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1950 Waterworld Pkwy, Concord, CA 94520, United States

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REVIEWS OF Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord IN California

Kathy Corrion

Fun family environment with lots of variety of water fun. Great for all ages. Only downside is you can't bring in food and the food to buy is pricey. Get there at opening to get a good shade spot to hang out. Lines can get quite long as the day goes on.

Samuel Chen

This water park was super fun! There wasn't the most rides I've ever seen but there were at least 7 fun and fast rides. Also, the attendants were friendly and the lines moved pretty fast. Also, it was convenient to get a big locker for the day as well as just leaving slippers and towels on the multitude of beach chairs that were available.

G Gordon Worley III

fun park with great slides. lazy river is very relaxing but can get a bit crowded. everything is overpriced and no outside food is allowed unless it's for medical purposes. best water park in the bay area.

Anoosh Soni

Food service is terrible, I had to wait over 10 minutes to get some extremely low quality pizza. The rides are decent though

Beth ismagical

Depending when you go it can be very very busy with food lines that are about an hour long. It’s better to bring food with you and eat lunch at your car.

Barath T

Great one day spot for both adults and kids to have fun

Allyssa Norman

Omg!!! My family and I had sooo much fun here, we do have season passes and enjoyed both parks. Family may bring 2 lunch bags into the park, free water is provided at the entrance. Bathrooms need to be updated and cleaned often but that was the only issue that arose. We'll definitely come back before the weather changes.

Таисия Це

I love this water park! It's fun for families and friends!

Erica Perry

Fun water park. It would be nice if there were more dining options though.

Tiffany Probst

Horrible place. Only 1 place to get food, you wait forever. Once u get the food it tastes as though it's been sitting for awhile or not fully cooked. Slides are all shut down. Pools are dirty n debris floating. No free tubes for lazy river, you have to rent them. No one cleans up the food area and the tables are covered in food n bird poop. Workers look unhappy and aren't friendly.

derek manas

Good place for the hot weather, it would be nice if they add more shades or umbrellas and chair.

Dominique Yates

You have to rent the floating tube to go in the water. But otherwise it was a great experience and fun.

Hope Cook

This park is Amazing there is so much to do for the entire family. Get the membership and enjoy Six Flags all year.

Chuck X

My first waterpark. I find myself closing my eyes on some of the slides lol. Must be because of the water. Line wait for Big Kahuna is too long. The ride itself isn't all that. I'd rather go on the other slides over and over. Don't rent an inner tube unless you plan to go on the lazy river, or the wave beach and relax for a long period of time because you'll get stuck with carrying it around. All the slides have their own tubes for you to take on.

Fochi Perezu

Amazing spot, I had fun on all the rides. Their life guards are always alert and on their toes. The only problem is, since if their rides kept jamming. I'm not sure that's a good thing but overall it was awesomeness.

Tanya Ungar

There was no DJ, also it was very windy. Stayed in line for our first ride and when it was our turn they wouldn't let me go on slide do to i had just bought a necklace water proof pouch for your phone. What i can't even put it in my shirt. BUT GUESS WHAT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SALE THEM. AND WE HAVE TO WEAR OUR MEMBERSHIP BADGE AROUND. REALLY WHY SALE THEM IF YOU CAN'T USE THEM IN THAT PLACE OF BUSINESS..???

Lydia Campos

Well organized Happy workers. Worth the trip making memories every chance we get.

Stefan D Auerbach

This place is a lot of fun. It can be a tad crowded. Get there early or you won’t have place to place your stuff. Admission pricing is not bad but food is a bit pricey. You are not allowed to bring any food or drink and they do search everything. Overall, place is clean, slides are fun. Recommend for sure.

Eduardo Fagundes

I leave in Concord, so I can say that have a park 15 min from my house is good, but yes, could be better. As I have seen here from others, the poor food quality and high price still been the worst thing in this park. It was crowded, yes, but it is summer... what you would expect? But please, let people bring your own food our start to serve something better.

Rhana Cassidy

Small-ish but fun family-friendly water park

Shaun Back

Very busy. Primarily there for the kids. Kids had a blast!

Ashly Grahl

Wonderful time not roo long of lines except for food and drinks. But there was constantly a shortage of ice in the deink machines. And people leaving their things in chairs in the shase leaving no where for people who need to sit out for a bit no shade to cool down in because of towels ans back packs.

Rosana Nunez

I attended the after hour water park which closes at 10. This park is a liability waiting to happen. The bathrooms were disgusting. Trash was piled all over the walls and the snack bars had trash all over the park And you would expect some light at least in the main walkways. I had to use the light on my phone to get around the park. I guess what else do you expect when the park is ran by a bunch of teens. This is the raunchiest park I’ve ever seen!

