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10111 Gwenadele Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70816, United States

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REVIEWS OF Celebration Station IN Louisiana

Angie Winbush

It Was A Great Experience.. So Much To Do.. All Day Passes Were Inexpensive... Will Definitely Be Going Again.. The Wait Wasn't Long.... & The Workers Were Very Well Mannered..

NR Goode

It was our first time here and it was such a disappointing experience. The weather radar was clear so we bought the day pass arm band. It started raining within 30 minutes so we went inside to play games while it passed. When it became clear that it wasn't going to pass, I went to the desk to ask a question (after I had read the weather policy). The employee was very rude and didn't even give me a chance to speak. She just pushed a printed copy of the policy in front of me. I asked another employee to try to get clarification and I do not believe she was honest in her answer. Zero effort was made on either of their parts; it was more of an inconvenience to their standing around socializing. We finished using the tokens on my kids' cards and left. I am not sure we will return. The staff was rude and didn't seem to care.


Some of the machine's don't work, and 99.9% of the staff/managers are rude and unhelpful. The indoor games are over-priced, the pizza was decent, but took forever to be served. The other reviews are spot on dealing with the workers and the establishment. The only fun thing was the go-karts. (And they're on their last leg as well)

Robin Bruner

My husband brought me here to ride go karts. Right after we paid for them it started to rain and they got shut down. The manager was friendly and gave us our money back, also gave us two passes for next time we are in town. Nijah was extra sweet. She felt really bad about getting rained out and apologized. She made us feel welcomed. She was very kind, respectful, and acted like she cared about her job. Best customer service by far.

Angie Winbush

It Was A Great Experience.. So Much To Do.. All Day Passes Were Inexpensive... Will Definitely Be Going Again.. The Wait Wasn't Long.... & The Workers Were Very Well Mannered..

The New GAY

Fun fun fun but we're going to get tokens get the unlimited package


Had a great time at the games and on the go-carts

Steve Ensign

Games and rides are fun. Not enough staff. Staff was rude

Alanie Schoblocher

Used to come here often growing up. Brought my kids here and it'll be my last visit. Kids/teens are running the place and their customer service sucks. They miscommunicated and when I called the manager to assist she was equally NOT HELPFUL and poor in customer service skills.

K.i. Dabrat

they did not inform that if you are pregnant you cant get on any rides so my friend paid 120$ for rides and after paying she was informed she couldnt ride then workers would not give a refund they took too long with it food put too much salt on pretzel and we're very rude to us DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR FAMILY FUN OR BIRTHDAY PARTIES

Google User

It's a good, family friendly space that could use a little better management. There are ample (too many) teen employees who mostly talk to each other. It is overpriced by about 40% so most families will find it out of their price range. Your best deal is a package, but those are overpriced by the same amount (to pay for all the teen workers, no doubt). The go carts are fun but the teen workers ignore bad behavior by other teens and allow whiplash incidents to occur frequently. If you have smaller children it can get dangerous if there are groups of teens there too. All the machines run by cards that are reloadable so your kids don't notice how many credits each costs until their card doesn't work anymore. All machines take many credits to play, especially the ones that younger children are attracted to. If your card ends up with 1 credit, it can't be used as the machines don't allow multiple card entries. We wound up having three cards with 1 credit each. I suppose we could've asked for a manager to fix it but the teen employee just smiled and agreed with me that it's just a scam they use. The food is average but if you get a package be warned. They put your pizza order in immediately and you must get it when your pager goes off. We had to ask for managerial assistance because we went to primarily ride go carts and weren't yet hungry. After 3 different teens told us the food order couldn't be held the manager said we could and had to hand-write on the receipt "on hold" so we could eat later. They made me feel weird about such a simple request. Shouldn't a paying guest decide when they want to eat? We still a blast and I can recommend it to anyone who's ready to drop $108 for 3 people (up to 4 but no discount for less). They have batting cages, too but they were "not working" today, though we still had that included in our package (no discount for broken or unavailable things either).

William Horton

Used batting cage only. Clean. Cheap. Quiet in the back area. Instructions displayed on cages.

Michael Brown

My kids absolutely love this place! Laser tag and go kart racing is their favorite things to do. Our entire family had a grand old time.

Sydnei Dogan

Because I got to drive a goatkart

Lily Campbell

Very fun and there us something for everyone to enjoy!!

Michael Purpera

Fun place but did not deliver as advertised.

Stephen Hendricks

Kids had good time. Need to increase staffing, wait for tickets and food was excessive. Employees must be told to act like they do not enjoy being there.

John Doe

Food is tasteless, games don’t give you tickets. The long plastic cup for frozen drink doesn’t give you refills! Paid $7.00 for a long cup that can only fit a medium drink and no refill. The boring jumping cage is $8.00 and is not included with the all day pass. This place is a joke! Will not be back.

Rickey Brown

They was able to ride

Rachel Askins

Love it. Great family outing.pricing isn't too bad. Use coupons

Sammie Edwards

Fun times with family as usual!

Alaric Bean

Enjoyed Putt Putt Golf with my girls

Shawn Currie

All and all a great experience. Not a lot of games inside for smaller kids and game prices are above average. A couple games took the kids game credit and did not work. Outside activities we're awesome and the staff was amazing.

Marquis Cleveland

ALWAYS A GREQT TIME HERE! Pizza is fair and soft drinks are on point.

Scottie the Fox

Dirty and un organized. You can tell the management has stopped caring about this place years ago.

Kaitlen McGary

They don't have nice attitudes and it is so dirty I will advise u to go to chunky cheese for that I will never go again

Stephen Harris

Came here to do 4th of July with the family. Outside activities consist of Go carts motor boats golfing bungie trampoline paintballing and a train ride Food and arcade activities are provided indoors in the cool breeze of an air conditioned room.

Maria Kirkwood

Many games to play and ride. Friendly staff. Good food. Awesome place for adults and kids!

Zack Riffe

Should give you something free or a prize if you make the last three holes after 18 also need to give free refills I mean this is 2019 I love y'all but I take my family here and I been going here since I was 5 my son is now 9

David Marta

Was a fun place to go but felt like it could have gone better due to first time being here we did not know where to go to get tickets for go carts had to ask 3 different employees then when we got To the front desk felt rushed as we would ask what was the better deal for a family to do.

Jackson Hughes

The arcade portion has little variety in generes of games as well as in number. The outside portion is about what you expect but with all the most interesting things, go karts, the boat things, having long lines. Mini golf is fun but even the hardest course is mind-numbingly easy and boring. The food is basic arcade food, lots of grease with little flavor but it's better than nothing. 3/5 arcade has little variety and everything else has long lines or is boring but there's still some fun to be had.

Justbob C

So much fun she got sick.

Timothy Koss

Wrist band is a good deal, neat place!

Sherry Poorman

I was excited to be here and ready to race. Then it rained. Maybe next time

Lucho Jacome

They have lots to do with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. They have 3 different mini golf courses which are lots of fun

sheri aston

Lots of fun, lots to do for a family. Prices are reasonable.

Stephaine Allen

Just the best

Sarah Bruce

I had my 17th birthday party here and omg if you want great service ask for Savannah she was amazing and so sweet.

Wayne Grauel

Some cool games but most are just money to ticket converters. It was worth an hour or two but the food is to high to eat there. imo

Kenta Nunnery

celebration station is so amazing just call me speed racer my go kart number is 17

Nathaniel Dickens

Had a great time on the miniature golf course. Didn't do anything else

Ollisha Shanklin

The kids had fun... however the customer service was not great I know there are a few bad apples everywhere you go.. I was expecting more smiling faces I guess

Gamingpro 279

To my one visit to celebration station,i loved the go carts the most. The safety and how responsible the employees were was really comforting.


Really nice place to take the kids out for some fun but food was a NO No, over priced and to top it off wasn't even good at all

Superfly Leo

I had a pretty good experience. This was my first time and I didn't even know there was a Celebration Station in Baton Rouge. I didn't eat there but my son and I did the race track and it was not a busy day so we got to ride for like 5 minutes but it felt like 30 minutes. We were on it for a while. We bought the $35 game card and it lasted a while. We felt fulfilled and worth it and we had a lot of fun. Plus my son won the 5,000 ticket bag from the grapple machine. So that definitely topped our day. This place is soooooo much better than Dave and Busters. That place is a complete rip off. CS is a fun place to bring your kids but once on a while because while it's moderately priced, it's not cheap either. YMMV

James M. Sims, Jr.

We waited 30 mins for an attendee at the train ride.

Ronnie de Leon

Good place to bring the kids and have fun.

Michael Potter

Awesome good deals for the weekend

Masako M.

Such a fun place! Bumper cars and so many games.

Carlo Green

Had a great time. Kids loved it. Pizza, arcade, go-cart, laser tag, paintball, and batting cages. The family had an awesome time.

mattdre tv

My boys had a blast

Kehinde Obasuyi

Good place for summer.

M. Reveiz

I paid $99 for the family package, it included food, unlimited rides etc. They just “forgot” to tell me that most rides are not working. I asked for a refund back but they couldn’t give me one, instead they gave me $40 in cards to play in the arcade. It was a complete waste of money. Corporate needs to know that this place needs maintenance and the staff needs to be trained on how to properly handle the customers and the rides.

