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REVIEWS OF Sonoma TrainTown Railroad IN California

Wook Chung

This mini theme park sounds great in theory. But the way the park is run, as well as the low-value rides, and the way they charge customers brings it down. We visited on a weekday during our vacation so plenty of space with minimal crowding. The train ride, the highlight of the park, is without much thrills and charges $7.50 per person regardless of age. And from thereon after, everything costs a ticket, each and every ride, no matter how worn out of run down they are. Giving it three stars because our children could run around freely without the worry of cars driving by and could use the bathroom. This place could've been so much more... a living breathing train museum. They fail to capitalize on this. Oh, and check out the color of the water of the lake the train drives around... yuk!

Amy Delgado

If you are driving by it stop in. It's a place to walk around and stretch out. However, it's not worth making a special trip. It can be very pricey once there. They charge for each ride and many of them were out of service leaving very few available for enjoyment. The train ride through the park was lovely and it stopped a petting zoo. It had a few barn animals to see along with a little village the kids could walk through. The train did not stay at the area long enough to see the village and zoo so be prepared to pick one thing to do. The park was clean and family friendly offering clean changing stations for little ones. It's overpriced and crowded with tourists. It's worth seeing what else is available for family fun in the areas.

Corey Borgen

Cute little place that our family enjoyed. The kids were entertained for a couple hours (ages 2 and 4). It was definitely pricier then we would normally spend ($8 for a train ride of about 10 minutes with a stop in between to feed some animals. The animals are also behind fencing. We were expecting a petting zoo, this wasn’t the case). There’s also some rides like a carousel and Ferris wheel. I’m glad we went, but we aren’t in a hurry to return anytime soon due to the cost.

Heather Baker

Just go to see it! It's worth it.

Ken Leung

OK for kids. Not much to do except the train ride.

Jennifer mckendrick

My kid loves this place but it is pricey and the smoke from the train while on the train ride will choke you be prepared to hold your breath.

Hyon Jung Lee

The best $7.50 I've ever spent.

Niki Philippa

Amazing for children. We really enjoyed the train ride between the trees and the lake and feeding the animals

Chantel Magpantay

My son had such a blast! I love the train ride and how it stops in a little town and there's a small petting zoo (bring quarters before you go on the train.) All of the other rides were open and the tickets are reasonably priced. Best place to take your little tots on a sunny day.

Alex Stupka

Good fun for little kids

Akhtar Hussain

Great place to go with Kids and group. Had fun there, train ride was good.

The O Everything Channel

One of the best small theme parks in the Bay Area! TrainTown has a roller coaster, carousel, Ferris wheel, twister, snack bar, gift shop, and even a train! TrainTown is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Sunday only, there is a steam train running. The train goes past a few waterfalls, over a bridge, through a few tunnels, then stops in a replica of an old town. Then, after about 5-10 minutes in the town, the train goes through another tunnel, and returns to the boarding platform. Train tickets are ~ $9 per person. Ride tickets are $2.75 each per person, but can be used for any ride.

Bob Houghton

A great place for very young children

Stephanie Tavares-Buhler

So much fun! Expend to get spendy on ride tickets and train rides. Great for a special occasion.

Rajeshwar Singh Bath

Nice place for kids

Cheryl-Lee Borzsony

Enjoyed it very much with my great nephew

Jeremy Clark

Lovely spot for families. Neat rides and helpful staff

Susan Smith

My grandson had a great time we will visit again when he is older he was to young to ride some of the rides. The train ride was good it wasn't real slow great fun for young kids up to around 11yrs. old and for us grandma's. LOL

Mukti Patel

The train ride was nice and worth doing but the rest of the rides weren't even running because they didn't have enough staff. The one ride that was running was a plane ride and that was not a good experience. My 2.5 year old didn't understand he couldn't play with the lever on the plane so he was pulled off of the ride. The operator could have handled it better.