Kenedee Renee Menefee

We always have fun everytime we go! ICEE's are the only consumables worth purchasing from the park. Eat before or after coming to the park. Ground is rough and hot. Leave flip flops at your chair and only use them when you're going to the dry areas. Ground between slides is not as painful due to the water on it, plus the staff will not allow anyone on any slide with anything; sunglasses, shoes (water or otherwise), phone in waterproof pouch; ect. So if they see any items as such, they will make you leave them up top where you board the slide and come back to retrieve them (by pushing your way through the crowded lines up several flights of stairs). Hide your stuff in your swimsuit or just don't bother trying to go on a slide with anything extra. When the park was open weekdays earlier in the season, the crowds were much denser for everything except the food and tube rental. Those lines pretty much stay long. But now that the park is only open weekends, they are the busiest. I love how all the other reviews are referring to the park being dirty.. yes, it can sometimes get a little on the littered side, but I think that's a problem that lies with the patrons. My party of 4 have been to the park several times during the season and have managed to stay for several hours and leave without making a single mess that would need to be cleaned behind us. Just because you paid to get in does not mean your basic responsibilities of being respectful of the grounds in which your on not being yours to trash and picking up after yourself are now the parks responsibility. They can only do so much in the face of being outnumbered by a lot and keeping up with the trash and mess pick up. The bathrooms are cleaned as often as the janitors can manage while the stalls are constantly in use. Personally, I feel that being mindful of your own impact left behind in the places you visit makes a huge difference. If everyone else felt the same there would probably be a lot less complaints regarding the cleanliness of this park. Anyways, membership is the way to go with this place. And also, the staff leave a lot to be desired, but what can you expect from a bunch of teenagers unenthusiasticly spending their summer break working? All and all a really fun experience though. Will definitely be hitting the park a couple more times before they close for the season! Haven't had my fill just yet!

Akhilesh Gupta

Fun place for all Age group people for Water activity.

Janina Barbour

They have ruined the water park. This was the first time I had been in several years. I no longer live in the area. I paid 158 dollars for tickets to get in, drove 80 miles to get there, plus bridge toll and the sitting areas were dirty and smelled of vomit. The water in the lazy river was filthy. There was lack of seating due to the 'diamond only" areas. You are selling VIP passes so people can cut the line, which is not okay. I will not come back.

Jerry Reyes

Not enough shades for customers. The staffs are in shades. The customers are almost skin to skin sitting in small shades. People goes there to relax not to get barbecued. The parks are making money. They should invest for the comforts of paying customers. And also the water and foods are too darn expensive. Toilets are filthy.

Rachael olmstead

I would give 5 stars but the park attendants allow people to hog tables all day with their bags of stuff when tables are needed for people that are eating meals! There are lockers and chairs provided for this reason. This makes it very difficult to find a place to sit and eat your food.

shadia Betts

If I could, I would give them a --5 stars. Celebrated our daughter's birthday here. Horrible experience and will never go again. Waited in line for food and drinks for 1.5 hours to get our order wrong and burnt. No one are, threw everything away. Kids were jumping from the rocks and falling on people, the staff did nothing. The water was filled with dirt and bandaids. Half the rides were down. The lockers were broken. The service was horrible.

Andrea Wakeland

Lots of fun, but very very long lines. Stood in line for 1 hr for a 10 second ride. Other than the long lines it's a blast.

kennan mcleod

amazing time, not a ton to do but still a very good amount and all of the slides/rides were really fun as in i went on them 2 or 3 times each would definitely recommend to anyone who likes fast water slides

esperanza gonzalez

When this place was waterworld it was perfect. Ever since it became hurricane harbor they became money hungry . Before the season pass was available at Costco now they are only available through them overpriced. They took the only good thing they had which was the pool with the small slides where the water wasn’t super cold. Not worth it anymore. The food is overpriced and long wait time.


This water park is okay, I’m giving it three stars only because I know Six Flags recently bought this property, but this space needs major upgrades. The wood on the rides are rotting. The pipes spew water while you are standing in line (but that’s not a complaint when it’s hot). I think the most ridiculous thing was charging for the tubes for the lazy river and rides. The lazy river was full of people walking in it. It was an okay time, but I won’t be back until they do some upgrades.

Angela Curry

It was so packed and waited for over an hour and a half for food but the water was great

Lianne Rhodes

Food lines were over an hour long all day long. Need more concessions or employees for the demand. Also no ice in fill up station 2 out of the 3 times I went to fill my drink.