LaTonna Roberson

Pretty good for kids but they don't have an atm

bradley anderson

Very long lines unorderly supervision an very dangerous knight!one of the other customers ther got upset because they had to wait over 2 hours an still didn't get his order that he had paid for so he started yelling about it towards the employees ther an even said that he might jump across the counter if they didn't ither give him his food or his money back the employees told him that they don't give refund an that they were calling the police I think that in a way the guy was rong how he handled the situation by they definitely could have handled him in a different way rather than fighting with him in front of other customers they should have talked to him in private an came to a proper agreement with the unhappy customer then it would have made him happy an also not place all the other customers in a line of dangerous activities!!! not a very safe place to take ur kids if u ask me an it's sad because iv have been goin there since I was a kid myself!!!

Autumn Waters

The bumper boats are really slow and the gocart track is short. Had fun though and spent quite a bit of money.

twin possible

Party was amazing

Brian Nowak

Me and the boys spent the best nine bucks of our lives for this putt putt. We had a lotta laughs and I hit par for the moderate level course!

richelle gross

Took my Grandsons on a Saturday it was a lot of fun, customer service was great, food was good too, plan to go back this summer!!

Robert Stutz

Was happy for the outdoor miniature golf area. Younger daughter really enjoys mini golf courses. Couldn't have enough fun there. The indoor games are pretty decent,other than the amount of tickets you get for the play. But I guess it's good for younger kids.

Elissa Hill

Fun with my two great nephews

Jazmine Henderson

The worst celebration station ever,the have very bad mess ups,the customer service is horrible,they tried to tell us off as if we did something not go there if u dont want a bad experience.the games are extremely terrible,they cheat u really bad,and you have to be a certain height to ride the rides there,i really dont see how people like this place,and honestly they cheat you with the card,we were supposed to have 100 chips and only got half of it,its so crazy and i wont be back,the are rude there,the only thats good there is the food.

Ciera Martello

Batting cages $3 for 25 pitches was cool

Dajuan Young

Food took forever to come out! But I was really proud when it finally did, I still love him regardless♥️ (but on the serious note, the food did take a while to come out)

vianey Rodriguez

Worst place ever. Rude atmosphere.,

Derick Bales

Your cards expire so u better use them the same day They don’t tell you that lost over 100 dollars

Tyrell Hills

Just as fun as I remembered it being

Grant Miller

My girlfriend and I went here to play some mini golf. We played all 3 courses and ordered some food inside (wings and fries). Food was decent at best, took a long time (~45 minutes), and was a little overpriced in my opionion. We didnt play any of the arcade games or any other the other activities they had outside. Staff was very friendly though. Overall we had a fun time and would go back in the future.

Nikki t

A good and very friendly place for adults and kids went here for mothers day

Brandon De Leon

Come here for paintballing and it's never just the paintballing that is fun but the worker/referee on duty during that time , that doesnt hesitate to be engaged in our game and make it just a bit more fun.

Mike Thompson

It was way too hot inside. They needed to turn down the thermostat. Expensive for arcade compared to competitors. Outside activities reasonably priced with pizza package.

Charles Marcoux

Too expensive especially the gocarts

Mike Pavay

8 of us went and had a ball. Employees were friendly and helpful. Go-carts were quick. We're going back.

jesenia gonzales

Very fun place to hangout with the family,and wonderful stuff.

Keyata Sackjor

We had a great time. Family friendly

Gail Bean

DO NOT GO!!!! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!! The baseball machines are broken and will take all your funds off with one swipe. The bumper cars are not fully inflated (some are all the way flat). They have like 1 worker on about 3 rides so the wait is ridiculous. The weather policy is absurd. We bought an ALL DAY pass for the outdoor activities for $25 each person. After riding bumper cars 1ce, go kart 1ce & then getting to about 8 holes on put put, it started pouring down. We waited 45mins to attempt to resume our date. Still pouring. Asked for a rein check but manager told us we had more than enough time to enjoy all festivities so she wasn't issuing one. Now mind you we had to wait over an hour for our food bc when we arrived they were changing the grease. They don't give refills so we had to purchase another drink to finally drink with our food. This place is all around miserable. The customer service is terrible. The weather in baton rouge is inconsistent so you'd think they'd be reasonable but this is a money hungry establishment with terrible service and broken attractions.

Altared TV

Great place to go as long as you buy a day pass or promo pack of some kind!

lizette jara

Terrible customer service from cashier Chelsey had a bad attitude when were trying to purchase a game card. She couldn't answer a single question without showing that she was annoyed. She's not happy to there why hire someone like that. We won't be going back. You're better off at Incredible pizza better prices for the same thing. And EVERYONE IS SUPER NICE.It's even better because it's all inside.

Lorena Arias

The go carts were fun. Staff very friendly

Simone Monroe

Great Family fun! I took my 9 year old and she absolutely loved it. I even had a great time while playing Laser Tag and riding the Go Carts with her.

Caycie Barrett

Great Celebration for my daughters 7th Birthday

jason garber

Great place to take the kids. They had a blast.

melvin sanders

I took my grandson and loaded up a 25 dollar card. The games are vwry expensive and he blew thru that card in 10 minutes. The staff is lazy and not helpful. Want be going back anytime soon

Cyndi Miller

Except for the pricing of the refreshments, this place is a 5. Loved the mini golf course and the arcade.

Ms Mekah

Great place for the grandkids!!❤

Nancy Bippert

Not to crowded, reasonable prices, easy to get to.

Morgan Watt

Great place for family fun

Kelly Jackson

We all enjoyed ourselves. Can't wait to go back.

Ester Davis

1of the best places 2 bring ur family

Bigdy Pollo

Nice minigolf! Food take forever tho!

Shannon Brown

Absolutely no help no one there to even check you out lazy people employees sittting around just stairing at you we left, terrible we were very angry .

Curtis Rex

We brought the family and everyone had a terrific time. Great memories


Kids had a blast. We shall return

Elizabeth Duran

We have lots of fun every time we go and it's hard to get the kids to come home

STARR Eva Willis

Made the kids happy

Victoria Guzman

This place is NOT worth the money or time. The food is mediocre and the staff was horrible. My family and I went to Celebration Station Friday April 27, 2019 around 9pm. Their were two little boys working the bumper boats and kept playing around and ignoring people rather than doing their job. They were too busy flirting and joking with a girl and it took almost 20 minutes for them to get the area started. They were rude to my young niece by asking, “Is she going to act like that on the ride.” He could’ve left his remarks to himself. The workers in the front also didn’t seem to understand what they were doing. There was one lady that was doing mainly everything and the other worker was just standing around while there was a huge line of people. It would’ve have been a more amazing experience if the staff was better and if the prices were worth it. The batting cages were broken and hurt my friend’s arm pretty bad. They neglected to put up any sign of it being damaged. We had to find out after my friend got injured and other customers told us that it did the same to them. Other people within the station also seemed to have problems with this place as well. When we told a staff member, she didn’t do anything. Her response was “oh wow.” She didn’t inform her manager or put an out of order sign up. Be careful if you go here. The games inside were also broken and took most of our money without returning it. Don’t waste your time at a place that doesn’t care about their customers.

Jeffrey Scott

Went to play miniature golf. Only place we have found locally that had an old time feel to it like when we were growing up. Course had three different levels which was nice. The rest looks like it would be fun to take the family out to on a weekend.

Lesa Jordan

My granddaughters birthday was horrible! We paid over $600.00 for her party & only got to ride once. They refused to refund our money!

Evelyn Jackson

Took my Grandkids and they really enjoyed it.

britney serrano

We always have a BLAST at Celebration Station

Sandy Pavay

Took our daughter there for her bday. Had a great time!

Mary Doughty

Enjoyed it very much

LaQuishs Jones

Literally the worst service I've ever had... The employees sucked and the management sucked...


We love the place ! Obviously we want to go back!

jay crawford

Great place to take the kiddos.

Lucas Evans

Nice place fun, pizza isnt too great. But i definitely recommend the water carts. So much fun


Nice place, the kids enjoyed it. The attitude of the young lady where we paid for the attractions was like she could care less to help us and as if she wished we’d all just leave.We were among the first to come in that day and she seemed to already be having a bad day but we all have them so I hope her day got better.

John Ball

The staff went above and beyond as far as the customer service goes for my son's 8th birthday! Living near the Atlanta, Ga area the past 5 years I forgot what good service and just people in general were like. Everyone had a great time and we all will have great memories from today.

James Keeney

Took my son for his 6th birthday and we had a blast! Stayed 4 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you!

Karla Ward/Humphrey

Best Amusement Place In this immediate area!!! Especially on Thursday’s when the Special of the day is going on, which includes UNLIMITED PIZZA BUFFET, BOTTOMLESS DRINK, Unlimited GOLF, UNLIMITED GO CARTS and UNLIMITED BUMPER BOATS, and UNLIMITED TRAIN RIDES for one Price $16.99 per person!!!! We went about a month ago when Son, Girlfriend and 1 Grandsons came in from Florida. And we ALL Had a great time The only things is I don’t like that they took out Ski Ball as it IS MY FAVORITE GAME in the Arcade area. But overall it’s a great place to go with family and have fun because there’s SOMETHING for EVERYONE!!!

