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REVIEWS OF Wake Island Waterpark IN California

Griffen Davis Bier

Tons of fun. Variety of activities, friendly staff, solid price. Water burned my mouth so I think that means it pumped with chlorine. But it is so hot and the sand gets hot and not too many shady spots. Bring your own umbrellas or overhangs. Staff could be more attentive, one time the only lifeguard at the pool left for a minute and there was no one on duty.

Joseph Johnson

Good fun place to take the family

frank reyes

It was awesome get the day pass for everything. You won't be disappointed

Tiffany Hicks

Fun for all ages!! Not really baby friendly. Get there early to pick and set up spot on the beach. They no longer have Beach Hut Deli.

James Esparza

Fun place, beach swimming is $10 per person but free on Memorial Day weekend. Food from outside is not permitted, and the fast food is Ok but pricy. We will return.

Jeanine Randall

Decent amount of family fun. Prices are really too high for what they offer. I will not be going there again.

Monica Facchini

Friendly staff, clean safe environment. Fun time for the kids and a variety of things for them to do. Great experience!!

Robert S

Waited in line for an hour just to pay and get wristbands. Management said they were experiencing computer issues. Can’t be the first time since this place is so far out of town. They need to be better prepared for problems. Everyone in line was upset. Park has Lots of cool stuff for the kids.

Jackson Angel

Great staff maintained really well

Gladys T.

First timer - Couple tips: bring chairs and umbrellas and/or a shade shelter if you're planning on sitting on the small beach area. There is zero shade and it gets hot. It costs $10 if you're just there to watch your kids and wade in the water. Or, you can just sit on the tables with umbrellas for free. They provide life jackets with a paid obstacle course or wakeboard rental or you can bring your own. Food selection is minimal - ceaser salad, burgers, nachos, pizza, and a wrap. Slushies are delicious. Water, sparkling water, Gatorade. It's definitely a little costly. Wish Beach Hut was still there and they had fresh fruit/veggie options. They do have one water fountain where you could refill bottles. Plan to be there all day. The obstacle course isn't open when they open at 11am, doesn't open till 12pm for some reason and only is open every hour on the hour. Play time is actually only 45 min, and not an hour. Wakeboarding can be done at anytime. Time starts when you scan your wristband.

Benjamin LeDoux


Viyaliy Bulanov

Good place to spend a day in. You should definitely should try their burgers there simply the Best

Sara Gowin

This place was a lot of fun but I didn't like that you can't bring your own food and drinks to the beach section. You can't even bring bottle water. Its pretty pricey too.

Mary B

Bring your own beach umbrellas and chairs!!! There are no shaded areas in this place. On a hot day, its miserable being here therefore takes away the fun. Owners should invest in building some shaded areas.

Colton Ashby

Awesome place! We went with a large group and couldn't get enough of the obstacle course. The staff was friendly and helpful. Many people in our group tried Wakeboarding for the first time and the staff went above and beyond to help! The food was also delicious

Arika Rademacher

Had a Blast with my friends BUT will never go back. The “water” is super gross and slimy on the bottom in the obstacle area. The “pool” area the bottom had some rough concrete you gotta walk on sooo yea been there done that

jason parker

i loved my day here! if i lived closer id get a season pass.

James Milin

Fantastic spot with great employees. My buddy and I are just getting back into wake boarding and went to Wake Island to check it out. We were pleasantly surprised with how supportive and helpful the staff and cable operators were. We received a lot of free tips/tricks that led to a safe and successful day at the park.

Korinne Tarp

Fun Lake was my only stop, now wake boarding, and 45 minutes might not seem like much on course but you'll be tired before it's over. Well worth the price for a day of fun. Only Shade on the shore so bring sunscreen!

Angela Anthony

Fun place to take kids of all ages. Love that they have a Beach Hut Deli!

kani am

Had an awesome time!

Eta Edmon

Awesome water park. Kids will have a blast parents can chill and relax. Wish they would let you bring in a small cooler walking to get water is the only draw back

Cheron Currie


Kim Emery

I loved this place and my kids had a blast. No shade so bring your umbrellas, easy ups, etc.

Ryan Andrewson

Always a fun spot, something for everyone, wakeboarding, beach, obstacles, paddle board, and zip line.


