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Where is Cape Cod National Seashore?

REVIEWS OF Cape Cod National Seashore IN Massachusetts

Kathy Richardson

Wonderful time together with my family!

John Jainschigg

Pristine beaches, dunes, marsh, pinelands, etc. Best kind of beach when you're after the opposite of developed beachfront, heavy boardwalk, or "Jersey Shore."

Sze Wai Chow

Easy custom, friendly crew members.

Tony Ackroyd

Depends which area you go to, can be peaceful, can be too hectic. Beware that the tide can come in very fast, don't go walking over the salt marshes if you don't know of high tide.

Alyssa rOcKsTaR

One of my all time favorite places to visit. Every location is full of beautiful sights, awesome history, and great information. I like to go every year!

Craig Foucht

Gorgeous. Nature at it's best. Thank you Massachusetts.

Chuck Darney

There are a number of National Seashore spots up the Cape Cod coast. The Marconi site was one. Named for Guglielmo Marconi who did considerable work here developing the wireless radio transmission he's known for. There was construction on some of the area when we were here in early September 2018 but it didn't stop us from walking around. There's also a moderate trail starting there too but we didn't take it. A ranger onsite was telling some of the history of the site when we were there. I don't know if there's one there all of the time. A very nice stop if you're driving up the cape.

Tina Weidner

We went to Marconi beach last week with our 1 year old lab mix. So nice to bring our furry friend! You just have to have them on leash and walk past the life guarded part of the beach. There were a lot of surfers there. Beautiful beach at the bottom of the dunes..the only downside is a lot of stairs to get there!

Christina Baker

The water is cold however seeing the seals swimming is such a treat. Coast Guard Beach has a Mobi Mat for those who have wheel chairs or other mobility issues.

Shannon Higgins

A different world, just beautiful ❤️


Nice place to see whales even from the beach

Eric Leinberg

Beautiful pristine beaches and dunes.

Kate Castonguay

Beautiful as always. Best beaches in New England. Lots of great walking trails in the area.

Mary Starvish

Absolutely gorgeous not much handicapped accessibility

Tony And Ed

This is an incredible place. So beautiful

Ozawa monser-kernosh

The beach is amazing for swimming and just hanging out you can have fires and the stars look amazing there

Shraddha Ruhela

Beautiful beautiful place to be...

Francesco Teo Bianchi

Comfortable place in front of Atlantic Ocean

Lorna Wood

Beautiful! Great place to take your kids!

Sasha Morel

No sharks! But tons of beautiful seals

Jennifer Loftus

The open ocean graced with great friends, fresh seafood, and forever memories!

Sultan Alkhuzam

Swimming was a wonderful experience for all my family. If you are looking for a spot to rest your mind, you have to come here.

Kevin Dickinson

It's just beautiful


We visited on the off season. My kids enjoyed learning about the seashore for their junior ranger badges.


A slice of heaven. Watch out for ticks

Trent Nutter

Very pleasant place with beautiful views. It was definatly worth a stop when we were passing through.

Katherine Ziemba

Love the nature that the Natl Seashore keeps and preserves! So many paths to walk, and many are still quiet and relatively unknown to most tourist! It's nice to have a place to go out in the middle of the woods of wellfleet where the tourists AREN'T! Harsh for locals to enjoy where we live in the highlight season when EVERYWHERE seems inundated with tourists. But that's just part of the price we pay to live here year round.

Judith Riedl

The beaches here are just great places to be to relax. They are clean and give you the feeling you are far away from hustle and bustle of city life.

David Lapointe

A beautiful place, devoid of commercialization.

Margaret Wood

Cape Cod seashore was beautiful. We were there on a cold, drisley day so did not do anything but get my feet wet. Would love to go back during a warmer season.

Kirsten Alana Photography

Shocked at the amount of trash on the beach (a common problem at beaches period, to be fair). I didn't have a bag or container to pick anything up and take it with me to recycle or throw away properly - BUT other than that it's as beautiful as I remember from childhood. The dunes seem healthy (as far as I can tell), I loved the flowering vines in the dunes and we saw a seal just off shore continually peaking up as if to say hello. It was a long walk across the rock jetty so I want to mention that so people are aware it's not a quick trip. But it was worth it. I loved being back on this beach I remember from so long ago, with my feet in the sand looking out at the ocean. And I loved most of all how far away town felt. I loved being on a beach with no high rises or private homes right behind me.

