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Where is Washington Square?

REVIEWS OF Washington Square IN California

Rachel Kempisty

The perfect little green oasis in the middle of the cutest part of town. They have a nice walking path that circles the park which is very nice for an evening stroll. During warm summer days it’s a great spot to soak up the sun and enjoy a picnic.

Jason Moreno

Fiesta Italiana 2019 Only one block long but what a great time. Good music, great food , and excellent wine. Met and got to chat with Tony G for a few. Great down to earth guy. The festival was a lot of fun for being so small. The Italian Festival in Portland Oregon is a full city block downtown in NW but this was just as fun. It was also very cool that they opened up the Italian Athletic Club and had some very cool exhibits inside. There were also some very cool Italian cars and motorcycles on exhibit as well. All in all, a great time in North Beach.

Rickey Powell

Such a beautiful place to visit. Any church people would love to attend here I think.. it makes you feel like your in Europe or something. But I gotta say that's most of San Francisco to me. You can find beauty anywhere! Just don't forget to tell everyone I sent You!

Dana Patton

Best place to catch the 360° view of San Francisco at sunset! Take a jacket as it will be much cooler up there but worth it. Lots of steps up so especially if you have elderly with you plan to take some time to climb those.

Miles Sergeant

A gem of small park very popular with tourists and local alike bring children and pets. The beautiful church adjacent to the park was the site of Joe DiMaggio's marriage to Marilyn Monroe in 1954.

Charles Krichbaum

The cathedral is amazing, worth visiting if you like seeing churches

Randi Gold

We've been going to Washington Square Park for years. I love everything about the park... unfortunately the park is going to close soon for renovation.

Mampuru Mphahlele

It's okay, there is food and a beautiful green lawn

Jonathan Cross

Great place to chill on the grass and eat a sandwich

Hal Van Horn

Very beautiful architect old buildings crowded but it's something you should see once in your lifetime

Lisa Whittington

Beautiful park especially on a sunny sun bathing kind of day


Beautiful Park & Church

Chip Froberg

Not too dirty not too yuppie walking distance from most anything you need

Philip Bailey

This place is awesome. Free and generally clean public restrooms in walking distance from so many attractions near the North Beach neighborhood.

Sheas Heayv

Awsome view. Outstanding Architecture. Simultaneously Stately & Spiritual. Entertainment & Fun.

roy n

Sunny is the best way to spend the time there

jewell hickman

Great place to bring your wife and kids. In the north beach area. To talk with other people and hang out with good friends

Katarina Dioneda

It's a nice park to bring your dog, significant other, kids, and anything in-between. It being SF, there will of course be a number of homeless people. Generally they are harmless, but common sense should tell you if you should move benches late at night when alone.

Michael Stuhr

Beautiful place, they recently cut down a magnificent tree.

Cameron Bridges

Hidden gem is probably the best description for this place. A much larger park than I expected from my initial research on google. For this park being located near downtown, this was one of the quietest places I've been to. And surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded as I expected for a late Saturday afternoon.

Nunung Afuah

The place is really strategic, near to center of San Francisco. Once I came here to have a leisure time in the sunny morning, they provide fine public toilet.

Shahir Safi

Nice relax in bustling part of the city

Ashfaq Hudda

Flush green outdoors in the middle of a busy city, good for a relaxing evening!

scot mcgoldrick

This park is located in the center of the city's North Beach neighborhood. It is suurounded on all 4 sides by restaurants, shops and the beautiful cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul. On most days the sidewalks are bustling with pedestrians. In the morning, around 9:00, there are several different groups of mostly (but not exclusively) asian adults practicing tai chi and other forms of exercise and dance to music from their respective cultures. It is the gathering spot for the majority of dog owners in the area. I am impressed by how responsible everyone is about picking up after their dogs which is why on sunny days, you will find the park filled with lots of sunbathers and folks enjoying a picnic. Now the bad news. The park closed for major renovation in late June and will not be ready to reopen until November or early December. I've been told that Washington Square Park is the last of the city's parks to be renovated under an Improvement measure passed several years ago. A real gem this one.


