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babs d

Fun place. Only issue I have is not being able to bring water in. The water out of drinking fountain warm and disgusting. Too expensive to purchase water all day. Especially you need to hydrate your kids because they overheat in the inflatable areas. Not right. I give it 3 stars because of drinking water issue

Gregg Kelly

Don’t rent a cabana. You’ll never see your waiter again after you sit down. They charge adults the same rate to get in, after they charge you for the cabana. Money grubbers.... i understand wanting to make money, but this is excessive. Fun for the kids, not so much the adults...

Kelly Prunier

Nothing but fun, my kids love going there.

Michele Crowley

Took my Grandkids 7 and 9 years old. They had a blast. I bought 2 Groupons and it was a great deal. We didn’t even have time to do the mini golf there was so much to do. I just bought a water park pass for myself and was able to accompany the kids in all the parks. The food they offered was good and affordable. The kids can’t wait to go back.

Justin Lynam

Great place for the kids and family. I would have given 5 stars but the service for food needs to be more efficient. It took a very long time for us to get our food. Definitely will come back but not during meal times.

Christopher Garneau

Fun for all ages they offer food and beverage

Melanie Sousa

9 of us spent the night and had an amazing time. The hotel employees were super friendly. This will definitely be a yearly family trip.


Great place!

Satish Singh

Great place for spending time with family ..lots of activities for kids and adults. Challenge rides are awesome. Both water park and inflatable park are awesome.

Kevin King

Great place for kids. Good alternative to everyday beach troop trips.

Javier Javier

Perfect for big family's party's only $25 for adult and $20 for kids I was there is so busy

Greg Marchand

Kids love it. Lots of structures. Park admission divided into 3 different parks or buy a combination. Cannot bring coolers in but ok to bring water bottles. Food onsite has good selection, average quality, and you pay what you'd expect! A good value IMO for kids around 10 yrs due to number of structures and activities.

robert dubois

Great for families! Kids will love it. Couples only go for sun and lazy river, or bring the grandkids.

Romania Hunter

This is my second time visiting the Inflatable park with my child and this will be my last. I have never felt so disrespected, violated and harassed for supporting a business in my life. This all started 2 weeks ago when I booked a birthday party. I spent $400 for 10 wristbands for the inflatable park and 14 for the water park. I had to leave the day of the party because of an emergency, and I had some unused wristbands. I explained this to the older lady at the front that does the waivers, so she could tell Ally, the owner I was there because she was expecting me. The older woman at the front was so rude and disrespectful when I tried to speak with someone of authority about how to go about getting the wristbands exchanged or credited for next time. She went as far as to tell me I didn't have a waiver which I would have had to fill out in order to get the wristbands in the first place. I asked for the owner on multiple attempts because the General manager said she couldn't do anything to resolve it. Surprisingly the owner never came out to rectify the problem. The rude older lady at the front went as far as to call the police because my son went on one of the inflatables I was trying to get him off of, while waiting for our pizza. I am still siting here in shock, as to what I did to deserve such inhumane, and aggressive treatment. I have a business myself and as an owner I look out for my paying customers best interest in the most subtle and satisfying way. It is such a disgrace the way this facility chose to deal with a customer whether they are black, hispanic, purple or white. Spending $10, $50 or $400, no customer should be treated in that manner!!!

Kimberly Hartgrove

Great fun for all! Even the "too big for fun" teens enjoyed

Pramod Rao

Outdoor water activity is good for kids. Reasonably priced but not as great as Lake Canobie Park.

Colin Stammer

I really wanted to give the Cape Cod Inflatable Park 5 stars. The staff were all very friendly and many were from some foreign exchange program i believe. The New Water park additions are great, and my kids had a great time. I even enjoyed the lazy river. Admission for a family of four can easily reach over $100, so plan on making a day of it to get your moneys worth. We would leave to eat somewhere and then come back (they dont allow you to bring food inside). That worked better for us because, while they do server food there, it was at amusement park prices. The water slides, while fun, could actually be a little dangerous for adults. I went down one, and shot right off the end of it and almost into a rope fence and sidewalk full of people. Was pretty lucky that nobody was hurt. I heard from other parents there that this had been happening all day long at that slide. All said , it was a fun park, but a little pricey and the slide is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Helen Benzant

Really great if your kids are annoying you about having this and that


Good place for kids, the staff is professional and vigilant. They will close down the inflatables if it rains, for safety reasons. There's also an arcade with a good selection of games. Food can be purchased from an outdoor counter, good variety and made fresh from their kitchen. There are rooms you can rent, also, which is convenient if you plan on vacationing for a couple weeks in cape cod.

