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REVIEWS OF Fantasyland & Mini Golf IN Massachusetts

Lindsey Magan

Some of the mini golf could stand some repair, but they do upgrade and replace things from time to time. Definitely the best in the area. Arcade is typical and fun.

Lori Polkey

Fun. That day, it was hot, even inside. Past visits were much better.

Stephanie Valentín

It was an awesome experience. The staff was very nice and understanding with the children. Also very cheap. Overall, a great experience!

Melissa t

Been going there for years with my children and now grandchildren. Overall a great place to bring little ones and have birthday parties!

Harold Rodriguez

Closes to early and is kind of expensive for just a few rides


Lots for kids to do. They have a ton of arcade games for kids. It's the kind of place where kids earn tickets and cash in for prizes. Good place for a rainy day. Plenty of parking. They offer food items as well. Gave three stars because sometimes machines are broke down.

wayne Chapman

Great for family time very friendly staff

Martin Smith

Family fun

Deb Sullivan

This a great place for kids, as long as they are younger than 10. We took my son there and he was too tall for most of the rides. There were only 3 he could ride. He did enjoy playing the video games to win tickets for prizes (which are over priced ticketwise). If your child is 3-7 they will love it.

Colleen Johnson

Great place for indoor children's indoor birthday paryies

William Ellis

Kids loved it

Regina Cox

Miniature golf there is always fun and reasonably priced. I enjoyed it.

Kristy R

My family went there Saturday the kids enjoyed the place however there was no AC running and it was a very hot humid day. Had I of known there was no AC we wouldn't of gone. Very miserable for adults and by the time the kids were done playing they were covered in sweat. Never again will we go there.

Evelyn Miller

I have only played the mini golf, but I have never had a bad experience here. You get to choose between two mini golf tracks. They have clubs of various sizes.

gabriela acosta

I had my daughters 3rd birthday party there. With the rides and games I figured it would be great. We got there and the schedule was pizza cake games. The hostess said if I wanted to change the order to let her know . I asked for the ride tickets and coins but I was told they do not give them out until the end of the party. Meaning I have to wait until the end of my child party to let the kids go and play? I asked about 3-4 times and it made things awkward for my guests. They had to start buying tickets and tokens because of course the moment the kids got there they wanted to play. My first job ever was a birthday party hostess and I have 3 children all who we have done parties at different locations even fantasy land in the past and its always the parent gets the tickets/tokens/bracelets and they give them out as the children show up the kids go play and then they get called for pizza and cake and then they go and play again. I felt embarrassed that my guests had to purchase tickets and coins for their children during the party. Even we had to purchase for my daughter the birthday girl who is 3. She doesn't understand why she couldn't go and play. The only alternative they gave me was to purchase coins and tickets for the guests. WHY WOULD I PURCHASE THEM IF THATS WHY IM PAYING FOR THE PARTY PACKAGE.?? . One thing is if I wanted to purchase extra or if the other parents wanted to buy extra for their children. They said we could go as fast as we wanted so I asked for the Pizza. I saw a manager and asked her if this was correct about having to wait until the end to get the coins and tickets. She said yes and asked if I had ordered the pizza which I did not because it should of been time but to get this party over with. She said they are out of the oven so they should be on your table soon. She said its pizza cake you pay your balance then get the coins and tickets. ( if paying upfront was the problem I would of paid the balance in the beginning and anything extra after .Anyways they brought the pizza out and while they were eating it I did the cake myself quickly. My daughter was sad with her head down crying because she didn't understand why she couldn't go play. she didn't eat her pizza or cake . I went to pay the balance and finally received the tickets and coins. The staff was nice they were not rude or bad by any means . I am just very disappointed with the way their schedule was set up for us, makes no sense . They also said the can give the kids a tour of the place... for what ? "look honey they have this but you cant go on it until the end of the party". Of course after getting the tickets and coins they had a blast. but They should of had a blast from the beginning.

maryjane amaral

Indoor fun, for children, and birthday parties!

