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139 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111, United States

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Where is Boston Common?

REVIEWS OF Boston Common IN Massachusetts

Tony Baldwin

So many reasons the Coming are awesome. A great place to rest on your Boston explorations, the seam boats, the botanical gardens, so much more. Hundreds of years of history... Amazing piece of America preserved for us all to enjoy.

Dick Harris

A marvellous open space. Free to enter and lots of room for all to find abd enjoy their own space.

W Barber

It's big. It's green. Under the ground I hear that hundreds of revolutionary war veterans are buried, mostly from the British side. The city does a diligent good job at maintaining both commons, upper and lower....lawn upkeep, trash removal, etc. Great for people watching. Feels safe, even after dark in the winter.

Charles Krampah

Beautiful place at the heart of the city. Stroll around the fountain in a warm summer day. The architectural view and all the people who frequent here makes the visit worth it.

Margaret Andrade

Love the city of Boston. I live in NH and always wonder why I don't visit Boston more often! It is wonderful to see people of all ages, races, genders , ethnicity just enjoying a day peace! Can't wait for my next visit!

Johnathan Farrington

One of only two commons in the United States! And it certainly does not disappoint. Gorgeous trees, phenomenal landscaping, and an interesting history, this is a great park. It is super busy from both tourists but also people who live in the city of Boston, so be prepared for large crowds.

Curtis Carpenter

We started our walk along the freedom trail at Boston Common. This worked out great with the access to public bathrooms and helpful people to point out the way. The playground was a great way for the kids to get out their wiggles before lots of history learning on the Freedom trail.

Jaysin Boothby

Boston common is great and a must go to for anyone visiting the city. Parking under Boston common as well. Great place to park and take the t to see the city. Not sure on the price.. maybe 25 for all day

Conrad Cheung

The Boston Public Gardens located next to the Common is the real star for tourists. The Common is better suited for locals to hang out, have picnics, or even play tennis. Still good to visit as it is literally adjacent to the Public Gardens

Louis Geoffrion

Oldest Public Common in USA, dates back to 1600's. Beautifully landscaped, many impressive statues adjacent Public Garden absolutely beautiful. Site of famous bronze ducks, the Frog Pond and the historic Swan Boats ( pedal powered ,) quite unique and lovely.

Sora Park

A lovely green area at the start of the freedom trail! It isn’t as big as some parks, but definitely charming. It had food trucks while we were there that smelled amazing, as well as plenty of places to sit. It was very clean, and surrounded by historic sites!

Tomer Cherniavsky

Some of the most beautiful parks i ever seen. There are squirrels everywhere, a lake with ducks and swans, statues, and beautiful flowers.

Ashley Papa

Great place to visit if in Boston. So many things to see like boat tours, public garden, and historic monuments. Also near the Boston cemetery and walking distance to Quincy market. Lovely to sit and eat lunch or sun bathe. We saw lots of dogs too so definetly pet friendly !

Catakang Games

The park is great. There is a nice playground here. They used to hang people where the playground is in the revolutionary war times.

Jackson Seng

Very nice park with lots of squirrels. I enjoy the morning stroll here very much. There are also some nice restaurants and cafes surrounding the park so you can have a nice meal or coffee after a walk in the park. You can reach the park easily using metro. Good to visit if you are in Boston.

Vee Browne

Great place to stroll, enjoy swan boats, sit on a bench and enjoy a snack or just hang out on a nice sunny day

Kelley Robinson

We didn't hate it. Didn't want to leave. It was very exciting and peaceful at the same time.

Nadine Barnett

We visited during very busy time - graduation weekend at Harvard. We were meeting one of my sister's professors for dinner and this was a spot she picked. It's not fancy, kind of your basic student hangout with burgers and beer.ou could do a dinner with a little one if they don't run around if you could contain them in a chair.

