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Where is Forrest's Family Fun Center?

REVIEWS OF Forrest's Family Fun Center IN Massachusetts

Heidi Shiverdecker

The kids had a blast 1st time for my great nephews 5 and 7 yrs Sept.8,19

David Beauvais

One of the largest rinks in america was proud to work here. Been to alot of rinks and worked here with 3 different owners, still go to this day love the rink and the floor... Theres good and bad... Id 100 percent change the food to fresh pizza again.. And id get a fryer back to food stand.. The food can be cook better at home and you save half the price... And sometimes the music needs to be adjust for more skating dance fun. Not just randon mix club beats no one knows.. Would like to see a few changes but still a great place to skate will always be here. Encourage everyone to bring the sport bavk into there lives. Bring the kid out of you again

suyapa seals

Had so much fun skating ring is huge good dj

Julie Sanders

Great fun..undergoing much needed renovation

KD Mafia


Christopher Derderian

Took my kids hair for their friend's birthday party there was a blast they've never been skating before which made it even funner for me at least to watch them try but when they got better it was really fun been there a few times now for birthday parties and every time it's been great

Kenny Mcc Fishing

My daughters and I Love going there

Jennifer DiPietro

We recently went to a birthday party here. It was our first time at this particular rink. The rink was clean, the skating area floor was in good condition. Skates were available in the sizes we needed. The arcade area has an adequate amount of games. The arcade games give an ample amount of tickets. We used about $15 for the games and were able to get 3 prizes, which was perfect for the little one

Melissa Caldarone

Fun place to skate!

john wilson

excellent new owners made big improvements it used to be a dump now professionaly run .

Maryanne Connolly-Harris

Christine Murphy

Such fun!!

ItsDave 208

Very clean fun for the whole family the owner forest is the best


Roller skating backwards like a boss

Sarah Cordeiro

Lots of fun! We went for a birthday party in October. They had the place decorated very well. The skating rink is huge lots of space. They also had a small arcade inside which was fun as well.

Ramesh Volety

Mandy Alvarez

Very kid friendly

Sherice Hill

Great atmosphere. We went for a birthday party. Clean and the pizza was just okay. I like that they havr have water for everyone to drink just in case you get thirsty.

Lori Rodrigues

Spoke with the new owner by phone to pay for my child's admission and he was absolutely wonderful! Handled my transaction with perfection. My son loves to skate at Forrest's Family Fun Center and I was excited to hear about all of the new updates that Forrest is doing to make the skating rink beautiful inside. Thank You Forrest!

Elsa Munro


Joanne Lubert

Though the rink itself is aesthetically pleasing, the owners belligerence makes this an unfit family-friendly environment. First off, from what I have experienced, he treats many women and minorities, in general in a disrespectful, rude, and belittling manner. In one instance their was a woman that came in that was deaf in one ear, handing out pamphlets to help the community of Taunton with a crime watch, which he labeled as "retarded" and promptly kicked her out. Also, an unsettling tendency is to instigate fights with teenagers and children, and when confronted with parents, he rudely walks away and ignores them. He also has a bad habit of nepotism, where he picks favorites and exempts them from his "rules". This type of behavior is not welcome in any professional business. If this isn't enough he has a spotlight he shines in people's eyes when they are breaking his "rules". I've seen a young child get injured, crashing into a wall. He also mentioned he was trying to obtain a liquor license to serve alcohol on the premises which doesn't seem fit in a skating rink, where hand-eye coordination is needed. This rink is quite lovely and it's a shame that such an ignorant person owns it. PS: I wouldn't trust all those five star ratings as they seen like they were written by himself.

Bobby K

Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Such a great place to bring the kids!!!

Britney Valaco

I just love skating there

William Fellows

Very clean and fun place to take the kids you will have fun .

Chanika Withers


Donnette Rodrigues

The rink is beautiful and spacious, they also have a game area that the kids love. All of the staff are very friendly but the food is HORRIBLE!! I bought two 16 in pizzas and two pitchers of soda which came to $50, the pizza was like cardboard with burnt cheese on it and no sauce and we threw most of it away. It was my granddaughters birthday so I was very disappointed. Those pizzas were straight from the frozen section. They don't allow you to bring food there either so you're stuck buying theirs. Eat before you go and enjoy!

