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REVIEWS OF Franklin Park Zoo IN Massachusetts

allisa duffany

I enjoy zoos in general. This one we go once a year and I love it every single time!

Mahak Chaudhari

Good for a family visit specially if you have kids along with you. Make sure you check that they haven't closed their main attractions like gorilla cage or tiger.

Larissa Vaughn

Great place to bring your littles ones on a nice day. Staff is educated and very nice. I like how they are building new exhibits. Train ride they provide within the zoo is a waste of money and time.

Denis Soreng

Nice zoo with a fun playground. Parking on weekends can be challenging. Also get a library pass ... Just $9 per person and $6 per child.

Stephanie Penny

Awesome place to bring the young and everyone else!

Tom Fralic

Zoo experience was amazing, would give five stars EXCEPT FOR GIDDY-UP GRILL! Wow, truly terrible (yet expensive) food. Could not wrap my head around just how truly awful that food was, did not even want to feed my kid the "grilled cheese." BE WARNED: THIS FOOD IS EXPENSIVE AND UNFAIR TO EVEN CALL EDIBLE!!!

atheer fende

I love it big place beautiful i will visit it again

Matt Morgan

Fantastic for kids.. great activities, though a little dated in places

Jason Schmidt

Great place to take the family.. A membership is definitely the way to go it pays for itself the 1st time and of course you are able to go to both zoos for an entire year.. Both zoos are unique In their Entirety... definitely 2 different experiences, my kids love and enjoy both.

Kevin Bryant

This is a good take for the family with lots to see.

Danielle Hayman

Like Noah’s Ark, the Zoo at Franklin Park teemed with an array of animals. We watched the gorilla structure and noted a half dozen gorillas, of which one or two were silver backs. There was the mother and child set. At first we saw the baby one sitting atop a tall tree stump. He or she seemed to be looking at a distance and waiting for something until deciding to descend the height by grabbing a hold of a thick, long rope, strung high above the ground between two tall tree stumps. Soon the youngling found its mother. We saw it attach itself to her and nurse. When she decided to move, the baby clung to her underneath, nursing. At last she found some privacy, in the alcove of stones and continued nursing the baby there.There were child-size chair, and toys strewn about in the gorilla habitat, and then an adult gorilla came out and sat on the turquois chair, as human-like as you please. We laughed in delight.

Susan Bruinsma

Beautiful, clean, lots of shady places to sit and eat a picnic lunch. Very nice exhibits and amazing staff. I do recommend bringing your own food/snack/drinks rather than buying food in the park because it's pricey.

Andres Bonet

Love this place animals look happy and healthy and the kids love it .

Sydney Marie

Beautiful zoo and animals. Love the set up and so does my son. Very interesting to walk through. You're never bored. Great park and small but cute gift shop. Always events going on great for kids and adults. In door and out door attractions and non-stop learning with charts every where.


I very much enjoyed my visit. There were a variety of exotic animals, that were very entertaining to watch. The lions and tigers were asleep but I won't pin that on the zoo.

J Pierre

There's something for all age groups. Well kept park with pleasant staff. This zoo keeps a large variety of animals. Definitely recommend.

Dustin Puccio

My nephew loved it. Great variety of animals including hyenas and giraffes. 20 bucks, very satisfied..

Paul Tkaczuk

Any day is a good day at the zoo. Fun times

Terence Kennedy

We went on July 5 so it was certainly quieter than usual. We got up close with Joe the Gorilla, and had some fun looking and big cats like lions and tigers. The staff were nice and knowledgeable, and friendly and free with their time. The giraffes were unfortunately too far away for us to enjoy. We are at the restaurant which had pretty good fries. Unfortunately, no time could be spent at the play areas as there was minimal coverage from sun and it was a very hot and sunny day.

Amy Delgado

Lovely place to take a family. Plenty of room to move around. Even if it's crowded there still is enough space for everyone. When considering a trip there be sure to avoid days that the zoo host school trips if you have little children. The playground yards and lunch areas are often over run with older children making it difficult for you to find a free space to allow them to play and eat.


What a great zoo! We had an amazing afternoon visiting all the animals. Each one seemed happy, comfortable, and well cared for. Our personal favorites were the kangaroos, giraffes, prairie dogs, and kookaburra. This is a great place for families and a good value.