Great place to cool down. Don't forget to bring chairs and canopy if you are thinking of lounging on the beach.

Stacy Long

Clean, organized. The kids loved the waterpark.

Dennis Golomazov

Great wakeboarding for reasonable price. Can be quite crowded on the weekends, so it’s better to come earlier. They close in late October. We came on the last weekend and the water was still not cold and it was sunny and nice.


Just driving I found this place was open I stopped in which was free to do and had a kids area which is cool just can't leave them.and go to the other side of the park it's not very big but it plenty of fun from what it's seems I didn't try anything but from the looks of it it's super fun and can't wait to be back to try it out.

Elvis Ingersoll

I had a wonderful time here with my friends. I definitely recommend the obstacle course. Great for laughs and good memories.

natasha thomason

Amazing!! So much fun I'm not disappointed!

drones and photography

It is great

1 HP Shield

It's wonderful, with the obstacle course, hamster wheels, peddle boats, beach, and zip lines! The water looks like kool-aide which makes you feel comfortable.

Garrett Renz

Kids had a blast on the obstacle course. The trainer teaching wake boarding at the the tower2tower class 3-4 today was great. Awesome staff all around. Great place we'll be back.

Byrdie Millard

The kids had a blast here and so did I..the obstacle course is a challenging. Zip line fun. The cost is reasonable. Food was good and good priced. Definitely recommend this place!!!!! Staff was great to.

Jay Nino

Pretty cool little spot.

Ci Lo

Not too crowded during a weekday which was nice. Definitely bring your own wake board and you can wake board for the whole day for $10. It's not easy though, if you are a beginner. The obstacle course was a blast too. You have to pick out your own life vest, free of charge and then swim out to start the course. The course last 45 minutes. Food is a bit pricey and they will pile on the mustard and mayo for you if you don't say otherwise. I spilt my sandwhich. That way I can make room for a beer ($4 a cup). There are plenty of signs around the park that reads, " No Outside Foods or Drinks". Bur who is checking?? Overall, get ready to have fun and wear yourself out! I did...


If your looking for a great place to go on a hot day and have some fun, definitely check this place out.

Truly Vang

Wake island is off the hook! 10/10 would go again. Food was delicious, service was kind and available, the quality it so apparent. I had so much fun on the obstacle course. The inflatables are a unique way of enjoying a lake. At first i was like "only 45 minutes on the course? Is that gonna be enough?" But then when i actually went on the course, i was like "when is the 45 minutes up?" Lol. I hope this company grows so much that they are able to increase in size and have more obstacles attached to the one they already have. Next time I'm gonna need to challenge myself and try the wake boarding! Gotta support this place so they can grow and only get better than how great they already are.

N for Noah

Reasonably priced, super fun!

Karla Ibarra

I took my children ages 16 and 10 and they both had a blast! We went on a perfect day when weather was eighty degrees so it wasn’t too hot. There’s no shaded area on the beach part of the park so definitely bring umbrella and something to sit on since sand gets really hot. We had two chairs but kids never sat once. I would also bring water shoes if possible. Food is not allowed so we ate there and it wasn’t too expensive. We bought one med soda and two orders of pizza and still left some because their slices are pretty big. Pizzas were pretty good! You are allowed to bring water bottles so that was a smart thing to do on our part. We bought the unlimited wrist band for $30 each even though we arrived at 1:30pm and I think it was the better deal since they had access to everything without worrying about the time. My kids favorite part was paddle boarding and zip lining. The obstacle courses were fun too but they stuck with the other things. Finally I can say the staff was friendly, professional, kind, and had great customer service. We were particularly impressed with a young man (lifeguard) named Matt. We will be back! Please support this water park because we want them around for a long time even if it’s an hour drive for me


Loved it everyone had so much fun

Logan MacDougall

It's fun but pricey

Whitney Wise

Drove up from San Diego for the weekend and let me tell you, it was worth the 8 hour drive! Wake Island is a fun-filled spot for all ages. The new Aqua Park was a blast. Lifeguards were all friendly and helpful to first timers and the younger kids. It's definitely a workout but tons of fun! Tried the cable park for the first time.. Let's just say I've got a long ways before I'm flying around the park but the guys running the cable were so patient and extremely helpful on tips to become better and staying up which made it that much more enjoyable. The entire park is extremely clean and ran by an efficient and friendly staff. Enjoyable for all ages! If you're looking for a fun and affordable place to bring the family and beat the heat, Wake Island is definitely the place to be.

