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21 Apex Dr, Marlborough, MA 01752, United States

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REVIEWS OF Apex Entertainment Marlborough IN Massachusetts

Christon Hill

Something really fun for everybody! Not just exaggerating. It is like they took all the fun activities you could do indoors as a family and put them all in one building. Trampoline place, arcade, rope adventure, laser tag, go karts, bumper cars, bowling, kid playground, simulated sports. And best of all, at least for now it is all reasonably priced. As a family of 5 we spend about $120 for 3 hours of fun. The one caution is that kids under 5 may be a challenge to keep track of in the arcade/ropes/laser tag area if they like to roam easily. Also the gaming area is not huge so you may be waiting a while on the most popular games on a busy night which can be an issue if you get one of the unlimited arcade play packages. We haven’t tried the food there yet but they do have a restaurant and also you get a drinks band to be able to get a drink at the bar with free drink access anywhere in the building.

Anne Hutchinson

Fabulous place! Great staff! Well organized with great food. Will definitely come back! Look forward to next years beerfest

Peter Ferriere

Nice fun place for kids. My young one enjoyed the trampoline area. For grown ups you have the Go kart area and bowling which are good. Although bowling is expensive compared to other places.

Ewurabena Odei-Wontumi

Very fun place to hang out with a group of friends. It's quite expensive for some games like Go Karts, Virtual Reality, and Escape Room. But the arcade games are very fun and somewhat addictive like the Walking Dead games, and Crazy Tower. Although I recommend for such a big entertainment company, they should have more deals for groups. All in all, highly recommend.

Da bush

Fun things to do with friends but expensive and the service for the restaurant and bar near the bowling area isn't great

Melanie Nutile

This is a pretty cool place if you are looking for something to do. They have everything under one roof and many different forms of entertainment. We are at The Tavern and while the food was actually really good it took forever to get through dinner. I'm not sure why either considering there were not many people sitting and eating. Make sure if you want to do any of the more popular activities (axe throwing, escape room, go-carts, etc.) you go on the website and book in advance. Especially if you are going on a weekend. Also, something I wasn't aware of before getting there, you must be over 16 to drive a go-cart after 6 p.m. on the weekends. We were unable to do it since my kids are 12 and 15. Laser Tag was a lot of fun.

Rhodi Lopez

Nice place for bowling and family fun. You can buy a quick meal too so you can have a longer period of time to play!

Meredith Purba

We need more than FIVE stars to rate the Apex Entertainment center in Marlborough. There are activities for all ages and the atmosphere is clean, professional, and energetic. If you are going to spend time here, I recommend bowling, the arcade, the trampoline park, and B.B. Kidz (for the little ones). A group of friends and I went bowling and drove the go karts last weekend and we had so much fun! The food was okay but the drinks were delicious and the servers were kind. Specifically, Jose, one of the managers, was ready to guide us on our journey through the center. He was being called by his fellow workers left and right and still managed to give us a tour of the place. Talk about A+ customer service! This place is busy, so it goes without saying that if you are going there you need to have patience and understanding. If you’re not willing to do that, then going to high capacity and entertainment places may not be for you. Overall, thank you to the Apex center and their staff. We will be going again and will be referring our friends and their families to check it out (if they haven’t done so already). Until next time!

Chent Branderson

LOVE Apex!!! Always have a good time here. Great food, fun, friends, activities and the staff always goes the extra mile. Jillian gave us the low down on everything to see and do so that we could plan our trip and make the best possible Apex experience HAPPEN! When we told her she should be employee of the month she said she already was (go Jillian!) :)

Theo Paroulidis

This place is fun for everyone from young to old..there's a bit of a wait for something's but work it..

Bernie Coelho

Great place for people of all ages to have fun.

Rich McArthur

Lots of fun stuff to do obviously, but I am really appreciative of our server Madison in the tavern, she was very helpful and friendly despite being crazy busy!

Shavik Harindra Gunarathne

A good bowling alley. Nothin special about it. Clean place. The Friday night price is $40 per Lane for 1 hour. $30 during Monday to Thursday. 6 per Lane. Some places allow up to 8.