Ashley Tenczar Curran

I review places for disabled and handicapped individuals. I focus on these issues when I do the reviews, as many of you know. From the standpoint of a disabled person visiting Boston oh, and their caregiver I can say that the Boston Commons in its entirety is a difficult place to navigate because of several issues. The first being there are no public restrooms other than at the visitor center and that is not wheelchair accessible, having only two stalls in a small corner of the visitor center. I'm not even sure I could negotiate a wheelchair into the visitor center just to look around at the items. Everyone knows that a caregiver needs a reliable phone. There is nowhere to charge your cell phones tablets or the like. I think the city should actually make about 50 outlets and just like a parking meter, have people put changing to charge their phones. If a person is struggling the Boston common is quite a large place and it would be difficult to get help. It is an absolutely beautiful spot of Boston, the very best, it brings peace and Tranquility to lives that have loss, and physical and emotional limitations. I believe there should be a separate Visitor Center for the handicapped and disabled. Perhaps even just for the purpose of handicapped bathrooms, perhaps water if the person is dehydrated, and just a staff that reassures the person that they are cared for by the city, and to get out of the Sun or rain for a bit... Also service dogs could have a place to get water. Not everyone has $10 for a small glass of lemonade. This is a very large Park, and if you are going and you are handicapped and or disabled, please make sure to plan your trip in the exact area you'll be going on the comments, and where you might find something to eat or drink, a place to rest.

Cody Nieves

It is an amazing park! A lot of activities for locals and visitors a like! Bathrooms are limited so try to go before hand. The swan boats are a great cheap activity for groups and dates. Ducks and geese are prevalent for feeding and taking pictures of. It also has a lot of great food trucks

Paul Lu

A decent city park, plenty of benches on most walkways, some don't have any which I found odd. The area is well maintained if not a bit bland in appearance: lots of grass and trees, a few monuments and fountains, and a pond, but not much else. I barely notice the scenery when I walk through it, decent park but unremarkable.

Tricia Adomako

Had a pleasant experience there. I got lemonade and toasted nuts and boyy... I loved em

Shamekia Gordon

Our family had a great time. My 1 year old really enjoyed the swan boat.


Big park cloae to it all. At the far end there’s the State Building, and then the Freedom Trail goes through it too. It could be cleaner though, saw some litter.

Lawrence Pratka

This is a critical place to see in Boston. I decided I needed to experience Boston (I'm born and raised on the Pacific). Excellent people, amazing locations and neighborhoods; all very rewarding. Visit the Birth Of Our Nation!!!

Shaun Wimpory

Beautiful area. Tree lined streets and lots of beautiful historic homes.

Katie Stuempfle

There is always something going on here in the summer time. Great place to people watch, usually food trucks too. Still beautiful in the winter for a short walk. Get off at park street on the T, short walk to pretty much anywhere in Boston, good central location.

Ryan Yates

A great big park in the middle of the city. One end of the freedom trail

olivia jane

An absolutely wonderful experience to walk through Boston Common on any day of the year. The beauty of this place entwhined with its history makes it one of the most special places in New England. It is most stunning in the fall. Incredibly beautiful.

Shelby Miller

It was very calming and a nice place to collect your thoughts. Really enjoyed the experience

Sunshine Jenna

Beautiful, spacious park with lots and lots of great spots to walk, sit and eat, or play a game of Frisbee. There's a carousel and plenty of food and beverage vendor carts. There are several T stops close by as well (don't drive, parking is a nightmare)

Don Saarela

America's first and oldest Park. The small partial of land at the beginning started off as cattle grazing area, then later, the righteous Puritans of Boston started to used the Boston Commons local Elm tree's for public hangings up until 1817. In 1756, a portion of the land became a public burying site, which is called today " The Central Burying Grounds ". The British soldiers also landed here for the battle of Fox Hill and to march off to Lexington to retrieve a cannon. These are just some events that took place. The visitors center provides free maps, tour's for a fee on other happening events.

Alysia Joseph

Great place to enjoy a meal. Don't recommend going at night unless there is an event. Looking to cool of further, try frog pond- great for the whole family+play area.

Michelle Stringer

One of my favorite places in Boston. In the summer you can splash in the Frog Pond, and in the winter the pond becomes an ice skating rink.

Anup Banerjee

Amazing place in the middle of the city. I was there during the hot summer days, and it was quite relaxing, I would say. There were hundreds of people at the park, walking/jogging/renting a boat/or simply playing around. I notice some food stalls/vans there as well as some karts selling toys and other kids' stuff. It's almost in the middle of the city (or I would say around the key places). So, it was quite convenient to go there and give some treat to eyes and mind.

