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Where is The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter?

REVIEWS OF The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter IN California

BJ Ganzagan

If your love Harry Potter then you'll love this place. Though it is only like a side section of Universal, it's enough for me. Loved eating at the Three Broomsticks restaurant, the atmosphere was all wizarding world and the food was good too.

Jacob Marsh

It's pretty small. But the girlfriend is a huge Harry Potter nerd, so she absolutely loves it. The Christmas time fake snow was cool. The night light show on Hogwarts is pretty cool but the whole place gets packed leading up to be sure to get there early to find a good spot to watch it

Gabriel Santillan

The store's are a bit of a cash grab. But the rides are out of this world

Julia Lexx

Amazing place! I'm in love with wizarding world of Harry Potter

Catie Moyer

Absolutely loved my visit. Even the restrooms fit the theme. It was like stepping into the books. Very crowded. Definitely suggest getting the app to keep an eye on wait times.

SunKissez MSP

I loved it I went to the harry potter rides 3 times and the hippogriff 2 times. The first time on the harry potter ride it stopped but then came on not even 2 minutes later.but the ride is a 4 seater and you fly up in the air. The hippogriff is a tiny rollarcoaster and I do very much recommend going here

Spiderhuan M

Other than not really being a fan of Harry Potter it was interesting. The scenery is amazing and the detail is impressive.

leslie Long

Love love love it. Best part of Universal. Totally immersed in the HP world

Scott Clements

Cool rides, good food, fun interactive simulations with the wands!! Over all awesome experience :D

Steve Wike

My kids Hogwarts fantasies cam a little true, a very well executed attraction and the butterbeer is delicious.

Tyson Hansen

Loved it! Best part of Universal Studios! The only thing that would make it better is if it wasn't so crowded.

Aftan Damon

Phenomenal! Smaller than Florida but still awesome!

Catherine Scorsese

Loved it! The World itself is AMAZING! The attention to detail is superb. Had a fantastic lunch at the Three Broomsticks, so much better than your average theme park fare. The child switch option for families with kids who are too young for …

Betty Quiroz

Great ride, lines are efficient but wait is too long. Wear hats, bring snacks, and water.

Eduardo Pedreño

Excellent ride, extraordinary in every aspect. Wait times are significant so it is recommended to do it first thing in early morning.

Danyell Lockwood

The rides are amazing Harry Potter ride in the castle is my favorite

Sarah Gilpin

This place was like a dream! It looks and feels like you're in the movie. Loved all the little shops and looking at every item as if I were really there.

Thomas Clay

Forget reality, enjoy fantasy, go if you can.

Bryon Moffitt

It’s like walking into the movies, the butter beer is delicious, I recommend getting your butter beer at the hogs head, usually a much shorter line

Luis Verduzco

The rides were AMAZING! The wait did not feel long since there was so much to see inside the castle! It felt as if you were actually at Hogwarts and there was even the talking/moving portraits. I loved everything of it!

Debbie Brown

Looks awesome and really wanted to get on the ride but it closed early. Bummer

Larry Hayes

Wonderful adventure but be prepared to stand in line

Lian Steinberg

I loved it! Walking through hogsmeade in my newly purchased wizarding robes and wand in hand was a magical experience! The 4D ride was pretty cool too as was eating in the three broomsticks and seeing all the HP references scattered about.

Brittany Ordonez

I LOVE Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books. So I was super excited to visit Universal. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has, by far, the best rides at Universal Studios. Not only are the rides awesome but waiting in line is awesome as well. The wait went by fast because there was just soooo much to look at! The entire world looks like you are in the movie. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back and take my kiddos!

Nikolai Santos

Amazing, I'd reccomend it for anyone going to Universal Studios. It's a must see

Andy Chung

Skip the Ollivanders. Not worth the wait. The forbidden journey was awesome. My 8 and 10 years loved it. Note that you cannot carry any bags to the ride. Store them in the free lockers. Note that the locker is about 12 inches square shape, but deep. Everything Harry Potter are expensive. Simple made in China wands are over $40 each.

Brianna Tello

It was absolutely magical! The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I went to go on the Harry Potter ride and I had to get off because I was too big. I was disappointed and the worker felt the need to escort me to the end of the ride. I felt like he made it much more emotional than it should have been. I was with 2 people who were tiny, and he was making it weird by taking my entire party into a back room and saying something along the lines of "someone in the group didn't get 3 clicks." We all knew it was me, and it just made me feel bad. I was prepared for this to happen and I was expecting a very low key conversation with just me about it, but he made it incredibly awkward. Other than that the workers made the experience magical beyond words!