Beautiful park. Closed for repairs right now. This church flanks the north side.

Faraz Khanzadeh

A great park in a great neighborhood, minus the local groups of rowdy vagrants that blast their music, scream obscenities, and claim many benches and sitting areas all day on a regular basis.

Zak Reaves

This is a beautiful little park but is currently under construction, a horrible travesty.

Jeroen van de Laar

I rate it 5*, not because it is suitable for you as some random viewer. It is a special place. It is shabby. There are numerous homeless, sometimes a bit aggressive and unstable people. It is deteriorated, trash littering around. The public toilet next to it didn't work. It is a real city park where you meet real people that also roam this city. You can get lucky to meet very special people, if you are open to it and if they are as well. If you're lucky they will offer and open a fantastic alternative view and opinion of San Francisco that only a few have ever experienced. I think I was super lucky, it was one of my greatest experiences in life. Might just be by strange odds.

lotus s

Nice park to sit back and relax.


Relax have a drink enjoy exquisite cuisines been offered in the surrounding

Hayes John

Nice park, but watch out for the dog poo poo. Also, the benches seem okay for sleeping.

P Hen

Washington Square was closed for construction when we were there.

Dmitry Berezhnoy

Nice park at the end of Columbus avenue. There's plenty of restaurants around.

jose dzib

Getting ready to be nice place for kids and family

Danny Baker

Great walking area.. China town and Italian district meer..not far from piers..great eats

Fabiola Morales

Love it!!!! I just fell in love with San Francisco ❤

rhonda letterman

We didn't realize we were looking at washington square, they are doing a very large remodel.

Nesha K.

I didnt like that parking was only for 2 hours and and 2.75 and hour

Paula Carpenello

Best spot to watch the Italian Heritage Parade.

JohnMichael 555

Stunning buildings. Love SFO

John T. Maloney

Closed for renovation. Stay away. Open in 2020.

Mario Antonio Mendoza Barrientos

We were looking for a place to rest, and thought of this place to read, lay down and enjoy. It's a really nice green area.

Megan Kleckner

Quick fast casual burger.

Jeppe poulsen

Boring playground but nice neighborhood, not to many homeless people hanging around

G berkey

beautiful building took a really nice walk around the neighborhood. Would suggest visiting here at night as it is lit up a very good tourist spot lots of old buildings to see in the area and to appreciate the fine architecture. A great photo opportunity place for travelers


so happen to walk pass this park but couldn't help it we end up walk in and join the crown at the park as it was so relaxing with the beautiful church behind. there are people lying on the grass and alot of people bring theirs dogs here to play. great place to just hang out and watch the people and view.

M Moe

Such a relaxing place to enjoy an afternoon having lunch.

Thomas Chee

Our lives in Las Vegas aren't anything like San Francisco, especially when the citizens of San Francisco have Washington Square. My son and I wake up early when we travel so that we can experience Washington Square before returning to the airport. The churches are peaceful. The bakeries, cafes with warm soup, and cable cars all add a special dimension to experience through the eyes of the visitor traveling to California to get out of the gaming community surrounded by a dry deserted sea of sand.

Ryan Nelson

Cool park in the middle of downtown.

Walter H Groth

Pretty nice square at North Beach, where it's often sunny. Worth visiting and strollling around. Close to little Italy.

Austin Barron

Beautiful park! Great place for walking the pup or handing out and reading a book.

James Magee

It's a nice work environment and clean

mp behera

Good place great for Pokemon go

Hannah Minor

A pleasant spot for picnics and yoga! Lots of shade.

Helbert Campos

Donuts and coffee in the US? Good place to have them.

Ricardo Hernandez Rivera

Great place to people watch.

cameron tenn

Very nice place to lounge about. 5/5 tourist safety rating


Great park! But the falalfal/gyro place west of the park on Union gave me a second rate gyro takeout. Meat dry, low on flavor.

Elizabeth Hernandez

Nice to sitting there and do people watching on a warm day. I heard the park will be closed for eight months. It is a pitti.