Al Oxley

Was awful I paid a all day pass for three people... One was a 4 year child the other was 6 they were short on help no one was there to accommodate the four year old with ride having to pay that much money for a 4 year old to ride she was only able to ride two ride

Pam Lenormand

Very expensive Had My 3 Grandsons age's 5, 11, 13, put the same amount on each card it went so fast. For the amount You pay You should get more tickets to get prizes Be prepared to spend a lot of money to get tickets to get prizes.

Shelley Tidwell

It was very presentable. I was just doing a walkthrough. Very simple and not too many options to choose from. Seemed very cozy and family oriented. It would be a great choice to bring the kids and just let them have a blast.

India Winfrey

Me and my daughter recently visited Celebration Station in Baton Rouge .. The Spring Break wristbands prices were great .. we had wonderful cashier ... the lady in the golf window Jasmine was really sweet . Her customer service representation was really wonderful .. but their outside workers in children area are very rude and unprofessional and are never in their workplace ...

Miguel Rucobo

Too expensive compared to chuck e cheese where y get more time for playing and better toys quality for the kids

April Harper

Someone posted about sludge in the water a month ago at mini golf, well it's still there and stinks like the bog of eternal stench. Can't be healthy to breath and it looks nasty I posted a picture. If you came to play 18 holes try 17. The 18th hole is a gate a few feet away from start and a hole, might as just put a hole in the ground we could drop the ball in by hand. It took over an hour to get through gocart line.

Jennifer Bhatt

Good and cheap fun! Been coming here since I was a kid!

Kermits Disorder

It was fun and the members were nice. I would definitely go again

Miah Bella

I love taking my girls here! We always have a great time and never had a problem. Highly recommend it!

Karen Marrufo

It was cool. Had some fun. The server was nice

Mary Marker

A family fun place. Go carts, golf, batting cages, lots of games, nice menu and seating area, very clean.

My Name

Food is a bit expensive and pay for rides but get only some.

Stephenie Willis

It was fun but would have been better if prices weren't so high. Took kids during teacher walkout but of course showed up on day that they didn't have an unlimited fun pass. So needless to say our experience didn't last as long as it could have!

Kawanda Griffin

If they could do something with the flies all over the food that would be great. The only place I know that has alot of people especially kids and they can't control their flies. The games are okay but could be better.

Haley Bradford

The employees inside are very rude and will ignore if you’re in need of assistance when games malfunction or run out of tickets. The ticket counter stopped counting our tickets, so we asked an employee to check the machine. Once it was found the machine was broken, we were told there was no way of getting our tickets back. We had to get the manger involved and he was just as rude in regards to the situation. They finally got our ticket history and the total was done on a calculator. The employee assisting in this placed it towards our face and asked, “do you understand this?”. All in all the employees could stand to learn customer service and how to deal with helping in a pleasant manner.

Rick Miller

Cheap family fun with a very nice staff.

Mandy Snow

Kids had fun.. service could have been more friendly

jordan aston

Over all it's a nice place personally I'm not a fan of bight light and loud noises. But it was fun. Food wasn't very good and they kept messing up out order

Laquita Rose

Today me and my daughter came to get out the house for spring break and so far my whole experience was very nice . I also wanted to mention the customer service of the golf cashier “Jasmine” she really was a sweetheart and helped me find out what all my daughter could ride ... also my son had a wonderful time on the go karts. Thank You Celebration Station

Tepid Death

If weather shuts down the outside attractions this place sucks. Very limited selection of indoor games, very expensive. Only one person was friendly and helpful

Davoms Gruci

Very reasonable pricing. All you can eat pizza, with unlimited go cart and other rides. For 15 per person. That's was the deal I took with my family. There also laser tag and golf. Good experience

Cynthia Thompson

Didn't like the inappropriate dress of others (guy wearing shorts pulled down to show too much of his underwear (almost his nads), incident in parking lot with speeding car that almost backed into 2 children, some games not functional, employee tried to keep game card after paying for mini golf (I had to ask for it back). 1st and last time there. Also beware of slime substance on mini golf course.

Natalee Frensley

Awful customer service. However it's pretty clean and well kept. Took about 5 minutes to explain to the outdoor cashier Daniela that I wanted a single 30 minutes worth of time at the batting cage. She rang it up as 2 hours for $60 then insisted there was no way for her to give me what I actually wanted. A line built up and she just kept raising her voice and rolling her eyes. Experiences like this aren't uncommon either from anywhere and anyone at this location.

Randi Blackburn

It's a fun place to take young children and make a family outing of it. It's dinner and entertainment all in one. It's relatively inexpensive, but you can easily spend a lot of money if you don't pay attention.

My music Anderson

Great for the whole family and good prices

Joshua Babb

It's a fun place not a lot for arcade section but definitely up to date games with what they do have, was cold and rainy when I went so outdoors was closed but from the looks of it they have a really big miniature golf course and nice size go cart track as well, but unfortunately that's all I can say about that which I'm sure it's what we all really want to know about. Got a cheeseburger and chicken strips for kids they loved it, they were better than average not anything to write home about but not really there for the food anyway right, suggest maybe eating then going there

Sara Pelchat

First time here and we will be back, ended up spending about $150 in total today between put-put , go karts and arcade games ( we packed lunch but the food looked good!) But honestly the employee named John really made the day for us by being kind and helping us with a malfunctioning machine then showing us around the building which was super helpful! We will be back!

TgOkc 580

Very good place go here every year.. same day and time..

Patrick Gresham

Celebrating my eldest son birthday. We had a ball playing laser tag and racing on the go carts, even though it started to rain and the track became too wet to race.

Charmaine Lenard

My Nephews had fun riding the go carts

Phillipa York


The Branded Bunch

Took our son here for his birthday did the package deal. Worth every penny! The staff at the go carts went above and beyond to ensure the best time was had. They raced carts against us, and all kinds of fun stuff! Will definitely be back

Kimberly Turner

The kids loved it! There's so much to do.

Nicole Huze

First time taking my girl here and it was beyond the greatest experience ever!!! Tonight was a special date for my girl and I to celebrate her fantastic behavior all year at school and boy did they surely make her feel super special! Miss Princess Jasmine, (as my daughter referred to her, lol) went above and beyond for us while we got set for putt putt and even helped us figure out which rides my 6 year old was able to ride. Jamel came off his break to set up the swings and bumper cars/Go Kart for us as well. These two special people made us feel so welcome through and through! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our evening. My daughter hasn’t stopped beaming. Her smile is shining from ear to ear! Thanks so much guys- we can’t wait to come back!!!

Morgan Mayhew

The games are over priced to play

Jess Sage

It was a fun day what away to end my vaction!!!!!!!

Johnathan Irby

The venue is decent but the customer service leaves A LOT to be desired. I got the typical "this job sucks, why am I even here" vibe. They did all appear to be teenagers though so yeah.

Ashley Stimpson

It was a lot if fun. I hadn't been here since I was a little kid! I had no issues with anything.

Sam Gmuer

Fun spot for family including miniature golf and arcade games.

Ebony L. W. Hayes

Great fun. Kids love this place. Reasonable prices. Great Awesome

Tammy A

Great fun!


It has a nice atmosphere a variety of games food is not bad chesse pizza could use more tomato sause plus not everyone's at there place but most of it is good they have they have mini golf bumper boats hungry jumping and Lasser tag paint ball and arcade games so far good

Andrea Christmon

My grandkids love it. It's always clean, but the boat rides are not In operable condition. They had 3 boats sidelined. The one we had barely ran. We had a good time anyway.

Brett Rummel

Went for the first time since I was a kid. It seems to have gotten a bit more pricey and a little run-down. I was only there for a short time, so I didn't really have a chance to experience much except for the arcade. It felt pretty nostalgic though.

Rhonda Gotway

If you need to kill time and waste money this is the place to go

Brenda Dugger

Took my kids here for a family fun day and my children had a blast so much to do for all ages. Will be back for sure

Shenell Harris

The kids really enjoyed the time spent here

Robert Mayberry

It rained when i was up there my sister paid for 4 people to do water tub gocrat didn't get to ride much because of rain but the manager let us have play cards and made up for it he was awesome thank you sir sorry i forgot his name

Dun Julio

I come here often and Brandy always makes sure we are taken care of.

Deloris Mouton

Fun place to have fun at an affordable price!

Charlotte nolan

Our time here was amazing until one of the employs said “I don’t mind helping but yal kids are crazy”. That really rubbed me the wrong way. Our young men were on their best behavior. They’re kids so I don’t know what you expect besides excitement from kids. They enjoyed themselves so that’s all that matters.

Karla Ward/Humphrey

Best Amusement Place In this immediate area!!! Especially on Thursday’s when the Special of the day is going on, which includes UNLIMITED PIZZA BUFFET, BOTTOMLESS DRINK, Unlimited GOLF, UNLIMITED GO CARTS and UNLIMITED BUMPER BOATS, and UNLIMITED TRAIN RIDES for one Price $16.99 per person!!!! We went about a month ago when Son, Girlfriend and 1 Grandsons came in from Florida. And we ALL Had a great time The only things is I don’t like that they took out Ski Ball as it IS MY FAVORITE GAME in the Arcade area. But overall it’s a great place to go with family and have fun because there’s SOMETHING for EVERYONE!!!