Rich Feit

There are a few rides. The main one (a motion+video experience where you feel like you're flying on a broomstick) is fun, though not recommended right after breakfast. The roller coaster is nothing special. Diagon Alley is pretty effectively replicated. We really did not enjoy the "class system" that's effectively in place, where your children can perform "magic" (e.g., making a box open up in a shop window) all along the alley... if you buy them wands, something like $60 if I'm remembering correctly.

Daniel Powell

The earlier the better. Afternoon was when the crowd doubled, but still extremely fun for the entire day. Though tbh, the only thing worth visiting at the park.

Humphrey Christopher

Cool Ride. Line went quickly so it was well worth the ride. It would have been worth it even with a longer wait as well. Better than most of the other rides at Universal.

Eddie Boal

"Yer a Wizard" - when you're here. Pretty neat, bring lots of money with you and you'll basically be flying around in your robe drinking Butter Beer.

Dum Dum

It is truly amazing and magical. Every potterhead would really want to be here. It really put you into the experience but dont forget to wear your robes on. It offers two rides where you would enjoy the wizarding world. You can also cast some spells to some areas as long as you have the magic wand bought in Ollivander's shop. At night, they also display the Dark Art's show.

M. C.

Absolutely loved it just what I imagined Hogwarts to be geeked out first time there

Christina Narayan

I love HP World, but I feel like some of the staff aren't as friendly as others and kind of dampens the experience. I just went for the Light Show and it is soooo amazing!!!! Definitely reccomend! I did have trouble that at the time I went they ran out of vegetarian options to accommodate some of my friends that went with me.

Jeremy Howard

This place is really great. If your into the Happy Potter series it's a must do. Now we went for my wife. I have never read the books and have only seen most the movies because of her. That being said even I had a great time. It's great opportunity for fans to wear a potter outfit and carry a wand and it be a normal fine place to do so. I think that's great. So if your a fan of the series you need to experience this place. Also get a butter beer. Its fantastic.

Russ Mitchell

Excellent experience for kids of all ages. Live shows are enjoyable for the kids, and older "kids" (aka. adults). Coaster isn't amazing for the wait, but the other ride is great!

John Thecoalminer

scared. Theme park! The attention to detail is immense and I couldn't be more impressed. I was in constant amazement even after spending a few hours their. I felt as though I could spend a few more hours there. I spent the $ on the interactive wand and I dont regret it one bit. Bravo!

Krysti Araque

Feels just like you've stepped foot into one of the movies - even the employees stay in character! Food is decent, butterbeer was good but not something I'd go back for. All Universal's rides felt short but maybe I expected more.

Eli J

The ride there stopped the first time so it kinda changed my experience by the end of it. Went again, though, and it was still as fun and terrifying as it can be to a person scared of heights. The look of the building is really cool and being there gives off such a good feeling. The shops are so cool and you really do feel like a little kid experiencing magic. They have a cool train and walking through and into stores made me really giddy.

Jeremiah Markes

Awesome! Very fun experience the Christmas light show at Hogwarts was amazing. Don't be tricked by the line for the wand fitting though an hour and a half in line for a 5 minute recreation of the scene where they choose the childs wand. They randomly selected a kid from the crowd made them feel special gave them the chosen ones wand and then proceeded to usher us into the shop to purchase expensive wands and things. The kids parents still had to pay for the wand the kid received in the show but at a discounted price. Way to use a child to gain a sale. How do you tell your child I'm sorry I can't afford to pay 70 dollars for the wand that chose you I'm sorry baby

Louis Nava

I'm not enthusiastic about this place at all. It's super basic; I would give it a 3 star on the food but the price to quality ratio is dragging this one down to a 2 star rating. Let's talk about the fail backward on the food. By the looks of it you would think you are getting a hearty and tasty feast. My family and I had the ribs plate and fish n' chips. The presentation is mouthwatering... But the taste reminds me of what we used to eat at hometown buffet. The batter on the fish was greasy and had no seasoning what so ever. As for the ribs, the BBQ sauce was your basic sauce in a bottle... The meat was super tender which was great... Fell right off the bone ... But once again had no real BBQ taste to it...Did y'all microwave these things? Not to mention one of the slabs of ribs was super fatty and not much meat there. I'm kind of saddened by this as this was something we had looked forward to. Good thing the staff are so helpful and are epic in so many ways. Michael in particular was great with his customer service skills. If y'all are gonna be charging as much as you do you gotta up your game, seriously.