Dr. Yasmin Kottait

I loved this place so much! So serene and calm. I ended visiting it almost daily during my entire trip as a result of how much I loved chilling out there. Completely recommend checking it out and enjoying the scene and relaxing there. There are many food carts and a nearby metro station. Also it is right in the city center.

Red Laughner

A classic site, Boston Common is the perfect place to go on a sunny afternoon. Great for walking and people watching, as well as larger gatherings (like the 4/20 Boston Freedom Rally, held annually in the Commons). A must-see for any Bostonian or visitor to the city.

C Rendon

I love this place so much, the peace and serenity is amazing. My family and I was from NYC for short vacation and we love it. A lot of things to do with the family and kids. Coincidentally we were in a car show and it was great. The people there were very kind.

Jon W

As much as I wanted to and tried I couldn’t manage to get to Boston Common in the day time. First stroll through was around midnight on a Saturday and my second was just after dusk on a Monday. It was still beautiful and I felt safe the entire time. There were plenty of people walking around, jogging, walking dogs, riding bikes, and so on; along with groups of younger folks hanging out near the statues, no one bothered me (walking alone at night in some city parks it might be an issue and your mileage may vary here). Seeing the city at night from the park was great and being in the big park, with some peacefulness while hearing the hustle and bustle of a busy city in the distance had a draw to it as well. Very nice park and I want to get back and see it in the day time.

Davis D. Janowski

I'm envious of Bostonians as a New Yorker; they have preserved far more of their historical heritage---especially as it relates to their colonial and Revolutionary War history---than New York. It is challenging to get into a Revolutionary War history buff fervor in NYC because what few sites we have are sparse and generally widely separated or limited to plaques and statues. Just a handful of buildings still date to the period.

Adrienne Schlatter

Great park. Obvious that they take care of the grounds. They even offer tours. The botanical gardens are nice. Lots of good shops and restaurants in the area. East to get to on the T.

Riva Krow

Love the Boston Commons. Got some wonderful souvenir carts and pleasant atmosphere to it. Got a Great view of the surrounding buildings.

Pragadeesh Kumar

Nice place to chill out in the evenings. History goes like this, This place was originally created as a common ground which doesn't belong to anybody. People can come there to sell their stuff, or just chill out. Later after all these years this place is still maintained as a commons but now it has been converted to a garden. Lots of fests and events happen in the Boston commons.

Jose Salas

A park in Boston downtown, pretty close to the financial center and good place to chill out and relax. There are a lot of benches all over the park and lawns to lay down and take a nap or just read. There are often people running over there, as well as dogs and some homeless people. There are a lot of ducks in the lake and swan boats to take a ride on. There's a tube stop just right in the corner.

Ezra Ben-David

Really nice park. Lots of diversity just walking around. And other things. Articulate man.

Sam Lee

Very nice when the weather is good. Not too crowded. If you play Pokemon Go, there are gyms and many poke stops.

timothy quinn

Beautiful park in downtown that truly feels inclusive. Great walking paths and a mix of all people just hanging out. Felt very safe, great place to spend time with friends or family.

Tee Cue

Great use of common space. Something for everyone from walking to picnics to street fairs. Well done, Boston!

Khurram Hassan

Really well maintained Park. So many people were enjoying the day when we were out there. Lots of water spaces for kids to enjoy. The ducks and the geese do poop everywhere but they try to clean it up as soon as possible. There are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops in the area. Lots of hotels to stay in and then walk out and enjoy the park.

Jeff Chetkauskas

Large park in the middle of all the popular spots of Boston and along the Freedom Trail. Stop by in the summer for a swan boat ride or ice skate in winter. Many more options.

Keith Manheck

It's always a very nice place to stop and visit while you're walking around Boston always recommend for those who never tried it to try the duck boat it's about a fifteen-minute ride on the boat that got a guy who paddles back and forth through the pond and it's nice and entertaining if it's a nice warm day it's a nice place to cool down just a bit and there's plenty of ducks in the duck pond couple swans as well to although they were close by where we were this time around what's a common has a lot of nice grassy areas to set up a nice little picnic if you like the only thing you have to watch out for is the ducks and the geese have a habit of leaving a nice

Marsha Allen

Beautiful green space. Great picnic areas. Lots of history and an information center.

Alexander Jake Moreno

Memorial Day weekend turned out to be a wonderful time to visit the Boston Commons. Today was a flag garden representative of all the Massachusetts residents who gave their lives since the beginning of this country. Such a powerful display!

