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4 Charles St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

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REVIEWS OF Boston Public Garden IN Massachusetts


Loved this place! So nice to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Went on the boat ride. It was crowded since its graduation season but still you get to see people from all over the world. We enjoyed feeding the squirrels and ducks.

Karol Parker

Gorgeous garden. Spend the afternoon. A perfect place for a picnic.

John Wendeborn

Lovely park and it's always great to stop by. I wouldn't exactly call it a "garden", but it's lovely nonetheless. The last time I came I saw two different sets of baby ducks! They were so darn cute. I also noticed a tree dedicated to a dog named Cocoa who loved to play in the park. Wonderful little detail that warmed my heart. Come by for a picnic, to walk around, or for a snooze.

Charles Krampah

Tourist's one destination you should not miss. And also enjoy the duck ferry ride. Clean nicely maintained horticultural view.

Anders Vagner Rostgaard

Very nice and beautiful park. Lots of people, but doesn't feel crowded - feels alive. You can also buy ice cream and hotdog at more or less every entrance. It is really hot in Boston though and there doesn't seem to be any areas with shade besides trees. Would be nice with a pavilion or the like.


Good place to have a rest or small nap. You can see some animals there. Toilet is for free and clean. You can find track with food in the park. Nice fountains. Very clean.

Justin Lanoue

Great place to spend the day walking and sitting, enjoying the weather, no matter what time of year

Gary Gilliard

A clean and relaxing park! Good for all ages.

Janet Barbour

Gorgeous park, well laid out. I could see myself spending hours there walking a small dog or two.

Reynold Yee

Nice large park in the middle of the city where you can ride the swan boats and see the brass ducks (make way for duckling). Nice place to relax with lots of trees and grass areas. Lots of benches and walking paths too.

Conrad Cheung

Such a serene and tranquil setting. Loved the homage to the classic children's book, 'Make Way for Duckling'. The swan boats required a small fee but totally worth it especially if you have small kids. It's basically a small boat with a swan at the end that can sit about a dozen people. It is paddled around the small man made lake by an attendant.

Danielle Hayman

This garden is just across the road from Boston Common and opposite the Cheers place. It's not as well known as Boston Common, which is the big central expanse in the city centre but I liked it more. It has a nice lake, some good statues, swan boats in summer and a better atmosphere than the common.I didn't spend as much time here as the common as it's not as close to the suway. The common is a convenient place to relax before taking in the freedom trail, or before going out for the day on an excursion.

David Rosensaft

As always, very pretty, peaceful and lovely. Don't expect a lot of flowers or interesting plants. There are just enough to make walking around there to be pleasant and restorative to the soul.

Chris Conley

Good place for Pokemon go. Plenty of gyms and ppl around playing as well. But and however, there's more and more homeless people around. Also lots of couples around at night making it a bit more romantic.

Brian Leger

Great place to go and hang out or sit for lunch. Great for a jog too. If you haven't been, make sure to stop by at the swan boats

Nhu Pham

Absolutely gorgeous! Pristine, clean, well manicured. So beautiful I visited a couple times during my weekend trip! Hang out by the swan pond under a weeping willow and just take in the beautiful weather, atmosphere and enjoy the endless views!

Tomer Cherniavsky

Some of the most beautiful parks i ever seen. There are squirrels everywhere, a lake with ducks and swans, statues, and beautiful flowers.

Lai Rex

Lively and pretty. The Beacon Hill bear by is also great. You can enjoy the natural at the park and indulge yourself in shops at Beacon Hill.

Azi Amiri

If you get the chance take one of the public tours. I enjoyed the one hour tour and learned intresting facts about the park and it's history. I don't think it would be that fun for kids to take one hour guided tour in the park though!

David Cruzado

This is a pretty and quiet spot in a noisy city with no bikes or runners. The squirrels expect the humans to feed them.