Alex Bernauer

Avery nice spot to sit on a park-bench and have some lunch. It didn't hurt that my lunch was an absolutely excellent sandwich from the Molinari Delicatessen!

P Ram

Beautiful place, nice landscaping , parking available

Linda Spalinger

Picturesque! Lively when live music playing!


Place to sit around during a nice sunny day to watch all the busy people rush by.

Jason Richards

We enjoyed watching the sunrise in this place, the beautiful awakening of the morning sun being reflected against the buildings of downtown CA. It's a nice place to just sit and ponder on life's amazing blessings, a nice "hideout" just to relax and meditate.There were also quite a few joggers as well, it has both paved and grassy pathways. It's well-maintained and easy to find. this place is one of those surprising gems situated in unexpected places.

Heidi Grutter

Love getting dim sum in Chinatown and then eating it here!

Vova Kovbas

I like how American people rest. They can just lay on the grass and relax. And it's awesome. Washington Square is definitely a great place to relax after work or and get some sun during the lunch time. I like the atmosphere + pizza place is really close so you can grab some slices of pizza and have lunch on the grass.

Howie Krupsky

Awesome place in the middle of city with a peaceful atmosphere. Seems crazy how quiet and calming it felt with busses and cars driving not that far away. There was also a nice breeze which helped drown out the city noise. Overall, great place.

Louis Salerno

Historic park in the north beach section is San Francisco. On sunny days, it's hard to find space on one of the many benches that are sprinkled around this one square block of park fronted by Columbus Ave.

Jay Steen

It was dark but beautiful

Gerry Paradis

Beautiful church.

JeanClaude Caristo

Love of The Church and God are indivisible.

Michele Filippa

Love this square...was married in st. Peter and Paul's

Cathy Perez

Peaceful place to just relax and take in the amazing weather.

Travis Cook

Always a beautiful day in the park.

Dan Erickson

Cool but not worth spending a lot of time here.

William Driscoll

Nice place to chill and hang out for a little while.

Patrick Traughber

Excellent park in the center of North Beach.

Jacob Jensen

Outdoor chill spot. Enjoy the vibes.


Nice place to have a peaceful time

Joseph Gordon

There is nothing to see but a fence. The park is under construction and hasn't been open for months.

Happy Medic

Park closed for extensive renovations.

C Tulkin

Beautiful park in the heart of North Beach. Downside, lots of homeless people but everyone is very friendly. New kids playground and bathrooms!

Irvin Yee

I was just wondering, why i was so amazed at the Tabernacle and church of the latter day saints in Temple square in Utah. Sure they were amazing, but what about this church WOW! In my mind just as beautiful.

Khem Green

Great place to relax and congregate. Check out the church with 666 address!


I was there on a bright sunny day in October. Many people gathering around. This place are well known as a training place of a famous American football player (I don't remember his name). He's also got married on the church near the square. I love this place, good vibes and not too far from Coit Tower.

Thep Phoubandith

Cool vibes and great for a relaxing lay on the lawn.

Joe Gordon

I just love the atmosphere at and around wAshington square . It is friendly almost as if you stepped into yesteryear . The quaint shops only lend to the feeling of being in a differentera.

Sayali Godbole

Small peaceful park nestled in between hustle and bustle of city. Good for a small walk or taking a break in trees

Chanki Jo

Beautiful place to take a walk and soak up some sun!

Anna Valadao

Nice place to relax. But it's in remodeling time right now, July 3, 2019.

it's De'Andre

This is a good park to just kick back and relax in. Especially with all of the restaurants there are in North Beach, I would often see people having picnics on the grass here. As well as a big group of older people doing Tai Chi every day.

Lenora Barbour

Pretty and there was a wedding about to take place.

Big Babi

Only had to use restroom but the kids that were there seemed to be having a blast


I love to sit&smoke weed with my Grandpa in front of the Cathedral

Matthew Sewell

Fantastic value and even better taste. Don't miss the Al Pastor.

Dj _salad24

Lot of opened space great for kids

Reagan Franklin

Beautiful place to visit

Hernaldo Molina

Great park for tennis and puppies! Just beware when coming through late at night that homeless abound. Not as big an issue during the day, but expect them.