Chris Bart

We enjoyed our visit to the world of Harry Potter! We went on a Saturday, so it was very busy. We all enjoyed the Butter Beer

Kirenia Vincelette

Omg I love, love this place. I've already been back twice and I plan to go in December

Natalie Quinn

Amazing attention to detail, but one of the rides would stop during operation occasionally. Still amazing!

Bee Rivera

One of my favorite places in all of California. Our family is obsessed with Harry Potter, and this place is an overload of wish fulfillment. Wish you had gotten your wizarding letter? No problem, come visit Hogwarts! Wish you had a wand? Go to Ollivander's, get your wand and then use it to cast spells all over the park! Wish you could fly a broom? Take a ride on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey! Wish you had your own Owl to deliver your letters and parcels? Stop at the Owl Post for a new friend! Have a craving for movie inspired sweets? Try Honeydukes for your chocolate frog! Wish you could visit platform 9 ³/⁴? Stop at Hogsmeade Station to visit the train and conductor! And to top it all off, there is talk about continuing expansion of this already amazing section of Universal Studios. If you love Harry Potter (or just a good time) go visit!

Jianing Wang

Anyone who has seen the movies will love seeing the attractions of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. When I first arrived, I wanted to go in every shop and every ride. The amount if references to Harry Potter were endless, like the Hogwarts Express, chocolate frogs, and even a wands shop. It would have taken me at least three whole days to explore everything inside, and when you come in, you never want to come out again.

Adriano Della Gherardesca

Not so cool as i expected... Very disappointing to find out it's only an attraction for kids and nothing else... All it offers is clearly aimed for profit and so it loses all the magic... ✨

Colin Silber

The land is super immersive and fun for the entire family. The Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hipogriph are experiences people will love!

Breeann Heaton

Absolutely fantastic! The flight of the hippogriff is not worth the wait and everything else is pretty amazing!

Emma Bean

Amazing! Best part for sure of Universal Studios. Honestly the only attraction, but a must for any Harry Potter fans.

Brian Adams

Very immersive so many great things to eat feel like a real wizard.

Amaal Club !

Every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true. The Hogwarts ride was truly an amazing experience. Slightly overpriced and the cold butter beer tastes like caramel creamy soda - way too sweet.

mary evans

A totally immersive experience, fun rides, good food and employees that really carry out the theming; an all-around quality product.

Roz Tansey

Best to buy VIP pass as lining up for 60 minutes in the heat not funny. Ride superb but then the Americans do parks so well. Smaller than we thought it would be.

Charles Balti

If you're a Harry Potter fan this is the place to see the books come to life! I'm a huge fan of the books and movies so this place (strange as it sounds) feels like home! I can sit and people watch or stare at Hogwarts high on the hill and imagine my self in the Wizard world. The shops are magical in side and out and the Hogwarts Express is a sight to see! My one concern I had was with the ride. I'm a big guy (6'3" 240#) and I was worried I wouldn't fit in the seat. Thankfully there is a spot to "test sit" before you enter the building. Happily I fit! Inside while waiting in line you travel through the many rooms of Hogwarts and that is so cool! You enter classrooms from the movies and dorm rooms too! There are so many thing to see on the shelves and on the walls. The painting speak and move just like they do in the movies!!! My only complaint is that the ride although AWESOME, it's too short! I could go on and on about this wonderful place! Lastly you MUST see the light show on Hogwarts. It is magical!

Heather H

Would have liked to see a few more things the kids could interact with.

Alan Ferreira

The best ride! I had never been in a 4D ride and my first time was here. Well, my mind just blew, I couldn't imagine how crazy it is. You really feel like you are flying with them.

Crystal Weatherwax

OMG yes this was perfect!

Chris Cotter

The Dark Arts laze light show was amazing!

Julianne Oates

Fun experience! Love Harry Potter world!


This is Hogsmead with a few Diagon Alley shops thrown in. There are 10 interactive wand stations that are really fun! They've done a LOT with the space available. The actors, performers and employees really make the place come alive. Universal Orlando has so much more but you won't go away disappointed here. Not really. There are several places to buy HP memorabilia throughout the park and at citywalk. Lunch at The Three Broomsticks was delicious and filling and English. I had a frozen butterbeer in a souvenir cup. It goes well with the souvenir ice cream dish I got in Orlando.