Brian Evans

Great place, bring yourself some shade for the beach

Leslie Garcia

Awesome!!! This place it's amazing

kristina mounatin

Wake Island is a fun place for the whole family! I took my 16 year old and her friends for her birthday, and they absolutely loved it! My four younger kids came who are 3, 6, 9, and 12! They also had a ton of fun! Their favorite thing was definitely the Aqua Park! We did two sessions, and that was perfect! I think 1 would have been fine too! It was definitely a bit pricey, so I would only recommend going on special occasions! Aqua Park is great for kids and adults! It's also very safe and fun! After Aqua Park we usually hang at the beach they have there, so it can occupy you the whole day! Also my husbeen and son go to the wake boarding there, and it's also great! My family loves Wake Island!

Mark Urquhart

I've been twice with two different kids and they seem to like it. The obstacle course is great fun, jumping splashing and climbing over large inflatable floating shapes. basic food/drink service. Its miles from anywhere and you can't bring in your own food. The surfboarding looks difficult and seems to be dominated by off-season snowboarders showing off, but that's to be expected, I guess. Not my thing, but the kids liked it so ...

Leata Alataua

Nice family place, get there early to reserve your area, also the food is cheap and pretty good. Nice facility, nice staff that are also very friendly and helpful, only vice is seeing the rust and seaweed under the areas where the jumpers are.

Mike Robinson

Great place to kill some time and enjoy the beach without having to drive out to the coast. There are plenty of activities to do here if you have the funds, but even if you're on a budget, it's a nice place to just relax in a beach setting. The floating obstacle course was pretty fun as well, but it was a bit flat for my liking. If you're looking for more slides and things to climb out of the obstacle course, you may want to check out Velocity Park in Woodland; otherwise, this is a great alternative!

Will McD

Such a great place to take the family! The obstacle course was so much fun!

Garett Waters

A great cable park and floating obstacle course make Wake Island fun for the whole family. They also have a great grassy picnic area as well as a beach volleyball area. Plus they serve food and drink. Staff always goes above and beyond. I love this place.

Cooper Farms GP

Awesome water attraction near Sacramento

Jeff DeMaria

Great idea, really poor execution. Signage is confusing and staff are unhelpful. Booking online is basically pointless as you still have to stand in line to provide credit card and ID on arrival. Line took so long we only got 25-30 mins of 45 min Aqua Park time. Lifegaurds were super bored teenagers uninterested in answering simple questions. It's too bad because this place could be a ton of fun but the lack of interest or care demonstrated by staff make this place an uninviting chore.

Cameron Nagler

Surprising it isn’t more crowded!


gotta go again place is awsome very relaxing fun for the kids

Flash 80

This place has something for everyone.. So what if they don't let you bring food in.. EAT BEFORE YOU GO!!!! Drink Water! The wake boarding is great. I know it's a pain to get up the first time, but come on people, have you ever tried to do it behind a boat? No, well, I can say, it is just as hard!!!

Donn Van Dusen

Fun place to hang out with family and friends

Itai Leshniak

Very cool. I love the atmosphere, easy going and friendly people.

Nick Soboleski

Man.. I have rented boats to wake board in the past. No more... This place has all you need and more.. I'll be back!

Justin Johnson

Great family fun

Sherry Lopez

Something for all ages. Fun sun water activities for older kids that guaranteed to tire them out!

Mary White

We go often, but it's the frst time this year. They got big catfish n the swim water. I tried to help them get rid of some...but they said I couldn't. Lol. I was gonna take some fishn net was n the truck.

Christian Lockard

Wake Island Waterpark is great! Super friendly staff. I watched a number of the staff take time to help some of the beginners learn how to slide off the start ramp and you could just see that they were hooked. Such a positive environment, great place to hang out and relax, the cable is by far one of the best I have been to and the new aquapark is awesome. We were all taken back at just how much fun everyone was having. Definitely going to come back again and again to this place. Met the owner on the last trip there and you can just tell that this place was created to bring something totally different and unique to the area. Fantastic place, if you haven't been yet, this place is a must.