Tracy Drake

Had a great experience for my grandson Birthday. Ms. Brandi was great as usual!!!

Evvan Howell

Very good company

Princess Washington

Here celebrate Kalani's birthday

Ronda Silas

Except my grandson was 1/2 inch shorter so he couldn't ride the Rides

cmk love

The kids had a blast we spent 6hrs. there.

Philip Jordan

Clean but expensive. Food and drinks VERY costly. Miniature golf courses in average shape but water feature smells really bad. Games are good but be prepared for kids to fly through the money! Go carts and outdoor games are good.

Jeremy Beech

Kids had a blast but the staff needs much improvement. It's gotten very ghetto as far as staff is concerned. My birthday girl was told she had to make a purchase to break a 20 even though I spent over $200 on the party alone and another$100 on my extra game credits. They spent most of the time gossiping rather than being helpful and our party person was hard to find all night. Waste of $300 if you ask me.

Samantha Smith

We had our 10 year olds party here! It was fun and I love family fun... however, it could be cleaned up and managed a bit better than it is now!

Faith Pippin

I only played mini golf and go karts. It was fun although overpriced. The individuals running the go karts were rude and strict.

mike m

Fun place to take the family. Prices are reasonable.

heath morrison

Would have been 5 stars if a water gun wasn't 5,000 tickets .

Brea Thompson

We and our family had our 2 year old son and his nephews bdays at Celebration Station in Mesquite, and we had an amazing time. Very helpful staff members including our host Savannah. Couldn't be happier with our service and experience!

richard hartman

Kids had a blast.


We had fun. Staff was excellent! The short blonde girl at the snack bar was very helpful and informative. The only downside was the lack of attentive parents and the batting machines were acting up.

Nicole Maxwell

I wanted to honestly rate this place with 2 stars but I just couldn’t bring myself to doing so. I keep thinking about the customer service and all the money we spent and it makes me sick to my stomach. First of all between food, rides, and play cards for games we spent between 4-500 dollars easily. We used the 14.99 coupon that came through the email for unlimited rides and instead of giving me the wrist bands the lady said all the kids had to be present for them to put them on their wrist so I say ok, but she was getting off work so she said she would leave them up at the front for us. We all return back and it was like we were trying to get wrist bands for free we had to argue with these people. Then we paid for food through out the time we stayed and the food would come up and just sit there. So many people complained about their food not being up or the temp of food because no one was running food. We ordered a taco basket it was literally 45 mins - 1 hr before we got food. We had to keep checking on it. My 2 year old didn’t really enjoy himself there are no games for kids that little but the older kids got to do stuff but it was height restrictions which made it tricky but I rather them be safe. Lines we crazy as well and over all things were over priced. I don’t think I’d like to come back to this place. Staff wasn’t friendly just stuck not paying attention. My mom complained several times. I just left them there and went home for a hr seriously I couldn’t take it.

debbie alston

Up graded games. Changed up food; more than just pizza.

Marco Flores

This place needs more supervision. A couple of teens were using the clubs as bats and aiming at people with the golf balls, there was no one supervising. Half of the arcade games do t work properly, as well as their go karts. Needs work!

baraa alhaw

Really liked the atmosphere

Rebecca Villanueva-Walker

We really enjoyed it here

Nance Wills

Fun, fun place!!

David Wilemon

Horrible an rude service will never go back. Go to Main Event instead

Lisa Ingram

High priced when the 19 year old and 2 yr old had to pay same price for wristband. Customer service was not very polite at prize counter and was out of items that were displayed.

Jerroyl Nash

There is a lil something for everyone at Celebration station! Paintball, bumper boats, go-karts, putt putt! It's all there!

Yon Lee

We ordered some food for first time and all the tables was unclean and trash everywhere so I asked to someone who work there to clean for us before we eat ...and she rolled her eyes on each one of us

Eric Yanez

Fun place but cost alot but its worth it

deandrae Morrison

Was a lot of fun and nice and polite people

Juan Arias

Was very good.Friendly.and well good food

Brandon Huxford

First time here and I was pleasantly surprised. Although the building could use some love, the game variety for the kids was great. Whether you are stopping a light that is going in a circle way too fast or taking out your aggression throwing balls at clowns, it's a good time....and the kids will enjoy it too!

Royce Green

A great place to have a full family day of fun. This place is 5 stars for the Young and Old.

Leah Resendiz

Terrible terrible!!!! DO NOT work at place where you are going to treat ppl miserable bc you are unhappy with your choice of occupation! It was 8 and they stopped giving refills bc they close at 9?? That’s a whole extra hr left! With how much this place cost! $134 later for real!! The staff was no where to be found in the booths for laser tag! They respond to you all rude! It’s ridiculous... never will I come here again! Waste of money!

Lainne Trusty Miller

We have so much fun here! We're in OKC for my husband's work and this is fun for everyone! We've gone a couple times for mini golf and love going on Wednesday's for half price arcade games!

Erica Thomas

Went golfing here Sunday night. THEY LOCKED US IN WHEN THEY CLOSED!! We had to jump the fence to get out! Thanks for the heads up people! Had a great time golfing all by ourselves.

Sarah Rasmussen

Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor are better options for this amount of money (all of the extra up-charges that pop-up). If you’re planning on playing mini golf or laser tag, you’ll have to buy them separately. This was our first time. We brought a group of ten, and they were unable to give us a group rate. Our ticket was $387. That amount bought us 2 “large” (more like medium) pizzas and 2 pitchers of drinks (no refills). We were given water as a “special one-time” thing. We then sat at a table that fit all of us & (after about 15 minutes of waiting for our food) were told to leave our table. They told us we would have our food in 15 minutes. It took 30 minutes. After being told to move (twice actually) we sat down to food that was not fresh and like warm. To sum it up, we’re never coming back.

Micifus Johnson

Thoroughly enjoyed the batting cages. Played some of the indoor games. The games are updated. Great place to go on a weekday off day during school. We had the whole place to ourselves. The bathrooms could stand to be updated, and a couple of the games, like guitar hero, had broken or faulty components. For the most part, though, it's kept up okay.

Jeanna Johnston

Great, fun place. Very clean and affordable! Our family had a blast and the staff is prompt and friendly also! Highly recommend!

brandon barnett

The putt putt is by far the best in baton rouge for any age. A little more upkeep on the course would make this an easy 5 star!


Inside games are overpriced. 95% of the staff unwelcoming and rude. So hopefully they are not worried about furthering themselves. Restrooms are not up-to-date and are unnerving as in where’s my pepper spray. The food is decent once you get it – eventually. Celebration station? Not! Previous negative reviews were spot on and we should have found another option.

Mrs Nunez Nunez

FUN FUN DAY OUT WITH MY SON!!! Thanks to an amazing employee who went far beyond our expectations to make the night even more memorable!! Thanks John ... will definitely come back with my son .. the food... well that’s another story... a burger and fry took way to long.. and lacked flavor...and was very very dry:.. another person returned his... so we won’t be eating here no more

Marcus Lewis

Could use some better games. Overall experience was good.

Kimberly Kane

Had my sons Birthday party here and I was so pleased with how it turned out! Definitely recommending them to family and friends! The staff was very friendly and very helpful! An extra special thanks to our server Maskya (spelling?)!!! Dear, you were so wonderful and you made the day extra special!! You made all of us feel so welcome and it was your superb service that put the cherry on top of the entire event! Thank you again! ❤️


My 7 and 8 year old loved it. They had such a blast.

Leema M

Long waits but alot of fun

Katrina Watkins

Staff was not friendly or helpful at all. Seems like they all hate their jobs. Will not be back.

Elmo Washington

Kids loved it and so did I

Christopher Truty

Go karts were a hit. The only down side is that when we walked in it was like a ghost building. No one said anything when we walked in, lack of attendees, and we didn’t even know where to pay for our stuff. Everything inside was basically geared towards the 10-12 year old crowd but was up to date. Would go back for the go karts!

Linda Robinson

Food was not that great but the kids had fun

Stephanie Rudlang

Daughter had a blast. Will be coming back this summer for sure.

Jacob Lewis

Way too expensive for things that are just ok. Go kart track was wet and multiple people spun out and got stuck in the process of the race. Paintball is way too expensive and with the all day play pass you should get more than 18 holes on a course that is double that size and only one go through at that. GIANT waste of money. Golf was good though.

Paul Banuelos

Its a fun place and my child enjoyed it which is all i cared about

Donna Stumpf

I can see why this place is empty. The customer service here is horrible


It’s a good place to hangout, I ride go-kart it was good.

Gabrielle Richardson

We went as a family for my son's birthday just to do something small. We got the $50 dollar card and the 3 of us were able to play for about 2 hours! We got about 5,000 tickets and my son was able to snag some really cool prizes. We didn't bother eating as it was just overpriced cheap carnival food. But other then that, we had a blast and will definitely keep it in mind for more family days ahead.

Juliene Rosa

It's a good place for kids.

Michella Parrilla

Outside stuff needed updated especially the golf course. The golf course really needs weather permitted stuff on it. We could not even play golf completely because the green looked like it was moldy on some of it back by the trees. Me and my family got an all day pass which was supposed to get us to do everything for free besides the arcade area, but after we bought the all day pass, we found out we still had to pay for some of the stuff. Only got to do 3 different things.

