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REVIEWS OF Six Flags Discovery Kingdom IN California

Shawntika Brown

I bought me and my 4yr old daughter memberships. I think it's great for toddlers alot of rides for them then add the animals and dolphin shows SHE LOVES IT

gil segev

Tons of fun. We'll maintained. Had a great time

Mikki Hall

Fantastic coasters! Also love being able to visit the animals. We arrived before they opened and were amazed by how many people were already there. We thought the lines would be crazy long but none of them were! The only ride we waited more than 10 minutes for was the Joker but that was because it kept breaking down. We never did get to ride it. Overall, a fabulous park!! We will definitely make the long trip again!

Manpreet Singh Lalria

Fun rides, that are fairly short and not very scary, but they're exciting anyway. Something worth noting is that not all rides have cubbies for storing your bags, so you have to pay to rent lockers before you go on some rides, which is rather ridiculous, and I've never seen such a system at any other theme park. It's worth trying not to take a bag if you can help it.

Lightnings edge

Oh man! first, the customer service attention to detail is certainly lacking. No line control or line management on rides. Rides themselves break down. All lines including food are super slow. I gave 3 stars because at least they had a deal for cheap season tickets the were upgraded to gold which include free parking for all 2019 and all 2020 and include freight fest and holiday in the park. This way we get to still experience everything in multiple visits.

Abhinuv Pitale

The first aid clinic is in a remote corner of the park! It would be helpful if it was more centrally located.

Dave Low

Such a unique park where it's animals and rides. Both top notch level. Amazing value. Rides were longer at In n Out than any ride here!

Karen Jenkins-Favie

Rides are good but they started this "no backpacks" rule on many rides. You are required to leave all bags(no matter how small) in PAY lockers or you are not allowed on the ride. Yes, 1$ for the lockers at each ride. Many people were surprised and angry in the park with this rule. Otherwise, it was a fun day.

Erica Perry

We love having this park in our own backyard. From rides, to animal attractions, to holiday events, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom never disappoints. It can be crowded on weekends, but that's to be expected. I highly recommend getting a membership and adding the meal plan. For less than 20 dollars a month you can go as often as you want, eat 2 meals and a snack, and park for free.

Paul Le

There are a lot of rides that are both slow and fast. The food is pretty good and there are also water rides.

Charlie Collins

We generally get a season pass when they are on sale on Labor Day weekend. You get the rest of this year plus next year. It gives us the ability to go multiple times, where we can just focus on smaller sections of the park rather than getting it all done in one day.

Aaron Babcock

Loved it! Except for the lack of instructional signs when parking and extremely over priced food and drinks ($6 for a 20oz Coke from vending machine etc...) this was a great place. I also wish they would NOT SERVE ALCOHOL at this park. A security issue held up a line we were in and this was apparently because the lady wasn't pouring some guy's beer right. Overall great rides but park rules should be changed.

eddie lara

It was a very awesome. I remember going there When it was Marine world, But they need to Work on practicing customer service skills a little bit better at some other food concession stands.

Kathy Corrion

Great variety of rides and shows for all ages to enjoy. Membership or season is the most cost effective route. Food is pricey, considermeak plan if visiting a few times during the season.

Stephen Velasquez

The park is pretty good, probably the best Six Flags park in the world, I heard they're getting more crowds than Disneyland and magic mountain now AND 3 coasters in the last 3 years for being a top performing park! The employees are super cool and the food is pretty good at the park as well but expensive, it costs more than Disneyland. The preferred parking is definitely the way to go, they have a shuttle that takes you ride to the front gate. The animal side of the park is a bit neglected. All the animal enclosures look extremely neglected, weeds growing everywhere, empty, rides abandoned with weeds everywhere. I think with the new Sidewinder Safari coaster opening up, they'll modernize that side of the park. Shops are always out of merchandise, lines for food are extremely long, you'll lose 2-3 hours every time you want to eat. Busiest theme park I've ever been to in my entire life. I've never waited 3 hours for a cheeseburger before. Lines to get into lines, it takes you about 2 hours just in lines to get into the park standing in the sun. Basically it's one of the best Six Flags theme parks and there's just too many people, they're understaffed and the park isn't as big as magic mountain. That's why it's 3 stars for my review, lines for everything and long waits but hands down one of the best parks!

Joe Messina

One of the nicer Six Flags parks. Since it is a former Marine World you'll find many animal encounters along with the amusement rides. I had a really nice time here.


Go early on Sunday to beat the lines. Finally ride Batman and screamed the whole way. Food is grossly overpriced. $5 for a bottle of water. $30 parking is exuberant. The exits from the rides force you through their gift shops. I think that's a tacky marketing scheme. Pay the $5 to get unlimited locker usage.

Kenedee Renee Menefee

A lot busier during the summer season than it used to be. That's a big downside. But other than that it's fun! Plenty of things for everybody to enjoy. And if you get a membership it's very affordable!

Isaiah Robinson

Really amazing rides and coasters. I tried to get on the flash vertical velocity twice and both times right before I was supposed to get on they had to suspend ride operation. Really great experience though.