Nadine Barnett

At 16 acres, this park has a large playing field, lawns, monuments and lots of pathways. Bicycles are common but so are regular walkers and joggers and moms pushing strollers. It's a lovely green space, surrounded by busy roads and the Harvard University campus.The playground is a significant feature, with a mini landscape of its own

Brenda Valdivia

Beautiful park to walk around, relax, read, or people watch. You can also enjoy getting on the swan boat. We did, and it was cute, romantic and affordable.

Cody Nieves

Beautiful Garden right off the bat! It is an amazing stroll and picnic spot. Great place for pictures of ducks, geese and plants. Swan boats are a must if you love ducks or have children that love them.

Lance Martinson

Very well kept and beautiful scenery. It's right next to the Boston Common, so some of the homeless folks migrate to this place throughout the day but refrain from asking for money at least. Better place to visit than the Boston Common for those reasons, but the public garden doesnt have all the touristy stuff that the common does.

Jerry Belmonte

Very nice area to walk around. Swan boats are great. $4 per person for adults and $2 children. Great place to take the family

Sriram S

Located in the heart of Boston, the Boston public garden is one of the most beautiful spots in the city to visit. A spot to hangout with friends and family. Beautiful views of birds making their way across the garden and it's ponds.

Ingrid Lu

Really nice and clean park. The Swan boat ride was so calming. A very family friendly place to visit.

William Powers

Very clean and well kept. We saw numerous volunteers working. Very peaceful in the middle of a big city..

Nicole L

This is a lovely place to walk around and visit some beautiful plants and trees in the middle of the city. While walking around, there were quite a few groups of people that I saw enjoying picnics on a warm July day.

R Lemley

Amazing public amenity and generally well-tended. The people inside always depends on the time of day and year you enter, but often they are as interesting as the Garden itself.

Shaun Wimpory

Lovely gardens with a lot to see. Kids had fun running around while I made friends with some squirrels. Buskers add some great atmosphere to your walk around the park.

Dominic Aquila

The perfect urban idyll enveloped by an exciting and dynamic urban environment.

Katie Stuempfle

Beautiful in the summer and winter. Nice paved pathways and plenty of benches to sit and people watch. There are usually street performers hanging around and I think i have seen a bride every time I have gone since it has been warm out. There is a cute pond where you can ride in a swan boat in the summer.

Neha Aggarwal

Beautiful landscape, well maintained and a great place to spend any time of the day. The ducks and the squirrels are so friendly, you could spend a good time with them. There are musicians at various spots that create a lovely vibe with their music. If you are visiting Boston as a tourist it is a must go place.

olivia jane

I am reviewing this same as my review for Boston Common. Absolutely wonderful experience to walk through this park. The beauty of this place entwhined with its history makes it one of the most special places in New England. It is most stunning in the fall. Incredibly beautiful. get a ride on swan boats or take a casual stroll and admire the beauty of this place. Not to be missed.

Rene Britton

A beautiful patch of green in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Jaime M. Guzman

The Boston Public Garden was very well kept you will tell that they put a lot of effort into keeping the place the way it is. The flowers are beautiful and well organized to where they compliment each other when you pass by them. I didn't see any trash around the garden so that is another plus. I would recommend anyone go to this to relax after a long days work.

Don Saarela

The two female Swan's are from Franklin Park Zoo and very friendly in the lagoon. Weddings are quite common in the Gardens, especially on the weekends, if weather nice. Landscaping changes weekly here. Park is always clean. Main attraction is the Make Way for Ducklings statues and the Swan Boat ride's..

Steve Baum

Great place to have a leisurely walk. So many different things to see. Would highly recommend a couple hours spent here.

Robert Lino

I grew up in Boston and took it for granted. This is a must see if you are in town. Also the original Cheers is across the street. The park performers are cool. Just be ready to walk.

Mer Cantero

I love this park for a friends or family gathering. The lake is wonderful and you can enjoy the nature in the city.

nguyen p

A very clean garden and safe to walk. You can cover the entire garden in roughly half an hour at comfortable pace. The best time is early Spring and Autumn when nature brings to the garden with incredible and vibrant colors. Perfect for young and old, especially for very young children and even toddlers. The Swan Boats are good memories for tourists as well as locals. Boston highrise can be seen behind large trees. Boston Garden is compact but will bring huge bundles of joys for everyone.