Christopher Cruz

(Translated by Google) It's good for the family (Original) Es bueno para la familia

Allie Jacques

Christina Magalhaes

Loved it great atmosphere for the family the music was great tons of fun

irene berg

Friendly, clean, fabulous floor to skate on, great exercise, owner Forrest is available to help with all your needs

Rob Jenson

After the switch in ownership the trashy owner ruined the place. He wants a liquor license and when asked about the ramifications on the community and the young people he says "it doesn't matter as long as they pay". Yeah like we needed this scum in the Taunton community. I wonder what he left Florida for if business was so well? Be careful if your a woman with a mind of your own because he'll kick you out or threaten to call the cops when you try to have an adult conversation about his belligerent mannerisms with your young children. I have to agree with the person that said he's having the 5 star reviews written for him as he doesn't know how to spell.

Jennifer Sobolewski

I've been going to this skate rink for over 30 yrs. Since it was bought out and became Forrests, they have done HUGE improvements!! The entire inside has been done over with new snack bar, seating, carpeting, games etc. It's a great, family fun place to go. I would give it 5 stars if their skating prices were not as high as they are. Between admission and one skate rental, it cost me over $20 to enter for myself and two children (who had their own skates otherwise would have been over $30) add in the games, drinks and food, it was a pretty expensive afternoon. Would attend more frequently if they lowered their admission/rental fees.

Blepharitis Collarettes

Sunday Funday!! Great experience, nice staff, and family/date night/solo friendly. $7 admission on Sundays if you have your own skates; skate (roller skates/blades) rental is an additional $3 or $4. Prices vary according to day of the week. I will be returning in the future!

Jorge Hernandez

Went there for a friend's birthday. Was not exciting what so ever. Been yrs n yrs since I been to one. And glad I haven't, but that's just me.

F. R.

Carla Godbout

OMG, the building is so Clean the skates are brand new. I have never been a roller skating rink so clean in my life.

Dave Pair

To be honest with you i really have never skated here that i remember. This place has been here for years. I have always dropped off my sister and friends when i was younger and now i am dropping my kids off with their friends. My kids seem to like it but the the biggest reason i give this place only 3 stars is because even if you go there to watch your kids you still need to pay. And you need to be with an adult just to get in. My wife was pregnant and she went to bring her daughter here and they still made her pay even though there wouldn't have been any chance at all that she would be putting roller skates on being pregnant.

Dan Homer

Really cool really friendly place with an all you need facility for all your entertainment needs

Chris Derderian

Kids loved it. always have a blast here, bday parties and roller skating what's beter

Jay Homer

Love it so much fun there is so much room for scading !!!

Jeannette Sanchez

Great music and friendly atmosphere. Food wasn't bad.

Xinyu Sun

good place to go with kids.

Scott Jones

Doors r closed waste of gas n time

connie marcelino

First time here with my daughter and she really enjoyed herself. They have a little game room and a food stand with seating available. Perfect little family hang out!

Meadow Bruce

Ana Markasyan

A great place to go for skate night. You get a little exercise while having a good time. Good music, friendly people and atmosphere. They have adult nights too. Or come learn to skate on quads or inlines on various nights, whether you’re a kid or adult.


This is my favorite place to go , it's so much fun !

michelle ozcan

Tanika Cinelli

Best skating around.. Clean shiny floor, friendly staff, good prices, food stand and live dj comes in. Arcade side for those that don't do well on skates "like me :)"

Fay Silva

Great to have a local Rollerskating rink! The kids and I always enjoy! One complaint is alot of the music is older while we don't mind as much our children are all under 10 would like to hear some top 40 hits just a suggestion!