Hillary Brown

WOW, amazing, entertainment for everone, highly recommended. My son along with 10 of his friends had a great time celebrating his 12th birthday. Thanks

Amy Rice

It's a huge complex with plenty to do. It's busy but not overcrowded. Great for children 5 and older. Some of the entertainment was not accessible. There are height requirements for some of the activities. If you bring a child with you and you want to indulge in some of the activities make sure that you have someone with you to watch said child. No outside food or beverages are allowed in. This will bring the cost of your visit up quite a bit depending on when you go and how long you stay. However, there are many places to eat and drink that are not in the Apex building itself. We had an issue at the trampoline park. We will not likely attend that area again but other than that, it's a great couple of hours. $$$$

Igor Rangel

Awesome place for fun for the whole family, go carts, bowling, pool, and so much more. Staff is friendly, prices are reasonable as well. Great fun for adults too. The variety of food options all around the complex is amazing, definitely coming back.

Billy G

Great place for both younger and older, variety of things to do here.


Loved it. Food's a bit fatty but tasty, drinks are alright and the bowling court are just so good :) Had a lot of fun with colleagues

marla mays

I only used the conference room there. However the food during our break was petty. Atmosphere was live

Sokchea Kol

A Place For Both Kids And Adults. Family Fun!


Was there a few weekends ago took my girlfriend's nephews out they had a good time When me and my girlfriend did the go kart races she got sick ask for the manager he went above and beyond to make sure my girlfriend was fine. This was a few weekends ago on a Saturday My thanks to the manager I wanted to give him a big hug for taking care of my girlfriend cuz that means the world to me thank you again will be back

Marjorie Chagas

It's great place to bring the family and celebrate birthdays!!

Bryan Hemcher

Staff was friendly and helpful but sometimes hard to find. Had a blast bowling, sports simulator and arcade. If ever back in area will spend time here

Haley Cheath

all 4 floors have so much to do for all ages !!!! just needs more tables for familys to wait or rest

Cassandra Macias

This place had something for everyone! Although some things were just a little too pricey. The games were reasonable! But the bowling and the go karts we're just a tad too much. We had a blast though!!

Anirudh Pillai

I wish we had something like this in Chicago, It's all the fun activities consolidated in one place. We tried Mindtrek VR and absolutely loved it. We just looked at other places briefly and really loved this place and can't wait to come back and try other fun activities. Who says you can only have fun Outdoors!

Rishikesh Desai

We had a great time at arcade and facility is very well maintained..

Reinaldo Villegas

Fantastic place for the whole family! GoKarts, trampolines, and great bowling alley with an even much better well supplied bar (for adults only!) whomever built this place knew what they were doing, in addition a boxing gym, a regular gym and a swimming club, what else can you ask for? come check it out, in Northboro, MA.

David Kraus

Attended a company conference at the facility. The meeting space is sufficient. The room was too dimly lit, and the go kart noise was occasionally distracting. The food is fair, similar to other entertainment venues. The service was prompt and professional.

Cassandra Harrold

Great place! My kids love it!

Mohamed Shams Ul Haq

The place is new and has lots of activities. It has bowling, go carting, arcade, laser tag and a really nice bar. The bowling alley is very good and new. We made a reservation and the whole experience was seemles. It was surprisingly crowded for a weekday afternoon. (in a good way)! I will definitely recommend for group activities or family day out.

Scott LaCroix

Went to MindTrek VR with my company. Absolutely amazing experience! Great people, great process, completely immersive. I would totally recommend this to anyone


Excellent time, exceeded my expectations! Our waitress Erica at the Pit Stop restaraunt was above and beyond exceptional! Could not have asked for more attention and hospitality. Our family will definitely be back soon

Brian DiVasta

Very much enjoyed the bowling and arcade; looking forward to coming back to try the breakout room, laser tag and trampoline park.

J. Njenga

Lots of things to do for kids and adults.The pizza was delicious and not to forget the bar .

Lauren Fay

Activities offered are fun and the facility is clean, though the main bathrooms were out of order and there weren't enough staff members to cover the desk for each activity. Despite these disappointing details the center was fun and I would go again.

nilesh patel

Really amazing place to have fun specially with kiddos. Staff are very friendly.