Bree Mart

Kids loved it.

troy achane

Normally would have a great time there.How ever today was kind of dissatisfied with the karting track.There were a few karts that had little to no breaks and some that were unbelievably slower than normal.Great place for family fun, just need to better maintain their equipment for the prices they charge

Manuel Rodriguez

Liked the games and the food plus the cool cool go kart track thx for the fun experience

Kelly Paine

There is only one word for this establishment, absolutely ridiculous! Let’s go through my complaints for cooperate! 1st un cleanly 2nd awful employment 3rd horrible food 4th all food is cold after your HOUR wait 5th horrible service 6th rude, disrespectful, ghetto, trashy, managers and employees I could go on for hours. This place will be shut DOWN if cooperate doesn’t do anything about it. This is an established for CHILDERN not a bar room of drunks! Our family in-counter was with the “Manager” Travis, a tall dark skinned man probably in his early 30’s with gold teeth. My family waited an hour and a half for food witch we were now ready to leave beings that the place was packed. My aunt asked for a refund, at this point Travis jumps up and takes the cashiers place coming off in a very visions tone.. also uncalled for all together. My aunt obviously got loud with him to be able to have a word in asking for a refund and why. Travis did NOT want to hear this. He starts using uncalled for language Yelling across the counter. Instead of my aunt arguing back she waiting at the counter for her food instead of the refund and walked away without a fuss. TRAVIS didn’t get what he wanted out of his argument he wanted all of us to leave, once he saw her brag her food and head to the go cart area he runs after her by this time she has her 3 month old granddaughter in her hands. Travis comes flying out in her face yelling to the top of his lungs for us to leave because we didn’t agree with their terms of no refunds. Witch none of this was a big deal she got her food and walked out without a fuss. She literally had to keep walking away from Travis so he wouldn’t hit her with the baby in her arms beings he bowed up at her several times. As this was taking place I went inside for a “real” manager who came out and did NOTHING about it. Cooperate NEEDS to do something about this. As of today they didn’t only loose our service but SEVERAL other family’s that saw and asked of what was taking place. If you do not believe me there were PLENTY of videos taken of the incident today 03/17/19 around 3:30-4:00 I would say. Cooperate needs to do something or shut them down!

Melissa Viera

Jocelyn at Register is amazing, we had my sons birthday party with Marlene as our hostess but both girls were wonderful! Definitely family friendly, wonderful pricing and excellent service!!!!! Justin in paintball was amazing! Todd the manager made sure our needs were taken care of!!! Definitely recommend this place for family gatherings and/or adult events!!!

Christopher Kennemer-munn

Fun place to relax and have fun and let loose and be yourself go-karts are really fun to ride have to experience it in person

John Badger

My family and I had so much fun at this place we have to go back unfortunately we move to Texas where there are bigger places but not so much fun because it's so many people we have to go back to Baton Rouge again thanks you guys not to mention mean the guy that gives out the toys actually gave my baby something because he didn't want him to walk out without anything that was nice of him

Betty Garza

Amazing we loved it

Duane Temple

My kids love it. An awesome staff that works there. They are always willing to help as much as they can.


They kicked our entire party of 6 out because our family friend accidentally spun my dad out while go karting. It wasn't malicious, it was accidental. It's also worth mentioning that this was the first mistake of the race and instead of a warning, they cut us off after the first lap.

Jermaine Sandifer

My kids loved it

Ophelia Amoako

We had a lot of fun, we met Brandi and Tatiana, they were so helpful and nice to us

David C

Paid for all day passes.Most popular adult rides closes so they can all take 20 mins breaks (Should have rotating breaks). Understaffed and bad management. Waste of money!

Ebony Jackson

Me and my family went this past Saturday and had a great time it really was a all around experience

Quentin Hoffman

Surprisingly this place is still a great place to visit. I used to come here when I was a teenager and used to have a blast. Now my kids are teenagers and we've recently come to ride go carts and utilize the batting cages and it's still a great place! I figured it would be dilapidated and run down by now, but it looks like they've taken care of the place and kept it up so it's still a wonderful place to have fun just like it was 25 years ago.

Joseph Cuna

I spent $250 ($40 on game card) and got a pizza and four braclets that let you ride go carts and watergun boats with one game of golf. Three kids went through $55 worth of games in less than one hour. My son hit the jackpot on a game so they did get a few small prizes. The place only had one party there eating but every table was dirty and we had to ask someone to clean one for us. It was fun but not worth $250. The staff was friendly for the most part. I honestly don't think I would go back.

Heather Wolfe

Good prices , arcade games, bumper boats, go karts,

Brianna Beeson

They have a lot of games to play they just cost alot of chips so get a game card with alot on it

Patricia Rowell

Great place for kids.

David Jones

Most updated machines in the metro, we had a great time, great for all ages!!

Jennifer Hernandez

Is good could have more games but is good. Is clean and the prices are not as great taking into consideration paying 20 dollars to win some candy worth 5 or less


I came here and had a great experience playing mini golf,but some of the employees look annoyed to even work there or help anyone.....

Boo Thang

Prices are way to high for a place that needs work. The interior is ugly. Other than that, I had a good time with friends. Staff was excellent but they should definitely be paid more. $7.25 an hour is not worth what they go through.

Leslie Tennie

Line for the go kart was way too long. They have a line for family riders and a line for singles. They used to mix the races and let the two seaters race with the singles which made it more fun. Now they have two seater races separate which those riding in 2 seaters wait 3 - 4 races... and people get out and get back in line and end up riding twice before the 2 seaters. We spent over $150 to just spend most of our time in lines... I will not be returning. It's not worth the money. My kids said they didn't have much fun. And it was disappointing for the adults.

BonBon 983

It was awsom and the guy there was super chill 15 out of 5 Definitely will go there again!! ♡

Paula Hill

We bring a group of kids from our school here every year and they always take great care of us! The kids love the rides,games and the pizza buffet. Vicki and the staff at this location are wonderful to work with! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially for school groups!

Cassandra Brannam

Love this place. Great prices for go-carting.

Herb Hall

Loving it and it's a great place for my child to work at James Herbert hall loving it

LisA Husband

I had a great experience..The host done an excellent job

Blessing Andrews

Great place to hang with friends and family

Sonia Lazard

Staffer was so disrespectful and I am never going back again

Mallory Fleming

We had a good time here. Came later in the day after it had rained so the golf was free! A lot of the holes were flooded though. Obviously why it was free. But the kids still had fun.

Russell Kowalski

Putt putt golf was fun. Just way to hot to do much. Gotta visit again when it gets cooler.

Kullen Carter

Awesome place for the kids... Great pizza.... Go carts , train rides, and just fun for all

ZenThe RedPanda

I enjoyed this place

Alana Harper-McCloud

I must say we had a ball. CS was the perfect size for a Sunday Funday with my babies. They jumped on the Euro Bounce until they couldn't feel their legs

Bekim isufi

Nice place for kids to play and have fun with activities both inside and outside. Adults can play mini golf in a nice setting. Service was good.

Caitlin Griffin

I Love this place! One of my favorite date night spots! The mini golf is awesome!

Ryan Knauth

This would be pretty good place, espevially for larger groups, except for the fact that the staff were completely inattentive and unprofessional. The attractions themselves were clearly not well maintained or manned. The mini golf was very very plain and monotonous, our bumper boats died in the middle of the waters and the lady at the eurobungie ride said a kid fell out the other day. The only good attraction was the go-karts. We had a problem with our electronic ticket and the staff were completely baffled by what to do. It took 5 people...FIVE...just to come to the conclusion that they should call a manager. It seemed like they were all afraid to "bug" her. Once she finally got there, she didn't say a word, just shook her head and reprogrammed our card then walked off, like it was an inconvenience to help her customers and staff. Maybe we interrupted a particularly riveting episode of "say yes to the dress" that she was watching in the back...who knows. One thing I do know is that I would not feel comfortable sending kids here to play, knowing how poorly the facility is maintained and how little the staff -particularly the management - care about their duties and customers. That to me spells disaster.

kitty muniz

It was so nice when we played mini golf and we got 2000 tickets

De'Zariah Varise

I love it there

Duchesse Eason

This place was very clean but there were some signs of poor management...and staffing issues. The staffing was not adequate for a facility this size...The food was very expensive, but my group seemed to enjoy it. I would definitely not plan on bringing my group here in the future. I think the lack of proper staffing could cause potential hazards in the future...IJS...My group had 4 staff members for 12 girls.That's an average ratio of 1:3...I visibly noted a staff of approximately 5 on this particular day...1 Manager and 2 Team members were behind the counter. The customer service was off the chain...They were neat, clean and polite. It was definitely a Professional environment to say it was a dedicated facility for the youth. The service was great. When we went outside in the area that was catered to smaller children...that is where I noticed some obvious anomalies...The young man who was operating the machines seemed knowledgeable in his multi-role position...but looks can be deceiving...I am clearly speculating here...I visibly noted the girls becoming anxious and unruly because there was one attendant for three rides...He did the best he could..but these little Divas were giving it to him...they had paid their money and they were ready to ride...they did not care about any company policies or their internal operational procedures...they just wanted to ride...It was pretty much the same on the other side..I was a little scared because the Go-Karts looked like a big deal to me..OMG...The potential liability is huge here..if adequate staffing is not factored for your venue...

