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REVIEWS OF Sky Zone Trampoline Park IN California

Florencia Basaldella

This place is so much fun. It's safe and keeps you entertained for 1 straight hour or more

Nancy Belchak

Totally Awesome had my grandsons Birthday party their last year & my granddaughters this year they had a blast. Fun fun fun for the whole family wouldn't recommend for children under 5. Oh and keep the socks, that way when you go back you dont have to repurchase them $4.00 per child or adult $5.00

Rachel Ritchie

We went for a birthday party. The whole experience was a bit much for me. Kids love it, hence the four stars. It's overwhelmingly large and they just let the kids loose and don't keep them together for the party.

lynda bramhall

Very organized and personable staff. Nice place for the kiddos.

Jose Mejia

On glow nights they advertise that you receive a free glow in the dark t-shirt (green etc). Guess what, if they are out of stock, you receive a plain boring white shirt from the staff and you do not receive a rain check for the actual shirt you paid for.

rmonlo Ibanez

Had a great time with the family at Sky Zone. Went with 7 people in our group 7 all different ages. Everyone had fun. 90 minutes felt like the perfect amount of time for everyone. It was clean alot of staff present. I would definitely like to go back again

Jay Flores

Stay out of this place!! My daughter fell of the ramp playing. She got injured. She fell on her hand and the only thing they did was to filled up a form report. When i ask for a manager a 19 year old kid came saying he was the manager. Clearly didn't know what to do. At least acknowledge what had happened. After they finished the report I ask for a copy they refused to give me one. Why? They just want to cover there bad approached to the situation? This place is not safe for any kid if something happens they won't do anything for you. At least acknowledge what happen. Sympathy? At least have an appropriate staff handling this type of situations. Very unprofessional. Very disappointed. The real manager was another person by the way he ask the 19 year kid what had happen when we left. DONT BRING YOUR KIDS HERE!!!!

Julian Campbell

This sky zone is awesome. Not as great as the other larger ones but still great fun. The workers need to do a better job of seeing who needs to leave when their time is up. My friends and I paid for 90 minutes and ended up staying an extra hour before we got tired. The price of their food could use a little work too but all in all very cheap and fun

Alicia Thomas

The kids and adults always have a blast going here. We grew up flipping trucks on Olympic size trampolines. It’s so great to provide something like this. It can be pricey when the whole fam jumps.

Jordan Gruber

Wonderful place to bring the kiddos! However, be warned it is a little bit of a workout! I'm not gonna lie. I'm out of shape, a little over my healthy weight. I don't like to think of it as being obese. I'm just good at eating ;) Anyways, come here its alot of fun that you have to try at Least once!

Diondre Davis

My wife an I had a great time here. Great place for kids and you adults to go for an active activity.

Casey Bacon

This place doesn’t even deserve 1 star I was just forced to pick at least 1. Honestly you’ll have a better time sitting in your car with your kids than this awful establishment. The staff is absolutely awful zero customer service skills, honestly one of the guys might have been high. They’re super uptight and have no problem yelling at your children for honestly the most ridiculous stuff. I would veto for shutting this place down instead of wasting money paying that awful staff.


I wish I could give a lower rating this place is so horrible. My 3 year old and 5 year old were separated from us by a net and and all they wanted to do was jump with mommy and daddy. They were reprianded by a teenage boy that they never meant before and he made my 3 year old cry and hurt my 5 year olds feelings because they didn't understand, but he had no problem flirting with the other girls his age and not saying anything to them for doing the same things. We left before our time was even over. This place is a waste of money and time better off buying our own trampoline.

Dan G

Great time for kids and adults alike. Positive vibes amongst everyone there.

Montserrat Torres

I love thos place because it is a really fun way of having fun with family and friends. And I went to sky camp and it was amazing and Lupe my counselor was the wan who made it even more fun. Thanks to Lupe and all the other people who made this happend thank you for hiving me the best summer I could ever have thank you for that. I would highly recommend Sky Zone and Sky Camp.

Jack Nixon

Way too expensive, so we rarely go there anymore. However, I give 5 STARS for the birthday party crew. Obviously you pay a premium for the parties, and I don't think I would pay that much again, but everything they did in the party area was correct, fast, pleasant, and worry free. It's rare that you pay a pretty price for something and feel completely satisfied, but I can't say enough about the party staff. Pizza was good enough, and they kept bringing drinks and serving constantly as long as we were there. Everything was decorated well and clean, and they did all of the clean up work and packed up any leftover food. On the other hand, the regular park staff leave something to be desired. The park is run mostly by vacant teenagers half-paying attention. The place is mostly clean, but I don't feel like the regular admission is worth it and would give it 3 stars. My kid is usually done after 20 minutes of jumping anyway, so we go maybe once or twice a year now.

Eve Sayers

My son and I used to love coming here. Hated that they no longer let adults play dodge ball with their children but since we hadn't been in a while, we decided to go again and look passed that. My son was in there not even 5 minutes and the guy kicked him out of dodge ball because he was throwing to hard. Like seriously I was standing right there and he was throwing no different than any other person in there. And they are small FOAM balls so throwing hard really? They wanted him to go play with the adults. Who are twice his size and use the big hard balls. Guess they wanted him to have a broken nose. Waited till they guy went to a different area and told my son to go back. Didn't have a issue after that so obviously guy was picking on my son. This place has gone down so much that I will not return. Will probably even give away my 60 min FREE pass.

Anthony B

Neon jump party

Otoniel Murillo

Terrible music, very expensive for such little area, if they have private parties you don't have access to areas you paid for

bigo4sho tho

Love it

Jim Sebald

Always a good time. Friendly staff. They are always watching out for the kids' safety!!

Isabel Alvarado

Kids always love it. Groupon is the way to go.

krystal alice leneski

I went to my nephew's birthday party at Sky Zone at was pretty cool inside and it was very fun to play with four year olds.


Very fun place for the whole family. The pricing is a little steep if you pay by the hour, but they have specials all the time including a 10 hour jump pass that comes out to about $11 per hour, which is great of you have several kids. My kids have a blast playing dodge ball and jumping into the foam pit. They also have a variety of food at very reasonable prices and they do birthday parties too.

Rosario Martinez

Had so much fun with the kids here coming back with the family

Brad Williams

Was very fun. Kinda busy but people were kind and had a great time.

Matt Inama

Fun for the whole family. Lots of great areas and a great workout!

David Kornegay

Fun place for kids. Will say kinda sucks you book a birthday party and only get about 45 minutes in an actual room for the pizza, cake, and presents.

Florencia Basaldella

This place is so much fun. It's safe and keeps you entertained for 1 straight hour or more

Katina Owens

Totally totally disappointed. Very unorganized for our scheduled Birthday party. I love the actual park itself just very upset of how our party came out due to the very unorganized and unprofessionalism of Skyzone Elmhurst location.

Gwendolyn Johnson

We had a marvelous time at Skyzone at Kartia birthday! Lucky girl

Sara Cubas

My kids love this place!

Andrew Kupcinski

One of the better trampoline parks we have been to for a kids party. The place was much cleaner than any other park and the staff was extremely helpful and attentive.

Skirmish 2001

Fun lots of people to meet

Kisha Nicole

Cool spot for kids and young teens on a Saturday night for Glow. The DJ had me grooving...

Stephen Harris

Great place for parties

A. Centeno

great place for kids. they have different events they host for children. I have a teenager and she loves Sky Zone.

Phillip Thrash

Didn't think I would like this as much as I did. It is a really awesome place to take your kids. And you will have just as much fun.

Denielle Perkalis

The staff are amazing! The whole place is very clean. Kids had a great time

Lali Arambula

Hey I was wondering If you could search for my husband Jo in your foam pit at some point, that's the last place I saw him. It's been 32 years since I've seen him last. Here's a photo of me and him together.

Biggie Banana

It is super fun and a good place to have parties

Mark Wolschon

Clean and we'll run. Use overflow parking since parking lot is small.


I hurt myself

Stephen Shuckerow


G. Pinkett

Had a Birthday party for my child here on a weekday evening. It was FABULOUS! Not crowded, it was like we had the whole place to ourselves. Food was hot and pretty good.

Des Bur

Great place to allow kids to run around and get tired

Kelis Queen

It was horrible food bad staff horrible trampolines just bad


I had such a good time in this place. Staff on the look out and friendly. Food and drinks are decent put the pizza is bomb! Prices are not to high for a 1 hour jump but overall good place to jump at!

Arturo Raudales

Definitely a fun place to take your kids, or even if you just want to have fun with your friends. Prices are affordable, and you will get your money's worth. Be prepared to sweat though! Parking lot is a bit scarce so consider taking an Uber or be patient enough to wait. Other than that, it's a must try.


I always have so much fun here, even if I'm alone.

Martel Castaneda

My son got banned a toddler 3 years old cuz he took some chips his little kid it’s my fault for not paying attention but it’s a little kid come on but whatever staff gave me son chips multiple times before for free so screw u guys for the manager not to even come out his office and acknowledge the problem or anything was very upsetting don’t just tell somebody to tell my 3 year old son can jump here no more without a conclusion like he is 3 how many times has a parent walked out the store and ur child has something u didn’t buy I’m pretty sure there is multiple people who can attest to this just very disappointing i come here every Monday Wednesday and Friday and for u guy to do that wow pathetic

Noah Maldonado

Great staff and everything

zagg G.G

a place where you can jump your time away... don't bring anything with you, if u lose it , it's gone forever.

Tenishia Goodwin

Friday night is the best time to come my children had a blast

James Duffy

Good place for a workout. 4 stars because it's a bit pricey. Foam pit that you can do flips into, sections that you can pay insane dodge ball, and basketball hoops you can dunk.

Katrina Hart

Loved it so much that we are having my sons birthday party here! The team was friendly and there was a ton of different activities!

Nicholas Pepper

Packed, but the staff does a good job of keeping things in order. My son who is 7, had a blast in the dodgeball pit.

Dan Bailer

I was asked to leave after sitting on the corner of my 1 year old daughters trampoline. I sat like this because the older kids were consistently running into my daughter and sending her flying. When stating that I was not bouncing, jumping and/or even moving, I’m just protecting my daughter as they’re not and they replied with... “look if you won’t move we’ll have to call the cops.” No refund was given. Additionally, a man was laying down as his kids jumped on him and they laughed historically. He was told 3-4 times he needs to stand up. Turns out he was blind and unable to jump, for obvious reasons. This is why he laid and his kids jumped on him. He was asked to leave if he wouldn’t stand. This place is a joke. Go to Oaks and/or Newark Skyzones.

Austin H

Great people working there. Very friendly and helpful. I would say doing any more than thirty minutes is to much though, I was exhausted afterwards.

Avery Arzu

It was nice. They have camo socks for a dollar more.

Danica Dieujuste

It's a good place for a b day


Great family place. Theres even a jump section set apart for the mini jumperoos (toddlers). Fun for all ages. Get out and get to jumpin. This place wont disappoint. Great way to spend away. My family loved every counted minute. Will return soon

erric hefflin

Solid 4 stars! Depending on your stamina you can probably hang out here a bit longer than we did (1 hr. 20 mins.) But if you find a coupon for this place it is for sure worth it! I myself crash landed a couple times. Really enjoyable with family and the dodgeball is beyond nostalgic.

Diane Hatfield

Great place for kids to jump. Would not recommend for older adults as way to crowed and the noise level and chaos I'd out of control.

Julianne Brooks

Cute place. Kinda smaller than the other Sky Zones I have been to. Nonetheless my 5 & 14 year olds had a great time.

Season Hillery

Was really disappointed. My son has down syndrome and low muscle tone. So jumping for a long time on his feet tires his legs. So he would sit down and be having fun bouncing on his bottom. It wasn't even busy and staff told us he can't sit. He has to be jumping on his feet. Him not understanding this changed it from a good time to confusion and frustration. Every other trampoline park we've evere been to has been accommodating to kids with disabilities. We ended up leaving an hour before our time was up because he was more upset then having fun. It was our first and last time going to Sky Zone.

Noelia Mejia

We have been here a few times before and had our son's birthday party here too. We have always had a wonderful experience. Today they blew us away! Miles was absolutely fantastic with both our boys. Also the manager whose name begins with an M but I don't want to misspell it, she was so sweet to our son who was sad he was leaving and let him test out the "new" slushie machine! Needless to say we will definitely be back sooner than later!!

girls rock

Its amazing and fun you can do a lot of flips and back flips and you also can jump really high or jump low and people there are very nice and kind and the employees are very kind, nice, and funny but that how I feel about sky zone.

Michael Rogers

Great job by managers Christine and Amy who helped with organizing a school student event. Christine and her staff were top notch and made the experience very enjoyable for the students. Well recommended and very attentive to our groups needs. Thanks for a great night! - Delaware Design Lab PTO President.

Sonia Alvarenga

OMG! What an amazing place to bring kids at to blow steam at! Staff is friendly and attentive. Will definitely go back!


its gross and the edgy teenagers there don't care if you jump into the ball pit and break your neck, i've only seen one chill employee

Robert Tomko

Always a great time. Nice and friendly people.

Donatas Tamulynas

Great place for kids to discharge their energy and to learn some acrobatics. Five stars.

Madeline Mondragon

Great entertainment for kids all ages. Staff is very helpful and caring.

Landon Pauley

Great staff and customer service. Only downside was the long line with our party, and a couple of the zones were closed because they were understaffed. No need to overestimate the time jumping (our group of young adults thought 60 minutes was too long). Depends on the age, physical fitness level, and elevation sickness.

mark parks

Great time fur tumbling.

Haiman Clark

Always fun. The new attractions are definitely a hit with the kids

Debi Ramirez

Everyone looked like they were having a great time!!

Malia Milton-Smith

It a cool jumping place

Robert Rodgers

Great time and friendly staff.

Destiny Paradise Enterprises

Call ahead. They have special glow nights. $23+ shirt + socks

Rahul Gupta

Great place for kids to burn the new ice cream shop

maribel balderas

The kids always have fun and good exercise

Mirna Reyes

Had a great time. I wish I knew the guys name that helped us. He was really patient with me n my kids. Thank u n I will b going back soon.

James Cairns

Kids had a blast workers are friendly and helpful

Darryl Peterkin

My son enjoyed his 13th birthday party here very much. This is a wonderful location for a young person's party.

Capgod_ 01

This place is a good place to bring kids and stuff but the price is a lot, a lot of people could come and pay even more and stuff.

FoxyFushion Gaming

It was fun just wish there was a swing or a zipline

kittylover Chloe

The staff wasn't that good, but it was a Tuesday night. Other than that it was a really fun place with lots of things to do. My family and I favored the foam pit. :)

cash money123

76ers fan almost punch me didn't kick him out just moved him to a new dodgeball corner just because you're a Toronto Raptors fan doesn't mean you need to punch someone

Eva Fedick

So much fun! They have great prices and they're good for whole families or just adults! We had a great time.

Thomas Herman

My kids LOVE going to sky zone.

niya's world

One challenge I wanted to do was leave a good report about one worker that worker is Ivan number 2 he was doing his job and made sure everyone in the trampoline was following the rules

vv vera

Great place to take the kids. But throwing a party there hosts dont really help out the parents much with the party stuff not worth the price you spend

Elky Fried

Greatest family outing ever!!! Was fun for my little kids and for adults!!! Couldn't have spent the day better!

Sabrina Eaton

The employees are ruthless, carless, and just down right disrespectful!!!! My daughter and her youth group of 21 unfortunate children wanted enjoy some fun time at Skyzone Trampoline park in Newark. But the ASSISTANT MANAGER MALDA disrespected my daughter and gave her false information. After not accommodating our group Ana( or Anna) and Malda processed to call the police to cover up there mistakes and false information. In Hope's that they wouldn't have to accommodate us. We ended up going to Main Event and getting cheaper tickets and I will say the customer service was alot better than Ana and Malda disordley conduct toward my daughter and 21 precious children.

Claudia Risso

Love it

Katheryn Kennedy

Grandkids loved this place, great for burning energy.

chickenplayz Wasd

Great staff, some kid grabbed our kid's shoes and threw them to the trash, but the staff was very helpful and helped us find the shoes. Would reccomend based on the staff. But watch your valuables.

Josie Cain

Associates are kind with children and attentive

Derek Quinn

Glad it wasnt too crowded...I wish I could give a 4.5 as its earned more...just half point off as it's really expensive for us to use as often as we would like. I know and am sure it's a big overhead especially with what I can imagine insurance to cost for that type of place. We love it and our 4 year old does too...helps keep us all sane!!

leidis madeley rosales picon

(Translated by Google) I love it because my children can have a lot of fun. I totally recommend it to have a fun and family time. (Original) Me encanta porque mis hijos pueden divertirse bastante. Lo recomiendo totalmente para pasar un rato divertido y en familia.


Really cool place to bring your kids, here a picture of me and my friends and some of there food.

Fabio Apelbaum

Took mi 2.5 years old daughter today, the place is nice but the staff isn't too friendly. Felt a little uncomfortable as I was trying to teach her how to jump.

Tanya Freeman

The kids enjoyed themselves so much. We will def be back and our host was awesome very good with the kids. The boys started calling him bro LOL

Melissa Smith

Well managed and clean. Staff are available and interactive with customers.


We love trampoline parks!

Jermaine Wilson

Kids Enjoy themselves nice for a party wish their where one in Chicago!!

Mark McAllister

Its fun for the kids, but dont make people wait in line for 10 minutes only to be told go fill out waivers and get back in line for another 10, extremely broken process, suggest that the sign directing you to the waivers as you enter is more prominent and emphasized as we walked right by it.

Hi French toast c:

My daughter loves this place very kid friendly the customer service was phenomenal will definitely be taking her again she had a blast

Luke Vaccaro

Extremely friendly staff. Felt very welcome. Clean top to bottom. Great place to have fun.

Jeannie B

I thought it was a really cool place for kids.

