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26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, United States

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Where is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor?

REVIEWS OF Six Flags Hurricane Harbor IN California

Brooke Smith

We have only gone once this year but it was nice to cool off for the day

David Trent

The park is clean and well staffed. They might have a crowd control problem on high volume days, but the day I was there the crowd was very reasonable. I wish they had a few more food options, but what they have will satisfy most Americans. There are plenty of attractions to appeal to any age group. This may not be the largest or best water park, but they do what they do very well. The overall theming of the park is nice and visually appealing. We will return several times this summer.

tiger 9raceteam

The wave pool my 7! Year old cousin had a life vest and raft but they said that she couldn't go past a line im 22 years old what the hells going to happen screw you life gard!!! Also she knows how to swim!!!!

Katie Bevan

This is a great place to go if you want to cool down from the heat. This place is not very big, but good enough to have fun. This place has slides, a place for little kids and a lazy river. You can rent tubes as well. For dessert your can choose from dipin dots, a churro, or a funnel cake. They only offer three places to eat lunch. Not very many choices. You can choose from pizza, hamburgers, tacos, nachos, sandwiches or salads. The Crows Nest is the only place that offers Powerade to drink. The other places to eat only offer soda. The food is a bit pricey, but can get a 50% discount if you have the membership.

Steve Davis

I seen a kid vomit in the food section near a pond of water. No one cleaned it up and minutes later I seen other kids sitting in that pool of vomit and playing and spalashing. The place still and always smelled like vomit, ketchup and mustard now I know why. The food handlers are constantly confused how to take a order and I actually watched one of the table cleaners throw the food from the table on the ground then scoop it up. I have no idea how these kids are employees and how they are trained. The care and upkeep is not sanity in my opinion. I asked for a refund and they have a strict refund policy. Customer relations has called me regarding my complaint but refused to refund me and asked me to come back for a 2nd visit but honei I can't get that smell and experience

septimal moon

Loads of fun. Pleanty to do. Best way to end it is a few rounds in the lazy river. Would recommend being fully prepared for lack of places to sit so utilize the lockers as much as possible.

jacki cardona

Fun place to cool off. Need better food and service at food stations

Ryan Ellis

It's fun just rent a tube though theres not alot of yellows, they ran out platinum cards so I got a regular one they should of had plenty of those ready, besides that its fun, they dont give you free access to either park if you were born on National roller coaster day which I think should be changed.

ester ezra

The worst disgusting place, with clueless personnel, we got ticket online but we did not know it was for six flags and not for hurricane harbour and when we get there we were 6 people kids and adult they tell us it's not for hurricane harbor so we tell them we did not want to buy for six flags son can you change it? They say no you have to buy new ones. Than while I am trying to get new ticket a women next to me just suddenly fainted thank god me and another human being helped her she was with her 3 daughters who got so scared and cried so much I helped her give her water a d they did nothing I tell them call 911 or send a dispatch she is completely out. The girl at the window did nothing she say I am sorry but I have a long line of people that I need to help........

Leise-Ann Brady

Great place to go to beat the heat. I just wish there were more food preferences and shaded areas.

Erwin Baez

Great place to bring the kids and family. A bit of something for everyone.

Rose Gonzalez

Fun fun fun that is the word I would describe this place as it's better than raging waters for sure but it's not cheaper the only down side if you tryna save coin

Evelina Saliginiene

Has all water park attractions, but not too crowded, really enjoyed time with our kids!

Eli Cruz

I would give 5 ⭐️ to Hurricane Harbor in general, but this time just giving 2 due to bad customer service at Cowabunga Grill Buccaneer Village Restaurant, I was there on a Tuesday. Five people in front of me and wait time for my order to be taken was 45min. When I got to the window the young lady taking orders say “What do you want?” With an attitude, As I am giving her my order she started talking to someone else and said “I am ready to go home”. So rude of the young lady. These places must have an actual adult to supervise this young kids.

Moca's life !

It's a whole lot of fun for both kids and adults. I would highly recommend the yearly pass and the meal pass obviously if you plan on going multiple times.

Steven Santos

Great place to take the family, had a lot of fun with my nephew, very friendly staff and overall environment is nice

Laraine Leon

Our crew had a blast there today. Most of us have season pass memberships, so we will be back soon, no doubt!

Casey McLewin

Lots of fun. About 8 thrilling rides. Security line was incredibly slow. Although I think we were unlucky, we had a hero checking every nook and crany of every backpack. Poor children thinking they were in trouble

Pianista Gary Dany

Amazing water park. Their cabanas are totally worth renting too


Close to home for me. Water was great. Food could be improved on but the wait times for it were semi fast.