Bernadette Ponce

It was awesome! No need to drive off cape for fun.

Teresa Gallagher

Great place for kids of all ages! Can definitely make a whole day out of this park. So many dry & water rides provide endless fun! Highly recommend renting a cabana for the adults to keep cool & comfy while kids play. It's $50 well spent!

Shannon Mackie

Had an amazingly fun time with my kids and nephews at his bday party

Andrea Perra Antonucci

I went reluctantly because I don't like water parks but then again this was for my 10 year old, not for me! It turned out to be really fun. The slides have enough variations to keep both the adventurous and the less so pretty happy. It was expensive in that you have to pay for each park or do a combination pass. You also have to pay to enter the park so if you are a parent who just wants to sit you still have to pay the same price. We did it for the water park and the challenge park, but I'd recommend just sticking to the water. The Poweraid challenge part is difficult and the kids didn't spend too much time there. (Granted they were aged 10-12). Bathrooms were clean, nice separate changing rooms as well. Overall it was fun and the kids had a blast. Good location, we were at the Hunters Green motel and it was a quick walk across the street. So even if you didn't stay at the hotel at the park it is easy to get to and also has plenty of parking.

Vape Lyfe401

Great family fun, at a reasonable price. Kids had a blast didn't want to leave, adults were there same. Rooms were nice to. Indoor, and outdoor pools. Hot tub inside as well.

Ninja boy

It is so fun you should do it

Nelson NT

Nice place to spend the day with kids. I recommend you eat before going or eat at your car. Service is slow. Waited 20 minutes for a fry.

Katie Alves

First time going was this past Saturday which was July 27,2019. I got the tickets off groupon which was an awesome deal.Place was so clean, organized and all around fun! From the food stand, to the staff and even down to the owner they were all great! Most places charge an arm and a leg for everything but here was great prices! The girl at the hand wax sculpture station deserves a raise! She was so patient with the kids, she was so calm and very nice! She is one of the reasons I would also return because she sets a great example for the staff! I wish I got her name so she could be applaud for her work. If I could give more than 5 stars I most definitely would. P.S. this is my first time ever writing a review for anything,ever! But,I felt like I had to give the recognition to a well ran establishment! Keep up the good work! I will definitely return and next time Will book a room at the connected resort!

Lisa Jordan

Fantastic for all ages!!! We went early, left had lunch and returned in the afternoon. Had a blast!

Rebecca J Card

Everything was soaked even though the water was off, and no one told us. Nothing was inflated properly. My son wasn’t eligible for the toddler price but he’s too small for a lot of the other rides. It was extremely disappointing, especially for the price

Karen Bernard

Ww were very very pleased with both the hotel and the parks. Very clean. All of the staff were great with the kids.

john azua

The NEW happiest place on earth! Love the new lazy river and additions. The adult beverages are cold and delicious.


Fun clean great family time!

Isaia Serrano

Incredible! Family fun and the kids loved it.

Rui Henriques

This past week, the family spent some time in Cape Cod and wanted to go somewhere fun with the kids. This was the place to go! Between the inflatable park and the attached Waterpark this was a must stop on our vacation. The kids as well as the adults had a lot of fun. Now these two places combined isn't huge in any sense but large enough to have it full of people and never feel rushed or in someones way. Yes we came during the day at peek hours and had a blast. There isn't much to say except if you want a fun day in the water or a fun day bouncing around or heck even both, this is the place too see when on the Cape.

Mike Shaw

Awesome fun time for kids of all ages and parents too!! Highly reccomend!! Will definitely go again!!