Intense Cloud

Our kids ask to be taken here very often, and of course we taken them. They like it because it is a cool place to jump and exercise. We haven't experience any difficulties in any regard. As a tip, you can get good deals online in advance and make your check-in even faster once at their registers, enjoy it!

Audy Previl

Very recommended for your kids!

montze Esteves

packed with kids!! recommending later hrs before they close

Saam Greenman


Janet E

The place is great for kids of all ages, even kids at heart lol, the staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Srinivasu Dammalapati

I thought of giving 0 STAR rating, but it was not available as an option. While purchasing 90 days pass, skyzone team told that any time we can visit when skyzone is open, but when we visit yesterday7/26 and when it is glow time, we were asked to pay normal (with $3 off as a gift :( ) - which is not correct. There is no specifics on the displayed price board with * as terms and conditions against 90 days pass, that means they are cheating ... Also, is the skyzone staff permanent? When we asked the skyzone staff at the counter that "why we need to pay when it was not told at the time of 90 days pass purchase", we were given a surprising answer "I am not the person sold you the tickets :("

Jorge Arbito

Good place to be with the kids.

Anthony McClinton

Had a blast and the kids enjoyed every moment! And staff are all friendly. They follow safety procedures really well and the facility is clean in an orderly fashion. And from my experience for the first time great hospitality. Cant find a place like this... great team work. The only thing I wish the climbing section was open for the kids. Hopefully next time.

Karlton cruz

Looks great..will try out when able

Leah Keating

I went there for senior year post prom and let me just tell you that I've never been to a trampoline place that is half as good as this one

Tabatha Miliaresis

Kids had a great time

Peggy Clement

My grandkids love the trampoline park and I love it to!

Dan Martyn

Fun for the whole family!

Gurdeep Dhaliwal

Good place

Sumanta Dutta

Had a great birthday party

Blue Comet

Great place to take kids especially if you don't own a trampoline. This place is full of sky high fun.


When they say show up 20 minutes before your jump time, this is not an exaggeration. We usually go for toddler jump on Saturday and even though we checked I online it can take 15-20 minutes to get through the line. Seems like an easy fix by just hiring another person... But this place is still fun, even after the wait.

Brenda Whitt

Loads of fun for kids and adults

Angelina Gonzales

We came here yesterday place wasn't crowded. Front desk was helpful with our needs we paid for the ultimate dodge ball. Kids had fun, place was clean and restrooms were actually clean. We'll be back.

Nate2 geee


Aubrey LeBon


Megan Dunlee

I’m not sure which to praise first, the staff or the clean and welcoming environment. My 4 year old was having a hard time at both the warped wall and jousting. At the warped wall a friendly worker named India not only helped my child up the wall but cheered her on and encouraged her to come back down. At the jousting area Bri instructed my daughter on how to properly use the sticks and the best way to stay standing. The environment is very clean and multiple times I witnessed staff picking up little things as they moved around. Definitely are planning our next trip back soon!

Stuart Earl

Great for the kids and great staff

Tobin Carlino

Super fun! Chill refs, plenty of variety of trampoline attractions, busy but it never felt crowded! 5/5 would jump again

Nadia D

This place is fun and worth your time, not too pricey either. You can sign their waiver online to get through faster. They have lockers available for some change. Also you can buy snacks, food and refreshments there.

R. L. Cox

Attended a school PTO Fundraiser with my child’s school and was pleased with all they had to offer. My child slept like a rock that night lol.

E. J. Purdy

A lot of fun for a birthday party. I even climbed the Rick wall!

Brett Drumheller

Had great time until i took my daughter to her grandparents 20 min late, they,re so miserable just ruined the 2 hrs of we had in 20 seconds, saturday night a little late, wow!

Pj T

Best place to go on a rainy day!

Kaitlin Muro

This review is only based on my experience with the Skyfit class and not the free bouncing time but I love this place. The instructor is awesome and all the employees are really nice.


My boy likes it

Hiro Campos

Great place to take kids to promote healthy active fun. I recomend being active and very attentive to your little ones there will be other and probably bigger kids

Adam Mitchell

I just accidentally rated this 5 stars and can’t undo it lol but go y’all

Walter Kostrzewski

Endless jumping for kids and parents. Parents chill zone. Great place to watch football while the kids bounce off someone else's walls.

Corisa A.

Was nice at first. Got ghetto quick. Filthy foam pit. Parties overpriced. They aren’t watching kids jumping on each other. I saw someone sweating and wiped forehead on foam in foam pit. Workers more interested in talking to each other than watching the wild kids. Not good for little kids. They will get trampled. Kids not following rules. Why would they when no one is enforcing the rules anyways. Wouldn’t go back. Very gross and ghetto

Barry Uzimaki

It was really great but the only problem was that the fuel zone was too slow.

Shekar Kn

Wow, it's very great place for kids & parents.

Briana Cotoc

I bought my tickets on groupon and when i got to skyzone they told me it was invalid. They were unorganized on helping me and were zero help, horrible costumer service. I wouldn’t go back and also wouldn’t recommend.

Zlyback innex

Really clean. Nice staff. Well organized with a good sitting area to see your kiddos. There is a snack bar, but didn't see what was on the menu. We liked this trampoline place more than the others we've been to in Colorado Springs, it was just cleaner and more staff available.

Kevin Singleton

Skyslope is fun but make sure that you go with the understanding that fun can also mean being really tired.

Mohamed Arnaout

Best sky zone

Ryan Tompkins

Fun for the kids but the staff is lacking. Tip: if no one is at the counter, make your way to the back office. They will likely be back there playing with there phones.

Lucerito B

It's a great place to take the kids to have fun, and a great place for birthday parties

scurv baker

The kids loved it, be careful you can twist your leg. They make you sign a waiver.

Nathan Bernabe

Very amazing experience for kids and adults, I loved it. The staff was very friendly and nice. It's only a little pricey.

Abby Cummings

Good way to workout and have fun at the same time. Bring your socks back the next time so you won't have to repurchase them

Debora Duncan

Really fun place. They've added some new fun obstacles so it's not just trampolines, and of course the Dodge ball games are always a hit. The lines to pay and get stickers are always long and slow, with only 1 or 2 people working the computers when there are 3 or 4 empty ones available. It's also rather pricey, so I'd recommend getting a groupon...they are always available and make the experience much more affordable.

Pooh1209 El

My kids went to a toddler Birthday party and had a great time

Kathy Montalvo

My kids love this place

Kristi Calver

Ive used every sort of coupon for entry, and they never made a big deal out of it - everyone is smiling, helpful, and makes me want to bring my kids again! The people in the climbing area are patient and welcoming even to younger kids

Wojciech Paciorek

nice spot with lots of activities for the youg ones ans some adults who feel youthful. My children love these Sky Zone and similar themed places. There are even some arcade machines throughout the place. We are big air hockey fans and they had it too. Staff is friendly and helpful, and it seems always busy. I don't know how they do not get overwhelmed with the constant noise, but they seems cool as a cucomber, always willing to help or answer questions. Definately worth a look.

Cynthia Lawson

Really a fun place and it's reasonably priced. Great exercise and allot of fun! Makes you feel like a kid again!

Jacob Kuenz

Took my nieces there and they had a ball.

Sebastian Woot

Awesome place for teens and younger kids alike. We did the "Glow" jump. Weekend nights, Its 2 hrs, 9-11pm under black lights and that was plenty of time. Not cheap. 30 bucks each but that includes glow shirts & socks. Theirs cheaper 30 minute options earlier in the day n evening. I think their $15 each then 2 dollars each for socks. But the kids and I had a blast.

Melania Straka

Great to do kids party but always very crowded

Ryan Boyd

Happy with staff and service in Park. Kids had a blast.

Jennifer Pierce-Vieira

Kids love this place! Staff friendly and place clean

marisa mendoza

It’s so fun that my husband was playing to ha ha ha ha

John Cena

I was having a good time and then the manager was rude and inconsiderate and I would not recommend it to anybody not even my worst enemy

Ernest Wicks

Kids and adults have fun!!!

Courtney Crawford

It was ok.. not worth the money paid. The one in Newark was definitely better.

Trinity Dole

I bought a Groupon for two hour passes valid Monday through Friday, but i went in on a Friday night and was denied at the door because it was "glow night." I was upset that the coupon i had paid for was not was i paid for nor what was promised. Sadly i will use the coupon then never go back.

Avian Wolf

Man i have so much fun with my friends and family. I love the hurricane ride.

Amber Lira

Always a great time! Wish it was a little cheaper.. Especially with a big family.

Jeddrey Reich

Staff completely inept in Norwalk. Asked for gift cards including socks...i had no idea they were supposed to give me the socks! Got home and was asked where the socks were, its for a bday gift-just got a gift card, no socks, no box nothing. 3 staff members stood staring at their phones while i waited. The place looks fun but the staff needs serious training.

Bruce Lim

So hot in there, felt like a sauna. Glad it was only an hour ...

baltazar reyes

A whole lot of family fun also has a adult section for some fun

Isabella Andjelkovic

It’s awesome! You won’t want to leave!

Desiree Morris

If I could give 0 stars I would! Skyzone in Norwalk is understaffed and not cooperative at all. My 12 year old daughter was jumped by 3 girls during glow night. That kept bullying her and her friends. They do not have any security or enough staff to the amount of kids they allow in. My daughter could’ve been seriously hurt and other kids have bumps bruises and even left with a bloody lip! I have been trying to contact the general manager for video footage to find out who did this to my daughter and have yet to have any answers 5 days later! If you care about your child’s safety I would not recommend sending your kids here! They have had complaints in the past that I have just been made aware of and have yet to make any changes to allow our kids to be safe. One of the kids tried to tell an employee these girls were bullying them and they said they couldn’t do anything! I also was told that they’ve had problems with these specific girls in the past but have yet to ban them. Our kids just want to have fun all they had to do is kick these girls out and it could’ve prevented injury and being traumatized. The fact that this incident isn’t serious enough to follow up with me is enough said about this company. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE!

Zachary K

It was a really good experience. Worth the money. And there’s really no lines for anything. It’s pretty big and they have a toddlers area. A basketball hoop area and some others beat area there. It’s kid friendly and adult friendly. I did not try any of the food though. So I can’t rate that. YOU DONT NEED TO BUY SOCKS.

Greg Bohn

Honestly first time there with my daughter and I thought the place was terrible. It's small theres not much to do. I'd suggest to go to the one in Delaware or the new place in Aston (not skyzone). Also there stupid rules are terrible let the kids have fun..

Chris Mixon



Really cool and the staff are amazing boi

Jacqueline Santiago

Kids had fun and it was clean and nice

Ray Goodwin

ONE star unfortunately. This place is clean, and seems to be pretty safe for the kids. I'm just not happy with most of the staff at this location on more than one occasion. The staff is all teenagers who feel they can talk to kids as if they are one of their friends. 1 Example is my son who is 11 years old told the staff member who was running the dodgeball game. My son got this 1 kid out 3 times. The staff member looked at him and said " stop bitching" after that he seemed to be bullying and picking on my son the rest of the evening. We had similar events taking place at this same location. WE WILL NEVER BE BACK.

Cecilia Johnson

Toddler Time is great - not too busy, and my two little ones didn't get knocked over at all.

Napoleon Lark

We had a blast!


Good place to take the childres

Doug Warner

A real nice trampoline park with a very friendly staff. It's a great place to get your kids to put down the electronics and engage in some fun physical activity.

Luca Marozzi

Definitely one of the best places for your children's birthday! Lot of fun for the children, food and relax zone for the parents, great stuff and organization. A bit pricey, but still a great place

Theresa Brams

Grandkids had a great time

Ali Griffin

Went for my nephews 9th birthday party. Arrive to be told that there must have been something wrong with the link they provided because they did not receive any of the waivers the kids parents had filled out and they all must have gone to a different location, and they cannot be transferred. My sister spent the entire time calling all of his friends parents to get them to re-fill out the waivers. Most of the kids invited only got to jump the last 10 minutes of the party's time slot because of the time spent trying to get ahold of their parents. Skyzone offered no accommodations for the wasted time and money spent for a party most invitees couldn't enjoy.

George Rios

It was very crowded. The staff is wonderful and the environment was cool. The boys love this place.

Raymond Lopez

My kid loved this place so much

emily Sabre

Everything went great with the Birthday party

Tammy Mindick

The children had a blast, used lots of energy and enjoyed the birthday party being held there. The adults had fun too and the birthday party package included a reasonable amount of extras for everyone.!

Danish Productions

The staff was great and very friendly

Tridina Williams

I loved the kid

Rylee S

A group of some friends and I tried to go to Sky Zone tonight after we bought a deal on admission prices through Groupon. There were 2 types of passes you could buy: one was an hour of jumping for 2 people during the week, for $15.00, the second was an hour of jumping for 2 people on any day of the week for $19.00. I purchased 2 of the any day of the week passes due to it being a Saturday night. When we got up to the counter to check in, the first staff member we encountered was friendly enough. She redeemed one of our Groupon vouchers, but had some trouble getting the second voucher to redeem. She went to grab another employee (possibly the 16 year old manager?) who then came up and told us that we couldn't use our passes any night of the week. When we pointed out we got passes labeled for use any day of the week, she curtly responded with "well it's glow night right now so you can't jump unless you want to pay us per person to get in." Quite frankly, she was rude and couldn't be bothered to explain the situation to us. We did recheck the Groupon and in fine print (that matches the background of the Groupon) it says "not valid glow" 1) why would you label this pass for ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, when you can't use it during certain times of the week? That's asinine. 2) "not valid glow" doesn't even make sense. Its false advertising to say these passes can be used at any time, and silly to not explain when and what glow night is on the passes so customers don't get confused. It quickly became apparent that the 16 year old employee/manager couldn't have given less of a hoot about the situation, so I decided to give up and ask them to reverse the redeemed voucher so I could use it later. The employee then told me they couldn't reverse the voucher and there was "nothing she could do about it". She gave me free jump passes to use on a later date (which I won't), but wouldn't just give me the cash back even though it was there mistake for redeeming my Groupon. You can't tell me that they have a high overhead per person to jump at this place - so I'm failing to understand why they wouldn't let the fact it was glow night slide, and let us use our groupons considering they redeemed one and apparently couldn't actually make it right. It wasn't like they would be losing money. The customer service was straight up trash and pathetic.


Sky high bridge.

Lisa Nunez

Clean, fun, friendly, and skyfit is the best. What an awesome way to get a cardio workout!!

Candace Braud

"Great place to workout great staff great time to have #FUN."

Cory Davis

Good fun for some jump time. We did a party and it was a bit hectic. I'd go again but probably not another party event.

Vilma Monzon

I prefer Wescovina Sky Zone, this place is ok! It smells like marijuana in the parking lot! You see people smoking in the parking lot, no consideration for others or children around! I wouldn't blame Skyzone, it's the area!

The One

Always fun, the family loves it. Get ready to burn some calories! It's also full most of the time. Prices are reasonable. The food ain't too bad.

Elise Zapp

We had my 4 year old daughter's birthday party here. The kids had a lot of fun. The party part was nice. They take care of everything. Pizza was pretty good too!

anthony andrews


Danielle J

Kids had a great time, but their

Michael Puzen

Staff was helpful and friendly for son's bday party. Trampoline area was fun and very clean. Staff was all over to help the younger kids also.

Smita Roy

Great place for birthday parties. Kids and adults both have good time enjoying there.

Brittany Farmer

Such an awesome place for kids and parents alike.

Stephan Vice

Came here for a birthday party. It is a great place for kids to burn energy and have fun. Individual prices seem a little high.

Dragos Ivan

We go here almost every Sunday from 10am to noon for toddler time. Our 2 and 4 year old love it and it's only $8 each. Accompanying adults get to bounce 4 free. Great fun and great work out for all age groups.

Eriberto Diaz

The facilities, jumping, dodge ball, and pizza was great. The downside was the service and here is why. First nothing was really explained to us at the start. Apparently we had the ability to use any jump space of our choosing but we were under the impression we had to stay in our area. Second when it came time to walk over to our private eating area, the girl said "follow me" so we looked down to grab our stuff and when we looked up, she had dissapeared. So we walked over to our eating area and we couldn't figure our which room was ours because each room was marked by name of the birthday person. We figured it out because we the gifts and cake we brought so we sat down. Third when the drinks came out, the staff person said, "serve yourselves." No big deal but she could have been nicer about it. Then when the pizza came it was the same thing. "Serverl yourselves!" Then we started serving the kids and finally a staff person told us that she had to serve thr pizza. Fourth we only got 3 pizzas even though we paid for 4. I would go back I'd somehow great service can be guaranteed.


Alot of space for the kids....

Stacey Calzada

Parking lot is very small, sign your waivers before you come and save a lot of time

Bridgette Williams

The kids enjoyed themselves. The employees are attentive and unlike other locations they made sure the toddlers area remained safe for the toddlers

Martin Vizcarra

The place was really fun. Great family friendly environment. Simple food.

Kimberly Orton

This place was a lot of fun. Took the youth group from my church and they had a blast. There are a lot of different sections for activities and it looked like they were getting ready to expand. My only complaint was that they kept it kind of warm.

alexis rothwell

Pizza is awful.. please do better

Liseth Padron

I hate it, staff very rude Last and First time coming to this place they don't know how to treat kids really disappointing never again

Tanika Williams

Too hot too small and not surely enough fans and the staff was GRATE the service is wonerful!!! But not enough drinks!!!! But I guess the getto finally has one!!!

Aaron Shuyol

A bit crowded at times, but is still a great place to have fun.

Latanya Mcdaniel

Great place to take kids

Selena Frye

I go for the Sky Fit classes. Love it! It's like a best kept secret. I go in the morning and there's only a few people. The class is like a boot camp and different everytime.

Rohit Singh

Kids love it

Anthony Valentine

Would have been a five. However, the customer service in the food area was sub par. Junior and a lady with no name tag were less than polite. I'm not a fan of sub-par customer service.