Cecilia Lemus

Annoying with this Zoo, animals look terrible sadly, I know is a Zoo but they should have more care about them, cuz their exhibition give money to them, it's a prison but this one is the worst prison to them, this kind of places badly selected, probably the place is smaller than others but They could be more pleasant for some animals of this, for example Monkeys are literally inside a glass box...And the area is terrible hot I didn't take shooting about them, another one on this photo Condors with this habitat no way is it terrible. Definitely I don't come back again!!!

Jason Shampine

It's good I am a member here and I think it is great

Derek French

Fun, Cool place to see the animals you only see on tv or vacationing somewhere they might have a safari or aquarium.Take the kids for a whole day with great attractions and a couple of huge playgrounds to keep your little ones busy and active.Just make sure the little ones stay close!!!

barbara Mosley

Great Zoo lots of activities for children and lots of different kind of exhibits to see. Also very convenient and public transportation accessible

Russ Clough

Exceptional place for kids. Clean and we'll maintained. A wild variety of animals.

Dim Tonkov

The best. Extra nice in the spring. Great volunteer programs too.

Angela C

This zoo was extremely easy to navigate and was definitely created with kids of all age groups in mind. They have various play areas aimed to not only to educate kids but get they up and moving as well. The majority of the animals appeared to be well taken care of with efforts clearly made to mock their natural environments. They deserve kudos for that!

Dayna Titus

Great place to visit. Very family friendly. Lots to do for young kids. Great variety of animals.

Nicholas Wong

Great local zoo with a nice variety of animals and very walkable layout. It is a pretty simple zoo with few extravagances, but great for a few hours with the kids. Larger than its sister, Stone Zoo, with more animals and doesn't feel as cramped.

It's the Nilands :3

Busy but pleasantly surprised with all the animals. Really surprised!! Bring your walking shoes its BIG.

Ikenna Duru

Actually my 1st time out there for Igbo Day!! Hopefully I will be there again before another Igbo day next year!

Pete Romfh

We spent a very enjoyable day here with our grandkids. There were plenty of animals to see and they all seemed very well cared for. I noticed a fair number of staff members as we walked around observing, and occasionally interacting with, the various animals. The facilities are very well maintained and kept spotlessly clean. In addition to the many live animals I particularly enjoyed their exhibits of huge insect replicas. It’s not often that one gets to see a critter at 500X life size. Each one was accompanied by fairly complete and accurate information. The farm exhibit had several animals to interact with and a very unique “Grain Silo” slide that the kids truly enjoyed. One “downside” to the place was a great lack of parking space. We cruised around the lot for quite a while and looked at on street parking that was 1/4 mile away. We finally used the valet parking that, while quite convenient, was a bit expensive. The food concessions offered a veritable wealth of options and moderately reasonable prices.

Daniel Cuneo

I love this zoo. World class. I signed up for a year long membership. Clean, awesome animals in creative habitats, multiple playgrounds for the kids. Couldn't be better.

Sarah Millar

Kids 3 through 6 had a great time. Lots of space, even when busy, it doesn't feel like it.

Alice . Volpe

Beautiful, clean, lots of shady places to sit and eat a picnic lunch. Very nice exhibits and amazing staff. I do recommend bringing your own food/snack/drinks rather than buying food in the park because it's pricey.

Simon Tang

My daughter loves it here. Very large park and many animals. There is a very large playground. If you have kids, you’ll love it here.

Chirag R

Good for younger kids (2-5 year olds). The playground is pretty large and nice. Animals are adequate. Best parts were the Lions and Gorillas. Good to spend about 3-4 hours with your little ones!

king UFO

It was amazing best experience ever. I Really hope more people come visit the Zoo. Everything there is Perfect. Perfect for dates and family time with the kids or you can go there by yourself and release stress. Make sure go every exhibit and wish you best on your adventure..