Nadia Rocha

Kids love it here

Rachel Cuthbert

Ride attendants are rude, not warm/welcoming to children. (Which you should be working in a CHILDRENS PLACE!) They will also have no problem grabbing your children as well. My daughter was climbing up the bouncy slide (on the stairs) and the attendant told her and my nephew “last time” even though NO ONE ELSE was there and no one was waiting. Then when my daughter (2 years old) went to climb again she raced up and took her off the stairs and handed her to me. Beyond rude. Also, (as mentioned no one else was there) the staff was just standing around talking to eachother while we waited to get on rides. They kept looking at us and no one helped us for the ride so we ended up leaving after about 10 minutes. Maybe teach staff to be more polite and actually do their jobs!

Lisa Soto-McConaga

A place for children entertaining

lindsay dexter

The rides we're great, but the pizza was terrible!! But my son did have fun and it was worth the trip!

Daniel Sarante

Bumbercars was fun about to take my little cuzent next time

Jeremy Palma

My niece had a good time!

Jen Paier

Had my son's birthday party here. Not too bad price wise and the kids had a good time. I do have a few complaints, though... It took forever to pay and actually get the ride wrist bands and game tokens for the kids. They said we had to do pizza and cake first, but the kids finished quickly and were left sitting there bored until I was able to pay and get someone over with the bands and tokens. The amount of game tokens the kids get is laughable, so you'll likely end up buying more like we did. We ended up staying after the party to go on more rides and use up the rest of our game tokens. Before we left we took the kids to the bathroom. While in the bathroom the employees threw out the rest of my son's cake! We bought a huge $50 cake and at least half of it was left, so that was annoying. Other than that, it was nice and my kids had a lot of fun with their friends.

Gary DeNardo

Good place for young and young at heart. A little pricey. Thanks

swagger chussetts

Off the bool

Stay At Home Mom HUSTLE & BUSTLE

Absolutely adore this place. So nostalgic to me as I use to go here as a child, now I love taking my kids. Great for all ages, but especially toddlers who are in between things to do. Great indoor activity that is fun and affordable. Love the rides and games. Great deals around holidays as well. Very large, clean, and seems updated which was surprising because from the outside it appears to have the same old look. Only downfall was short hours, short staffing, and not the cleanest bathrooms. But even with these, it isn’t enough to stop me from coming. Love that you can buy an all day ride pass and it isn’t even expensive. Staff are super friendly and great with the kids. Had one issue with a game taking tokens and I believe the owner who was so kind and friendly fixed the issue within minutes. I hope this place never closes as it is such a fun place for kids and for adults. Especially for adults who went here when we were younger. The limited hours scare me that is isn’t thriving. Please go and don’t let this little gem close. Help support this long time local business.

Kanthi Sambandan

Had a birthday party for my son. The party hostess was horrible. She came at 12:20 for a 12:30 party. we were there at 12 and all our guests were there at 12:20. After coming at 12:20 she went in to wear her cap and came back at 12:30. she took order for pizza and chicken and fries. The orders were coming in slow. she was not there to be seen. when asked for ketchup for fries she took like 5 minutes to get 3 small cups of ketchup. I have hosted like 10 parties in the US and she was like the worst. not sure about others girls helping out there. But if she continues to work there the new management will soon lose several birthday parties.

Raiza V

It feels very old and a the drink are very sugary and poor quality but the kids have fun with the games.

Ray Ray

Great place for the little ones

Kevin Furtado


Joan Degaitas

Fun place for toddlers to 6 year olds. Ride operators are great!

Shawn Merilan

You guys need to have more games

Rebecca Beauchamp

Staff is friendly, kids love it here. CEC got nothing on them. Foods better here too

Mani r

Best fun place to enjoy with kids. Lots of Kiddie rides. Parents can ride along with kids in bumper cars.

Brittany Rodrigues

Nice place to take your kids. A little expensive though. Staff is ok could be a little friendlier they're all kind of monotone which I don't find fitting for a children's place. Bathrooms could be cleaner and wish they had more food options. My daughter loves the rides and bumper cars! The arcade part is small and the games constantly eat your tokens.