Jazzmin Garmendia

a place to go for family fun. go karts are very fun because there outside and the staff is very helpful overall. the management is always helpful and go above and beyond for their guests and employees. they have a great selection of arcade games, better than the place in brick town but don’t as extensive as D&B’s. it still has that authentic family place with a few upgrades and modernizations. the summer can be quite busy (very busy) but the more people, the better. A place to go when visiting. Very one of a kind place.

Oscar R

Finally had unlimited rides and pizza for good price on Thursday is worth going.Kids over 42" get to use unlimited water bumper boats and go karts..The acarde games are still over priced,rather go to chucke cheese or main event on Monday.


Had a great time and Bethani loved it

casper angel

Its good but they said everthing is unlimited but its not true.we paid on each thing

Chanell Toyer

Celebrate station was great but the Go-cart ride was painful, the minture golf should be all day long like the Go- carts and the moter boats with the $19.95 package when you pay.

schantal Johnson

It was nice.

sheila small

We visited Friday June 28th. It was nice and reasonable price. However, the young people running the go carts seemed to ignore some of the riders who were bumping into each other and my son as well. Seems the rules didn't apply to some. Don't know if they were friends. But they were obviously bumping into each other on purpose.

Its all Awesomeness

It was so fun. The go carts, spraying friends with water, and later tag was super fun. It's just my fave was the funnel cakes

OKC Buyers

Over priced nothing worked

Remajos Brown

Have a great time however for the price you really don't get your money worth on the food!!!

Collette Templeton

They need to make minor fixes to their golf courses. We had a fun time!

Sarah Rasmussen

Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor are better options for this amount of money (all of the extra up-charges that pop-up). If you’re planning on playing mini golf or laser tag, you’ll have to buy them separately. This was our first time. We brought a group of ten, and they were unable to give us a group rate. Our ticket was $387. That amount bought us 2 “large” (more like medium) pizzas and 2 pitchers of drinks (no refills). We were given water as a “special one-time” thing. We then sat at a table that fit all of us & (after about 15 minutes of waiting for our food) were told to leave our table. They told us we would have our food in 15 minutes. It took 30 minutes. After being told to move (twice actually) we sat down to food that was not fresh and like warm. To sum it up, we’re never coming back.

Kay R

Affordable fun for the whole family! Great way to beat the heat this summer!


Im a kid and thats an amazing experience

Judy Chamberlain

We had so much fun but alot less rides

Monique Thompson

Food is great. Mostly kid-friendly games.


This place is run down. Needs a makeover

Rachel Salley

They are overpriced and when you walk in you can SMELL the germs. Like they dont clean the place or something. Smells just like a cess pool of filth!

kory crouch

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the putt putt course was! Our group had a lot of fun. The only con was that it got really hard to see when the sun went down, the lights they have look cool but don’t fully light up the putting greens.

Gaylen Lightell

This place used to be nice 20years ago. Now the bathrooms dont work, food was nasty, and more than half the games didnt work.

Opal Smothers

It's a good place to take your family and grandkids I love it

Stephanie Young

Fun place to hang out. Games, mini golf, batting cages

J Henson

Great place for the kids , adults and the big kids everything was fun from the go-karts all the way to the boats with water cannons miniature golf even the games inside pizza was good as well may want to go when the sun's down not quite as hot great job Celebration Station

Brooke Anderson

Because that is a fun place where everybody enjoy their selves.

Trinity Patrick

Took my son and his bestfriend to have a lil fun close to home.. They had a blast on the go carts.. Everything else was underated.. Prices are to high for food exp when its nasty.. The attractions are $7/8 and they arent long enough.. All the gifts you get from tickets are really cheap and break easily. Also the prices on the ticket goodies are high.. 10 tickets for one tiny pixie stick. 270 for a 5 dollar gun at the dollar store. They need price adjustments. Seriously..

leslie eicher

Putt putt courses run down and not maintained.

Rozanna Chavez

A great fun filled place for the entire family

Donovan Webster

Fun for all ages, so many things to do, but so little time!

Shanon Michelle

very fun place to go

Thomas Griggs

Had my daughter's birthday party here. She's always enjoyed going here for go carts once she became tall enough to ride the go carts alone. Her and all her friends had a good time. Lines for attractions were short enough that they could get their fill.

Ginger Harmon

The boys had a blast playing mini golf. It was a nice a good course. Then played games inside. Enjoyed the air hockey

Mrs Nunez Nunez

FUN FUN DAY OUT WITH MY SON!!! Thanks to an amazing employee who went far beyond our expectations to make the night even more memorable!! Thanks John ... will definitely come back with my son .. the food... well that’s another story... a burger and fry took way to long.. and lacked flavor...and was very very dry:.. another person returned his... so we won’t be eating here no more

Coushatta Millet

Had an amazing time with my boyfriend playing mini golf the staff was a little judgmental but I had a great time

Misty Dawn

Staff is so very helpful and kind! Especially Elliot at the front counter! Mini golf course is great!

Momma Bear

This place was awesome!! Clean employees were nice all games worked it was bomb.

Roxana Gross

The cost is to high. You only ride the go karts for an all day pass. It's mainly for kids under 12. There are video games but nothing that stands out

Alex Trevino

Always fun no long lines but the staff is mainly kids and they have 2 speeds slow and slower

Tina Edwards

We had a blast riding go-karts! Fun and friendly place to hang out with the kiddos!

Kimberly Wiseman

I had such a great time here. I had not been since '94. I brought my son, who had so much fun. We started off playing in the arcade. I was having some issues with one of the coin machines. John had provided excellent customer service. He solved the problem and we won the Jackpot shortly after. My son had such a great time we will be returning next weekend.

M. Rains

Mini golf is nice. Go karts are great. Batting cages work, which is new.

Katherine Angell

My daughter had her birthday here with some friends and they had a blast! The place was clean and all the employees were always helpful and there to answer questions. Yes you will spend your whole paycheck here but you will have fun doing it!

Michael Tapp

Great place to take the kids

John Carpenter

A great place to celebrate kids birthdays. Adults can have fun too.

Trinitie person

They have mini golf and it looks like a fairy land at night they have go kart that is so fun they have a batting cage that is fun to try and they have so many fun and cool arcade games it was an amazing time high recommend

Kesha Beasley

I had my son a birthday party here today and it was fantastic. We had everything fresh and the party area was clean.

becky buckley

Had a blast at Celebration Station! If you as have a large or any size family or group and want to have some fun, this is good summer fun. Go carts both big and small, water boats to cool you off and miniature golf and that is on the outside. Food and games inside. What more could you ask for?

Gerald Allen

My girlfriend and I had so much fun playing miniature golf! Now I know why all the kids like it here.

Cinematic Solutions

Come pay $25 for a game of Putt-Putt and enjoy your view of multiple non-english-speaking races lavishly strutting the course as if no one else there paid the money to play. And that, is huevos, vato. (3 stars.. 1 for each course)

Tony Doty

Overpriced miniature golf... the coarse lacks imagination

Brian Allen

Justin is the so lazy and rude he needs to go ahead and find something new because he is obviously a problem there. Told manger about him nothing was done, I bought a all day pass rode 3 times and was kicked off because someone else was doing something wrong on the go karts,Justin was just having a bad day though because he had to do his job and obviously hates his job. Wouldn’t bring my dogs around Justin much less my kids!


Late night summer time fun

Ronelle Baker

Fun place, but be prepared to spend some money. Games ate a bit high to play.

hyper dabber

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a smile from Savannah! She went above and beyond to make sure that we were taken care of. Vicki the manager was also a great help as well! If you are looking for a great place to host a party please come to Celebration in Mesquite as you will receive service with a heart and a smile!

Nathan Knight

We had an absolute blast here. The $99 family pack is a great value. The golf course could be a little more challenging but it's great for kids. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Go early in the morning to avoid the lines. The bumper boats was a ton of fun on a hot day, just be prepared to get a little wet.

Sai Vemuri

Treasure trove of fun games! The place hasn't changed a bit in over 20 years and is still a fantastic place to enjoy with your family or with a date. Not to mention you don't go bankrupt trying to have a fun time here, very reasonable prices!!!

Neal Vaughn

Not one child in our group so we played the role of children and the 6 of us treated ourselves to a time of our life! From the many parkings to the restrooms and well mapped out arcade! I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to be young again! Great pizza and funnel cake but most of all the trade of tickets for toys! Next time we're playing putt putt golf and go carts!

Jason Engel

Great place to spend some wonderful family time. The bumper boats to the go karts then the games. They also serve food which was pretty good and fair priced. We had a wonderful time.

Carl Hendricks

My group of 4 adults a 1 10yr old had a BLAST played the video games tons. Rode Go-karts played mini golf and more... SO MUCH FUN!! awesome staff. friendly and willing to answer/look up every question I had. trust me I ask a lot of questions.. The pizza was WAY better than we expected. We are ALL VERY PLEASED WITH OUR 7HRS. OF PLAY TIME / FOOD

Shunny Watts

I had a great experience at this celebration station. I went in and did not know exactly what package I wanted for a birthday party and manager Brandi help me sort it out she's amazing because I changed my mind several times and she was very patient. thank you all! Definitely will be returning

Rekina Johnson

I had a lot of fun here with my classmates during out senior locking. And I would suggest doing the piano tiles for the most tickets

John Martin

Great place and great attractions. Very affordable

Zak Munoz

Update --- The gm Julian Valbuena made up for the last time he definitely made up for my last experience. After this last trip there was a huge change. The manager was very helping ready to help in any way. I would definitely recommend this place after that experience.