Frank C

It's such a beautiful park. And such a great asset to the community and visitors of the city. Very well kept. Bathrooms were clean. No trash. It was overall very refreshing to step out of the city and into some green space. If I'm in Boston again I will definitely be stopping here again!

naturally natie

Wow so pretty! Lots of people on a nice day but not loud or noisy at all. Very peaceful romantic and well kept. Could easily calm the mind here which is unique in the heart of the city! Great place to wander around solo


Beautiful, historic. Bring the kids for a swan boat ride. Get sandwiches to go and have a picnic. Great people watching, wedding photos ever Saturday. Love this place!

Christopher Gee

A beautiful park full of interesting people, plants and animals. We walked corner to corner and checked out everything around. The fountains were empty which was a shame cause they would have looked amazing if they were on. Incredible story behind this place and couldn’t really imagine what it may have looked like when first becoming the public common.

Faria Madhumita

This is the best relaxing spot in town. It ll definitely calm your mind if you just look at the surrounding. The clear water, the beautiful bridge, most importantly the trees are amazing. You’ll be close to nature too as you’ll be surrounded by squirrels and swans, ducks! Love this place. Never bores me. Soothing to eyes!

sudeep lekurwale

Love this place. I ho here every Sunday. Whether you are a tourist or a Boston resident, Boston common is one of the must go to place. Just lay down on grass and read a book or take a walk in this beautiful park. Your every visit will be memorable.

Logan Hughes

This classic Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park is chock full of blooming flowers all year, labeled trees (local and unusual), and twisting paths wrapped around a big man made pond with willows gently bowing into the water. Watch mallards and swans (plus swan boats in the summer). This is the "Make Way for Ducklings" park, and a bronze statue of ducklings is one of the many monuments. For a small park, this one is packed with interest, and it's a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city.

Jaime Najbrt

Beautiful. Amazing that this is in the middle of a bustling metro area. Staff told me this was started in 1942 as part of the Victory Garden Movement. There is a waiting list. You have to be a city resident. Cost is very reasonable. Plot is decent sized. Water hookups to each plot.

Charles Richards

When I went there was a band playing jazz covers and it was awesome. The benches are perfectly in the shade. It's a great environment with great people and is serene.

Jimmy Liu

Really nice place to go to during the summer. Lots of different flowers and pants all around. Great place for a nice stroll and lies of pictures and poses.


This park is so beautifully maintained and close to everything. Relaxing place to spend the afternoon and picnic or feed the squirrels or just people watch, whatever you're into.

Alan Stopko

Walked throughout park. Loved random located benches, shaded grass areas. The flowers unque as well as their famous swan boats. Nice shallow pool for kids. Very relaxing retreat in center town.

M. Roc Pe'rine

The park was very pleasant and for the most part pretty clean. Many cultures are present there and that makes it feel family friendly. Its a large park, so biking, jogging, and picnics are possible without being crowded.

Nicholas Greer

Beautiful view of Boston! After climbing up the tiled steps, we decided to go even further up and get a better view of the sunset. I dreaded added steps and I know my legs are gonna kill me tomorrow, but it was worth it - the view was amazing! There's not a lot of places to sit but there is one bench facing the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess you can sit around the fence and/or on the rocks. Definitely a great place to take your friends!

Najmi Jay

Great vibe. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with walking through Boston commons, public garden and then walking through commonwealth avenue. The street was lined on both sides with the Redbrick houses/apt highlighting Boston’s architecture. You can walk easily to nearby eateries and shops. We took the stroll back to the hotel.

Badr Bouganga

Very good place to walk and breed fresh air in Boston. The place is very beautiful especially in summer with some squirrels saying hello from time to time

Saeed Haddad

Amazing garden, swans and birds..etc. my children have been very busy today

Stacy Lundquist

a wonderful place to spend the day. peaceful strolls and picnics. swan boats a must!

Greatfull Martinezz

Go for nice walk. Enjoy God's creations. Pretty relaxing view. Very clean park. Swans and ducks in the pond just lovely.