Thomas Connor

A very good place to bring your family to have fun

Catherine Ekiert

Great place for parties. Lots to do

Random Name

Great for kids. Clean, many memories for the whole family.

Edward Battles

The place has a home feel to it. Staff was very nice. The prices were good. Food was good. The big problem with the place is that it's extremely dated and warn out. The owner needs to put some love into this place because it's worth the time and investment. A full remodel (don't make it like a Dave & busters) and but in some more games and you got a 5 star. Oh...and my kids were bummed out that there was no tubes inside but there was some on the outside of the building.

Holly Seibert-Rezendes

The best indoor amusement park I've ever experienced. I'm 45 yrs old and want to go back, lol

Michael Hathaway

Staff is friendly and helpful. Tons of fun for kids.

melody mullen

My son is a year old and there were only two rides that he could go on, with me. Half the coin operated rides were out of service, and the one that did work, did not have a seatbelt. There was one ride that claimed he could go on, ALONE, but if you have a one year old you know how hard it is to get them to sit still alone. They should not advertise 6 months plus for their rides, it's just unrealistic. Total waste of time, and they wouldn't give us our money back for the tokens so waste of money as well.

Heidi Townsend

We have been here twice for birthday parties. The party, today, was to promptly start at 12. So we arrived around 11:50. The tables weren't even set up by the staff yet. The "party" didnt actually start (ie the pizza didn't come out) until around 12:30. But regardless of the delay the kids had fun playing with one another at the tables. The pizza wasn't bad, good enough for a kids party. Then ice cream cups came out and then the cake. All the kids recieved bracelets for unlimited rides. My daughter is a bit young and only went on the carousel but my niece and nephew had a blast as well as all the other kids. It really is a lot of fun. Adults were given 2 cards that you could choose to exchange them for tokens or tickets. We got the tokens. Since my daughter is only 19 months old we couldn't wait to put her on the coin operated rides that move. She liked maybe 2 of them but she was tired and cranky. We then ran around playing with the arcade games and riding the carousel multiple times. It's a nice time. I only give it 3 stars because the bathrooms aren't very clean and many of the coin ride toys are old and broken. I'd still back because overall it's a fun time.


Kids having a great time. Birthday boy is Excited!!!

nancy Pcs

Perfect for birthday parties when u hve a wide variety of childrens ages!! The place is huge n vry clean My fav was the carousel

Lisa Martinez

Love it

Jennifer Paiz

$15 for a bracelet & the kids can go on the rides all day .I found everything there very inexpensive. They had great time.

Khurram Hassan

A great traditional games and rides location. The staff are super friendly and efficient. The snack area is Affordable And has decent options for families. Lots of spaces for parties and there were a lot going on when we were there. Each ride has a separate staff person working on it so things move very quickly especially during the weekends. A lot of the games and rides are older but in great shape. They have been well-maintained. Nothing wrong with any of them except they're a little bit older. My son actually likes the older rides compared to the newer rides which often are too fast and a little scary for him. Great place for grandparents and kids to come.

Jonathan Waddell

$16 for unlimited ride bracelet. $20 for 100 tokens. For about $40 great deal!

Jason Evans

This mini golf course is prob the worst in the state there is no maintenance whatsoever none of the money they make goes back into the course and is virtually unplayable at this point wich Is sad because it use to be really nice

John Dearns butt BBM jnjnn

Mostly for little kids but lot of fun

Christine Melendez

Had a great time celebrating my granddaughter's birthday party here. Our host was wonderful as well.

Jeffrey Sand

Fun experience for my little cousins birthday party. The place has entertainment for kids and adults. Recommended for anyone who needs a good reliable venue for a party or small gathering.