Melissa S

A nice area to walk around. I loved that that squirrels came up to the people to get food. I gathered some acorns from the ground and they come right up and grab them. Definitely a neat experience!

Shawn Gardner

Love Bean Town. It's been awhile... Way over due to take a trip back and visit. My son and I had a great time last time we where there. We will be back soon. See ya soon Boston. Much love from your neighbors to the north. ;)

Dave Atwood

Such a great space inside the city! Lots going on and access to the Freedom Trail

Pauline Cary

Had a great time! The park is beautiful and so much history to learn.

Kenneth Roth

This place will always have a soft spot in my heart. Always something interesting going on at the Commons. One of the finest parks in America too.

Joe Strassler

A beautiful park, easy to get to - right off the Park Street stop on the T (subway) stop. Surrounded by weeping willow trees, a perfect place to relax after spending a day in Boston. In the summer time, take a ride on the swan boats, and kids can play in a great playground or in the fountains of the Frog Pond. In the cooler months, ice skating is offed at the Frog Pond- with very cheap ice skate rentals.

Mikhail Khmelnitskiy

Wonderful place to walk and enjoy the park. Close to many historical locations. We parked a car at the meter and wandered Beacon hill streets.

L Linfield

Definitely worth a trip to see, particularly if you are a Gardener, flower enthusiast or just want to see how a community can be creative with a former space that technology has left behind (old trolley line). The other nice thing about this spot, you stop by at different times and it will look completely different depending on what is in bloom. There are lovely shops, restaurants and pubs on both sides of the bridge. You can make this a quick visit or a lovely afternoon.

Erich Kirchubel

Awesome place to escape the city. Plenty of paths, plenty of views, plenty of open space to play or relax. Carousel is good for the kids and is only $3 for the kid, adults ride free. Overall, it's a must see if you're in Boston.

Brenda Cummings

Great park for relaxing in..Easy to find freedom trail from here. Used as a central point..lovely to visit and walk through..squirrels a bit too friendly..

Jennifer Nickerson

Relaxing, clean, and very busy! Great place for walks, and checking out the restaurants in the area.

Christy Bosco


Blake Ericson

Great park area in the heart of Boston. Plenty of trails and very well kept. Nice spot to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by. Give the Freedom Trail a shot if you have time.

good job bob

Boston Commons is a must see place when you visit the city. In a city full of so much to see try to make a little time to walk through this large park in the centre of the city. Whether you want to relax on the grass, take a ride on the duck boat in the pond or ride a carousel there is something to you. Lots of history as well. Great spot for a relaxing afternoon! If this was helpful please give a thumbs up

Claes Brameus

Great park. I love to stroll through and watch people. Well kept and safe

Marian Stier

Great "Frog Pond" for the kids to wade ankle deep to cool off. Start your Freedom Trail your here. Worth the price!

Craig Ktoy

This is a wide expanse of outdoor park that offers a wide range of points for admiration, from a shallow water pond/play area to the historic memorial site, to the residence of John Hancock/Mass Statehouse. The park area is lightly shaded by a few trees, which provide a relaxing partially shadded enjoyment of a stroll or on the few park benches. There is a slight negative issue of some homeless people there - but they showed no sign of causing issue + in fact, there was a wedding group having photos taken - less than 30 ft from a couple 'stumbling' guys minding their own business.

Jason Aviles

Great atmosphere. Always has food trucks and other stands. Usually very quiet but can be chaotic on weekends. Love being able to lay on the grass and relax here.

Drew Looyenga

Such a great walk! City does a great job with upkeep.

Alexander Mc Cubbin

Place full of history. Is the heart of boston .and you will see lots of people like families enjoying the day .

Heather Chang

Excellent park with 2 off leash dog parks within. Nice dogs and my dog got to make new friends and burn off some puppy energy. It's beautiful here. Also the park looks like that scene in the Mary Poppins movie where the carousel horses come to life.

Kishore Dasararaju

Awesome picnic place for family. Walking path. Meditation place. Closer to restaurants. All in one.

Glenn Townsend

A very nice place to walk. Lots of tourists and dog walkers, some street food vendors and Boston-themed merchandise. A shallow wading pool for kids to play in. On good days, there are people in revolution era costumes talking about history. In the morning on weekends there's a soup kitchen as well. Haven't been there at night.

michelle mats

Lots of history here. It's hot this time of year but the walk around town was well worth it. Follow the Freedom Trail.