Kyle Morris

Matt and his team prevented what was sure to be a huge disaster. My son had finally turned 12. The ONLY thing he wanted to do, was ride the go carts at Apex like his friends do. We went to Apex. Filled out the waiver. Got ready to pay. Suddenly, the cashier asked to measure my son. I did not notice the 58 inch requirement. I hoped for the best, but he was indeed too short. He immediately broke down in tears. I called for a manager to see if there was anything that could be done about it. This tall dancing dude named Matt walked over. I tried to explain to him how much this meant to my son, and he was amazingly gentle, yet firm in the decision, for the safety of everybody especially my son, that he just could not do the go carts that night. I completely understand the safety factor, but was greatly disheartening as my son was. Then, Matt got to work. He got down on my sons level. He offered a private laser tag game for him and his buddies who came to race. My son‘s face lit up like a Christmas tree! So did his friends! The kids sure enough had the whole arena to themselves! They were in heaven. And they quickly forgot about racing. Then, Matt’s team got us some free game cards! The fun did not stop, and I was no longer in tears of sadness, but joy. My sons day was made thanks to that tall dancing dude, and we will most definitely be coming back for some more of that dancing and partying

Philip Goldwater

I spoke to George on the phone to plan my daughter’s 4th bday party and he let me know he wouldn’t be there but he assured everything would be all set. Sure enough George MORE than kept his word. When we arrived a woman named Jessica escorted us to our private party room, game cards were handed out and we had the most amazing server named Shannon! We bowled and ate cake definitely a special experience for my daughter and her friends. Thank you for exceptional service!

Everyday Ghost

The arcade is awful, overpriced especially considering the lack of variety for the ticket games. Customer service is nearly non-existent when games fail to work in the arcade. I'd rather go to Dave and Buster's. The ropes course is a joke and even kids found it a bore. The attendant at the ropes course looked like she hated life. Which is not welcoming in the slightest. Laser tag is no different than anywhere else except the high price and the bumper carts was very short. Overall it's the lack of competition that gives these places an easy out when it comes to quality of experience. I'll add more if I ever go back.

Shanica Allen

Fun for all ages great variety. Is my first time but not my last. Cheese Pizza was average in taste but still not deterring me from going again.

Maritza Cruz

Cool spot to bring the kids or not bring the kids. Everything from bowling, go kart racing, bar, pool tables, laser tag an arcade just to name a few things. Also had an axe throwing place and virtual reality. Lots of choices for entertainment.

Ben Kirk

I always have a good time when I go here. Never had a bad experience. From axe throwing, to the trampoline park, to bowling, to food, all of it has always been a positive experience.

Bob hallorhan

Race track is very good. Bowling lanes were busy on weekends. We had a great time overall. Highly recommend this place


Really fun place for an outing or kids party & bowling , go-kart

tatiana santiago

Entertaining and great place to hang out sometimes with friends and/or kids.


Looks pretty nice ambient for a group of friends

Tommy Greenawalt

Great place for the whole family to enjoy many activities to do

Jaclyn Duguay

We had the best time... I wish I could remember the young man's name that worked the lazer tag Sunday afternoon 7/28.. he went above and beyond to help our 5 yr old little girl in our party...we were looking for her only to find him carrying her vest (super heavy) while she shot the gun and helped her play the game... so ADORABLE so helpful and super Nice.. you definitely need to give him kudos

brian smith

Fun place, lots of activities for adults and kids!

Chris Rosa

Very expensive, but nothing to complain very fun family friendly place with good food! Too expensive though

Michael Dion

Over priced, food is mediocre, and the service leaves something to be desired. If you didnt put in an internet reservation for the one thing you went for a week ago... dont bother.

Cláudia Kellen

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-! This is the place to have fun! A lot of options for all ages, but next time I would definitely eat before or after going, as the food in the bowling looks like frozen pizza that you buy for $3 in the market, or even worse.

Lunar Fluff

The food and service was great and the arcade games were really fun. There ain't that many tho. The rope course was my favorite part of the trip.