Stacey Madamba

Be aware...this place is a waterpark however there are no changing rooms and only one bathroom area with about 12 stalls. What kind of waterpark or swim area does not have an area specifically to change??? Also it took over an hour to get a few slices of pizza at their main eatery. Also be prepared for lots of people bumping up against is really crowded. I did not feel safe with my kids in any of the swim structures. I seriously cannot believe the inadequacy of this place. Would dread going back there.

janice barnes

Enjoyed my time here ! Many water activity

Ravikumar HK

It was sucha waste of time and money. The entry and registration process is unorganized and staff lack common sense; to registry u have to stand in line,later to collect the registration passes u have to head back and stand in the same line you began ! tube rental return prepare to stand in long line. food and drink stand in. im glad there was no line for restrooms!!!

Amy Zuckerman

My family loved it!! Clean safe and fun! Bring towels! They cost $20 if you dont


Park was decent...not the best I've been too but the kids did have fun and that's all that matters!! Rides took too long 30min-1hr. Parking lot and grounds inside could use some major maintenance. Too much over growth of plants.

Nicole Elliott

Way too crowded! It took at least 30 minutes to get on a single ride! The lines for food were at least 30 minutes long. There is an area that had volleyball nets, but we were told only parties and Diamond members could use them when absolutely no one was there using them. Then there was a slushie type stand w an employee manning it w no one in line, so we went up to get one and he told us it was closed and when it was open, it was only open for the picnic that I didn't see. The water was also freezing. I don't expect nice warm water, but I also don't expect to get into water that is so cold that walking around the lazy river to "get used to it" doesn't help and I have to get out. Really not impressed and I love water parks! The reasons they get the 3 stars is bc they have a cool area for my youngest kids. They braved the cold water for awhile and had a blast, but eventually the water was just too cold for them and they wanted to leave.

Sheila Carlson

Great for walks throughout park. Rides for all ages and thrill seekers. Many choices of delicious food and snacks. Rest benches and chairs throughout park. Shopping, photo's, and so much more. Day passes, season passes, membership passes all available. Visit their website to learn more

Riz Azam

Great place to escape the heat. There is a little something for everyone. The food situation is a problem. Long lines no matter what time of the day you go. Normal food options including burgers, pizzas, etc

Arthur Combs

Since we have Six Flags memberships we've been there before. The kids love it and it's a place you can grab a chair, let the kids go play and just relax. There's also PLENTY of water rides and slides for adults, too. The lazy river is my favorite. One bit of advice is to make sure you have a towel or something inexpensive to leave on your park provided chair. It does get packed there and chairs can get scarce, so leave your towel on it to prevent it from disappearing while you're gone having fun.

Patrick Mercer

These guys charge for every little thing unlike many other water parks. If you want a recliner, they charge. If you want to use the lazy river you have to rent a tube. Food is EXPENSIVE and was very low quality. The park/rides were well maintained and fun.

Sandra Ellis

It was really nice except for the lines for food were a hour and a half long just standing waiting to get your order

Jimmy Noehren

Pretty cool water park. Definitely geared towards kids (as expected), but there were some intense rides that, as an adult, I found exhilarating and enjoyable. The water was pretty cold so definitely go on a hot day. And bring waterproof shoes since the concrete can get very hot.

Latonya Boyd

These lines to order food is extremely ridiculous! They really need to do a better job with the wait times especially on weekends! Its worst than going to a restaurant on Valentine's day without a reservation! Just plain ridiculous! Also the lazy river is always hella nasty with bark and bugs floating around in it

Black Love

I almost mostly have a good time there. There is a lot of miscommunication with the staff, but nothing a call to the corporate office can't fix. Great for family fun.

Sissygirl 99

Horrible absolutely horrible 90 minutes just to get hour sometimes 2 hours to get on a slide.... And if you are a member they treat you better than if you have a season pass or you're a paying guest.....

M Shakib Asghary

On a hot sunny day, a good place to cool off. The park wasn't as big as I expected it but the rides were fun. The line for the rides were short on Sunday, tried each rides twice.

Jim Kaatz

Kids love it! Many areas are poorly maintained (creaky wooden tables, garbage needs picking up and bathrooms should be updated). Menus also should be overhauled to reflect the healthy choices that people want!

Barbara Fernandes

The kids love going. It is nice to have it as part of Six Flags again. They changed the older playground to accommodate younger kids, which is cool. Unfortunately it is joined into the lazy river which is the coldest water in the park. Opening day should have had a full staff with all rides and restaurants opened and stocked. Seems to be a recurring issue. Overall a place to escape and have some water fun.


This place is AMAZING so much Fun! But BRING WATER BOTTLES this place only has two water fountains at the front of the amusement park. Also the water is really salty.