Staff are friendly, the people who go here are positive and nice. The owner I think is really good as well and participates in the events and community in this place. If you enjoy rollarskating, and if you might have a significant other who can or enjoys rollarskating also, this place is always a good choice to go together and have a date at if you're trying to do something new for once and not stay home watching netflix or hulu. Playing super smash bros ultimate soon will make it difficult to go anywhere else, although it would be a good idea to get some exercise, if you can rollarskate this place is a good option. It has food also which is a plus and a arcade and pool table, kind of like one of those places our parents would bring us when we were kids and went to play out in chuck E cheese or something

Francisco Ramirez

Beautiful roller rink, super clean, friendly staff. Great Birthday Parties. All in all, the best place to roller skate around!

Virginia Sanchez


Wicked expensive.

Jacob Bourgault

Wonderful place for a first date

Angela Chang

Great place, music, service. Had a great birthday party experience.

Megan Simpson

Richard Young

Doors are not closed.

Thomas Creasy

Pleasant experience. Staff was super friendly! Bit over priced but the kids loved it.

Kimberly Ames

Allison Bumpus

The service was speedy and super friendly. The pizza was AMAZING they gave us two pitchers and one was fruit punch, the other was sprite....I wish they gave us two.....but other than that, I have zero complaints. For the money we paid for the birthday party was money WELL SPENT

Constance j Sharp

Great place to bring children VERY pleasant love going. Price is VERY reasonable . Adults have a good time as well.

Fatima Rodrigues

Devyn St. Pierre

Esmeralda X.

It's pretty chill... my kiddo enjoys it. Never had the chance to teach her let alone bring her to a rink since on one the bases the skating rink was being remodeled the entire time and our next duty station they had none and our closest one was nearly 3.5 hours away making it difficult for us...Now...we recently moved here some months ago and I finally was able to bring her and she enjoyed it very much.

Jaclyn Bailey

We love going skating here! Great location, and my kids always have fun.


Great safe place and lots of fun too


The rink is beautiful, but I wouldn't recommend going here not because of service, or something along those lines; the owner. There is honestly too many things about this owner that are just wrong. Don't go to this rink.

Michelle M Quigley

My daughter, grandson and I had a blast. My grandsons first time at 14 yrs. old. More kids and older folks should get out there and enjoy some good ole fashioned fun! They are going again, bringing friends..

Hedwige Georges

Kid enjoy it

Jessikah Elise

Owner is extremely rude!

William Scannell

Hadn't skated in 30 years went with my gf and 3 nieces. Absolutely loved it, wonderful staff, great sound system and music and very clean. Where can a family of 5 have 2.5 hrs of fun for $25-? I'll be going back again it's great exercise and really fun.

Chaz Hamel

recently redone floor, nice dj and lights, fun for all ages, the floors are a little slick but they were just waxed

Tara Silveira

New management is great

Mary Cotone

Reasonably priced. Clean and nice environment for kids. My son didn't want to leave or take his skates off

Ellen Simard

Was there for a private party. Staff was very friendly and outgoing. Pizza was pretty good. Place was very clean. Kids had a good time.

Brianne Stahl

Natalia Soares

Y’all need a new DJ

Kimberly Avallon

soooo much fun!

Stephon Orelus

Scott Jason

Great music and great rink. Had a lot of fun.

Renita Barton

I love how big the rink is.

jessica mazzoni

Our family love it here! We look forward to Wednesday night family skate and skating lessons! They are so nice and very patient teaching our little Maddie who is 2!

Emma Ternes

Just awful

Chris Bailey

Wednesday nights 2 dollars to enter 2 dollar skate rentals

briana googins

This place is NOT kif friendly if your child doesn’t know how to skate. My son is 4 yrs old and he was very nervous about skating. He cried when we first steped on the floor. We had to get off and try again. Once he was doing okay holding my hand as we walked around I was approached and told Im not allowed to do that. If he cant skate theres classes on wensdays, the man says. I told the man Im a single mother, Im not from Tauntion and I cant afford to go to skating classes. I thought it would be nice to try and take my son skating for the first time idk why its a problem. I told hin Id take my shows off but he said I can only walk on the sides. Now my son never wants to try skating again because hes discouraged and thinks that Im not allowed to help him... SMFH thanks for ruingin My sons first roller skating experience he was in tears the whole ride home...