Danny M

Lots of options for your entertainment. The bowling alley is well maintained and games are fully automated. The arcade has a decent selection for casual players. This is a great place for a company outing or happy hour.

Destroyer 40610

Amazing family place but very popular on the weekend. Recommend going during the weekdays.

Peanut Monster

Best place ever brought out the wheel just for us!

Liz Diloreto

It's fun for all ages, not only kids.

Karanjodh Singh

The go carting is pathetic. Super slow. Stop it every time there is an minor accident. Electric. They monitor the speed

Natalie Breen

This place is amazing! Make sure you get there early for parking, however. It has everything for everyone. The food is phenomenal. Lots of people

Daniel Fakhri

Very fun good for kids and adults

aaron mick

Expensive! $15 for a cocktail. $50 for a pizza, burger and a kidds quesadilla. Then spent good knows what on games! But, a fun time had by all!


Excellent site to have a day plenty of entertainment and fun for the whole family.


This time we did the mindtrek VR. It was fabulous. The game was fantastic and it was lot of my friends’ first VR group game experience. We had a blast. Strongly recommend. Their staff was very nice too.

Asma Lazzouni

It was okay. There’s a lot to do but it’s expensive and the arcade was lacking in a variety of games. If you’re looking for experiences other than the arcade, you’ll certainly find your fill but if they could add less money grabbing games and actually get some fun arcade games, that would be awesome.

Scott Szretter

Huge place with all kinds of activities! Arcade games, laser tag, pool, go carts, axe throwing, vr, bowling and more! Decent food too. Just be prepared to spend.

Devin Marcella

This place is run very poorly and everything is wicked expensive. It's a ghost town most of the time, amazing it's still in business.

ryan siegel

If I could give this zero stars I would Being a costumer here, I HAVE THE RIGHT to write a review. Coming here we called because we have a group of kids and decided to bring them because it looked cool. All week kids were hyped to come. When we got here we were shocked to find that it was kind of a lie! They said we had all these things in a package on the phone, but when we got there they justified everything and we had almost nothing to do. Asking to raise prices and take away what we were told a discount. After all the confusion the company was awful the managements try to do everything in there power to help us but they couldn’t do it. Behind the phones in the headquarters they are probs Laughlin as all these children are sad and disappointed. I do not recommend bringing kids here. “ for the children”. If I where to ever come back, it would be to use the Planet Fitness, but I would never bring anyone hear. Thanks

Aaron Christian

I took my wife and children here to celebrate Mother's Day. We went bowling and enjoyed the 50% Mother's Day Discount. We ordered food while bowling, and I must say that our waiter gave us the best service I have ever experienced... Period. His name was Alex and he was kind, courteous, and made sure we knew that our business was valued. We have 4 young children and he was extremely patient with us. I truly appreciate the service that he provided. Apex should hold on this guy because he is a real asset.

Jeef Squaa

This place is awesome. If it wasnt so expensive it would be a 5. The escape room is awesome and the bowling was awesome. I had a great night but it was expensive af. Almost a 5

Sam Wong

Exciting place to be. Although I feel the food is standard but the entertainment they provide far override the food quality.

Melissa-Sue John

So much fun!! So much to do. Bigger and better than other entertainment places I have been. Some activities were very costly.

Walter Meireles

It took us 1 hour to get our food, we had to chase the server because nobody would come to our table to take the order, don’t know if I would give another chance.

GianCarlo Zolfonoon

Half-axe was great with real friendly and helpful staff. Arcade wasn't much but good for younger kids. Didn't get to try the gokarts but it looked pretty fun with a big track

Timothy Ellis

Garbage service. We ordered A buffalo chicken pizza with loaded fries. They had the audacity to get our order wrong and refused to do anything about it.

Peter Babin

This is the most fun place there is! Hours of entertainment. You could spend a whole day there! Food is amazing too!

Rahul Reddy

I like the multi-level entertainment options for all age groups. Decent food. I may go back there again.

Omaira Perez

Great experience my family and I loved it. 2 guys had a little attitude but I didn't let it ruin my time there. The food is also really good, everything is worth every penny.