Diane Perez

We go during the week for less people pools are clean food prices are not too high. This year I've been able to easily find chairs

heaven gray

I've been going to hurricane harbor since I was a kid. The park is clean and they have made some definite upgrades over the years. It's a fun place to take your kids and have some nice family times!

Janet Li Tall

The season pass is soooooo worth it. My kids and my friend's kids had a blast from it opened till closed. They love the wave pool. The tornando was fun!

Kelley Anton

Best place to cool off..water slides are the blue/teal slide..


It's alright. Probably got pity points since it's 100 degrees in the summer but it is a good place for kids teens and adults to hang out.

Barry Uzimaki

Very nice and relaxing but sometimes you get scrached by the bottom of the pools but just wear those shoes for water and youll be fine.

Maria Alcid

Love the membership service and price, but they have to do something about their food service, it's always SLOW!!!

Kateri McGuire

I went with one other person and we had a blast. We were able to get on a lot of the water slides, despite it being a Saturday. It did get pretty crowded later in the day though. Food is pretty expensive (but standard for a water park), but there are ways to get discounts. Parking is always a long walk, so ladies, beware of only wearing your swim suit with a skirt, you might want to bring shorts just for the walk to avoid chaffing. There are water fountains around, which are good as the sun and the water means a lot of reflected light and you drying out. I would recommend bringing a water bottle with you. Something easy to carry, preferably with a strap. That way you will have an easier time staying hydrated, and can also carry it on rides with you.

Hugo Avalos

The waves are cool iwas in them with my dad and my nephew but I'm interested in going to magic mountain

Ashlynn Lewis

Not too expensive, clean, and with plenty of rides for all tastes!

Hajar Benhnia

So hard to find a spot to sit and chill. You need to be there early to get yourself those lounge chairs. The food is awful. Not much choice. The water is the worst. You need to buy water for 5 bucks because the tapwater tastes like dirty lake water. Waiting in line for rides can take long in the hot sun. We have been there over 10 times now, so far we never got the chance to rent those blue air floting things. They did not let us rent them because there were already too much rent out. I like that the life guards carry sunspray with them for everyone. Thats cool.

Teresa G

Great place to go while school is in! Not crowded!

Cruz Godinez

Park is well kept, slide lines move smoothly, food is tasty (and not egregiously expensive for a themepark). However, they lose a star as life guards do not have basic first aid equipment in their fanny packs. No band-aids or cold packs, just the mouth guards for rescue breathing. Scrapes, bug bites and cuts are very common at theme parks, people shouldn't have to go to the back of the park down a hallway next to locker checkout to find that kind of simple aid.

Coda Hooper

The rides are fun, but the lines are long and overall area is kind of dirty. The lines for food lasted an hour (it felt longer) and the lack of shade is a little dangerous. Although admission is expensive, I have a pass so it is not to bad. If you live in Santa Clarita, you need a pass.

Darling H

I cant really say i like or dont like im not a big fan of water parks

Victoria Gayle Beatty

It's great to go Monday through Friday it's packed on Saturday and Sunday but Monday through Friday is awesome it's really good at the wave pool if you have someone in a wheelchair you can just drive your wheelchair straight into the pool and they can super enjoy themselves

Ildelisa Garza

First time coming here and it was a complete blast. I'd love to come here again. My favorite ride is the Tornado that was a a blast

jean byeon

Water is clean, a lot of fun things to do.

Matilde Mancha

Prices of course got higher ( parking, tickets & food) but a great place for families. Water park is big, multiple choices of slides, love the "lazy river" which gives u access to different areas of the park. The "wave pool" is also a great option earlier in the day otherwise later in the day it gets saturated with people in tubes. Something new I notice since my last visit big screen TV for music videos/ movies or cartoons. Gift shop & different shopping options for snacks too.

Judy A

Fun place for the whole family. There is something to do for all swimming levels. I do wish they had more food options. I recommend the chicken strips, nachos and funnel cakes. I wouldn't try the burgers, we tried both a regular and chicken and they weren't good. Also a WARNING for everyone visiting. On our first visit I gave my 8 year old his membership lanyard to wear around his neck, no more than 15 mins there I get shoved pretty hard and I hear him yell "Mom!!" behind me holding his neck and lanyard. Someone tried to pull it off of his neck. Luckily there was no injury just a little scratch. There was a large crowd so we weren't able to see who it was. I would advise to keep all membership lanyards in your bag or pocket. Other than that fun place to visit during the hot summer days.

NuestroMaestro Sr. G

I went on Monday and spent the entire day there. This place was so much fun. I had an awesome time getting on the water slides and relaxing in the lazy river. We did get some chairs under the shade but we had to get there right when it opened. For a place this big and popular, I think the lazy river could use some more cleaning like with a net or something. Nonetheless, there is fun for all ages here. Thank you Hurricane Harbor.

