go in the morning, there is good parking and spots. Lot's of rocks though, you might want something to protect your feet.

cristina lobato

Great beach. Warm waters and great waves.

Mark Piche

Having spent many years at Horseneck, it's still one of my favorite places. It's where my heart is. Whether it's summer, winter, spring or fall, it doesn't matter

Joanne Bourget

Nice beach. A bit of an undertow there.

Heather Sanders

What a gorgeous beach!!! We went out on an overcast day, that was a really rainy, but still well worth it! The trails to beach were so pretty, and we saw many different flora and fauna as well as many crabs, snails, and frogs.

Denise Perry

I go after the crowds leave, the less people the better in my opinion. Water was clean today, no red seaweed. I love it here !

Ivan Fedorenko

That's your beautiful 'Plan B' if you stuck in traffic on your way to theCape )

Sarah Gustafson

Beautiful spot to swim and take pictures.

Nicole Bertrand

My family drives here every Sunday during the summer. Best tradion to enjoy with my daughter now.

Marta Gubert Gomes

Beautiful beach. Fill up quick in summer.

David A Lawrence Jr

Took a ride on my Harley Davidson to Gooseberry Island, beautiful place beautiful day!!!!!!

Jillian Flanagan

I was here earlier this summer. My sister dragged me from half way down some place in cape cod to Fall River so we stopped off at the beach. I enjoyed listening to the waves while I was watching the flies bite my sister. Thankfully for her sake they don’t really sell anything here so she I didn’t have an opportunity to call her cheap. This was a nice beach a little crowded for my tastes but if you like sand fly’s this is your spot.

Liz Nuyts

Beautiful natural beach. Lovely path for walking.

andrew couto

Love this place. Bring me back to the good old days.

Suzanne Brennan

Nice day.....tide was out so just rocky at the shore....

Myles O'Connor

Great beach! Mostly sand, always clean and lots of space to set down. Nice walking paths, but don't accidentally go back into the dump area. Two bath houses and a concession shack make it easy for families. Be ready for waterless toilets.

Megan Woodworth

Most recent visit was during the winter months. Had a great visit! Very windy and very cold but worth it. We were beach combing and in maybe 2 hours were able to find six pieces of sea glass and a few specific shells we were looking for. This beach is VERY rocky and in the summer time there are a lot of horse flies hence the name of the beach. Better for adults who dont mind rocks

Mike Normandin

They have steadily ruined this beach, the handicap improvements can not even be accessed with sand blown in piles on ramps. The paved area has a gate 24/7 and a wheelchair can't get in that way either. The only thing good the almost extinct birds are all over the beach. This used to be a great beach, now it's for the birds, hope the glass in sand doesn't bother them it was pleasant to me.

Kristen Olson

Beautiful beach, nice and clean but too many rocks

Steven Hall

Wish it was a little cleaner/ they combed the beach a little more often. But I always have a good time

Miles Gibson

Water was a nice temp but to much seaweed for me. But I heard it was low tide which caused it.

Celinda Kaye

Great place to go to the beach.

rosa botelho

Beautiful place I recommend this place always for a good time.

Kyle D

This beach is a classic Massachusetts beach. Big, plenty of parking, and popular. There's only a couple reasons it didn't get 5 stars. 1. It's not cheap. A day pass will cost you $20. 2. It's a pretty rocky beach. 3. While the vast majority of the beach is clean, the area directly in front of at least one pavilion smells of waste. I'm not sure why.

George Muggleton

Gooseberry and Horseneck beach is great. And the WW2 watch tower is a nice attraction.

Yury Yatsynovich

Warm ocean, plenty of parking, large and clean beach. One con is a lot of sea grass in the water in the summer


A wonderful location. The sand could use some cleaning. Make sure you hold your breath near the restrooms, its disgusting. Not all the showers work.

Rafael Polidoro

very expensive parking, I imagine the entire structure is paid with the parking money, so not bad. I enjoyed it a lot. I'd still rather go to a local beach in Cape Cod (if you find one with parking), but def worth the day!

Suzanne M.

Great waves! A bit rocky in places.

Susan Beers

Great RV camping at the beach.

Carol Skidmore

Been going to this beach for many years. Love it & driving around Westport - so picturesque

Russell Ferreira

A beautiful beach and area to spend the day .

Sam Squailia

Great beach. So many Quohogs! Saw a live one! Many piping plovers. Sandy beach....nice bathouse. $12 parking for MA plates. Can pay with CC

Gary Slaughter

Great campground. Great facilities. Fellow campers were friendly. The check in process was a bit tedious and seemed disorganized. Getting wood for the fire pits/grills was fairly easy.

Tex Teixeira


Ali Du

Nice local beach. And the state is currently redoing the road so that it will be a smoother ride to the beach.

Bobbyj Bonalewicz

Gorgeous beach with some nice paths and beautiful sand dunes in the back

Joelle H

This year it was dirtier than before. I have been coming to this beach for years but this year I wont be coming back. It does not seem there have been any efforts to keep the beach clean.

Ann Uptegrove

Loved it!!! Beach and bathrooms were clean. Had a great day..

Janet Rose

Poor set up. We were left to stand in the rain for 10 minutes. I love that it is retro, but some upgrades are needed.

Rene Dejesus

It's clean,love the view. Easy 2 get to

Patrick O'Leary

A little windy when I went but it was a beautiful place to visit.

jessica sollee

Gre up swimming here. Rough undertow. Do be careful!

silly syl

Love this beach! Great place to collect big shells if your willing to take the walk.