Melissa B

Really great place for the family

Peg Wagner

I would have rated this higher as the kids do live it BUT I was shocked when they tried to charge me 25 dollars just to enter the water park because the girls were under 13 and must be accompanied by an adult . I had no trouble going in and watching them but had no intention of using the water park at the age of 62. Awful rip off beware

Kawaii Yandere Brie

Great place for kids and adventurous adults. Did not see many adults interacting with the rides but they do serve alcohol. Food prices are on par with places around town. Arcade is fun. Plan on staying at the resort to save money.

Ben Petrillo

What an amazing park! I’ve never been to one like this, with almost all the attractions being inflatable. They have some huge slides that intimidated me at first, but I eventually went on them and they were incredible fun. The lazy river was neat too. They also have a hotel, an arcade, and a water park for the younger ones. I had an amazing time here and will definitely return.

Maritza Cruz

Super cool huge inflatables. Also a water park which is separate charge for admission. Water slide inflatables in the water park area. Great service. Book a cabana ahead of time because they sell out quick on hot days.

Ninja Wolf!XD

I took the kids here a few years ago and I thought it was great because they did not charge me since I was not using any of the rides. Now you have to pay $25 just to enter the water park area even if you have no intention of using the facility. The kids had fun but it was a complete waste of money for me. Also, most staff on the dry slides just sit there and offer little to no direction to the kids.

Rob Rathe

Decided to go for the night to enjoy the inflatable park. Overall good time was had. Rented a Cabana for the day. Well worth the price. Since you get food service . Cause the line were crazy at the booth. Park was very crowded but still able to get tubes for the lazy river. And the line to the water slides were not a long wait. Would definitely go back. As for the resort. Has its issues. Out dated. Toliet was not bolted to the floor probably so had some leaks. But for a weekend stay. Not to bad for the price. And it includes 4 park passes.

Diamond Gaming Team 1234

Great place. So many activities!

Kimberly Helie

We have been there for several bday parties... what a great time!


This is the best place to go. the kids the grown-ups have so much fun and it's really a affordable.

Veronika Mølbach

Amazing very well run place!! The only problem is that it’s impossible to get kids out of there :) Things to do for every age, we went with our 16 years old, 9 years old and 4 years old and there were activities for all of them. Food is good and there are tables and chairs for the parents. Pool is very clean and the whole place is new and nice to be in. We are totally coming back!

Peter Smat

Paying for the water park when you are not going in the water but to watch your child is a negative. A misting tent would be nice in the non water part, and a single line for purchasing water. On a hot day where you need to stay hydrated and cannot bring your own in, it's easy to skip the wait.

Jason Maguire

Not worth the price of admission. My kids found it to be pretty boring.

Cameron Best

This place has 3 parks in it: an inflatable park, a water park, and a "challenge" inflatable section. They all have separate admission, each of which is $25, or 2 for $40, or 3 for $50. The water park section is very small. I only did the challenge park, and that was about 2 hours. You have to be in fairly good shape to do any of the rides in th e "challenge park". It also has an arcade, that actually has fairly good prizes (we got an inflatable whale, which was of fairly good quality). My biggest complaint about the arcade us that they use cards to keep track of not only tokens for games, but also to keep track of tickets earned, so you don't get the satisfaction of seeing all of the tickets come out.

Xuena Lin

Kids complained the water park smelt bad like urine. But the arcade was fun.

Linda Jodkostewart

Had an awesome day with grandkids.very clean,the lazy river was perfect for this warm time will splurge for cabana.everyone was very was good,decent price.can't wait to go back

Allen Zubaty

Great park with a lot of things to choose from water park and inflatables. Problem was in the water park there was no actual pool.shoiuuld add a pool. And the inflatable park was good to but they should of blocked the alleyways between the inflatables as my kid smacked his leg into an fan for inflating the inflatible and almost broke it. Even though he was not supposed to go there the people who run this place should of put on a little metal fence covering each alleyway and it would be better

Dave Pair

This is a really fun and cool place to bring the whole family to. Definitely a full day of fun. They have hotel rooms you can rent right on the park. There's food, arcade games, water rides. There's three parks in total. It is on the expensive side but if you go to groupon you can get all 3 parks all day plus $10.00 in arcade money for $40.00. Overall i recommend this place.

Joanie Harvey Elliott

Yay!! Fun!!! Best time for all. Lazy river fan here....