Edward Daniel Tyrcz

Plenty of fun for children if it's not raining

Yvonne Aaseth

Very fun for children!

Napa Roux

This place is amazing. My kids love to visit, I love to bring them, we have an awesome time every time! Prices are completely reasonable. Never too crowded. The trains are so much fun, the grounds are very well kept and fun to look at! The few rides they have are fun, classics that my kids want to ride again the moment they get off! I loved to visit when I was a boy, so happy I can share this place with my kids and hopefully they will be able to enjoy it with their children as well!

Caroline Yan

The only reason I gave a one star is because the polluted air the train produces during the ride. When the train is passing through the tunnels, people on the train are forced to inhale the terrible air, which is especially damaging for babies and young children. The last tunnel the train passes through is particularly long. As an adult, it was even really hard for me to be able to sit through it.... A few parents on the train during our ride could not believe there's no warning whatsoever about this. You could also smell the bad air in some parts of the park even when you are not on the train. Want to share this here for other parents to consider. What a pity - the park would have been really lovely otherwise.

will becker

I’ve been visiting here since the early 1980’s. It is an amazing railroad and very well kept up. The owner pays great attention to detail and reinvests greatly into the property. Such a gem in the heart of wine country. New gift shop and rides are awesome!

Timothy Dempsey

Good for younger kids - say under 12. Lots of fun and easy to just pop in for a ride or two.

Mark Andrizzi

Your kids or grandkids will have an infinitely better life after you take them to TRAINTOWN USA..!!!

Sirena Dimas

My little one loves it. Great to see everything newly painted and love the addition of Fort Smith in the little town. Lost a star for price...$41 for 6 ride tickets and 4 people on the train. And an extra $2 to let my toddler feed the animals to his hearts content. I don't think a parent on the carousel standing next to a toddler should get charged a ticket.

Steve Graff

Amusement park clean place. In Sonoma's beautiful wine country atmosphere. Good clean fun for the whole family.

Ed Abasolo

1st time ! It was Great my grandson's n my wife n daughter we had a wonderful time ! The weather perfect not too hot! Great customer service every where we went!!!! Get the family package it's so worth it!!!

Ryan Houston

Great for the kids. Only have rode the train. They have done a nice job on the detail around the tracks.

Brady Moran

Great for kids

Christina Drew

Great place for young kids. Fun rides.

Steven Gibson

Free to park. Free to enter. Train rides 30 minutes for $6 per person. Other rides $2.75 each. Things to interact with. Very fun tactile environment. Small animal petting zoo. Can't wait to go back.

Nghi Huynh

Great place for toddlers but only go on Saturday and Sunday, even though its open Friday they only have a few rides operating so it's a 1 hr drive for just a few rides. Best Friday plan is to also plan on going to wine tasting 2 miles North and enjoy the great wine.

Linda Cinelli

Fun for children and parents

Ara Yetenekian

The train ride takes you through the entire woods with surprises around each corner. From owls to bears to tunnels and petting zoo stop, a little world is there to discover for the the entire family.

Bailey Pape

Super cute. Great for young kids. Took my 1y old on the train. She loved the tiny towns and feeding the animals. Really fun afternoon.

Adriann Saslow

So much fun! Really easy to bring the kids.

Norman Immerman

Great for kids.

roxanne thomas

Kids love every minute

Katrina Romero

Train town is a little piece of kid heaven in the Napa Valley. Located in Sonoma, this no admission estate has more to do than meets the eye when you enter. Carnival rides, old train cars to explore and a gift shop are in front. Ponds with fountains around the trails will lead you to a roller coaster and Ferris wheel. Tickets for rides and the train are for purchase and are really reasonable. Take the train on a 10 minute ride through the garden estate where you can view waterfalls, old Western "towns", a hobo camp and more! The train will let everyone off in the play town or Lakeview where you can use quarters to get food and feed llamas, goats and sheep. There are sweet little buildings for all of you photo opportunities! A school, a jail, church etc. You can spend about 10 minutes here before getting on the train and back to the station. This is a wonderful and pretty inexpensive way to spend a couple of hours having some fun.