Marie Green

Great place to spend the day (or get season passes and go all the time). There are kids rides, and many toddlers can ride with an adult. Little kids can also enjoy many animal shows. Went on a Saturday and lines were not bad when the park opened. They do get you through there front gate pretty quickly.

Erin Lowther

I was shocked at how reasonable it was to eat in this park. Love the butterfly sanctuary. Wonderful rides!

Intaaz Joseph

What an amazing place to spend time with family. Great rides and fun attractions

Steven Von Behren

Had a great day with family. No super long lines. Rode new Batman ride. Looked more intense than it was. Fish looks like it has dentures.

melanie esperanza

The Diamond Elite passes with dinning pass makes all the difference. Just not on bring a friend free day.

Chris Batts

Very expressive for a 1 day trip but your tickets online to save money at the gate and try to avoid buying food if you have a family. On a positive note the rides for the kids were fun and it was too much to experience all in one day. Definitely plan for two days if you want to have the full experience. Unfortunately we didn't get to experience the whole park. The dolphins show was cool and the lion was pretty neat. I definitely suggest the Safari side for the kids. Hope this helps.

Alberto Avalos

Such a sad place, one pays hundreds of dollars, and can record on rides which dont involve heavy movements or shakes. Also one cant record inside haunts, some of us want to show our family but the park only cares about making money and not letting those less fortunate watch videos on YouTube for free

Shlomo Cohn

They close too early never could go on many rides. Food lines are too long. They are slow with serving food. Always give me issues even though I paid for a membership. Only able to go on a couple rides. Not worth the membership.

archana Ravalia

Brilliant thrill seeking rides that were DC themed, fast queues abd the rides were a good length too. Water rides were great got totally drenched, mexican fruit stalls selling mangoes, watermelon and pineapples with spicy sauce was definitely the best treat that i have never had before. Much better than the theme parks in UK, managed to do at least 7 rides within 2 hrs of being there. Hardly any overseas visitors there. Great day out!

Chris Gao

We just went there on 9/7/2019 and it was beautiful. The park is pretty clean and well equipped. The park has everything! All large thrill rides were open, some of the smaller kid rides were closed but A LOT were open. I was really scared from reading past reviews that everything was going to be closed but seems to be all good now. I got a fast pass but honestly you don't really need it. I think the waits were all under 30 min. However, if you want to get off ride and get directly on another then I would recommend the fast pass. The parking was a little crowded but not bad if you get there right when the park opens, otherwise you might need to wait 30min-1hour. Restaurants were meh, but not expecting fine dinning a park. Most of the staff seem nice except for one nasty older woman at the gate. Not everyone can be angels I guess.

Angelique Roberts

I haven't been to Six Flags in over 10 years and it was definitely a fun time! My kids had a blast! We'll be sure to visit again soon!

AA Batteries

Best theme park in Northern California! Great food, fun shoes, cool animals, and thrilling rides make this place so fun! Would highly recommend for everyone to go get a season pass for this park!!!

Riz Azam

If you haven't visited the park in a long time it's worth checking out. They have a lot of thrill rides. A day well spent with the family.

James Thornton

This place was pretty great. We split our time, morning on rides and afternoon checking out the animals. Might switch it up next time, most of the animals were hiding in the shade trying to beat the heat. Can't blame them, it was scorching. The rides are awesome, highly recommend the medusa. Prices for food n drink were high as expected. Some of the exhibits looked a little run down. Park staff were friendly and helpful.

Carla Sanhueza

Good for kids, adults and everyone. More signs will be better, especially for people who visits the first time. When the games says "close at 5pm" means at 5 they are leaving. So they stop at least 30 minutes before to clean. Bad bad

Alyssa Smith

This park is fantastic!!! Got a great deal on the season pass during labor day weekend with the season dining pass. Have gone twice and paid for both already!! The park has animal shows and a small aquarium section which is great for kids. Their kid rides and playground are a lot of fun. The "big kid" rides are great as well!!! Especially loved Kong and Superman. They also let you do a child swap system so that both parents can enjoy the rides.

Jonathan Burke

Great amusement park. Rides were fun and the lines were quick. If you're looking to get food in the park plan to spend $20 for a basket of chicken tenders and a coke. I would recommend getting food before you come in to cut down on the cost. Also you will notice the push for their yearly subscription plan for $6 to $8 a month. All things considered this isn't a bad price compared to how much we spent for 1 visit. I definitely recommend a visit with friends and family if you're looking for something fun to do.

Stephanie Rivers

Crazy rides and amazing spots inside. So many things to do! Played hooky from work with my friends and had a blast! If you can go mid week, do so because there's no lines. Definitely would go again! This place was so enjoyable to visit.

Mike Middaugh

Went at the start of summer. Bot tickets online 2.5 hour drive. Got there ,more than half the ride were not working. Only two of the big ride were open and they kept stopping them. Ask for a refund ,they said no way. Ask why the did not say something on there website. No answer. Telling everybody I know not to go. Sucked

Chris Gao

We just went there on 9/7/2019 and it was beautiful. The park is pretty clean and well equipped. The park has everything! All large thrill rides were open, some of the smaller kid rides were closed but A LOT were open. I was really scared from reading past reviews that everything was going to be closed but seems to be all good now. I got a fast pass but honestly you don't really need it. I think the waits were all under 30 min. However, if you want to get off ride and get directly on another then I would recommend the fast pass. The parking was a little crowded but not bad if you get there right when the park opens, otherwise you might need to wait 30min-1hour. Restaurants were meh, but not expecting fine dinning a park. Most of the staff seem nice except for one nasty older woman at the gate. Not everyone can be angels I guess.