Kaleb Gentrup

Great family fun! The obstacle course will wear you out.

Grant Moody

The kids loved it

Matthew Amis

Pretty nice waterpark (the zipline is a great feature), but it would benefit from having shaded spots near the water.

christine park

Lots of rules for when times start and a bit unorganized for where to get gear and where to buy tickets for what. Needed more directions on how their system works as the staff weren't very clear either. Kinda wandered from place to place. Overall not bad, but for the selections they have it's a bit pricier than Raging Waters. The owners are very nice though.

Arko 209

I’m going tomorrow can I bring in food ? Like drinks chopos sandwich’s and etc?

Faviana Alvarez

Great place to have fun with family and friends.

Willie Anderson

Loved it!

Heidi Parod

Came here for my sons 7th grade end of year trip. Had a blast climbing & falling into the water. Staff was friendly as well. The only thing I didn’t like about this place is the many little spiders.

andrew t

Great time for the kids. I left sore and tired from falling off the floats. Would go again. Just remember to take motrin afterwards.


Wake island park is the best destination in Cali to enjoy wakeboarding. The facility offers a wide range of activities for the whole family including beach area for the kids, volleyball, etc. My only complaint is the place lacks shaded areas and a better options for restaurants.

Alex Osadchyy

Great place to spend a day for kids and adults

Manuel Guzman

Place is trash rude workers and they gave my food to someone else because it took 5 min to get it.

Ron Bolton

Its like going to mexico on a vacation but not.

Nicole Gallier

Disappointed in the life guards. My 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son were on the obstacle court when a group of 6-8 boys ages 13-15 started pushing my kids and many others off rapidly. Calling them names and trying to fight my son. When my daughter told the life guard she said "what do you want me to do about it". Well I want you to protect my kids why there in your care. She did nothing and let these kids harass my kids and many other. We paid for all day and ended up leaving.

TrinityNoel Dantice

Great place for my son to have fun. Love.the beach area too, where I can relax! Watching the wake boarders is pretty awesome too.

kc 140

It was so fun and I would come back again and again

Anne Wardlow

My grandkids and I had so much fun running around on the island, slipping and sliding into the water than swan at the beach for a while. Next times visit my include the zip line. They also have a tow rope line that wake boarders were having a blast jumping ramps.

Brandon Thomas

For being the first of its kind in the North State, Wake Island is a boarders dream. The facilities are great, the water is perfect, even when its crowded the wait to get on the cable is only a couple minutes, and the staff is some of the best bunch of guys I've met in a while. I am a boat rider normally and am pretty good at it but was a little intimidated by the cable system, being my first time. The guys who work there were more than willing to give me some pointers and before I knew it I was riding the kickers and rails like I knew what I was doing. You'll definitely see me out there on days when we just can't / won't be hitting the lake.

it's De'Andre

Best waterpark I've ever been too, worth every penny. Try everything.

eugene thomas

So much fun! If you do the water obstacle, be prepared to use your upper body strength. You need stamina, too. This is easy for young kids (elementary). We tried knee boarding (not wake boarding) as beginners. Very difficult but well worth it once you get the hang of it. Always keep your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, keep low and lean forward, and don't let the rope pull you.

terrie t

The water park was surprisingly better then what I expected. Great place to go with family the kid's had a ball. Staff was great and helpful while checking in. The young man that helped us yesterday had excellent customer service. ...mind you we had a party of 15!!! The best part of my review is my husband left his bag there & when I called and spoke to the owner Noel he was honest enough to tell me that the $445 he had in this small pocket was still there. I will always be grateful for that! Counted the money right on the phone with me!

Aries Black

Kids had a blast.. kinda pricey but fun.

Jerome Van Dyke

It's a nice place hang out at.

Coppa Shotta

Dam fun

Caleb Douglas

Absolutely no shade, definitely need to invest in making the beach area shady and opening up the rest of the areas within the trees for families to spend time and spread out. Obstacle course kind of expensive but for us yearly attendees, we will pay it. Beware of the beautiful blue/green chemical laced waters, don't know what is being used to turn water into the color it is.

