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Where is Soarin' Around the World?

REVIEWS OF Soarin' Around the World IN California

Leah & Don Hess

Really enjoyed this ride. One of the best. The smell just makes it more realistic.

Aita Cohen

Great ride. Fabulous photography. Did it twice even though I do not have a head for heights. You don't actually get more than a few feet off the ground but your eyes and the movie can lie to you. It's much tamer than the Star Tours ride in Tomorrow Land. The scenery is beautiful: well worth it.


I can't begin to tell you how many times my friend told me "Oh, you smell oranges on this ride!". Soarin' Over California is such a fun hang gliding simulator. Before we went on the ride, my friend and I started a sing along (Song: Breaking Free from High School Musical) with the entire queue. After that, we pretty much made friends with the entire queue. When we got on the ride, everything that my friend told me was there. Starting from flying over the Golden Gate Bridge to smelling the oranges in the valley, to us almost getting hit by a golf ball, to the fireworks back at Disneyland. This ride is something I will definitely visit in the future!

Jay Coomes

IMO, this is one of the better rides at Disney's California Adventure theme park — the aches and pains that come with getting older keep me from appreciating the fast-moving rollercoaster rides as much as I used to. Suspended in front of a gigantic screen, you are treated to a motion simulation that has you gliding through a vignette of well-known locales across the globe. Exhilarating!

Blake Torricelli

Disneyland has changed horribly for the worst hoodlunlms and drunks at every corner. My wife and I took a well deserved thought out vexation only to be bombarded by rude staff disappointing shows and horrible almost gang like crowds. Poor Walt.

Renee Fontenot

A great sensory experience.

Leah Rilling

Not what I was expecting. A local recommended and it wasn't originally one we were going to do. So so glad we did. One of the BEST experiences!

Sandy R.

I forgot how much I enjoyed this ride. It was a nostalgic experience. Your belongings are safely secured under your seats and then you're ready to go. They also have an additional seatbealt for children. I feel like this ride is one of Disney's best!


One of DCA's best rides. I recommend getting a fastpass so you can avoid most of the wait.

Missy Llusion

Yassssss just as awesome as I remembered! Love that citrus smell

Donovan Greathouse

Still one of the coolest rides ever

Linda Tuthill

The ride is awesome in it's clarity, but falls short if the object is to appreciate the wonders of the world. It misses too many iconic sites and the use of CG for some of the animals is disappointing. Also, the views of each site are too brief. It was fun, but not worth the long line.

Orakarn Peng

It was a long wait for the ride but it's a calming ride with various scents.

Conociendo America

Nice ride, old style, my daughter love it.

Melissa Bibbs

This ride was great! I usually prefer rides with some excitement, but this extremely so well done. When you think you can smell the trees, it is not your imagination!

Kathie Clinton

The best ride I have ever been on


Best ride in the whole park! But you will have to wait 80-130 minutes to get in.

Keith Dilliplane

Really glad it switched back to S.O.CA. even if its for a short time, me being from California.

Nicole LeMaire

Love, love, love this ride and I am so happy that I can smell the oranges again!

Kathy Steadman

I love this ride and experience! I do miss the previous ride, Soarin Over California, but I never like change! This ride is appropriate for all ages. Luckily, it's also mellow enough for all levels of risk takers. My husband gets motion sick, though, and this ride does trigger that.

Connie Castro

They switched back to first reel which i loved . but cant wait to see the other one now

Shannon Gibbons

I love seeing all the familiar sights.

Sue Schwisow

I love this riee and seeing the entire world!!!

Clydene Rogers

Absolutely fantastic attraction. Definitely a must-do each visit!

Temple Mastery

Loved the 'Over CA' version better! Miss it. 8 know its back temporarily, hope I can make it down!

John T.L Hulstine

Soarin' Around the world is a pleasant, refreshing ride that offers an escape from the crowds and noise. Though you will have to wait your turn in line first, but its entirely worth it. The ride offers brilliant visual scenes and scents that make the experience all the more memorable. And in my opinion this ride is a brilliant must see! :)

Heather Van Voorhis

They brought back soaring over California for the month of June. Please bring back more often! The sights and the smells and the music ...classic! The audience applauded at the end each time today!! So many great memories. Thank you, Walt Disney for a great day!!