Philip DeCook

Lots of fun for the whole family, especially on hot summer days. Hurricane Harbor is only open though September. The description of the Diamond Elite membership description is slightly misleading because it says that most items in the park are 50% off, but in reality most of my purchases so far have not been 50% off. Tube rentals are only 35% off, and lockers and adult beverage are not discounted at all. Outside food is prohibited but the lines to purchase food are long. They regularly run out of double tubes, which I don't understand because the return on investment for them to purchase more tubes would be a matter of days. However, our experience with this water park has been mostly positive. If you're looking for a fun place to cool off on a summer day, Hurricane Harbor is a great choice.

cynthia rodriguez

The place was decent but most of the food locations were closed .the soda machines had no ice and limited on the drinks.

John Gabel

It's a fun place. I just wish it was bigger and had more food choices!

Victoria Burkett

The waterslides were AMAZING!!! Me and my family had a Blast! We'll be back again very soon

vip cleaning services marin

We bought a super expensive ticket to go to Hurricane Harbor and we had a terrible time there. This is a place you should go once in a lifetime! Very expensive food and a poor quality. We were very upset. Thought we were going there to have a good time but it did not happen.

Christopher Toberman

Lots of fun on a hot day, a little pricy considering the amount of time you could be spending in line. We waited 45 min in the sun for 1 ride, then 5 min wait for some others. It all depends on the crowd. Not to mention the lazy river Is crazy fold even on a warm day.

Melaida Corpuz

Came here when it was Waterworld. I loved this place. I hung out on the lazy river. That was more my style.

Lethal Lena

We went on a Monday. The water was nice. Always a good time but, the food lines are awful. They were out of ice and most all the soda at the refill station. The bathrooms are disgusting. I wouldn't necessarily say it's their fault it's more the people that go there. Have some class and general respect for others and clean up after yourself.

Niegel Leoncio

Enjoyed our weekend here with the family. Tip is to be here early as parking gets full. We got in during the time where members can being friends for free. We were able to use this for my kid and niece. It is also quite tough to get space such as chairs and tables when you get in late. Go and get wet as this is a fun place to be.

Patrick Murphy

No changing rooms at all and a dude legit pushed me put of the way to get a stall. I only saw two water fountains. The parking is $25, a double tube is $15 and we had to pay $13 for a locker, at least they didn't charge per pool. I fully expect to pay but it's hard not to feel like you're getting gouged when everything has a price tag.

Anthony Gragg

Had an amazing time at this incredible water park! Short lines for the most part at the concessions, friendly helpful staff, and tons of space for the kids to play! Highly recommend a membership and dining pass to make the most of your day! Free Parking, free meals, and discounted merchandise with the membership and dining pass! Definitely an awesome way to spend a summer day with the family!

Loren St.Andre'

Super family fun. Bring your own food in a cooler for healthier choice.

Kathy Han Hoang

I loved it with my family and friend. Yeah loved six flags water world

Lord Birdish 1337

Rides were excellent, the lines weren't too long. There were plenty of fun rides, none of them having too long of a wait. Really the only bad thing, was the food. You could get a burger that tasted like bull semen for ten bucks, which is downright theft. I understand that they won't allow foreign food into the park, but at the very least if they charge $10 for the food, it could at least be of some quality. If you come here (which I would recommend doing) just bring food and leave it in your car to eat outside the park.

Marisol Fernandez

Ok, go early when they open so you can get a good spot to sit or leave your items while on the rides or River. Food is pricey as always but you can always bring a cooler with food and go outside and eat then back you go to rides.

Brandon Baughman

My Family And I Had A Great Time Out On A Hot Day But The Only Down Side Was A Few Water Slides Wasn't Available But We Still Had A Great Time

Janelle Uribe

My kids (4, 10, 13) had a good time. It was very packed, but guess that should've been expected in July. Would've given it 4 stars, but there was a shooting in the parking lot shortly before we left which was concerning especially at a family waterpark.

Jayda Batista

Hurricane Harbor is a great place to have fun with friends and family but they should not charge to use a tube their prices are unfair and I think they’d should do better by Just having them for free and to make sure no one steals them by marking it so we know the difference From the park and our personal belongings.

Cindy Steele

Had our Company Summer event here. They did a fantastic job. Lots of fun.

Angel Hernandez

Great place. Great rides. Food was pretty delicious too.


Good rides, make sure to go on a day where it's the least crowded like a Monday or Tuesday. The season pass rank system is ludicrous, there's actually some areas where ONLY "diamond elite members can sit" and its pretty much the more money you have for these passes the more priviledge you get.

Bare Blu

$45 admission for less than a dozen slides.. oh, and should your chosen ride require an inter-tube, get ready to shell out an additional $15.. wanna keep your phone and money dry? Just head on over to the lockers for, you guessed it, an additional $12. Now I know and next time, I'll pass!

Boss Jean

Bathrooms needs to be cleaned and replenished more often!!! Needs more seating!! But good food options and nice water slides! Tide pool is my favorite part to be in...wave pool was ok, someone and their young child got hurt today she had a neck brace put on was carried away on a stretcher!! Wish the bathrooms were also towards the back of the park...nice areas for small children. Happy I got to use my pass and dining pass here saved so much money!!!! Almost a 5 Star!!!