Mauro Alvarez

I had the greatest time! So many wonderful tourists, happy people. So many great restaurants and sites to see are walking distance from each other. Such a beautiful place to visit!

Troy Kump

It was great to visit here while I was in town. It was raining but still beautiful. I like the vendors that are close by. I got some fried bread and earrings while I walked the park and then made my way through historic downtown buildings. So much history in a mile radius be sure to give yourself the full day to take it all in.

Catherine Ruiz Botella

Nice place. Quiet. Full of dogs and their owners ans squirrels.

Manpreet Singh

What central park is to New York, Boston common is for Boston. Its a beautiful green spot in the middle of the city along the freedom trail. A great place to relax and enjoy a nice walk. No matter what time of the year you visit, it’s always special and looks different. Visit in late march - early April to see Cherry blossoms in full bloom. Summer time is full of events, tourists and food trucks. Fall is spectacular to see fall foliage in glorious technicolor and pleasant weather. Even during the winter its a great place to visit if you are fond of snow. There is a ice skating rink that locals and tourists enjoy during winters and its always amazing to enjoy spectacular fireworks on New Years eve. No matter when you are in Boston, don’t just pass by but really walk through and experience all it has to offer.

John King

Mixed bag, lots of homeless people in one section that might NOT be comfortable to some people. Overall a nice city park and the frog pond seems pretty cool for kids. The kids play structure is also better than most parks.

Jeff Carlson

A nice park and we felt completely comfortable walking around even later at night.

Gary Magnett

Had a great time at the Boston Freedom rally people were very friendly a lot of boots a lot of people talking underneath the park we had fun y'all shouldn't went Boston Freedom rally was the best


Big park and you can buy some food from food trucks or you can bring your own food for picnic. This park have a clean republic restroom.

Patricia Krotki

It's a beautiful place, that have many things going on for free. Like myself after paying bills donor have much $$$. There alot enjoying the activities. Was last there on fathers day. Was really nice and generous to all fathers. Even woman....

Martin Leopold

Beautiful park in the middle of the city. Very nice place to relax and be surrounded by relaxed people. Special atmosphere not comparable to other American cities - especially when the sun is shining.

Madeline Bennetti

The Common is the classic Boston spot. There's a lot going on all the time like festivals, shows, random performers, and food trucks. You can also get some space in a beautiful, shady spot and have room to walk your dog or play ball. You can easily get to most of the trains from there, and it's an easy walk from the Common to downtown, Chinatown, Theater District, etc.

Maksim Krigmant

Very nice and clean park has a lot of history in and around that park. Alawys filled with people locals at tourist. Some food trucks and lots of tables and benches. It is in the middle of the city so everything is there basically like a hub. It was a good couple of hours of time spent there and lots of good pictures where done there. There was is a subway and train station right next to the park.

Andrea Pertilla

Came to Boston for a little getaway. We had a great time walking through downtown. I was surprised to realize how much history there was in Boston!! So much to experience and not enough time this trip. We will definitely be returning!!

Kirk Hipps

What an absolute treasure. There are so many facets to the park. It's history is amazing and the variety of things to do are outstanding. Especially enjoyed being by the pond and listening to jazz musicians at one end with bagpipes wafting in the air while watching people cross the pond in a boat. Take time to read the monuments. Really and truly.

Mrs G

Beautiful gardens. Such a relaxing space to spend some quality time with your kids. Lots of picture opportunities with the ducks and swans. We went on the swan boats which was a short ride but so much fun.

Jamie Bertucci

Beautiful public park with lush gardens. Great photo ops everywhere you look. Can be crowded at times. Find a park bench to catch a free mini show from musicians around the park.

Gallick Cee

The Common on a summer afternoon is quite a scene. Crowds of people from all walks of life. The happy squeals of children bathing in the frog pond. It made me feel glad to be alive.

Lívia Duarte Barbosa

I'm suspected because I love Parks and Common places at nature. And it's represent the core of Boston with beauty , history and diversity

HerobrineJuli 05

Nice park! Lots of squirrels, sparrows, ravens and other birds. There are also great food stands that offer hot dogs, corn dogs and much more. It's very quiet and good to chill out. It's in a good location, so you don't have to walk/drive that far if you live near the middle of Boston.