Unknown You

Nice water park. Me and my gf enjoyed our time there

Bianca tanenbaum

second year renewing our pass, very satisfied with the new pass, parking, food lunch, snack, dinner included, plus unlimited drinks. Park is always clean, they have a lot of life guards, everyone is very professional.

Kickin' Billiard

Great fun, and bigger than I remember. Lines weren't so bad, even for fathers day. Only complaint is the lack of oversight on the "flash pass" lines. Other than that. We loved it and will be back soon.


My best friend and I went here at 18. Fun times

Randy Boggs

Get there early to get a good spot. You have to claim chairs so you'll have a place to sit all day and people will steal your raft if left unattended but the park itself is great fun

גנית אליה

Excelent place to spend on a hot day. There is something for everyone . There is a poolwith small slides in the water for young kids. And there are slides for adults and older kids. Realy fun . There is a free shuttele to the parking erea . You rent a wheel for the day to flote in . Some rides have the warer wheel when you enter the ride

Lawrence Hernandez

First time here, kids loved it. Definitely must do the annual pass during the annual flash sale, usually last week of August through first week of September. Perfect value.

Erin M

It's really fun! I recommend going on the rides around lunchtime when people are eating

Maria Mares

We had a blast with our family. The lines went pretty quick and in the pool we got to play volleyball. Can't wait to go back again with our season passes

Ronald Y

My kids love hurricane harbor, and I don’t mind bringing them because adults can have a good time here as well. Nice place to come to with the family, they have something for everyone here. Fair warning, it can get really busy once school lets out for the summer .

Gisselle Mazariego

It was very fun because of the waves and the bamboo racers as well as the lake thing ☺️

China Rose

Save yourself the trip and just don't go. Extremely overpriced and very outdated water-park. Price gouging on the food and well everything: $11.49 for a slice of pizza and $30 for a whole pizza kinda thing. I guess I just don't understand why people subject themselves to a mediocre experience. Long lines, not enough seating, rides or food offering. The water is lukewarm so much for staying cool in 100+ degree weather. I'd much rather have my teeth pulled without numbing medicine that's how much I hated this place and was bored out of my mind. FYI the equipment is extremely old. A little girl, around 7yo, lost her little sister and had no parent attending to them. :( If you arrive after 12 noon they are usually out of tube rentals and that sucks. I wish someone had told me how ridiculous and stupid this place is before we made the trip. #NeverAgain #SorryNotSorry #PocketDrain #EXPENSIVE!

Mike Hale

It's not raging waters... But there are enough slides that it's still a good amount of fun. If you have a pass for both this and magic mountain it's totally worth it!

Thor Von

Wish there was more food vendors but another beautiful place


Was looking forward to coming here. I have diamond elite membership thought maybe I can use my fast pass cut in line passes here but couldn't kinda disappointing since the food pass and admission does work. I enjoyed taking my family including my 1 and 2 year old to the kids play water area it was fun but I just felt the water pressure is real high for some young kids to be playing in it actually kinda hurts your body when it hits you well me a 27 year old adult not really but I can definitely feel it now imagine a child.. other than that it was cool for the kids just disappointed I couldn't get on any big slides because my diamond elite card could be used for fast pass at Hurricane Harbor. The main thing I didn't like was the river.. it was so dirty... full of random stuff and hairs and all kinds of weird stuff. My fam and I did a few laps and were out. I wouldn't go back in unless I noticed a big difference next time but if it's still dirty my next visit I'm done with the river. We ended up just staying in the kids area just washing up under the mushroom fountain lol.. food was good. Just overall my visit was ehh.. kinda hard to make lines for rides when you got your babies with you.. that's why I think you should allow people to use the cut in line passes included in the diamond elite membership. Overall still had fun.. just would like that and also a cleaner river

Lynn Greeley

We love it here in Valencia, California. Our 3 generational trip was perfect. Being able to take my 5 and 7 year old up the waterslides and having the grandparents be there at the bottom when they got off the slides. Yeah. It feels safe here and extremely clean. The lazy river was wonderful for the whole family. We put the life vests on the kids and everyone enjoyed walking/floating around the river. The kids can almost swim now. Lounge chairs for everyone. We loved the icee option for a snack, keeping us cool. We're going to movie night tonight at the wave pool. So much fun here.

Zoe K

It's a really fun place to hang out with you friends.

Cheri Juergens

Fun but not right how they let people who pay more$ get on the rides without waiting. They dont even break to let other people who have been waiting forever on

Sergio Vallez

Great my kids enjoying the entire time, all day long, there so excited, thanks magic

Dwayne Wilson

Lots of fun for people trying to escape the heat, tons of water slides, the lines aren't super long. There's stuff you can do immediately if you don't wanna wait in lines, rafting, riding the waves, i spent half the day playing volleyball.