Crystal R

I am giving it 5 stars because it is SUPER cool and creative and my family loves it. I on the other hand am afraid of heights and have to look at the sides of the screen or close my eyes during most of the ride. I do enjoy the smells though.

Charly Mendez

GREAT!!! Soaring Over The World is cool and right now for the month of June 2019, they brought back the original Soaring Over California.

Jeremy Ginter

An extremely well-done ride. The misters in the outdoor portion and air conditioning in the indoor portion of the ride make the long wait almost enjoyable. The ride itself is breathtaking. There is a portion where you are flying over a field and can smell the grass. It was so realistic that my mother's allergies started acting up. I 100% recommend this ride.

Maria Farias

If you love scented rides check this one out!

daegen cook

Great ride! Used the fast pas and was on in minutes. The detail on the screen was amazing!

ashley uribe

My 4 year old loved it! It was his first "big boy" ride. Its one on my favorites to!

Elizabeth Mosey

When I heard that Disney was re-releasing Soarn' Over California I seriously started saving my money for a journey just to go on this ride. And yes, I bawled my eyes out. The music, the visuals, everything is perfect!

Joseph Knight

Cool ride, my favorite part honestly is the line... Nice a/c, cool pictures, airplane stuff

Kristen Zerna

My 5yo son dislikes rides with heights/simulator kind. But he enjoyed this one! With the spectacular views and great music, this is a sure way to please little ones as well as the oldies.

Nick Mihalakellis

One of the best that Disney have to offer

Mark Nelson

This was one of my favorite rides at Disney. The detail and video was great.

Ricardo Gonzales

Worth the wait! A really awesome experience.

Amy Spencer

My favorite ride in California Adventure. Great for all ages, 4 to 94.

princeof Chulavista

Absolutely breath-taking. As Disney is always famed for, the line between saftey and magic seem to run along. Cast members as always are friendly and the experience is worth every minute.

Heather Garrecht

Such a great ride! So glad they brought soarin' over California

J. Ejimofor

Maybe it's just me but I choke up every time I soar over California. One of my favorite rides in the park.

jose leon

Love it. This is a family ride for all ages. can't wait to get back on the Ride again.

Abigial Turner

Excellent ride. Parasailing simulator. Very fun and it feels like you are really there. Go on it everytime I am at disney

si Me

One of the best rides hands down. They even give you the smells to make this ride more 3D.

Rahul Vyas

Soarin over California is the best 4d view of the California one can ever have Must visit place on Disneyland California adventures


Soarin' is a gliding flight tour Around the World to different corners of our beautiful Earth that show wondrous natural and man made sites. It is an elevated experience with scents (tropical, grass, blossoms) and wind that simulate a gentle blowing breeze. There is a height requirement for young children, proceed with caution if the rider suffers from motion sickness and/or fear of heights. Try to Max/Fast Pass if possible as it is a popular attraction. Good for respite on a hot day.

Emily Holyoak

This is my favorite ride! Great in sunshine and in rain because it's indoors. Good for all ages too.

Jody Mezzell

Soarin' Over CA is a classic! It fits so well at California Adventure. Disney should bring it back for good and keep Soarin' Around the World at WDW where it fits better.

Percy Bloodworth

Greate show as always, the new updates are fun, we enjoyed it more then the old show but I do miss the orange groves. 4 stars due to the long wait even when you have a fast pass. Also it would help in the long queue when outside that there is more covering. It was raining and without a poncho we would have been soaked.

Adam Poling

This is so much better than Soarin over the world!

Raquel McDonald

Awesome. This should at Disneyland CALIFORNIA Adventure permanently. Could use an update for a more seamless transition of locations. But it is great.