Bee Lam

Very cool theme parks with exciting rides and interesting animals. It’s a great place for families. There are many food options inside the park, some of them weren’t open but there’s still a lot other options. The park is not that big but you can definitely spend your whole day inside. The lines for the rides aren’t too bad as well. But some of the rides closed and reopened within the day without any announcement or anything.

Daniel Steiminger

Great rides. Superman was the best here, not the longest but the most thrilling in my opinion. Theme park food and drink costs are always ridiculously expensive so keep that in mind. Water shows for sea lions, dolphins, and more are throughout the park. Enough to do for any age for a day.

Cameron Kapicka

Great rides and very fun!!! Make sure to get there early and if you see a long line for Batman make sure to still go because the line looks longer but the wait. Very long waits for food so make sure to eat early.

Hannah Peters

We went this past weekend and it has definitely gone down hill since the last time we came a few years go. We went to the looney toons area for small children, because we have a 2 year old, and half the rides were down or abandoned-looking. The rides that were functional looked very dated. Also, $30 to park in a run-down parking lot half a mile from the front entrance? No thanks.

Gabrielle Cyr

I came on a Tuesday and all the big rides (Batman, Superman, Medusa) had like 0 lines. I came as the friend on my grandma's season pass and it seems like a good deal, she said it was like $80 and lunch dinner snack and admission is more than 80 so it pays for itself in one visit. As a fan of thrill rides there was a lot for me and I had fun just don't come on a Saturday in the middle of summer lol.

Anthony Schwartz

This place is awesome! For any and all guests! The thrills are there for you daredevils with rides like Batman, and Medusa. The animals are there for the more lighthearted adventurers, tigers, dolphins, giraffes. If you want any kind of entertainment you can definitely discover something to fit your needs at discovery kingdom!

Phillip Courtnier

The new Batman ride was cool. Only a 10 to 15 minute wait for rides. The parking was bad because of all the construction. All in all, a great day with the kids.

Benson Gunn

This fun filled land if full of amazing rides, and new adventures. My family and I love visiting it. If your a thrill seeking roller coaster loving dare devil, then this is the place for you.

Kianna Snyder

This place is awesome. Beautiful park, fun rides and while we were there they were doing a Father's Day festival. Even with everything going on, they weren't insanely busy and the longest line we waited in was about 30 minutes for the new batman roller coaster. Would recommend finding food options outside of the park as everything is pretty overpriced inside.

Melissa Herivaux

My son is in a wheelchair. He can transfer himself on and off rides at every other park. Here, they wouldn't let him on ANY ride. We drive 10 hours to get here. Closed at 6pm. Will never come back. Mg. MTN in Santa Clarita, CA much better.

josh keil

Fun theme park. Sometimes lines are long but that's expected when going on a weekend. If you have a membership I recommend adding the meal plan, it will save you money in the long run.

Emma Allebrand

I'm probably quite biased having grown up as a regular at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but Discovery Kingdom was a bit of a disappointment for me to visit. The layout of the park and locations of rides were confusing and unnecessarily complicated, making it hard to navigate even with a map (though, I also visited at night which makes it a bit more difficult). The variety in rides is nothing to brag about unfortunately, many feeling somewhat repetitive which is frustrating given that they all had huge lines. But of course, it's a theme park, lines come with the territory. The lines certainly aren't the problem, it's just that the payout of the ride never felt quite worth it. Main takeaway is: if you're a big fan of Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom may be a bit of a let down. But I'm sure an average park-goer that has no other locations to visit nearby could still have a fun time! (Again, this is a pretty biased review!)

Tina Wilson

Fun family theme park. The lines were long but the family enjoyed themselves.

Ron & Delita Fitzpatrick

It's obvious that's it's all about the almighty dollar here 107 degrees and charging $6 for a bottle of water should be a criminal offense! This park has seen better days and it's obvious that a majority of the employees don't care and/or are just seasonal. DC land is immaculate and full yet the rest of the park is completely neglected just look at the roof of the gorilla ride next time you go. The animal enclosures are a joke and seem like they are an afterthought even though they've been there for years. We won't be back such a waste of time!

Melanie Cooler

The park needs to be upgraded. The shows need to be redone. The price goes up and half of the attractions are broke. Park is filthy. It used to be better than a county fair. Not anymore.

Alicia A.

The kids had a blast, they were all over the park. Their flash pass I think needs to be better priced, we declined due to price. Disney Land is a fraction of the price from Six Flags. Either way the kids had fun and that's all that mattered to me.

Tyler Murphy

We came on a Sunday shortly after the start of the school year. Lines were never longer than 20 minutes. It turned out to be cheaper to buy two season passes, which came with friend passes, than to buy four single day tickets. Medusa was our favorite. The new joker ride was also great. The batman ride was pretty rough and knocked our heads around.

lucero torres

I haven't been to six flags in years maybe 10 years. It really has stayed the same! In a good way. A few of the rides weren't open when we were there so that sucked but other than that it was very clean and the staff was friendly. I loved the butterfly room, the shark aquarium they have, and the gift shops. Will be coming back with the family!