Elio Silva

My main disappointed with this place was that we got there and 9:40 am and took to 10:31 just getting into the gates and was only about 8 people in front of us so they need a lot improvement on getting people in the doors and that the thing was the help that they were not friendly and not helpful there really could be at lot more friendly and helpful in healthful and general the places OK

Quentin Lam

Fun time for the whole group. We reserved a cabana and I have to say it was the way to go. Having a home base for the group was very convenient.

Fandom Trash

This was such a fun place to go to! Their big park is so much fun, and their toddler park was perfect for my brother! But, the highlight of our trip there was the Powerade Challenge Zone. Everything there was amazing! Today, there wasn't even a large crowd. I would definitely reccomend for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults!

Wi Jo

Great time had a ton of fun on the inflatables if you will go more than 9times the season pass for all the parks is worth it

Leanne Vaillencourt

Place is great. For kids & adults . From slides to lazy river , good food & cocktails. Good prices too! Me & my son love it !☆☆☆☆☆

Lucinda Guerin

Our experience was fabulous.. The park is completely different. The H2O area is comparable to any resort.. extremely clean and refreshing. My grandkids loved the many new additions to the inflatable park like the huge spheres that walk inside of. It truly is a great deal..

Michael Driggs

Kids loved it. Clean rooms too.


We had a blast... Definitely will b taking my kids next summer!

Samantha F

At the front gate I asked if my 5 year old would be able to enter the challenge zone with me so his big sister could do the challenges. They said yes, he could enter and watch, as long as I bought a pass for him. I had already bought 3 packages through Groupon (which includes entrance to all 3 parks, $10 for the arcade, and a free round of mini golf). At the entrance to the challenge zone, they told me he wasn't allowed to enter even if it was only to watch. Then the guy at the gate suggested I leave my 5 yr old with him while I went with my daughter. I never received a refund, or even an apology for that matter. Also, the free round of mini golf offered through the Groupon package, isn't even on the premises...its about 3 miles away!!

Mango Iced Teah

It was so fum make sure to go on the zip line and the one were you jump down 15 ft it is amazing

SavageMLG21 yt

I enjoyed it great for kids and generally just a good place. Although the changing rooms and bathrooms are pretty dirty other than that it's good!

Tiara Graham

It was a great time. Only thing is the no cooler policy or food. But we left our food on the car also ate before we went in. Definitely a good time

Jill Stewart

The most fun ! Go there!

Angelina Moscato

We had a blast! My family stayed at the Cape Cod Family Resort, which is part of the park. Passes for 2 people for each day are included with room rental along with a reasonable charge for 2 more people at the park. The entire staff was friendly and attentive; facilities we're clean. We will be back next year!

Jessica Robison

The only complaint is the crowds! Everything else was great!

Peter Brandao

Seemed a little pricey at first, but we had a blast. Even if my 11yo never left the lazy river. Pro tip: To save money bring your own lunches you'll have to go out to your car to eat them but it'll save you a few bucks.

Jennifer Greco

Great place to bring the kids. 8 and 10 year olds loved it

Jeanie Doherty

Had so much fun

Melony Murphy

So impressed. Local ,day and night activities for kids ( large jump area , and arcade open till 10pm!) Clean hotel room park very clean as well. We will be back next year!

Volodymyr Aurov

Great place! Never saw something Iike this

Gina Martin

Ok, this place is great fun for kids, but I can’t give it a high rating because of a couple of things. First, they charge adults the regular rate regardless if you are going to use anything there at all. Even if you are simply going to supervise your child they charge you the going rate. Now I understand charging admission, but this is ridiculous and highway robbery. Secondly, you can’t bring in your own food or drink. Again, I get this, but then properly staff your place and your kitchen. We waited in line for over 20 minutes and then an hour for our food. For 2 sandwiches and a slice of pizza! This is not a gourmet restaurant. At one point with the line half way down the lot, they had the audacity to close one window. Seriously? Yes, I’d go there again for my kids, but ONLY if I get a Groupon, and yes, I’ll be bringing my own food and they don’t have to like it!

chubbs mcghee

What can I say, this place is AMAZING. My kids had a blast jumping on about 30 different jump houses. They have some pretty scary rides and my kids didnt back down! This is a must go to when visiting in the future!

wil morales

Love it... great time with the family

Jenella Jacobs

The employees at the water park are extremely rude and have no care for no one!