Me Too

Great ride and when I lost my phone they helped me find it! Great staff

Jada 2 Legit

This place was okay, the 45 minute wait that the Disneyland app told us about turned into a 2 hour wait. The people working here let the fastpass people in way too much, to the point that there was not a single person in the fastpass line anymore while the standby line goes out extremely far. I would have gotten a fastpass, but it was all booked 2/3 hours earlier. The graphics kinda sucked, but it still made me feel like I was really there soaring over California.

Jasmine Lemus

This ride gets long as the day goes on. I'd suggest fast passes/max passes or getting there very early. It is totally worth the wait if the wait is 55mins. Anything that exceeds that time isn't worth it unless you're here for one day visit. If you're here for longer than a day or have annual pass not worth the wait. It's a beautiful ride. There's scented scenes of popular places around the world. If you're here with family I suggest this be a first stop or like I said get a fast pass/max pass.

Heather Adams

I technically love Soarin Over California, havent been on soarin around the world.

Mindy Gibson

An absolute delight however it's now called soarin over the world

Jeremy Andra

I love this ride. After long hot days at the park it is nice to simulate a nice cool gliding in the sky and get to see, smell and feel areas around the world. Very relaxing.

Hector Bermudez

I used to really love this ride when it was Soarin over California. The newest version is still pretty cool and it probably needed an update but its a family classic. Fun and exciting.

Russ Ferguson

The update to California Soarin' looks great, but it transitions from zone to zone too quickly. It would be a much more engaging ride if you spent twice as long enough n each zone (could reduce the total number of transitions to keep the overall ride length the same).

Super Bree

A super fun experience!

Pamela Brown

Already fun to glide around the world without leaving your seat. This ride is highly recommended, you will enjoy.

Emily Hone

I love soarin' over California and over the world.

Diana McDonald

A 4D experience in which you soar around the world, this ride is really fun and realistic. It creates an effect of you feeling like you're up very high looking down at the world, so, if you have a fear of heights, this is not for you. The line can be long, so I'd recommend using a fast-pass ticket for a ride like this.

Matthew Hawes

Oh wow, what a fun and exhilarating ride. This is my second favorite ride at California Adventure Park. You almost feel like you're at the different places around the World. It is super fun. I will probably never visit these places in my lifetime, so this is a fun way to do it. I would definitely highly recommend this ride to everyone. Thank you

Rochelle Flosi

One of my all time favorite rides.


One of the best rides, even if you're done it several times before. 4D immersive experience ride. Too bad it is not longer. This would make for a really cool iMac for longer showings.

Denise James

This is a fun ride. I love this version and Soarin' Over California.

Jake Gustin

Great ride for everyone! (Well, unless you have a fear of heights...then...well...this ride isn't for you). The ride consists of 3 rows of "gliders" that have 3 gliders a piece: one towards the left, center, and right of the screen, but all of the seats have a great view. (But my personal favorite is the top/front and center glider. Right in the middle of the action and no feet dangling at the top) While the immersive video is great, the scents really make this ride amazing. Absolutely recommended.


This is fun and interesting ride. Especially for your little pilots or if you like the sensation of flying. You’re lifted up into the air and have a giant movie screen in front of you. Scents will spray through the air at certain points during the little film to make it a bit more realistic. No twists or sharp turns. Just minimal up, down, and forward and back movements. Waiting in line is even educational too as they have photographs and history of a whole bunch of pilots.

Lindsey E

Even though I have been on this attraction before it is still fun. Seeing the wonders of the world will never get old. Sat in row one so up really high. Want to go again and sit in row three. It doesn't really matter where you sit because there is always a good view.

Michael Coles

Soarin' has been a favorite of ours since we started going to Disneyland back in 2004. We just got back from a trip to the parks today (it's been 9 years since we were last there) and we were all a little disappointed in the change. The new version (Soarin' over the World) was not bad, but we all felt that it lacked the some of the "rush" and "wow factor" of the first one. We used to willing and excitedly stand in long lines for this ride, however the lines have grown substantially (hour+ wait) and the ride is not as cool as it once was. Minus one Star for the change to the ride and Minus one Star for the ridiculous lines during what most would consider to be "off season".