A GREAT location to bring the family! The animal attractions were to my children's satisfaction. The park was very clean. The food was a reasonable price and the eating area has a view of the water. The children's area was perfect for my little ones and the rides were entertaining enough that my wife and I would ride along with them comfortably. We look forward to going again.

Dwayne Pryce

Good entertainment. They have something for every age and personality type. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush, or if you just want to reconnect with nature

JoJo Charlez

It was so hot that day I couldn't even think clearly. But I would be going back on a day that should be a lot cooler, so I would definitely update. Besides that, nothing really stood out.

Melissa Dion

Had a GREAT day..had NEVER been there b4.and my bf got me a season pass.. Super excited to go back and ride all the roller coasters..AGAIN!

Ed R

Fun place to take the kids. Rides are intense and animal shows are fun.

Kindra Fesmire

Great day with my daughter and grandson! Awesome 1st day of fright fest


What a fun experience. You have to deal with the crowds that accompany an amusement park, but they have it set up with rides, games, food, shops and animal shows that give you variety. I miss the stunt shows they used to have (probably the liability was too much), but they seem to try and improve every year. It's clean, easy to navigate, and designed for families. The memberships, which are advertised heavily, are the way to go as they pay for themselves and offer great perks.

Derryk Vaughn

Usually it has been a good experience but going on a weekend let alone a holiday is always an issue. It was crowded today but it was to be expected. Couldn't get on many rides as the lines were so long. They need to add more Diamond Elite perks at this park, too.

Susan Colvin

Very expensive and not enough animals. To many rides not enough animals. Animals are great education for children. And the price for food and drinks are way over priced. So need to go to car to eat. Not enough picnic area to eat lunch- Dinner. Gift shops were nice. Won't return for long time

megha sharma

Be prepared for the most dangerous rides. Madusa will spill the thrill within you. Very crowded on Sunday's. Don't forget to carry extra clothes as water rides may drench u all.

Kevin Woods

My friends and I visited this location at the end of July. Parking costs $30 per vehicle. Admission tickets are $70 per person. We only waited in line for 10 - 30 minutes for the max thrill rides. Food options are everywhere. Food is pricey but it tastes good. Good afternoon.

Nir Ofir

The level of maintenance is low. This effects the whole visit. The roller coasters are fine but when arriving with 4 years old child you expect the rest of the park to look good and being maintained properly, this is not the case.

Samuel Wright

It's a really fun park but expect to spend a pretty penny. Honestly if you can go twice within the same year its FAR cheaper to get a membership or season pass as after two trips the additional cost will have paid for itself. The park itself is pretty solid though. A lot of fun rides including lots of rides for little kids. There are a lot of animals including a shark tunnel and a butterfly house and you can feed seals for $6 and giraffes for $8. All told a solid park.

Marcello Estrada

Fun for all ages, has animals for the little ones, a children's area with kids rides and of course the awesome rollercoasters for everyone else. The batman, superwoman and joker rides are long waits but well worth it. Well worth the season pass..


Easy parking and straightforward location. There are some pretty intense rides here and lots of food options. Great for kids especially if they want to work their way up to bigger rides. The water ride will leave you soaking wet so make sure you bring extra clothes or are ready to get wet! Also has a picnic area for private events.

Andre Douglas

Having a membership is the best way to go. Going 2 times in a year and it pays for itself.

Olivia Cotton

Traffic getting into this park is ridiculous!!! They need to have better traffic control or get people thru the parking pass area much faster or just have people pay when they leave! Should just drive 2 hours to Santa Clara it would take the same amount of time!

Jeff Baldwin

It's was a great time but not everything was open and or running. Some staff was mot helpful and acted like they didn't want to be there. Thats the only reason for 4 stars, other than that its great for the whole family.

Tainted Tree

Amazing!! We got there at just great time to ride all of the rides in ONE DAY!! AMAZING staff except for few but overall a great day with the family. Only bad things I could say is that some employees such as on Batman were not all that great but I let that slide seeing as how they were probably hot

Juanita Patlan

Such a fun place! It's good for all ages. There are a lot of fun rides and attractions for smaller children. There are shows and attractions for people who don't enjoy thrill rides. There's plenty of rides for people who don't enjoy the huge rides. Of course, there are also adrenaline-seeking rides like Medusa, Superman, Wonder Woman, and V2. I highly recommend the Joker ride, Tasmanian Devil (highly underrated), Cobra (good for all ages), and Kong (keep your head flush against the head rest or you will get a headache after). Eat a big breakfast/lunch beforehand and have dinner after you leave because the food inside the park is expensive. They allow your own personal water bottles. Bring extra clothes if your going on the water rides. Have fun!

Kaedynce French

Great place to be. I loved hanging out with my friends family and teachers there. A great place to get to know people!

