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gaming jason

I have my littles bday their every year. The kids have so much fun. Plenty of room plenty of parking. Fun for all ages!!

Brett Stankevitz

Old lady's at office hates kids and there jods

Agiporolniczak Porolniczak

Jocelyn Rivera

The skate rentals have improved. They provide, for rent, walkers on wheels for beginners. This helped my young grandchildren. The food service was not good at all. Who sells french fries but has absolutely no ketchup?_They do! The slushies were just syrup. Apparently no traing on how to make the icy beverage so it's drinkable. The food service really disappointed.

Amey Murphy

Fanny Jimenez

Nice place, cheap, clean and good customer service. Fun place to take your children rollerskating. First time here with the kids and they had fun. We'll be coming back soon.


John Mullen

Great fun place


Would of liked it more had there been more video/arcade games working!

Juan Pino

Every time my family and I have gone, it seems to be slightly crowded. The place could use a face lift but the prices are good and it’s always a good time. Also, the prices for party rentals seem decent considering the amount of people you can accommodate for the fun time.

Anna Cruz

Marina McCauley


Vanessa Sullivan

The owner of this establishment is extremely unprofessional, rude and condescending. Unprofessional is an understatement. I'm actually shocked that she remains in business treating the customers the ways she does. I also wonder if there has been a recent change in 2016 and 2014 we had great experiences. I can't say the same for today. She is an absolute nightmare...and all the poor reviews online about her are 100% believable after my experience today. Wish Iistened to them. Way too much $ spent to have a bad feeling about how I was spoken to.

Alyssa Kalp

Karen Waweru

The kids loved the big space to rollerblade. If only they had lessons on other days than those they have. It would be grand.

tony monteiro

Country line dancing Monday nights

jessica lambert

ItsDave 208

Great place to take the kids

Carla Oblas

Great place for our program's field trip.

Bernard Jette

Best time roller skating with my kids

Donyelle Carmody

First off , the skates are so bad that I fell back and smashed my head on the floor and landed on my back that now there's a sharp pain and splitting headache ...... But the main issue .....The "owner" of this place is very unprofessional . Nobody told us that we couldn't help our children (ages 5 and 2) skate behind them on the tool you can rent for $5 . For a good 45 minutes we were doing that. The moment we got off the floor to get a drink they made an announcement that parents can't do that . My sister and I were having a conversation about the rule and one of the employees must have over heard or conversation . After my sister proceeded to just return the skates in and the skate helper thing in the owner decided to come up to us and try to explain everything . My sister and I were done with the conversation but apparently the "owner" wasn't . She came off rude and unprofessional . She clearly does not understand the way to properly take a complaint from a guest who gave money towards a business which is honestly not run right by management. We were forced to leave an hour before 'closing'. And then may I add the owner had the audacity to question our parenting and proceed to say that 'well it's safe to say that she just shouldn't be skating because she doesn't know how to '. And then when we dropped the issue the owner goes 'well maybe we will see you when you're 8-10 years old'. How rude is that . Never again will I take my daughter here . When I went to SkateTown when I was little I remember it being fun and exciting . The skates need to be updated they're worn out to the point that there's no support for the heels and ankles.

Guido Mack

Scott DePina

Monique Moody

It's a great time with the kids whenever we go

irene berg

Great place for all ages. Friendly helpful staff. Very clean. Skate rentals. Music. Arcade. Snack bar.

Kevin Fitzgerald

My son & his friend had a blast

Collin Busch

s static

1st of all let me say that Im a skater and I travel all over to skate. Every time I have been there they close at 9:45 even though it states they are open till 10:00. The floor isn't kept up meaning, they don't sweep the floor there is gum, candy, paper, coins on the floor. They have young kids that know nothing about monitoring the floors and making sure that its safe for everyone. Kids are skating in the opposite direction not safe at all. The Dj is terrible doesn't keep up with other DJ's that's been in the game for awhile the music is corny and for skaters its all about the music.