Jennifer Morris

Fun ride for the whole group, even my 3 year old

Linda Jones

One of the best rides at Disney's California Adventure. A must for every time we go. Do get a fast pass if possible otherwise the wait can get pretty long.

Curtis Lannom

Great ride. Enjoyed the Soarin' Over California version better. Glad they brought the California version back this summer.

Deanna Gandy

It was amazing they spray to make it smell like grass

Gabriela Nunez

This is my favorite ride! Its such am amazing experience to be on the simulator as if you were actually soaring. Although the lines get a bit long its definitely worth the wait. Little ones and older ones are able to enjoy this experience.

Titilayo Adedokun

Absolutely fantastic. This is one of the best rides in Disneyland Park. The only thing missing, in my opinion, are 3D glasses to complete the experience.

Peggy Johnson

The ride is great but the wait sign said 25 minutes. We waited over an hour

Patrick Moukheiber

Absolutely amazing. Glad they brought it back for a limited engagement.

Trevor Giulio

Awesome ride, so many smells and sights!

Kerry Moore

Love this experience in DL California Adventure park! I'm definitely not a Disneyland fanatic, but this "ride" would make Walt proud. BTW, no spoiler from this guy. Go see it for yourself. But do the Fast pass thing! Normal wait times can be lengthy. I don't find the newer "Soarin' Around the World" as exciting - too much CGI and, therefore, less authentic. Great idea lost to modern digital media extravagance. Plus, the Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for "Soarin' Over California" is epic! It always leaves me soaring! Disney is always trying to "upgrade" its parks; but it really should stick with this tried and true formula.


I was hesitant to ride this as many of the rides I've been on which involve screens and simulated motion tend to make me sick. I took a chance on Soarin' and was very impressed. I did not feel motion sick at all yet the flying experience was amazing. The incorporated smells they pump in to simulate what you'd smell in certain parts of the world is a great touch. Topped off with the wind and a HUGE screen that immersed you in the flight, it was an experience worth having. If you're on the fence about rides of this type, my advice is to go for it and as usual, you can thank me later. You'll never know unless you try. I highly recommend this attraction.

Matt Jew

Very uplifting ride. You can smell the high grasslands of Africa and the salt spray of the Pacific Islands. We still miss Soaring over California...since this resort is called California Adventure.

Donovan Klega

Basically a huuuuge IMAX screen with hanging seats that move to mimic a flying sensation. If you easily get motion sickness, keep that in mind before getting in line for this ride. Truly a fantastic ride, but can be dizzying at some points.

Robert Hatfield

Pretty cool overall. Graphics could use a 4k update.

James Kang

The ride is a true respect to the world of aviation, where you are first greeted with the "Hall of Fame" with different aircrafts aviator pioneers shown across the room. The ride is full of sights across the world, smell, and feels like you're actually flying in real life time. I highly recommend to go there before the park closes. It gives a great vibe afterward.

Megan Foote

One of our kids favorite ride! It is equipped to handle smaller children as well as adults. Are kids really enjoyed this ride. Definitely get a FastPass because the wait time can be extremely long.

Sam Sheffer

Enjoyed this ride a lot. Can make one queesy. Long waiting time though.

Robin Kelly

One of my favorite Disney attractions. Currently the original soarin over California is running. No bent Eiffel tower or other strange looking scenes. Don't mind the views of wonderful spots around the world, but the original feels like it was shot for the ride but the new footage looks like it was formatted to "work" on the ride.

Eric F

Nostalgic ride through CA in June. I actually like soarin over the world better.

Kristen White

Great ride but could cause a bit of motion sickness. The enhancement Air freshener smells can increase nausea.

Jez De Paz

Loved it! Been here a few times before and it's been great every time

Rosemary Rodeghiero

This still fills my Soarin' over the World.. LOVE SOARIN' OVER CALIFORNIA!!!

Konnie Rood

One of my favorite rides. However they say it is only open this month. What a shame.. It's such am amazing ride.