Miguel Heredia

Naice plece for fan Day

Linda Pallotta

Such a fun place to go. Activities for kids and adults alike. Food, fun, and sun. Lay on the beach if that's all you want to do or play on the inflatable obstacle course. They have stand-up boards, wake boards, and other types of activities, too. Great place to go for fun. You can go and just watch, too, in certain areas. If you're older and on the inflatables, you might want to work on your upper body strength because you'll be using it a lot.... kids don't seem to have a problem!!! I liked the fact that the course wasn't as difficult as it had been in previous years so us older and out of shape people can still enjoy it.

Steven Hall

This was our first time to Wake Island and our teenage boys had a blast. This time around we did not water ski/ knee board, but we did make use of the obstacle course and the water hamster wheels. Tips: - outside food and drink are not allowed. However, I was able to bring in my Klean Kanteen filled with water. They do have a deli snack shack available- just be prepared to pay theme-park-type prices. -they have a swimming beach for families, however we found it to be more strange than appealing. The water is a strange color (on purpose in order to prevent algae growth) and the edges of the water line can get a bit murky. Instead, we opted to observe the obstacle course from the shade shelter set up near the start line. - we were told that beginner water ski lessons (with a slower cable pull) are held on Saturday mornings. Check their website for more info.

Realtor Jeffery Martin Real Estate Service

Was closed in Dec when I went by to check it out since I was driving right by, looked very cool from the air when I flew my drone by.

iulian Dragomir

This was the only place my kids really love it

Michael Chang

Lines to get wristbands are very long, even if you've bought tickets online in advance. Also you have to buy the overpriced food here; no outside food is allowed (even in the parking lot). The aqua park and beach were a lot of fun, and the location is very convenient to Sacramento.

LaTonya White

7/17/2019 Could we bring our own food ? Is there bbq pits there ?

Francisco FloresLanda


Heather Fischer

This was an awesome place if you are an active person. Got a little busy in the afternoon but was great till about 1pm. The course is very challenging if you don't wear shoes. Food is good & they serve beer but only can drink it at the tables near the food places not on the beach. Lots to do but have to pay for each thing individual thing.

Stephen McCoy

Great cable park for all levels. However, not matter what, you need to splurge and play on their "wipe-out" like inflatable adventure park. Great for all ages and makes you feel like a kid. In general, EXTREMELY family friendly. For those wake-oriented, great tables to stash your stuff at and enjoy the day. Foot friendly for when you have to walk it out, back to the deck.

Katie Wildasin

The Aqua Park is fun, but 45 minutes doesn't seem long enough for the price. $10 per person for the beach is really expensive, especially when you're only sitting at the beach because your little one isn't tall enough to do anything else. Overall, it's a fun place, but really expensive.

Richard John

A water park on several lakes just west of Roseville, Ca. It has a inflatable adventure park on the water. It will test your balance skill and good for kids 8 and up. Must wear life vest. It also has a wake board circular track with jumps that uses a motorized line to pull you at about 17 mph around the lake. Limited food service, lockers, changing room. There is also a place to swim and a sand beach. sand volleyball court. You can bring chairs and an umbrella. No coolers or food from the outside. Each item has a fee, except you can watch for free. Free parking. Not too crowded during the week days.

Dolores Cabrera

Well was not all that parking was far ! No shade ! You can't take food in ! You have buy there food $$$$$ and No shade ! I will not go back ! Been there done that !

Josiah McMenamy

Our experience was absolutely terrible and disappointing. We arrived there at 5:15, thinking that we could spend a couple of hours having fun on their inflatable obstacle course. We were then told that the inflatable course closes at 6, so we purchased a beach pass for 10 dollars instead to swim in a small area of water sectioned off with buoys. They didn't think to tell us that the beach area also closes at 6, so we had about 20 minutes total to swim in the extremely blue water before they prematurely pulled us out of the pool(they definitely put a die in the water to make it more blue). To tie up the whole trip with an insulting little bow, we were rushed off the also small beach area while we waited for some friends using the bathroom. All in all, they made 110 dollars off of our group so we could swim for 20 minutes, all while giving us poor customer service and not telling us when the beach would close. I will make it my mission in life to never patronize this establishment again. I would give this place 0 stars if I could. If you are planning a trip to Wake Island in your near future, I would highly suggest you visit the much more enjoyable and friendly Sunsplash water park. Or better yet, just swim in a person's pool at their house if you can. The water would be much more refreshing than the lukewarm soup that we swam in.