Jo Robertson

Massive queues, standing in full sun shine, the whole section leading to Hogwarts castle should have a canapy, as the people and young children are struggling to wait for 80mins on our visit in such conditions. Very disappointing.

Miles Rigsbee

Absolutely amazing. Every worker plays every role great. Very immersive. I truly felt like I was coming home to Hogwarts. Three things you MUST do while your there: 1. Go to Ollivander's and see if you're picked to get your wand chosen for you by the wand maker (pro tip: DECK OUT in your house gear). 2. Try Butterbeer. 3. Walk past Hogsmeade to the castle. Also pottermore....if you don't know that's where you find your house/wand that fits your personality best.

Ron Baioni

The level of detail is amazing. They have the train, all the shops from the movies. They have many places where you can cast a spell and magical things happen. (you have to buy a wand though). On a Monday lines went fast and crowds were low. Rides are great.

Aman Ohlan

The most important and fun ride that you can't afford to miss.

Samantha Mauldin

Really outgoing staff. One if the guys made sure to get us through the despicable me ride without any confusion about the toddlers height. Thank you Cameron for making her day


Really awesome experience but the place is pricey. Everything costs something unlike other amusement parks.

Shyam Bhanushali

A must visit place for all the potterheads out there♥️

Imran Fruitwala

Guys, this review is for die hard fans of Harry Potter. I have never experienced so much fun at any other theme park than this one. (Universal studios, Los Angeles, Hollywood, California, Unites States of America) The rides were SPECTACULAR! The wait was for over an hour and a half, but did not feel long, since there was so much to see inside the castle! It felt as if you were actually at Hogwarts and there was even the talking & moving portraits, sorting hat, moaning myrtle & what not..... The Dungeons, filled with voices of Dumbledore & many more... The ride was terrifying, the dragons breathing fire, demontors trying to suck souls, catching snitch despite all obstructions, I loved everything of it! A much visit for Harry Potter fans!!!!

Michael P

Amazing. Nothing else to say

Kristin Emmert

Love this attraction! I love the fact that Olivanders has both magic and nonmagic wands for the kids. The magic wands are able to be used for interaction within the area to perform magic and are super cool! The butterbeer is as yummy as ever!


Go in fast, bum rush the rides, all pictures can wait till the end. The lines can be to long for the rides to be worth it if you tally, bit excellent if you dont waste your time trying to make lasting memories

Jennifer Steffen

Fun park dedicated to all things Harry Potter. It's smaller than I expected, but universal is fun for 2 days.

Joshua James

Enchanting! A must visit for any HP fans. The light show is fantastic. Also, one of the best Sunday roasts in Los Angeles for all you fellow Brits out there!

Ashley Hurd

It feels odd posting a bad review about the physical manifestation of something that I love, but, my experience at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was not very pleasant. My mother and I got in line for one of the Harry Potter rides set in the castle. There was no way whatsoever to know how long the line was or how long the wait would be because there was a myriad of twists and turns with things like trees and walls blocking one's vision everywhere they went. No one told us the wait time before we got in line. We waited in line for four hours. There was no way to get out of line except for the emergency exit. When we got to what we thought was the front of the line, we were told that the ride was down. At a certain point, after the ride was fixed, we realized that the people managing the line had completely stopped letting people in the regular line through and we're only letting people in the express line through. The line was at a complete standstill for 20 minutes. they were not able to explore afford the express pass. The ride itself, though fun, was only about 3 to 4 minutes. When we got out, we were exhausted and, consequently, were only able to spend a bit more time throughout the rest of the park before going home. A digital sign showing the estimated wait time for rides would be a fantastic addition to the more popular rides at the park.

Ronisha Wortham

Had A. BLAST!! Drank a butterbeer (theres like 2 or 3 stands) you can take a picture in front of 9 -3/4 with a conductor is very well versed, he was speaking Spanish in 1 moment then talking about the mesquite area in Dallas with my group and the castle ride is totally worth it unless it stops RIGHT IN FRONT OF A DEATH EATER! (Its fake but dang it looked real!)

Cassandra Welch

Cool ambiance, but small. And not really any rides for kids. Teenagers yes, smaller kids not so much. So we basically were only able to walk through the gift shops, do the wand experience, eat and do the miniature spells that were around the area. The last of those you can only do if you buy the wand, and the more pricier version. I'd suggest waiting until your kids are roller coaster ready in order for this to be truly worth the money. The food was great and all the staff were very well cast for their roles.

