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Where is Zabriskie Point?

REVIEWS OF Zabriskie Point IN California

joe shields

Quick walk up a steep paved walkway to great views and pictures. A hidden gem for star gazing at night. Very dark and empty (though lower than the others).

Kannan Nellaiappan

We made the mistake of visiting it on one of the hottest days. But most days here is very hot. Though it may look like a 200m walk to the view point, it easily drains all the fluids. Make sure that you carry some water even if it is just for a 10 min photo session out in the sun.

Jose L Cabrera Jr JC

Aside from the Welcome sign to Death Valley, this is a must stop! The views are amazing... its a 3 minute hike to the top for the stunning views, if you are here during the summer, be sure to take some water.

sathish kumar

One of my favourites in death valley national park. Easy 2 minute walk from from the parking area to those gorgeous views

Rebecca Kent

Beautiful view! Fascinating history of the area. I absolutely love Death Valley National Park!

KarthikKumar Somasundaram

Beautiful palace but very hot.. be careful when you climb on those mountains they are very slippery and wear proper shoes before climbing up..

Steven Brightey

Stunning views. Just awe inspiring.

Chris Berg

Very short walk to overlook of multicolored mudstones and volcanic rocks on the east side of Death Valley. Otherworldly landscape! Parking is plentiful. Restroom available.

Angela Farley

A must see at Death Valley. The view is amazing. Catch it at different times to see how the mountain view changes with the light.

Tom Do

Nice viewpoint. Lots of people there to watch the sunset. Not sure if there was a hiking trail.

Ravneet Kaur

This is a beautiful point. The landscape seems unearthly.

Berenice Ramirez

Perfect spot to watch the sunrise! Amazing views!!

Un known

Spectacular view from up there. A light hike needed, off from the path way up leading to the point to make beautiful pictures that I uploaded here

Mallika Rao

Gorgeous landscapes. One can also learn about the man himself, Zabrinske. Why he had the vision about death valley and how he saw potential about the place. Beautiful rock formations. Great places to get photos during sunset.

sudarshan dange

weird hills, strange colors, no sign of living things except tourists, interesting trail that takes you to top of hills and into the valley where flash lood has made its ways out of canyons! Sunrises and Sunsets are the best times to visit as the colors are very bright! Parking lot is moderate size and has vault toilets as well.


Located in Death valley national park few miles away from Furnance visitors center noted for its erosional landscape.

Denise Walker

The most awesome geological formations I've ever seen!

Robert Jarosz

Quite a sight indeed. Simply stunning scenery.

Alex G

It's a beautiful place, you have to see it during the most shadow hours like sunrise or sunset to see the most light play on the mountains.

Meraj Ahmed

Zabriskie Point offers mazing views, especially at sunset. You can see a variety of colors and textures in the surrounding landscape, with the lake and mountains in the distance. It's located very close to Furnace Creek and only a short walk up a paved path from the parking area. Definitely worth a visit.

Jean-Philippe Bernard

magnificient. musr see !!

sunday skinner

nice place to take a lot of pictures


It’s a fun lil hike. And you see this unique landscape

Ann Maria Thomas

Love the scenic view from this point. It's a must visit point in death valley and hard to miss it. Located near to furnace Creek springs. Wheelchair chair accessible point. It's a unique view point in death valley with white and yellow sediments all over the small mountains. Views are incredible from here. Parking is available.

bls txi

This is yet another beautiful sight in Death Valley in a highly recommended place to go.

Kate Wempe

Easy and convenient walk to a scenic overlook. Great sunset stroll!

Graham Oxborrow

A great view of colorful rocks just on the outskirts of death valley. The hike up to the top of the hill is a wide, paved path. There is plenty of space for the volume of people that were there in a busy holiday weekend.

Brandon Ly

Easy hike to the top. There is so many area to explore here. Parking lot is easy and plenty. Views are breathe taking.

Oren Drori

Crowded, not the hikers type... More of the 'drive through avoid walking take selfie' type. For nature lovers there better spots in the amazing Death Valley, for example Dante's peak.

Prathap Uday Shetty

Awesome formation great view. Pay for parking nobody asks you. Bt pay for it

Brylee W

Beautiful view!

Alayne Tadlock

Great view of the sunset. Parking lot has bathrooms. Handicap accessible, though the ramp is long to the top

BK Kerai

Nice natural.... careful it's hot in summer

Mitch Miller

This is another must visit location in the park. A great view at sunset also. This site showcases the landscape you will experience up close in artist drive and it's very beautiful and multicolored. This will be one place where you will see some crowds although they were small when I was there in late June.