Ngoc Tuan Huynh


Joy McLaughlin

Fun little spot for the kids and adults to play. Water obstacle course, swimming, Wake boarding to name just a few odds and ends.

michael smith


Mahallia Budds

This place is awesome! The staff is friendly and great with children. If you're a beginner, it's the perfect place to learn and progress. If you're advanced, the park features are on point. Very fun place - good vibes all around!

Sam Gelder

Aqua park and wakeboarding highly recommended

Violetel Rants

It was fun and very nice but the slide on the obstacle course gave me burns:(

Derrick Banks

My daughter and Niece had one of the best times of there life go check them out ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

alex arellano

Aqua Park is the main attraction for me and the group I bring. We came the last two years and will continue to come because of the respect shown by management. The battery to our bus died while parked in the parking lot and the owner himself came out and jump-started the bus. Good people own this business.


This place is awesome!

Nohealani Nebeker

Sooooo fun! Take a tent for shade and a blanket or chairs to sit on.

Kimberly Reed

Okay, this place is RIDICULOUSLY cool. Only critique I would give is marketing. We went for the obstacles course and family play area. We were NOT disappointed. The bummer was not knowing about the wakeboarding section. It was soooo amazing. If i had known, I would have budgeted and planned the day better with the kids. Honestly when I saw the wakeboard side, i wanted to ditch my lovely children and do my own thing (did I just say that?) But seriously either option, family obstacle side or wakeboard side was a win!

Rasma LaBuff

Kids had a blast there. They loved the inflatable obstacles the most. The zip line and hamster wheels were super fun, too. Not too busy on a weekday at the end of August. No huge lines. Just perfect! The food - we ordered cheese pizza - was really good. Pricey but good. I enjoyed watching men and women wakeboard. Don't be shocked by the color of the water- milky white.

Rianna Dutra

Kids and I went to do the obstacle course and I was down & wiping out first couple steps . My son 10yrs old & friend were running through it. I enjoyed watching them. Great place to get kids tired and entertained. Life guards are great they found my sunglasses that came off on one of my falls.

james dequina

Good place to try something new, for activities they have an obstacle, wave boarding, a mini beach, paddle boarding

Elizabeth Nunez

Super fun to go for a day. The pricing is reasonable. The only thing is that the beach part is pretty small. The zip line and quick jump was great.

G Daisy

This place is so fun. They need to clean the bottom of the floats because there is mold on them

Anthony Thomas

Do it! The park is super fun. The staff is extra helpful. If it's your first time in a cable park, definitely get the lesson. It really smoothes out the learning curve.

Meadow J

The aqua park was a lot of fun! It was more exhausting and challenging than I'd anticipated! There were definitely a lot of people in our session, but that really wasn't an issue. Take a good shower after; as we weren't sure what chemicals were in the water to make it so blue... It was also fun to watch the people in the cable park!

Kristall Glover

I would give it 5 stars but the zip line is slower than anticipated and the sand is horrible it should be misted a couple times a day other than that this place is Amazing

Akshay Jawharkar

Great place if you want to learn some wakeboarding or just chill by the beach in the water. They have cables that run around the smaller lake and the wake boarding is fairly gentle (even the advanced speeds are a decent speed to learn on). The water looks like its been dyed. Our biggest challenge was the mosquito. Bunch of folks in our group had really nasty mosquito bites from visiting this place. The staff is really nice and super friendly.

Miami clark

We Absolutely loved this place! This was our first visit and we will be back. We purchased the thrill pass which included the inflatables, beach and zip line. There's also a chill pass with paddle boats, beach and paddle boarding. Wake boarding is separate and seems to have the biggest draw. Bring floaties for the beach, loungers etc. Just have them pumped up before hand or bring your own pump. You can bring beach umbrellas, beach chairs and portable shelters which I recommend as there's really no shade. Small and large lockers are available to rent to store your valuables. No outside food is allowed. Remember the sun screen and enjoy yourself!

Jene Callahand

Kids had a blast! It was nice to let my kids (age 8, 13, 16) just Go while the adults chilled in the shade. The burgers were huge and freaking amazing, I was not expecting that.

Disagreeable Adventures

I enjoy my time there. The water is pretty nasty looking, so swimming around feels fairly gross. The inflatable course is large enough to have a decent crowd on it at the same time. I did not wake board, so I can't review that portion.