Michael's Bolton

From the moment you arrive outside of the aircraft hanger with its aircraft on display, you feel excited like you’re ready to embark on a great adventure, especially as you’re walked through a hall of pictures with many great aviators. You’re seated in rows of seats in front of a huge screen which evokes images of the movie theatre, except with seat belts. After some initial safety instructions, the seats are raised and suspended in mid-air as the plane ‘takes off.’

Al Davenport

So glad it's back! Don't need CGI transitions. However, first row is the only way to go. Well worth waiting for the opportunity to sit front and center. Recently, fast pass line has appeared to be as long as standby from outside, but moves much faster inside. Go smell those orange blossoms in Camarillo.

Sara Gamble

Love the new version. Soarin over California was fun but we are already IN California. It was nice tip explore the world

Dominic Garcia

Great ride! Line wasn't long at all.

Jeffrey Easton

One of the best attractions at California Adventure!!

Jeanna Mcmicking

This is one of my family's favorite rides at California adventure. No matter how many times you've gone it's still fun. I love the smells during the ride. If you can ask to sit in the front row in the middle (b) section, best spot In the house. But no matter where you sit you'll have fun!

Jasmine Ramirez

Love it! Though I miss soaring over the world, it's good.

Tami Barrera

Such a fantastic trip with real video and you feel transported and can feel the weather and smell your journey. It's the smells that bring it to life. Thank you Disneyland Imagineers.

Lee Jarvis-Werbenjaegerman

This ride can photographically familiarize a person with popular Californian destinations. The scents emitted are not too overwhelming. They compliment and enhance the experience, especially citrus aroma when flying over fields!

Stacy Brabson

My Grandaughters favorite ride! This ride is so much fun! Just imagine floating around the world sit, sound and smells are all affected. It's so great!!!

Michael Bridak

Very nice relaxing ride.

Kathryn Kohigashi-Ungui

We love this ride!!!!!! It was the first time for my 4yr old, so it had been a while since I last enjoyed it. It was so just as fun as I remembered. My DD wanted to go again and again.

Justin Michaud

The Around the World version is great but seems a little too much CGI. I loved the California version but this is good too. The queue line is great too with the photos of aviators, gets you really into the theme. I like it just wouldn't wait an hour for it.

Jovanny Castaneda

Great ride just dont go on if scared of swings

Mike Hauncho

If you haven't been on it, it's a five-star ride. Once you've been on it though, the value plummets since the video rarely changes

Vanessa Diaz

Love this ride! Wish they had it open all the time. California is a beautiful state!!!

Talia Maiolo

Easily my favorite ride of the trip. It was beautiful, I loved how they thought to add to the experience by misting the room with orange, ocean and evergreen scents as you flew thru each part of the state.

Elaine Montoya

This was so much fun. It makes you feel like you're really flying over everywhere. I would definitely recommend you to try it.

Paula Zimmerman

Such a unique ride! A great view of many of the world's iconic places. Wish it were a minute longer! While you wait in line, be sure to read the info plaques that line the walls. Great information on little known but great pilots and contributors to flight.

Kevin Mullett

It's so much fun. The video is amazing and you really feel like you are there. They even have the smells from the places you are. Worth the wait

Sam Martin

It's a great ride minus the way the screen works. So if you are off center there is a very noticeable curve to the image.

Benjamin Melendez

The best round trip in a short time

Trisha Morriston

This is a really fun ride at DCA. One can visit different areas around the world without leaving California. Fun fun fun.

Rondal Winton

Great ride! They add scents and gusts of wind to add to the experience of making it feel like you are flying. I was hesitant to go on at first because of my fear of heights but we ended up sitting in the back seats which don't go up as high as the front and middle rows. It was totally worth the experience!

Michael Ross

Great visuals (and smells!) of the Golden State. It belongs in California adventure in order to help maintain the California atmosphere.

Christopher Columbus

Amazing! You get to soar around the world (and America) IN WHAT SEEMS LIKE REAL LIFE! I could not stress this enough. Good job Disneyland!