Catherine Salierno

Our custom group had a great time at the zoo enjoying various craft

Cammy Boisvert

Love this zoo, the animals appear very well taken care of, with large clean enclosures. Neat little playgrounds everywhere Ann's the huge playground is awesome!!! This zoo is huge ! Plus it is part of the EBT for culture program so with a snap card there is a huge discount on admission

Jennifer Mcbrien

Lady Pena Ramirez the private functions associate is rude and unprofessional. Birthday party are not well explained on their website. I filled out an intake for and she agreed to hold the time slot for three days and sent me an a contract the paperwork. It was hundreds of dollars more expensive than listed on their website. It was a different package than I had asked for (they only offer the most expensive package at Franklin park zoo the others are for stone zoo this was not clear when I saw the total amount due I was confused) in the process of trying to clear up the confusion. I emailed her about the confusion and she gave my time slot to someone else. instead of giving the time slot away she should have asked if I was still interested. I know I have 3 days to make the deposit but I am not going to shell out a $1000 if I don’t know what is included and why I’m being charged that amount. There are other zoos in the state that offer birthdays I don’t recommend working with this unprofessional company.

Abner Gerome

Great place to see the sun set and rise and amazing place to create a wonderful work out.

Erica Paine

Fantastic day at the zoo!! Will definitely be back. Valet parking is definitely the way to go, well worth the money. Thank you for great memories!!

Lady Bunny

Absolutely amazing! Lots of animals!

Jackee Santiago

I love this zoo and I also learned they have a MassHealth card or a food stamp card can get in either free all with the $4 discount I'm not exactly sure but someone was explaining to me at the zoo

daniel schuette

It's a small zoo and a zoo that has been fiercely working to improve and create an great day experience. The tropical forest exhibit is wonderful as well as the Lions.

Bob Reid

Since 1912, the Franklin Park Zoo has provided education and entertainment for all. Worth a visit from anywhere, the zoo is current and practical. Families, groups, all will be entertained and involved. Excellent staff!;

Sparsh Varsani

Good place for children. Quite fun. But zoo is small and have less animals.

Petri Rosca

Smaller-intimate-cool zoo experience. Pleasant atmosphere, good variety of animals and birds. Our out of town guest kids loved it.

Neidine Andrade

Franklin Park is a decent zoo. It's been around ever since I was a child and now I bring my kids. There's a place to eat and a playground.

Pavel Cr

Some interesting activities, such as budgie feeding, otherwise boring and conceptually bad compared to other zoo's.

Spero Dimas

Went here for roars and pours. Fantastic crowd, vendors and animal life! Was a little cold in the afternoon but it didn't dampen the mood!

George Hills

Family had a great time here. Kids loved the animals and the train rides.


I love visiting animals here there SOoo funny!

Kevin Michael

Took advantage of Free Family Friday.The environments seemed empty. The enclosed areas of exotics were that enclosed with 30min or more wait. Saw possible 4 animals. We hope to plan during the week W/o disappointment.

Ilea Casas

Horrible condition, over half of exhibit's empty, trash everywhere, and not one of the venders were open. We went when they had the big bug exhibit. We paid $4 for both of us to get in, and there wasn't even real bugs, there were just huge automated plastic bugs!!! Lastly, if you cant furnish animals with the proper enclosures and space needed, then don't keep animals. The enclosures were way to small and not put together well for the species that were living in them. Horrible experience!!!!

Greatfull Martinezz

We love to go see the animals but they look so sad it makes me sad but I guess they're trying. The big cage with parakeet was fun.

Sarah Astle

Went to Zoo Brew here and it was a bunch of fun. They have lions and tigers for big cats. Not the biggest zoo you’ll ever visit but it was still fun for the event.

Edward Desmond

Zoo was great but getting food son was a.joke. they only had one type of frozen space ice cream, they were out of pretzels. They had major problems with his nachos and cheese. I ordered the fried dough and they just about forgot about it dealing with the nachos!

Margaret Ruby

wonderful zoo Need adult tshirts,adult stuf little more

Roger Duncan

Good zoo. Well kept animals. Friendly, sparse, staff. Big enough to enjoy, not so huge it was overwhelming. GREAT playground for kids to run and climb. Red panda, prairie dog exhibits were cool& new.

Kara Poirier

My favorite place to go with my grandson. I have a membership, which I recommend if you have the ability to visit often. I even enjoy going during the winter months.

Peter Hobson

We were greeted by a peacock in full display, and the sites just got better. Lions, tigers, and gorillas, oh my! A wonderful outing for the family, meeting our niece here for the first time capped off a lovely day. Well worth it.