FBI Open Up

A very fun place to take the kids or go swimming with friends 10/10 would recommend

Katie Molidor

Haven't been here in 20 yrs and I took my 4 kids and their aunt's, boyfriends and Grandma, ages 5 months to 20yrs. We had a blast. Rented a Cabana, it was worth it. Some of the kids had never been to a water park. It was great for all ages.

Callum Griffiths-Barlow

Great rides. We just felt that at every turn you are being charged for something. Parking, lockers, rubber rings! Madness.

Maureen Elias

A great water park. The line can get long for the waterslides but the park never feels too crowded. There is a lot of options for little ones too. From the splashpark that's as big as the one at great wolf lodge, to the huge lazy river, to the wave pool, to two little kid pools, you will remain cool and have fun. The lifeguards are diligent but not jerks. The one negative is how dang long it takes to get food. The, only sell a couple of options per window so it's hard to understand how a basket of chicken strips or slice of pizza can take 40-60 minutes. But other than that, excellent experience everytime.

Richard Rasalapatuski

Great place to cool down during summer time, Lots of Fun and splashing.

Barry Van Stone

My son and I love coming to HH to splash around and have fun.


I feel like this park still has so much potential. The slides are fun and there’s a lot to do. Parking is okay. It’s great that they updated their trams to buses. Still takes a long time to board. When reaching the security entrance with metal detectors, there’s no ventilation. Being that Hurricane Harbor is only open in the summer, they need to invest in misters or fans to help with the crowds and wait in the heat. My family was pouring in sweat just waiting to get through. I waited in line to get a life vest for my toddler and when I got to the front of the line, the woman told us they were simply out of them. A bit frustrating since we waited in line for at least 20 minutes. Without the life vest, toddlers can’t do much around the park. I suggest investing in your own. The WORST part of the park is the wait time AND waiting in line for food. Anywhere they sell food, you have to wait in line under the burning sun. No shade, nothing. I LITERALLY waited under the scorching sun for an hour to order and get my food. The lines are not long. The workers are extremely slow. They really need to invest in making this a bearable experience. At least some shade! My kids had to wait somewhere else in the shade for some time but ideally can’t wait a whole hour on their own. So I had to have them with me under the sun. Not to mention it’s SUPER crowded so you’re not only under the sun but surrounded by frustrated people. Not fun. This needs improvement, definitely. The workers take your order and make you wait there for your food. Maybe, take the order and use another window for pickup to help with the wait time and crowds? The slides are fun. Long wait times if you go on weekends. Make sure to take plenty of sunscreen since most of the lines are under direct sunlight. Also a hat/baseball cap if you suffer from migraines like me. The lazy river gets extremely crowded on weekends as well. Not only that but it gets filthy. I had trash and hairs touching me. I felt disgusted and decided to just get out. It was too crowded anyway. I know they can invest in making it a better experience overall.

Cj Baker

Loads of fun! The kids loved going down the slides and I could barely get them out of the wave pool at all. This place is definitely a place that our family will visit again and again.

Wilmer Hernandez

First time here with my wife and daughter and definitely had a blast!!! ***COLD!!!! The temperature of the water was VERY cold. This was definitely a shocker for me and a huge disappointment. I've been to other water parks with a much better water temperature. It was 100° out there but the water didn't help.

Ariana Ornelas-Freeman

Hurricane harbor is great when it's not too busy. I recommend going on a weekday toward the end of August while everyone else is going back to school. We bought some waterproof fanny packs on Amazon 2 for $8 to hold our phones and keys with us in the water. If you buy one there they cost $35 and are only large enough to hold one cell phone. They have life vests where the tube rental is located and they are free, just try to get there early because they run out of the kid's sizes often. Last tip to have a great trip is wear your swimsuit under a dress so you don't have to go inside the gross changing room. If you're a guy just wear a t-shirt and your swim trunks. You'll have a better time if you don't have to deal with the changing rooms.

Miah Harper Scranton

Had so much fun even tho the water didn't help with still sweating. Also the food court area needs to be revised on organizing a more sufficient way of waiting in a line 2 hours for lunch