Joe Scott

Bathrooms not very clean ☹️

Pristine Property Maintenance

Expensive but its a cool idea great place to bring the kids to get out some energy. My nieces love going there.. Guess its one of those things you must see and do yourself. See if its worth it.

James Murdock

My 11 12 and 13 yr old girls had a great time.. as for my 62 yr old mother who just wanted to come and watch her grandkids have fun.. was made to pay 25$ to sit there.

Kim Ingram

My boyfriend and I took my daughter and her friend. We rented a cabana...well worth it! It was 85 degrees out but we had shade and a fan inside the cabana. It also comes with waitress service. We ordered lunch and drinks and it was brought promptly and with a smile! Excellent service. The food prices were reasonable and the food was good. We spent most of the day in the H2O zone. The dry rides were ok, but with the heat it was much better staying in the water. The park was very clean, bathrooms were readily accessible, great service, good food and drinks, and a very attentive life guard staff. This was much better than going to the beach!!

Matt Redhawk

The place was cool and friendly the kids had a great time


They should add a rapid river.

Michelle Giardino-Glanvill

glad it was gloomy so it wasn't too crowded.

Dave Barboza

We took our kids here on the way back from a week on the Cape, thinking it would be a quick stop to break up the drive. We spent about 4 hours here and that was just in the water park. Even though you know what's in the water, it's enough fun to not think about it. Next time we'll have to plan more time because the inflatable park looks almost as large, and there's still the challenge park.

x Levins

Paid $150 for a day pass to 3 parks for me & 2 children. I was there for an hour and used the water park which was a lazy River and maybe 3 slides that had crazy lines. Wasn't able to use anything in the inflatable dry area of the park because it was clearly meant for kids. They should have informed me of this waste. Then before we were able to use the adventure park, the entire facility lost power/block and everyone sent home. The next day was also closed and my vacation was over we had to go home. I spent $50 on our meal, which was 2 burgers, a grilled cheese & fruit cup. I ordered a $9 Bloody Mary and the girl poured tomato juice mix in a cup then "oops forgot to add the liquor" so she poured a splash into an already full cup. There was nothing in it. I asked her to make it again correctly and measure out the liquor first. She gave me attitude and made me wait in line after she took 3 other customers first. By that time our food was cold. I don't recommend this place to anyone. You would have a better day spending just as much at 6 flags or anywhere else.

Chris Center

Tons of fun for young kids and teens. Recommend it to any family that needs to break away from the tablets

Kk Trice

Very fun and great for kids. There is a water zone, challenge zone ,and dry zone. Don't forget socks!( But if you do you can buy them for 1 dollar ). It is a great outdoor activity. I loved it and so will you!

Nathan Spillane

Decent for the youngest set 3-5 years but could use some more attractions for those kids. Overall it is a good family adventure.

Lisa Laki

Fun! Expensive and not many adult options. Don’t go unless you have kids with you or it’s not worth it! Also, the hotel attached to the park offers 2 tickets for the day of check in and the day you leave if you buy a room (for about $200). Great deal if traveling far!

Future's Art

It's amazing and so fun to do with my family

Albert Mowatt

While a few sections are marked no toddler, the toddler section has only bouncy houses, which they get bored of quickly. Overall the experience was awesome but items need to be marked more clearly

Derek Lariviere

I had pretty low expectations for some reason... (The phrase "inflatable water park" conjured images of a white trash trailer yard) but this place was actually very clean and seemingly well run.


Loved it! My children and I had a great time.