Life Life

Nice park to visit,I think now they are renovating the playground for kids to look better .

Miguel Echevarria

Great area to come and visit!

Loy Vandiver

Great. Tony's is awesome.

Tu Lam

I've always liked this park. It's clean and the trees give you some shade. There's also benches for sitting but a lot of grassy areas to have picnics. We saw people playing ball, others doing Tai chi, or friends gathering at benches and just chit-chatting. considering that they're surrounded by some great places to eat on a nice day I definitely would like to do a picnic here with friends and just hang out enjoy and the weather

Madan J

Great picnic spot, facing the huge historic at Peter and Paul church. Has a small kids play area so heading to this park with kids is great in the noon and evenings. Also see a alot of people walking and playing with the pet dogs in this park, though the sign board asks guests to keep the pets on tags all time, I see people letting the pets loose here. Washington square is a couple of blocks from coit tower, so strongly recommend walking to coit tower while you are here for scenic views of the bay area.

Carlos Calves

Nice place to relax

Eric Ringger

Lively at night. LED jugglers and pizza or gelato around almost every corner.

Michael Barron

My old neighborhood in my old city really has more emotional memory than I thought or admit easily after looking at some of the pics of things in and around the park. Always a snack/ meal/ drink to be had before the hike up the hill to get home... or the pleasant walk down the hill, alone/ with friends/ the dog! This really is a meeting place to mesh the old/ new/ socialites/ artists... on the rare warm and sunny days the place is packed within people napping, tanning, picnics, frisbee and football, dogs.. a really great San Francisco place ! Super bonus are the summer movies in the park... many filmed right there as well. For a weekend visit or a neighborhood to settle down for the rest of your life.. this is a place to check out and then double, then triple check to just enjoy one of the oldest city parks in one of the city's oldest neighborhoods!

April Moreno

The most beautiful park and such a friendly environment for anyone. Loved it here.

Blair Wright

Beautiful little square with great food options. It's also close to Coit Tower which has great views

Marta S

Beautiful place to lay on the grass and have a drink on a nice sunny day!

Nancy Kim

Nice little spot to share a sandwich in the middle of the italian village.. Lots of transients though

Jiří Leipert

touching sacred place at the Cathedral

Edy Hatcher

Numerous historical monuments and an absolutely gorgeous park!

Krystel Mittnacht

Awesome place ,don't miss it !! Early free walking tours starting 8 am and 10 am

Eugene Pittman

LOVE KARAFINA!!! I have been going to her for over a year and a half. Always have a great cut and always get compliments. Not only is Karafina talented, she's rad to hang with!!!

Josephine Langford

Actually expected more from this cafe. It is pretty cool though, they try to make sure all seats are filled so people are not left standing and there's certain tables where you can't sit if you're using a laptop. I got the hot matcha latte because I wanted to art on it. I wanted the rainbow art on it but I think you've to make a special request on that one.

Abhinav Gupta

Really great place for a picnic

Jason Tomczak

Big, bustling green space in the heart of North Beach. It's a very nice spot with great views of the city skyline. There are a lot of great restaurants around it, and it's nice to get something to go and come here.

jorn kresten Nielsen

A small green oasis in the middel og the big city. The park will apparently be closed from May and 6 months forward

Francisco Villar Fajardo

Quiete zone with a Lot of restaurante. Good square to relax and picnic

World Wide Ed

Nice park in the North Beach area of San Francisco near popular eateries like Tony's and Joe's and a clear shot of Saints Peter and Paul Church across the street. Looks beautiful at sunset.

Radu Andarachi

It’s really a very park to go to. Not very big and spacious but the few benches there help aid the busy or tired travelers. You may see people walking the dog or running around. A nice place to rest. I guess all travelers might come by when in the area.

Maria Pappas

Beautiful inside. You feel blessed in such a quiet surrounding. Precious

Joe Glover

The church where Clint Eastood shot a scene from Dirty Harry. So beautiful inside and out. A must see in person. Pictures cannot do it enough justice.