Mateo Chamberlain

Great place for kids, highly recommend it.

Christopher Khoury

Perfect for my 6 an 2 year olds!!! 5hey had a blast!!!

Kevin Reilly

Great place for family. Definitely do the train ride.


Great place for the family, bit need to have more staff on to run rides.

Terry Sexton

The place itself is very cute and fun. We brought our little girl who is almost 3 years old, and she had fun. The train ride is about $10 per person I believe and lasts about 15 minutes. Some of that time is spent stopping at a little petting zoo area, which is also fun, but can only be accessed by paying for the train ride, which was disappointing. They have lights snacks for purchase and a train theme store for souvenirs. Other than that, they have a few rides, but more for kids older than 5. My little girl still had fun on the train ride, but since it takes over one hour to drive from Dublin area, it's not something we would do again unless we're already in the area.

John Thoits

Lightweight guaranteed kid pleaser. We went here instead of the theme park because we wanted a low stress weekend event, and it was perfect. Bring quarters so you can buy animal feed if you're inclined to let the kids hand feed the animals during the train's one stop. Don't use the outhouse, it's a fake, use the bathroom instead.

Rashmikant Shah

Nice picnic spot , good for children games and reasonably priced

Thomas Harrell

The kids always love this place. I just wish it wasn't so far from home.

Maya K

Lots of kiddie appropriate rides. My kid especially love the petting and feeding zoo. Reasonable price considering nowadays attraction cost.

Chris Ortega

If your kid likes trains, you have to come! My toddler loved everything about it. The coolest thing to me was the actual train ride itself, although be warned - if you sit up front, or even in the first several rows, your going to get a lot of smoke in your face when you go through the tunnel.

Divya Agrawal

Lot of fun with kids without burning a hole in the pocket. Keep some quarters for the petting zoo

megan janet

A fun mix of rides and history. A nice gift shop and food shack. Loved watching the kids on the rides and some of the adults looked like they were having even more fun.

John O'Brien

Great train ride and fun place for kids.

Jake Carlsen

We had so much fun here. Will definitely be coming back.

Matt Hoover

Fun place for kids and anyone who lives trains! The only issue is that they need to hire more people to run the rides...right now they make each operator split their time between two rides, so 50% of the time a ride will not be open and you …

Maxfield Atturio

The staff is very nice and it was really fun for the kids. Road a mini train through a mini town and then fed some goats and alpaca!

Sonja Dandy

You have to pay to ride the train to get to the petting zoo and I would have liked to have visited with the animals longer. It felt rushed but a fun day none the less. Cheap ride prices cool train you can walk in. Easy access bathrooms.

Nathan Winslow

Great value and really awesome setup. If you have kids, this is a great place to have fun and not break the bank

Craig Smith

Great little spot for kids that aren't older than 8 or so. We went mid week and it wasn't too busy. All the staff were friendly and helpful.

Robert Yamane

Cute and fun little train and amusement park for kids. Went twice during the weekdays and wasn't too crowded at all. Kids loved it. Train ride was longer than we thought.

Jonathan Ferrante

This place is awesome! The kids absolutely loved it as did I. Riding the working scaled down train was amazing. All of the tunnels and waterfalls and landscaping we're impeccable. The rides were fun, the petting zoo was enjoyed. Have to go back the next time we are in town.

Carlos Leal

Very family friendly.

Octavio Gonzalez

Cool place to visit and the kids will have a ton of fun but call ahead to see which rides are open. My visit, during the week they only had 2 rides open and also only had 1 operator going between both. Made it a inconvenience if your kid wants to ride more than once each ride. The train ride was super cool and you get to stop at a small petting area with a small village your kids can go into and play around. I think of you have kids its a must stop. We spent about 2 hours here but if the other rides were open it wouldve been much longer. Prices are very resonable too.