Ieshia Keys

They didn’t have any pizza or hotdogs ready & there was a 30 minute wait on the pizza. They didn’t have hotdogs. I got nachos but they didn’t have chili. My play experience was ok but the availability of food was below poor.

Matt Caiati

Staff members were rude af don't send your kids there they'll become lil Westport punks smh

Peter Munch

Close to Brooklyn :) not expensive. Nice vibe. Kids loved it.

Duncan McFadden

First off, the air conditioning is non-existent. I am prone to easily overheating, and I was extremely close to throwing up. Your space is very tightly packed, this combined with no air conditioning, and all the hot small sweaty children just makes for a bad time. Twenty minutes into my visit both of the dodgeball courts were closed leaving my group with nothing to do, as families were hogging most of the other equipment. The overall cleanliness of the resting areas had me disgusted. I'm no clean freak but dear god it was bad. Along with the lack of seating for my group, we were left standing in the hot humid "resting" space. When my group tried to use your foam pit we soon found small kids just sitting on the trampolines, and the employees did nothing, even after we complained. Another big complaint is your rockwall, there are next to no rocks on there leaving more to be desired from it, and the lack of safety when falling off. The area surrounding the jousting area is extremely unsafe. My friend nearly smashed his head into the elevated platform after being knocked off. The only way to state my utter disappointment is by referring to Isaiah 66:15-16 from the Book of Isaiah. Bye

Medina Alibasic


Vanessa Soto

My little girl totally enjoyed her birthday party! The host Was adorable and did an amazing job.Was in and out in a couple of hours with no clean up! Was great! Would definitely recommend!

Wendy Taylor

Kids had fun

Lou Chatman

It seemed more of the same thing. I think they should have a little bit more variety for their trampoline. And a little bit better control over the bigger kids pushing out the smaller kids. Nice clean safe environment, nice staff.

katy Na

Was ok foam pit is small, great for kids. Reasonable prices. Must buy their socks.

James Mumford

Too crowded to really have all the fun we anticipated


Hey its Sky Zone. The family had a great time and the staff is very friendly and good with kids.

Mauro Martinez


Nathan Yamamoto

Great place for the little ones. They can burn out their energy here. The staff is nice, but the place is not clean, and the variety of food there is very small, and it's no good. I wish they'd have more trampolines there, for there are only 5, not too many. An hour of jump time is good enough, due to the small selection. It's best to come on weekdays, (Mon. thru Thur.) when there are not many kids about, nor parties. However, for the price and quality, if you're not looking for food, go to the bouncer park Pump It Up, for it's much cleaner with a wider variety of things that kids can do.

Keana Clay

Each time I've been to Skyzone it's been for a birthday party. I never get the FULL experience because I always opt out of jumping, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. My most recent visit was just last month (September 2019). The party host staff were courteous, accommodating and great with the children.

Evelyn Alfaro

Good indoor trampoline area for adults and children to enjoy. Especially in a hot summer day. You can enjoy different stations from regular jumping to dodgeball and more. They have a small concession stand where they sell refreshments and snacks. There's also ample parking and the facility is clean. We paid $25 for 90 minutes and it included the socks.

Margaret Molina-De La Luz

Not all the zones are ok to be used if you're not certain age. I guess it's ok for security reasons but they should better organize it so the kids can rotate sections. But overall good experience.

Leila Cooper

A bit hectic and crowded but what does one expect, it’s a huge bounce house stuffed into a warehouse, with hundreds of kids jumping around). Some of the equipment (okay, cushions and padding) is dated and missing it’s protective power. Great place to hold a birthday party as you get a private jumping arena and a room for your cake. Been a few times, easy to get to from the Westside.

Mike Morris

If they had this place in the 90s us 80s babies would be in wheelchairs by now the place is awesome

Alex W

Honestly not even sure that this place deserves 1 star. The young high school “staff” at this establishment clearly has never had lessons in customer service. The young boys that are employed there were rude and condescending. Young kids should have a place to jump with whoever is supervising them instead of being separated by a makeshift wall. Or at least the guardian should be able to stand by them while jumping, which also apparently is not allowed. For a place that promotes “fun,” their rules certainly prohibit it. Parents: do not waste your money buying your own admission, you can’t jump with your kids anyway (or even stand near them for that matter).

Kwamia Dorleans

Had a party recently party host was very attentive. Party host was very hands on. Kept the kids busy. Loved the new obsticle course and the swing. Kids had much to do. All the running around was great. The pizza was good . my son had an amazing birthday. Keep up the good work..i definitely recommend

Andrew Pingitore

Went to here on Mother’s Day and it was pretty empty compared to a normal weekend. My wife and kids loved it! Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Lots of fun for everyone.

Olivia Rudkevich

We held a birthday party here a couple weeks ago. I cannot with good conscience, recommend this place for a party. The management left a lot to be desired. The kids arrived and were told to sit in a busy lobby on some bleachers for 30 minutes with no activities or games. The kids were running around and it was nerve wracking to keep track of them and constantly ask them to sit down and do nothing for a half hour. The birthday party helpers were nice and told me to relax and it would be stress free. So I tried....I wanted nothing more to just relax and enjoy the party. Fast forward 20 minutes and an 8 year old falls off a the monkey and bars and breaks his wrist :( It was painful to watch. They told us that they had no first aid kit and that all they could do was call the paramedics. Two of the parents at the party were doctors and knew how to make a splint. But since there was no first aid kit, this couldn't be accomplished. I don't know who in their right mind would open a trampoline park and not offer first aid. Since we signed waivers, do they just not care? The icing on the cake (no pun intended) happened when they never even bothered to call and follow up with the parents of the child who got the broken wrist. I felt upset by all this. Not worth the $700 I ended up paying for this party. Save your money and go to "Pump It up" or anywhere else.

whyeluv1 .

I booked a party at the Newark, DE location for my son’s 13th birthday party for 1 pm on a Sunday. They tell you to arrive before then. They didn’t bring us to our party room until after 2:30! The party was due to end at 4:10. That was not even the bad part. We had gifts for my son that I was told the party host would bring to our party room. When it was time to cut the cake, I asked the host could she get the gifts. She was told by the manager that they had our gifts locked up and she could not bring them to us. I asked why? She stated that the manager won’t release them. I looked over and seen there was another party going on in the next room ( all white people). I told the host that these people in the next section have gifts on their table. The host then tells me that those people just set up their own party there. I told her that this was not fair since I had to book a party, pay a deposit, and pay $400. I told her I will go speak with the manager. Me and my boyfriend went to speak with the manager. The manager proceeded to tell us that it’s company policy that they give the birthday child their gifts on the way out the door. I told her I wanted my son to have his gifts now. I told her that the gifts are my property that I paid for. She kept telling me that that’s policy even though it’s not written anywhere and was not included on the party contract. I told her it made no sense for me to have bought his gifts there if he couldn’t open them there. I told her the people in the room next to us had a table full of gifts. She said those people had a party that they didn’t pay for, but the she accommodated them since it was Sunday and no party was booked in that room at that time. I told her that this was even more unfair because I paid $400 for my party and those people did not pay a dime and was able to bring in gifts. She then told me to lower my voice. I explained to her that I was not going to lower my voice and I want my property or I would be calling the police. She then said she was keeping my gifts until I paid the balance of the party. She then turned to my boyfriend (he’s white) and tried to explain to him this nonexistent policy. I told her she needs to speak to me because I’m the one paying. She then released my son’s gifts. When I went back to the party room, we only had time to quickly eat cake and give the kids goody bags. I am totally disappointed and will never go back there again!

Pramod Kumar Badatiya

A good place for kids. Lots of activities for kid. My son enjoyed a lot...

Ms. Sykes

Had a ball here! Ive been to a few but this one is the best of all. Staff were so nice they know what their doing and they like their jobs. Normally the kids would get bored once they jumped for a bit , but there was so much to do that i couldn't keep up with them . Rock climbing, trapeze, swings etc. And I wont even start on the Glow Nights ! Amazing!

Zan Steele

The grandkids love this place! A little pricey.

Amanda Lopez

We had so much fun! Staff was awesome!

Jesse Ndungu

Me I am a kid and I LOVE sky zone SOOOOO much and the people that work there are so nice to I hope you love sky zone bye

Quincy Reese

Perfect place for kids

David Marsh

Alot of fun but a bit pricy. Very busy on a Friday.


Not nearly as good as launch respect to video games and the other Gladiator Style activities that they offered at launch however a great alternative. Probably can make the parents area a little bit bigger they definitely have a great birthday party area.

Richard Whitmarsh

What?!... No climbing wall?!

Saira Estrada

This place is quite nice. It has changed since the last time we came. They have new challenges and activities for the children. My only complaint is that it gets really crowded which makes it harder for the employees to keep track or enforce certain rules. I wish they would check the times on the stickers to keep things flowing and people would actually respect the space of time reserved.

Dan Frazier

Fun family experience for all ages. I went with my wife and two kids which are ages 4 and 6. One hour was enough for us. I would rate 5 stars but I felt $76 for 1 hour of family fun was a tad on the high side. We will go back but not often. What makes the experience is the staff. They were so positive, encouraging and helpful. You could tell they enjoy their jobs.

Jeff Bennet

Over crowded with minimal staff supervision. At least the 2 times I've been. I understand things get hectic on the weekends though.

James Hembree

Very busy. Lots of kids.

Dang Truong

Good place to tire out a child. Areas for both toddlers and larger kids.

Jason Smucker

Had a wonderful birthday party. All the kids had a great time and the service was outstanding! Definitely recommend for kids party. The staff was helpful in keeping kids organized and entertained. Price was fair for the size group we had for party.

Jeremy Jones

Way too expensive, $400 for an hour of jump time for 15, and if all 15 don't show up you still get charged for them. You should at least get refunded for the people that didn't show up. Then you're not allowed to bring any food other than a cake so you have to eat their Pizza which is horrible and also very expensive, if you pay $25 for a large pizza it should definitely be at least half decent tasting.

Jeff Van Patten

Kid's loved it so much

Andrew Cyrus

I love sky zone

J Jammer

It's a small place that can get crowded The staff are friendly and helpful. We celebrated a birthday and the staff was attentive in making sure we had everything we needed. Parking can get hectic during peak hours but otherwise, this place is enjoyable.

S. N.

Waste of $30. Miserable time. Way too many rules from the minute u walk in the door. No this no that. One kid at a time. Totally waste of money and time! Manager of owner looked so angry and miserable.

Gaby Rubio Diaz

Really cool place to spend time and have fun, down side its pretty expensive

Nyankah Goba

It's smaller therefore the staff is all over the kids restricting their movements and giving them turns on the trampolines.

sweet tooth 7 SweetTooth

It was my first time going and I had a great time .

William Bennett

Best place for hang out with friends

Celeste Mendez

Great place to take your kids! A fun way to keep them active with all the different types of trampoline activities! Only problem is that it gets veey humid in there and yoi can hardly feel the fans if youre also jumping.

Laura Stanziani

Fun place

Daniel Leiman

Amazing nice people really fun had a variety of trampoline areas with a balancing belt over a foam pit and a ladder climbing amazing place

Andrea Wilson

Kids love it

Amanda Vincent

Had a blast.

Anthony Sapien

Great for kids that like Starbucks.

Michael Bernardo

My 5 year old loves this place. Plenty of bouncing for a fair price

Victor Garcia

Me and my wife had an amazing time here. Staff was nice and informative at all times.

Holly Janusky

Trampoline and parcore (?) for all ages! Birthday rooms for the kiddies with a variety of different packages, also separate concession area with decent seating. Also great D.J. and lighting system including glow in the dark. Large open area upstairs for non-jumpers. Good times!!

Stephanie Green

I'm so glad that I read the reviews before My Husband & I took our nieces & godsons here! I've heard mixed reviews from friends but reading all of the negative reviews has completely changed My mind. They all seem to have to do with rude customer service & sadly they go back over a year! If sky zone fixed the problem immediately ..... there would be no more negative reviews. Bad customer service needs to be addressed if You want Your business to thrive. We'll take our business elsewhere but Thank You to everyone who wrote an honest review! We were really looking forward to bouncing around for a while. SMH!

Holly Trujillo

Very friendly staff and fair prices.

Kwamia Dorleans

Had a party recently party host was very attentive. Party host was very hands on. Kept the kids busy. Loved the new obsticle course and the swing. Kids had much to do. All the running around was great. The pizza was good . my son had an amazing birthday. Keep up the good work..i definitely recommend

Robert Girolamo

Great spot to work off the winter energy! Don't forget your $4 socks!

cheryl prince

Kids had a ball...nice place

Adam Schaff

Easy way to get the kids out and exercise while having fun.

Jose M. Torres

Is the best time for the kids

Andrey Grytsenko

Good to spend time with your family

nellie kim

Keeps the kids busy, you can kill time ,& at the end of the day kids are soooo worn out that they'll sleep like babies

Russ Boyes

Had my grandson's birthday party here. I think I had more fun than he did! The staff was great.

E Miller

My kids loved it!

Lisa NP

Best location yet. So much better than the Valley. Real Ninja Warrior equipment and open at all times. The one in Valley is more for adults and only open if there are enough patrons. There are a lot of employees watching. Some are more relaxed than others but all very diligent.


My daughter had my granddaughter s 9th birthday party here. I was very disappointed because they wouldn't let us order additional pizza said it would take about 30 minutes to get(they should have extras and it was cold). For the price she paid it wasn't worth it..They said to be there at 4:30 which we were and then they made us wait for 30 minutes for the kids to jump..Whil W everyone was just sitting there adults..have the party room for people to sit in and at least conversate.. Why wait just let the kids start jumping for $ 275.00. When it was time for "party time" the girl just stood there we had to serve drinks and cake.. she helped with the pizza but she didn't even talk to the kids to see if they had fun.. Recommend Never have a party there especially for the price they charge.. Then they rushed us out of the party room and told us not to open presents there because we wouldn't have enough time... SMH.. poor PARTY Skills

Ned Persons

Jumping at Sky Zone is fun for kids and adults, and such great exercise!

Nicole Martin

My family had a wondeful time. Very nice staff, very helpful and polite! Great time. Thanks

Carla Scott

The equipment was dirty. The railing had chipping paint, and was very sticky. I assumed that things aren't cleaned regularly.

Sophia Dabney

Kids flipped flopped around and had fun whlie they got exercise. No electronics. Ya, Mama is happy.


Sky Zone its ok if it doesnt have alot of people. Its very crowded it smells like sweat and cheesy feet. Its very un organized not enough staff supervising the play areas is Defenetly a place i wont be bringing my kids again. I didnt like it. Oh and its pricy..

Joseph Trey

I love this place the court monitors are awesome and keep a keen eye on all jumpers and the manager malda is fantastic and so friendly.

Patricia Nelson

We had such an incredible experience here and were treated like the only customers. Absolutely amazing!

Chris Gonzalez


Kenny Oliver

There was fun activities for kids and adults from free jumping, dodge ball, foam pits, and a wall climb. Make sure to go online and complete the waiver before you go to prevent waitng to enter. The food available was mainly drinks and snack food which was a little high.

Maisha Hunter

Love to tire the kids out!

MzSundae Hughes

Glenn Mills location is missing the climbing wall. Not worth the money. Nothing spectacular. In need of more jumping activities. Staff was super nice.

Loretta Taylor

Good vibs atmosphere love the energy their very thoughtful staff I will be back thanks to Groupon yeah!!

Artmishel Lair

Its very nice for kids they hav lots of energy to BURN , very good place to take them

Solange N

They need to train these staffs about infection control and basic hygiene. The place is always dirty. I have been here twice.

Max Saltonstall

Great bouncing for young and old. Big space, foam pit for flips or nose dives, a toddler area for the under four set, plus joust, climbing walls, and dodgeball. I'd like to see them open the climbing now, and keep the very young kids out of the general bounce area

Cassandra Lovato

Fun place. Kids loved it. It's really hot after a while no AC. But very fun. We had a blast. Dodge ball was awesome. It was quite fulfilling to bomb our kids. My kids got tired pretty fast and wanted to leave earlier then the time slot we paid for. Too bad they dont offer a 30 min option for us lazy folks. But over all it was a great place to spend some time and burn off some energy from a long car ride.

Carlos Amaya

I love this place it was fun for my kids they had a lot of fun we will come back.

Jaime Porterfield

It's really cool and nice the staff is nice and quick

Christi Leeson

My high-energy kid got an amazing workout here! Great, clean, fun facilities. A number of staff spread out to keep everyone safe and happy. I'm thinking of getting a multiday pass.

Miranda Martinez

We had so much fun and great place for a Birthday party

Bruno R.

Although this place is far from where I live, it is well worth the drive! Start out early, bring a book or tablet, and let the kids play for hours... It's really great!

Naz gamer

Can't wait to go back!!

Yathegod Sims

My kids love this place

Adam Peek

The workers, especially Isaac the team leader, were amazing with our kids! We had a great time with our kiddos and their cousins. Ages 2,4,6,9,11,14 years. Everyone had a blast. Groupon is a great place for deals. Even at full price it's a great time.

Apryl Jefferson

Super fun,too many kids unsupervised though

Mike Glinski

Fun place

Natalie B

A great place for kids to burn their energy off at and fun for adults too!

rudy palma

Best indoor trampoline for kids and adults

Bobbi Chandler

Too much money, not alot of jump time

Gessy Ndreu

If you want your problems to be gone just go at Sky Zone

Destiny Sales

My kids had soo much fun!!!

Vellicia Askew

I loved it. It's a great family friendly place. I would love to throw a party here. I'm sure guest adults and children would enjoy it. I also want to try Glow Zone. Glow Zone is only for adults. They also have tot time for toddlers of course. It's not too expensive. It's a great way to get your children tired and let their energy run out. They also habe coupons on Groupon a lot just read the fine print.