William Marson

you can have a decent day out with the family at fantasyland...especially during the winter months. however, it is a bit pricey for only having 5 rides...and two of them are basically the same. bumper cars are a big plus, but you only get one ride with purchase of a wristband.

mikal t

Fun but need more

Yvette Rogers

It would be better if they updated their games and rides.

ashley hopper

Had my kids birthday party here. First of all I rented out the room and I got there at 1:45 and I was supposed to have the room for 2. Nothing was set up I had brought all paper goods and balloons and banners to be hung THE DAY BEFORE. They didn't start setting up the room until 2pm(mind you we were supposed to START at 2)and after asking the server multiple times where my balloons were she started setting them up at 245 while everyone was eating. My banners were NEVER hung up which was upsetting because I had it made and spent a good deal of money on the banner. The server was not very helpful at all. She cut my cakes very sloppily they were so messed up afterwards I had to throw the leftovers away. Then after setting up LATE they RUSHED my party out of the room. Never again will I have a birthday party at this establishment or take my children there. Waste of time and money.

Kool Hool

Such a blast for kids, highly recommend birthday parties here as they provide everything for a very good price.

Michael Peltier

Great place for a party. Be prepared to wait for kids wrist band for rides until after food, cake and payment. Took about an hour.

Pauline st pierre

Sad to say this but there website is incorrect. I had two kids crying because they were disappointed. I would appreciate two free passes please

Veronica Gomes

Best place around for small children. The games are suited for younger children as well as the rides. The package deals are fair priced, we stayed 3 hours for $20 a kid

Juan Novoa III

A little chaotic as there was at least 8 different birthday parties happening at the same time.


We attended a birthday party and had so much fun. Can't wait to go again.

Rock Jocelyn

Fun party place for kids! The all you can ride band, pizza, soda, and tokens. We had a super nice girl help set everything up and kept it coming. We had a great time and will be back for sure! #TeamShamRock

Cynthia Fenn-Coley

Great fun for children and families

jose sosa

My daughter loved this place, the only bad thing is that they weigh the tickets instead of counting. Well, I am editing this review, and I am giving this place 5


Great place! Great time!

Gina Poskus

We like the in close game room for younger children to play and be safe

Jessica Bagley

Great place to ring the kids. Always loved it here since I was younger

run Caz

Offers a lump sum price for unlimited rides which was quite reasonable. Our favorite place so far to take our 5 year old daughter. 12 minutes from downtown Providence.

Marie Fox

The prizes for the tickets is a disappointment for most children however the rides were fun forr the little ones.

Deyon Tingle

Family fun , loved it. Had my baby girl b dat party.

Bianca Julien

Amazing place for kids ages 2 and up. Great games and affordable

Stephanie Julius

Went for a birthday party. Kids had a great time didn't want to leave. Food has gotten better. Still a little dark in the place though.

Joanne Bourget

Great place for kids on a rainy day

Elizabeth Barboza

Great for the kids ...there isn't really alot of places for the kids but this one is.great

angry bird36

Great place to bring the while family. Kids 8 and under will love the indoor rides and the mini golf is a lot of fun. Only complaint i have is the food is expensive and tastes horrible.

Beautiful Brittany

Son loves mini golf and the inside rides and games. Happy experience

Bob Araujo

Fun place with a good mix of rides and games. Birthday packages are very reasonably priced. Outdoor mini golf courses are beautiful. Highly recommend.

Panchabakesan Thiagarajan

Amazing place for a Birthday party... my 5 yrs old lived this place...

Thomas Clark

Great place for kids. Has a bunch or carnival rides inside. Mini golf is fun. Arcade brings back memories as a kid

Ashley Wallace

This place was awesome my 2 year old had a blast. Great place for younger children.

Lawrence Teming-Amoako

Great place to take the family

annabelle charlemagne

Definitely a nice place to take kids. I took my brother here for his 5th birthday it was a blast!

Peter Dlugosinski

Nice 36 holes of mini golf. Could use a little maintenance, but for.the.mist.part pretty well maintained.

Michaela Gagne Hetzler

Very fun for the kids!

Swazet singlemom

Threw my sons 6th Birthday here and we've also never been here...its was awesome!! My son and friends had so much fun cnt wait to go again..

Kathy Randall

My granddaughters birthday party was here and we all had so much fun! The ladies in charge were attentive nad nice. Great time!

Tina Morales

Take granddaughters here they love it

Jennifet Aiken

Great for kids

Jay Curtis

Had a great time at a birthday party! Would recommend offering regular French fries along with the spicy ones for the kids.