April Kain

Had so much fun at this place

Juan-Antonio Alonzo

Go-karts are fast and low!!

karla mitchell

Their employees had so real bad attitudes and took it out on myself and others in our party because we were there the day before Hurricane Barry made landfall. Honeetly I believe they are always that rude to paying customers. They kids had a blast that is the only reason I am giving them 3 stars

Aaron Meese

As many of the other reviews denoted, this place isn't bad for what it is, but there could be more variety. If you don't want to wait in long lines for go-carts or play putt-putt, you are stuck playing overpriced arcade games. I wish there was more supervision over the younger children, as those with laid-back parents run wild, skipping lines and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Alex Otalora

Had a great time with the band kids. Lots of activities and games. Food was ok, on par with comparable places.

SFS Tax & Accounting Services

Lovely restaurant. Friendly and helpful servers. Food was fresh and very tasty.

Trey Marlar

Celebration Station is fun. The kiddos really love it. Be aware of height requirements as my 10 year old is right at the 56" mark, yet he still had to ride with me. The adult go karts have decent speed. Bumper boat, kids go karts, mini golf, & batting cages too.


Very fun. Ok food. Great for birthday parties! favorite ride was the race cars. Favorite video game was The Walking Dead shooter. Oh, theres a pool table upstairs as well.

Gerardo Villarreal

Great place for a kid's birthday celebration great service thanks

Angela Robinson

Place was overstaffed and nothing was up snd running. Almost had to beg for our children to get on the outdoor rides. Overpriced for the experience. Drove too far for such an awful experience. This place should be closed down. Wasted my money and the staff was louder than the guests.

gaming with SLD for life

Today I threw my son a party and we had a great hostess! She was awesome and quick. I would definitely have another party here.

Vickie Todd

That okay gold car ride

Gerald Hurley

It was very fun and it's very kid friendly I would recommend taking your kids there

Tristan Coakley

do not go here the the cost for the place is off the wall if u pay 10 dollars for 40 credits they will split it between all the cards the food took to long and it was cold when it got to us they have nothing but teenagers who work there they are really rude so i HIGHLY recommend you not to bring your kids to this

youtube is trash

I was 1 inch short so I couldn't ride

Nyreal Moore

I brought my son this past weekend and he enjoyed every moment. From the rides to the games to the great food. Celebration station is our go to fun spot! There was this one employee that went over and beyond for us and made our visit one of the BEST! Her name Jasmine and she was such a sweetheart and very helpful cashier to us. Thanks

Kyla Shelton

the service was great the we're quick and no one had an aditude


Great place to take the kids

Ashley Hengst

kids loved this place but only the golf course an go carts for my kids an inside arcades

J S Clayborn

First Class Location......need bigger service for drinks

Pirjay Hooper

Great place for a child birthday, host was amazing. Everything was great

Adam Chenevert

Good family fun. The go-karts are always a great time.

Samantha Lamphier

This was the best place ever. I lost my wallet and someone found it turned it in. And because I live out of town, the manager was kind enough to mail it back to me. I would recommend this place any day. The staff is courteous and kind.

Lavonne Fletcher

We celebrated my son's 6th birthday at this location yesterday. I purchased the Super Package for 8 children which was $249 plus I added and additional child, and I purchased several adult wrist bands. My total was over $380. First of all, my party host Jada acted like she was called in on her day off because her attitude was offputting and not what you would expect from a children's party host. Sesondly, I paid for the most expensive package which was supposed to include laser tag. However, several party guests bands were scanned and they were told laser tag was not included. One of the parents notified me of this, but By the time I was made aware, several of the guests I paid for had left the party after being turned away. One of the reps advised that the manager said the wrist bands showed we already played a round of laser tag.I literally had to walk upstairs with the rep, with my remaining guests to prove this was not the case. The rep advised the manager said no refunds could be given because our package included more pizza. Although we demanded to talk to the manager he would not show his face. My husband had to follow the rep to find the manager who was instructing the rep what to tell us. How are you manager if you cant manage to talk to customers face to face? After over 30 minutes of this nonsense, our package was downgraded to the one that includes no lasertag and we were refunded $50. My time and trouble is worth way more than that, if I could rate this place zero stars, it would still be too many. Thanks Celebration Station for making this dau truly memorable!

Lena Stahly

My kids grew up visiting Celebration Station! We always love riding the go-karts and can't wait for our turn to get on them! Last couple of times that we've been there we noticed the go-kart associate had started marking wristbands on people who "we're not driving safely", I believe this is a great idea but only if the associate is marking the people's wristbands that ARE NOT driving safely. When I pulled up at the red light to stop, a doubles car with a couple kids in it flew by me and rear-ended another doubles car in front of me Knocking the guy's hat off! Previously during the ride a small child was continuously swerving and bumping into all the carts that were close to him, didn't stop at the red light and kept going and stopped around the curve. The associate seem to have not seen either of these things nor did he seem to have control of the track by getting people to stop when they were supposed to. The associate then went to every car and Mark every wristband except for the couples car that rear-ended the other one and the kid parked on the wrong side of the track!! I would like to see better training for the associates that are working the go-kart track. They should be able to control the tracks and drivers as needed! And shouldn't be just marking everyone's wristband because they're frazzled! Go kart track is one of the oldest, most fun rides! Needless to say we had a lot of fun on the bumper boats and all the other Park games! I hope some turn about practices can be made to make sure that this park stays safe and fun for many years to come!

K Powers

Kids had a blast! Good prices.

Ashlei Harris

Kids had a great time

Kevin Dunn

Vicki, and the entire staff, that worked with us to help us plan our end of the year celebration were great. From start to finish, it was as easy as 1, 2, 3 to plan it out. The students at Wills Point Junior High are thankful to each of you for an experience to remember. You guys rock!!!

ThenewNtree couture

John was so awesome

Laura Castillo

Had my kids party here, they loved it. I had about 30 guests and they all had so much fun. The food takes a little long to get out but we played meanwhile. So much to do, you need a lot of time

Kimberly Hoos

The outside games were fun but could use some updates. The staff at the go carts were rude and seemed to treat everyone like they were above them. I stopped gassing at the last curve and tried to break but my brakes wouldn't work so I hit the back of someone and they came and rudely told me I needed to slow down farther back pointing at the spot I slowed down at. Also trying to go into the cage I didn't see that there was someone else in there and they rudely told me to stop that there can only be one person but as soon as I stopped they rudely told me to go again right after stopping. It's not worth the wait or money to be treated like that.

Alexis White

Its was so fun and you can play games get wet and win prizes all at the same time.

Carol Fleming

Great-grand sons (twins) birthday party paid for the party room got nothing else had to pay for pizza and drinks separate plus game cards separate couldn't even get a to go cup for drinks worse place to hold birthday party. Most other places serve one large pizza pitcher of soft drinks game tokens for a certain amount this place is a total rip off

Shurrun's House/Board

Thanks for supporting our nonprofit organization with free passes to take children to celebration station when the parents would not have the money to take them places to enjoy themselves


Used to be fun but now it's ran down.

Josh Asplund

This place has gone downhill. The mini-golf course has fallen into a state of disrepair. Cups have mud in them, leaves all over the place, many wasp nests and swarms. Some of the water features were off and the pools were full of algae and bugs. It smelled and was gross. This photo is one of the cleaner areas...

edward dawson

Went to play mini-golf. There was pine needles and trash all over the holes and as it was night it was hard to see because they didn’t replace the burned out light bulbs. The ticket arcade games seemed to be ok and the staff was friendly.

Erica Hefner

Lots of fun. They've got some older games for those that love that nostalgic feel.

Danny Castle

Went here with my son for one of his classmates birthday party. He had a great time. The staff was extremely courteous and professional, and the atmosphere was fun and inviting. The pricing for parties was pretty much on par with anywhere else that offers party packages for younger age groups. Overall was a great experience.

J.L. Fletcher

They have a wristband special. My kids had a blast.

Big Z

It was just plain out amazing I loved it it was the best fun I have had in 13 years like wow take your kids there they WILL love it


My son always enjoys this place. Always something fun for him to do. I like that adults can sit back, have a few drinks, and enjoy themselves as well.

Ron Edmondson

Fun and affordable


The rides were average, but the service for food was extremely subpar

Anita Wright

We really enjoyed our time here. During the week there are some good specials.

Kayla Darby

do not go here!! had to go to the front to get someone to start the go carts. Justin kicked us off the go carts after only going a few rounds for absolutely no reason. worst place ever!

hyper dabber

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a smile from Savannah! She went above and beyond to make sure that we were taken care of. Vicki the manager was also a great help as well! If you are looking for a great place to host a party please come to Celebration in Mesquite as you will receive service with a heart and a smile!

Andrea Jewett

Just like I remembered as a kid. Putt-Putt and games, great time

Jacob Scott

Absolute waste of money, paid $35 stood in line for 2 hours to ride slow go karts for 3.5 minutes. Was lied to by the attendant at the ticket window. Absolutely will not return. Take your money elsewhere. Only giving one star because Google won't let me give 0.