Paul Smith

This was the most expensive parking for the worst quality of parking. All the parks in Florida have covered, clean, safe and easy to get to and cheaper for that matter parking. People were parking anywhere they want. Nobody was directing the traffic. Even getting to the parking lot was confusing. The scammy way of advertising cheap tickets on your website only to find out at the end that these prices are only if you buy them more than 24 hours in advance. Charging $6 for bottle of water or soda. None of the trill rides has information about the wait time. The ride attendants tell you about the bag policy and the hight policy of the ride at the end of the line after waiting forever instead of the beginning. The dolphin show was pretty weak. The trill rides weren’t that impressive compared to other Six Flags and amusement parks.

Antara Pramanik

Nice place to go for day trips . It has so many roller coasters of different levels for kids and adults. And a little zoo.

Juddson Rivera

Have not been to sex flags since the early 00’s. Lots to do but so packed. Tons of rides but food was terrible but what can you expect with a packed amusement park? Not much variety. Plus parking was in a dirt lot. If your really eager for different roller coaster check it out but animal attractions were lacking. Dolphin show was cool, butterfly area was cool and the giraffes and lions were ok. But seriously more for the rides if you plan on going.

Avijit Pramanik

My son loves to visit Six Flags. Since we have the Annual pass, we often visit and get the best experiences always.

Maximo Figueroa

This place is so much fun! The new Batman ride is the best one by far! I'll be coming back again in a few weeks to ride the rest of the rides!

Jagadeesh A

Nice time with family. Had a little or no wait time for most rides. Understand this was due to weather. Few rides are very jerky - like the boomerang and batman. Few are very smooth like Medusa and superman. Animal shows are good. Pl ensure you now the show timings and set an alarm 15 - 20 mins before (so you have time to get to the place).

maia tidwell

Kids had a great time. Perfect low attendance day to go. Park workers were personable and seemed genuinely happy to work there. Especially the penguin guy, Diego. He was just a pleasure to chat with so full of information and enthusiasm. The young ladies who worked the hammerhead ride let the kids ride multiple times in a row , genuinely delighting in my kids enjoyment. The only thing that kept me from giving a 5th star was seeing the dolphins. Please six flags, let them go. They need more space and intellectual stimulation.

Naveen Nagaraja

Loved all the rides at this amusement park, its very nice to have an animal show inside the park itself. The park is huge, make sure u reach early to avoid long queues. Not much of an option for food inside the park, i would suggest to bring your own food.

Wendy Guthrie

I have never been to a park that didn't open until 11 am and closed by 7. Over half the rides were down for maintenance or broken and while our children were in line for other rides they went down and were told to "wait it out or go on another ride". My spouse and I are not capable of walking all day so we rented scooters to keep up with the kids. This proved disappointing as well. The scooters ran out of batteries 3 times total. You have to sit and wait for them to bring you a replacement (on that note, thanks so much for my massive sunburn). My husband has a handicap and while that let us park next to the bus, he was not able to take the scooter through the lines to wait for the kids or us to get on. This in turn caused him a great deal of leg pain. Only about 10% of the staff was friendly and respectful of the patrons. If you are planning on eating there, suggest you take out a loan in advance. 4 hamburgers w/fries = $104.30. I have had better burgers at McDonalds and never spent over $25. I will never return to Six Flags nor will I EVER recommend this as a vacation destination.

laura savre

Going during october/fright fest was a lot of fun and it is cool because the lines are a lot shorter, it's not as crowded. And their new dc universe was really awesome

Jose Azpeitia

I went during fright fest, and that aspect of the park was a complete blast. The haunted houses were awesome. The scare zones scared me more than I thought they would. However, the park needs to improve their wait time for food. I missed out on rides because I bought a food voucher before hand and had to wait forever to redeem it and even longer to order & receive my food. The food is extremely overpriced and the locations are really understaffed. It would be cheaper and faster to go to the nearest McDonalds than it would be to get food there. The staff themselves were really friendly and helpful, however you can tell they were really stressed out because of their jobs. I saw a lady screaming at one of the ride employees about there not being enough lockers, as if he had control over that situation. Which leads me to my final complaint, not enough lockers. If its required to put your items in a locker, there should be enough lockers for everyone. I missed out on Medusa because I couldn't find a locker nearby. As it stands I don't see myself returning in a long time. Fright Fest blew my expectations, but the park itself needs to reevaluate its priorities and focus on improving the customer's experience, and not so much on cost cutting.

Melinda O'Day

Awesome place i want to support and they really listen to members comments on the surveys u take so please take them if u get them!

Reyna Reyes

Fun place to get away with the family for the day. The lines were crazy, but it was to be expected. We especially enjoyed the Festival Latino. If you decide to go any time soon. Don't forget to stay hydrated and put on sunscreen, because you'll be in the sun a lot.

Kimberly Ruiz

Seems like safety is not a priority here. Got on the flash and no one announced when the ride would take off ended up hurting my neck. Not enough rides and unorganized parking. Waste of time stick to six flags magic mountain way better.