Chaddy Velazquez

Great for little ones

Mark Clements

my daughter had so much fun

David Brillon

Place was cool for kids. Seemed to be a lil understaffed. A group came in an started problems w an employee there. The employee was doing her job an this customer w her group of people just would not act like adults. A couple of them swung on employee. Other employees just watched, didn't really help out so that was shady I thought. Also my children were present and I was not happy at all. I have actual video footage of the attackers. Definitely think they should've handled everything better that day. It's sad when people can't even bring their children to a children's place without adults acting immature an childish. The police did come afterwards an made the group leave unfortunately it was a lil too late.

Brandi Rubera

My husband and is had to wait over 30 minutes for two drinks and a fry. When we informed the manager about the wait time he said it was because it takes longer to cook fries. We were the ones left waiting for food, everyone who had come after us already received their items. The staff was friendly. This was our first time here, so disappointed.

Ashley Rebello

Great place for the kiddos!

Katie Iveson

My 3 year old son loves this place. Many of the staff are very vigilant about safety, however, the jumpy house can be dangerous, if the wrong attendant is running it, and letting in too many kids. Some of the games don't work, but overall its a bargain at $15 for unlimited rides. The crowd can be a little rough, with kids swearing and parents not watching kids, however, its a fun place, especially during the winter when there is nowhere to go. Call for hours, because they are not always posted correctly, when you search them.

Melissa Chalek

My family had a fun time here, but I wasn't overly impressed. It's extremely loud, and was sometimes hard to talk to my step-daughters. Some of the ride operators were fantastic and enthusiastic, but others were disinterested and weren't even really paying attention. There are not many rides, so we ended up spending quite a bit of money on games too. It was fun for something different to do, but I wouldn't put this on our regular rotation of activities.

noor ahmed

A Good indoor amusement for kids..I felt like the price per rides/slot machines is slightly on the higher side as they have older gaming/slot machines..needs upgrade.

Zanyah Broadus

Lots of games and there is an arcade with lots of games and you get ticket with a prize at the end

Barbara Long

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great prices and my 2.5 yr old absolutely loved the rides!

Byron Powell

Very nice

Arcade Craziness!

Fantasy Land is great. They have a handful of rides, mini golf, food/drinks and a ton of arcade games. In addition to that, the staff is really friendly and genuinely cares about your experience. Also great pricing on arcade games and attractions. The only thing I would like to see is some more modern arcade games!

Patrice T

Overly priced, they were short staffed and the kids got bored very quickly. We paid for the unlimited wrist bands and because of them being short staffed, it took 1 hour for them to rude 6 rides. We ended up leaving pretty disappointed.

Paul Wesling


Jaki Torres

It's ok to go but not worth for birthday party

Bethany 1

Ok prices good for kuds 3-7..rainy day..not enough workers for all riudes you have to wait...needs updating but decent prices for a rainy sunday

Rose Searle

Birthday party for grandson's 2nd birthday all toddlers loved it! Great pizza. Bring your own birthday cake & option to use decorations from Fantasyland or your own.

michelle fortes

Old rides boring prizes and speedy birthday parties. Horrible place for parties!! Just a money hungry joint

Andrea Dixon

Very clean we would come again.

LADY Gifted

Good for birthday parties

Melissa Dixon

I have enjoyed this place since I was a kid. I'm so glad they are still open. It's a great place to bring ther littles when it's too cold and wet outside. It's also really affordable. $16 for an all day/ all ride bracelet and $10 for 50 tokens. We spent 3 & 1/2 hours and my little guy had a great time.

silly syl

Kids love this place!!

Sam Ismail

Nice place and good staff

Jorge Castro

Nice place for kids.

Christine Aubin

Class Birthday Party 2 years in a row!

Zerimar Ramirez

Is horrible the Service. The employer's are rude with the kids if they come wrong to the machines, do never loose your time going there is horrible for kids and everyone.

Michael Thacker

Good time. Could use an upgrade on the mini-golf, as its literally been the same since it opened.