Gary Stephens

The facility is clean. But it would be great, if there was storage options, for skaters to store their stuff, beside being left curbside or even on rink floor, which could be dangerous.

Ed Canino

energycake 1

Mc Ginley P.

Nani Jorge

Too busy. not enough room for the people of each birthday party booked..

Prisca Joseph

Very nice atmosphere and great place for some nostalgic skating. The price is great for about $13 ($10 admission + $3 skate rental). Skates are pretty good quality, only some laces were a bit weak. The hours are interesting, be sure to look on the website to see their open skate hours. The staff was friendly too!

Shonelle Woods

$13 on Friday and Saturday nights includes skate rentals. There's no admission fee for parents or standing adults

Ashley Lambiase

Karen Disciullo

We had a blast even my 76 year old mom skated

Kimberly Gleason

GodPleaser617 maranatha

Let's just say its not family friendly anymore especially the music dj telling 9 to 10 year old's to shake what your momma gave you

Jeannette Sanchez

Romulus St.Brice

Fun place to bring the family and friends however the food wasn't that great. The manager and staff were extremely polite in accommodating.

Quandra Campbell

Clean, fun, the staff was friendly and loved the games they played at the end for the kids.

Kurt Knepshield

Jocelyn Mounce

Bryan VanDeusen

Seems like the same place as the early and mid 90s was there for a private birthday party for my nephew thought it was cool they did that not sure how much it was but must have been 30 plus kids and 45 50 with parents fun for kids

Delano Veiga

Keep the kids active, smile on their face, and easy on the pocket


Daughter went here for a Birthday part. Employees where very nice and entertaining.

Ralph Stinson

Stacey Casaletto

Didn't go in

Karen Garcia

Skates seem to be the same ones I used as a kid 20 years ago, very uncomfortable and 1 pair had open screws that irritated my daughter's feet. Half the games were broken. Place is run down.

Greg Carter

Tallyn Hughes

great people there

Aliah Goncalves

fun, When i was 8 i went there and everyone was so nice........IT CHANGED ALOT! I cant even skate with my children when im in the back of them with the skater helper thing.BTW owner is very very disrespectful, When we werebleaving she said that i spilt some soda on the ground when i didnt. Even if i did , Would every one have to pick up a piece of chips that they dropped (assumed that they dont clean) HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

Carolyn Marks

M Rama Poccia

SEGA fastened

They kicked us out 2 times and no refund its a terrible place

Mirchelle sanon

Perfect place for b days

Marie Wiley

Brought back memories when I was younger roller skating in Mattapan. My granddaughter had her birthday party and all had a blast.

Ellie Teixeira

Good family place

daz go

Really fun... specially if is your first time.

Brandon Lui

Great time there

TJ Farmer

I was skating and someone ran me over so I told the desk person and I showed them who it was and they said that they couldn't do anything about it. So than I went back to skating and then a got pushed and later found out I sprianed my ankle but I walked off in sock and got kicked out when I had just started 10 minutes earlier and I asked for a refund and they said no because I had "broken the rules". Never going back again and I wish I could because I went there by myself and wish I could go back because I'm 12.

Gabriel Lemos


Jason Dubois

Lucky Brown

Joe Demaggio

C'mon who doesn't love roller skating

Veruska Santiago

mark porzelt

Sue Mason-Clinton

S.T.O Raymond

20 minutes away Like that

Michael Ferioli

I love this place and so do my kids. I hope it keeps going!

Josiah Mcbride-bey

Tiesha Owens

My daughter and I love this place it's so fun and reasonably priced

Warren Hassey

Tara Jaruse

Best place in Whitman! Forever skating!

Ken Magno

Old and dated. Too bad there aren't any other remaining roller skating centers left...

Kindo Bean

It's fun especially with friends!!!

Christine Duncan

Fun family place.

Diana Castillo

Wish dj played more kids appropriate songs. Must of the arcade games were broken. but everything els was good.