Wendy LoCascio

Absolutely phenomenal! What better place to take the munchkins!!!!???!!!! This place is a blast! Wear long sleeves and pants just to keep skin safe from rub burns and germs lol. Bring sanitizer wipes plenty of fluids as the little ones never stop running. They do sell food and beverage if you prefer. Wall climbing, tons of jumping, foam pit and party room for birthdays. A birthday party here is so much better than your other option for kids AND whether they are 6 or 15 they will have a good time. Shoot - the parents had a good time. Parents - don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re not gonna jump because once you’re there you will regret not preparing for it! So wear those stretchie pants, I supportive bra, definitely a longer shirt, socks and maybe some back up pants ;) The kids have sooooooooo much more fun when the parent get goofy with them.

Anita Cornett

The girls had fun, but like the one in Newark, De better

Sarah VanWinkle

Had a birthday party here. Staff was attentive and helpful. Facilities were clean. We needed more time in the party room to open gifts. Also all of the kids wanted to jump for longer after the party An hour didn't quite seen long enough.

Robert O'Neil

I enjoyed the energetic atmosphere, and that it is very kid and teen friendly. The adults could join the fun. Expanding to city limits, would be great for summer camp for kids and volunteers.

Shawn Brandow

Awesome fun with my 5yr old son. People, if it's been a while since you've done any sort of cardio, you're gonna get wore out real quick, lol. I never realized bouncing around takes so much effort. It's given me pause to think about my own health and how I should be starting a daily cardio routine. Anyway, it's a great place. All the staff performed their jobs and were very friendly. $16 an hour seems a little steep, but hey it's not terrible, and it's the Springs afterall. I recommend this place.

Jazmin Montalvo

The place was okay, worker here name is John he looks so miserable and just constantly huffing and puffing. I never leave reviews but this workers attitude just literally made my experience here just terrible. Like if you dont like your job find a new one. His negative energy really affected my whole experience.

Chris Miller

Not to crowded. Plenty of activities for the kids.

Yohana Wichess

The place lacks of a good menu or a nice waiting area for the h@ngry parents awaiting for their kids. Unless you get a table chair, the bench downstairs is awfuly uncomfortable and hard to wait 2 hours. Little staff in front to assist you.

Jay ONeal

Subpar experience. The boys (not men) working are regularly derelict of their duty. They demean kids who ask questions, foregoing any semblance of customer service. The boys would rather take up space and oxygen posted up with their boys back on the block. Hours of operation are incorrect, but they’ll gladly charge full price. Highly recommend going elsewhere.

Sharlene Chiriboga

In This Skyzone the workers are super friendly, & Clean. I went this Saturday night with a group of family for my daughter birthday and our night was perfect visiting this location. I'm from New York and I will definitely keep going to Norwalk to enjoy a few hours here.

cassandra DeStefano

Good times!! Not too crowded when we went at 4:45pm.

Iris Dargan

Kids had fun


Nice workers and nice place to have fun for the little ones

Rikki Armstrong

I expected a little more for the price, but the overall experience was swell.

Lloyd Pyle

My Grandsons had a Great Time at a Brithday party. Friendly staff. The Pizza tasted like pizza, not like cardboard..

Kristina Wilkerson

Took my two kids and they had a great time.

Joyce Morales

This place is fun both for kids and adults.

Angel BlaCc

had a lot of fun and really good place to get a good workout.

Jenny Lemoncello

We came here last night for my daughters 7th birthday. My 3 year old son got injured within 5 minutes of being there. A larger boy jumped on my sons trampoline and the recoil as my son went down caused a fracture in his tibia. An ER visit XRAY and a cast for 4 to 6 weeks on a 3 year old. He cannot walk! There is no monitoring of kids jumping in same trampoline as someone else. And I think there should be age separation. Was totally packed, not sure if there is a capacity, but it seemed out of control. Been there a few times before and it was not like last night. Sad to see this outcome for my little boy. Needless to say we will never go here again. All doctors and nurses also said, they would never bring their kids to trampoline park.

Samantha Picchietti

Awesome place for the kids. "Super super super fun! Awesomely cool. Great age grouping. Love it." -Q "Really giant, good, very good. Awesome climbing structure! Great jumping spaces" -L

Babak Missaghian

My son loves this place

latina weidman

I loved the staff I have a big family and they showed us the best love

Todd Riester

Alot of fun for my kids. Friends had a birthday party here.

Rafeal Yarber

My daughter's love it

Reginald Ezeh

A great place for the family to relax and have fun

From The Ground Up

Great spot. But I am not fit enough for an entire hour of jumping. My son however, needed another 2 hours before he got tired

Brenda Martin

The best place ever. My daughters loved it. I jumped with them as well. I hosted my daughter's 7th birthday there She had a ball. The waitress did a wonderful job.

Amelia Nichols

Kid checking us in was a little aloof, but at least he knew his job. Staff was fairly attentive, kept things organized and the dodgeball attendants were good. Really had a great time all around. Had a good bunch of kids playing dodgeball. Didn't try the food, but the pizza didn't smell good. Would definitely travel a little more out of my way to visit this location again.

Cindy Spurgeon

Very clean , good music, kids had so much fun . Excellent supervision of areas. Pizza served is gross! Eat before you go. Other than that Glow jump was an awesome experience.

Wrongone AKAMrone

Would be a five, however the lady(no name tag)and gentlemen(junior)at the food counter were less than polite. Which is surprising, the sky zone in Joliet, they are extremely pleasant. I'm not a fan of sub-par customer service.

Aismiere Moses

One of the best Sky Zone facilities in the area.. Great place to bring your family fun, and exercise..

Cece Vlogs

It was fun ish i went here for a birthday party and the pizza was gross.

Justyna Banach


Olivia Rudkevich

We held a birthday party here a couple weeks ago. I cannot with good conscience, recommend this place for a party. The management left a lot to be desired. The kids arrived and were told to sit in a busy lobby on some bleachers for 30 minutes with no activities or games. The kids were running around and it was nerve wracking to keep track of them and constantly ask them to sit down and do nothing for a half hour. The birthday party helpers were nice and told me to relax and it would be stress free. So I tried....I wanted nothing more to just relax and enjoy the party. Fast forward 20 minutes and an 8 year old falls off a the monkey and bars and breaks his wrist :( It was painful to watch. They told us that they had no first aid kit and that all they could do was call the paramedics. Two of the parents at the party were doctors and knew how to make a splint. But since there was no first aid kit, this couldn't be accomplished. I don't know who in their right mind would open a trampoline park and not offer first aid. Since we signed waivers, do they just not care? The icing on the cake (no pun intended) happened when they never even bothered to call and follow up with the parents of the child who got the broken wrist. I felt upset by all this. Not worth the $700 I ended up paying for this party. Save your money and go to "Pump It up" or anywhere else.

Dee Sandy

Great fun place, a little pricey, but kids love it , they had a lot of fun, clean,

World Famous

Great for kids. Parents zzzz

Dakeeter The Skeeter

Wont let you do anything else than frontflips in the foam pits

Steve Lex

I've been here a few times but today they were understaffed and had way to many people here for my liking. The older kids were out of control and were jumping on the younger kids trampolines as they were exiting and causing most of them to fall down. The staffed tried to keep up with trash on the floor but I blame the parents of the kids. I watched many of the kids and the parents throw the trash on the floor. They had one area closed off but if the had more staff I hope they would of opened it and not have kids wait in long lines as they did. Maybe it was hetic because it was raining all day? But it wasn't a fun time today. The staff was friendly but not attentive due to lack of staff.

Doris Wright

Friendly staff nice set little price not stuff for all age

Erin Shetter

Not exactly sure what the employees are paid to do. They stand around talking to each other, messing around, not supervising. The upper lounge area is filthy. I was only here for a party , would not return. And the massage chairs are painful.

Gail G

The staff here are wonderful...

T Elder-Hickman

My boys really enjoyed themselves here. We went on a Sunday and it wasn't crowded,so they were able to do all they wanted to do.


Fun and exciting place for kids, a lot to do. However we went for a birthday party and it was horrible.. the staff is completely unorganized. They spent the majority of thier time talking amongst themselves instead of watching the kids. They lost complete control of our party, even losing two kids. MANAGEMENT RE-EVALUATE who you hire and put in charge of children! Thank God the parents noticed the two lost/missing kids and found them.

Hector Hidalgo

Excelente lugar de lazer para todas as edades

Amanda Laity

Fun atmosphere. A lot of teens at night so careful with the little jumpers.

Taryn Suprun

Hot and dirty.


The staff are shouting at little kids saying we will kick you out from glow. Parents paid 25 dollars for nothing then.

Gina Scala

Too expensive for the amount of time you get to spend there.

Andrea Mulkin

It was our first time there. Myself, husband and 3 kids had lots of fun. Only downside is no ac so it was super hot.

Jesús Delgado

The kids have always a great time here, but there is no area for the parents, only few chairs, and most people have to walk around. They could have some kind of coffee, restaurant... Or similar to make the place more attractive.

Zuleidy Lucho

Booked a party Here never again(for a party). I had booked the supreme air which is the big birthday package disaster. I was very calm didnt want my son to see how angry i was specially when the host rolls her eyes and walks away from you or when you have to go look for your host because its time to go to the party room. I did gave a word with the manager he gave us a discount but thats not the point i was upset made me feel like never again book a party here and my guest parents saw the lack of help from the hosts. But one thing my son loved was the melted ice cream cake.

Ronda Bell

Although we have only been to birthday parties, this would be a really fun way for the kids to spend a couple of hours on a rainy or snowy day when they would otherwise be lazing around the house. A snack bar is staffed with friendly helpful people. They do not let you bring in outside food.

jonathan villalobos

Best for kids and go early before it gets musty

Ashley Macaron

Great place for all ages!

Samantha Calabretta

I was so excited to go! And I knew that the were most likely only going to have the regular, (trampolines, foam pit, basketball, and dodgeball), but I felt like I was bored once I did them all. Since I was a little bored I went over to play dodgeball and there were only little kids, and since I'm not a little kid I couldn't play with them and maybe hurt one of them. We saw the other dodgeball court and decided to play over there, but it was closed. I would recommend opening that one as well as the one that is always open. So then we decided to go play dodgeball. After we had played a couple games a worker comes over and says "Now everyone has to get off, we have a private party!" with her saying this we hoped that they would open the other one for us and the other kids that got kicked off. They did not open it. We were really disappointed. I would recommend opening that other one for private parties and have the dodgeball by the entrance for everyone, because I think it is rude to just kick kids off to let other kids on.

edna show

We had a great day, kids had a lot of fun. Good place to take the kids for a fun day.

Jeremiah Hopkins

Great location. Clean, staff is professional, and helpful.

Gabrielle Person

You're never too old to destroy annoying 10 year olds in dodgeball on a trampoline

Oscar Gonzalez

Not sure how they clean their equipment. It feels dirty. Just look at the bottom of your feet after jumping

starling largent

It was very hot inside. That is my only complaint. Otherwise the place is awesome! We got in with groupon and my kids had a blast!

Jack Sky

Fantastic building. Clean, fun, the food is good and the trampolines are an exciting way to spend the day with friends or family. The only issue would be the lines and amount of people that it can hold. Not cashier lines those usually go by quickly, the lines to play dodgeball or something of the sort. Although they aren’t too bad having 2 of an area wouldn’t be a bad idea, it would help with them amount of people too. The climbing with harnesses are super fun too! The place for babies is also fun and safe for them to play in. It’s adorable seeing a baby jump up and down then laugh. Fantastic place, never disappoints. 4.5 stars.


Expensive but the kids love it. Unfortunately this location is excluded from all Groupon deals.

Brittany McGuckin

I never write reviews and spend time sifting through reviews from people who just complain to hear themselves talk so I promise you’ll want to read this review before you spend your money. 2 year old was separated from us by a net and he obviously wanted to jump with us but was absolutely not allowed . Kids weren’t allowed to jump together OR play with foam blocks. We literally went in with two children age 8 and 2 and two supervising adults sitting and watching the kids and we were reprimanded multiple times. We left before our time was even over. They made us exchange socks that we brought FROM ANOTHER SKYZONE. The whole establishment looks and feels dirty, waited ten minutes at snack bar for a drink no one ever came out from the back office. Bathrooms were disgusting. To sum it up this place is filthy and they suck the fun completely out of the experience. Waste of $90

marisela corona

Awesome place to let the kids burn out their energy.

Lawrence Robertson

It was a really good experience. Worth the money.

Carmen Lopez

Lots of fun ! Very helpful , orderly & polite!

ray c

kids love it. we've been going alot. Great staff and if there are less people (not busy) they get more friendly and will give you more freedom that a busier times. Try going on a Sunday where there are less people you guys and gals will love it more.

Jorge Pellicier

Good place to have fun with friends and family


The lights keep going out. This happened last time I was here. They need to learn from there mistakes and get a new generator

Kelly Larkin

Kids have fun, but there were no benches for parents that want to WATCH their kids jump. It's also WAY WAY over priced and you have to buy their socks... over $36 for my 2 kids to jump for 1 hour...

Melissa Stecklein

Kids have fun here all the time. The staff is hit and miss some are really on the ball and helpful others just don't care. It would be nice to have at least one person over the age of 25 to talk to about things there. We did a birthday party package and afterwards was told that we should tip the staff person helping us when it is said it is included in the package and does not mention gratuity at all. I didn't appreciate that.

Andrea Cocco Jordan

Clean, lots of parking, no outside food/ drinks, so they get you at the concession area. There's an upstairs seating area for parents, which provides a view of the full area. Go early, try to avoid crowding. Check Groupon! Great way to save money. I'd like to see more control from the mostly teen staff, keeping kids in line when they're out of control. However I know they're limited in what they can do and it's up to the parents to watch their kids... but we know how that doesn't always happen.

Heather Grace

Great place let your kid get out of all of her energy where his great place for parties great place for adults to chill they got those massage chair things and some arcade games word to the wise though if you weigh over 200 pounds do not I repeat do not jump in the ball pit

kaleyah johnson

Great place

Crystal Rivers

Awesome trampoline park.

Josiah Favors

Great for birthdays. Glow in the dark is awesome!

David Bankole

This place is so cool and i love being here i feel happy

Rachel Kinney

More fun for the older kids. My 2yr old daughter had a rough time jumping with older kids. It would be cool to make a 5 and under age area.

Joey Herman

Awesome time with kids rock wall and foam pits and the different areas to jump ! Had a blast

lowch 173

They are always so kind to us here!

Dara Gami

Very fun and good trampolines. There is a food court with the usual snacks. (drinks, pizza, chips.) It is a bit pricey though. Other than that I will be going again!

Leila Floyd

The best way for kids to burn energy when it's cold out! My boys had a blast!

Jeanette Fonseca Tovar

we Had a nice time

Stanley Yau

Kids love it

Juan Posada

It ok get boring after 30 mins

Ms. Sykes

Had a ball here! Ive been to a few but this one is the best of all. Staff were so nice they know what their doing and they like their jobs. Normally the kids would get bored once they jumped for a bit , but there was so much to do that i couldn't keep up with them . Rock climbing, trapeze, swings etc. And I wont even start on the Glow Nights ! Amazing!

NSW. King


Maribel Chacon Torres

What better place than to have yoir kids burn some energy than by jumping! This is a great place for that! The facility is clean, staff is friendly. There is enough room for everyone and a specific sections foe younger kids. You will find a concession stand for various food items including hot dogs, pizza, popcorn and drinks. There are tables to eat and rest areas. Definitely a nice time . Socks are needed and sold when you purchase your tickets and sign a waiver to participate.

Paul Asmussen

Fun time.there Pizza sucks and is over price .

Katelyn Lussier

Sky zone is a fantastic place for kids and adults all ages. It's a lot of fun and it's a great exercise at the same time. All the employees are super friendly and stay on top of their work! They make sure all the kids are in a safe and welcoming environment. They also have different discounts that run throughout the week. The staff also keeps up with having the place really clean! 10/10 would recommend going to Sky Zone! I love it here!

Matt Cattrell

Insanely crowded, not a whole lot to do here, and REALLY overpriced. I have been to similar places with more to do that cost around half as much. Also, the stupid liability waiver thing you have to sign on the computer takes 10-15 minutes just to get it to recognize that you acknowledge it, the system is terrible. Great idea for a fun place, this one is just severely lacking when it comes to fun things to do inside, especially when you consider the price!

Joey Rash

A fun time for ages 3-50 for sure.

rafael munoz

Good time with my kids

Maria Garcia

So nice place.

Dan Petz

Sky Zone trampoline park is pretty awesome it is in an industrial park off of Route 40 in Delaware. The staff is really nice they play fun music and the kids go hard. if you take your kids here they will absolutely tire out and sleep well that night because there is a lot of fun stuff such as rock walls, foam pits, basketball hoops, and of course trampolines at this location.

Bryan Skarda

Underwhelming. Not enough staff, place was slammed and they had areas closed off because they didn’t have the people to work them. There are better places to spend your money

LaToi Neal

Clean with plenty of staff, space, and activities to keep them running around and having fun!

Joann Raimondo

To small and kids weren't allowed to do many things

Triggered Libtard

Couldn't bring my own socks lol

Tara Shockley

I cant say enough great things about this place. I had a party of 15 for my sons 16th birthday. Everything ran smoothly from the time we walked though the door. The staff was amazing and accommodating, the entire establishment was spotless and the pizza was delicious. Our entire party had an incredible time! Highly recommend!

Rosie Thompson

Super fun place for the kids. Just gets pretty busy and sometimes I feel like there is too much freedom for the little ones and its a pretty big place. Especially for a birthday party when you have lots of kids to watch out for. I would rather see a designated area for the younger ones. But for older kids its really great! Even adults have a blast!

Jorge Euceda

(Translated by Google) For its natural beauty (Original) Por su belleza natural

Ruben Molina

It was my first day here and it was fun

OG Spire

Fun place, kids love it. A little pricey.