A Rod

Small but my children had a good time

Kayla S

Great place to take kids not alot of stuff but nice family outing and not too expensive

Debu Tante

Just attended a birthday party there for little kids. Fun with lots to do and the pizza was surprisingly good. Staff were attentive and helpful. It's a good value and easier than having a party at home. Some of the other kids were rude with pushing and yelling. They were completely unsupervised by the adults who they came with. Most of the other people there were nice. Some of the clientele is rough. No security and no way to know which kids go with which family or parents. I wonder if they run background checks on their employees.

Danielle Martinez

It would have been better if they had more people working. Understaffed. We had lots if rides the kids weren't able to use or would have to wait a crazy long time until someone was available to run it. We bought unlimited ride bracelets and it was frustrating to not be able to take advantage of that. Staff there were friendly and great. Just not enough of them.

A.K. L.

Pleasant enough but the course needs some maintenance and upkeep.


They know de wae

DeNeil Badgett

They had a blast

Narelle Jordan

Fun place to bring the kids. They need to invest in a cooling was so hot in there. But lots of fun wicked cheap!

Meghan Ricci

Mini golf is my favorite

kush baybee

Great place to bring your kids. Very friendly staff. Mostly known for birthday parties. They are ONLY open on the weekends. More family based then anything. Very nice they have upgraded since I was a child. Next door during the summer they have mini golf as well.

wade pezzullo

Good spot for young kids. Id say its geared towards kids between the ages 2 and 8

Tom Wilhelm

$20 = 1 hour of random games to keep a dad and 2 kids occupied. Not even skimpy on the tickets. Will return for the rides, mini golf.

Daniel Simanski

We loved because it had hills, bridges and waterfalls!

Ashley Smith

The Google times of business are incorrect and when telling a employee they said they can't do anything. Tell a 3 yo they have to wait a extra hour.

Rachel Mann

Just recently my bestfriend & I brought our two kiddos to Fantasyland. I have been to fantasyland about 3 other times & it was always good. Maybe we went when there was better staff I’m not sure but this past time was so discouraging that I will never be back. Staff was BEYOND rude. A woman was sitting on the inflatable slide and there were no families in line. Our two kids were on the slide and randomly the worker said “okay last time guys” and we were so confused because why last time when there is nobody around? That doesn’t make sense. At this point my niece was half way up the stairs and the worker took it upon herself to climb up the stairs and take my niece off. Who gave her the right? I’m unsure. But we thought hey maybe she needs lunch. Would you like to know what she did? She walked over to the carousel and just started talking to the worker. So basically she kicked our kids off the slide because she didn’t wanna sit there. THATS YOUR JOB. But whatever, then we went to go on the bumper cars. It was an hour and a half before close there was literally 2 other families other then us. Just like a regular amusement park there should be people watching the rides for a line. You’re not closed yet. There was just staff walking around & talking. Nobody was doing their jobs. 3 staff memebers made direct eye contact with us as we are waiting to get on the bumper cars & nobody cared to help us. We left right after. My experience was awful and I will not be back because upon the staff ignoring us one of them was the manager so. I won’t waste my money here again with the lazy staff who don’t want to work.

Yanibel Martinez

I had a lot of fun here just wish the gave more time in the rides.

Mark Santos

Choice of two mini golf layouts. Getting a little tired. Could use a remodel during the off-season.

Margarita Ferrer

Nice set up of games and rides

Nancy MacDonald

Birthday party was great

Ron Marcotte

Lots of things to do. Kids were never bored. Staff was friendly.

Paula Lamson

It was fun besides the girl in charge of carousel was rude and wouldn't let parents go on a horse next to there kid.

Robert Lee

The kids loved it for the first time we ever came here

Paula M

I went there for my nieces birthday party, I think the adults had more fun then the kids!

Reonda Watson

Way to hot in there wasnt even there for an hour an I was sweating . Apparetnly they were suppose to move and those plans fell through so they didnt bother fixing a.c. Also had to wait for 1 worker to finish working 1 ride so he could go work the next ride .