Charlotte Lee

The Boston Public Garden is often overlooked due to its proximity to the Boston Commons. I think people forget to keep going. It is so peaceful and beautiful and so worth the extra few minutes to leave the Commons and step away into an oasis. Make sure to explore it all and not just the lake with the swan boats.

Rafael Peña

It's a gem of the city. One could spend hours looking at the views and enjoying the breeze in the heart of the city. This place should be on billboards at the Port and airport to be honest. Just be careful with the squirrels, they run the place and have absolutely no fear at all. Other than that, enjoy yourself and keep the park clean.

Abhinav Ramani

Beautiful landscaping and peaceful music. Great spot for summer picnics for all. Animals and kids of all ages enjoy the lawns and activity!

Andrea Schoeny

What's not to like? Well-manicured grass and flower (tulip) gardens. Lots of public events going on, businesses (swan boats), and vendors (balloon animal artists). Very nice to have such a nice green place to enjoy in the midst of downtown. As a visitor, I have been to Public Gardens in the winter and spring, and I can only imagine how much better it gets in the summer.

Christine DeVose

Cute park. Worth a visit. Very beautifully landscaped.

Dana Davidson

BEAUTIFUL! We loved it here. The squirrels are ridiculously friendly which was especially enjoyable for my fiance.

TT Carey

Beautiful place to visit. Swan Boats, Carousel, Make way for ducklings statues. Beautiful flower/rose gardens too. Frog Pond to play in and the Frog Pond Cafe to enjoy a bite to eat. Great food and prices and the staff were great! Clean restrooms!

Terry Freyer

This place is so beautiful and peaceful. Spent a good hour just taking in all the sites and just enjoying the beauty.

Dennis Young

The swan boats and musicians playing Chinese music made me feel like I was on the mainland. The Frog Pond is a great place for kids to cool off on a sweltering day. The lifeguards have life rings so if anyone cane be saved by sitting on one.

Laurie Bohanan

This is a beautiful park in downtown Boston. Lots of folks relaxing or passing through. You can sit and read, walk your dog, look at historical monuments, get a snack from small vendors.


Bostons Public Garden is serene yet full of energy. There is a positive feel to this park. There are lots of benches for sitting, however many people choose to sit on the grass and indulge in a picnic, read a book or take a nap. It is a great place to recharge your energy. Five stars all the way.

Mario A. Hernández Sosa

It is an extraordinary place to walk, run, going with your dog. A beautiful park.


A perfect place to spend a pleasant evening. Do not forget to get some bread for the ducks and some nuts for the squirrels. Your pets are going to love it out here. The place does get a little shady during the nights.

Jennifer Nickerson

The pubic garden is full of activity! Great place to sit and relax. I love the flowers and plants they choose for each season.

Claes Brameus

Gorgeous garden. There are too few of these around. Tranquil amd inviting

Michael Rae

Awesome park! I went for a nice stroll. It was odd though, the cowboys wore strange triangle hats and I even saw a homeless man bathing in the fountain.

Karol Stosiek

Really spacey and relaxing, with plenty of other parks to switch to close by. Well connected to the Esplanade. Beautifully maintained with lots of shade, with refreshing pond in the middle.

Saras Asnani

Great Garden with well organized and planted flowers , plants , and trees ! Wow Boston - Impressive! Keep the green thumb going and maybe we all breathe sufficient clean Ether and air ;)

Steve Wakeland

Any open space liked this always feels much better when the sun is out. On the Sunday that we were there it was very warm and lots of people were enjoying the park.

Mildred Gonzalez

Beautiful place every season, if you are visiting Boston you can missed it

Saylee Betawar

Pleasant surroundings and greenery. You will see newly wedded couple capturing photos for their album. You can see some youngsters recording their skills like street dancing, etc. Place to chill out, read favorite books, feed ducks in the lake. Amazing place for photography.

Gerald P

Very beautiful public garden. Highly recommended to look around.