Lilly Nash

We went on a Sunday and it was very crowded. The staff were mainly teenagers who seemed a little disinterested but friendly enough. Our almost 3 year old daughter loved the train ride. The train stops halfway through at a "petting zoo" where you can jump off and feed goats, sheep and Llamas from the typical 0.25 cent food dispensing machines. There is also a miniature town there which was very cute and fun to explore. The rides are similar to what you would see at a county fair but much more sturdy and permanent, set in the ground in concrete which put my mind at ease. Overall a great way to spend an hour or two with the little ones.

Alli Cassidy

Best lil train town around! Very affordable, In a great setting. My 9yr old son loves it! Its awesome

Ashley Oberheide

Nice rides and landscape. My 2.5 yr old had fun. The only downside is the majority of the employees acted really disinterested in the guests and didn't offer much in terms of a positive customer service experience. Just an observation that made this park feel much different than others like Happy Hollows in San Jose.

Sean Treat

We love riding the train. Everything else is just ok but the train is wonderful.

Typhanie Daniel

This place is super cute. I'm raising a train enthusiast and his love of trains has taken us all over California. However, this is the first place the whole family got to have fun. It's a little pricey. I spent about $60 for 2 children and myself..and I only rode the train and ferris wheel. So be ready to send some money..but it's totally worth it.

Bijay Lakshmi

My DD had a good time in the train ride and carousel.also they have feeding station (Lama and goats).but be careful as I took her on one of the ride and it was super fast and might cause whiplash in younger kids.

Claudia Menendez

I am a little disappointed with Train Town. I have been taking my daughter at least monthly on Fridays. The only attractions available have been the carousel, the airplanes and the train. 30 min and we are done. The big event for us is feeding the goats and alpacas during the train stop. Unfortunately, it has gone up in prices. I like to support local businesses, but at this point Six Flags is more affordable based on what is offered. I also have an issue with an employee, an older woman that runs the attractions. She wears a smile, but I don't think it's genuine. She talks to children as young as toddlers as if they were older, expects them to know better and be good; at least that is the vibe I got. The last time I visited I got really upset at her attitude toward my daughter. My daughter was crying because she wanted to hold the ticket, but I would not let her because I knew what she would do. This employee almost demanded that I take her out of the attraction because according to the employee "she doesnt want to go on, she is too scared."I explained the tears, and she kept insisting I take her off and would not start the attraction. I raised my voice at her, stating I was not going to take her out. Needless to say we left after that. She made me feel that my daughter is not welcomed and that has kept me away more than their prices.

Wayne Ingraham

Fantastic place to take the little one. It's a small theme park, but immersive enough that when you are inside it feels like another little world. Don't expect Disneyland and you should be pleasantly surprised.

Nichole Lynch

Took our baby here it was nice. I can't wait to take her back now that she is walking. It's a good place to spend the day and it is not to expensive.

Vijay Vasudevan

It was a decent place where my child enjoyed the train and carousel. However it was very campy. Lots of plastic animals and structures. We couldn't go nearer the trains in the roundhouse. It would've been nice to let patrons get closer to the trains to take pictures. The only reason it got a is that my kid enjoyed the train ride (which was a decent amount of time and pretty trees) and the carousel.

Tobias Werner

I think this is a great place. It is fun and free to enter. It is kept clean and the staff is pretty nice. The train runs through it and is about 20 min. With a stop at a mini old time town that the kids can play at.

Carol Sue Newman

We had a lot of fun visiting!

guy williams

Relly fun place to go

Nathan Polvogt

The sights and sounds keep the kids occupied if they're too young for the rides. The rides are amazing for the adults! It was a great day, with a 22 month old in tow even.

Frances L

Not enough variety of rides for children of different ages. We had a child of 4 with us and he only had one ride suitable for him. He took the train ride twice. However, their store was well stocked with interesting items.