Eric Holbrook

One of the greatest rides in all of Disney!

Erin Belden

I have never been so nervous on a simulated ride ever bwfore. It was amazingly executed and can't wait to go again!

Denny Baker

Being a military pilot I appreciate the flying it took to make those videos. There is a great collection of aircraft history along the hallway into the ride.

b de

This is one you could pass but if in your heart you want to do it, you'll like it. Didfeel a little dizzy getting off.

Christopher Richard

This is a must ride at California Adventures.... it is breathtaking and we loved it.

Kimberly Luong

amazingly awesome spectacular beautiful soaring ride around the world.. lovess it.. wished the ride could be another min longer, so u can feel that you are enjoying more timess with travel around the world moment of a life time..

Samuel Arbizo

A very cool ride. I love the smell o vision part of the ride. I thought some of the kids might be scared but, everyone loved it.

Pat Kinzy

Amazing, you can't buy a better vacation

Tim Cain

This was an awesome ride I couldn't believe it it was so fun it was the first time I had taken my daughter to Disneyland and we enjoyed it so much I recommend this highly

Dana Davis

Of COURSE it's 5 stars! Miss the orange BLOSSOM smell though.

Ami Hisanaga

A nice relaxing ride as you enjoy the experience of flying over the world.

Lady Von Barber

This is a really fun ride for everyone. It’s a very smooth, relaxing ride. Nothing scary about it, just go gently up in the air just like you are soaring. Make sure to smell the air because you will smell different things along the way on your adventure. This ride is also great to give your feet a break. One of the best rides on the CA Adventure side!

Bryan Reid

Wow this ride was awesome. The Smell of the flowers when we flew over the islands was awesome. Definitely get a fast pass for this ride as the line can get very long.

Monique Secreto

This is such a unique and amazing ride. I never dreamed of flying over all world with the smells and primo view that it provides. It is worth the price of admission.

Michael Pierre

One of the best experiences, yes I say experience, cuz calling it a ride or attraction isn't enough. If afraid of hieghts, I'm sorry you shouldn't do this. You fly around the world here.

sara lee

Hang on! You will slowly be lifted a few feet and going through several countries at amazing speeds. Reality is, you never went anywhere.

paul vhayste

A 4D "ride" where you'll be strapped on seats that will be lifted off the ground in front of a curved screen. You can feel the breeze and even get a whiff of the displayed location's smell. It's a great experience and visitors should try this out at least once.


A fantastic ride that really earns the spot as my favorite Disney attraction. The music, sights, and sounds sweep you away into this one of a kind hangliding experience

Aaron and Elizabeth D.

Quite possibly our favorite ride! Its a row of seats that get hoisted up in front of a large concave movie screen. The seats move along with the film shown on the screen as you seem to soar over wonders of the world. They also have unique smells as the scenes change. Our kiddos loved it as much as we did! And I gotta say it seemed pretty real. Hope youre not scared of "heights".

David Reuter

Fun experience of scenes in California on a ride that brings you high in the air to watch.

Burton Hunter

What a wonderful new change-up they have done to this ride. Nice that they've employed the access to technology that can allow them to change-up or customize the presentation, if they want to. I loved the previous "Soaring Over California", but this was my 1st time back to see the new change-up to this ride. I really liked it ! The day we went, I was amazed that we could get a Fast Pass and then, within 5 minutes walk through to the relatively short line inside the building. I'm glad that they retained the "Aviation-themed pictures and decor" along the walkway inside the building. That part of the wait is really interesting.

Jonathon Crawford

Easily, my four year old son's, favorite ride! He would duck when the elephants threw dirt, or when the plane flew at you. Good, safe ride, for a little one.

Ena Farjardo

I like the time there special around the world im sorry i don't have any picture

Emeric Naseman

Really neat ride...Disney knows how to trigger all your senses on this ride.

nakala matthews

Incredible ride! Loved it when it was Soarin' over California...but it's even better now! Each location is immersive. With the scents, air and other special effects, it's easy to believe that you actually visited these places. We ride it repeatedly.

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