Jamie Nguyen

Kids love the foam pit.


When I went here, 3 months ago for my boyfriend's birthday, it was quite pleasurable. The staff was very nice and helpful as I did not feel good at one point and I sat down for a while. One employee came to check on me, and then did my boyfriend afterwards. I'd definitely go back again.

Olivia Martin

I had a hilarious, wonderful first date here. Great idea sir ;)

Kelly Donley

We went 1 time, and never went back because it was too expensive compared to other trampoline places.

Jeff Alfaro

Wish they places like this when I was a kid very cool kids loved it

Jah'Zara YT

Best place to flip ever

Jessica Gonzalez

We went to a bday party. To many kids not enough space for all the kids to up on.

Lourdes P

Workers need to work more than chatting between them.

Masterzombiegameboy12 Burns

Holy moly best tramp place everrrrrrrr

Candy Villarose

Great place to throw kids birthday parties!

Dee Jaaye

Dont go on weekends it was so crowded there were like 15 birthday partys happing at the same time

PinkWolfxD -

It's amazing

vanessa prieto

Good place to take ur kids to jump .my friend did her sons b day and they rush u so fast to eat the food so they can have it ready for the next party , honestly they should have the parts to be at least 3 hours for each party. N the pizza is not all that great nor the cake.

emiliano garcia

Very nice place to go very fun, you sweat a lot, good food, okay prices way better than rock n jump in trumbull

Darcinea Moore

It was ok. The kids got a lot of exercise. We came for a birthday party . I dont think I saw anyone over the age of 21 that worked there. So that was a little... different. Interesting location. The socks are super tight so get a size up. And the food is ok. I'm not sure about the price but the vending machines were $$$. They have like black light party at night and the teens come in. I think is a little $$$$ in general .

Stanly Prabhu

worth the time. super fun. staffs are friendly. Kids will enjoy for sure.

James D'Angelo

One of the best trampoline parks I have been to. They have a lot of unique features and fun things to play on, including a slack line, wall runup and monkey rings. It was also very clean. Prices were reasonable. Especially great during the mornings for toddler Time.

Toyree Byrd

It was fun, more so for the kids but everyone can still have a good time.

Richard10010 Gonzalez

It was awesome

Jen Gall

Came in to play, but felt like the children behind the desk had no adult supervision. Adults and special needs training a must. It is a very sweet jumping place that lacks leardership. Our son has delays and challenges and ended up shutting down today. It was difficult for them to realize they should provide passes for a return date. HE NEVER JUMPED AT ALL. We paid and gave him time to warm up. He just sat at the table and refused the socks. On other occasions he has jumped. I am really disappointed by always coming in and seeing teenagers chatter boxing at all counters. I’m out.

Craig Carpenter

Kids enjoyed it

Sergio Almanza

Extremely clean love the fact that they open early where we avoid the crowds with the little ones

Joe Latka

Had a great time here with my son and grandson. It was so much fun for both of them. My grandson is just about 4 and man, he just had a blast. I think my 29 year old son had just as much fun. Plenty of supervision, great exercise and energy expensive! Very nice facility. Snack bar area covers most appetites. My biggest joy was watching my son with his son. Just an incredible time. You must purchase Sky Zone socks, $2.00.

AWESOME The gamer

Great entertainment place for every one.

Robert Colocho

The place gets a 1 star from my part, to start with they have signs not double park cuz it will be towed away, only 1 handicap parking spot, no accommodation for the disabled, I believe is not complying to the code, due to the size of the building, candy wrappers on the floor and to top it off they automatically add the skyzone socks to the price without asking if you need them or not.... what turn me off is that they charge the same price no matter the age,, I have a toddler and in other skyzone locations they give a different price for them.... so I ask why,, their answer was,, we are franchised so we can charge whatever price we want,,,, awesome customer service and representation of a company, I believe the employee is the face of a business, from the janitor to the CEO. Thank you guys I will not recommend this place to anyone I know.

Raquel Rodriguez

A fun great way to have exercise and parties.

Marie Walsh

Great place

Jessica61611 Scaturchio

It was the best they have so much cool activities can wait to come back

Gary Davel

Fabulous place to take the family on those cold days ...actually any time really. Friendly and very well run...clean and just all round great environment.

Evan deMarteleire

My kids absolutely love this place. Been to several great birthday parties and never disappointed.

Mike Taylor

My son and his friends bought a Groupon and they had to be there no later than 8:00pm to use it. They showed up at 8:01 and they wouldn’t let them use it. I don’t know what kind of business would turn away a a customer who by the way are KIDS Because they walked in 1 minute late lol Really? It’s almost laughable. Great job Sky Zone! This wasn’t a job interview lol. Business must be good!

Sherlyn Garcia

Me and my sister had a great time their

raul sanchez

it's a great place for kids we had a good time

Miriam Gilharry

This place is over priced and too small not enough jumpers

Erika Wilson

A lot of fun for kids and adults. Can be a little pricey but they have groupons often. I normally let my kids jump as much as they can stand within 90 minutes while I catch up on a book (if I can concentrate over the music) or Netflix/Hulu series. Good place to help the kiddos burn the extra energy.

Diana ONeill

Nice place to take the kids. It was nice & cool. The employees were friendly. The cost was more expensive than other trampoline parks, it cost $18 for my 3 yr old to jump for 60 min. & she barely jumped, was disappointed w. That.

Jacqueline Robinson

This was my first time there and it was perfect. My three children twin boys 14 and their sister 6 had a really great time. Two Thumbs Up!

Alpesh Patel

Fun place to go, especially with kids. You will enjoy more jumping around as a kids with your kids rather than bunch of grown ups

Crystal Davis

Had a blast here. Plenty of space to jump, play dodgeball or jump into the foam pits. We paid for 2 hours, but 1 would have been plenty. You will get tired quick.

Jennifer True

Prices are competitive. Kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The only downside was that I had a coupon and they were not aware of it and the manager was still clueless. She tried turning it down. I provided further information on my phone. She was still reluctant to give me the discount. She eventually did but it was frustrating that this coupon should have been told to all employees or put somewhere to verify rather than speaking to six different people.

Yvette Bronner

Fun place! Kids had a blast. Bring your own water bottle cause they charge $2 for a bottle of water and dont do courtesy cups and their one water fountain has very little pressure and leaks water all over the floor so the kids socks get wet.

partier 9

Everytime we go someone gets hurt. But they always have fun. The kids beg to have their birthdays here every year.

Stev Von Römer

A bit of confusion checking in and "zones" were blurred due to overcrowding. The kids seemed to have a good time. That's all that matters.

Brendan Veney

Fun for the kids

Lucia B.

Great place to take the kiddos Lots of fun! Mia is a great example of what an employee should be. She was so kind everyone she encountered and super helpful. The kids all seem to like her too which is always a plus! Thanks Mia we will be back for sure!!

Jackie Scott


Brian Buckmir

Creative fun for all

Richard A Horelick

Great place to take your kid!!!

Denise Prestileo

Bad value for the money/jump time

Tina Brown

Took our grandbabies here and they had a blast. The staff were very friendly and helpful

Shelly Hopkins

We went for a birthday party a d had a great time.


Great place to go jump and have fun! One complaint though, I feel like at least 1 thing is closed everytime

Sybila Godoy

Fun for parties. Good staff

Bill Hawkins

Perfect for all ages.

Marisela Tovar

Small trampoline park in a warehouse looking building. It gets pretty hot in there. Pre purchase online to get better deal.

Cynthia Lewis

The kids really enjoyed themselves and I had a great time also.

Tiffany Moy

This place was pretty fun. We used a Groupon for the two person package For jumping, but we still had to buy socks ($4 each). There were multiple sections including a huge bounce arena, two dodgeball courts, one volleyball court, Rock climbing wall, a basketball area, and a foam pit section. There was also a warped wall in the middle for ninja warrior fans. For all the bodies jumping, the facility was pretty warm. Also, I saw a child injury himself on the warped wall. The attendant didn’t do much and I felt bad I went to the child and told him to sit on the bench. It was fun bouncing!

Tatiana Jackson

Great place to take kids of all ages


Horrible place. Employees have nasty attitudes to the point I will never ever take my kids back there. No one with that much of a personality issue should be around kids and unfortunately it is a problem that speeds around the facility. Disgusting considering how much money we would have given the place no consideration for a small child gets a low rating in my book and honest to God I wouldn't consider them safe with those sort of people in charge

Mary Lindauer

Perfect for those who are interested in it. My son loves it.

Robert Sloan

Great place for kids. Clean and safe

Carolyn Sharkey

We visited for toddler time on a Saturday morning. Not too crowded and no big kids, so there was ample space for my little kids to bounce safely. I can imagine it being busier and louder during other times, but the toddler time worked for us.

mike mango

Overall, my experiences here were good! The facility was big and the staff was, for the most part, pretty helpful. I have visited this location twice. The first time was for a dodgeball tournament that was simply awesome because while I was waiting for the tournament to start I was able to visit the rest of the facility and try the different things there. The second was with my wife, daughter and her cousin. It was Still a great experience as we were able to try everything from the warped wall, to the basketball area and foam pit. My only cons for the location is that it was a little on the high end and that the staff could have been a little more in control of what guests were doing (i.e. making sure kids aren’t running into each other while playing in the warped wall area)

Ingrid Hamblin

Very fun. Clean environment. Great staff.


It's certainly worth your money but only if you get a Groupon. You have to buy SkyZone socks from them at the counter which is not included in ticket($4 each person). All activities are good and safe for kids and adults alike. Try the Glow night on Fridays if you can.

Nikola Malovic

Allen was not serving us because of our quote on quote “rudity.” He served people in front of us, a older lady, and then wouldn’t serve us because he was “closed.” Then five minutes pass and he serves more people. We then walk up again to the food stand again and he wouldn’t serve us. He wouldn’t even take our money for their overpriced food and drinks they were selling. This dude is not only reducing money income, but he is also not serving us because of misbehaving. All we did was ring the server bell 3 times after he claimed he was “closed, can’t serve you guys.” Chino Hillo(Allen supposedly) is one of the worst workers i’ve seen at sky zone . He can’t work the other stations because of his size, but really man you can’t even properly work the food bar!

Nancy Rodriguez

The Staff was very nice and helpful,Very organized, they also have an elevator

Tina McDowell

Great for the kids,go to their website they are always having specials

FOY BOY68 doodoo

Love just love it. BOOM! I'd like to see some more Dodge balls but it's great

Rosie Velasquez

It's the best!

Jorge Rendon

A very nice pale to spent with the family

New Mexicast

Fun trampoline place but not a lot of extras for the price. The rock climbing wall was a big hit. Our group was a bit annoyed when the one volleyball went over the side of the trampoline while we were playing a super fun game and instead of getting it the employee just shut down the volleyball court. Maybe invest in more than one ball. Still had a great time and worked up a real sweat.

Emily Seminazzi

Great place for the kiddos and adults too.

BENDER tharobot

Great place for birthday parties


Awful, Utterly awful. First of all, the staff get to pick and choose the rules for different kids. For example, one time I was there i swear I got the greatest employee of all time. He was supervising the foam pit and was very interactive, and no, i don't mean saying in the most monotone voice "are you having fun." Like every other employee, he corrected what I was doing wrong with my flips and even taught me how to do a backflip and a gainer, he was incredible. Never saw him again after that. But then you get the new person, who has the rules memorized and watches you with an eagle eye, "NO BACKFLIPS" they will SCREAM at you, "HEY BUDDY YOUR TIME IS OVER, GET OUT." They will holler the minute your time ends. Onto my second problem, the glow night. Not only did I not know they HAD a glow night until it came on, it is very uninjoyable. The lack of sufficient lights throws off your perspective and self-awareness (often ending in injury) the amount of UV lights they have will make you sizzle like bacon,. In conclusion, I would recommend going to springs trampoline park on airport, while the staff and sky zone CAN be friendly, springs employees will ALWAYS be great, especially the managers. The prices are lower AND they have the american ninja warrior course wich is amazing.

Marvin Malone

Excellent place for fun and exercise ☺️

Smooches 97

Such a fun place to go with friends! Even a great place to go if you want a good workout.

Best Local Guide Ever

So much fun!

Theresa Dees

My granddaughter loves this PLACE....

different name

$20 an hour per person (grip socks included) , lots of foam blocks and different sections to enjoy. Seperate toddler section as well. Each section has a worker to assist the kids. Parking is free and there is another parking lot beside it but separated by a fence you just have to drive out to it.

Nancy Wisecup Tar

Always the best fun and exercise

Marcus Forelius

A good hour of fun for a kid or kids. Price is about what I’d expect to pay. If you are an adult waiting on their kid it is intense sensory overload. Like being inside a speaker the size of Walmart

Daniella Vinitski

Poor Food Allergy Understanding. I have a child with food allergies and we are fairly used to bringing our own deserts. Most places have pizza which is safe for us, but I always call in advance to make sure. The person I spoke with promised to email and text me the ingredients and did not, even after multiple prompts. She ended up telling me to buy my own pizza and bring my own plates. Which I did -- but that's crazy. No one has ever instructed us in this way, especially after refusing to share ingredients!! Then one of the staff offered cake to my son, which he knows he can't eat, despite the staff member being told about the severe food allergies and us bringing our own desert. Thankfully my child didn't feel excluded, but it's never a nice feeling to be in this situation, especially as I did everything in my power to make my child feel included. Really behind-the-times and poor customer relations. The bouncing area was fine, but I just wonder with such poor communication how staff would react in an actual emergency.

Yonatan Aparicio

Porq es chido sé divierte mucho la gente tiene muy buen precio cuenta con un comidero y todo muy chido

Scott McDowell

Pretty cool place! I like the new additions of the rock climbing wall and halfpipe wall climbs (like from ninja warrior). There are glow parties on Fridays: wear your neon 80's gear. Also, there are toddler times prior to opening hours, which is great for families with little ones.

VoiD RabbitRacoon

Me and my brother loved it

kristin knowles

My son had a field trip ( if you want to call that a field trip) with his school today and he said they were only there for 15 minutes. The lights went out, I also heard this has happened numerous times. I wouldn’t bring your family here for fun what a waste of time and your hard working money. Also his school was suppose to be there for 2 hours and us Parents do not get a refund. My son came home upset.

Cynthia Sobczak

My older children loved jumping. However I have a 9 month old so i didn't jump. The employees brought out a little basketball and even played with him for a while while my older two jumped.

San Trujillo

Went 4 a bday party. Son had a blast ,he didn't want to leave.

Tom Wetzel

Definitely a lot of fun for the whole family! All ages can enjoy this place if your body can handle the physicality of bouncing! The staff was very friendly and helpful! The only downside was that it occasionally got a little crowded

Roberto Lopez

Yo the best


Sku zone really is fun like dhs most people might think that its for kids but the birthdau party events are for all ages they make it work

Shridhar Dighe

We have been here numerous times. Great place and great staff. We celebrated a 6 year old kid BDay there and staff was very helpful and resourceful. They knew how to talk to kids.

Lynne Jones

We had so much fun!! The pizza is awesome!! Great family fun!!

Rachelle Ralph

Was there for the first time this week. It was such a disappointment...waited at the front desk for about 15 minutes to be helped, mind you that it was not even busy. No rules or instructions were given to us. The employees seemed to hate what they were doing and were actually on their phones while they should have been supervising the kids. Not a safe environment, as some kids were not being safe and the employees were too busy on their phones to notice.

Nahuel Falco


Tracy Smith

I brought my two daughters here, and though they loved it, I have one complaint. My girls were putting their Sky Socks on as I was finishing up my transaction when a man in sweats and a blue T-shirt approached my girls to talk to them. I immediately went to them and noticed that the man was apparently the manager of the facility. If someone is a manager, they should really be dressed the part and not wearing sweats, giving the illusion that he is just some random man who came up to my two young DAUGHTERS. I later talked to one of the employees and was told that he is actually the general manager of the facility, making the whole situation all the more worse because he is "in charge" yet looking ridiculously unprofessional. Other than that, the rest of the staff was phenomenal and oddly enough looked more professional!

Joe Marcus

My kids had so much fun

geography man

A mixture of a caring staff and a family friendly enviorment made sky zone my go to Friday night hangout spot.

Joyce Hartsock

Grandchildren had a great time. Grandpa and grandma enjoyed the message chair. Thanks

Lady Bug

Has no AC and is very small...

mike iveson

Came here for a fortnite tournament and glow jumping. The kids really enjoyed themselves. The tournament came with a beverage and a slice of pizza for each of them. Pretty mediocre food but that's not really what we came for. The place was really crowded but not too crowded to jump. Just difficult to get concessions.

Randolph Nicholson

Didn't enjoy my visit here at all. The food they have to offer, which was pizza, looked horrible. The kids enjoyed themselves at least.

Jo Young

I went there for the first time this year and it was magnificent. I loved the cube pit. The thing they could fix is how games are set up. The have a dodgeball area but it's all kids and no one sets the game up really so you should have someone set it up and tell everyone the rules and regulations . But other than that I had fun. The food is nothing special the pizza is to thin and stiff but bag a in the jumping is super fun!

Emily Galindo

It's always fun every time I go here. It's a great place for kids and adults alike. They also have well priced snacks.

luis salas

First time at a trampoline park and it was amazing I had so much fun . A bit pricey 20 dollars for an hour and a half especially considering the monthly pass is not that much more so if your planning on coming back I would definitely check out their monthly pass.

Stephanie Williams

Had lots of fun with my family but i got stuck in the pits #myfatness

Enjanay Velasquez

I took my children here for a family fun day and boy did we have fun! My children and I loved playing on the Ninja warrior like obstacle course and warp wall. We also played on the tight rope, the gladiator battle area and in the open jump area. My children ask to go back every weekend.