Kangorilla TV

Of all the places you could go Celebration Station is by far the best! I bought a $15 wristband in the morning and had unlimited go karts for the entire day! And their customer service was just the nicest 10/10 would go again

Trifari Griffin

Our host was very patient and kind. And once everything was explained to us in a way of understanding it was worth it. Thank you

Aaron Smith

Great place to take the grandsons

jamie fenner

Very fun. The workers were a little rude

kirt medve

We love this place. Our kids have so much fun and the adults love putt putt and the go karts.

ryan rhodes

Had a lot of fun, made me feel young again lol. I do wish there was more games to play in the arcade though.

Nathan Knight

We had an absolute blast here. The $99 family pack is a great value. The golf course could be a little more challenging but it's great for kids. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Go early in the morning to avoid the lines. The bumper boats was a ton of fun on a hot day, just be prepared to get a little wet.

Nick Travis

Took my wife and son there yesterday, we will never go back. Terrible customer service.

Mr. T

We came and concurred your Wizard of Oz by friendly neighbors from Houston

jerri smith

It was a fun time.

Teri Miller

Kids (kids-at-heart) love it. Lots of video games, putt putt, go carts, and food. The food is not their main goal. It is pizza and coke type foods. It is the entertainment that they focus on. Don't expect a 5 star restaurant. Come for a good time with the activities. Chances are good that you will have fun.

Duffey Gang

nice go karts but you dont ride them for a long time

Jennifer Huggins

Family fun for the entire family. Food is reasonable. Fun arcade games.

Miranda D

It was soooo much fun!

Vivian Sosaa

unlimited go karts & bumper boats but there's no unlimited laser tag, sucks that you have to purchase a game every single time.

Mecia Walk

The staff and manager is wonderful. Me and my family will be back and it's very clean.

Bugatti Black

Great for the kids and adults

Lee Ann Troxel Saunders

The place was just great.. I have a son with special needs ..he isn't little he is 24 ..the staff was amazing . The Lil dude Efarn...and I hope I got his name right was just well as the Manger...I really appreciate any place that goes above what is the norm. Thanks Staff of Celebration Station!!

2 Kidz

The manager tonight had no problem policing people on the go karts and discussing who could and couldn't drive on the microphone, but he had a big problem keeping his facility clean, including the restrooms and making sure customers wouldn't have to sit around waiting a long time for their food or to ride something in the kiddie area.

Terry Kessler

The golf was flooded and we skip several hole

Kellie Lawton

Literally 30$ for 3 minutes on bumper boats smh!

Vernique Williams

Kids had a blast...$25 bought an all day pass for go karts and golf..perfect for my boys!

Jeffrey O'Neal Harrell

The games and rides were fun for the children but the service was a little off!

Rebecca Berna

Great owner, great staff nice memories!

Bill Hartzer

Great for the kids with a variety of games. Some of the games are older, but still maintained so they do work. I’d like to see some more up to date games.

TBabi P

Where to even begin

randy davis

Food and drinks overpriced and not good but $15 unlimited outside pass was worth it

Cee Pee

Fun place. Go carts are of course the best. Good for the kids, but yes expensive. Definitely keeps kids and adults entertained.

Annette Rivera

This place isn't just for kids, it's great adult fun as well!

Ronnie Douglas

Need a better security plan for child safety while leaving the facility.

Josh Wallace

Had a lot of fun. We went and played 2 of the mini golf courses which were fun. They also have an awesome arcade and mini rides for the little ones and go carts and great food. Definitely worth checking out. Great and friendly staff too with reasonable prices.

Roman Edwards

My experience was wonderful. My granddaughter stole the show with there putt putt. She woke up the next morning telling her aunts and uncles how much she had fun at putt putt. This will be my best birthday/fathers day ever

Karen Chavira

Was able to meet my daughter and granddaughter there for lunch. Great games for all ages. Clean...Food was fresh. Prompt service. Easy parking. Hope to go again soon!

Zack Wise

I had a great time with the batting cages, but it seemed like nobody really cared if we got what we needed. I'm looking at you bat/equipment booth.

Moss Chambwa

It is so much fun. I wish the could expand the track even longer.

A Phill

Awesome. Pizza was good


One of our favorite places to go for amusement.

ryan mccool

Fun arcade

Conrad Villegas

Awesome!! Place to bring the kids. Different things to do. The whole family enjoyed it

Johnathan Stanley

Love this place... i went here as a kid, and now i get yo bring my kids.

Carl Hendricks

My group of 4 adults a 1 10yr old had a BLAST played the video games tons. Rode Go-karts played mini golf and more... SO MUCH FUN!! awesome staff. friendly and willing to answer/look up every question I had. trust me I ask a lot of questions.. The pizza was WAY better than we expected. We are ALL VERY PLEASED WITH OUR 7HRS. OF PLAY TIME / FOOD

Casey Heath

I went to the mesquite celebration station horrible experience it was my first time took my 3 kids and mother to have a great time I thought I bought the family pack for 4 people and a separate pass for my mother the person at the front desk was bad customer service made ylus wait up at the d so for 20 mins and we were the only people in line the when she finally helped us she had a smart mouth and was looking at us like what do y'all want so I ignored it the the pass came with a large pizza and a pitcher of drink and 15$ game pass and unlimited ride so we went to go eat they messed up on our pizza twice when they finally got it right it was cold and they together the pitcher of soda was flat theb when we got to the go karts they accused us of not paying or something they were saying the guy at the go karts was talking to my kids very rude it was a bad experience ever be careful at this location and like I said it was our first time

Gregory Jackson

Kids had a blast.


We had a great time even with bad weather...the smell was a little strong and the

Anthony Garza

A little pricey for the thrill, but fun none the less. Most employees visibly hate their job it seems.


Celebration Station has been around since I was a kid. They use to have animatronic characters that would sing 'Happy Birthday', but they terrified children. So they got rid of them and expanded their dining area. They are adding a bungee area and playground. I'm glad they kept the bumper boats, those were always my favorite!

Aziz Alghamdi

I liked it It's wonderful for families with kids

Dominique Williams

Great place to drive Go-Carts

Shunny Watts

I had a great experience at this celebration station. I went in and did not know exactly what package I wanted for a birthday party and manager Brandi help me sort it out she's amazing because I changed my mind several times and she was very patient. thank you all! Definitely will be returning

Babygirl CAT

It is a total rip Off!!! We we're mislead from the beginning... Two staff members explained to us that the unlimited wristbands would cover All the outdoor games. So we purchased 10 bands, pizzas, drinks and card with tokens for the indoors games. It turned out that the wristbands were Only good for 3 outdoor games. It was explained earlier that we would be allowed to play the laser games and all the other most popular outdoor games. After waiting in numerous very long lines we we were then told the bands did not include that particular games. I am very disappointed with the misleading and lies that were told to our group of consumers.

Twin Makemeup

Very friendly fun place to take the kids or the whole family food was great an also the customer service

Alberto Placencia

This place is loads of fun! I’ve came here twice this year. Once as a lock in, which was really fun and endless rides on the go karts. Laser tag was really fun and games were enjoyable. I went a second time as a volunteer for a Boys and girls club event. It’s awesome that they were willing to sponsor and let he kids ride for free. Great service and nice staff.

Ivan Anderson

It’s worth your money it’s fun for all ages

Mary G

Great place for kids and adults too. Cheerful place. Great service

Tara Shae

Super fun to have family fun time!


My son and his teenage friends had a blast! The grownups enjoyed having tlk time and we went on some rides too!!

Servando Porras

Good and fun. But cold

Bryson Baldwin

Fun place to bring kids for birthday parties and family fun.

Payzlii Wilson

i had an amazing and fun experience at celebration station and i would totally recommend getting the # party pack im having an amazing time .

David Reynolds

We waited an hour in line for one round of go kart just for an accidental crash to cause everybody in our 6 person party to get only 1 lap on this race. When we talked about it they signaled a cop over there because they didn't want to give us another ride.

Geetha Prabhakaran

Loved the outdoor activities more than the indoor. Liked the fact that it caters to the interests of kids of all ages. Well maintained and courteous staff.

John Wilford

It's good for what it is, just make sure you bring your whole wallet because at the prices they charge, you will need it.

Dick Hart

So many great Memories

Shannon Russell

I remember going here when I was in school. Then again when my husband and I were dating. We both had not been here in years. So we finally decided to bring our two kids. I was quite disappointed. For spending as much as we did $200+, just to see how rundown it is. Games broken and dirty. The putt putt course has not been maintained in who knows how long. Oh and NO refills on fountain drinks. Come on! We spent at least $12.00 on (2) medium and (2) small drinks to be told no refills. The best part was the go carts. I do have to say that the teenagers working there were very polite and helpful. Especially when the games we tried to play didn't want to work. You at least have that going for you. Sad to say but we will not be returning. I'd rather spend that kind of money at Shenanigans or anywhere else. R.I.P. Celebration Station Thank you for responding. I did email you.

Connie Winship

Our boys had a blast and it got them outside.

Sharmaine Buckley

Horrible service supervisor basically said she wouldn't help us after the employee failed to issue a receipt

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