Paula Davis

Beautiful park!! The scenery here is so calm and relaxing. I could walk through here all day or just sit and relax while enjoying the view. Family friendly, per friendly, swan boats, etc. What more could you ask for!

Rutuja Dharmadhikari

Very beautiful and calm and serene. Not very noisy. Garden clean and well kept. Must visit point in Boston!

Andrew Biss

Beautiful place to stop off at if you are going into the city. It is crazy how friendly the squirrels are here. They do have food trollies throughout the park, but they are very expensive and look kind of sketchy. I would recommend bringing food with you because it’s such a nice place to picnic.

Pallavi Gujar

Amazing place. It was raining when we reached the garden. But the weather was so awesome that we had a blast. People around us were happy. We just took a long strole and imbibed the positive energy. You have many eateries nearby. We went to Starbucks for a steaming cup of coffee. Entry to this garden is free. There is a little Frog pond inside that generally freezes during winter. But during spring and summer you can enjoy swan boat rides. The park is home to many chubby and furry squirrels and beautiful ducks. I really enjoyed my visit. Do spend some time here.

Pravin Charles Vaz

A very relaxing place especially if you sit watching the sun go down . Sometimes if you are lucky a really good musician will come and entertain you with some classic hits. Ducks everywhere. Nice walk through the park too.


This park is by far the cutest in Boston ! Hang out by the pond and enjoy the summer breeze. You can see 2 old swans in the lake, and take a beautiful picture of yourself with the park and buildings in the background from the bridge. It can get very crowded on weekend or sunny days, but worth a visit. You might even get to listen to some nice live music.

gemi hartojo-alwakil

Beautiful!!!!! It is so relaxing and it’s right in the middle of the city. This is the garden where the Trumpeters of the Swan setting was. Read the book: Trumpeters of the Swans. You can get on the lake and ride a swan boat. We didn’t do that because we ended up shopping too much at Primark. Oh, Boston doesn’t have clothing tax people!


Fun place to visit. Watch out for Squirrls. So entertaining.

Christina DeLuca

Jacob Williamson

It's exactly like Fallout 4!!! So cool and looks exactly like the map areas in fallout 4. Look for the swan boats that are in the game map in Boston Commonwealth.

Marshal Laycock

Boston Public Gardens in the fall has to be an almost perfect way to spend a couple of hours. For such a public place it has a tranquil atmosphere. The view across the water to a vista of Boston buildings is strangely lovely to look at. The swan boats glide quietly, mothers sit and watch their kids playing, busy Bostonians sip their Starbucks and ponder their day. Keep your eyes open for the cute mommy duck and her ducklings, these statues are so perfect and fit so well in their surroundings.As a visitor from the UK I was recommended to walk through these gardens and have to say, the weather was beautiful and I spent one of the most glorious hours of my trip in New England here.

Mrs G

Beautiful relaxing gardens. Lovely photo opportunities. The swan boats are such an pleasure. Beautiful flowers to admire.

Martha Charlemagne

Boston Public is great! It was fun visiting last week. Took great pictures the people were so curious and respectful of eath other. The convenient vehicle parking at the park help in making your experience even more enjoyable. I was able to shop, visit the library. Explore and enjoy the park, and dine all in one afternoon. A great city to visit!

Jamie Bertucci

Loved walking through this gorgeous park. Everywhere you turn there's a perfect spot to take pictures! Not a piece of trash in sight. Stunning.


There aren’t any public restrooms available and little signage, I walked for blocks trying to find a restroom and eventually had to wait in a long fast food line and buy the cheapest item just to use the bathroom for 30 seconds. And they have police officers inside these fast food places to enforce the “bathroom is for paying customers only” policy that seems to be a city wide effort. The city of Boston is very exclusive and very expensive.

Tom Mello

The Boston Public Garden is a well maintained park that is great for families to visit. It has the Swanboat ride as well as the Make Way for the Ducklings exhibit. The city has done a good job not letting the space be destroyed by Canadian Geese that have made other public spaces unusable. It is not home to the main populations that have made the Boston Common a mess.