Jonele Westgate

Paul O'Donoghue

Great location and Forrest is awesome! We’ve been taking our summer camp here for field trips every year and every year the kids have a blast.

Angela Taylor


Kids love it!

Scott Roberson

Awesome place to skate.

Shayne Barnes

Birthday party. Staff was good.

Vanessa Young

Extended hours, New rentals, New arcade games, New seating, New redemption center and New party area!! Home of the Silver City Skating Club. Private and group birthday, corporate and glow parties available as well as skate lessons for all ages. Fun, clean, safe environment for children.

Kawana 1

Had fun with DJ Teeclark from 97.7 skate night was awesome

Michelle Catalfamo

Fun place. Great employees. Prices are a bit high, but the kids always have a blast. They play roller skating games. Give out prizes and have special family nights.

Devin Silva

Sinner Simmer

LOVE skating here with my friends and family. Awesome pizza. Good music.

Chris Harrington

Brought back some memories

Jenny Ovalles

Nice place to host large groups for skating

Jamie Clara

Fun,inexpensive, family oriented

Ashley Reiniche

Great time. Clean place


Awful service, over priced and the owner is very rude. I don't suggest coming here.

Sammi Hipolito

Great fun but they ran out of a few food and drink items not good


Forrest's is a fantastic place to skate. Forrest really knows what he is doing. Great music, skating games, special events and a good class of people make Forrest's the best place to skate in SE Mass. The place looks awesome since he renovated, too!

Paris Proctor

Great for bday parties!!! We would def do it again. Everything was perfect!!

Linda LeBrun

Lots of fun on rainy days.

Lissa Crosby

Fun, clean, good people!

Elizabeth James

Rude staff, high prices, bad music, very strict rules. The staff is passive aggressive and they tried changing the prices of their food blatantly by adding "tax" when one of the people in my group ordered fries for 2 dollars and another one of my companions ordered the same and they tried charging him 4 dollars. Also I was sitting on the bench trying to use my phone when one of the staff members came up to me RUDELY and said "I would prefer not to be recorded if that's what your doing". I won't deny that I began to retaliate back at her because she began with the hostility in the first place. Then as I want to leave and was taking off my skates the same girl was looking directly at me and talking about how SHE was rude to me to her "coworkers" who were unidentifiable due to the lack of staff t-shirts. A very unprofessional setting and I absolutely would not recommend this facility to anybody looking for a good time.

Stephanie Bingham

Best Rollerskating rink around!! Been going here since they opened a couple years ago!! Great for all ages, They have Roller Skates, Roller Blades, and 3 Wheeler Skates for the really lil ones

Stephanie LaFond

Use to frequent this place as a kid. Not much has changed. Interior has been updated and games modernized. Still a great place for fun and recreation.

jamerson hayward

Wonderful fun. Clean, friendly staff, great floor and sound system.

J O.

Awesome time with the family! Good music, great service, clean venue. We will be back!

hayley arruda

my kids love silver city skate land

Lauren Mcquillan

Adilia Pereira

Went there for my son's classmates birthday party and my two kids didn't want to leave - ended up staying until close. They asked if they could go back tomorrow that is how much fun they had. We will be back for sure.

Fuzzy Rogers

I have been looking for the perfect Skating rink in Massachusetts. I finally found it. The DJ was awesome. Customer service was a 10. The MC was engaging. Everyone in my family that was there enjoyed themselves and will make a regular outing.

Kiki J

Invest in half sizes. I couldn't fit my actual size because it was too small I had to go a whole size bigger which was too big.

Tracy Murphy

Was worth the hour drive. Staff was helpful and friendly. Building was clean, food was fairly priced. We will definitely return more often

Marilee Morales

love it!!