Suzanne Cohen

The difference is reviews on google vs yelp makes me wonder if many of these are fake - Here is my experience. Growing up I spent many hot summers at water parks, so I was excited to share this experience with my kids. Unfortunately the day was full of frustration. First, I was told by many people that we were "lucky" it was NOT a crowded day but you would not know it from the slow lines and lack of seating. We arrived about 20-30 minutes after the park opened and already every seat in the park was taken. After circling twice, I broke down and paid for a cabana so we could get started with our "fun." The kids were excited to get a few slides in and cool off but every slide had a 20-30 minute wait, even the simple slides. I would not have minded but the staff was SO SLOW and simply didn't seem to care if the lines were moving. A line that looked short, still took a very long time. Sometimes 5 minutes would go by and only 1 person would come down the slide. I'm all for safety, but this was ridiculous. I assumed because we could not bring food into the park, that there would be amble food options for us. But again the food lines were long and the quality of food was frankly disgusting. I ended up ordering a pizza from the cabana attendant and it was so gross I couldn't eat it - how can you screw up a pizza! I'll also say that the cabana area didn't offer lockers, bathrooms or umbrellas. For the prices they charge for access to this area, all should be included. The staff in the cabana area was nice but there is a missed opportunity to provide a higher quality experience to guests. While we had a few nice encounters with staff members, the vast majority were frustrating and slow. No one really seemed to care if they were doing a good job and most moved very slowly. It felt like they were overworked and underpaid - no one seemed to want to be there or cared about the quality of their job. At the end of the day, we paid $150 for tickets + $160 for cabana + $50 for food + $25 for parking = $385 for an adult and 2 kids. I'm ok with the cost, but the park did not deliver - lines were too slow moving, food was gross, cabana's need to be dialed in, and park was very dirty. I'll try a different water park next time.

Mileena Tomas

Prices are great though the park is a little small it’s still a ton of fun!!

YouTube User

Very nice water park but not a big water park so try to avoid the weekend.

Wilmer Hernandez

First time here with my wife and daughter and definitely had a blast!!! ***COLD!!!! The temperature of the water was VERY cold. This was definitely a shocker for me and a huge disappointment. I've been to other water parks with a much better water temperature. It was 100° out there but the water didn't help.

hoda sh

The only problem was the distance between car parking and the entrance. There was no shade there while we are waiting for busses to take us to the park. Other than that every think is perfect.

Serenity Davis

It was a fun experience. I would like to go again but maybe at a different time so it's not as pack.

Tomek Stec

Maybe interesting place for families with childeren especially when you don't wanna slide. Although there are much really good tubes, but you must buy expensive Flash Pass to ride more than few tubes. We were here 4 hours and we took only 4 rides. I really don't understand the stupid and ridiculous conduct of the staff, because there are really long queues to the slides just because staff on the tower invites only one or two people to ride, even if there are even 3 or 4 working slides. I was in many water parks and normally queues go fluently, in Six Flags Hurricane Harbour LA not. You stand one hour in the line and watch like the water come down on the empty slide. In addition you have even to pay to rent pontoons to swim in totaly dirty lazy river. There is only cold water under the showers in changing room. I wouldn't recommend this water park.

DiVonte Brown

Absolutely a great water park . They have so many different things to do for all ages and levels of thrill seekers.

Olga Gomzhina

The place is amazing, however the main part (WATER) was extremely cold. Me and my daughter refused to swim at all.

Chimene Gilbert

This place is fun for adults and kids!We definitely worth the money if you plan. And stay for the day.

ma da

Not enough lounge chairs for the amount of people & food lines take forever for limited food choices. Water play aread are good. We liked the lazy river & wave pool.

Gena Barnhart

Great time of year to go - less crowds, better service, but still too many bees!!

Rodri Topez

Great place to come with your family. Came to hurricane harbor and no line empty almost best day because we did all rides before 2 PM. Staff was super friendly and the park was not all that bad in cleanliness so five stars because (if you seek thrills this then this park will fill your ills)

Andre Johnson

I took my son and daughter to Magic Mountain theme Park....I purchased the Gold Membership.... It gave us perminant Platinum Status.... This gave us FREE access to their Water Park.... The water park was clean and not crowded....GREAT TIME

Chris Baker

I use to absolutely love this place but a few things there hinder my ability to feel that way anymore. For starters, I can't help but feel violated in all sense of the word while being there as I don't like being treated as a criminal and I definitely don't like knowing how much the park makes considering the cost/benefit ratio for the consumer! That being said, this applies to SixFlags as a fair to your consumer and stop thinking like a crony!!! Hope this helps anyone in need of a real review.

Veronica Areli Perez Lopez

It's always so much fun but the food line is too slow. People wait for a long time in the heat it's ridiculous

Mike March

Great family place. Entrance prices we're fine! Prices inside the park we're over priced. There definitely needs to be a max persons allowed in park per day. In the afternoon... it felt way over crowded!

Raul Haro

So crowded that it's unjoyable. Staff have two speeds, slow and stop. it's a shame because I love the place

Lacee Alatorre

Can’t navigate the website to get details. Their automated phone line is not working and won’t transfer me to an actual person. I can ask any questions or figure out how to contact an actual person to inquire about a birthday party.

Helene Martinez

Love the wave pool. The waterfall/splash from the rocks feel great on the torso. Feels like a massage on the back. Plenty of seating. Fast foods good. Nice place for the whole family.