Petah Mac

There are no words that can speak to the beauty that lies here! ❤

Jenna Thweatt

We came here as part of the tour of the dunes and loved it! Very beautiful place to see and experience! I recommend Art's Dune Tours to get the full experience.

Laura Jacques

It's difficult to accurately describe the unspoiled beauty of these majestic beaches. The dunes are home to lovely beach roses whose aromas are just heavenly. The Atlantic side has a heavier surf with waves crashing, while the Bay side has calm waters with tidal pools to explore. But, if you want to experience a more remote and and unique part of the National Seashore head out to the Provincetown Lands located at the tip of the Cape just outside of bustling Provincetown. There are miles of dunes with scrub pine trees scattered here and there - it's a very cool and surreal landscape! And, there two gorgeous beaches amidst the dunes with beautiful views and incredible sunsets to enjoy. I have to say that the Cape Cod National Seashore is my favorite of any beaches I have been lucky enough to visit!

Caitlin Muztafago

One of my favorite beaches on the Cape! Glad to finally be back!

Kelly VanKirk

Beautiful! Arrive early for best parking. We parked at the visitor center at Province Lands, got on the bike path there and rode for a few hours. Nice little visitor center with merchandise to purchase and informative video on Cape Cod National Seashore.

Anirban Bose

Its a very nice beach. Before memorial day the parking is free.

Steven J

Perfect spot to get away from it all. This beach has very little traffic the day we went it was just us. Nice and peaceful and you get to see the seals come right up to the shore. Watch out for great white sharks but they will warn you if they spot one.

Yovany Cruz

There is no place like the Cape Cod National Seashore. It is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. We always see seals by the shore. Every time we visit from Connecticut, I run out of the car just to watch the seals in their natural habitat. The views are like a truly makes me incredibly sentimental. It feels like paradise...a perfect place to contemplate, enjoy the simplicity of our breaths, and remember our loved ones. It doesn't get more organic than this.

Hilary M

So incredibly beautiful and rich with history and a diverse ecological system. If you are in the area you must visit. There is much beauty at different parts of the day. We loved some of the trails and especially enjoyed a magnificent sunset! I bet sunrise is also very beautiful and I hope to see it one day. They allow in each section of the beach 3 bonfires from what we understand and you must get the approval several days in advance to be one of the lucky ones!

Kevin Canha

The beaches are really nice, there is some wonderful wildlife, biking Is great. Highly recommend

Humpty Dumpty

Beautiful!! Love Cape Cod ❤️

Danielle Hardie

Beautiful scenic views. Definitely, worth seeing. The air smells of ocean, such a unique smell. There is lots to see and do by the sea side. There is wildlife abound.

Steph J

Quiet in April. Worth a visit even n on a gloomy day.

Garrett Grilli

Excellent beaches and views. Great opportunities for birding, and marine wildlife viewing. With opportunities to drive over sand with permit this makes for incredible experience. Fishing can be good at times. Multiple light houses and interpretive elements. If you make a trip to Cape Cod you should definitely go the National seashore and support our National park system!

Richard Baisden

Beautiful and will definitely return

Robert Kuhn

A great polka we to go decompress

David Fischer

Beautiful bike ride. Quite unique.

Teresa Haskins

I have been out whale watching on several occasions off the Cspe and am never disappointed. Expedition on 9/14/19 was the best...whales in every direction. Out on Captain John's Tail of the Seas with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation/Atlantic White Shark Conservancy orgs. Everyone was awesome. I had the time of my life!

Roland Roy

What a beautiful day.

Gina Losh

A beautiful, peaceful place. One of our favorite areas to visit!


A treasure for the country. Must see. I highly recommend rent a bike and ride the awedome bike trail. The view is amazing and wildlife is awesome. We saw red squirrels, tortoise, chickadees, fox, and wild turkeys.

Jaspal Singh

Highly recommended, particularly for nature lovers.

Abhishek Singh

It is one of those places I m really glad hasn't changed. We have spending a week every summer in the cape and it hasn't changed a bit. The serene beaches, quite lifestyle and best of all no commericalization. I could spend all day ocean or bay side .

Jessica Majewski

Beautiful walks and views.

Luke Killeffer

Spectacular! What a place to Hike and enjoy some scenery, I'll never forget the Huge Sand dunes that you can hike on!

Eliott Jouhaud

Great spot to hike in the wild

Dave Atwood

I love this area. There is more beauty and history here than many other places in the US. I could spend so much time exploring the whole cape.

micha Jon

Cape Cod beaches are the best in the world. Beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Long stretches of secluded and private beaches. I love running bare foot on the beach, jump in for swim after i do yoga and meditation, calisthenics and much much more ...