Kim Amodeo

Great experience yeah. Brew at the zoo was amazing

Crawford Purnell

Clean and friendly, good place to go to see wild animals

Todd Gilford

Small zoo, lots of animals, no price gouging, see it all in 4 hrs!

David Calmaestra

If you have something more to visit go. For zoo I'll go to many other cities. Best I ever been Toronto zoo.

Ben Bressel

We love the zoo. So many great exhibits. Climbing structure for the kids. Etc

Michelle Hedin

Love the animals and they have a huge playground!

Lorraine Gagnon

Its worth paying the extra $5 to feed the Giraffes. You need to go online early. As it sells out quickly

Edith Camacho

Animals have lots of room to roam. Umbrella cockatiel put on quite a show. Lots of climbing structures for kids. Butterfly Haven was very well done.

christopher sowle

A little disappointed. They didnt have as many animals as I thought and it looked like they weren't to well taken care of. So not really a fan of this place. Not worth the money spent to get in. Go to the bronx zoo instead

Beth Lamaccia

I am impressed with the expansions and cleanliness over the years. Keep it up

Aly Ramos

The very 1st thing I want to share is that this zoo is 7200 sq ft., which you are walking... DO wear comfortable shoes & if you have younger children DO bring your stroller! I took my 3 yr old son & my mother last Monday around 1:00pm. This was a good time in the day because there weren't many people. I think we should've gone earlier in the year, just by a month or so because some of the animal features were closed for the winter. The ice cream stand was also closed for the winter, & after all that walking we really wanted something to cool off. they do have vending machines, & cold drinks in the gift shop. They have a burger restaurant with outside seating only. There is a gigantic playground with a soft ground padding. The playground is wonderful. If I lived within walking distance of the zoo I would get a year round pass just for the playground. They have a beautiful area for 2 giraffes, a small barn with miniature barn animals & a petting area open only on weekends.They have several bird exhibits, the walk in bird area was closed. We saw 1 lion, 1 tiger, 2 zebras, some wildebeests, 1 or 2 kangaroos, some ostriches, a mini hippo, an anaconda & all kinds of smaller creepy crawlers. One of the main reasons we decided to go at this time was because the zoo was advertising a gorilla exhibit. Here's where the 3 star decision comes in. Their wall of gorillas shows a family tree of them & what zoos they are at. According to this it showed there were 7 gorillas at this exhibit. We saw 1. A male silverback, he was all alone. It was borderline sad. He looked sad & when we looked at him he had his arms crossed against his chest, a sad look on his face & a few seconds later he just lay down on his side with his back to us. After that we decided to get going. We went to the gift shop, got some cold drinks, & looked around. The gift shop is big with many things to play with, wear, read, do, make, or just to have, a great selection. the gift shop has "Gift Shop" prices, so bring some $$. It's located next to the great playground. The animals have large habitats, which is wonderful. It would be nice to see some more animals. It can be expensive depending on how many people you're paying for. But since all children should be able to experience this great zoo, (that's been there for a century with iron gates from the early 1600's), they have a discount rate of $4.00 per person if you are enrolled in S.N.A.P. Show your card & picture I.D.

Deshyznit 1

Way bigger than I thought. Kids loved it especially the huge jungle gym. They let you bring outside food too. The exibits

Ti Tan

Small zoo with some interesting animal exhibits. Not all animals are present in their enclosures all the time - presumably for their safety during the summer heat. Decent experience for first-timers. Gets boring after 3 times if you're a member of the zoo.

James Musick

Gorillas, giraffes, and ostriches where amazing, but there was alot of exhibitions closed.

John Deane

Really nice zoo. Only reason it's not a 5 star is due to lack of staffing in some exhibits and some poor directions/signage.

T Boles

The employees were great the up keep was cleanly but there were a lot of empty exhibits and it wasnt as great as we were anticipating.

Joseph Chow

The zoo was fantastic for teenagers who loved pikniks. Great for field trips for the School-to-Career program. Public restrooms around the waiting area. Free wi-fi connection when you wait for your admission. Admission is required to visit the zoo. There's a big parasitic flower in the greenhouse.