Jackson Cudmore

This place it awesome for a fun night with friends! I love the go-carts and bowling! I just wish the go-carts weren’t as expensive! Everything else though has a great price! I would totally recommend this place to anyone

angela b

I'm a regular at the apex, that's why I give five star rating

Kevin Kurkiewicz

fun place little pricey but worth it

Kishore Dasararaju

Great family fun place. All entertainment under one roof!

kat Shredder

This is a really great place to go with friends or family. They have go cart racing (must be 58”) , laser tag (42”), An arcade and much more! They also have a nice restaurant and I got the APEX burger which was very good and would recommend

Sarah S. Ocasio

Huge location with tons to do. I did the VR experience and the Axe throwing. Josh at the Axe throwing was our coach and he was awesome! Everyone at the VR experience was nice and super funny. I was with a group of 7 and the staff handled our group very well and they were very nice. There is tons to do like the arcade, racing, bowling, sport simulators and a trampoline park. I live an hour away and think it was totally worth the drive.

Yuval Olsha

There were a lot of activities in this place so most people will find at least one thing they enjoy. However, the air conditioning was on full blast and you needed a sweater to walk around making it really uncomfortable for people who didn't have one because it's warm out... Also the food is terrible, but that's to be expected.

Jon Rego

Fun place to take the kids, not the best prices but it had enough to keep em busy

Jennifer Bailey

They closed half of the place at like 630 I believe it was so out of all the things my boyfriend and I planned on doing there we were only able to do one of them which was "Mindtrek". Now this was pretty cool! You wear a VR headset so you're right in the game and kill zombies! My only complaint about that was the guy explaining what we were supposed to do when we started was talking so fast I couldn't keep up and I had no idea what any of the buttons meant so I was just shooting mindlessly.

Ed Thefixer

These guys hit this one out of the park! One consolidated location with amenities for all ages, good spot, accessible from many areas and easy to get to! This location was very well planned and a lot of detail went into the design of the place, I’ve been in Marlboro for for 2 and a half months now and frankly I don’t need to roam anywhere else, I addition there are plenty of hotels in the area to accommodate out off town guests like myself, highly recommended you won’t regret it!

Barry Scott

App based games, good prizes!

Herman C.

There’s just not many places in metro west that offer the type of entertainment that Apex does, and they know it! $$$$. The carts are fun and there are a lot of options but you will pay $$$$ if you’re a family. The staff are %90 "young adults” and I use that term lightly. They can be annoying if you need help. I’d go back but only once or twice every 6 months

Kimberly Waldron

First visit was terrible food and hours shortly after they opened, but tonight's visit was a huge improvement. The food was actually pretty good (typical bar food) and the staff was very friendly. Only getting 4 stars because I cant just forget about the first visit. There is plenty to do for entertainment, it's just very expensive

Stephen Mathew

Had a blast bowling here and will definitely return to try the other fun offerings here.

Kevin Brandenburg

Not Worth The Drive. . . . Looks Alot Bigger Online.... Not Many Games, Go Carts Are Expensive, $25 For 1 Race.

David Gomes

Cool track but don't charge me $25 and then keep slowing the carts down when we're trying to pass each other. Won't be going back.

James Pearson

Great places for kids. I go there for planet fitness. Parking can be iffy when school is out!

Adam Clinch

So many options - Arcade is modest, Races are very fun, there's also a Ropes Course, Bowling, and many other things. Worth multiple trips!

David Comins

Surprisingly quiet for a Friday evening. Kart staff was too notch. Bar staff a little slow but not bad. Definitely will be coming back for more fun.


The family spent two very fun hours here.

Bo Liu

Great place. My kids had a lot of fun there

Nathan Yates

Apex Entertainment. Where to start. They have great potential. The laser tag is fun but the guns barely work. The arcade is ridge. I would recommend don’t go to the bowling, laser tag, or Arcade. Go to the escape room or the VR. Their is a lot to be had at Apex. It’s just that the attractions that Apex makes aren’t good. If you have kids go to the trampoline park or for a party go to the VR.