Brittany Jackson

Amazing experience! One of the workers there made my trip so special with his enthusiasm. Thanks Cooper!!! You’re a gem. I’ll be posting an adorable video of my experience with you on Facebook. Hopefully it finds its way to you! Somehow through magic, of course.

john kruger

The lines were 4 hours long. They should limit the max number of people they let in. The price to get in is too high if they have 4 hour lines for the rides. Also, they are totally ripping people off for the wands at harry potter world. I understand it's an amusement park and I'm going to pay way too much for everything, but the wand is a stick, and $56 is just ridiculous. For me, this place is not that great and I will not be going back.

RAR Art-games production by Circusgal4ever

It's a fun and a great way to make memories with family. It can get too crowded but it's ok because there's plenty of stores or cafes to hang.

Luis Felipe Blas

Everything is designed perfectly. If you are fan of Harry Potter this place is definetely for you. I enjoyed the tour all the way from the line till the ride (of course I did it twice). The virtual reality is great. They make you feel like you're there (Hogwarts and HO world).

Scott Grebe

It is awesome! Came here for my birthday and had a wonderful time with my family!

Paul Drew

So much fun! Very realistic as far as ambiance and had our entire family smiling with delight.

Christopher Mitchell

A. Ma. Zing. Looks surreal. Actors are super into their job, each shop/area looks legit. The rides are amazing. Going into the Castle? So. Freaking. Cool. Definitely will be stopping by again sometime soon.

danielle may

Longest line Ive ever been in but well decorated

christian arias

Really cool place. It was a good place to go as I enjoy Harry Potter

Yas Marcu

My favourite part of the park. I loved how you can buy a magical wand for $52 and throughout the park you can used its "magic" to do things like open a gate. They also help you pick your wand according to your personality. There's crazy variety.

Jeff Burnham

Really cool. Even if you're not a little kid

Nathan Fossell

It's a day in the world of Harry Potter. Get Your robes and butter beer and adventure off into honey dukes. Also give the pumpkin juice a try. The pumpkin juice tastes like apple juice and ginger and some bits of pumpkin flavor. Also buy your own hedwig. Harry and Ron await you.

Sara Christey

This experience was above all others in Universal! Two amazing rides with everything a Potter fan would want in food selection and merch. I can't wait to go back!

minh tham

I knew little about Harry Potter before coming here, but my 12 year old granddaughter simply loves the books/movies and couldn't wait to see what the park offered. WOW!!! So much detail and the rides are incredibly fun. Yes, there is a wait in line but you don't mind because there is so much to look at while you are in line and yes, you are often times out of the hot sun. The technology is just mesmerizing. Thanks for helping to make lasting memories with my granddaughter for years to come!!

Kerry Moore

Not a Harry Potter fan, but this part of Universal Studios Hollywood park is quite impressive. Nice side shows. Imposing structures that tower over you. Interactive wands for a price! I understand the ride is exciting - I didn't experience that. For HP fans, this has got to make you giddy with joy.

Suaden Rowland

Amazing attention to detail, great merchandise for HP fans, and the castle ride was awesome.

[WUT] Fox

I love the part where you can interact with things around Hogsmeade

Rivka Lock

Kids didn't want to leave. Loved how everything from the food to the window displays to the uniforms were all themed.

Sohum Bilawal Joshi

Magical and super fun with the performances, interactions and stores where you've to be SUPER mindful to not go broke.

Paul Ho

Fun to at least experience once. Try the butter beer just to say you did, but it's lacking in flavor, but not too sweet. The dining hall can be a mess and the menu is a little mediocre, think Medieval Times. The ride is fun with a quick line, so pay attention and don't hold up everyone else because you had your back turned. The wand shop is to be avoided though, absolute nightmare and claustrophobia.

Depmemes Makes

A bit of a let down, seems the park in Orlando is much bigger.

Melonie Graff

As magical as I hoped it would be! Prices are high but that was expected. I would definitely plan on buying a wand to be able to interact with the window displays.

Madreen Reynolds

Everything you want and more! 5 distinctly separate varieties of butterbeer, spell casting, enthusiastic actors, and truly immersive rides and experiences. I only wish it was bigger, but I'll have to get to the Orlando one at some point.

members only lounge

I loved it I loved it I loved it!! I was chosen for Olivanders Wand Pairing on my birthday. Everything I wished for happened today..