Richard Sullivan

This place is great great fun good prices could probably charge more very dirty place though They don't maintain their skates at all so I had to buy my own

f i v e b e a r

Kids had fun, ten bucks admission+ 3 bucks skate rental. Think you can bring your own, they have little skate walkers to help the kids for five bucks a rental as well.

Anne Shaw

Had a birthday party there for my granddaughter, all had a good experience.

Sarah Nobles

A great place for family fun! We've gone to several birthday parties here too and always had a blast.

Karen Umbro

Ara Castillo

Albert Price

Excellent! Haven't skated like that in years!!! My nephew's 8th Birthday party was a hit!

Sinisa Prostran

Place is run down and looks dirty. Games dont always work.

Bri Nichols

I took my daughter for her birthday. She had fun even after falling and hitting her head. The staff ran to her aid with ice and were very helpful! She got right back up and continued skating!

Class Act Racing

Attended for a kids skate part. The staff was courteous and helpful. Attended to all the kids needs.

Lucia Alvarado

Birthday party

Amy Hersey

Kids love it

Chris Everett

The skating was fine. That part is pretty well established. The problem was the music and video choices by staff today (5/12/18). While we were there with a small group of teenagers, there were a couple of birthday parties taking place. The facility was full of kids mostly under the age of 10, this was certainly not the time to be playing songs featuring lyrics about drug and alcohol use or playing videos with half naked men and woman gyrating on one another. CFFC should teach staff to use more discretion and play music and videos appropriate for the age of the clientele present.

Stella Liu

thomas swafford

I had my son's birthday party here a few weeks ago. Was very disappointed with the place. They had five birthday parties booked at the same time along with open skate. they didn't have enough of their skate buddies to go around to a lot of the kids at the birthday party didn't get to skate very much because we had three state buddies to share between 20 kids. to top it all off half of the arcade games are broken and the kids could not play them my son was disappointed about that and so were some of his friends. And at the end of the party a lady came over and took a skate buddy from my son instead of finding one of his parents and letting them know he was doing something wrong she just walked right out to the middle of the skate floor and snatched it away from him. I will not be visiting this location ever again and I suggest everyone else should stay away until they can fix the problems they have. And to top it all off I paid $400 for a subpar party. This place is definitely not worth the money they charge.

Danielle Luma

I had fun with my friends, very nice people and the dj was really fun. The downside they ran out of food?! How do you run out food?! I was so hungry after skating and really was craving food, and they said only drinks they just closed the food area down. I was really disappointed.

Scott Roberson

Super cheap skating on a well maintained rink. Love it.

Leanne Decoteau

Just here enjoying my time with my sister and niece when I was approached by the owner and I'm not sure if she was aiming at a verbal confrontation with her false accusations but not when I'm with my child n a family setting that's not going to happen. Then she takes it a step further as I'm trying to walk away follow me and say maybe we'll see your kid when she's 8-10 years old. How ignorant and disrespectful!! I do not and will never recommend this place to anyone.. For the $ it costs they could also use some serious updating..

Eli Reznekervitz

May-Lissa Coty

Christine Guerrier

Awesome place

Bill Luggelle

Carole Tsang

Fun place, the arcade needs some maintenance but overall a good time

Chris Long

Good place for a kids party gets kind of loud and hectic but the kids love it and always have a great time

Renny and Niyah

Molly R

I went to go roller blading on Mother's Day with my family because it said it was open online. My family drove 45 minutes to get there for it not to be open.Also when we got there multiple cars were in the parking lot seeing if it was open and later left because it wasn't.

denise pineda

Always a fun time here. Pizza isn't bad. Staff is friendly

Karenlee Johnson

Great place to have family fun

Ivy Ching

Roberta Moore

My husband and daughter worked up the courage to learn to skate in the first night we were there.

Brian Crocker

Management does not treat people well.

Jeanny Gomez

Declan Hastings

Fun roller skating and arcade.

becca .M.


James Marcel

It's a good way to keep the kids occupied without spending a lot of money. They offer skating stands for those who can't skate. My daughter loves it.