Chris Naumchik

Amazing, that's all that needs to be said!! Enjoy everything that is offered

Jeff Tinker

Cool concept. A couple of the tenant businesses aren’t as good as the Apex run parts

Hot Yoga Auburn

I paid over $200 today so my family and some friends could do the break out room. The staff member was really nice and very friendly however he messed things up. We got through the room and was able to open the door without solving all the puzzles. He then spent about 10 minutes explaining all the things that we missed even though we successfully got out of the room. It made me feel really lousy. He had to use bolt cutters to open one of the locks to show us that there would’ve been tubes inside that box oh and by the way there weren’t any. Because the challenges weren’t set up properly we were not able to get the full experience from it. I was really surprised that at the end of it he asked us to give them a Google review. The employee was really nice but it wasn’t set up properly and $200 was not worth it .

aris arias


Sasha Rugar

Tons of activities but minimal activities for tots. Still our family had a great time there. It is a little pricey compared to other centers however they have such a vast array that it is almost just worth the price tag.

Chris Kim

This place was massive. Has Go Karts, bumper cars, rope course, bowling, and arcade. The restaurant food was average. On part with a typical casual dining restaurants. The service was slow. It seemed like they were short on servers and kitchen was short staffed. The wait for bowling took 2 hours. They do have an online reservation if you do it 24 hours in advance. Might be the better option for bowling. Flat rate for bowling per lane. Shoes rental are separate. $4.50 per person.

Courtney Lamothe

The staff here is great and we always have a blast!

Tatiana Muhammad

A new, fun facility that offers entertainment for everyone. The drag-racing was very fun, but short lived because someone kept bumping and crashing into others...

Dana Johnson

We had a birthday party here. They keep it moving to the next activity which is great. The only complaint I have is that the bumper cars only had three running on the day of the party and although the package included unlimited bumper cars all of the kids didn't get to ride. Also the food that I ordered for adults and extra for children did not come out when it was supposed to. It was a great time with a few bumps in the road.

Roger Bailey

This is a great place for any age. They have a trampoline area with lots of places to jump and swing. There are arcades, pool tables, laser tag, bowling, bumper cars, rope climbing, and the go karts. They were a blast to drive! The food at the tavern inside was good also. I had the salmon BLT and it was very tasty. The parking is a bit tough, since so many people want to go and some construction is still going on next door. But make an effort to get here and spend a day. It is worth it!

spazzv s

This place is awesome lots of fun

Rendall Tibbetts

Had good service from all staff. Bachelor party went very well. Did a social package. I recommend the pulled pork sliders.

Jake Marino

Good place to go for a night out a little pricey but good enviroment

Ron Matthews

Amazing place with a side range of cool businesses!

Mary Katherine De Courcey, M.Ed.

Lovely facility where my son attended a 6 year old birthday party for twins. Teenage Staffing lovely, energetic and engaging with the all the guests. I will return whether it be for children's activities for for adults without children.

Green Green

Very nice place food kinda expensive but nice place

Victor Vazquez

Tons of stuff to do. Awesome place

Dery Teixeira

Had a work event here recently and it was great! Plenty of different events for people to participate in. I personally recommended a couple rounds of the Go Karts to get a good feel for it.

Jon Seward

I could spend days here with everything this place has inside. Not a single bad experience here and so much fun stuff to do!!!

Amie Humphrey Facendola

I think Altitude is my new favorite trampoline park. The staff is really friendly and good with the kids. It's clean and fun. I've heard it can get very crowded on weekends but mid-day, mid-week is a great time to visit!

Trisha Hunt

Made me feel like a kid again! Loved it.


Awesome place for all ages. Prompt service by a knowledgeable and friendly staff! Very well organized and clean.

Pedro DeSouza

I'm at the zipline and i'm scared of heights and can't get down. Please call security :(

Cathy Grose

Great place for family or group friend fun! Jon at the Pitt Stop Bar takes the lead as what a customer is looking for in a bartender!!! He is attentive, fun, and there when you need him! Find more like him is our recommendation, revenue will go up for sure!!♡

Crrizza M

Great entertainment center, plenty of things to do (bowling, laser tag, go cart racing) great food and drinks... awesome place to hangout

Malcolm Joseph

Bumper cars, arcade, laser tag, a rope course, bowling, and an indoor go kart course. Add Pizza and beverages and you got yourself the next best thing in entertainment. Upstairs there's a gym and trampoline park... You should be planning your trip right now. I know I am.