Edy Hatcher

Absolutely amazing place to take young children! My daughter, mother and I went on the train ride, that even had a 5 minute stop to the petting zoo. It was very scenic and fun. She had a blast. I will definitely come here again!

Jake Yeager

Train Town is a fun place to bring children of all ages. I went as a kid and now I'm bringing my kids. The staff is very friendly and the train and rides are all kept nice and clean

Benj Rimorin

The pavements need to be fix more to really make it wheelchair accessible. We went there today, but could only manage to stay almost near the entrance as the pavements to some of the rides are not good for wheelchairs. Ramps are needed

Maurice LaTier

Be forewarned, this is an actual amusement park. You gotta buy tickets to do anything but walk around. And even then, half the park is inaccessible without a train ride. Not complaining. But maybe I am.

Daniel Pedraza G

Good park , if you have kids, we enjoyed a lot , it’s not a big park but it really worth , you no need to reservated, price per ride per person is 7.50 the train, and 3.75 per coupon , 1 coupon per each other attraction , the cheapest option is to buy 5 per 14.75

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Said it closed at 5pm. We got there at 4:30 and it was closed, not a soul in sight. Just wanted to take few pictures, very disappointing.

Tim DuBois

Great place to bring your family.

Autumn Lee

My son's absolute favorite place to go! Perfect mini fun center we love to ride the train.

krypto rocks

Great family experience

John Mezquita

This place was so fun for kids and family alike!!

Hans Christensen

The kids just love this place! Still a good value and a fun sized portion of entertainment. Not a day long commitment.

Caren Kim

Great little ace for kids. My toddler loved riding the train and feeding the animals.they also have a few other rides like a merry go round and ferris wheel.

Melissa Hope

We had so much fun here. It a hidden gem. Great place to take your kids and grandchildren. Will be back.

gucii dimonds

This is a wonderful way to build great memories with the kids

John Ledford

Fun times with our Grand daughters, they really enjoy trains and the experiences here are top notch. So much fun in such a small family friendly environment.

Mike Tong

Fun little place for small kids. I would go again. Bring some quarters to feed the animals on the train stop and for the quarter rides

Jennifer Ford

Train Town is a great place to spend a couple of hours with kids who are, I'd say, under ten years old. We took our 6 year old several months ago, and he has been asking to go again ever since. We went today with another family, having purchased the Groupon special they have going on, and the kids had a blast. The train ride was enjoyable, and then they got to go on four rides. I appreciate that each ride is actually only one ticket. You know how some places that have the ticket system, and you get in there, only to find out every ride 4 tickets? Hate that. It's not that way at Train Town. 4 tickets gets you 4 rides. Love it. Also, as stated on their website, they do not have enough staff to keep someone waiting at every ride all day, so the same two staff members may be responsible for operating 2 or 4 of the rides. This can sometimes result in a wait, but we never had to wait more than just a few minutes. When they see kids lining up at a ride someone walks over to let them on. The people operating the rides are all teenagers and were nice kids. Please be nice to them, and exercise patience if you have to wait for a few minutes. Lastly, their gift shop eserves a shout out. It's not the cheapest place to shop, BUT, it is a fantastically stocked shop for the train lover in your life. Definitely recommend a visit!


If your kids are under kinder, this place will be one of the answers for weekend. Train is so awesome, must-take!!! I’ve never seen any train ride so long, adventurous for kids to take!!

Zack Zucker

Fun little spot that makes for a great few hours with the kids

Mari Luna

This is a fun place for children and adults. Everything is over priced though even the food and drinks. The train ride and the little roller coaster are our favorite.

Ashley Nanayakkara

One of our favorite places to go on the weekends with little ones

Hilary Baird

This is a cute little amusement park. There is a petting zoo and a really cute mini train you ride around the park. There is a carousel and a ferris wheel and a couple of other rides. Very cute and fun.

Brian Chong

The rides are pretty fun

Nathan Eller

Best park in the entire world. Great for kids or adults who want to have fun.