Nelly Alib

I visited Boston for the first time last week. My hotel was only a few blocks away from this park. I was impressed of how clean and well maintained this park is. No matter if you walk or run very early in the morning or very late at night this park is very peaceful and safe.

Ravi Yelleswarapu

A really nice area in the crowded streets of Boston. It's right next to the Boston commons and there is always some sort of music, performers or attraction happening. I think the swan boats and pond are really pretty along with all the flowers and plants. It's worth walking through while in the city

David Lindenmuth

What a special place. The park is full of beautiful trees, nice little ponds, great walking trails. It's just flat out beautiful and well maintained.

Christopher Cellini

Escape the city around you, for only a moment, and enjoy the beautiful floral landscaping you will encounter in this lovely side addition to the Common. Walk down Commonwealth Ave and enter from the west to be greeted by our country's loving father, President Washington. Stroll the paths to the beautiful willow trees and get close to swans and ducks. Please, please do not forget the obligatory selfie on the bridge.

hanna lee

Such a nice park. It is well taken care of. Huge hit to tourists!

Luke Cho

The Public Garden was absolutely gorgeous with its Victorian aesthetic and a breath of fresh air with its weeping willows and various plants, trees, and shrubs. You can take a Swan Boat ride in the pond/lagoon in the middle of the garden for a small fee. Biking is not allowed inside the gardens, so make sure to walk with your bike.

Andrew Spearance

The country's oldest park. It was a beautiful place to find some calm and green in the city. A handful of talented buskers added some local color.

Gwyn Dubel

Beautiful public park! We loved walking through the area as it’s a nice contrast to the city.

The Crazy K's

It’s a very cute garden with live music that really contributes to the experience! The animals are also extremely friendly. I would just causation away from petting them as they do carry diseases.

Michael Pickering

Beautiful flowers, scenescapes, and wildlife, all in the middle of this beautiful city! We also greatly enjoyed how considerate everyone was with their animals and children, and how clean the park was overall. We will be back many times!

Jaz Matharu

What a gentle treat across our hotel. Had dinner and went for a walk through this beautiful garden. Ducks being fed and swans waddling gently through the grass while over fed squirrels looks on. Happy happy happy place to be!


Plenty of shade from a variety of GORGEOUS trees -- Japanese pagodas, weeping beeches, etc. There are signs that help you identify the trees too, and some cool monuments (there's one commemorating the discovery of ether as a pain-killer). Really cool space.

Gigi Harmon

I first visited the Garden in March a few years ago and loved it. But OH MAN how wonderful it is in late June. So green and lush: so much was in bloom! And the trees! THE TREES! We sat here several times to enjoy the peace and quiet (and to watch the squirrels and people). If you have time, rent a boat (it looked like a good couples, friends or family outing). The duck statues are a cute photo op for little kids. We were there in late June/ early July and they had little hats and flags for Independence Day. I agree with a previous reviewer, that no Boston trip is complete without visiting here. And the closest public bathrooms are at the Visitor's Center in the Commons.

Gavin Bollard

This is an amazing park with some very interesting sculptures, some very picturesque scenery and some amazing animals. It's free and it's open all the time, so it's well worth a visit. Access is easy with no steps, so it's disabled-friendly. Dogs on leashes are welcome too and there's plenty of places to sit.

John Peng

Beautiful place to visit. Especialling in the evening. Love the Swan lake.

Jen G

Just beautifully organized, clean and not crowded. It was a sunny day which made the experience better. Great for kids and adults!

Thomas Pye

Nice park for a walk. Fairly quiet. Some small vendors that sell drinks and ice lollies.

Anna Tran

Went here last may as a solo road trip. I read a book on a bench and spent the other half an hour watching people go by, one of the best places to see the world go around you. It is always clean with a large pond and family of ducks nearby, who are obviously accustomed to being fed since they are not shy in the slightest bit.

Venkatesh Harithas

This is ones of my favourite place too walls on daily basis. You very greenish and color full flowers. Musician in all corner added some additional flavors....