Hillary Sosa

It was super fun, a great way to spend time with family

Tony Ashdown

Great day today. It's always fun here but especially when the crowds are small and the lines are short.

Michael Bejarano

Everything is fun but on hot days get there early if you want a spot and if you a diamond elite member make reservations like me

Kimberli Benitez

Great place fun rides, nice employees, great food. I would totally recommend only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the lazy river is disgusting

Crystal Haynes

It's so awesome! May i suggest renting an intertube there, (they're $7.00 ea.,) as some rides require u 2 w8 in line for 1. Its also nice 2 have 4 the Lazy River. My son lost his phone & the staff were so diligent in helping 2 find it, (we found it

Cecilia Gutierrez

I had doubts on this day about going, I felt tired did not want tons of people and the scorching heat but I made the best choice, thanks to my daring efforts and lucky stars I dashed to get launching chairs and also was one of the first on line to get tubes $7 each. And by being a member you get a discount. You get a blast at the lazy river especially if you hook tubes to each other , 2 connected will do, later we did 4. Only one tube turns around uncontrolably and I got dizzy. You also go pretty much on front of the line on many rides that otherwise have to wait for the inflatables and riders to come down and pass it to people on the line. The extra cost is totally worth it if you lose it or don't want to be dragging it all over the place they give u a wrist band so you could drop it back at the rental and get it later. At some rides they may want to check that wrist band to make sure you are the rightful carrier. Sister did not like at all that you make a line for food thinking is all the same and certain spots are only for pizza, or burgers or whatever, even when is marked way above people's heads,t with so many things going on is really hard to keep up with that notion and we ended it up eating pizza when we wanted a juicy cheeseburger. Clearer signage should be put visible at many points. We did not pay for lockers $15 rental. The must have funnel cake was about $14 with extra toppings. Parking is always free for members but good for those who are not afraid to loose some calories. Later that evening we walked in into 6 flags to see fireworks. All and all it was an amazing day. I am glad I went along. The down turn was that someone picked one of our boy's Nike sandals it was very deliberate cause apparently they were on the bottom of other 2 pairs, I kept thinking it was a freaking mistake all looks the same, can you imagine. But they never showed up, luckily, he was the only one with a handy xtra pair of tennis shoes. We even went to the lost and found twice thinking the employees found them when they cleaned up but no luck

McKay Salisbury

We had fun, but there was poor line management, and bad changing rooms, and not enough food options / eating establishments. Strangely, water temperature varied dramatically between pools. Some were not filtered very well with leaves and other things floating around.

Yeah Nah

Completely overpriced... first you pay for parking then pay for entry in the park then for a locker, then food and then they ask for more money to rent a blue tube floatys and then again more money if you want Express entry through the extremely slow lines on each ride. Not worth the money you spend, you would have a much better time at the beach

Maria Martinez

Our visit was perfect no lines no wait and I really like how they have lifeguards everywhere for safety ty..

Claudia Morales

I love it the experience is great but they need more security outside of the parking lot cuz they are so many crazy people and rut but probably think they can do what ever they want to others we only want to have fun not going to see this Caine of persons they don't respect no one.

Tom Mangan

Loved the park had fun but the food in the water park side is awful dont waste your money

r s

Always fun. Food line always too long though.

David Couzens

My 4 year old loves this place! Several rides and 3 play areas for the little ones to get wet without worrying about water being too deep!

O Sanders

They should coin this place most miserable place in California. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and don't go. We were extremely disappointed and I certainly won't be back. First it being like 105 degrees just made it miserable. We arrived "late" around 2pm on a Saturday but it's closing time is 8pm. It started to cool down thankfully around 6:30pm. But we left at 7pm. Hurricane Harbor needs to desperately be updated. It's too small for the amount of people that visit the water park, outdated equipment and cramped space. Very few rides and long lines. You would think they would have more shaded areas but they simply don't care, lack of seating for the dining area too. We hated the prices of the food: $11.49 for one slice of pizza, $30 for a whole pizza and so on. If we didn't have the Diamond membership this place would be crazy to visit; with the Diamond membership everything in the park is half off: merchandise, food, rentals, etc. Because we arrived "late" at 2pm there were no more tube rentals which is ridiculous I mean they can't order more tubes? Oh I guess they don't have enough space and the rental fee for a single tube $7 and a double $14 also ridiculous. Also the water is like lukewarm in the pools not even cold. Overall I would give Hurricane Harbor zero stars if I could. They need to shut it down for a summer or fall and completely gut it and upgrade it. Like literally the equipment is ancient, expand it, try a different layout so people aren't bumping into each other constantly. Maybe then the price of the park would be justifiable with upgrades but no doubt they would raise the prices of the park.