Josh Meagher

Small zoo that’s pretty limited.

Nancy Havens

First off let me start by saying that they did have a sizable collection of animals. The animals appear to be well taken care of and the information on each animal was very interesting. With that said I am not sure if the state owns the park or if it is privately funded. The park is very under staffed and that is where alot of the problems are. It might have just be a very busy day but the trash was overflowing and there was quite a bit of debris laying around. Then a couple of unruly children whose parents could care less were chasing peacocks that had escaped. I reprimanded the children and went to find a staff member. Once one was found they said that the peacocks get out all the time and there is nothing their staff could do about it. We bought a membership to local zoo's and hopefully they are not all this mismanaged.

Cadia R C

If you need something to do with the kids for a day then I think it's good. We went through the park in one hour.

Richard White

I had a good time although it would have been even more fun if I had not come alone

Sunil Narang

Was Amazing visit all family members enjoyed a lot.

julie b.

Small enough to get through in a few hours. Affordable. Clean park, clean animal enclosures. The only drawback was there were several exhibits that were closed.

Kathleen Fitts

Was a little disappointed. While eating lunch at one of the stands, all we could smell was poop from nearby animals. Also, there was a pretty good size dead rat in the pond in the butterfly enclosure. Definitely need more experienced grounds keepers.

Tim Santiano

More animals than I expected. Nice jungle gym area for the kids and the food is pretty good to.


Clean. Plenty of bathrooms, lots of animals and pretty good enclosures. Just didn't like having so many extras to pay for. $3 to feed birds who don't even come to the stick with food on it. Not cool.

Candyss Woodberry

I really appreciate Franklin Park and its Zoo. Great experiences... The animals seemed well taken care of and quite engaging during my spring and summer 2018 visits. In addition to that good news, there is a lot more to enjoy at the Zoo: the farm, the enclosed sites and gardens, the rides, the playground, the animals that walk around without restrictions, the animals that must be enclosed for safety purposes, the food and the walking paths that lead to shade and rest points. It's great. There are not a ton of shaded areas at certain times of the day, so summer visits require cool clothes, plenty of water and sunblock. If you appreciate nature and its simplicity- you'll likely enjoy yourself, greatly. The kids certainly will...especially once they make it to the main playground attraction. Very cool, however, some structures and slides may be hot during high sun due to a lack of shade in some areas. Oh! One last thing- Franklin Park Zoo has a cool dinosaur exhibit now, too! It'll cost you extra but you only live once. Plus, library discounts help save money so plan and budget for a win- win!


Wonderful zoo with FREE parking--don't see that too often. I would say to get parking and to see the animals up and about, come before it opens and especially on weekends. The prices of the zoo are alright. If you like going to different ones often, the membership is a great way to save some cash. The gorilla exhibit is breathtaking. I've never seen so many playing around and overall enjoying themselves. The exhibits are great sizes for the animals. Love this zoo!

Ramya C.R

Very well maintained, quite big and many animals and birds. We went with a toddler bad had lot of fun feeding the parrot, showing animals they know like lion, tiger, gorilla etc. There is a large play area too.

Madeline Bennetti

This place was beautiful! The animals seemed pretty happy and had plenty of space and places to hide. The play parks for kids were some of the nicest I've seen. The food options are definitely the basic overpriced chicken fingers, but there are picnic spots if you pack food. It was pretty crowded when I went on a Saturday morning, but I still was able to push through and caught glimpses of all the animals.

Kristin McIntire

Great place to take the family. Could easily spend the day here. Giraffe exhibit by appointment and extra fee. No elephants. Animals are well taken care of.

Alina Tatashin

Great place to spend with kids of any age. For the most part, the animals are kept in spacious and clean spaces compared to what I've seen in other places. There are several nice playgrounds throughout the place where kids can spend half of the day! Really recommend to check it out.

Bertha White

Great place for families and there are animals everywhere. The kids enjoying the zoo

Greta Heissenberger

Really well laid out zoo with lots of playgrounds and play spaces for the kids. Really enjoyed the central location of the two restaurants and the different play spaces for kids. Lots of different interaction options, like a petting zoo, farm, kids zoo, butterfly garden, etc. Only 2 complaints - the bathroom stalls were so tiny I couldn't stand in them and close the door. Second the parking is scattered around and not well marked (see photo)

samantha seepersad-nayee

Lived seeing g all the animals. Something for all ages. A must if you like animals

Keith Anderson

It was very nice right next to the zoo the park need much more parking. For once even the cops were cool

Christopher Freiss

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The brewfest is one of the best events of the summer.