Incredible views. I highly recommend visiting this along with Badwater basin while visiting Death Valley. Incredible formations with even more amazing shades and color. There is decent amount of parking with restrooms. Walk to viewpoint is all paved and is wheelchair accessible.

Pritam Mukherjee

Nice view. 5 min walk to the spot. December was really cool. In summer it will be tough.

Randy Magnuson

There are lots of hidden treasures in this park. Take the time to find some side roads and view areas.

Artūrs Toms

Nothing significant after visiting grand canyon, fire canyon, zion park. It is a good spot to jump out after 2 hours driving to bend your legs and thats it

Sascha Ferda

What a beautiful spot. An easy uphill walk on pavement brings you to a 360 degree overlook. For the more he types there are a couple of longer trails along the ridges.

Venture Misquitta

Great views of mountains all around but tends to be very warm.


This is an amazing place to be at! The beauty of the scenery hits when you least expect and transport you to a total different world. The ridges, the rocks, the sand, the sky, all weaved together and everywhere you look, you look at the amazing creation of God.


What an awesome view point! IMHO, this was the star of all the sights in death valley, and the fact that you can actually hike down in the middle of it is a nice bonus as well. You can easily lose track of time when checking out this natural beauty. Pro tip: come during sunset or sunrise to take advantage of the sun rays

Subodh Rawool

Zabriskie point is closer to Furnase Creek visitor center. It offers a panoramic view of colorful multipeak mountains. It's not a high altitude point, so temperature stays high akin to valley floor. One can park and walk a bit uphill to watch the mountains.

Kerstin Olcott

Absolutely amazing view. I had no idea I would enjoy Death Valley so much. Support your parks!

Håvard Johansen

Nice view. HOT

Martin Junkar

Very colorful rock formations


One of the best views in Death valley. Sweeping views that are good at sunset or sunrise. Lots of little unofficial and official trails that can get you some better views and alternative angles. Can be super busy during tourist season

Stephen Parce

The geography is beautiful both to the eye and to your heart and spirit. It is a short little hike up to nice viewing point you can see the variety of geographical forms that exist. If you choose to go for a further hike bring along some water and some good shoes enjoy the experience.

Duong Than

Experience the heat and gorgeous view!


Great place to watch the colours of the valley come to life as the sun rises in the morning.

Paul Holder

Outstanding sunset view. Do not miss this stop.

Krishna Sharma

Amazing place. Can't be explained. Just try to and see.


Beautiful view point at the sunset

Uwe Albrecht

Oh wow, what a great place to pause and let your eyes wander over the landscape, enjoying the backdrops of pure nature and a mesmerizing outlook. After a long ride we were happy to allow ourselves and our motorcycles a longer rest. Time to catch a breath. So we did.

Deborah Breining

Nice overlook in Death Valley, has toilets, lots of photo opps! Worth the stop.

Emily Crow

So hot! A little bit of a challenging ascent. Amazing scenery.

Mark Mobley

When you go to the desert, you don't expect to find beauty. Yet, Zabriskie Point is on of the most beautiful places on Earth. The subtle colors, the fascinating formations, and the sheer scale are overwhelming. See it at sunrise or sunset to unlock the colors. One of my favorite spots on the planet.

Ron Scott

Great place to see will visit again. Great view

William LeBlanc

Zabriskie point is an amazing place to visit. We stayed in Vegas on our trip. This was about 2 hours away from Vegas which was definitely within a days drive. We visited in February so it was not record heat. It was about 50 degrees.

J. R. Hoyne

Great views!

Amanda Prater

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been!!

Tom Taylor

If you can brave the heat, the views are great!

Katherine Broyles

This is quite the site to see, definitely recommend going to it and enjoying the view

Aaron Heyden

Super cool overlook. So many different views of the rocks and hills of the area. Lots of parking and a paved path to the top. Totally worth it.

Gerard Furlong

great road up to the top and a great look out. we did not see any but were told that planes fly through the valley below

William McGonigle

Marvelous views come with a morning sunrise. Quite a few shutterbugs are there for the morning display of the colorful vistas.

Marwan Rageh

Nice Vista point, the hottest you'll ever experience

gavin mcentee

Spectacular views. Take load of water.