Jayy Coutu

Decent experience but spent $50 on go-carts for them to be the visibly the slowest. Could barley go up the hills and could keep up no matter how hard I pressed the petal. My girlfriends was the exact same way. Waist of money, will never return.

Corinne Gosselin

My kids always have a blast here, there's tons to do. The trampoline place is the best value for what you get. The arcade is ridiculously expensive and not worth it. Overall, it's a lot of fun but be prepared to drop way too much money.

Carl Garland

This place has Everything! I was Amazed! Coworkers went for bowling and lunch. The nacho bar was cool. The pizzas alright, the pulled pork sliders delicious! I will definitely go back with my family for more fun!

Davi Ribeiro

Staff especially waiter/waitress should be more productive/pro customer

Patrick S

Great destination to go and let loose, have fun and share some laughs. They have everything from games, fitness, go karts, and bars. The downside is the prices, all around it’s higher than you’d expect.

Sam Grudzien

Awesome place for bowling/entertainment. Would be A LOT better if the service wasn’t terrible. Takes forever to get a drink and it seems like the servers/bartenders are never in a rush. Was bowling and it took a solid 15 minutes to get a drink... and we were in the VIP section! Would love to see the service improve.

Kathryn Sheehan

Customer service was definitely lacking. The woman at Half Axe was incredibly rude to us. Every one throughout the complex seemed to not care very much. At the bar we waited about 30 minutes for my friends fries, and those fries were still on the bill when our server dropped the bill. Fortunately she took the fries off as soon as I said something. Our bowling lane broke down, and no one was communicative about fixing it or when it was fixed so we had to call someone over to help us four times. Though we were able to have fun, I'm in no rush to go back

shayshay cooper

Race track was the icing on the cake. The crew was super cool and very polite. The arcade was very clean. I wanted to do bowling however,the lanes were full. I wish you guys had adult hours. But other then that amazing times. I will definitely be back

Booker DeWitt

Went to Breakout with some friends and Julianna did a great job! She was incredibly helpful and kind and made sure we had the best time we possibly could. Absolutely want to come back and try another room!

Chris Petrie

Went here on a company outing, lots to do, cart racing was really good, bars were good, cold beer, the corporate room part needs work, service was slow, confused, food not so good. Our server, lefty, was great, but his team was not so great. Overall had a good time, place was packed so I'm sure with work they can get it right.

Matthew Kraus

Staff was great, especially Tim, the maintenance guy. Went out of his way to make us happy!

Daniel Cuccia

Always a fun place to visit; escape room, axe throwing, bowling, etc.. go-karts are slow child versions so adults: skip them

Meg Mullin

The Apex Center is awesome! Whoever decided on building this is brilliant. There's something for everyone. They have age appropriate rooms for all kids to play,restaurants, and private rooms to hold birthday parties . It's a great place to take the family.

Casey Nirvana

Really fun place!! I rolled my ankle 5 min into being there and ALL the staff checked on me and offered me help throughout my whole time there. Lots of fun for all ages!!

cira fernandez

Lots to do, but Saturday's too crowded for my liking

Crystal Blair

I'm not gonna lie....we tried going here on a Saturday evening and it was so packed that we didn't stay. I walked through the arcade, but there was a line at every game and everything else so expensive. Bowling was $40 an just seems like it's better to go to a local bowling alley. No thank you!


All in one indoor entertainment spot, specially great during the new England winter's. They have go karting, axe throwing, bowling (candlepin and traditional), arcade games, laser tag, virtual (golf, cricket, basketball), escape room, VR adventures, a full gym and in-house restaurant. You can spend all day here. Lots of nearby restaurants also helps. Place is new and clean. They also have specials on weekdays that are pretty good.

Carla Williams

Very fun place, lots to do for everyone. Too easy to spend your money, set limits.