Mark Angel

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Franklin Park is a 527-acre park in the 19th century. It is the largest park in Boston and the Franklin Park Zoo is located in the park. Franklin Park was established primarily for the convenience of the public. It aims to provide the public with more leisure and entertainment public space. It consists of a large area of forest and is the source of the cleanest air in Boston. The park has a picnic area for visitors, so that a young and old can enjoy a delicious lunch in the warm sunshine. The park's 72-acre zoo is popular, with more than 220 homes and homes of more than 1,000 animals, making it the most popular zoo in Boston. There is an outdoor public performance space in the park for concerts and other events, featuring the famous American musician Billy Taylor and the Boston Public Orchestra.

Courtney Smith

Lived in Massachusetts my whole life and just went for the first time and can’t wait to go back! Animal exhibits are great and educational. On our way out, we enjoyed petting the goats!


Bring your family to this Zoo and see what a traditional Zoo and animal habitat is supposed to be like. Well groomed, various unique animals from all over the world - this is one of the finest you'll ever see. Kudos!

Jenny Lay

This is our second year with a membership since our two year old loves it! It's such a nice place to just walk around. You can see everything in about 3 hours if you're going a little on the quick side or you can take your time and use the whole day (we're personally always trying to squeeze it in before nap time). They also have a great playground with a special area for the little ones. Parking is fairly easy though the lower parking lot is just dirt so if there's been any kind of rain, it can get quite interesting to unload and load babies/toddlers out of the car while trying to avoid the giant rut puddles. The upper parking lot is pretty much filled at about 2 minutes after opening.

Jose Cardoza

General entrance $22, sounds fear, but then inside you need to pay for some of the attractions, there are many animals that you wont be able to see them, think twice before you go there. Food is way expensive for the kind of frozen/fried items you'll get. Kids have fun at the playground but nothing really to get the attention for a zoo park... kind of disappointed!

Erica Lyn

Franklin park zoo was a blast!! Certainly beat my expectations, there is so much more to see and so many more exhibits. Great memories.

Christian Harris

Lots of animals and a great staff!! Boise has a good zoo, but....

Kevin Erickson

I don't generally like to give bad reviews but this place was less than impressive. From the moment I walked in and continuing from exhibit to exhibit everything seemed run down and not maintained. This place needs some serious attention. The layout is fairly simple but there was a distinct lack of signage. There were two highlights. My two interactions with zookeepers was informative and pleasant. Also I have to say the one exception to my previous comments is the farm yard exhibit was fairly new and looking rather nice. This level of attention needs to be replicated on the rest of the park. If you are able to travel I would suggest a much better zoo in Providence, RI at Roger Willam's Park Zoo.

Tatenda Mpungu

Have great family membership deal. $125 for all year access vs $ $50 entrance fee for Ma, Pa and 3 year old Tot. Good mix of animals Kangaroo, Emu, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra and small farm animals with goat petting as a bonus. Plenty of play areas and carousel too which starts non.stop fights about where to go next. My tot had a ton of fun and passed out as soon as he sat down. There is a grill but is priced so so for the selection on offer (fries $4.50, hotdog $4.50, sandwich $7 and burger $7), water $3.

Badr Tejado

A bit hard to get to sometimes due to traffic and the availability of parking. It's always worth it though. Kids always have a blast. Playground is a plus

Viky L

Great place if you want to see the animals and have a feeling that you have covered the entire Zoo in one visit. Unlike Bronx Zoo in NYC where you can wander for hours and still not see everything, Franklin Zoo gives you a sense of accomplishment. It took me about 2 hours to walk around and see more wildlife than I could imagine. They have giraffes and a red panda, lions and tigers, birds, monkeys... This might not be the fanciest Zoo in the world, but the one that has enough to offer without overwhelming the visitors

Dias Patricia

This place is amazing. I was really happy when I went there. I saw my favorite animal

Gideon Coltof

I love you, little Zoo in urban center. Most animals seem reasonably happy in good size enclosures, with a handful of exceptions. Definitely worth a visit to get your Zebra, Gorilla, and Condor fix. There's even a carousel!