L Garrett

Great place but I really think that weight should be a factor for riding rides along with height. My daughter was tall enough with shoes but not without was a tad short. Exceptions should be made for very slight variences. I mean 3 inches on a string bean kid is one thing but a couple centimeters on a child with couple extra pounds should be an exception especially if they are not scared 1 bit.

shelly millerick

Food line 2 hour wait. Everything's crowded and lines for rides are very very long. Trashy place will not return. Will pay double somewhere else and have a wonderful day with my family. The icing on the cake is a car that parked next to me hit my car in the parking lot. PARK NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL! hours are short also.

Flory Umayam

Although I'm giving them only 3 stars, it's an enjoyable place! I'm giving them three stars because of a few reason. First, on the website, they talked about bringing your toiletries to be able to shower before going home, yet their showers weren't working and their changing rooms were closed/ blocked off. Second, we spent about 3 hours in line for food!!! There were a few windows not open. I think they should have staffed better. We went on a Friday, and I don't think there were that many people either. Third, my friend's son is autistic, and they don't have special needs line! It's all upon the discretion of the staff for that line, which the staff told my friend and her child that they will let them skip the line if it's longer than 30 min, well, Big kahuna line was about an hour because some rafts were down, yet they didn't let them skip the line

Pavel Strakh

you cannot enjoy your vacation. long lines will take all your time. I can’t use my lunch pass. the line is more than time for dinner. only a few cafes are open. food selection is very small. if you come late you have no place to hide from the sun. Rides do not work all. terrible place. I regret coming here with my family. sorry for my bad english.⁸

Miko Sato

My kids always have fun every time we visited but the place is dirty...... Specially around food court area. I wish they clean tables more often. I will give 5 stars if the staff clean more...

David Lopez

Very very low quality customer service. 2 hour wait times for eating area and or drinks. Lazy river was discusting. Staff could not handle high volume customers. In 100 degree weather, old lady almost past out waiting in line.

Kevin Pina

Took my kids 10 & 8 and we had a BLAST! Bring a lunch to eat in parking lot. Also get a locker as home base.

Erin Gragg

Slides are great. The line for food was outrageous. We spent 1.5 hours in line for so so food. Adding more restaurants or properly staffing them would help a lot.

stan korth

Did not know we couldn't bring in lutside food. But, we bought the elite membership. So far its been good

sbgroppi .

We had a blast at this water park. 2 adults, 1 teen, and 2 young kids. Fun for all ages! Our Six Flag season passes got us in at no charge! Also, our Six Flag meal passes work at this park! Prob the only downfall is it took 1.5 hours to wait in line for our food. They only have one snack bar open, and it's at the entry. I'm sure Six Flags will resolve the waiting for food problem very soon. The "family tube" ride was outstanding! Sorry, I forgot the name of it. All the workers have stepped up to Six Flags employee status. Which is excellent, as far as we are concerned. We definitely will go back!!!


I love this especially if you just need a break from your hometown etc. The weather is lovely & If your planning to visit make sure to get membership. You can get Lunch, dinner & snack every visit as well as unlimited soda. I enjoy not waiting in no lines & never paying for parking. The best membership is diamond elite. Which I can tell you is the best & well worth it.

Wesley Yang

The experience is great and there was lots of fun!! However, there should be better signs to indicate if rental tubes are allowed on certain rides or not. It took me 1hr to get to the top of the U ride and they said we couldn’t take rental tubes on the ride... also, there’s only really two rides you can take rental tubes on! Overall, I had fun with my friends but the lines are sort of long during the weekend.

Treasure Irelyn Island

Fun place but make sure you’re wearing water shoes and the slides are very slippery in the kids section. The wave pool is so much fun but having water shoes helps ESPECIALLY for the kids. The large pool that goes around the park was very dirty which is why I think it is so necessary that adults should wear water shoes. Make sure that you bring sunscreen. There are lockers inside which are available in different sizes . Drinks are expensive unless you have the membership . Have fun!

William Yates

Exciting rides. Nice life guards.looking forward to more six flags investment into the park. Men's bathroom was useable but under construction.

Kimberly Lewis

So many people, seemed over crowded, eating area is horrible, they need to make it easier for people to get food and way faster. Their current set up is horrible and wait time in lines is over an hour. Not all Staff are customer service friendly, just a handful it seemed.

Kayla Jane

Park is fun but been waiting for funnel cakes for over 20 minutes now and people are getting them right after ordering.

Sheri Anderson

Great place to take your kids on a hot summer day! We go at least once a week!!

Andrey Fedorov

Crowded but super fun times, esp for the kids!