Jesus Renteria

Lots of fun at a really affordable price, specially if you buy the season pass. If you know how to have fun this is the place for you. Great rides for everyone and people here seems to always be in a great mood and ready to have a good time. Waiting in line to me is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends so like i said, this is the place for you if you know how to have fun

Maxine Carr

I went to this park and enjoyed myself so much I got a Membership/Season Pass. I simply LOVE the rides. Wonder Woman is my favorite, so fast and smooth and intense! There are lots of rides for my grandson and he loves meeting the various cartoon characters. The combination of lions, giraffes, butterflies, sharks, penguins, manta rays, birds, plus the tiger, dolphin, and seal/sea-lions shows, combined with the rides and characters makes for a full and mind-stretching experience. I highly recommend getting a season/membership pass with the food pass. Parking is included and it is such a great deal. If you get a membership, you also get amazing deals on the "skip to the front of the line" pass, which allows you to go on tons of rides. Also, they offer special deals to bring friends at a discount.

Ryan Walton

The rides and the shows we're great. The parking and food was horrifficly overpriced. Most of the employees were curtious, friendly, and understanding. I would suggest this place as a great park to take children of all ages.

Destiny Allen

It's a cool place but it seems like only half of the kids rides actually work. Wish the rides were better planned out. Instead of half of the little kids rides being on the opposite side of the park as the others.

Kristen Nelson

Great place for kids! They have a few different kiddie areas for those 36" tall to ride alone or under 36" and able to take three steps to ride with an adult. They also have a good amount animal exhibits, shows, and one good sized playground. The rides for adults are pretty good too, not as good as six flags magic mountain but fun.

Cristopher Willace

We pay for the membership with the flash pass and food pass and all that, it's about $45 a person/ month, but if you go 4-5x a year, it pays for itself and then some. The flash pass it GREAT! I never want to go without one again! And there are LOTS of options for the food pass, something for everyone, I was pleasantly surprised the first time we went and tried some of the dining options, some parks have like only a couple options in the entire park, and then the food is just ok at best, not here, there are tons of options and the food has all been great so far!

Miri G*59 VI VI VI

This place is awesome! I like it better than the other location in so cal. They have zoo animals and an aquarium. The lines aren't ridiculously long either

Vanessa Schirmang

Great time Lines are usually quick on most of the good rides max wait so far during fright fest has been 30 min, on Wonder Woman and Superman.

Jason Nash

What is there that's new to say about Discovery Kingdom (formerly Marine World Africa, USA)? To begin with, you should revise your expectations. This park lacks the polish of some other Six Flags properties, but there are definitely new and exciting rides that make the day enjoyable for older teens and adults with solid stomachs. A pretty significant amount of construction appeared to be "mid-project" during my last visit, which bodes well for the future. Nice bonus: The bay area weather makes for generally very pleasant temperatures. Parking is fairly removed from the park entrance, but still accessible enough that it's a toss-up as to whether you should wait for the tram. If you and your family are pretty ambulatory, I'd just make for the gates. Signage is a bit of an issue in the parking lot, but the attendants are pleasant and professional. The attractions, ranging from animal exhibits to the aforementioned rides, are also varied and exciting enough to make the day rewarding for guests of a variety of ages (the butterfly/moth room is a personal favorite--see attached photos). Cons include substandard park dining, with even a Johnny Rockets that is defintely not up to that franchise's normal standards. Better and far less expensive food is to be found very near the park in several directions, easily accessible by surface roads and freeway. So keep that option open. Finally, the websites are in drastic need of integration and organization. From the tickets to the photos to the member info, it really needs a total overhaul. Summary: Nice park, fun rides and shows, but attention to details would transform the whole experience and take it to the next level.

Andrew Godsey

Great entertainment, but parking is a real bear, don't park in the fairgrounds parking lots cars have been broken into including my son's! Use of the 6-flags app. Great help.

Weylin Schreck

Some of the rides were closed (Harley Quinn, Flash, Boomerang) all day. Joker was operating one train so the line was too long. Food prices are high without a pass (this is probably expected). Ride variety is great and food options are pretty good too. You can have fun for a whole day here for sure though.

Bubbas Fraire

I love and have loved six flags since I was a kid. Now they have membership and it comes with meals and other offers. You also get a discount on items ranging from 15% to 50% depending on your membership and the items.

Darryl Barnes

Lines went quick, although some rides had difficulties throughout the day that made things take significantly longer. The mobile app helped with this. The dolphin shows are fun as well. Food is beyond a reasonable price, so be prepared to spend 3-4 times as much on any given meal than you otherwise would have. Overall a fun experience.

Abdullah alamri

Very beautiful. It has rides and animals shows. Be very careful and I saw them kicking some people out because they used their phones wihle riding the grown up rides. They were really restrict.


When I was headed there I was thinking that the lines were going to be 30 minutes long but even the most famous ride only took 5 minutes to get on. The staff were very nice and funny the only problem I had was that nowt of the rides were shut down or not open due to unexplained issues but other than that the park was very entertaining.

Brian Cherry

Met expectations. A couple of short ride closures but overall good experience. I have three stars as the environment for the animals was pretty depressing.

tex tuals

It's no Disneyland. But adjust expectations to maybe 10x better than the State Fair! It's nice that everything is pretty close, not far to walk to see & do everything.

Shubham Kumar

Nice thrill rides, not too bad wait times for a Saturday. Parking access could be improved, you still go through the same traffic, even if you have prepaid.