Savannah Lodge-Scharff

Free admission Friday was amazing. What a cool opportunity to explore a local spot.

Damian Allen

Fun soon for the kids and with a large variety of animals including giraffes, big cats, and gorillas, there is something for everyone. Staff is located throughout and can offer educational background on the exhibits. This is a popular destination for field trips so so e days can be chaotic and busy, but on a normal day the experience is pleasant and worth the visit. We opted for family membership and were able to put our admission for the day towards that cost upon exiting, which will also give us access to the smaller Stone Zoo.

Marie Castel

Love the place. Lots of friendly staff. But they need better food or snack options, the only Restaurant near the entrance closes a bit early.

John Gardner

Really nice staff, and wonderful animals! The Gorilla could have been a little friendlier though! I smiled abed said hello, and nothing! Maybe I will bring her a gift next time!


There were a number of animals missing and cages empty and for good reasons maybe we should just attend later in the season when everything is filled up but it was still a good trip

Janitha Perera

This is abt one of the vendors in the zoo. If you are not an American dont ever stop at dipping dots ice cream hut. The girl in the dipping dots ice cream hut did not hear me asking for 3 cotton candy ice creams and told me that i have a strong accent !! Rudeness overloaded !!! They serve about two tablespoons of ice cream for damn 6 dollars !!!!

thomas pesiri

Wonderful place, only concern was some of the Animals from Africa wasn't outside. I know it's winter, but I would like to had a sign to say that. The website said the lion can be out in the winter because of special heated rocks they sit on, but there was no lions. Just seeing the Gorillas and the tigers, gave them a 5 star. Can't wait to see the zoo in the summer.

omar kahyam

I wish you still had the picnic tables in the outdoor BBQ pits other than that it's lovely. You might want to repave the surfaces so people can exercise people still do roller skate

santosh mahalik

Small zoo, good variety of animals, animals were well taken care of, looking healthy..Good for family with kids... Many activities going on, play area good and updated.

Jerel Ferguson

Over priced and unfriendly zoo staff. Being located in a low income community, Zoo New England, should do better to make sure underserved families have an opportunity to experience the zoo. Not all low income people have EBT, there should be discounts for residents of Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan. They even raised the prices for people with EBT cards! They can do better with customer service and follow-up as well.

Eric B

My family and I love this zoo very much. The staff are so nice and knowledgeable. The animals are well taken care of and have good habitat enclosures.

Lucas Gebhart

Go to the Stone Zoo instead; their bird show is awesome. That zoo has shade. The exhibits in that zoo are actually exhibits. 1 star awarded for being able to feed birds. Additional star for the sweet playground, but did I really just pay admission for my kid to do slides? 1) Google maps tells you to turn into a closed gate. Been messed up for 2 years, and they won't get it fixed. Enjoy driving circles around the outside of the park for 20 minutes. 2) nearly 100% of this zoo is in direct sunlight and no shade anywhere to be found. This applies for humans and animals. 3) Point 2 brings me to point 3, the exhibits here are basically open enclosures. Pretty sad. 4) The giraffes, if they actually exist, are almost never out. We had a membership for 2 years, saw them twice in maybe 6 visits. We went to stone zoo (same membership) since it was much better. Anyway, I found a lot left to be desired here. And trying to find the parking lot will drive you out of your mind.

John Randall

Nice zoo with a fun playground. Parking on weekends can be challenging. Also get a library pass ... Just $9 per person and $6 per child.

Lazarus Ameno

Reasonably priced and clean. Animals well cared for. Staff is friendly and helpful. Some enclosures were missing signs about the particular animals or birds not many but some. Also bug attraction was extra money and train ride. If the extra money is contributed towards animal conservation then fine but just not sure. Parking was free and you can bring in some drinks in a back pack or under your stroller. Overall price isn't too bad and it's a nice day for family fun.

Mark C.

I had a special "behind the scenes" tour and brought along several you ones. We were delighted! We were even able to feed the giraffes and the cutest Red Pandas.

viral video

Great place to take the little ones

Arthur Sorrell

Fun day, love all of the animals! Lol Goats and sheep's are nice and kind.