Michelle Thibeault

I spent the weekend on site at their hotel. When we first walked into our room it had a strong smell of pesticides. We immediately went to the front desk to change rooms. The Mgr went to check smell and agreed and moved us. She also told the staff to condemn the room and they wouldn't put anyone in there. Few hours later we walked by to see a family in that room. Our room had blood stains on pillow covers and sheets. The park itself has little supervision. The lifeguards on water side did their job however on the dry side they are lazy, There is one game where you go on top and try to knock your opponet off with the padded shield. I intervened several times because some punk kids would be using like a bat and hitting kids in the head and face. The staff does nothing, My grandson had a bruise on his arm. I went to front desk to complain to Mgr, He never apologized and just said I'll go talk to staff and ensure they are following rules. Few hours later we went back to try it again. My grandson was again hit in the face and head. He has a cut on his nose. Staff is supposed to enforce no body contact and only hit the padded shield. Kids pushing each other off and punching and hitting also. Well by the 3rd day I didn't let him use it,Clearly Mgr did nothing. Also in the soccer game there is no staff and a little boy was hit by a ball so hard it knocked the wind out of him! And other kids were hit in face and head by bigger kids who think they are in a professional game. For all the money I spent, I will never go back to this park. Go to the Cape Codder where they are strict with enforcing rules for safety! I usually go here every year but I will never go back! I will also be writing a letter to the GM of the place!

Jenny Arienti

Kid loved it, staff very focused on safety, we'll staffed also and they were friendly and positive..which is the absolute right way to do business, keep up the good work!

Thomas Naclerio

Inflatable park is a one of a kind experience. I bought a season pass and go almost every week. Some inflatables resulted in a couple of bruises. Staff have decent training, some are better than others.


Fun broke me arm

Mell Poirier

Very fun day for kids! Go after 4 for great savings if you have a large party the savings equal dinner after the fun!

Tina Cozzolino

This place was awesome something for everyone 3 parks in one and they had a tiny little arcade area and they also had miniature golfing which we didn't get to do because we ran out of time but hopefully when we go back again next month we will plan it a little better to fit that in and if you stay over night they have a little shopping center across the street so I definitely will go again

Stephanie Charette

We rented a Cabana and spent a family day in the lazy river! A perfect family day!

Cee Jay

We've been coming here for the last three years. This place is great for kids of all ages (adults too) So many fun things to see & do. The waterpark is our favorite, you can spend hours here. Good food & drinks..the frozen margaritas rock!!!

Pepe La pew pew

It’s a good place for older kids 7-10 year old. There is a toddler area with 4 inflatables there. Parents don’t need to pay if they do t participate in the rides. There is an extreme portion of the park with some wicked looking jumps and a water park there as well

Jen Smith

Staff was friendly enough. Long wait in line for food but it came out quick enough. Clean but crammed. We did not rent a cabana but it took 45 min of walking around to find ourselves a table. Hard to get around the sitting areas - it’s tightly packed. We went on a weekday. My boys were done in about hour and a half. Better for younger children. I just feel like the admission to each section is pricey for what’s available. Except the dry inflatable section - there was plenty to do.

Melissa Westgate

Park was fun! stayed the weekend at the resort which was a great deal! my only complaint is this is a family resort but felt like I was at spring break..the rooms were very clean and comfortable would definitely come back again.. Joe keep up the great work kids had a blast!

Nicole Marie

Great place for kids of all ages! Many options for my toddlers who absolutely loved bouncing and I was able to accompany them on the bigger ones. My only complaint would be the lack of supervision in one area as the firehouse bounce house started to deflate quickly with little kids in them when a group of bigger kids started to overcrowd and horse around.

Steve Dennis

Kids had a blast! Three different parts so kids of all ages have something to do. Admission depends on how many parks you wish to go to, anywhere from $20 for one up to 40 for all three. Only thing zip didn't like is alcohol is available.


Fun times.

Jessi Leger

Most of the park is definitely geared towards younger kids, I felt weird going on some of the rides at 18 even though I was accompanying my young cousins lol. The water park was nice but I think they would definitely do better adding some larger slides like the ones on the play structure... the inflatable ones hurt to go down and I think I had the wind knocked out of me on the blue one. Also, the concrete really hurts to walk on, I’ve got blisters on the soles of my feet now. Food is standard concession stand fare, nothing fancy, mostly fried, and the prices aren’t so bad. I could see this place absolutely becoming competition for Water Wizz, especially considering how it’s nearly impossible to get off cape in the summer, but I do kinda wish I hadn’t wasted $40 on the three park pass and just did the water park pass but that’s my own fault lol.