Joel Winter

Beautiful sunrise. Watch for sunlight when it hits the hills to the west.

hilda oltean

Amazing views a short hike

Sweta Singh

The best place to visit in death valley. This was so beautiful. I feel one should be there before sunrise and see the sunrise and how the colors change. Even sunset was very beautiful but I think sunrise angle would have been better. Really amazing how different and colorfully layered these are

Daniele Casati

Majestic scenery, but Dante’s view is even better

Sujith Mangalathu

One of the nice attraction in death valley, though it might be windy sometimes

Matthew Henderson

Best roadside viewpoint (of the 6 or 7 we stopped at within the park). Plenty parking spaces (visited Sunday morning at approx. 11am during July)

Matthias Oteniya

Mining area turned tourist attraction. Do visit anytime in death valley.. lovely natural scenery and windy...


Come on a clear morning and catch a picture of the first rays of sunrise lightning Manly torch.

Timi Borhi

Stunning views and very interesting scenery! Recommended.

Jiaxin Jiang

I never watched this movie before, I went to this point in 2015 summer. People in the group were talking about this movie and some readings. However I had no idea. 2019. For my new illustrations, I went to search for my pictures back to 2015, now I know my art life started from there, the 2015 trip including this point. We went a hike inside this place, yes, in the gaps of those how can I call, hills? We survived. I like my memory and this landscape. When my mind travels in time, the sensation of the old stuff tastes like candies. However, right at this moment I still haven't researched anything about this point. Tonight, I am going to watch this movie. And before doing this, I need a drink. (The picture that I uploaded and you could see is a panorama picture stitched by 8 shots from my Fuji film camera with a 35mm lens plus a roll of IlFORD film. This is an amazing place.)

Dávid Kovács

One of the best spots in Death Valley. The views are simply amazing here. No photo can give it justice, you have to see it for yourself. This place is a true must see.

Mike McFadden

It's beautiful!! Be careful during peak sun hours, it is very warm and there is not protection from the sun other than the restrooms that you will not want to stay in long.

Pam Gmail

Stunning scenery. Go back here at night for a great view of the sky. Take a small flashlight with you because it is pitch-black. Just please do not wave it around because idiots like that ruin your night vision!

roberta gamberi

Impressive!...and very hot!

Adithya R. Kumar

Absolutely mesmerizing. Would rate this as one of the best viewpoints in Death Valley

Rogier Jonker

Nice view. Steep climb to get there. Fully in the sun, no shade. Bryce/zion/grand canyon had better views.

Vasuki Popuri

Have no words to describe it.... It was a pleasant surprise and it took time for me to believe its true. I wish I could spend more time hiking but enjoyed the viewing point very much.


View scenic de la death valley

Shikil Unnikrishnan

Nice to see all those natural formations. This point doesn't have a scenery, you can only witness the beautiful natural formations.

Bart Schoolmeesters

Beautiful sight. We wanted to do the badlands loop trail, which starts at the parking lot, but noticed during the hike that the signalisation wasn't as good as it could be and got lost on the longer trail. Very dangerous after 10am as the sign warns you. For those who want to go on a hike don't underestimate the heat and pack lots of water.

sreedhar sudnagunta

Very interesting, very scenic , nature's play ground. Must visit place

dana bazaldua

This is a great place you won't want to pass up in Death Valley where you can see gorgeous landscape and capture some beautiful pictures.

Peter Perháč, MBA

Amazing view

Fakhri Abbas

Nice view point, be aware of heat


This site is right next to the highway so there is no reason not to stop. The parking lot is paved. The trail leading to the observation level is uphill, but it is also paved. The more adventurous photographers can follow a dirt trail to a lower vantage point. The color and shape of these formations are interesting and attractive.

BradJill Travels

Zabriskie Point is one of the best viewpoints we found in Death Valley during our April 2019 visit to the National Park. This viewpoint is found along Highway 190 around 4.5 miles from Furnace Creek Visitor Centre. Here you will see very golden coloured badlands which make up beautiful hillsides. It is a nice area for taking landscape photographs just a short walk from the viewpoint carpark. There is hiking available as well for those who have more time to explore the area. Note there are toilet facilities at the Zabriskie viewpoint. We visited late afternoon when the sun was still rather high. The colours were slightly bleached by the high sun. However, we still found the grounds and hillsides quite attractive. Otherwise, this is cited as being a popular place to visit early and late in the day when the sun rays are softer. We'll try visiting at one of those times when we are next in Death Valley.

Meli Mtz

Hike was difficult but well worth the view so take water travel light and wear a hat

Debkumar Pandit

Good view of the extraordinary landscape but the sunset was a bit disappointing

Jeff Hayes

Smokin hot (120 deg F) with a great view. Requires a short hike up a paved trail.