Priscilla N Jose Vazquez

Absolutely loved this place! Got there early on a Friday crownds weren't to bad! Clean as can be

steven Hernandez

I forgot the name of that place that when you go to order food, each line is for something specific, so like one line is for pizza another line is for chicken tenders one line i believe is for cheese burgers and salad and let me remind you each line is about two hrs. Just to reach the cash register. its sucks balls when your standing in line on a 108 degrees hot and having your kids with you standing in line and then to reach the cashier and tell them what you want and they say "we only have pizza on this line you gotta line up on the other line if you want a salad." Like fuuuck i gotta line up for another 2hrs. For a salad like foreals?!? They should have at least one guy going around announcing that each line is for something specific cause their was no sign at all. That got me real mad and apparently it wasnt just me several other people was mad cause they didn't want pizza they wanted chicken tender but had no choice to get pizza cause they didn't want to line up for another 2hrs.

Maria Conrad

Lots of slides and pools - from high thrill to kid friendly. They keep the lines long by not providing enough inner tubes for the rides. They want you to pay extra for your own tube for the day. They also want you to pay extra for a flash pass to cut the lines. Basically, your best park experience is going to be nickled and dimed into adding on extras.Very few food choices (beef/chicken/veg burgers or pizza). Pretty large and clean changing areas.

Dennis Dubon

Love this place!!! Perfect place to come and be in the water all day long with your kids!!! If you are trying to come and lounge all day long then you better be here first thing when it opens because you will never find a chair that's open or shade!!!

Arivoli Elampirai

Fully crowded!!! For food, you have to stand in the line for 1 hour under the sun... ridiculous service with respect to food... I am not interested in this place because you cannot take any food that’s ok but you have to wait in the line for more than one hour to order the food... something doesn’t make any sense...!!!

Yesenia Campos

It's ok to get kiddos cooled down but to many people and alot with very bad hygiene and the lines uuufff we just stick to the pools

Tony Mendoza

Love this place. Always a good time

Dmitry Retinsky

My impressions about water park are just awful. Large artificial queues to the slides. I had to wait about 30-40 minutes for each hill - although the line for the hill was relatively not long. At. skating downhill me and my son got a skin shed. As a result, I felt sorry for my time (I do not want to spend all the time in the queue) and my family and I left it after 3 hours in the park. I have a lot of experience visiting other water parks - I visited water parks in Europe, China, and Central Asia. And this park is the worst water park I have ever visited.

Patrice O'Garro

I always have fun there with my family. If you want a good area to sit in (with shade), you have to be there right when they open. Their funnel cakes are amazing and I'd recommend getting the chicken strips. I wish there were more food options and more replaces to buy food because it's brutal to stand in those lines on a hot day! Also, 3 of my nieces came home with a staff infection and I've been seeing other posts on FB showing others having the same outcome. I'd recommend bring disinfectant wipes, etc. just to be safe.

Angela Garcia

Great family day. Something for everyone. Went with two of my in-laws and their families. Teens were riding the big rides,a couple slides for thrill seeking little one, and the lazy river and pool were great for those of us that just wanted to relax.

Mrs. Price

We always love our visits to Hurricane Harbor. We have memberships so that helps with the parking and crowds. If you don't have a membership I recommend arriving at the park right when parking opens so you have the best chance to score chairs in the shade. Also, food opens one hour after the park so we get in line a few minutes before 11:30 to cut back on the wait time. Also, if you have a group, you can order a whole pizza for a much better deal! Don't forget water shoes/flip flops as the ground is HOT and apply sunscreen often!

Monique Olodun

Wasn't the best experience today the section was closed for half the day do to a broken water pipeline.. I understand things happend but when you have small children that's kind hard to explain to them but over all they enjoy themselves.

Dayana Elkhanagry

We really liked this place, although the weather was pretty cold but that didn't stop us from enjoying our time. One privilege for cold weather is that the park was almost empty.

Pauseandposephotobooth Mike

Had a great time with the family. Highly recommend going on a Monday short lines on all the rides.


Went to have some fun under the beautiful southern California sun. Weather was perfect. And as always great customer service. All the water slides where up and running. Go check them out before summer is gone.

jen westmoreland

Good place to cool off and enjoy your kids happiness. Recommend to come with friends.

Ms Samilton

Hurricane Harbor doesn't graciously accommodate handicap or disable people. The security supervisor Alex was rude and extremely unhelpful. My family took my disable mother & brother for a day of water park fun and Alex the security supervisor made this extremely hard he was difficult to deal with and had no compassion for disable park goers. Now don't get me wrong there were lots of park workers that were extremely helpful & compassionate but Alex the sercurity supervisor really should find another job. Other than Alex the very rude security supervisor my family had a nice time.