Good place to bring the kids to burn off energy

Mersini Foustellis

Big place Very organized

Raschel Dumbrique

Perfect place for kids to get rid of excess energy.

Carlos Jimenez

Like always, the girls had fun doing exercise

Kimberly Young

Great family activities. Especially love the many Rock climbing options.


Worst place ever.It was my birthday.They told us not to do our waviers and leave.Next time we came,they said the same thing.Instead go to Oasis,which is across the street.They have nicer service and better stuff.

Beth Albany

Fun place to play


A awesome place to bring your kids on a cold day or rainy day when they say( im bored)a little pricey but definitely worth it.

Perplexis Plays

Good experience overall, but there was barely any supervision in places where it's needed most. I saw a kid in the dodge ball area that was getting pelted in the head with ball after speeding dodge ball. He was getting singled out(even by his own teammates), and I thought that this was completely unfair. When I went to get a supervisor from the area next to the dodge ball area so they could see this kid getting bullied, they just said, "That's just the way it goes. Sorry, kid." I was about to give him a piece of my mind when my mom said it was time to go. I left the building with a bad taste in my mouth, knowing to never go back again. So there you have it. How do you like your TWO STAR REVIEW, Sky Zone? You're lucky I didn't say one star, so don't screw up again!

It's Lila

Took my family there for a good workout definitely got the work out in and the fun time. From the good staff to the huge jumping obstacles they have definitely recommended for a family night out!

Aida Kendzheeva

terrible and rude staff. Without socks, I could not just stay and wait for my child!

Alyssa Mckinley

This place was so over crowded. It smelled terrible and finding seating while the kids jumped was horrible. Metal benches that were dirty and tiny are not the best to sit on while kids jumped for hours. I wouldn't go back here.

Alpesh Patel

Fun place to go, especially with kids. You will enjoy more jumping around as a kids with your kids rather than bunch of grown ups

Stephanie Glover aka Thomas

My 2 year old had a blast!!!!

Diana Louis

The kids had so much fun even the grownups

Peggy Perkins

Great place, especially for kids! Cool layout and fun games besides just jumping. It's neat watching everyone glowing with all types of colors.

izzy Disney

It was fun. They separate by age and believe me 15 minutes of jumping is enough.

Angie B

The kids always have a great time here. Clean for the most part and enough room for everyone to jump. Only complaint is adults have to buy socks to go in toddler section and sit on side rather than just take off shoes. Other than that, good exercise and fun times

Josh Thomas

We love it here!! The staff is perfect, especially with small kids, and always willing to help. We started with Toddler time have been going every week for a few years! We love it and will be having our birthday party here as well.

Mary McDonnell

Polite staff and the kids always have a great time.

Dorys Perozo

Me gustaría mejorar los baños son un

Matthieu Gindre

Very clean, safe for kids. Crew is good

Kyle Reilly

The rules are getting out of hand. And the staff is BARELY friendly when enforcing this nonsense. We signed the waiver, stop ruining the fun. I’ve been here 10 mins and yelled at 3 times for standing on the same square, or the wrong color …

wolfy _cult

Staff at register are inexperienced or need to be refatffed with employees who care enough to learn their job.

Melissa Jones

I do not know anything about this place; but, my husband and I were picking up a delivery in a tractor trailer and we were blocked in by cars. I went in and asked for help about moving vehicles and the staff and customers were very friendly and helpful. One customer offered to help block highway traffic to help us get out. We are from Louisiana and never been to Connecticut or anywhere up north. The business looked like it's fun for kids, birthday parties and such. On what I saw for a few minutes it seems like a very nice place. I want to thank the staff, customers for all their help. Melissa Jones

Isaiah Jensen

Super fun definetly wanna go again

Sarah Gilley

Loved It. Went On A Tuesday Afternoon & We Had The Whole Place To Ourselves For A While. Staff Is A Group Of Teenage Boys, Who Are Helpful If Needed. Space Is Clean & It Didn't Smell Like Dirty Feet. I Love Hospital Socks, So The $2 For The Sky Socks Wasn't A Bother. They've Got Long Trampolines & The Sky Slam Is Fun. Dodgeball & Volleyball Were Closed Probably Due To A Lack Of People. If You Like A Quiet Atmosphere I Suggest Going During The Week, I Can't Imagine What It's Like In There During Peak Weekend Times.

Skittlez Cano

I enjoyed jumping here as an individual but we got a party package were very disappointed. We couldn’t go into the party room during jump time so my guests who were not jumping had nowhere to sit (parents and grandparents). The people who were in the party room prior to us were late and our party time got pushed. The hostess was nice but hovered in the party room, no idea what the point of that was as we’re all adults and can take care of our own party. It made it extremely awkward having her just standing there or even randomly trying to chime in to our conversations between family members. At the end I was told I needed to tip the hostess..? Which seems a little stupid as I paid $270 for this party package, you’d think they would factor the hostess’s pay into that. The shirt they gave my daughter was a dress on her. Literally like 6 sizes too big and they wouldn’t exchange for it another or something different. The pizza that was included in the package was subpar at best, it tasted like thin Little Cesears but you know, twice the cost. It was a horrible experience, I was almost in tears as none of my guests enjoyed themselves. Learned from this mistake that was supposed to be a fun day for my daughter. Will NOT be recommending to anyone and I will be sure to steer anyone away who may consider booking SkyZone for a party.

GT Azer

Super Awesome place love it very fun

Chris Schrader

A bit on the pricy side. Could use some ventilation


Great place to take the kiddies

Helen D

Great space for the kids to run free and bounce! A favorite, but especially when the days are wet or cold! The 90 passes are really worth it!

Bowling Nerdz

Awesome Place! Fun Everywhere Dodgeball, Tranplenes, basketball, and way more! I love this place!

Stephanie R

If your child likes to go to the trampoline park often, check out the 90-day pass! We come often and weekly and it's a great way to burn off energy while keeping him from in front of a TV. The staff is very nice and helpful.

Austin Rush

Terrible place to go jump. Paid $51 for 3 kids to jump for 1 hour each. All had to have socks. Understandable. So they go to jump and three guys of the staff are just standing up their just talking to eachother not paying any attention to the jumpers. Then they have volleyball and dodgeball blocked off for nobody to play, then my kids ask to play and the 3 boys told them it had to be 4 per team. They were bummed and couldn’t play. I asked a guy down at the front desk in a green shirt why they couldn’t play. He told me “they probably didn’t want to ref it” How ridiculous? Will not go back. Do not recommend it for anyone. Go to a better trampoline place.

Leonel Cardenas

I had a great time and so did my son and his friends. Went during the week so it wasn't overcrowded and we had plenty of time to do a bit of everything.

Melany Sierra

Love going to glow night workers always keeping an eye on children

Selestino Orta

Kids had a blast!

Allison Mikel

Had a good time with my

Paul Howell

My son almost never wants to leave and the neon lights on Friday is his favorite and the place is always kid friendly.

Dawn Purvis

My kids (1 and 5), both enjoyed playing, as there are play areas for all ages. I love that they have massage chairs for grown-ups, especially considering my husband is physically unable to participate in the jump area, and this allows him to be included.

Ezekiel Schultz

I had an awesome time here it has so many different cool things. It's the best!

Edna Carreon

The kid's love this place.

Toni Beasley

The customer service was good but the place is very busy and just feel sweaty and dirty

Danielle DiCarlo

How can you sell gift cards that expire? That's stealing in my opinion. Went one time and will not go back, my younger son will not jump alone but won't let a parent jump with him so we paid and he sat for 2 hours while my older son jumped and was bored after 30 min because of all the rules.

Tim Alvarado

We've only ever come here for birthday parties but the kids have always had fun here

Michelle Munoz


savoy wilkins

The kids always have a good time except when my grandson hurt his self. He seemed to have pinched his foot on the trampoline how I don't know it seemed as though it was enough padding.

Derek Pigsley

Wasn't very involved in dodgeball had to wait for a long time to get checked in. I didn't get to play dodgeball until 20 minutes before my time was up.

Jake K

Best Trampoline Park on earth

Nathan Wiehe

The kids always have a great time here, good staff, good facility, great to bring the kids for birthday parties or just to burn off some energy. If your looking for a jumping good time, this is the place!

W. C.

The boys love visiting this place so we go quite often. This is really the only location I know about so I can't really compare it to any other location. Overall the boys always have a nice time

Cindy Bacon

Great place for the kids to burn off excess energy.

Randy Mason

If you want to find your inner child, this is the place. Turns out my inner child is out of shape and wheezes during cardio, but I still had a good time.

Jaime Mercer

60 minutes was plenty of time for my 8,6 and 4 year old. They were sweating profusely and exhausted. I think that is GREAT. The facilities are a bit run down and the atmosphere is chaotic. The food sellers seemed annoyed with their job.

Alyssa Rodgers

Everything was super clean and the staff was amazing and friendly

Joe Lipson

Great place to bring kids of all ages.

Harv Martens

Well managed. Fun for the kids. Comfortable seating for parents on the mezzanine.

Chris McCabe

Cool place for safe fun! Inexpensive to visit. On one occasion, I took the kids for "toddler time" which means that no bigger kids are allowed to be in that area. With about 15 minutes left of "toddler time" the staff allowed a field trip of teens into the area which ended our fun.

Matt O'grady

Awesome rock wall small overall jumping area, half the size of launch but still a great time!

Lillian Colon

Very nice place,,, but a lil to warm upstairs tho

Katie M

Awesome facility but so so crowded

Gabriel Franco

a great place to feel like a kid and work your butt off

Unique Williams

The 1 in north east is bigger& better


Really fun! Employees were respectful and professional and even participated in our dodgeball game which was cool! Got plenty of needed excersize.

Jamilla Jones

Kids really enjoyed their self.

Brian Tschoepe

A little pricey to jump on trampolines, but the kids enjoy it.

Jon Nagle

Went here for a kids birthday party, and the kids absolutely loved it. Plus they were super tired afterwards, so it was a huge success!

Richard Anastasi

Super fun. Much more tiring than you'd expect. Sign the waiver online before going.

sue the dj

Sunday toddler Time from 10 a.m. to noon was absolutely wonderful. Tuckered out our little toddler like crazy!

lillie cook

Had a blast!! I'm 47 and was able to enjoy the experience with my 16 year old son and 15 year old nephew!! I lasted longer than both!!

iWoody Rose

A little cramped in this place. Parking is limited as well, unless you drive over to the other side to park. The workers are young & nice. I don’t like that they make one of their employees chaperone kid’s parties. Like, she’s sharing the pizza out, pouring our drinks. I’m like, naw, just go and inform us that our time is running down. But hanging around monitoring our party, I didn’t care for that idea too much.

Troy Rundle

Fun time for the kids nice and clean

Umipuppets Originals

Lots of fun


Have been to several skyzones...this one smells like the point it makes you nauseous. I question the level of cleabing and obviously there is a severe ventilation problem. I wont be bringing my children back here

Anastasia Marcus

Kids had a ball. Special socks are annoying but necessary I suppose

Mustafa Habib

Nice place but sometimes crowdy

Christian Aranda

Beautiful tramps

Tom Hebert

Kid threw up in front of us and the staff let the parents to decide if the kid went home or stayed to share her germs with the other 200 kids. Not sure who is more at fault... Sky Zone for not having a firm policy to not allow children whom have thrown up to continue jumping, or the parents who are more concerned able their own little world vs thinking big picture about how their kid might impact others. Or perhaps both are completely clueless. People... We are better than this...

Shavonna Freeman

Kids always have fun. Jumping on yo momma bed without it being yo bed.

Rey Legend Aka Reirejendo

The price is ridiculous

Ken Martin

Kids love it. Pizza not so great.

cynthia lynch

A lot to do my grandkids loved it

Bhavesh Patel

Lots of fun !!

ricardo molina

Came in today for the first time I purchased 90 minute open jump for my son, my little brother and myself. After an hour of literally so much fun Our day was ruined by the staff's unprofessionalism we were not informed of certain rules and regulations therefore when one of the staff members saw that I had my cell phone in my hands I was talk to as if I was a child because because apparently you're not allowed to have any object in the trampoline should I have known that from the beginning the experience would have been great and I would have been able to give this place five stars instead when I approached the manager to speak to him instead of being apologetic he was telling me how it's not his fault his staff didn't inform us of these regulations. Long story short I will never come back to this place again even though my kids and myself enjoyed it so much because regardless the management will continue to be the same and I do not support anybody who has no respect towards paying customer needless to say it's $80 regardless...

Cesar velazquez

Love it so much fun with my kids I really recommend it

Yolo Diaz

I'm trying to book a party, biggest package they have, and the website won't let book. It states to call the location to book. This location NEVER picks up the phone. This is my second attempt this week and have been on hold for over 15 minutes and nothing. Even tried the texting option they offer on site and not a single response. Very disappointed.

Mary Rasa

The kids had fun but it's cramped and smaller than others . I hope launch reopens. I didn't think the attendants were really good.

Alexis Lewis

Lots of room to jump. Foam pit is harder than anticipated. Upon price of entry and grippy socks it seems they expect you to purchase things to rehydrate as well. There are 2 water fountains and a 1 concession stand to give you an idea. There is however adult nights. Bball trampoline club. If it didnt happen a glow night was coming too. I was attending a nice birthday party. A full attendant for the birthday kid. Full service eating experience. They serve, they cut cake, they continue to do so we're all done and clean up..

Ray SImmons

My boys love it! Been there serval times in the past three years. Always clean, plenty of staff, not a lot of food or snack options.if you want to get your kids out for some exercise, this is the place.


This place makes me feel like im 40 again !

3DS Kiddies

My son was bullied but the manager took care of it and gave him to free 1 hour passes

Author Neva Squires-Rodriguez

My boys had such a great time here! Clean, friendly service, found a good deal on their Facebook page. We will definitely be back.

Mohamed El-Maazawi

Great place with a lot of fun for families. Great people. However, very little monitoring of older young men who play among younger kids especially in places like Dodgeball where my granddaughter got a nose bleed when a 16-17 years old young man hit her in the face with the ball! She had to walk alone crying with a nose bleed to the office asking for ice!

Rebecca Richeme

Awesome place!!! Highly recommend it!!! But a bit expensive

jennifer torres

The kids love it they had a lot of fun and I get to sit back and relax,

Tatjana Torres

This place is too small. I thought it'd be pretty cool to take my son here for his birthday since they make it seem so much fun and make it seem like there is much more to do. But it was not what I was expecting. Place was dirty and floors look like they need to be mopped. The only thing this place did have was great employees. From the cashier to the attendants on the trampolines. And the food also sucked, no variety on the food and tables were a mess.

Colorado Travel Guide

Kids like it, but prices seem a little high for what you get.

Mr. Desiral

Had a blast over here. Prices are very affordable. Felt good to be a kid a again and there is no weight restriction

Eliana does stuff

Great place to unwind with your kids, my daughter loves it here, the fries are great and pizza isn't too bad, prices ate decent for the time, but remember you should play with your kids and watch them aswell, if your kid gets hurts that's your fault for not watching them.

Denise Jarmon

Very nice park. Price is right. Very clean. Well lite. Nicely maintained! Food is not bad

Andrew Prah

This location is way too crowded and not large enough to support the traffic flow that usually comes through there. Somebody was thinking too small when they built this place and now they're paying for it with fustrated customers. I've been to this location several times but always end up leaving and going to another location every time.


The kida love it here!

Meghan Craig

Did a Scrabble session with friends and it was so much fun!!

Amy Velis

So much for them to choose from and they have certain rules to follow, but not overwhelming. Surprisingly it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be especially for a Friday. This is the second time we have been here and it seems like they have soo much fun. Not just the kids, but the staff as well!!

Simonpeter Dalangpan

Very FUN for the Family! Helpful Staff!

Yvette Martinez

Nice place for the kids but the party rooms I didn't like they are small they had one Server the people had to help serve the pizza and drinks. Although they had a count on how many people were going the place was very crowded.

vy pham

Not a great spot for little kids... I guess not all skyzones are made the same. This place is great for ages 8 to 20. It's essentially all trampolines, so expect to jump a lot.

Jeanelle Daley

I bought French fries & after I purchased nearly 5 orders of fries n other stuff . They let me know they had no ketchup . Had to throw away all of it . Who eat fries without ketchup.

Ralph Haley

Awesome place. I generally go to rock n jump in Carol stream but this place is bigger, better thought out with spacing, and appears cleaner than rock n jump.

Dylan Gonzalez

It's soo cool

Bigfatwoman 2423

Family friendly place.

Jody Small

I found the prices for what you get are way too high. I prefer Trumbull's place- rockin' jump

Corey Stanford

I purchased the Family Flight Pass described as "10 1-hour Free Jump Pass Card. Can only use 4 per session". When I brought my family of four to jump for 2 hours, I was told that counts as 8 hours. After I pointed out that breaks down to $13/hr, which is less than the two-hour rate of $11/hr, they eventually agreed to let me return the Family Flight Pass and pay full price. I was very disappointed that this can't be redeemed for a family of four to attend the 1-hour sessions. I'm still not clear how this pass could be used for family admission when they are actually charging per individual. Aside from the aforementioned issue, my experience was as expected.

Yami Euceda

Its the best ever

RNG EzClapz

This place is and always will be the best trampoline park you can take your kids to for fun

DiABliThaw Euceda13

That is amazing


I had a lot of fun. With friends it made it a better experience! I plan on coming back. Plus, these guys should add a rope near the foam pit!

Jess Tharp

Fun place but a little expensive. They do need better quality food the pizza looks like rubber.

Tasha Mitchell

We had a blast

amir khamesi

Good place for kids if they like jump. They have several courts and you can purchase ticket for a limited time. The maximum time is 90 minuets that looks pretty enough because you don’t have many choices there. Every thing looks pretty old but is fun. Parking is free but I believe the entrance is expensive.

adam huber

The staff are great! Very nice and helpful. Love the morning toddler time. Wish it was 30 minutes longer on Saturday's!