Feride Yatman

Great place. Best thing is off season seeing people on horseback and being able to bring my dog on the beach

Joe Root

Great beach good surf

Marsden Ashley

No public boozing, shame were all hiding the obvious lol!

Daniel Hazen

The beach is amazing and the bathrooms were clean.

Charlie Hudson

Water was unusually calm and the beach freshly raked. The only thing missing was the food truck.


love it here when there is no seaweed in the water...and love the big waves!


I didn't get to see the actual beach because I got there after 8 and they lock all the gates at 8 for any access to the beach. You will get locked inside as well if your car isn't out by 8. It's summer time, not sure why they would do that

Steve Norwood

Excellent beach, easy access. Sorry, I realize that the public facilities need the money to operate but I really dislike having to pay the $20 for parking. I know that I could go elsewhere, or I could go somewhere where the access is free or just stay home or WHATEVER, but $20 is still a challenge on a limited budget. But again, very nice accommodations.


I enjoyed it very much the bathrooms were clean people with nice it was quiet quiet time

Mikki B

Such a gorgeous beach. For Pokemon lovers, the beach also has a poke' stop. I've never seen water such a beautiful shade of blue. If you're not afraid to venture out a little, get close to the water by following one of the many paths, or take in the scenery as soon as you park. Love this place!

Megan Neil

Very cute beach. Large area to find a section to sit. Water was very warm when I went in June and this weekend at the beginning of September! Unfortunately the bathrooms are closed after labor day but there was one family restroom open. The price to park is steep. For out of state it's $20.

Ron Mello

Beautiful day at the beach surf was rough sun was bright.

April Ramos

My favorite camping place. It's at spacek as it comes so bring your own entertainment and have a blast.

Chris Fuller

Good beach, lots of room. A strip of rocks between the main beach and the water is the only (minor) annoyance.

Mike carlisle

This place is amazing! Clean, quiet and beautiful. It has bathrooms, changing rooms and lifeguards during the major season.

Kathryn Ford

Beautiful! Perfect for a springtime walk but be prepared for cooler temps and wind. Very close to wonderful hiking trails at Allen's Pond.

Arnold Parsons

Easy access, ocean waves, great sand. A classic New England beach.

Brooke Perreault

I just went and my friends mom took me then she went into the athroom first thank god and then people told her that there were little worms on the seaweed bitting people. So everyone was leaving and stipping rinsing themselves and their bathing suits and holding up towels. Nasty

Ryan Tiebout

Clean facilities and large beach. A few too many rocks to walk through however.

Yizu Lulu Yeh

Very pleasant beach area with outdoor rinse facilities. Bathrooms not always clean though. Very warm waves during summer

Greg Lavoie

Great beach experience. 2nd to none

phillip gautreau

Beautiful place. Great place for a bike ride

Jennifer Goulston

Gorgeous beach with nice sand and bath houses!

jose enrique

It is an amazing beach. We spend a good time in there.

Lori Berube

Decent location, not far from the ocean, not close to anything, beautiful on a nice day. Restrooms have showers, area to wash dishes and little playground for kids, pet friendly, reception is horrible in this area, reserve as early as possible to get best spot.

Raymond Faria

I don't like because was very dirty and seaweeds all over the place lot of rocks for a place like that and have people working there should be more clean

Inna Stytsenko

My favorite beach, the waves are not too big and great with kids

Dj Glover

The waves are big during high tide but the rocks and seaweed can become too much after some time.

Tim Taylor

Great beach, not large crowds and plenty of lifeguards. Very open and long, you can walk for miles. Only problem is that there is no place to eat so make sure you come prepared. A plus was there were no shark sightings here, lol

Gaurav Lohiya

Too Rocky. Not enough sand. The water also looked dirty with a lot of bright green sea weed.

William Molloy

I love finding spontaneous Beach art. Truly a fun place to visit.

Terri Ross

Good beach lots of parking, bathrooms,food and changing rooms

Susan Souza

Beautiful dunes, long sandy, shelley, and sometimes seaweed beach. Get there early because it's most popular for locals and vacationers. If have a family park closer to bathrooms, otherwise bit of a walk totting lots of stuff. MASS residents can buy annual pass $60, for numerous state parks, etc. Otherwise $15-20 each visit. Big beach goer?? Buy the pass.

Mark Tassinari

Way to many rocks on beach and water so painful to get in and out of water

Tom Moser

Awesome family vacation place.

Ann Ellison

I do love this place. I rarely can use this beach as I am priced out of beaching in Westport. I live just over the line in RI, am a senior citizen and cannot afford $20 a day ($160. per season)to visit the beach. There is not a discount for non MA seniors nor reciprosity between these intertwined states. I spend every summer weekend in Westport but do not own property so that the Town Beach is not available.


Wonderful place to take the family, a date, or to relax by yourself!

James Rose

Good fishing , nice beach .

Sheila Silva

We used to LOVE camping here, until they put a power hungry millennial ( initials A.J.) in charge in the booth. We will not go back unless, or until he is removed. Many, many campers have voiced complaints about this individual ruining their camping experiences. It's so sad becausewe truly loved going here very often all summer long. We only went once. ( The first week in June), and went to many other places insead of Horseneck solely to avoid this rude, arrogant individual!

Robin M. Beaulieu

My favorite beach on the Cape

Zoe Sardinha

Very beautiful beach and place for a nice family day trip

Lam Cynthia

Beautiful beach ruff surf must be experienced swimmer, very peaceful

Brenda Tessier

I love coming back to my hometown beach. It is still quaint and beautiful!

M Moon

It's gorgeous and great for photography. Tons of great subjects.


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