I had a blast, the stuff is great. Especial thanks to Chad, who guided me through wakeboarding. I was able to hit one ramp and do slides on my first day. So a huge shout out to Chad.

Rachelle Valenzuela

This place was a blast I will definitely be returning. Super friendly staff and very clean

Chris M

Kinda pricey but worth it. I do not recommend doing the cable park unless you are able to get up on a wakeboard.

Crazy O Jay

Wish they had more stuff to do. But what they do have will exhaust you! Fun time overall.

Linda Mcelroy

Wonderful park. Amazing time! Will go again

Cindy Dichiara

We went last summer with 3 boys and had an awesome time. My grandsons are coming for a visit again and we can’t wait to visit again.


Love the place just fun and relaxing no problems

No Show

I had my daughter's graduation party here. We did have a lot of confusion in regards to prices for group rates. But when it was all said and done everyone had a blast and we would definitely do it again


Pros: Well built rails, boxes, and kickers for the wake boarders. You can put together some sick lines here. Really cool floating obstacle course for the kids (or adults too. Obstacles are never not fun.) Cons: The cable pass prices are a little higher than other cable parks They only let you ride doubles if you have an annual membership Board shop selection is small The cons aren't even a big deal honestly. This place is awesome.

Matt Gardner

Great introduction to wakeboarding. Everyone at the park was great - thank you! Excited to come back.

Dylan Aebi

I love this place! Very clean and a great place for team bonding !

Kayden Maly

Awesome place! Great setup, very kid friendly and helpful staff

Tony Arnone

Lots of fun. Cool place on a hot day!

Jeff Schaffner

Excellent spot to spend a day with the kids. Spend the extra 10 bucks or so depending on weekends or weekdays to get the Thrill Pass for unlimited aqua park sessions. The wakeboard cable park is fun if you get there early so as to not have to wait forever to get a ride. Food is crazy expensive but to be expected. Overall a fun place to take the family or a group of friends.

Sherrieann Short


Jimmy Sills

Very fun lots to do on a hot summer day

Cristian Rangel

It was so fun! If you do the wakeboarding, just let the monitor person know, and he/she will give you tips and help you out. I just started today, and they helped me out a ton. Helpful advice: bring sunscreen and Advil.

Jaqueline Barrios

This place was awesome. Not too crowed it was just right for a family day

Kiki 2970

SOOOOOO much fun... Only problem is they dye the water blue

Sophia Flores

My kids had a blast and the beach area is very clean

Frank Honore

Awesome spot for improving skills! Go weekdays if you can. Cheaper and no crowds.

Anthony Hoang


Kat S

Super fun.

Breezy Martin

Took my brother twice while he was visiting. He loved it. He isnt the most active kid but he had a lot of fun. We did the obstacle course both times. It would be nice if they created an all day pass or family pass though, we would have definitely gone more than 2x if that was the case. I'll definitely be back. The staff was great too.

Erikka Robinson

Service was not very good

Tyler Nodine

Wake Island is rad! When I went it was my first time wake boarding at a cable park and it was easy to pick up. The staff is super helpful and they all rip. Its a great place to hang out and watch the action too. I highly recommend a visit.

Reyna Avalos

The obstacle course is very fun. The beach area is not very big but it’s nice to hang out at and catch your breath after the obstacle course

Melissa Romero

I don't know why they sell beer if you can't go sit down in the sand and drink it

Juan Rios

Smaller than expected, but definitely fun! You have to be in shape to navigate the obstacle course, or you'll be making a fool of yourself by slipping and falling in the water (which is quite fun, to be honest!) I definitely will bring my family back again!

Christine Ramirez

Clean beaches. Wish there were more places to sit on the shade. You have to bring your own chairs and pop ups.

Tonya Tenesia

Bought the birthday party package and it was well worth it. Our group had so much fun. We did wake boarding with such a great instructor who was patient and helpful. Then we went on the aqua park which is hard but awesome. Next zip lining and then the hamster wheel. A full day of activities fun for the whole family.

Rippling Waters

It was okay but I wouldn't come back but I prefer ocean over lakes

3xpensive Habitz

Excellent for birthday party's or if you just want to exhaust the kids

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