Yong Hoon Choi

Great place for kids birthday party!

koko a

My kids love this place and there is always a groupon. They sleep good at night when we go there lol

Mary Giannone

We take our 6yo daughter here all the time. It's a great way to let your kid get out all their energy! We also had my daughter's birthday party there and the staff was so helpful, above and beyond. I highly recommend it.

levi Lee

Great place to take your kids at

Rachel Harris

Family FUN!

sarah ojiemwen

it was ok there was limited staff we arrived at 600pm. Why did they start closing areas by 700pm. We were there for a 6yr old. I was disappointed they could only go on one area.I didn't like it that there was no staff at the door monitoring it. What would happening if a very small baby walked right out of the door. Also the food selection was either chicken or pizza which both were over price .The chicken wings tasted frozen burnt . There were no sauce either spicy or oven baked. I had to ask for ketchup. Sorry I won't be back!!

DaNiece B

I used a Groupon and let my 9 year old jump her heart out! She had so much fun. They have a nice section upstairs where I waited until she was done. They also have massage chairs! And the staff was super friendly! We’ve been to many trampoline parks, but this one has to be the best.

Leslie Lua

Had so much fun with my daughter! We both enjoyed it

Alma Picon

Pretty cool place. Kid's get their workout for the day.

M Godoy

Had my son's birthday here. He had a blast here with his friends. The staff here were all very nice. The only complaint I have is the size and the price of the pizzas. I ordered 3 extra pizzas ahead of time so I would have enough for parents as well. When I got there I was told that one pizza would feed 2 kids ( 10-11y/o) and they recommended that I may need more. So I ended up ordering 3 more. At the end of the day I ended up taking a few boxes of pizza home.

maria rodriguez

It suck, staff doesn't even know their own rules. My son was playing in a toddler area for more than an hour, when one of the staff said he can't be in that area. Seriously after more than an hour been there??????

Rondell Jefferson

Good place to jump, but not much to do for children under 4 years old.

Jim Adams

A great fun place for kids of all ages! We were there for my grandson's birthday party and he and his friends had a blast. They 1 hr went by very quickly. Always something to do. The staff was great and the birthday party was a success!

Jeremy P

Jump on over. I mean sky zone... Same thing. If you want to jump on a trampoline, this place has plenty of them.

Stephen Scherrer

One of my children had a birthday party here. The party attendant was very helpful, and all of the kids had a great time. There are different parts of the park for different age children too.

the wasiel family

Had a blast at birthday party tonight!!! Calolli and Emily were amazing!!

Sandra Reyes

Had a birthday party for my son yesterday, and his gifts I got him went missing! I went back and was told later that they were given to the birthday party previous from us. $120.00 of video games, and not even sure if gifts from others were taken.

Rock Hill

These places are cool

Kendra Pierce

Sky Zone is a great place to burn off some energy, and come on lets face it, some calories too :) My kids love it here. But usually I just stand by and watch them play. This last time they wanted me to jump with them. Wow o wow I forgot how much cardio it is. I was sweating like crazy! No need to go to the gym that day! Which is another reason I like bringing my kids here. Get them off of screens and get their hearts pumping. The staff is generally really friendly . For the most part the establishment stay fairly clean. The only downfall however, is the price! It can get a bit pricey if you have more then 1 kid. Which means we don't go as often as we would like. Sometimes they offer groupons which help out a little. Overall a fun time.

Osvaldo Gomez


Angelique Grathwohl

Large indoor play space for kids. Quite expensive.

Ava Sands

Before going in, I thought this place was going to big inside, however their lay out does work. Checking in to pay was easy and the cashier was friendly, professional and very helpful. This place is very family friendly for ALL ages: toddlers to adult parents were enjoying themselves.My kid and our guest had a ball ! Loved it so much I purchase more passes to go in the near future.

Erlinda Prieto

Too stuffy, not enough aire condition.

rajni acharya

Our favourite spend time place for kids as well as adults. This trampoline park is maintained very clean. Staff are always attending and ready to help. I like that they have an asigned staff for every section. Their quality of socks are good too. I think their per hour price is quite reasonable.

Max Lehnert

Had a really fun time today with my friend. Staff was friendly and I had an enjoyable experience!

john alello

My kids had a good time. Fun trampoline place but not a lot of extras for the price. The rock climbing wall was a lot. volleyball & trampoline a super fun game

Cynthia Crabb

My kids enjoy this place. Would be nice if it had a little kid/baby area.

Patti KS

Our granddaughter loves this place. We take her at least once a week. The staff tends to be young but seem to be vigilant about safety. They have very affordable memberships.

Melissa Gisselle Salazar Parra

Staff in here is always super friendly and kind. We visit skyzone 3 times a week and they we have always had a great experience. It's a place for everyone, babies, toddlers, adults, we also saw a special needs group last Thursday having a lot of fun. Definitely a place to go and enjoy.

Amir Elaouni

It is a great place for guests of all ages. It is fun, affordable just GREAT make sure to go when you can thanks sky zone staff

Dr. Ashmon GetFit Movement Dr.Trifinia Ashmon-Ebed

The children really enjoyed themselves at Sky Zone! In fact, all age groups from 3 years to 19 years of age spent time together and separate based on age appropriate activities!

Rajan Vekaria

This place is amazing. We came here first time. Brought 4 kids with me today and we had great time. Recommend this place to everyone. Definitely coming back.

Robert Johnson

Fun, but pricey. Needs better attractions. As other competition in town is not only way cheaper, but they also have more attractions for the kids, to include a American Ninja style warrior course. Still fun and friendly staff.

Regina Betz

My kids love it, purchased monthly passes so they can go as often as they want. Perfect for energetic kids!

Brian Skuzinski

More or less this is a fantastically huge trampoline park. We attended here a few times with my nephew, once for his birthday party and the accommodations were absolutely fantastic. They had a nice open area upstairs that was more than ample for 30-plus children. They also allow deliveries of food from the pizza joint next door which makes things very easy. The kids had a wonderful time and the place was very safe as well. if you're looking to host a large birthday party for one of your children this is definitely a hit.

Steph Gallagher

I like it better than altitude in wilmington.. still on the expensive side. 18 dollars per kid for 1 hr adds up. They have better and more equipment.. attentive and courteous staff all young kids though. It's well run and clean. Food is decent. A working AED is clearly marked. They enforce safety rules. There are plenty of foam pits.

matt coffin

Great fun - we have had bday parties there and go there throughout the year. Friendly service.

Latisha Watson

Great place to take the family

Bob Das

Clean park and courteous court monitors.

random video maker

Every staff was amazing and loving had my sister's and cousins birthday and it webt extremely well unlike chuck e cheeses haha thanks


Always a fun time. We prefer toddler time but wish they didn't limit so many other areas. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Melissa Perez

Was my first time here and was happy with my daughter party results. Kids had lots of fun.

Saundra Flynn

My kids had a blast, it was just really warm!

Chris Arcari

Cool trampoline place, sign the waiver online before you go


Groupon tickets was pretty cool kids had a ball

Edward Sturges

It was great. My kids lived it and everyone was very helpful

Nikhil R

Good place to take the kids and let them get their energy out.

Ms Samilton

It was very crowded. The staff is wonderful and the environment was cool. The boys love this place.

Glendali Correa-Brown

Great place to take the kids to tire them out.

Jeff Keltz

Great place to bring kids. I prefer it when it's less busy (later at night).

James Jones

This is a fun place to bring your children also a nice place to throw your child a birthday party...

Hunter Wallace

The visit there was great up until 30 minutes before our time was up when there was an injury. Everyone was forced to leave with no refund of any sorts was given. Not to mention the rudeness the employees showed about the entire situation. Would not visit again

Brenda Texeira

My kids love this place.. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars cause it would be great if they had a better toddler section like in jump off.

Braedyn Brown

Good but I couldn't keep my feet on the ground.

Nick Martinez

Had a great time. Everything is very expensive tho

Nekie Gant

I really like skyzone although I feel like there should be an adult hour or an adult night. That would be extremely fun.

Korey Miller

The kids loved it!

Frances Aguayo

Such a great Birthday celebration there...

Nkechi Reed

Sky zone is a very nice and awesome place for you and your kids to have fun love it and we will be back soon

Sarai Urbina

Everyone is always nice and my children always has a great time here!

christian martinez

It was fun until my wife told me a skyzone employee hit my kid in the face with a ball when the kids were playing dodge ball. Seriously...your supposed to be supervising the kids...not being a kid.

Chris Martin

Super fun for the kids and there is plenty of space for parents to sit and read a book or get caught up on the facebook musings. Trampolines galore for big and little ones and lots of supervision. Small food vending spot inside as well.

Max Lehnert

Had a really fun time today with my friend. Staff was friendly and I had an enjoyable experience!

Ralph Marroquin.

Ralphie marroquin was awesome

matt f

This is a fun, family friendly place with friendly staff. Good way to stay active.

Malcolm Stevens

Great family place lots of fun

Alexander Stewart

My son went to a birthday party here. It was excellent. I dont know the pricing, but the location is outstanding. The staff was wonderful.


#funwithfriends Chicken at food stand is great

Whats Up

So fun and I got to jump play and so good food

barb Johnston

It was a nice place . The kids had a lot of fun.

David McMasters

Great for birthday parties. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. The kids can run around and jump to burn off all their energy. Definitely recommend. Fill out the waiver online prior to arriving to save time.

Carlos Rivera

Great service very well taken care of

Matthew Satchell

Great place for kids. Went with my 2 yr old and 5 year old. Both had tons of fun, and, having gotten tickets for my wife and myself to bounce as well, we had a blast. Never had any safety concerns. I chased my 5 year old around a massive, seamless collection of trampolines until neither of us could move. Very satisfied.

Bertie Haggard

Kid had a great time always agood place to take the kids

Leeann Decroo

Fun for the hole family

Patty Murgia

I never went there but my kids did tgey said it was big inside and THEY had a lot of fun....

Maneesh Sagar

Amazing place. Well run. Professional staff. And very focused on safety. Pay by the hour. I would suggest an hour to start.

Jo Anne Stewart

The activities are awesome. Kids had a great time

Wendy Stanley

so much fun

Melissa Lopez

This place is awesome! Took my 16 year old & my 6 year old n we all had a great time!

Jay Clark

The staff were very friendly and the kids had an awesome time! Wish their was more stuff like this for the kids to do in Delco

Carlina Desax

Fun, but some trampoline areas were closed for no obvious reasons.

sanelisiwe kubeka

Awesome staff and fun for all ages!

Luke Kokondia

Kids had a lot of fun. They should have a bigger menu to choose from. I like it.

Владимир Тычинский

Очень хороше место для детей и взрослых. Много аттракционов. Супер!!!

Roderick Hosey

My daughter was happy which made me happy

Angela Marques

Very good place to have fun with the kids

Amber Smucker

A great place to celebrate a birthday for lots of friends.

James R. Lambert


cassie perrin

My kids and I came today and we had soooooo much fun!!!!! All of the employees there today were definitely younger but they were all so great and respectful towards all the kids there. My daughter has asthma and she forgot her inhaler so she had to stop every once in awhile and there was a couple of the employees that came over at different times and asked if she was doing good. That was just one of the many positives of this place, we will definitely be back!!!

Ashley AtashiMorsman

Been there twice. Once a discount time and once with a groupon and it was still overpriced. It takes forever to sign in because you have to sign so many waivers. And if they can't find a name you have to go through the process again. You pay for the socks. Even if your just watching your kid. But my kid had fun so what do you do.

Jeff F

Kids love this place. Jumping and having fun. Parties too check it out.

Daniel Michmerhuizen

WONDERFUL plabe for a birthday party or Saturday fun day


Very nice place .

Jennifer Mather

Do not bring your kids to this location! NOT fun for the whole family. Terrible customer service. I'm not a bad reviewer but I wish I could give zero stars. The staff here is extremely rude and unaccomadating. They would not let me tend to my toddler who fell despite having their special socks on. They acted disgruntled to even have a toddler playing here despite my also paying for two older kids. The WORST skyzone location.

Brian Foerster

Kids loved this place! Being a single dad I'm always looking for places to take my 7 & 10 year olds. Open play during the week for these types of places is unheard of. Went on a Thursday night, 10 bucks a person for 1-1/2 hours full access the entire place. Clean, food, no complaints. Give it a try. Place was great!

mark lottero

Lots of fun, my 9 and 13 year old children love to jump. The staff is very courteous and the facility is very well kept.

Cynthia Holstein

Went for a birthday party, had a blast, even the adults participated, was a lot of fun

Deliagni Fernandez

I love sky zone it is pricey but worth it especially the rock climbing omg so fun and good ❤️❤️❤️

Max Rushing

The whole family had a blast.

Nathaniel Huggins

Rating was five I enjoyed myself I'll do it over and over and over again staff was great I loved it

Dave Root

a little pricey but my kid enjoyed it quite a bit

Lalit Pandey

Too small and hot inside

Timika Stamis

Friendly staff and nice place easy to find. The rules about one person per trampoline is crazy. The person watching our area keep stopping us from jumping together. My four year old twin boys and me could not jump together. My boys have autism and like to have me close but the rules didn't let us. They didn't have fun due to that. Overall it's a nice place

Christina CAb

Great place for kids as nd adults ..we all swear and interact

Sierra Dave

A nice place for kids to have fun and exercise at the same time. I brought my little sister and her friend who are both 12 years old and they had a blast. My only negative is that because it is full of children, the eating areas are usually crowded and a bit messy but someone would come around and try to clean regularly.

Mark Ip

Just an ok sky zone. The other one in the suburbs has more activities like an arena with platforms and obstacle courses. This one just has several identical basic trampoline arenas and one that has chunks of foam only.

Andi Moore

The fact that socks aren't included in your purchase is ridiculous, add a dollar to the price then include the socks, or, better yet, just allow any socks. It's kind of a racket. We like trampoline world better.

Brenda Snider

Kids loved it. Family fun, although we were the only adults playing as well.

lil shawn 21

It was rlly fun and a lot of ativides

callme_babes _

The place was really crowded and everything was disorganized. I couldnt get any water from the faucet because they were both broken. One perk about this place is that it dosen't smell like pee.

Jose Gonzalez

I wish I was a kid

Ivette Pino

I had an amazing experience at time zone with a child with whom I was taking care of. Staff was so friendly to the group of children in the birthday party and had high energy to match the kids. Would recommend birthdays in sky zone they are a blast.


Needs more areas open for Toddler time. Too many kids in an area gets congested.

Rose Sabia

Great place for kids.

ely torres

First and last time I take my kids to any of this type of facilities. One of the staff members kept bothering my kids not to jump on one side or the other. I understand she’s doing her job and trying to keep all kids safe but why only my kids. She made us feel like she was being racist. I didn’t see her telling other kids. Only 20 percent of the facility is for little kids, the rest is for bigger or smaller kids under 7. Terrible place to take your kids with 250 that I spend I’ll rent a jumper next time. There should be an are designated for a parent can have fun with theirs kids, why would I pay went I can’t even be with my son. Terrible.

Nick Sexton

It was so bad they cut my wristband off

Gabriela Harris

Great place to take kids and teens alike. Great prices. Easy to register.

Laqueeta Burton

Great place , very clean and great staff

Olivia Burks

Attended my nieces birthday party here and it was so much fun! The staff is super friendly, and very helpful. Also surprisingly the food is also delicious. Will definitely come back.

Mike Lloyd

Lots of fun, nice to go and experience. Definitely exercise heavy, I was sweating like I was in a sauna.

US8 Express

Great for kids

David Herling

This place is just fun

Charlie Jennifer

Fun for everyone! Clean and safe with friendly staff. The snack bar's limited selection is over priced.

Jeffrey McLaughlin

Always a fun time. Great for birthday parties.

Corbin Pressey

My daughter friends and family love it.

Crystal Wright

Great place for kids. Plenty to do. They host birthdays as well. Reasonable prices. They're often on groupon.

Dee T.

It was a fun place to go with my grandson.

Fire Ruler

So fun but make sure to bring work out clothes.

Tina Jordan

Great work out and fun for the kids...

Melissa Gisselle Salazar Parra

Staff in here is always super friendly and kind. We visit skyzone 3 times a week and they we have always had a great experience. It's a place for everyone, babies, toddlers, adults, we also saw a special needs group last Thursday having a lot of fun. Definitely a place to go and enjoy.


This place is great, nice and clean the kids enjoyed it.

Fernando Ovalle

Good for kids

Tesha Williams

Its was a busy place my gchildren loved it.

C Dtz

Umm.... make people not cut the line and play games till they done, but over all it was pretty fun and I would come back

Peter Tebault

Feels a bit spendy, but it's a well appointed place, lots of opportunity for all ages to jump, well staffed. Friendly and helpful staff.

Joanna nufio

Love This Place I can Come In with my Kids and let them Play While i Enjoy Myself In the Massage Chair hehehe :) totally recommend this place it you have kids ;) they will have a blast!!

Liam Wilcox

It is a fun place, but events can get out of hand. While I was here at a school event, there was a boy from another group making fun of one of my peers. In response, everybody was telling him to stop and to f*** off. He ended up smashing somebody's drink on them. As I was leaving, an older boy (presumably the person that splashed the drink or a companion of his) was waiting at the door with his face hidden, and told his friends, "When he comes out, I'm gonna punch him in the f***ing face." Good for smaller parties, would not recommend for large events.

Carlo Vona

Great for kids and parents

Future RN

My kids loved it

Alyssa Campbell

Everything was clean and there was plenty of room for everybody jumping.

Kaitlin Pacheco

Afordable, especially on Tuesdays. Fun and a nice change from kids playing on devices or watching TV!

Holly Williamson

Great place. Clean. Good fun for all. Definitely return.

Margaret Molina-De La Luz

Not all the zones are ok to be used if you're not certain age. I guess it's ok for security reasons but they should better organize it so the kids can rotate sections. But overall good experience.