Angel Wong

Don’t even bother coming here! Been to 6 flags Vallejo, never had a bad experience like this until we came here. Overall the park is super small, over crowded with too much people, Staff is very rude, everything over priced, long wait lines to get food, restrooms are filthy, no free parking even with a Gold season pass, no shady areas and especially no space for you to settle down. We literally walked the entire park looking for a place to settle but there was literally no space, so we had to leave within 30 mins of arrival!!! Their lazy river is pathetic, better to go to ranging waters to be honest. We weren’t happy with the poor experience so we went to Guest relations. Guess what!?? They are incredibly slow, waited another 30 minutes in line with the summer heat and no shade, for them to tell me they could NOT help with refunding my $25 parking for that one hour of being there. Disgusting and a joke of a place. I regret wasting my time and money here. Might as well have a heat stroak if you plan on coming here. Also as part of fast track you have to pay $6 just to get out of that darn city. cash only! No cash? They bill you $20 for that through mail. The place is a scum all together.

william mason

This place is very fun with lots of awesome rides and if you like six flags you should get the Platinum pass best 2 benefits of it in my opinion is that you get flash pass and 35% off everything also if you are going to get food at hurricane harbor I would recommend you go early let them scan your card and get your food because if you're u get food from 11:35-closing time there is around a 45 min wait a good ride you should check out there is the big kahuna I recommend you bring your kids there to because they updated the playground for kids there and it is huge with water sprayers there is also one in the lazy river that is ment for littler kids

Tyler Maltby

First I should mention that Six Flags bought this water park about a year ago, so they haven't had much time to make improvements or anything yet. It used to be Waterworld USA. That being said, it's a decent park overall. The one significant thing that they should address first is the restaurants and places to eat. They need more places to eat and they also need more sport bottle refill stations for people who are members or pass holders who have the sport bottles. When I went to refill my bottle, pretty much the only refill station they had didn't have any ice. Other than that, it's a good park. They have room to expand and add more slides, etc which I expect they will do starting this winter.

Hans Romero

First time going there was my Senior Trip there last September 3, 2019! IT WAS FUN!

Laura Orozco

It's a cool place to take older kids, I just wish they had more food courts

danielle alva

i was in line today in the gift shop and there’s was many problems going and it was very long but the cashier lielha with the pretty eyes got through it respectfully. some people really need to have the same attitude because so many workers there are negative. i just had a conversation with her again at the lounge rentals!!! very nice girl and very good day !

Ula Popov

No changing rooms, no showers. Long lines. Almost no shade. The water has crazy amount of chlorine. My eyes itched for three days after visiting the park. The parking is $25. No outside food allowed. Only fast food is sold inside. NEVER AGAIN.

Archoo Deetwo

This was an AMAZING park, and I had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was great! Even the food was good (chicken tenders!!!!!), especially due to the service!

Melody Sanders

Had a blast today first time visiting. Had so much fun

Michael Murphy

The Big Kahuna is the one! Ride this and you may ride along the edges if your lucky. Feeling adventurous, try the Plunger!

Antonette Barrett

I spent $207 on 2 season passes which did not come with any perks or any information whatsoever I bought the passes for both Six Flags parks Discovery Kingdom and Hurricane Harbor and the employees just handed me a card and said here you go they didn't explain anything they didn't give us a pamphlet not a shred of paper with information on it not even a map of the park honestly I don't know how they're able to use the Six Flags name that place was a nightmare I'm glad that the passes work for Discovery Kingdom because I don't want to spend too much time at the Hurricane Harbor I hope and pray that Discovery Kingdom's not anything like that because that was hell on Earth literally the worst place I have ever visited and the employees couldn't be any younger and any more rude every single person I asked a question to roll their eyes and had an attitude about it there was one employee that was nice and his name was Christian he helped me obtain a locker because the first set of lockers machine would not accept it my cash that machine was broken but Christian showed us where there were even more lockers that had two machines that accepted the cash and because there were no Maps they could give somebody we just walked around in circles for the first two hours we were there trying to find the lockers and put our stuff down so that we were able to go in the water without ruining our belongings it was pure hell I don't recommend it to anybody I would much rather save the money and gone to the public community pool it is horrible!!! and I still have no idea what to season pass includes such a wa$te!!!!!!!!!

Jess McCauley

Some attractions are closed in September, but it's generally a good time.

Ashley Bittle Oakey

Weekends can be busy so prepare to wait for rides. Once you get on them they're a blast! Bathrooms could use an update with changing stalls and I have a gripe about them not allowing you to bring in your own drinking water.