Mia perez

it was a very amazing place for adults and kids i really recommend it for family's and couples

Janet Sanchez

Just amazing experience till more of the year waiting for this great moment

Chris Ruthven

If you have never been here, you have to go, regardless of being a Harry Potter fan or not. It is really cool, and very well done. Lots to look at. The light show that they have on the castle is unbelievable. I was told there was a light show, but this was way beyond anything that I expected. We went over Christmas break, and it was crazy busy. They had to actually limit the number of people going in. This is part of the reason they only get 3 stars. Not because they were limiting people, I get that part, but they way they were doing it. The were attempting to heard the people around, but I don't think they had a clue how to do it. Instead they ended up with a lot of confused people, and people pushing and shoving because they wanted to go where the staff were not letting them. It made for a lot of frustration and a potentially dangerous environment. You would think that a theme park in this busy of an area would have a better handle on crowd control


It is the best part of Universal Studios! Must visit this area during dark. It looks stunning! The main attraction of Harry Potter ride is also here. You can also help yourself with a butter beer here :D!

Linda Rosevear

Incredible. I love going there! The new dark arts show at night was well worth the effort to go see it. Don't worry about the crowd, everyone can see the show, very well done!

Christopher Pulley

It was pretty fun and entertaining even for adults the roller coaster ride could go around more than once though

Rachel Cowles

This is why I decided to renew my pass at universal studios I absolutely love this part of the park

Sorniel M Dávila

Everything was great but way too small for the magic of Harry Potter. Please upgrade and expand!!!


In my opinion the best part of Universal Studios in 2018. The whole Harry Potter world is cast with so much attention to detail. It just feels awesome to walk through those streets. This is within the three broomsticks.

Ross Faley

The best attraction at Universal. Very interactive. You could see the whole park in a day, but if you're into Harry Potter, plan at least 4 hours for Harry Potter world.

Smoke Packard

Great ride, but your people embarrassed my son terribly

Dana Langheid

Where to even begin. The individuals who designed and built this are amazing. The rides are super fun but where the real experience is, is in the town of Hogsmeade. The details are so perfect from Hogwarts to the shops no detail was spared. …

L. McDonald

Interesting!! It drew my attention. Looked great. And I'm not a Harry Potter fan.

Maryam Khalil

This place is beyond magical. Especially for those who have grown up reading the books and watching the movies. Everything here evoked so many nostalgic emotions in me. The forbidden Journey was an experience of a lifetime for me. Here is a little hack to avoid lines: best time to visit harry potter world is after lunch time (1 pm). The wait times for lines drop dramatically. Espcially around 3 pm, you can get on any ride here within 5 minutes. I guess that is because Harry Potter is the first thing you see as you enter the park in the morning so everyone just rushes to it. Level 2 is completely empty in the morning, so you can go on jurassic park and transformers and get back here in the afternoon. Download the app and keep checking wait times.

Elissa Murray

The light show was short but really good. The ride is great and worth the wait. Love how all the employees were good at staying in character. Definitely worth a visit if you're a potter fan.

Kyle Pontis

If you want to see the light show but not deal with the crowd, go to the leaky cauldron. Get yourself a drink and sit in the back beer garden area. You can see the whole light show from there. Perfect for an introvert. Also, get the wand you want, wether or not it works in the park. The stuff you can do with wands in the park is not worth settling for one you don't care for. The ride made me sick, but was totally worth it. HUFFLEPUFF REPRESENT!

Pingping Weng

light show at Hogwarts in the evenin was amazing. I ride on the Harry Potter rides three times in a day! The evening one had a lot less people. So save time during the day if you are able to stay late. We stayed in the recreation hotel right on the site which helps out a lot on saving the commute time and parking. it's not only fun for kids but lots of surprises for fans of Harry Potter

James Pulaski

Super fun! Terrific staff helping my handicapped father. Thanks Paul from Belarus Russia.

Paniti Netinant

The Wizarding World of universal studio Hollywood is very fun. We had a good time to play and to see.

Sophia O'Brien

It is amazing if you don't have a V.I.P. pass though you have to wait for hours to get in to the castle for the ride. The ride The Flight Of The Hippogriff is so fun and is perfect for little kids.

Dustin Oropeza

It was awesome. Just wish they had more roller coasters and not 3D rides.