Captain Stroudly

Loved it. All I can say about it is I'd you can somehow add more shaded seating throughout the park that would make it 5 stars for sure


Had fun yesterday. Went for a company picnic and everything was great. The employees of the park were great. Super helpful and really polite. Wish I could of gotten their names and let management know. Some of the rides weren't running. I'm assuming because it's off season. Fright Fest was going on. So the park was decorated which was cool. When they had their Halloween characters out I didn't find some of them to be as scary as I thought they would be. I found out during the night that I guess they had complaints that they were getting to close so they had to keep their distance. My personal thoughts is if things like that are going to make you uncomfortable you should avoid those areas of the park because they do let you know on the map. Or leave before they come out. I didn't experience it prior to the complaints so I don't know how it was before but for them to be scary they do have to get close and follow at times but hey it is what it is. My family and I still enjoyed ourselves.

Stephanie Starline

Amazing day... 6 Flags is great place to come and have a blast... They have a new baby lion named Cain as well

Carla Sanhueza

Good for kids, adults and everyone. More signs will be better, especially for people who visits the first time. When the games says "close at 5pm" means at 5 they are leaving. So they stop at least 30 minutes before to clean. Bad bad

Robert Spiker

The rides were amazing and the lines were short. I am told that's not to be expected but it made everything better. Rides are as aggressive as they come if you like that. The park was pretty clean, no concerns. The parking stinks. It's like half a mile away or at least it seams like it. The bus wait if you opt for the free shuttle took 30 minutes.. I'd rather walk. Good park!

Jeff Maddigan

The park was great. Fun rides, clean and we we were lucky to have nice weather as well. However, I fell like the staffing is low. All of the people working did not want to be there. We ordered a sandwich that was supposed to have chicken on it and did not. When we went back they gave attitude like we ate the chicken off of it already and then rudely gave a chunk of checked on the side. Separately my wife waited in line with my 2 and 4 year old for like 25 min to get on a ride. Both of my kids needed a parent due to their height and we thought my wife would be enough but when she got to the front they stated we need one per kid. She asked if she could grab me from about 50 ft away and they stated we would have to go to the back of the line. Soooo... Basically the park is awesome but the service is awful and the staff seems like they just don't want to be there.

Katie Wolff

The rides here had long wait times with not much payoff. There wasn’t a lot of difference between high thrill rides and tiny ones meant for little kids. So many of the rides were closed when I visited here and it was frustrating walking there to only find out it wasn’t even open. There aren’t enough signs saying we’re things are. Even the food here isn’t good. I really didn’t like the animals in captivity here. They had tiny areas where they were supposed to live. The manta rays were trying to escape being poked with little kids dirty hands. It’s so cruel to these poor animals who don’t learn survival skills and usually are sent away after they are no longer useful to the parks. Would not recommend to any of my friends or family. Could be worth it if you only care about going on high thrill rides.

Janice Patterson

I had the pleasure of joining two granddaughters for an afternoon of fun and amusement. We were not able to get an early start, after a lengthy drive, so I was most unhappy that they did not have an option for hourly or half day, parking. Constructive suggestions would be for the park to provide more benches for spectators, like grandparents or parents who choose to watch rather than ride the rides. Even more disappointing was that they did not have a category for spectators on their admission price. That would definitely make this more inviting to do again. I love scary rides, and they have great rides. Because of a previous neck/back injury riding wooden roller coasters, I decided to sit out this day and just watch. I believe the ride Superman only has a lap belt and a lap bar, and it does not feel as secure, according to both my granddaughters, so they only rode it one time. I would suggest more secure equipment. I would also like to suggest that people obtain tickets on-line, as there is a savings; also look at annual passes, as that may be more economical if you plan to visit the park more than once a year.

Kristine Hancock

Was fun. Splash mountain was awesome. Shows were nice. The animals are well cared for.

Bruce Vue

Great place to spend time with family and friends. Rides and attractions are nice with an area that is great for kids. Make sure to bring a little bag to carry items and I strongly recommend wearing sun protective clothing.

Randal Lane

Six flags Discovery Kingdom is great. They are packing in as many rides as possible. If you get the season pass, going a few times a year is cheap. Get the parking pass. The holiday events are really fun. Their concessions are getting better, no outside food so you do have to spend some cash on food. There ate a lot of animal exhibits from butterflies to penguins, giraffe and lions. Tons of rides for little kids, and if you download the Six Flags app you will get estimated wait times at all of the rides. Go early on weekends or holidays as the mid day traffic can be horrendous. Wear quick dry clothes if you plan on visiting water rides

Monica Hurd

It's full of fun and amazing attractions for both kids and adults. What I live the most is that they're almost all extreme. I also love the animal shows.

Mark Rios

So much fun. We went on a partial rainy day with a very small crowd of visitors my kids got on all the rides multiple times with little to no wait. The animals and aquarium's are all beautiful sights. We loved it.

Drew Raphael

There is no place like home. I brought my children, all the way from Houston, Texas, to a place I enjoyed my entire life. From Marine World Africa USA to now, I'll always come back for the fun and memories

Jonathan Burke

Great amusement park. Rides were fun and the lines were quick. If you're looking to get food in the park plan to spend $20 for a basket of chicken tenders and a coke. I would recommend getting food before you come in to cut down on the cost. Also you will notice the push for their yearly subscription plan for $6 to $8 a month. All things considered this isn't a bad price compared to how much we spent for 1 visit. I definitely recommend a visit with friends and family if you're looking for something fun to do.