Kelly Crist

We went at the beginning of June and the weather was just perfect. Beautiful trees and grass, the squirrels were everywhere.. So we're the vagrants. The secret is to go early. You get tons of tourists and tons of people and events, but if you go early you have a little bit more privacy and a little bit more Elbow Room... This was an amazing day to go. And I highly suggest you come and visit this amazing area

David Broeg

PERFECT "Tourist -- Stop", EVEN for Townies! Nearby pizza, Colas, Cocktails, Smokes, & ALL kind of Snacks; Movie cinemas, maps, and Two NEARBY subway stops, along w/4 different bus stops; PLENTY O' taxi cabs!..

Matthew Springer

Fantastic park! Every city should have a splash pool just like this one, and it's an ice rink in the winter! Very relaxing and calm park right in the middle of the city, feels isolated and a great escape, very safe for children.

Eddie Binion

This was a great park to walk around or just sit and chill under a tree. Me and some friends were here from Chicago and were surprised at how much there was to do just in the area near the park! Overall it was amazing

Michelle Tucker

I always park in the Commons garage when visiting Boston. You come up right into this beautiful park. There are ponds, wading pools for children, several monuments and gazebos, and the people's park is adjacent to it. This park has a Japanese theme and beautiful landscaping, as well as little swan boat rides. Cheers is directly across the street.

Rigs 83

It's a nice place to enjoy some fresh air and aggressive squirrels.

Michael Pickering

Beautiful and clean park. Even offering sunscreen for it's visitors in the form of automatic dispensers, and you may need it in the summer months especially! Great for dogs and humans alike!

Hawkers Burn

I love Boston. I love the garden the common and the people. Such diversity! Such history!

Gigi Harmon

My 8 year old daughter and I had a wonderful time walking through the Common. We loved walking through and looking at the pretty flowers fountains although the Tulips weren't in bloom yet and the water wasn't running in the fountains. My daughter had fun imagining what the fountains would look like if they had water and we said we would have to come back another day to see the tulips. We walked through and talked about if we lived in Boston how we could do this everyday!!!

Randall pelletier

The place is full of our founding fathers and history. The park is big and well maintained. They offer a wide variety of options depending upon the day. If you go to Boston I would highly suggest that you visit here .

dale keim

Not exactly what you might expect but interesting nome the less You can see it all in 45 minutes and for the most part it is about jazz in the area. The is a tour of the nearby black meeting place which was nice to see but unfortunately the presentation is lackluster and unimpressive The receptionist was charming and friendly. The price was 9 dollars for seniors. It's a bit overpriced but it is a good cause since they need to make some repairs. This is a good place to give your support to.

Corey Charvat

Beautiful area. Loved the view, and seemed there was a lot going on in the area. If we lived in Boston, we would definitely spend time here!

Charles Grato

One the most beautiful places in Boston no matter what time of the year... I personally love the winter... its magical walking through there at night.

Eric Weaver

This park is awesome! The most expansive park I've seen in a big city. . . . Photo: @erkweavs

Sunday Taylor

Well maintained. Love the attractions for children, carousel, playground,

David Macdonald

Nice open area in the middle of the big and busy city. Great for relaxing, people watching or taking a load off your feet for a few minutes after walking around the city. Feels safe and clean.

Vishabanathan A

Public park opened all day. Peaceful place that soothes mind. People come to sit and leisure, walk through the park, jog around the lawn. Swan boats are available for specific periods. Need to check online before planning for boating there. One can spend free day completely here peacefully. New born babies are brought here by their parents and take a walk. Young kids play around the park. Lots of squirrels will be seen all around the park. Can spend time peacefully here.

Giulia Marino

I had a really good time! It’s a great place to relax or have fun with friends and family.

Jessie Johnson

The Boston common offer beautiful garden views, places to relax in safety on the grass, or walking paths to get active. There is also entertainment by music or acts occasionally throughout the park. Food vendors, the frog pond, and the carousel are also attractions to the common.

Jeff So

Really nice park within the city and has lots of history. There are paid daily tours for the Freedom Trail that start at the visitor center.