Kevin Kelly

The garden is as beautiful as ever spent the money took the senior discounted $3 ride on the swan boat which brought back a lot of memories. It really would have been nice if I had been miss someone. Had a great day it is a great place to sit with a cup of coffee and people watch. I would recommend the public garden to anyone anytime it is a very beautiful place

Ashleigh Joppie

This park was a little slice of heaven... it looked too busy to handle, but once I cleared the entrance - it was totally serene. I personally made a point to hunt out the bench from Good Will Hunting. Sitting on it & having a moment to myself admittedly brought a couple tears to my eyes. Definitely worth it.

Carissa Arens

Loved it. I love city parks in general, but thought this one was especially charming. Small, but much cleaner than Central Park.

Joe Rhinelander

Absolutely gorgeous green space in the city. Lots of paths to walk or run. Multiple gardens, beautiful shade trees, and lush sprawling lawns. Definitely a mist see for anyone visiting, or local.

Austin Butler

Whether you're there during the day, or alone at night. This garden not only feels safe but inviting. Make sure you try every path and don't stop till you find the perfect bench. I suggest going there in the early evening with your favorite songs and enjoy a night of your own design.

Laura Plaza

One of the most beautiful parks ever. It's gorgeous on any season, specially the spring. Great place for a picnic and just to walk around and enjoy the weather. During the winter when the lake freezes some people like to ice skate. If you don't come here when you are in Boston, your visit is not complete

Angel Angelov

Great Park with very friendly squarrels. They eat from your hand. A bit dodgy at places with local gangs and homeless people gathering but worth a visit

julyano falcon

What a beautiful park deftly recommend anybody dropping by the city to come check it out

Shanice H

Not exactly a 'garden' but a glorified public park perfect for reading, a somewhat quiet stroll or nap, or even a paddle/swan boat ride on the pond. Personally I spent a few hours here under the trees, meditating, listening to music and taking in the sights. It was quite serene and tranquil for a fourth of July weekend.

Yash Jain

Loved the place! It was so good to take a walk there, it was refreshing, also it's home to so many squirrels and ducks. There's a small frog pond in the center of the garden which offers boating. And, being in the Downtown area you have so many eateries around it. Do spend some time here when you visit Boston.

Kaveh Zehtab

It's a very nice park and one of the must see places in Boston. It's located in the heart of Boston's historical downtown and of accessible via green line and other public transportation options.

Sherry Ferreira

Such a beautiful place in the city! People playing music, swans & squirrels everywhere. Great place to relax

Abdulrahman Abu Tayli

Visited this garden in summer and fall, you can't get enough of it! The place is very nice for walking and relaxing. And if you want to see the true fall, just go there!

Robert Marcotte

Lots of activity and green space. Tons of people being active, walking around, playing music, laying around in the grass, watching the ducks in the pond. Cool place to go for a run or hang out and people watch for a bit

A Bother

1st public garden in the US! Great place to walk around. If you have kids, the swan ride is a must. The park is always filled with people from all over -great people watching.

Christina Mitchell

Beautiful, relaxing, charming. Great place to stroll through before church or a brunch. Boston is so lucky to have such a beautiful park.

Berk Fhara

If you are in Boston you must make a visit to the Boston public garden part of your trip. You will take the best pictures of Boston in this Garden. The beautiful lake with a Swan Boats is an experience every child of age will remember for a long time. There are also their statues of the ducklings from Make Way for the Ducklings, a Child's favorite. The Boston Public Garden is often confused with Boston Commons. That two separate parks and very different from each other.


Garden of green trees, maintenance of high quality. Where you never tires. Always happy to expend you time. Lagoon and boat trip is attractive. Oasis in the city of Boston. Cleanliness, well shapes are maintained

martin stehl

Beautiful place that is well maintained. Little busy on the weekend but still very beautiful.

Isaac Reynolds

If your exploring downtown Boston you must stop by the Gardens. They will give you a moment of respite from the commotion of the city. The curated flower beds and the pond make scenic vistas with the city skyline as a backdrop. In the summer you can see the famous swanboats and can even pay to ride on them.