Michelle Telless

It was ok. Had fun skating, but most of the games were broken and it looks a little rundown

ann trabucco

Edson Brito

Fun and good overall and had friendly atmosphere to it...i Will come back soon.

Sylvia Gomes

Great portion

Angelina Schuboth

They need a better flow while entering and leaving. Very crowded and overwhelming

Kevin Ferrara

Great place great staff had birthday party there everyone loved it big open skate floor they offer rollerblades and rollerskates would love to go again and so would the kids

Yasmin Baldini

Great floor for line dancing which is what i go here every monday night

mairead Fitzpatrick

Was here for my 10 year old sons birthday party. The kids and adults had a blast! Super dj and all the staff were awesome. Also food was great...which sadly is rare for kids hangout spots! No complaints at all...we loved it

Abi Lebrun

Robyn Adler

Love this place... so much fun. Just wish the arcade machines worked better.

Johnnyfron2 664

Ren Ot

Angel Calderon

Kids love it...

Jason Maranhao

Kirstyn White

Celia Mcdonald

I had one of my birthdays there when I was 7. I remember it like it was yesterday. I asked the man at the DJ booth to play Gangnam style (I remind you I was only seven

Isamar Perez

I've been coming here since they were Skatetown. I will always love this place. Music has always been on point (kudos DJ!), and skates decently maintained. I give the four stars for the price ($10 - $7 for admission and $3 for the skate rental), skates and rink, and music. Today, however, the wife of the owner was not pleasant. We went for a birthday party and decided to skate. Unaware that we still had to pay admission, I simply thought we only had to pay for the skate rental. The woman rudely states, repeatedly, that we have to pay $10. I ask her if we still have to pay the $7 for admission even though we came in for the birthday party, she states yes and that the parents didn't pay for our admission. Okay. Not needed. I was perfectly comfortable paying the $10, which I did, but not before telling her that I sensed some attitude. She didn't apologize, reply, nothing. Then she gives me one ticket even though my boyfriend and I were both present. I ask her for another. There was just no need for the rudeness. I was a respectful and willing customer. If you want business, you don't treat people that way. Customer service goes a LONG way. Very disappointed. But I didn't let her ruin the good time we had. If you want a good time, avoid this woman. The rest of the staff was pretty nice. We had fun.

Mike Latham

Hailey Messier

Michael O'Connell

Fun place to go

Diantha Meagher

it's kiwi

jennifer smith

Jonathan Wenzel

Good place to get exercise but the drink machine wasn't working. And when you are going on the rink to skate there is a big step where I fell many times


Owner is absolutely awful!

Phil Marino

Fun time , great place for family.

Greg Cook

Very rude staff towards a person within our birthday party. When spoke to owner got even worse results. Embarrassing to say the least... Also, place is a dump.

danisha stanley

Just attended a birrhday party here. My family n I had a good time! Good music pizza was good. Staff were very nice. Cant wait to go back!

Devin Hammond

Amazing and fun with good food all in one

victor barbosa

Paola Oreste

Perfect for kiddos

Rachel Razz

My girls love it

Wanessa Polo

Brockton Assembly of God family night. Kids had a blast!!!

Jennifer Williams Good

Tony Wright

It is,really fun there you get to pick the song you want and there cookies are the bomb

Jennifer Ann

Been going there since I was a child. It looks much good and we had a good time. A good place to enjoy your children. Nice mix of music overall food time.

Chanelle Thomas

Needs a huge transformation, it's too tight in there. Hard to move around. The arcade games partially work. A few machines were broken. The birthday room is nice but bench like tables should be utilized. The round tables makes it hard to maneuver inside.

Debra Alexander

1st time here. Nice atmosphere happy ppl who can love it more

lucasmadmax 26


Need to upgrade the skates. Other then that it's a blast. Heck of a workout too. Had a great time with my niece.

Jen Livingston

Samantha Dopp

So someone

Glow Rod

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