Jesse Verdolino

Altitude trampoline park was awesome, kids loved it. So much room to run around and different types of activities with in Altitude. The Apex complex has a ton of different things too. Go karts, arcade, bowling and a movie theater. Highly recommend as a destination to bring the kids.

Jill Bump in the Night Paranormal Investigations

Incredibly fun place to go no matter how old you are. Lots of different activities like go karts, ropes course, arcade, axe throwing, trampoline park, escape room, bowling, Lazer tag, and more. There's a bar. Also food items.

minecraft gaming ymore

This was my first time going here and I loved it. what I liked the ²most was the bowling what I didnt like was the prices for bowling was 30 dollars per hour it could be like ten per person the racing carts were 25 per person they should make at least 15 dollars per person but it was fun tho.


This place is simply amazing. I had an issue while driving the go carts and I went back to the desk where you registered and the guy immediately handled the issue with the employees and even gave me and my son one free race each. The biggest impression apex made on me and my wife was that it was completely geared to customer satisfaction. The vr games were mind blowing! I will never go to Dave and busters again.

Julie Polack

Went for dinner and go carts. Walk in at 745 and the restaurant/bar is closed... full on chairs upside down on the bar. Fine, whatever. Let's race. WE CANT THOUGH BECAUSE THEY ARE ALSO CLOSED!! We were there the day before the 4tg of July. That is a gold night because nearly everyone has the 4th off. It's a 2nd Friday for goodness sake. The place was riddled with kids, bo food, no drinks, no racing. Doubt I will ever return. Such a disappointment.

Rebekah Marie

It was a fun place to go for a party. Unfortunately it took 5 tries to get a water from the waitress. The rest of my party had already multiple drinks ordered, drank and going for more. I tried to switch to a "real drink" her words not mine, then she finally brought me the original water! I went to bar to try and get a drink, the received drink was just really watered down cranberry. I went back up to the bar and when your bartenders were done with their own conversations, managed to give them my drink where they realized they didnt have any lemonade and were just serving water. They switched over the syrup and repoured my drink which was great. But you'd think that in the almost 2hours we had been there someone would have noticed? So honestly as long as you're ordering alcohol then this place is great and you get immediately service, anything else, well expect a long wait.

Pedro Henrique

Apex guys are amazing!!! They fix my car! They Help me with the insurance process! Thanks Apex

Nilsa Vazquez

This place is awesome the best you can bring your kids family fun time it has so much i love it

Katherine Rutter

Place is awesome. Very clean so many options of activities for all ages.

Marissa Maros

This place is cool but way overpriced! There should be some sort of incentive program like 3 laser tag games for the price of 2 or having a package like other laser tag places where you buy 3 sessions for a lower price. Also, some people could be discouraged if they stand in a long line to sign up for go-carts just to realize you can’t participate due to a height requirement. The kids were definitely upset to realize they couldn’t ride because they were too short, and one was only half an inch too short. One thing I don’t understand is the bar? Why would there be a bar out in the open where kids are running around? I’ve read other people’s reviews with the same concern. Seems like being able to have alcohol at a table during a busy time would be questionable seeing as though it wouldn’t be hard to give alcohol to someone underage. It may be smarter to limit alcohol to a certain area and maybe even have the bar secluded in maybe glass walls? Or something to that effect. Overall great concept, fun but overpriced and could use some improvements.

Maya Kim

Omg I was there at a birthday party yesterday and Jose is the best!! He is very helpful and nice!! Our cards were glitching so he helped us. Tbh I think he deserves a raise or promotion.

Ralph Stan

Really fun place, the axe throwing was a blast, did it with a bunch of people from work. You don't have to be strong to do it, the key is your position and using the same motion. The right distance from the target will result in the blade hitting the target instead of the wrong part of the axe. The axe is not all that heavy, highly recommended, we all had fun. The person responsible for our team was helpful and nice, would do it again.


They should have built a good cart track for the little kids and get rid of the bumper cars and laser tags. They need better games like games at Dave and busters.

Bryan Man

It's got a lot of good stuff. I'd say it doesn't have enough food, but that's in the plaza all around.

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