Keana Ursua

It was an right theme park. Haha that yellow and blue one isn't for younger kids even if they are of height just saying. They serve alcohol so people act a lil extra but over all nice water park

Alison Alva

Pretty average size for a basic water park. But it was so fun. Very nice workers and people all round, no issues. Food was of course on the pricy side but was good, wish there was better portions. There were plenty of slides to choose from with a cool wave pool and lazy river. Parking was simple and not a far walk to the entrance. I will definetly return

Alicia Massey

So many fun things to do and the lines for smaller rides were super short. Loves our time here.

Chris Coffey

Had fun but the lines for food were long 2 hours wait just to order and then another 20 minutes for the food

Annmarie Eaton

Excellent place for the kids can’t go wrong with the season pass is $20 a month for food passes and we visit once a week unlimited drinks Lunch dinner and a snack that’s at least $50 in one day we love it

TENZIN woeser

This is worse experience on my water park. I am writing review while waiting for 2 hr in line for lunch order. This park has few options for lunch. Only one cafe with decent food. But you have to 2-3 hrs to order lunch. Most of your day will be waste on food order. One of girl fainted after one and half hour. I will recommend drive outside park and eat lunch. It will save time, money and get good food. Dining pass bought at six flags is useless since I will getting lunch at 4:30 pm when lunch hours ends on 3:30pm. I started line at 2:00pm. Please start lunch as soon as get in the park if you dinning pass.

Josh Everett

Very nice and pretty clean park. Virtually identical to raging waters basically but with membership you get all of the six flags parks for free so its really a hell of a deal! Highly recommend!

J Ram

Nice place to spend some time with friends. But wish there are some more food counters, so it would be easy for people to grab food, instead of standing at one food counter line for hours in hot sun. Burning your self

Angie Ang

So not worth the money you spend to get in. The kids area was closed and staff wouldn’t say more than “it will open soon” water was too cold. Ive been here a few times and a lot of slides Are closed. The kids area has been closed. Do not waste your time or money on this place. It’s small for the amount it cost to get in. I would recommend any raging waters park over this place. They’re bigger and cost less.

Ryan Girard

Men’s bathroom was worse than a truck stop bathroom. Absolutely disgusting. Certain areas of the park have a sewer smell to them. Besides that, great way to spend a summer day. 2.5 stars

Autumn Fury

Since we have memberships to Six Flags we decided to try out Hurricane Harbor. Was not too busy and the entry process went smoothly. There was only 1 ride my 5 year old was big enough to go on, but he really enjoyed the wave pool and the kids area. The kids area had it's own slides and was fenced in it's own little space so I felt comfortable letting him run around on his own. The only thing that wasn't good was the food. I got nachos and they were awful. Literally looked like chips with vomit on them. The employee said it came with beans, salsa, guac, and sour cream. I'm not sure what the green stuff on it was but it definitely wasnt guacamole. Also there wasn't beans on it. Aside from that it was a ton of fun and a nice perc to have with our season passes.

felisa wojcik

Great place for summer fun! Was only there for the last couple of hours of the day. Lazy river was a great ride. The Hurricane pool was a lot of fun. Swim guards were well seen everywhere, felt safe. They have plenty of locker's and shower's to rinse off. We had fun playing.

Tristan COLL

1 star is a great gift for the quality of this park .... The parking is not free, 25 dollars to park your car in full sun. The locker is not free, 11 dollars for one bag!!! forbidden to bring food, so we have to eat junk food or eat in the sun outside the park ... when we visited the site the tornado was closed, as well as two other attractions. the toilets are dirty and smell bad, please hire staff or buy a ventilation! And for the last there is no shower despite this being written on the web site. they did not want to refund me because I went back on the site

Laura Prado

It's a nice place to bring the whole family

Amber Holt

It was ok. If i had the 6 flags season pass for 57.99 i would go in the summer. But i will never buy a 1 day ticket again. Not worth it. There were only 4 water slides a wave pool and a small lazy river thing in the middle. Expensive $$

Anita Devray

good place for water fun. There are some area for kids as well. My lil girl enjoyed the wave part in toddler area . Quick entry for members.plenty of open space parking. Free parking for memeber s 25$ for one day parking which I felt costly..not much ride as adult to explore.

Nina V

We liked it. The wait even with short lines is very long though.

Nicole Wilfong

My kids love this place but never have funnel cake

Ashley DeCook

This is great if you have kids. My daughter loves coming here. We mostly just go in the little kids area, the lazy river and the wave area. It's really close to where we live so we try to come often and are members. There are a few negatives: Food is terrible and you usually end up waiting in line for 30 min- 1 hr (this is for weekends). Being an elite member we should be getting 50% off most things but that doesn't happen. You have to pay full price for the lockers which are $13 for a large..the small ones are too small for a family I think. Floaties we only get 35% off. Parking can be hard if you don't book it before 1. I think the employees slack on taking care of the trash sometimes I walk by and smell poo from like dirty diapers. Also the bathrooms are a bit gross. Floor very dirty and overflowing trash.