Ed Lockett

Nice visitor center fo the NP. Walking trails abound as well as bike trails. Large Amphitheater for concerts.

Mike Rossi

Marconi Beach is a national treasure. Thank you to the park service and lifeguards that maintain this natural wonder. My kids will have lasting memories of the icy water and the seals playing in the surf.

Copie Harris

Protected place which regulates and safely allows off-roading, pets and visitors. And the nesting plovers are early and in larger numbers than in the past! The rangers are knowledgeable, dedicated and warm. Wonderful to see and appreciate protected lands.

Vincent Fox

This is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. One time a group of us did a dune buggy tour through the sand dunes. We watched the sunset and the seals on the beach. Talk about paradise!

Jason Libby

Beautiful beach saw couple seals in the water

İbrahim Kızıl

This is one of the best place in the world

Gianluca John DeMartinis Sr.

Shark sighted in Naughset beech around 4:30pm 08/23/2019. Looks like it was indeed following seals. Beautiful beech but please be safe. Enjoy from the sand under an umbrella.

Jamie Baril


Gonzalo Elguera

Beautiful area just an hour drive from Boston. If you love photography then you will find inspiration everywhere...

Bob Aaronson

Beautiful long beaches on both the ocean side and the bay side.

Natasha Nowick

Cape Cod has some of the most beautiful beaches, it is too bad myself as a member of the Turtle Rescue League only gets to walk these beaches in December and January, looking for stranded sea turtles. The View and the beaches are breathtaking regardless of the temperature and time of year! What is nice about Beach walking in the winter, there is a lot more solitude and a chance to enjoy pure nature.

Thomas Ott

If you love Nature, learning and just gorgeous views, you should come here. We came here to do the bike trails and had a blast riding around the paved trails here. Some where tough, others were easy, and we had the best time all around. Plus, you get to stamp your Park Passport too! Will return for sure!

Tigresha Blue

Love this place . Had amazing time . I would definitely come back here .

Camerin Figueroa

The beaches especially in the area surrounding province town is absolutely beautiful. Me and my family have come to province town for years. Race point is definitely the beach to go to especially if you have a vehicle with 4 wheel drive, although it's good to keep in mind that you'll need permits to do so.

talyson henrique Alves

Perfect but not very good to swim

Roberta Sheridan

One of the most pristine environmentally balanced beaches I've enjoyed since Hawaii. American History Preservation at its best! All at the doorsteps of Provincetown, one of the best Art Collective Towns encompassing every form of Artists and mediums of Art within a walking distance. No car necessary. Bicycling & walking the best way to get around : great cardiovascular exercise while enjoying the beauty surrounding you. Amazing restaurants abound as well from local seafood to steaks, chops and fresh vegetables. One of the most Friendly, Welcoming towns in America. Don't forget to "stop and smell the roses" such incredible varieties of Hydrangeas and Wonderous Gardens. You will never want to leave ♡♡♡♡

Salim Domirov

Great place, even sharks would not scare

E.M. Grey

Memorable experience.

Phil Harding

Just Awesome! Walking, biking, plenty of parking, sea life, bathrooms and showers. Used our senior lifetime park pass for free entrance. We could go back everyday.

Don Hatfield

Very beautiful coastline would like to see life seals watch out for sharks

William O'Donnell

Nice trail. Downhill to start...a bit rough in some parts...was a little difficult for the older folks in the group. Once you get to the bottom it becomes much easier...the trail is a raised boardwalk through the swamp...very scenic and really cool trees. I kept looking for Merry and Pippin! It felt like Lord of the Rings. Worth the trip.

Mike Hutchinson

Very large beach with amazing views. On our day there we saw seals at shore. There are bathrooms and change areas at location. The beach is on massive dunes and water gets deep relatively fast and may have strong currents.

Joy Yagid

Gorgeous place. Go for sunrise!

Shokhijakhon Alisherov

It is great place to enjoy your summer holiday. But bad thing about this place is that it gets busy easily in summer.

Shelly Duggan

Remote and wild. Tour is very well.done and I appreciated the care taken to preserve this area. Even my two boys (16 & 20) found it interesting.

Ring Getigan

Absolutely beautiful, I wish I could have stayed a few nights

Larry N

Beautiful, breathtaking scenery and easy to travel trail paths make this a must stop if you're in the Cape. There are plenty of rest rooms and information centers that you can refer to if you're looking for any information or background on the National Seashore or it's history. Several of the trails are more rugged and might be a little hard to negotiate for certain people however.