Marie Gail Stratford

This place inspired some of my favorite childhood books. Visiting was like a waking fairytale, even on a hot and rainy afternoon. The gardens are impeccably groomed, and the wildlife came right up to me as I sat on the bank of the pond taking photos. The swan boat ride was the icing on the cake for only $4 admission.


Beautiful!!! Boston at it's best! A place to definitely stroll. Ride the Swan boats or just sit back and take in the views! Can't believe I captured a photo of a sleeping squirrel!

Crystal Alicea

Amazing view! I love to come here with my boyfriend lay a blanket by the pond and enjoy! Even tho there's people frequently visiting it's a very peaceful place.

Andrew Versalle

Beautiful park! Water. Trees. Fresh air. Plenty of space to walk. Lots of benches and grass for sitting. I didn't see a public restroom anywhere, however, which would've been a nice convenience.

Karen Chavez

This is the most beautiful park I've been in. 100's of squirrels. Bring your peanuts. They are so friendly so have your camera ready. This park is clean, dog and family friendly, peaceful with beautiful music from local artists. Very relaxing, although a little more busy on the weekends. During the week several people from local businesses having their lunch and quiet time there. Very visit worthy! A must whenever I'm in Boston.

Anna Kearney

Clean and peaceful for a early morning stroll. People watching the commuters and those exercising. Full of squirrels and there's a fascinating art installation here too

Francisco Alcaraz

Boston Public Garden was a beautiful park to visit. There is a nice statue of the father of America, George Washington. The place is lovely and full of people, ducks, squirrels, and sites to see. People come here to do all sorts of things such as run, walk, or just take picture. There are nice building around the area and places to eat. Would definitely come again.

Joseph Rasbold

Great little park in the middle of the city. Pond is really nice, and people walk their dogs through here which is always a plus. Very good dogs everywhere 12/10.

Chelsea King

Flowers and trees surround a lake filled with ducks and swans. There are plenty of places to sit in the shade, areas of grass to lay on and nap and squirrels to feed. You can stroll the park on various paths or stay in one place and watch as others do. It's a gorgeous spot and a true testament to what matters most to the city

Margarita Kholostova

Beautiful place, a lot of squirrels and ducks Cool to just sit and watch the view

Helen Yang

I’ve lived in Boston for years and I’m surprised every time I visit the commons. It’s different every season and it’s always so much fun! It’s big and spacious, but not too crowded with lots of doggies!

Bugsy B

Beautiful city and park. Loved every second. Dont forget to visit the duckings

Billy Hale

Beautiful Park in the middle of Boston. Be prepared to pay through the nose for parking if you don't take public transportation, but it's a great, gorgeous park near lots of awesome historical sites. My favorite place we visited in Boston.

Lance Ferguson

One of my favorite stops in Boston every time I am in the city. Great place to walk through, go for a run, or just come and chill. Beautiful park.

David Wangensteen

Always love coming here when in Boston. The gardens are always well maintained and a great green space in the middle of Boston.

Yoav Glidai

Beautiful park. Do not miss the bronze ducks. Interesting to know - the last duck went missing at see point and they replaced him. After a while the original one turned up and now it is in display at the children's section on the Boston public library! Go see it

Shivika Nayyar

This undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Boston. I can’t wait for swan boats every year. Nice place to relax, eat your sandwich, read a book. I wish they had restroom facilities. The weeping willows are a delight to see in spring.

Konstantin Mikhailov

Across the street, and in contrast with English style park - Boston Common, this particular park designed as a French style park. It's pond is home to famous pedal powered swan boats, and in the winter you will see people play hockey on the ice. Make way for little ducklings bronse statue is a must see, if you are with kids.

Peter Hurd

Amazing to walk through and the Swan Boats are a simple old fashioned way to see the beauty. It's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The incredible display of flowers and trees from all over the globe are everywhere. Take a walk and smell the flowers.

Ken K.

I had out of town guests. Perfect spot for after dinner walks. They loved it! This & The Common are a must for guests. I am very lucky to be able to see this and other sites Boston has to offer. So come and visit!


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