Kayla&James Harris

This is a wonderful place to visit,everyone is so friendly and hotel is very clean have an awesome time there

J. rivera

We had the best time here ... for all ages.. food was great price was reasonable as well tickets for the park.

David Boyle

Amazing. Really well done. Great quality inflatables and a HUGE selection. The food and drinks are pretty good also - so it’s easy to spend a LOT of time here. The water section is amazing now they have the Lazy River - this kept the kids (and me) amused for hours. Great place. Love it.

Rose Reeve

AWSOME!!! My children had sooo much fun! We will definitely be going again!

Paul Peeling

Friendly staff. Good range of inflatables with different activities. We visited after a day of rain, the staff gave the children free socks for the wet patches. Some of the slides had puddles at the bottom, making for a splash.

William Dever

Great family fun and moderately priced.


Excellent place for the kiddies And Big Kids too.

Kristin Carboni

We bought season tickets today which will not only be good for the rest of this season but all the way through 2019! The price could not be beat. Lots of fun for all!

Michael M.

Fun place, lots of great rides. Right at the entrance they have you sign a waiver. This is completely illegal in MA to have a person under 16 to sign such document. Prices are outrageously high. They charge literally for everything. And they are forcing you to buy tickets for adults to accompany children. Even though adults do not use rides. Staff is extremely rude. When I asked about why I can not go in and just watch my kids play, I was told this are park rules and I should just be greatfull they are not asking me to leave. We first visited this park about 10 years ago when it just opened. For years it was fun place, affordable and friendly. Well, not anymore. We will not be back here. We are local to the Cape and this is just one more place marked off the list. Sad...

Janice Estrada

SO MUCH FUN! Loved the atmosphere and helpful staff. We stayed in the hotel across the street as well and loved it! Will be back for sure

Alan Lefavour

The river is so lazy.

Crystal Wrede

If you and your family are looking for a place to get injured on vacation, come here. Inflatable anything is not okay without proper instruction, guidance and use. Staff is horrible, was practically paralyzed after flying off one of their slides. Might look like a fun place but I don’t suggest it to anyone


Very cool place my favorite part is the lazy river because you can just sit back and relax the temperature of the water is perfect and the the water slides are extremely fun. I ordered a Peporoni pizza it was pretty good and they also serve beer too. The inflatable part didn't wow me as much as the water but parts of it was still fun.

Bianca DeMagio

so much fun ! barely any lines, free parking and so many things to do there. the prices are very reasonable too

Martin Rowden

Great for kids

Jessica Glovsky

Awesome for adults and kids. Open late , lazy river in the water park (water park closes earlier ) but honestly super fun

jennifer smith

Such a fun spot for children as well as adults!

Ruben Sandoval

Great place to bring energetic children to for the day. If you go and can I would suggest renting a changer

Richie Huynh

Great place for the kiddos when it's hot out. You have less irritable kids when they can cool down in the water. Cost wasn't terrible $25 for just the water park, but everyone has to pay to get in. Only complaint is that upon entering the lazy river it's very slippery. I slipped while holding my kid, luckily neither one of us got hurt. There was also a women behind me holding her infant child that took a spill and fortunately, they did not get hurt as well because I was there to break her fall. Could've been alot worst.

merlyn bonilla

Nice place for family

Shantae Civil

Food was great water park is much smaller then it looks, very clean kids had a blast. I will return very soon

R. Brian Voorheis

People working the rides don't care much at all about kid's safety. The old woman at the front desk has to be one of the rudest people I've ever met. That being said, the rooms were nice and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Neysha Rios

Amazing place very good service manager was very helpfull kids love everything and the parents more we will come back A+++

lily alvarez

Clean rooms and the water park is great !!!! Thank you !!!


Waste of money,given false information,rude staff

Patrick Varrecchia

A lot of fun for the whole family. Hotel rooms in the park have a musty/damp odor. Air quality is probably poor. But everything else was clean.

matthew landry

Nice place very clean and lifeguards were attentive. Only real negative thing I can say is move the employee smoke area. Walking from parking lot to gate not a good look to have a bunch of lifeguards speaking negative and smoking cigarettes, right where your approaching guests can see. Overall good visit though, prices are right on par with other companies good selection of things to do and experience. Food quality was great too! Very nice job excited to see this place expand and hopefully continue to expand.