Ralph Calderone

Great local, parking lot and benches. This location is ADA accessible.

jarrett malone

Unique rock formations.

Jim Heller

A good place to see some of the various topagraphies that make up the huge park.

Vijay Krishna

Oh, got to see the sunset here. Get here early, with your cam (srsly, stay ahead), setup the time lapse and just enjoy the show. I had my moment of Bliss here. Just close the eyes, take a deep breath and open the eye to see the evening auora. Simply, loved it.

Carl Hensley

Beautiful. We happened to get a bit temporary mislocated so ended up here towards the end of the day. This was perfect as shadows really enhanced photos here. Beautiful.

David H Steinbrugge

Great deal sunmist newly rebuilt viewpoint of the furnace Creek Badlands area. very colorful, great place to watch the sunset! Also a good starting point for a hike down the canyon.

Marek Abram.

Beautifull view point. I regret I had no time to do a hike. Hot like hell:-)

Harry Tang

Awesome view of the valley. Great hike too, especially if you have someone to pick you up at the bottom.

Carl Cencig

Very interesting geological formation here at Zabriskie Point. There is a short trail up to the top and from there a majestic view of Death Valley and the unique formations. There are some helpful information located at the top of the overlook as well. Well worth the stop.

Polina Antipova

It is so great place to meet a sunset!

Rabia Adil

Beautiful spot. Easy access and so much to see. Can hike around as well.

thom lear

Nice viewpoint of unusual terrain within death valley. No shade and very warm. There is a small paved road/trail that you can walk up to an elevated position. Quick detour with bathrooms here.

Aleksander Marek

Awesome place in Death Valley

Tyler Durden

Astonishing landscape and awesome viewpoint into death-valley. When here also check out Dantes peak.

Vitali Kanevsky

Well worth it

Simon Molnár

Well organized service, wonderful rocks and sight. You can’t forget as well as the drive to and from.

Daniel G

A must see if you are visiting Death Valley! The view of geological formations is gorgeous, easily accessible even on a wheelchair, and right off the road. - There are others trails that allow you to explore the ridge line and get a great view of the valley, as well as trails that lead into the canyons. - The are looks a lot like Tatooine from Star Wars especially if you go into the surrounding canyons.

Lars H

A place for watching the most beautiful sunsets. Later you may get to see a gorgeous moonrise over a jagged mountain ridge.

Steve Schmorleitz

This is one of the most spectacular views in Death Valley. There is also full restroom facilities in the parking lot at the trailhead. Volunteers have been doing a great job of keeping the restroom facilities clean during the 2019 government shutdown. A private Association is also help funding the maintenance of this particular point in Death Valley.


Amazing, out of this world scenery. Definitely a must stop point!!

Brett Gregory

Crazy terrain, Death Valley has some beautiful rock formations and this one is a must see for sure. Walk out along the edges and hike the trails from the parking lot

Mary J Barrett

Scenery like no other

Esta May

Beautiful spot to watch the sunrise. There were a lot of photographers set up here with serious equipment, and because of where they were they were in a lot of my shots but the colours on the rocks were magnificent and photos can't really do it justice. This really is in the middle of nowhere but there are toilets. Take water. We brought our own breaki and had it up the hill at the overlook point. Highly recommend.

Leszek Rymsza

Must see! Very hot place.

Manoj Kumar Patel

Natures beauty:)


Easy walk with great views. A must see if you are in Death Valley. Simply Spectacular. Easy parking. Steep but easy ten minute walk up to the view point. Great photo opportunity.


Incredible part within the mammoth death valley experience. The different geological mountains and hills combine into an artist's palette of color and compounds. A beautiful place to visit and stare in wonder.

Gaurav Borgaonkar

Definitely place to visit if you're visiting death valley national park. Not too far away from the Badwater Basin, this offers amazing views of the valley. There is a small hike of around 1000ft to reach the summit but the view is well worth it...

Urban Wolf Girl

Number one on the list in Death Valley (together with Artists Drive). Amazing! But very hot at summer, bring a hat, a lot of water, and stay out no more than 15 minutes.

Benjamin Marinho

Just Whouaaaaaaaa ! One of the most beautiful and incredible place ! This is a must to do. Also can be really nice for the sunset. Highly recommended

Luboš James Vičar

Amazing scenery which is completely different and unique to Death Valley. Get off the car park and take a walk down into the valley. You won’t regret it (can be done in around 35 mins if needed).

Don Riegler

Outstanding view of the valley. Can be very busy at times.