Joseph Estefanos

I have so much more appreciation for North Beach after being to Italy

Danny Dolittle

Beautiful city but not very nice food


The focus of North Beach

Morgan McCloud

The square is currently being renovated, kind of a shame really because it takes away from the center pulse of North Beach & personally I feel the square is perfect as it was.

Nadia pink apartment

Atmosphere is amazing Viber

Christopher Tozzi

Its beautiful and awesome....until the homeless guy like today has his pants around his knees and zombie walks and stares at you while you eat. Great views, good place to chill and eat a slice, and lots of older chill people. Just too many crazies and people peeing on themselves walking around for random interactions....I know cause I live 5 blocks away for 20 years. It's been this way since I've lived here.

Kenny Madison

I walk through this Park everyday because if you live in San Francisco, then you know its the top of the hill.

Rudi DiPrima

I love Washington Square. The first public open space in San Francisco established after Portsmouth Square, the original Plaza. It is a great place to relax with friends and take a load off after lunch in North Beach or to read that book you just bought at City Lights Bookstore. The statues have their own stories to tell and the Catholic Church St.s Peter and Paul offers mass in several languages. The square itself offers the observer a chance to see many facets of what makes SF unique: early morning Tai Chi practitioners, locals play pick up volleyball games and picnic, artists show and sell their paintings. Last time I was there, I enjoyed a gelato I got at the place where Portofino used to be...if you don't know, don't ask.

Aleksandr Surkov

Life music in the evening.. a good place to chill out.

Marco Guttz

A nice place to walk through and if you get hungry Italian town is across the street.

Cathy Fong

Walk by the park all the time. Very clean and pleasant.

Danielle Gibson

I find myself often coming back to this park with no particular reason why, other than its convenient and people often bring dogs. Their is a large population of homeless people, but you will be pressed to find a park that doesn't in San Francisco.

William Perdue

Always something happening here. Especially on weekends. Great Italian restaurants in all directions.

Jamie Juett

Beautiful park in the middle of San Francisco.

Chris Sumi

Looked nice as I walked by

Ben Loved

Set in North Beach this welcome reprieve from City Life is a great spot to watch people , enjoy your lunch walk your dog or just sit and chat with friends and strangers . A great vibe when it works out . Lots of lovely sunshine never fails to help me lift my spirits . Cheers !!!!

Richard Schagrin

Built in 1847 and is one of the first parks in the city. Unfortunately it is currently closed because of renovations. It sits just below Coit Tower and across the street from Saints peter and Paul Church

Hernandez Sofia

Best place to catch some shade while having a coffee in lower Manhattan!


Such a pretty area. The trees here are beautiful!

Travel Lapse

Cool little park. Great photo ops. Lot of homeless people though (more than some areas of SF)


if u need cozy area..go there~~

Ubeter Doright

Beautiful park that is about to get a much needed makeover.

E. J. Van Horne

Laid back community park, friendly people.

Lawrence Salva

Relaxing, easygoing part of the city. Nice views, lots of good pizza nearby.

Simon C. Wilson

Gorgeous place, but normally has a decent sized crowd in it. There are several transients who take their rest here, so if that bothers you I just wouldn't roll up. Picnics are great if you bring a blanket for it. I think the houses from Full House are nearby too.

Calvin Punzalan

Nice run a long the Potomac

Kavion Lawrence

Crazy busy, crowded like hell but overall a nice place

Asi Le

Nice place close to the zigzag st

Dieter Schiele

Nice place to relax with a Coffee, watch people and enjoy the sun.

Vinod Motwani

It was under some renovation so could not see it

Alex Ramirez

Lots of pedestrian traffic, even at 10:30PM. Little Italy was bustling with late crowds.

John Kempf

Great place for afternoon nap!

TzuChiao Hung

We came to Washington square to have brunch at Mama's. People lined up at its door before it began. The food is realy yummy and so is the service. I shall come again if I go to San francisco.

Kathleen Fischer

A very relaxing place along the way to China Town

don jang

Currently inder renovation until octpber

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