Johnny Dinoto

The free fall is ridiculously dangerous my son jumped and it was separated the pad in the freefall part and he fell off and hurt his back not a very good design all in all I think it’s too expensive for what you get and the food takes forever

Nuno Miguel Vaz

It's amazing

Matthew Liptak

This place is an ingenious concept and a great place to take the kids if you get tired of the beach and pool. The prices are decent for amount of time spent here. The place is huge and covers a few acres of safe, strapped down huge inflatables of all types including stuff I’ve never seen before like bull riding, surfing, ninja warrior obstacles and bungee versus games like hungry hippo etc. It’s a big park with a separate two parks to include water rides and another for trapeze, zip lines etc. The gimmick here it’s attached to a nasty hotel in ghetto of the Cape Yarmouth, surrounded by nasty little motels and garbage restaurants. The other problem is the clientele that this place attracts which most look like they rolled in off the street, scary groups of people and kids and just not the type of people you want to be around. The other big issue is the staff here is in la la land, barely noticing if a kid gets injured and even caring if anything goes wrong. Not sure I would come back here again due to these two issues.

Jeremy Harris

Great place, very fun. Not to crowded in early summer and late at night. It can get hot, and water park is still being built. Staff are very kind here. Also, people seem to mainly complain about the price. I say it is worth it if you stay for 3 hours or more.

Daniel Riek

Awesome place. The new water park is great, the prices are very reasonable, they have a bar and decent enough food. Also they are genuinely nice.

Bruce Smith

Was super clean and very well supervised all through the park. I and the grandchildren loved it.

Jennifer Milani-Costa

So much fun! The addition of the water area is really nice, especially on hot summer days. The lazy river is my favorite ♡


I would of gave 5 stars but the staff are rude. They will caught the wrong parent one day lol

Angelina Downey

The food was a little costly but it was a really good time, the best thing was the astro turf everywhere so you don't burn your feet!

Jody Kelly

Fun park. Last year they didn't charge for adults unless you want to go on slides. This year they made some upgrades, added more attractions including a lazy river but also charge for at least one adult.

Chiaki Iruma

It was very fun and our cabana waiter was very nice and helpful.The challenge park was really fun to do The water slides were also enjoyable

Chris Flynn

Great experience, the kids had a blast!

Gina Amar

Park is ok , somewhat clean , very rude manager , do not know how to talk to guests , not nice , not welcoming, disappointed service.not feel like coming or recommending. Again manager ( lady ) was so rude , and attitude

Scott Powers

Great time for the whole family

Melissa D

We love this place

Al Russo

Best park in New England right here on Cape cod!!!! Family of five can enjoy full 12 hour day, eat, play in the water park and exercise on inflatables and challenge park for less than a few hundred bucks. They also have a very nice renovated hotel that offers great package deals.

Ana Velasquez-Jeronimo

Fun and the new water park is a great addition. It's a good way to spend the day for a reasonable price. Note that ticket purchase is required for everyone at the water park. Adults don't have to buy tickets for the other two parks unless they want to participate.

Game of Rooms - Escape Rooms

If you have a child that likes slides and trampolines, this is the place. A large isolated waterpark for the kids with plenty of lounge chairs for the grown ups, dozens of inflatable bounce houses and slides, and a ninja styled adventure course for the older kids or young at heart adults, and a food shack with a pretty good selection to choose from. This is my second time there and my family loves it.

Jesse Vecchione

Good value. Fills a niche for things to do on the Cape when the weather is not great.

Luke Belcher

Lots of fun. Do both the inflatable and water parks

Kristopher Jong

This place was great!! I went during August so it was warm and a great place to cool down with the water rides. Lots of fun for the whole family. I have two young kids (almost 2 and almost 6) and their toddler section was perfect for them with the bouncy houses. My oldest did a few of the water slides and she had a blast!. It's great that you don't have to pay admission if you just want to watch your kids ride while you have a drink.

Arnaldo Santini

Loved it! Great for the kids and adults. Foods is very expensive make sure yo bring a cooler with ice and water, bottle waters are $2.50 each. And sum block as you will be burning. Other than that had a great time with the family!


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