Jose M Martinez Alvarez

Pros: usually not that crowded Rides are fun Clean and nice Cons: the food is utterly garbage! Super expensive You can actually buy a nice meal for 2 people in a nice restaurant with the amount of money you spend on food here. P.s. funnel cakes are the only thing worth it.

armando marin

Six flags is one of the best theme parks in southern california, and Huricane Harbor just adds to the fun. Theres something for everyone to do and enjoy, especially in the hot weather. Wave pool and lazy river are fun to relax in, and the slides offer the thrills six flags is known for!

noe garcia

Went for the first time this summer and I had a great time with my kids.

Sarah Carlson

All of us had a blast! Lines for rides can be little long, would definitely recommend getting a flash pass to make the most of your time here. Also would highly suggest getting a cabana, especially on a hot day when you want some shade, we had the gold package, it includes meal service so you don't have to go stand in the long food lines, plus free water at the main rental station. Was tons of fun for the whole family!

Kelee Smith

Love this place, but hot dang, them lines! Recommend getting a flash pass for the slides - even a basic one - because there isn't one for the food and you're looking at a good 2-3 hour wait - per food choice. Hope everyone likes the same thing!

Corey Courtain

Great time and fun. Food service a little slow.

Maralyn Smith

Fairly clean...definitely getting older and not much updating. I went there 30 years ago and nothing has changed except that everything costs...$16 for a locker...$25 to park and $7 for a tube which used to be free. My daughter bought season passes and was told that they would get a free friend's pass but apparently it still cost $25 per friend.

Yvonne Mosqueda

Love Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags. It's Magic! Magic Mountain.

Jazlyn xd

Great water slides, nice lifeguards. I love this place and it is great to come here in the summer to relax and have fun.

Ernie Lozano

Great fun great prices for the whole family. Also very clean and a lot of nice people visit this park. Only thing is they need more restaurants

Kathleen Raft

We really love both my magic mountain and it's sister water park hurricane harbor. Obviously there are a wide array of attractions including many slides, a lazy River, kids area and more. Things that could use improvement.. -skip the body slides. They hurt a lot. -unless you score a dining pass food is outrageous and leaves something to be desired. Improving the quality of the food, adding drink refill only lines, and a few more fare options would really help.


Make sure you go wand enjoy it before triple digit weather. The water is nice but running around the park during extreme heat will burn you more than you can enjoy

Gladys Szilagyi

Today was an awesome day the park was not pack the kids had a blast. The food not so good. Went to six flags for some high octane wings across from full throttle

Nicole Harris

Great place to go for the whole family. There are two locations for smaller kids to play in along with the wave pool and the lazy river. They do advice smaller children to wear a life vest but if you don't have one, they do provide them free of charge for all sizes. The only con I would say is there is not enough lounge chairs for people unless you rent a cabana or a Diamond Elite member (which is a lot more especially when you have a large number of people in your family like I do). My kids really enjoy it and it's not a far drive. Nice that it is right next to Magic Mountain so when Hurricane Harbor closes we just go next door to Magic Mountain.


Fun place for the family. All the places are fun. Some places can get kind of crowded, but overall very good place for the family.

daniel j

Fun as always. Water had a good amount of debris or it be a 5 star.

Stephany Patino

2019 summer was great my kids had a blast ... looking forward for next year

Candice Wallace

Weather was perfect with this beautiful place to enjoy with. We been here with my friends and we are having a great time and it was unforgettable moment we shared here. This absolutely great place to visit in LA. Lot of spot to enjoy and experience.

Logan Tyner

Place is great, just wish they would be more efficient with lines.

Iliana Aguilar

Great love to go with m th family it's son mi uch fun thanks for everything

Frank Towers

I never knew that they have free life vest rentals for the little ones. he loved his life vest my little Ivan Javier Torres

Lee Gibson

They let to many people in the park. Customer service is terrible. Only one person giving out rafts on the busiest day of the year.

Kathy From Honduras

With all the money they get they should have the water a bit warm, is way to cold

Brad Tolhurst

After reading so many good reviews. I decided to take the plunge and visit. Been to a few six flags, never the water parks. And tons of theme and other brands of water park, so I did have an expectation. So in my opinon my choice to visit Hurricane Harbor was a mistake. Other than the admission price ...... everything is so insanely overpriced, I could have went a few more miles and visited the worlds favorite mouse, went to the beaches or other theme parks Lockers/what food options they have/tube rental ( better do this if you plan on riding anything ) $$$$$$$$ Lines moved so slow. I get safety and all but you still gotta keep people moving Visited on a Thursday, no long weekend or anything Late July. Didn’t seem anywhere near/even close to capacity.


Great place to cool off on a hot day. Everyone's there to have a good time.

Season Burch

If you love roller coasters you need to get there! Such an amazing place for those who love thrill rides!

lex zamora

Great way to spend time with the family.Just need more drink refill stations

Mr. Hensley

Grab a tube and enjoy, Friday night movies are the best!


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