Joaquin Ramirez

Took my young kids and they loved the place, no cost to get in and the tickets were cheap for the rides . The Manager Monica was helpful when there was a long line ,she moved helpers around so that we could get faster service . My wife and i liked that it was clean and organized. Thankyou we will be back soon

Rose Elana Graves

This place is the BEST. It not only has a small, steam powered train to take you through the property covered with miniature buildings from the old west along with many carnival rides that are open mostly on weekends and during the summer. Fantastic place for any little boy or girl interested in trains!

Charis Rossetti

Fun time. Costly but fun. The train ride around the property is fantastic. Loved feeding the pets.

Kim Abbey

Very fun place for little kids in wine country.

Peter Berkhout

I first came here 35 years ago; now I bring my own kids. Love the train, the carousel, the plane ride, the scrambler, the ferris wheel, and my kids will eventually be old enough for the small roller coaster. Kinda pricey but I'm sure maintenance on this railroad ain't cheep.

Chris Villaflor

A fun time for the whole family. There’s a petting zoo and a train ride.

N Rice

Great little place for families and kids

Andy Martone

For maybe 3-6 year olds, this place is amazing. It's small enough for them to make it through in a few hours, and both the train ride and the amusement rides are perfect for that age.

Donna Hurder

Great place for younger children. Lisa of trains to see. One to ride as well. On the hot side. Bring lots of water.

Mimi B.

Super cool place for kids

Wendy Robinson

Cute place but most attractions we're closed. Our Toddler loved the petting zoo and enjoyed the train and carousel. He was too short to go on the airplane by himself so we gave our extra tickets away because adults aren't allowed on and we didn't know that.. still a great time. We'd go back when more attractions are open

Steve West

Great train ride through local forest area. There are Man-made waterfalls, fountain, pound, and several adjoining streams. Stop off at a makeshift train station and ghost town including a caged pet area for feeding at only .25 per handful of feed. The train ride is currently 7.50 per person excluding 1 year and under are free. Several amusement park type rides; Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Medium sized Roller Coaster, and several other carnival type rides nestled in a forest type setting. Many food choices but most are carnival type fare. Is a great spot for families or just for a quick getaway with some trails through the park. The park is very clean and the staff very friendly. Definately going again with the grandkids.

Carol Kunkle

First time visitor. Fun park for my 3yr old granddaughter.

Isabel Aceves

My brother use to take me as a child almost every other weekend, I had so much fun. I have so many memories of this place I have not gone back ever since my brother passed away. But I would recommend this place 100%

Eliza beth

Fun place for the little ones. Has a few amusement rides and a train. Took the train ride which stopped at a little petting zoo. It was fun but the exhaust from the engine was a bit too much in the tunnels. Place was very crowded, not enough parking.

Don Conkling

Great place to take my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. She loves the wild rides more than mild ones. Entire staff very nice.

Andras M Marton

Since it's the only show in town, they can get away with inordinately high costs from admissions to snacks - everything seemed to have a pricetag apart from admissions. The train ride uploading process is nothing short of chaos; larger families were split up or had to wait for another train, mostly because no line or any organization exists for a smoother upload - you literally could wait 20 minutes or walk by at right time and take a seat from someone (or a family) who waited patiently. It was good for our son to pet and feed the animals and ride the attractions, which saved from a complete wash.

James Donohue

Pretty good ride, they have a 10 minute stop at an alpaca and goat petting mini ranch. Kids love it

Heather Stephenson-Hicks

Would have appreciated more shade spots. The kids loved the rides.

kaylee dipaolo

Great little park . Alot smaller than I imagined . But it was a a nice day .. took about 3 hours to get through the park .. only 5 rides and 1 train .. a small food/ticket shack and a small store with over priced items . Everything is in such small quarters people get rude ( or maybe it's just the people around sonoma who are rude and entitled - had an entire family butt in front of us for the train ).. I would not go back. But it was worth having a small day with my family .. worth seeing once . . But once you have been there you've seen it all .