Nickolas Willette

We love golfing here. Super fun course and friendly staff! Willette's Optical Paradise Approved

Danny J

Had a blast for my son's 2nd birthday party

Deliza StYves

Great for kids

Zianelis Cordova


George Sylvia

So much fun for my 2 year old

Melissa B

Just had both my childrens' birthday party here this past weekend (1 and 5). The kids had a blast but for the price, I expected more. I purchased the $17.95/child package that included the wristband for unlimited rides, pizza, tokens, etc and we rented the private room from 12-1:30PM. My vision was to have the kids get their wristband when they got there at 12, play as they wished throughout fantasyland, call them back to eat pizza and have cake, and then continue to play. When I got there and asked for the wristbands, they said they don't give them out until after cake- which would be an hour and a half later! So we had to try to contain 22+ children in a room and tell them they had to wait. What ended up happening was my guests took their children out into the play area and spent their own money to keep their kids entertained- it was either that, or wait 90 minutes for wristbands. After cake, at 1:30 on the dot, we had to get out of the room we were in (at this point all the kids were all over the place). Still no wristbands... when we got everything out of the room (there was another party coming in at 2) I asked for the wristbands, she told me I still have to pay before we could get them. Oh, great, it's been almost two hours, my guests are ready to leave at this point, and now we have yet another delay. I would have NEVER bought that package if I had known the wristbands weren't handed out until almost 2 hours in- AND IF THAT'S A RULE IT WOULD BE NICE TO RELAY IT BEFOREHAND. When the wristbands were finally put on all 22 kids who were scattered throughout the place (don't think you're getting them, they need to be put on by the staff), most of them just went on a few rides and then left shortly after because they had already been there for 2 hours- just as good as flushing my money down the toilet. And the kids don't get tokens, instead each child got 2 cards: redeemable for 5 tokens or 35 redemption tickets. So now I have 44 cards in my hand, that I need to hand out. It was a joke- why not give me a little cup with ten tokens? Why the cards? The server appointed to us was running another party as well and had no help- she was nice and attentive but clearly overwhelmed and one person trying to do EVERYTHING for multiple parties on such a strict timeline and a ridiculous structure for wristbands and tokens is impossible! It's too bad because with the right communication, help, service, and people, this place has so much potential to be a 5+ star facility, but until they get their act together, for birthday parties anyhow, it is only a 1 star. P.S. only one of my children got her 500 birthday ticket redemption that the package included which I really don't care about because my other child is only 1 but it's just another oversight. They really get you... I feel robbed and I feel like my guests were robbed too but wanted to write this review in hopes of some new structure be put into place and so other parents don't make the same mistake I did.

Ashli Spearman

I have very fond memories coming here as a child and love taking my kids here as well. There's a good variety of rides and its great for something to do with little ones. The wristband is a great value and I love the little extras like the coin rides and the $0.10 pepe the dancing clown machine. There's also a great variety at the prize counter. The employees were fantastic. My only issue is the smoking areas outside both doors to the right and left. When leaving with my kids I had to walk through a wall of cigarette smoke (there were about 5 people out the right door and 7 out the left). I've been to alot of kid places like Rigbys, Monkey Joe's, etc. And I've never seen smoking set up like that right out the doors. Besides that Fantasyland is a great place when you want to have an afternoon activity with the kids!

Jennifer Dufresne

My husband use to go as a child and loved it. I was pleasantly please when we brought our children. The staff were very kind and the place was very clean. It was a very nice, fun and inexpensive day

Resist Design

Great for kids, lots to do, less craziness than other place!

Jazzy B

Thank you for letting nathaniel greene school have a field trip there. Btw, how deep is the ball pit now? My friend is spreding rumors that now its way deeper than before.

Paul Bulens

This place is awesome. They have rides, games, and prizes. Our favorite is bumpercars. Downside- no outside food or beverage. Only birthday cakes allowed. The prices are fair for the food they offer.

Luis Stgo

Great place for kids

Karen Jimenez

Go there every other Sunday my kids love it

kennelle butterfield

Place is small and needs some updates. Recommend for kids less than 5


Not really too crazy about the place. Doesn’t entertain children that are 10+

Roberto Capellan

Nice but its Super hot

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