Rob Van Epps

Firstly, you will be impressed at the marvelous decor of the place, its pretty authentically replicated from the movies with minor differences. It was and probably is always pretty packed with people, but its HP after all. Even if you aren't a potterhead, you feel immersed in the buildings, surroundings, staff and decor of the place. Prices are average to high for an amusement park attraction, for instance, I bought a butter-beer to try in a plastic keepsake mug for $13.50... 8oz of blissful butterscotch diabetes. My wife and I had our 3 and 4 year old toddlers with us as well as a 10 month baby, but I want to say the entire park was very accommodating to us (and I'm sure other parents) we didnt purchase the quickpass, but we were able to bypass the lines for the rides (which are all free once you pay to get into the park) by just walking up to an attendant for the start of the ride line and mention we are doing parentshare/childshare (? its one of those) and they let your whole family (minus the stroller, but there is safe stroller parking near the castle) go to the quickpass line. It was pretty great. Saved about an hours wait total for 3 rides that my wife and kids went on. The coaster that looks like a griffon (i think) next to hagrid's place was a ride I was too tall for. Check the beginning of the line for a test seat to make sure. There was a wait at the Wand shop for the tour and show, but other than that it was great. My wife went into the castle ride and loved it, my kids were too small for the height requirement (they all check this btw at this park) I would definitely recommend this if you are a fan or not, its done well and the staff is awesome.

Kassidy Tucker

I am a Harry Potter fan, and I have DREAMED of coming here for over 10 years. The area is not very big, and there are only two rides. The Hippogriff roller coaster literally finishes in about 30 seconds. People wait in line for over an hour and then get off the ride like "this was it?". Kind of disappointing. Food from the restaurants was good but not amazing and not worth the price. Mostly this area is made of Hogsmeade shops.

Felix Gutierrez

They really try to give you a good experience here

Angeli S

Wow! Can’t wait to go back. Truly one of the best experiences of my life!

Melissa Balinsky

Just am incredible ride and if you like the series it's very authentic

Roger Brown

We had an awesome time at Universal Studios on New Years Eve. The fireworks show was amazing and the kids had an absolute blast. Was certainly crowded but worth it in our opinion. We purchased the early park entrance pass for Harry Potter World and think it’s worth every penny as we were able to knockout both rides in this area before the rest of the park even opened up.

rachel ramirez

Even though the park is a amazing and on point some of the people who work there are rude or stright unorganized. I love harry potter and had a great time when they firsted opened but now thwy are becoming lazy and sloppy. I guess the good years or harry potter is over.

Allison Turner

Very well done branch of the main park. It's pretty small and the shops all have the same things. The lines are long and there's only two rides. If you're a fan of the franchise you'll like it more than the casual wanderer.

Torsha Franklin

First time seeing it and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan....It was so amazing

esperanza ramirez

Im biased because i love harry potter but its really a great experience for any potterhead

Victoria Vireikyte

Amazing ! Had a great time here

J Vince

This place is amazing especially the laser light show of the castle at night. The Butter Beer frozen is out of this world!!!!

Leticia Palos-Rafuse

This was so amazing! The attention to detail was incredible. Loved that there were many park attendants helping guests whenever needed, and very friendly amd kind. Also, the grounds are kept clean and tidy!

Bob de Vries

What an amazing pace is this! It was just like I was in the Harry Potter movies. The rides were amazing and wonderful! The food was great and it was not to busy in a Sunday with amazing weather. I really recommend people to go here and experience it for their self and let me know how it was! I wanna go back just to try it all again.

Norma Varela

Love going! Got to try out my wand. Very cool!

Isaac Wilson

I loved it here. So many things to do. Do many things to see. It was a blast. Im definitely gonna be coming back here. I'm a huge harry potter fan and had a absolute blast.

Salwa Musani

An absolute dream come true. From Hogsmeade to Hogwarts to the Forbidden Forest to Moaning Myrtle haunting the toilets, everything was so well planned and executed taking every last detail into account. The Forbidden Journey is a must try, …

Mike Smith

This place had it all if you are a Harry Potter fan. While everything was quite expensive, it was worth it to see the look on my two kids face when they received their wands. FYI, try the butterbeer. It is expensive but very tasty!

Topnotch73 Eagles73

It's awesome had a great time.

Karlene Tura Clark

Great atmosphere. Just passing through the gate from the rest of Universal put you in a different place. Felt authentic!

Harrison C. Davies

Reviewing this entire hub of the park as a whole, will have you focusing on how it’s magical even for a non Harry Potter fan to see some great film structures come to life. Of course it is going to be quite a fun day here so get ready. VIP experience let’s you check out the grounds first before all the crowds gather. #harrypotter #universalstudios #welcometohogwarts

Shannon Baker

This experience was by far the best in the park. The rides, the foods, the details - everything made for a very memorable family day. Definitely would recommend this.