Kenneth Lee

Better go very pretty if ur in the area

Mike Reid

Beautiful beaches and trails for walking and biking

Lelah Willoughby

Great trails, beautiful views, excellent beaches!

Jeffrey Stewart

Very clean . We enjoyed going through the park . On the first day that it was above 70 degrees.

Mark Wilcon

One of the most beautiful places on earth

Rodrigo Afanador

Great area, cold water, very beautiful

Virginia McGovern

Loved viewing and feeding the birds from our hands.

Shultzeyman // Shultzeymanimation Studios

I really enjoy boogie boarding at their beaches. My favorite beach would have to be coast guard beach, because it's close to where I live, and I can take a trolley there instead of having to find a parking spot at the beach. Coast guard has a trolley center where you can take a trolley to the beach, and save you the trouble of finding a spot in Coast guard. CCNS also has some hiking trails and a miniature museum.

Jan-Willem Heerink

Nice walk through the swamp and good view of sea and Marconi location

Elissa H

Stunning scenery ..just what I needed...away from City Life and lots of nature abounds here!

Mark Nagy

The single greatest way to spend time with the family

Mary Beth C

LOVE the coastal views and seashore regions though, I worry about global climate change effecting this area's natural beauty annually in the future. Photo is on Martha's Vineyard.

Eric Wolpert

Relaxing time. Very hard to believe that it's a part of Massachusetts. Beautiful beaches. Seals, sand, and sun!

Grant Isaacs

What a great beech big waves


Marconi Beach, best on the east coast.

Kevin Doyle

Weather dependent, spectacular views on a clear day.

Steve Johnson

Wonderful place, scenic views surround you, great sunrises, tranquil trails and a great beach.


It was beautiful. Wish I had worn shoes though, if you go on a hot sunny day the sand heats up and it burnt my feet.

Peter Vietheer

Did the Art's sand dune tour. Highly recommend

Matthew Gilbert

100% would reccomend watching sunset on Great Island and doing the Gut hike. It's only about 5 miles and has some great views of both sides of the cape.

Spencer Richards

What a great view and place to see the dunes of the cape. Also the Marconi sight is fun to see also. While here we also took the hike on the white cedar trail.

Deb D

This is an awesome expense of sugary sand beach, on the edge of the vast Atlantic.

The Crazy K's

One of the most beautiful seahorses and sunsets I’ve been to. Make sure to see all the beaches. Supposedly they’s 6 you can go to.

Charlotte Glover

Beautiful place. Love coming here. Definitely something to see if you have never been

ralph shafer

The staff were very nice and it's a nice location we have been here twice and love it

Amanda L.

Beautiful, I wish all of the beaches were open. Do your research!

hal turman

Passed by on the way out to whale watching. Very scenic shoreline

Canary Ly

Cloudy and windy, as expected for April, but still a beautiful place! Watch it for your phone screens though, the sand hits hard!

Yvonne Madole

Drove from one end to the other. Saw whales out in the ocean. Great beaches.

Ebuka Umunna

Pristine beaches. Lovely to chill out and absorb nature at its calmest and fiercest.

John Brereton

Beautiful beaches stretching the Eastern length of the Cape. Race Point Beach is nice for sunsets

Stanislav Se

Observe seals be aware of sparks. Enjoy the powerful surf and sandbars filled with water. Watch for greenheaded flies

Linda Crosby

Beautiful area. Human trash an issue, and people not reading signs and ruining natural areas doesn't seem to be controlled. A little common sense and consideration would go a long way in preserving our beautiful seashores.

Jeff Bosinske

Only a few people & nothing but nature. Thank you to the folks that keep it - natural.


Like no other beach I have been to. Took a boat to the Bay side of the southern tip of National Seashore. Not another person in sight and couldn't have been better.

Nick Tamburrini

Must see location for anyone visiting Cape Cod especially between Provincetown and Chatham

Jack Bossom

Worth a trip. Expect terrible traffic. You need a special permit to park at any of the smaller beaches...good luck. Maybe go off-season.

Kelly Gardner.

Beautiful beaches... loved seeing the seals..

Tony Tucker

Great fun great beach fantastic vacation

Dmitry Litvintsev

This is great place. Provincetown is a fairy tale resort town and this shore is next to it. Walk the causeway, wade into tide pools, swim in the ocean (it is shallow, so water is warm). Visit lighthouse, take beautiful pictures.