Ron Niles

Had a very nice roll at this rink nice large spacious floor music was pretty good I would definitely go again no hesitation

Donald Boutilier

Haven't been in many years. Took my kids for one of there birthdays. They had a great time. Prices were great for admission and rentals of roller skates or roller blades. The new owners have restored this place better than I can ever remember it. I know the kids can wait to go again and honestly I cant either. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was due to the food there. I'm not saying it is terrible but the help there was polite but the preparation of the food wasn't the best. I had to ask for my fries to be cooked longer. They were raw by just looking at them and I waited for ever to get my order. Prices were average. Quality was ok. In my opinion I think the kids working that area weren't trained and overwhelmed. Not to mention I was told it was a slow afternoon. Overall it was very good experience.

Greg Nascimento

Forest is very unprofessional and I observed many faults: 1) vulgar music 2) raunchy videos 3) dangerous games, where the owner and staff hit customers where I've witnesed kids getting hurt. 4) twirking at the dj booth is disgusting. 5) no stall doors on the men's room which is shady. 6) disrespectful and rude with customers where the owner will laugh in the face of people who make suggestions to better the rink. Overall, not a very safe and family friendly environment, as I wouldn't want the children in my family to act in this way. People like this will not get me or my family's business.

Ashlee Griego

kervin reyes


Ivonne Mitchell

I love it had a great time with my family.

Shyheim Blue

Good for a fun time


Awesome rink, beautifully renovated, top notch pro shop. I saw a few negative mentions and I'm surprised. We've always had a fabulous experience here and Forrest the owner is great. I saw a liquor license mention and certain rinks do have a liquor license such as Roller Jam USA in Staten Island NY, which is beneficial to them as a business since they host other events at their venue besides skating. Concerts, parties, anniversaries, etc. The liquor license is for the 21+ adults not the kids :o)

Dianne Farrar

Vickie Henshaw

Forrest is a Friendly, hard working operator. He has earned and deserves our business!!

Tim Dixon

I’ve gotten to know Forest. He cares about his business and the community. Great place!

Mina Mcmullen

I love the skating rink great floors great staff. Keep up the good work

Evns T

"Great place to have fun with your family, great music and staff."

Haylee's World

Kamron Paul

Kenny Mcc fishing

Very fun roller rink

Joseph Poverman

It was fun

Randy Cutchall

Very friend staff and a great place to bring the kids where the whole family can have fun

Rebel Rex

Their mascot us really cheesy though so I'd avoid any direct contact with it

Kerlin Levesque

Diana Colon

Azarya Yarmush

I love this rink it is the closest and practicly cheapest rink around and forest is just the funniest man on earth.

Tommie Bent

The kids had a blast

Danny Spurr

Great place for chillin with ur squad or your fam. Either way if you ain't been there. Go right now. Wyd

Mason Piques

Hoesntly probably one of the worst places I have been too litterally applied 4 months ago called and all and not even a call back I would never come to this place ever

Miriam Andrade

Bill DeTore

Nice place for a birthday party and some roller skating.

Nelson The G.O.A.T

Richard Sanders

If it wasn't for Pokemon GO having recently adding this location as a gym, a whole bunch of us local players apparently never would have even known this place existed. I checked it out and thought it could be a great local place for my son's birthday party in a few months, proving the power of this game to bring in new customers to local businesses... That is, until someone came out to rudely throw us all out for being parked there for 5 minutes while doing a raid at the gym. The place as plenty of parking and is easy to get to (hence still giving 2 stars), but when they treat potential/likely customers like that, that was a huge turnoff for me. There was still plenty of parking with us there, and we would have all driven away just a moment later.

Chirstine Travers

Nikkta 17

Great place✨

Dawn Trimble

I LOVE Forrest's. The floor in perfectly maintained.

Wolfieplayz shepard

Went there after my daughter's bday had a good time

donna green

An Inexpensive way to spend a nice family day or evening.

L Fern

Clean, pleasant staff. Had a blast!



Alma Santiago


Jay Garcia

I just called to know how much it is for renting the roller skates and they don't have the option that leads me to the option for hearing the price of renting after the answer machine stopped talking. They don't even have the information in the website. Guess I have to go to a different place to spend my money.

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