Ben Eisele

I was initially not into going here but my mind was changed. Awesome experience, great ride, visual and audio effects. Kids had a lot of fun but more importantly I had a lot of fun. Pro tip: this place is real close to the Duff Beer garden if you want to get your drink on.

Mike Holien

Absolutely amazing. The park is second to none. From the Three Broomsticks to Hogwarts, Diagon Ally to the hidden Nocturn Alley, it so good! The staff all stay in character and there is so much too see. I even got to ride on the Hogwarts Express in the same car as Harry and his pals. The first day you just walk around in stunned awe. The following days you take in all the amazing details. The rides are amazing as well. Took the kids on the Gringots ride and couldn't believe the tech involved. It is well worth the time to take in the park.

Dejan Krunić

This is the best part of the park itself. My daughter is 9, and we spent 2,5 hours here. Lots of music and dancing, plus the rides are suitable for children 8 and above.

Hien Ruiz

Who doesn't like Harry Potter?!?! We were so excited when they added this to the theme park. I wish the Griffindor rollercoaster was bigger


Super cool! I mean I don't think I even need to do a review. I actually had never seen the movie, and going there made me want to watch it. Amazing how you literally feel like you're in the movie! The details are amazing. Went to Ollivanders to purchase a wand of course, for my daughter, had the slushy butter beer that was so yummy, took a pic in front of the train, and walked around using thew wand. Very magical!!!

Mark Ewoldsen

Fun, packed with other people that idolize the story. Must go to wand shop. Be careful to put valuables in locker before ride. Almost lost my phone.

Aaron Hipps

Very Cool. Lost of misters which was appreciated. Go on the tour of the Castle, easily the best ride.

Devinalexus Marin

Honestly they did a great job. If you are a Harry Potter fan you will absolutely die. Take the time and walk through the gift shops because the details they added are amazing. Parents if you have little one who are into Harry Potter prepare to spend a lot of money in those gift shops.

Juan Jimenez

I love Harry potter and this place is fun for the people who like theme parks. I liked the place where they show you how to pick a wand and has a little show about trying out wands, it was small but cool.

Amy Attanasio

Smalley than I anticipated, but everything i envisioned and more. Absolutely loved it!

James Bankoski

Super fun, good rides, and Harry Potter nicknacks everywhere

Kyle Pontis

If you want to see the light show but not deal with the crowd, go to the leaky cauldron. Get yourself a drink and sit in the back beer garden area. You can see the whole light show from there. Perfect for an introvert. Also, get the wand you want, wether or not it works in the park. The stuff you can do with wands in the park is not worth settling for one you don't care for. The ride made me sick, but was totally worth it. HUFFLEPUFF REPRESENT!

Aaron and Elizabeth D.

We went especially for my kiddo. She had a blast so worth it. Wouldnt do it twice though.

Monica Glez

Harry potter fan???? Best place ever in the World... Do you want to skeep the lines?... Please use "one rider" code

Allen Barber

The attention to detail was astounding and somewhat baffling (Moaning Myrtle played over bathroom speakers was a bit strange but hilarious) and was truly a magical experience!! I wanted to dock a star for this but I hear this could be changing, but I so wished there were more vegan options to choose from! I wanted butterbeer, almost caved, but didn't and would surely drink some until I got sick if there was a vegan option available! But kudos to all involved in the design and execution of this wonderful place!

Bradford Granath

ZERO STARS, CAN'T GO LOWER THAN ONE WAT? It is a Harry Potter TM shopping mall. Also, who is directing the music at this park? There is WAY too much much of it playing all at the same time on top of itself. Sensory overload. Also the snow is soap. Which is fine, but if you come expecting snow, it is not that. Also butter beer is cream soda and pumpkin juice is apple cider. Extreme extra sugar edition. Incredibly sweet. Cannot drink the full portion they hand out or it'll make you sick.

Kalix Muangchoo

Amazing!! You have to try the butterbeer and the food court. The rides were pretty fun and I absolutely love the outfits the staffs wore for their roles. The production is incredible. I literally stood in front of every building at least 2-5 minutes just gazing at the details, every brick, door, walls, seats, posters. I saw a few surprises and easter eggs. Totally recommend it. Also, we got an express pass, cause the lines were crazy long.

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