Sarah Brockman

It was nice I would recommend for a calm afternoon not if you wanted to swim

Lotus Blossom

Fantastic dunes. Beautiful area with interesting topography. Walking through the dunes is like walking through deep snow so it's a bit of a workout. Make sure you bring lots of water, sunscreen and maybe a hat. If you do this in the summer do it early in the day or late in the afternoon when it's a bit cooler because there's not much shade.

Edivio Battistelli Junior

What a beautiful place. Got to camping with my 2 years old son around North Highlands. Beautiful beaches, nice trails delicious seafood. Worth the traffic to get there in summer time

james davis

I really love the walk to the ocean...well worth to tired legs...

Diane Golfman

Cool and windy in early June, but the beaches are plentiful and beautiful, worth a visit and stay!

Tim O'Hara

Pretty much anywhere the land meets the water is a better place for a vacation. If you want to spend half as much money and half ss much time in traffic, go to Maine.

Victoria Lee

Very well fenced off. Safe for my older family to walk around.

Beth Maly

There is no where in the world like Cape Cod. So awesome here!

Paul Smirnoff

Seals! Waves! We missed the sharks.

Jim Pownell

Great beaches, hiking, bike trail...

Kelly Miller

Very helpful rangers.

Tim Stewart

Very nice is run by the national psrksvc

J. Doe

Cape Cod National Seashore is one of the prettiest places in New England. Race Point especially is absolutely gorgeous!! The sand dunes and nice sandy beaches make for a great beach experience. Also some paved bike paths through wooded areas and scenic views of the ocean. It's a must see!!

Ajay Veer Singh Chandel

Loved it. Can't wait to visit again.

Nonso Umunna

Explored alot of the Cape Cod National Seashore, loved visiting the Marconi Beach (named after Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the first transatlantic transmission in fact the beach is on the spot that President Teddy Roosevelt send his transatlantic message to King Edward VII of England in 1903), Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail and White Cedar Swamp Trail, countless beaches. It is really a scenic and beautiful place to relax, explore and enjoy. There's a lot to see and so many diverse things to experience. Loved it and hope to explore more.

Karin Provencher

Arts dune tours are the best way to see the dunes

Michael Schvarczkopf

Beautiful and stunning thank God ther our places like this that we have Preserved! Get a feel for how Cape Cod has always felt over the centuries.

Barbara Tadeo

Visited on a beautiful Spring afternoon. The scenery is breathtaking

Robert Holloway

Some of the best beaches in the world!

Somer Andom

Beautiful, protected nature preserve, definitely worth visiting.

Russ Rousseau

Beautiful and peaceful. Wonderful people.

Elizabeth Gramer

We have gone to the Cape Cod National seashore for over 60 years now. From when you could have big bonfires on Coast Guard beach and park right there along the beach and use the changing rooms to change and shower in (long gone after the blizzard of '78) to now, when we go mostly off season so we can park right at Coast Guard station. One must also see my favorite lighthouse, Nauset Light up the street from Coast Guard. The arrival of seals and sharks is only the natural history of the Cape in progress and we as humans must accept this and swim with great care. Or use one of the many fresh water ponds on the Cape (Herring pond was a favorite for us).

Robert Senior

Great seaside Place to relac. Easy BEACH access, BEAUTIFUL sunsets. Quiet crowds. Bike trails excellent. Conveniently next to Provincetown. Lots of entertainment and sites after a day at the beach!

John Lambert

Gorgeous semi private beach. Dunes and flora and fauna were spectacular.

Brian Woodward

Great beaches as long as you don't get eaten by a great white shark.

Rich Littauer

One of Tbe Great American Parks, Some of The Best Beaches in the World, and some All Over Tan Areas...which as many understand is a very important health benefit..So Grateful ....A Full Up Tan a day keeps the doctor away.....Very Similar to Canaveral National Seashore...

Doe Eyes Avitohola

Just gorgeous! My in-laws live in Eastham, less than 5 min walk from Coast Guard Beach. Watching the sunset or even better the sunrise, it is unforgettable!

Terry Bukowski

Beautifully beach. Large beach ghat is backed by sand dunes. At certain times of the year told are seals there.

Mike Mullaney

One of my favorite places in the world.

Kari Brookhouse

Awesome. Beautiful views, great trails. Lots of beaches, snack shops.

Celia Bouffidis

So beautiful and spacious, almost perfect, except for the great whites!!

Mary Oleson

Loved our visit very quiet very Beautiful and clean beach.

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