Kristi Moulton

AMAZING!!!!! I planned on my 2 year old son and I being there from mid morning till maybe 1 or 2pm, but had such a great time we stayed from 11am till close (4 pm) and had a BLAST!!! I highly recommend visiting this Zoo :)

william medina sr

One of my favorite places to visit with my grandkids. ABSOLUTELY amazing place.

Toni W

A quintessential urban oasis! The park is aa great place to spend family time. Lots of everyday people keeping fit and enjoying nature.


We went to visit July 3, 2019. This zoo is very clean and pretty. Animals were fat and content. We spent over 5 hrs. A lot of walking on nice paved walkways. Beautiful playgrounds for children. The giraffe encounter was fun feeding them leafy branches. You have to buy in advance for $5.00. The aviary was fun to go inside and have them land on your finger, if you find the right one. The lions lying on there backs basting in the sun. Gorillas having a grand time. A great place to spend the day! This is not my first zoo. For a small zoo, it is much better than I expected.

Rox Dot

Awesome zoo.. Great parking.. Fantastic time...

Mariam Osman

My grandkids have so much fun at this zoo

Vladimir Grumberg

It's a very interesting experience. The best place to spend weekend with children.

Greatnezz Awaits

Everything is awesome brought my daughter and she loved it! Brought me back to being young again. Definitely going here again.

Elizabeth Schneider

Decent enough for my 2-3 year old to explore and run around. The playground is nice. I'm not sure it's worth the full price ticket.

lissa sharer

They changed it up looks good


This is a fairly small zoo that we were able to see every animal at in only 2.5 hours. We used the Boston Go card for entry, but at the price of $22 for an adult, I would have been pretty upset. Several animal enclosures were closed when we came. This is a great zoo to take young kids to. There are several playground areas and it's short enough to keep their attention.


Love this place, bring the kids. Quick Tip for food stamp holders you get a discount.

Matthew Ridgeway

A nice small zoo in Boston...not too many exhibits but enough to keep you occupied for at least a half day. My favorite was the aviary where you can have colorful birds land on your arm or hand. Kids section is nice in the good weather. The butterfly garden was also visually appealing.

Bob Bigos

Only thing I would recommend on there part is better signs for where everything is

Gregory Piatetsky

Great zoo for kids, with animals well kept and also playgrounds in between.

Md Khan

Great place you can visit from a short distance of Boston.

David Renninger

Having young children, the Franklin Park Zoo was an absolute gem to find. The grounds are spacious enough to not feel crowded, but compact enough that you can explore them in a few hours, if you're moving steadily. The range of exhibits is superb, with informative signage and entertaining demonstrations. My children loved it, and they'll love going back for many years!

Howard Simpson

Growing up in Boston, this is known as "The Park"! It's almost a part of the family for how often I've been there for family cookouts and special events like the kite festival and Carribean Carnival. The Zoo is great with many species of wildlife to observe. The children's zoo has come a long way and is worth a visit even if you don't have children. The Birdhouse is still a major attraction after all these years. Franklin Park is HUGE with plenty of free parking. I really want it to stay well kept the way it is now.


Really fun and enjoyable for family. Large variety of animals


Sad that they don't have Elephants, but understandable. It didn't take us all day as its not too big, but kids loved it.

Nithya Michael Arockiasamy

We went here during my daughter's birthday. She enjoyed watching the animals and birds. The park was clean and well maintained. We had difficulty in finding a parking spot. It took more than 45 minutes to find one. We felt the zoo is small.

Lolwa Almansouri

I like the zoo. It was good to go their. I advice you to go their in begging Of September because it is the best time to go their because of the weather & animals

Sameh Salib

My 5 years old daughter loved it so much.

Matt Murray

Had a great time with my family but the restrooms are literally some of the grossest I've ever experienced. The urinals in the men's bathroom or some weird protruding troff that are about a foot and a half long with no dividers between them. One of the stalls had cobwebs in it and none of the toilets I used while there actually flushed.

Sam Dam

Decent but lot of exhibits had animals missing. Not sure if it was bad timing. At least they had parks for kids and place where you could get some food which is a plus.

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