Isabella Weber

Clean, fun, safe. We like toddler hour on Saturday mornings.

Peter King

Many new activities and well organized!

Gayler Fray

Really fun place. They've added some new fun obstacles so it's not just trampolines, and of course the Dodge ball games are always a hit.The kids always have a great time here.

M Francis

Went for my second glow jump. Great associates. Everyone was friendly. Dj for music.

Gembly Lucero

My kids love it

Kam-Marie Seghit

Great place for kids (and adults). It's an awesome way to get a little workout while having fun. Our son had so much fun, he didn't want to leave.

Debbie Mcfaddin

My first time very nice

Anita Reed

Lord We Love Skyzone. My kids dont get enough. It allows the a time to practice skills, socialize, and release a lot of energy

Craig Mayer

This place is great for family friends children. I always have a ton of fun. Staff made it enjoyable as well! Good Job Sky Zone

Phillip Rozakis

My son got a slight injury jumping and Zach the manager was very kind to us. He gave us passes for later. Great customer service. Nice moves Zach!

Joshlynn Ortiz

Fun for all ages. Young staff, which comes with a little attitude but over all fun time. Rest room are very small, 2 stools.

John Merlino

One of the best indoor trampoline parks. Did my daughter's 6th birthday here. Staff was very helpful. Facilities are clean and very well lit. Lots of fun areas to plan in.

Margaret Mitchell

Great way to keep kids active and let them burn off some energy. Fun for teenagers to young kids and adults. They have basketball hoops are varying heights, age level dodge ball, snacks and carnival-type food. Also a sitting area with tables for adults to hang out who don't want to jump.

Mike Minton

My daughter's other favorite place


I clapped some cheeks there!

Amber Payne

Rules are ridiculous go there pay for 12 to jump ordered 2 pizzas one was good veggie was terrible canned veggies ... yuck then you pay all that money and the want to charge u for everything down to a cup ...SMH then on top of spending over 300$ they won't allow u to have cake inside unless u pay for party SMH...then someone had nose bleed and they cleaned it up w spic n span last I knew..when cleaning blood at business it should be cleaned differently...SMH. a few staff members were GREAT but an overall I won't ever have birthday celebration there. They wouldn't even give us a pitcher of water to continue to fill the cups up that they charged a 1$ each for...SMH faucet water....SMH never again

Steven Raab

This place is awful. They sell more reservations than they have trampolines, or so it seems, as there are not enough trampolines for the number of kids. So kids are competing for spots. There are lines of kids trying to use things, so you …

Martiecita Harding

Went for a birthday party. The kid had an amazing time and will definitely return for free jump times.

gamers unite

Best trampoline park in DE!! Nerf war area. Plenty of jumping space. Staff was wonderful. Clean, inexpensive, perfect day with the boys! Thank you so much!!

Ribhav Kansal

Fun place to be !!

Ruth Briggs

I visited SkyZone with my grandchildren and son-in-law and had a blast. I highly recommend SkyZone for fun and a real sweet workout.

john aronson

Staff was friendly and fantastic! Looking forward to the rock wall opening.

Amir Elaouni

It is a great place for guests of all ages. It is fun, affordable just GREAT make sure to go when you can thanks sky zone staff

Alisa Hanor

It was nice and the staff are nice too. Very expensive for snacks though.

Adam Russell

Best place to get the energy out of the kids and ever yourself.

Randy Filkin

It seems like it has short term happiness factor for small kids

Leon Standly

Fun fun fun. Kids love this place. Wish they had more food choices

Cat B.

Had a blast....for some reason though my kids didn't sleep on the car ride home!!! Lol

Esmeralda Morales.1780

I like going to sky zone because me and my friends plan it out the day before we go and we Tuesday that we could go together and then the people there are really nice and they don't really get mad if you were to drop a drink depend on what it is but another Henry likes playing there because of all the games that they had open that day

Wanda Wanek

Very well supervised by staff ,that dont put up with rough housing

Larina Pearson

My son had a ball at this place. Great for a birthday party, but the food, not so great. The pizza dough was very hard to bite into, so my suggestion is to bring your own if possible, but otherwise, it's a very good time for the children!!!

Pappa Dudat

Paying extra for socks!!! Why isn't this online when you pay? Never coming back

Umi No Arashi Games

cindy ruth

Our grandbaby had such a fun time here. Only 4 stars because I think they need more jumping courses.

Alvin Carter

Very clean , good music, kids had so much fun . Excellent

Don Henry

The kids love it, everyone enjoys, lots of smiles here. Well maintained, nice staff. However, check in is pretty rough and time consuming, need additional check-in stations especially at peak times. Great place for kids.

Kevin Stotler

Just moved to the area so I decided to take my daughter. Way overpriced and the staff had no control over the kids. I got ran into stepped on and my daughter kept getting pushed by kids she didn't know. She couldn't do the rock wall because the staff that was there was to busy talking and not paying attention that kids would run up and jump in front of my daughter. Might try again when not so busy.

Winter French

I love all the activities. It gets really busy. Good place for kids and adults. The staff are really nice. Love the socks.

Lon Jones

Sky zone is a great place to go with friends and family. Glow night is very fun though can be quite loud! Prices are pretty high for drinks and such, so I recommend packing some in your car beforehand. Overall a good place to go for some fun!

German Martin

Restrooms are filthy sink wase overflowing with water several people complain no one cares floors are wet and dirty. See a bunch of kids slip on slippery floors. Never seen a sky zone like this. Didnt mind it being packed but if was just filthy every where

Ed Diaz

Great for kids and parents.

Oliver Garcia

Fun for kids. Mine love it.

Donna Drummond

My daughter loved it. A little bit later she got me to jump with her. I enjoyed jumping with her. All of the kids loved the park.

Nekia L. Mood

Great place to have fun as a child & as an adult


I had my daughter's 6th birthday party here and would do it again! My daughter and her friends had a blast. Our host was Maddie who was PERFECT; she helped in every way a host should and more. Every request was met and she as well as the other team members were polite and courteous. There is a party lounge on the top floor that allows you to see the entire jump arena for $75 - it was worth the money to have privacy and extra space for all the guests. @Skyzone Newark, very clean...keep up the good work.

Celest B

An employee showed no mercy as he threw a ball at my face really hard during a game of dodgeball. Didnt even acknowledge me.. only reason im not giving this fun place 5 stars

Daniel Perez

Would have been better if they had dodge ball open. Plus they just let the little kids sit in the foam pit

Nathan Agunos

Very fun to jump on trampoline

Raven Wolf

This place is amazing I went there for my b day and we annoyed the staff the entire time and they put up with us! We played truth or dare and some of the dares involved the staff and they didn’t even really care! I love this place!

Gomezzi p

Too hot inside!!! Fun for kids

Trisha Larson

So much fun to take the kids here!

jes Hayes

Was at a birthday party w my son we had a blast lots of things to do, great staff Great Time

hippe hoop

We came in during happy hour and wanted my kids to jump. My daughter is 12 so happy hour for her was $14 and with 4 and under 1/2 off it should have been $7 each for my 3 and 4 ur old, but no it was $11. The manager explained it to the 16yr old at the counter and walked off for 20 minutes while I waited on a response. No info anywhere about no half off on happy hour for up to 4. Staff should not be left to fend for themselves when a customer has an issue. Also we were not able to use the foam pit because 2 dudes in their 20's asked the manager to do multiple flips and one busted his nose so they shut down the foam pit to clean up the blood. Huge l loss of respect for skyzone and the manager today. Trampoline world for us from here on out.

Shamiah Booker

Kids were occupied and happy for about 10 min yall gonna jump till u hit mars for these prices cool tho but sheesh..

James Stasi

Great spot for kids of all ages!

colin walker

great 7 yr old bday party. very helpful friendly staff

Rob Swann

Very busy but plenty of space to jump.

Connor Armstrong

It's a great place to hangout but I had a bad experience there. I had my birthday party there and I invited a lot of people there. Someone my MOM invited crossed out my name on a happy birthday sign and wrote their name instead. Even though it wasn't that much of a bad thing, I didn't like it as much anymore. Also one guy accidentally hit me in the arm and I sat out for 30 mins.

Skinny TB

Great fun even better when using a groupon


Nice and fun place

Jane Adams Wear

Great place for kids. Prices are very reasonable. The place is a little too packed sometimes and that makes it uncomfortable to be inside of sometimes; but I guess that is a good thing because a lot of people must like what they have to offer.

Ashley Bryant

This place brings out the kid in you. So much fun.

evans tott

Fun place

Ryan Colombin

Awesome place to bring the kids or to jump for adults. Dodgeball is great

Elias Peroulas

Completely disorganized birthday party for a 9 year old! They were not ready for us when everyone showed up, they did not know how to check us in, the "host" was not even talking to the children in the birthday party even though she claimed that they would be kept in a group, all the young children scattered and the parents were looking for them, the room was not ready when promised, they smashed the side of our birthday cake, did not have our child's theme "Coco" on the TV screen as promised, and basically left the party to attend to the TV so we ended up serving the cold pizza to the children ourselves. They also never got the TV working. I have no idea how they can be this disorganized given the volume of parties that they have here! I would recommend going somewhere else.

Kathy Richardson

I took my daughter and her friends there for her birthday for glow night. They had a wonderful time! I thought the how effects and the music was really really cool. I would definitely take them again!

Roman Peek

My kids always have a great time when we are at skyzone. Additionally, not only do they get to play but their parents get to play and jump too. This place is fun for all ages. They also do birthday parties here and the process for parties is really smooth, though it is on the pricier side in comparison to like Monkey Business.

Lindsay Reynolds

Its such a great place to go to have fun and stay fit!!

Robert Johnson

Fun, but pricey. Needs better attractions. As other competition in town is not only way cheaper, but they also have more attractions for the kids, to include a American Ninja style warrior course. Still fun and friendly staff.

Shaun Ramsey

Trampoline parks are great fun. The staff is super friendly and the concessions are reasonably priced. Look for special days to jump if you're looking to jump on a budget!

Regina Betz

My kids love it, purchased monthly passes so they can go as often as they want. Perfect for energetic kids!

Kia Kamora

Great atmosphere for kids and adults!

Anabelle Roman

So much fun!! Went in on a Thursday evening so there was not a lot of people, which meant more space for us!! 2 adults, I kidult and a toddler -we had a blast!!

Indrid Coole

Toddler love it...great place to get them out of the house!!

Baby Shark

Nice place for a fun day!

Mekerah Eaton

So this facility has atrocious customer service!!! And I mean Atrocious!!!! Our church group of 21 precious children had there hearts and minds set on going to Skyzone Trampoline park (Newark) for a night of fun, many of them coming from broken homes and they don’t get out much. But there hopes of having fun and getting away from stress was destroyed by the outrageous employees at Skyzone! Anna and Malda are the worst employees I’ve ever talk to on the phone and I mean the absolute worst!!!!!!!!! Our church spent $300 on Groupon on tickets for 60 minutes of jump time for each child, just to save a little money and we called to see if we needed socks. So we called at 5:45pm and then we were told we couldn’t use our Groupon because of Glow night started at 6:30pm and they don’t take Groupon at glow time ! We said we understood, but we also told the ASSISTANT MANAGER MALDA we didn’t see anything about glow night on the website only that it started at 9pm-11pm. So MALDA proceeded to say again, that it did say 6:30pm on the website, basically calling me a liar. And then she said go check on the website for yourself. So we did check and we seen the same thing we seen when we purchased the tickets and that was it started at 9pm-11pm. So we called back and I asked to speak to the ASSISTANT MANAGER MALDA and I heard her say in a very unprofessional way that she didn’t wan’t to talk to me and she was done with me. So I said okay and processed to talk with Anna the (basic employee) and I told Anna the Situation and that we are on our way to the facility to show them what we seen on the website. Anna the basic employee then got upset and hostile and said that I threatened her. So after she said that I just hung up the phone and 5 minutes later the cops called my church group and I and said if anyone comes on the property we will be arrested and I said for what? And the cop said because they don’t want to deal with you guys. And I said officer we did nothing wrong and he said It doesn’t sound like you threatened her to me but they have a right to not let you and your church group come. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww

Evelyn Breza

Adults always enjoy playing with kids

Melanie Zica

Great place. Clean. And so much more stuff than the other skyzones. I love it here. And the staff is so much nicer, and attentive here

Israel Rabinowitz

Our camp loved this SkyZone so much I wish I could give this place SIX STARS! We rented it out for the night and we could’ve stayed all day. The absolutely amazing manager, Malda, and her unbelievable crew of team members made our night one we will definitely remember. They were extremely accommodating and went above and beyond with every request making sure everyone in our party had a blast. They gave out icees for the winners of dodgeball, turned the glow in the dark lights on, and made sure our unlimited drinks were always full. Thank you for the absolutely awesome evening, we WILL most certainly be back!!

Rose Brinegar Brinegar


mahir patel

It was perfect no arguing

Donisha Conner

My son loves this place! The customer service is awesome! Everyone was very engaged and friendly. Staff even played basketball with my son! Management is also very hands on and seen throughout my visit. We will be coming back again

Eduardo Ramos

Every sundays understaff, place sucks.

Rick Nunez

Fun for kids and adults too

Samuel Hernandez

Great customer service and great place to have fun

Heather Tompkins

Great place to be an adult but actually like a kid!

richard johnson

Its amazing... great staff, kids have such amazing time there...

Devante Smith

This the best place to ever go to

Ben Berger

SO overpriced and restrictive. Ridiculous. It's a cheap warehouse with a bunch of trampolines, and they will charge each of your kids $20 for an hour of jumping. The kids will spend about half of that time standing in line. And while the best feature may be the dodgeball, they do not guarantee access to dodgeball because (1) they may rent it out to a birthday party, and (2) they reserve the right to deny your kid entrance if he or she is taller than the other kids in line. Even though the kids stand far apart and are all in the same age range, if your kid is deemed too tall (my oldest son is 5'9" and was with a lot of kids who were 5'5"), they can deny him after he has waited in line. ABSURD! They are just trampolines, for Pete's sake! SkyZone offers a month long pass for about $35, so clearly they can take a lot more people for almost nothing. But because they don't fill to capacity often, day users pay a huge amount for little in return. Bottled water is $3, and the drinking fountain is warm (presumably to encourage people to buy bottles water). Bleah.

kevin cayo

Fun place to be

Denise Felix

My autistic son loved this place!!! All the jumping he could endure, and then some.

Terell Harris

My son only 1 and the make him feel special every time we go!

Hugo Perez

First time at this place. I took my son for his birthday. They offer online registration which makes it faster when you get there. The price is fair for the time you spend there. My son and his friends had a lot of fun. It's for all kinds of ages. They have many sections and there is always someone monitoring the areas so there is no problems. They have basketball, dodge ball, bounce pit and free style.

Tracey Smith

Today I came here for my friend's grand daughter's birthday party and it was SO VERY disorganized. We did not have a host for awhile. Just 2 different people who helped for a few minutes and then left. We were then informed that there was an emergency and our host was held up. When we finally got our host she was not to friendly or too apologetic at all. We did not feel welcomed but instead felt rushed. I would not recommend this place for a birthday at all. We watched as other parties were conducted well, after ours. The birthday grandchild came 4 hours away, to total chaos.

It’s Adrie

Best place ever!! The workers there are soooo nice and they actually can have a conversation with you! A worker gave me a extra 30 minutes because of how respectful and how responsible I was to others, I made sure nobody was behind me when I did my flips so I didn’t kick anybody! They have really nice workers and I definitely recommend coming. Get ready to see me everyday Elmhurst sky zone, I’m serious. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!

Ayonna&Noale A&N

We had a blast not crowed at all food was good as time

Daisy Vargas

Very fun place for the children

Phyllis Pipkin

Was loud but good for your children to unwind

Mark Jones

Ryan needs a promotion. ASAP.

Joe Pacheco

Grandkids love it

Jayson Cruz

Dodge Ball is the best and kid friendly .


Says family friendly, but mostly for kids. I like spending time with my kids and try to find fun things to do, so tried this place out on my birthday. Workers let small children do what they want, while my boys and i were basically ignored. Small kids walking/jumping in front of us, who were standing in line as directed. The workers didn't say a word!! I can't see going back with my kids.

Luis Pacheco

Came here for a birthday party, all the kids loved it, great way to burn off energy, the staff was super nice and attentive.

Tonya Wyatt

Kids love here don't ever want to leave when time is up lol


I recommend using a Groupon. I don't think an hour of Jump time is worth $23 but for 2 kids - definitely worth it!

Phillip Carson

Our boys love jumping. Just your typical sky zone type of place. They have the same jumpers in here I noticed just for different lengths for the kids.

Celeste H

This is a great place to take the kids on a rainy day. They always have so much fun. It's very clean and has a nice open floor plan so it's easy to keep an eye on your kids. The staff are always friendly and helpful. It is a bit expensive though.

David Krumins

Awesome as usual!

John Clark

Bring change of clothes and bottled water you or your child will need it. Great place easy to get to very fun for a day or even a party.

Brenda Garrett

Me and my gbaby had a ball

Elijah Holloway

It's extremely exciting for everyone to enjoy

Roselaine Jean-Marie

Very satisfy with the Services. Really interesting! So fun for my kids. It's place for all kids ....95 per cents

Danielle Bowers

So much fun!

gabriela middlestetter

I give it a three only because the kids had a good time, and it's a fun park for them. But if you don't like big crowds Don't go on a weekend. It was super hot inside, and I felt like they were over booked, I think they should have a better system to not have such a big crowd, I had to constantly keep an eye on my kids because there were so many kids out there. I have gone to other sky zone places and they are not crowded this badly. I didn't see a sign that said anything about maximum capacity in their building. But it'll be nice to know that they are making sure they are on top of being staying on that number. also with the snack bar I was a little disappointed they didn't have any cold coffee.

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