Chelli Bassler

Nice park over all. However the lazy river was disgusting. If it could float it was in there. I didn't notice until I was in, I couldn't get to an exit fast enough. Later looking into the lazy river from the sidewalk you could see so much nasty things floating through. some type of filter should be installed or repaired

Richard Baldwin

This was the worst experience I've ever had in a six flags park in my life. POOR management of attraction and services I am going to contact six flags to complain. This was the first and last time I will go there again. How do you run out of ice I paid $20 for an all day refill they failed to tell me that there was no ice. Soda machines didn't work had to go to gift shop and pay $10 for a cool bottle of water and a cool soda yes I said cool not cold

Ursula McClure

Fun waterpark! Foodlines WAY TOO LONG! Eat in the Parking lot...tailgate...

Marie Nenio

Great fun ,organized, pretty clean , lines not to long of wait, I will say though the lifeguards need to smile and act like they like there job , the rest of park employee were friendly and helpful. Over all I had a blast.

amanda lawrence

Great place to cool down staff is very young in very unhelpful.... I was in the restroom with my 7 year old while there was 3 staff members were cussing in front of children and when asked not to talk like that gave attitude and continued cussing there were many kids and elderly women in the restroom at the time

iris soh

The ride is fun, when I go in September weather is nice but water is cold. Worker could be a little more uplifting like six flag discovery kingdom. Only two food place is open, one sell only hot dogs, the one with a variety is at least an hour in line to get food.

Storage Reviewer

My family and I love it here. Only thing that we have a hard time with is the enormous lines at the snack shack and the customer service once you reach the front of the line. Other than that the park is nice and relaxing.

Yvonne Sullivan

Majority of the staff is great. My rating is primarily on management. When we visited to the park I was verbally attacked by a Manager who handled the situation extremely inappropriately. I also saw the same manager attacking another lady when we went to our car for lunch. And again on the way out to go home.

Cinde Lucas

Great place for the family to cool off. Rented a bungalow for a bday party 7 (3 adults, 4 kids) with catered lunch. Great service and fun day. Some lines were a bit long and can be a bit crowded on wave pool, but plenty of room to spread out throughout the park. Come and enjoy the whole day or get a season pass.

Shyt A

We had a wonderful day at the food was and the service was great.

Eric Todd

I enjoyed this Waterpark but they keep running out of ice on a hot day!

Nikki Dankemeyer

Lines were not to bad! Seems like they are running on the bare minimum as far as staffing is concerned.

Reid Hankins

Fun set of rides and lots of hardworking lifeguards... but you shouldn't have to wait in line an hour to buy dinner there... which unfortunately was our experience AGAIN at six flags...

Justin Cluckey

The bigger rides didn't open till after 2PM. By then ride lines are too long. Other than that it was great.

Alexey R

The water park is ok, but food service is terrible - huge lines, overpriced. Very dirty.

Maizie Janelle

The lazy river is cold but it’s good for really hot days. But it’s a good place to go to and the food is ok but some workers are rude but some are good and nice it’s a good water park to go to so there might be a few flaws but nothing is perfect so I would give this a 5 star review but also add a few more things to the park like opening the big slides and make an obstacle course for kids to do and go back to and opening the luau cove.


This place was so fun, all the kids loved it. The downfall was Adults cutting in line, and wouldnt give up tubes needed for the slides. No workers said anything, apparently because people get crazy and fight. The bathroom was gross, food and drinks exspensive. So bring your own. Overall we would go back, will just be better prepared and hope people can control their self at a children's place.

Philip Jacklin

I really want to like this place but they don't make it easy. First, if I bought a ticket at the gate and paid for one day I would feel pretty ripped off. But since admission for here is included with my Six Flags membership, I guess that makes it okay. The slides are fun and the park is nice, but it just takes forever to do anything. The lines for the slides weren't that long but they moved at a snail's pace. I'd see people go down, get off, and then there'd be a good minute before the attendant would start getting the next guest ready. There seemed like a lot of downtime that could be removed and the line could turnover quicker. We would have dropped money on food, but gave up after a horrendously long food line moved literally 10 feet in 45 minutes. We just decided to grab something after we left the park. I'll probably come back since I don't have to pay for admission but I wouldn't be upset if I only visit once a year or something.

jennifer cornett

Needs to work on staff's attitudes a little. Very expensive food. Fun for the family. The lazy river is nice.

Robert Szasz

Food service takes a long time, but the park is well maintained and has a bunch of fun rides

Anudarize Ganbold

I cannot understand that there is no clothes changing room and shower. But the place is fun

Michelle Proudfoot

Had a great day out and didn't have to wait too long to get on the slides


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