Fred Moreno

The park is an opportunity to relax after, before, and in between your visit to Boston. Plus, the park offers some great views of the city. Walking around the gardens was soothing.

Alma Otaño

Beautiful views, children had a lot of space to play with fountains made just for them, the park is full of live, perfect for picnics and family time. Great history in its walls and you can learn about it in every corner. Went there this last 4th of July and was perfect!

Enes Kucuk

Nice place. Would recommend going there early in the morning. Plenty of doggos on weekends!

Sebastian Leakos

There was one pretzel selling dude who was super cool. The rest of the park is cool too. Its come a long way from being a sheep pasture.

Stephanie Beck

Very pretty... glad to see people using a park like this. I preferred the Public Garden, but if you visit one, you're only a few steps from the other.

Bobbi Marsh

Had a great time at the frog pond and play ground....met some really friendly people. Unfortunately we had a short time there because the rain came in full force. But for a great day in Boston PLEASE do go Park St. You'll have a GREAT time. Oh ya lots of vendors with everything you can imagine.

arjun parameswaran

A great park in the middle of the bustling city, a place to relax and enjoy the summer evening. Has a fountain, a frog pond where kids can play in the water and beat the heat. Several food carts around where you can get snacks and drinks.

Emiliano Sierra

First time in Boston. BOSTON Commons is beautiful. Would recommend taking the Freedom Trail. You can pay for the guided tour or follow the brick line yourself.

Ashish Kumar

Well maintained park in the heart of Boston with so much history. It's an amazing place and often has live shows and exhibitions.

Lance Chicote

An stunning park in the heart of Boston. Make sure you do the freedom tour, there's so much history to be heard here. Have a picnic and watch the many squirrels running around. Great place to chill and relax too.

Ana Parsons

Love this place!!!! Amazing to walk around. The squirrels will eat right out of your hand!

Laura Hughes

Gorgeous park, reminiscent of central park only smaller and quieter. I would come out here with a book in the summer. Beautiful!

Gregory Rosic

A lovely city center park with sporting fields, a shallow pond/fountain which was fun for my son to splash in and is an ice skating rink in winter. Plenty of green space and several statues. There are very few bathrooms and parking is expensive.

Soumen Bhattacharjee

Lovely place with a sprawling park and amazing atmosphere.this place also has quite a good number of different kind of fine dine restaurants nd also small eateries which is spread across this place The tennis court and the soccer ground is also quite big over here with a lot of uni students playing after dawn.Noticed that the area is quite upscale with a street full shops for camera and lot many stuff around especially the clothing brands. Covenient stores are also well spaced spread around the park. Offline map is must as might find confusing crosses and street.

Bakhtiyar Karimov

This is absolutely gorgeous park, garden and ponds with white swans. Must see. Don't forget your camera. This actually mostly applies to the Public Garden right next to it.

Lorna Betty

Boston Common is a very beautiful park, located in heart of Boston between Copley Square and Park Street. It has several different activities centered around the park. It has Swan Boat Ride, Children's Park, Carousel Park, Vendors, etc.. Nearby you can find restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels, department stores, theaters, and a movie theater. Few steps away is the State House, City Hall, Financial District, Seaport another popular and affluent commercial and residential district near the Boston waterfront. You can find the Boston Ferry at the Boston waterfront as well.

Aysha Lee

Beautiful park! My children always enjoy it here when we visit!!

Diorgenes Mello

You can ride your bike. You can ride your roller skating. You can just walk. You can just sit to read a book or doing nothing. Alone, to take a time. You can enjoy your family. You can enjoy your friends. This is the place. A fresh limonade, pretzels and others appetizers Also have a awesome playground for the kids.

Farah Francois

Free concert outdoor. Grear sound, music and dance traditional, contemporary, classical and folks pieces. I didn't know I was supposed to bring a chair and blankets; was my 1st time. Good to know.

Jon Francis

Great place to be in the summer and fall. Sometimes they have festivals and other things that you can attend. It's in the city but a break from city, trees, grass and close to the T.