Laura C NO

The best lunar atmosphere of this park. Silent, coloured of a touch of desert-yellow, that changes tones with the light... fantastic! Tips: we had many bottles of water in our car, it is windy, but the air is dry...

Dave Tate

Fantastic, a must see in March and April 80 to 90 degrees

Richard Holland

Beautiful place in Southern California and very hot

Pradeep chowdary peddineni

Must visit sunrise or sunsets are triple the fun.

Bryan Koch

I do not think photos can do this place any justice, it is wonderful and worth driving in the middle of nowhere. There is a lot of history in these areas and to try to imagine if or how anyone could stand to survive in that climate is mind blowing.

bikram poudel

Adjacent to the highway, the vista point has paved trail so its easily accessible. The sunset view was soothing and landscape is superbly wow. A must see place while visiting death valley.

Saurabh Surana

Amazing and must see place in death valley. If you have some extra time. Hiking down at zabriske point will be a nice one as well

Stewart Grice

Fantastic little stop off ... Absolutely hot as balls !! Was like walking into an oven just opening the car door


Iconic view. Place must to be visited.

Siddharth Shekhar

Great views during sunrise. Sunrise happens a little bit later there as there are mountains in between the rising sun and Zabriskie Point. There are little hikes which are well marked which you can do for even better views.

Myra Alcoran

If your visit to Death Valley is limited, you'll want to visit Zabriskie Point as a memorable experience. Signage and parking is easy. A short walk from the parking area with only 60 feet elevation gain. This is ADA accessible also. Once you're at the top platform viewing area, there is plenty of space and great views! Spectacular colors and variant geology. There is no shade, so your time of year and time of day are important factors to consider. Always check Death Valley's website via NPS before your travel to get the latest weather and road conditions. Zabriskie Point is also not far from the Visitor Center at Furnace Creek, so it's a great first stop for the day of exploring.

sabrina medjebeur

So beautiful , don’t forget to prepare and to buy water before going there , safety recommendations are appreciated

John Henneman

Extremely interesting geology, like being on Mars if Martians looked like Asians. We were the only Americans there and since the Government is shut down because Nancy Pelosi doesn't think there are enough foreigners here already the restroom facilities were DISGUSTING! Luckily I am a man so that was a non-issue for me, the wife filled me in on the restroom situation. Anyway, the place is amazing and a must see.

Sjors Van Es

Unbelievably beautiful environment, heat warnings about bringing enough water and no hiking after 10 am are no joke

krishna sharma

Part of death valley and amazing place


Now see the movie for the complete experience available on DVD that was filmed there, titled by the same exact name when gas was 0.29 cent a gallon !!!! nice movie really. with Pink Floyd soundtrack by the famous Syd Barrett the legend live on.......

John M.

Not as good as Dante's point but significantly closer and faster if you have limited time

Geraldine Prieto.

Zabriskie Point offers a stunning panorama of the badlands near Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park. The overlook stands at the upper east end of a badlands terrain full of impressive canyons and gulches. A short walk up a paved hill is all that is required to take advantage of this amazing vantage point.

Erica Broadwell

You obviously won't miss this as it's one of the best spots in DV. We came for both sunrise and sunset, which both offered different benefits of this beautiful spot. After sunrise we walked the trail which had little to no people. It gets pretty hot, so do this hike early!

Levan Sidiani

Beautiful view and refreshing site seeing. If you are on road trip definitely must stop and check it out. A+

Alicja Bil

—115° but a short hike up —Bathrooms —Nice point to visit

Dan Peterson

Similar to the Badlands and just as beautiful!

Meera Pansara

Thisnis one of the page of the beautiful death valley. Nice view. Must check out

Marek Skotak

Great view to a Death Walley. Also possibility start there on a walk trip on a death walley. Do not forgot many water. Very hot area. They do not recomended start walk trip after 10am.

Isabella wang

really hot place like furnace,will come back in winter.

Peter Kim

The vista point provided great views of unique land formations. Even better was the 2.7 mile hike that circled the area. It allowed us to see some of the rock formulations up close and scenery that couldn't been seen from the vista point. We had 7 & 10 year old kids and they were able to hike this with ease and also stay interested.

Aditya Ananth

Simply surreal. While I was here, I experienced super strong winds like never before! Breathtaking views.

Kay Weber

It is like visiting our home planet the first time. What an incredible landscape, foreign and familiar, stunning formations of rock. Observe the sunlight modeling the scenery at sunrise and sunset. It is worth waiting for the moments you will feel that your arrived.

Yoshi SoCal

Worth the stop and the brief hike up the paved slope for a panoramic view.

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