Amaya Becvar Weddle

This place is awesome! Like stepping back in time... So much great family fun for a super reasonable price. Rides for kids of all ages.

Alexander Louis

Lovely park for smaller kids with a few pay-per-ride attraction and a train ride through a small enchanted world. Well worth a visit, though operational efficiency of running, boarding and unloading the rides has room for improvement.

Jonnie Hagan

We loved it.....

Ryan Payne

Looked nice.

Sridatta Chegu

Good place for a day trip with kids.

Adam I

Nice location, great train ride, cool carnival rides, great for kids!

Nicholas Ivanoff

It's a safe fun and enjoyable day trip for people of all ages.

Thomas Brown

Great family fun. Though it is a little on the expensive side

April Pierce

Great place for little kids. Well maintained and beautiful scenery.

April Lancaster

We LOVE train town!


Small but classic and adorable. We always have fun.

Robert Sweeney

It's very cool, they did a good job, love the carousel nice train ride.

Janet Brishke

Because it was a Sunday, it was busy, and we had to park on the other side of the road. Had a lot of fun here, but it was a bit confusing at first. You pay the train fare and for whatever rides you want to go on (for toddlers, it's an airplane ride like Dumbo at Disney, but it's kids only, a carousel, and then there is also a teacups sort of ride that spins you [the Scrambler] that adults can go on), then you can either wait for the train ride or go on the rides/eat/shop/etc. The train is a tiny little thing, and two adults can only sit side-by-side if they are super thin. Better to have an adult + child in the seat. Train will go all around the park and stop at petting zoo. You can look at the buildings, train, bridge, etc, and pay a quarter to feed the alpacas and goats (the engineer has change if you need it). Engineer will wait maybe 10 minutes, then blow the whistle to signal departure, then take everyone back to the front. It's a really neat train ride, but be aware that the only way to get to the petting zoo is via train, and there is only one train. We did the train, carousel, saw the roundhouse, walked through the big train, and were done. Took about an hour.

Tandelia Washington

Lovey train ride and affordable. They have food on site and restrooms. Great for young kids.

Kirk Douglas

Such a fun place. Neat rides for the children and funky old scale trains for the enthusiast

Igor P

Children just love this place. Also have a small petting zoo

J.D. Abbey

They seriously need to redesign how the line for the train works. We waited for two trains and still didnt get our party on. Absolutely ridiculous.

Oscar Gonzalez

Great little amusement park. Things are a little bit slow so if you have young little ones, they may get frustrated with all the engine changing and stuff. The trains are fine and the train tour is cool with the little town stop towards the end. The train operator isn't paying attention to you and you have no idea what's going on the first time around so be ready to get back to your seat or you could lose your shaded spot. Besides that, it's cool. Entry is free but each ride costs. The price is a little steep for the length but it's not too bad. 3.50 each. Overall cool little spot to bring the kids to.

Sean Michetti

Went on a weekday, no lines, pretty good rides for kids ages 5+... Plan on spending 3-4 hours there.

Patrick Au-Yeung

Very cool family destination, especially for younger children.

Daniel W

Loved train town as a kid and it's even better now 30 years later taking our son.

Pierre Mares

It's fun for kids and adults

Luke George

Come and have a Fairyella Pure Pop at the concession stand!

trent thavenet

I thought it was a pretty cool place to bring younger kids. I got there early and left by 2 it was getting fairly crowded at that time. Had about 6-8 rides probably spent 4 hrs there

Emanuel Ward

It's too small, the trains were too small uncomfortable inauthentic, boring conductor few rides nowhere to run around. The petting zoo area looked cool but it was dated.

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Park - California

Amusement park

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Park - California

Amusement park

Redwood National and State Parks
Redwood National and Stat...
Park - California

National park

Indiana Jones™ Adventure
Indiana Jones™ Adventure
Park - California

Theme park