A magnificent and old building in Boston City. A tour in the Boston City is enjoyable. Downtown area is beautiful. Many buildings belongs to the 17 th centuries. A central area connected with local trams, city bus services and MBTA to every part of city and surrounding s. Duck tour is very famous and lasts for one and half hour. And you can view downtown area and have a tour in the Charles River . Boston is a well maintained and clean city

Parth Patel

This place is truly beautiful. This is one of the hugest garden, it goes on for atleast 6 streets and probably more and it has beautiful structures all over the park. If I ever live in Boston or got a chance to stay there for a month, I am 100% going to this place just go hang out because it is so peaceful. If you are around the area, dont miss going here

Jesse Van Harlinger

Beautiful area! The Commons provides open grassy areas, monuments, gardens, play structures, walk ways, and a lake. All in the middle of the city. It's a gem! A thoughtfully laid out plan that easily navigates you around the park.

Luke Dulgar

Beautiful, well kept and popular park! Lots of access, amenities, and things going on everywhere. Obviously well loved and used by locals. Feels safe and accessible to this first time visitor!

Laura Diaz

Great location in the city with lots of trees. Loved the huge frog pond with fountain. Perfect atmosphere for families, kids, and pets. Easy access from the Green T-Line at Park St. Also across the street from the Bull and Finch Pub (Cheers Bar)

Remon Lapid

This has to be one of the most pleasant city parks I've ever visited. It's clean, the grass is well cared for, and the people are friendly. It's a great place for a picnic and to relax.

William Martin

This park is beautiful and well kept up. Every time I visit, regardless of season, I have been glad of it. The park is never empty, and there are usually vendors scattered about offering something to eat.

Joanne Fong

This is a great spot to people watch. Also The Freedom Trail starts here. Give yourself a couple of hours and put you sturdy walking shoes on, you won't regret it.

Francisco Alcaraz

Pretty great place that is full of people and information, a gathering place. The freedom trail starts here and is a great place to start off your exploration of Boston. There are lots of places around to go and eat and tons of photographic opportunities. The exploration of Boston starts here! PS there's also an information center located at the start of the freedom trail.

Mark Baker

A beautiful park to enjoy a picnic lunch on a hot day! Lots of shady spots to sit on the grass and the background bustle of families enjoying an open swim area. Take a day to shop downtown and break for the park when you need to recharge!


Great area to tour. Lots of places of historical significance within walking distance.

Alison Fisher

This park is huge! Even on a very busy Fourth of July weekend, there was still plenty of space for everyone to walk or sit. This is a great walking park but also great for laying under a tree shade and reading a good book. This is also a great place for kids to play in the wading pool especially during summertime. There is also a visitor center where u can purchase tickets for the freedom trail walking tour.

Lauren Waddington

It's so pretty and lively. Great place to shop or just people watch


Great open area with many sights to see. A good amount of birds and squirrels to watch or even feed. There is also a fountain to sit around by food trucks if you want a relaxing quick snack.

David Wangensteen

Love the green space in the middle of Boston, but the gardens are nicer. This location would be nicer with fewer buskers and little cart shops.

Big Kid Barone

Great place if you're near a train station you might as well just take the train on in and you can bring your dog walking I don't know if they let dogs on trains I drove but I love the place and I've always loved the place been coming since I was a kid I got the comments and then you got the gardens next door it's just wonderful men in the winter they have ice skating music festivities and that special day on 4/20! You be lucky potluckers!

Megan Bailey-Smith

Very pretty. If you like gardens go to the park/garden next to this for a better garden experience. Beautiful area of downtown, worth visiting!

Paul Stroud

Nice visitor's center, a carousel, the Frog Pond and "Tadpole"playground are a fun treat. Historic and FUN! It's cool to imagine the history that has taken place here. The people who walked this Common. Wow!

Hillary Lam

Very peaceful. I enjoy watching the ducks and listening to the music being played by performers. One of my favorite spots.


Beautiful place, tranquil, and pleasant. Very family oriented, and clean. Lots of things to see and do, any direction will lead you to something enjoyable. So much tours, and shops, if you love history, Boston commons is for you!!! The only problem is, do not want through it at night!!! Because that's when all the heroin addicts show up to sleep! We got it all here!!!!!

Logan Saltzberg

The ducks and squirrels are cool if you got snacks Don't trust the geese


Nice park to hang out in. Lots of shade and never too crowded (Except on holidays). Nice, beautiful park and frog pond to splash in as well. Families can buy snacks from the stalls in the park. In a great area with great food and stores. The common is very historic and a great place to learn some history of Boston. Fun place that I recommend to tourists and people of all ages.

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