Debbie Young

I took my granddaughter , she had never been there. We had a good time. The best part was seeing the giraffes, the tiger and the cougar up close. The butterfly 'house' was good too. The food was good (but expensive). They have a variety of shops, with prices from low to high. We bought Marvel superhero was buy 1 get 1 free!

Bryan Johnson

I love the variety of things to do here and how it has something for everyone in the family. It is definitely worth it to do season passes and meal passes if you plan on coming more than a couple times in a year.

Nicholle Pierro

Really great place to spend a summer weekday. Bring a refillable water bottle because bottle waters are expensive. My boyfriend and I got good discount tickets and immensely enjoyed riding the roller coasters and seeing the animals. One of the water rides was broken down in the heat of July! This park is like the unkempt kid of Magic Mountain and Sea World. We will return soon!

Peter Lee

It's okay, the family had a great time. The price was good after promo code. The food was decent and not outrageously priced like other parks. The staff was friendly. Things that made this a 3 stars is some rides are not operating. Like the kong and a couple of other rides. Very disappointed. We came for the Kong.

Sean Linn

So much to do, great rides, awesome time! One second, I'm hanging with Giraffes, the next, screaming like a girl on Medusa! Also, Superman Ultimate Flight is an ultimate treat! Discovery Kingdom is a great family park.

Vanessa Cadena

I wish there were more people walking around scary people but all tho this was my best first time here

Adam Meyer

Kid's had a great time. Always asking everyday to go back. Going to get season passes

Michael Amato

Overall I had a great time. The rides are the best in the Bay area and there are plenty of high adventure and tame rides for kids of all ages. We saw the sea lion and dolphin shows, and the penguin exhibit was nice. There are also some hands on ocean exhibits. I was a little disappointed in the wildlife exhibits and it looks like some of this area is not being used and was closed down. The butterfly experience was fantastic! I went with a friend on his company's summer outing, so I cannot comment on the cost as my entrance ticket and lunch were paid for by his company. However the snacks we bought were very expensive. Expect to pay $5 per snack item. The lunch was good and plentiful. Nice salad, BBQ chicken legs, beans, potato salad, hot dogs, soda, and ice cream sandwiches. We went the first Saturday of June and it was not crowded, especially in the morning.

Jenn Lerma

There were so many rides closed! Enjoyed seeing the animals but do they really enjoy all that coaster racket? But the rides that were open my son enjoyed!

Stephanie Rivers

Crazy rides and amazing spots inside. So many things to do! Played hooky from work with my friends and had a blast! If you can go mid week, do so because there's no lines. Definitely would go again! This place was so enjoyable to visit.

Antonio Marc Castro. AnTCast1 PS4

Always have a great time with the family there just wish parking was a little situated I understand they're trying to add solar which is a great idea in about a year's time the parking situation should be fully taken care of.

Shawn Kline

The Joker is my new favorite... Love this place.. if I could get from one side to the other without having to double back twice I would give it 6 stars

maggie jelich

Parking lot construction... not well lit at night. Doesn't feel safe. Rides were as expected mostly fun and laughter. One ride needed actual signs posted as to put "all items in a locker" which costs $1. It is announced but you can't understand what the people are saying on the terrible drive through like microphones. Please put up signs. Also there is zero reason you couldn't put a "cubbie" like all other rides. Food was good and costs an arm and leg as all parks places do. The meal cards are a great option for multi use visitors. The park was very clean and security kept unruly children in check appropriately. Most of the haunted houses did scare me at least once. Great actors. It was my first time in the park for the Halloween season. I enjoyed it but felt the park should have longer "night" hours on weekends for the extra Halloween night activities.

Любовь Андрейченко

this is an amazing place! dizzying rides! A lot of fun and interesting, I really liked the presentation of sea lions, very tasty food from restaurants. but one, it was difficult to navigate the map of the park.

Luis Cayax

Well seriously I had been member of this place because of my daughter but honestly I don't know why people are giving five stars to the park. First for the new member to know is that all the food they sell at the park is bad like bad really bad the park members they don't know hot to take care of you, the way I fell is that every time I'm there, im bothering them with my orders. So make sure if you go to this park don't think that will be a healthy option for you or your kids. Second part of the park that you need to consider line a really long lines for a ride attraction, how or when to ride, certain attraction.

Justin Cluckey

Lines on sunday were quick. Frightfest is a joke. Season pass holders have to pay an extra $35 for haunted houses that are open between 7:30PM to 9:00PM when the park closes...

Akshaya Kumar

I loved most of the rides. But the following are my detailed thoughts: 1. A lot of rides were having operational issues every now and then. Especially the high thrill rides. So you could either wait till they fix it or go to other rides. They don't announce when the rides are back. Water rides close by six o clock. 2. Some of the rides have a strict no bag policy. We weren't informed of that when we stood in line for Joker. When we went to the beginning of the line, we were told we couldn't bring our bags. So we had to find a locker to keep our stuff. The disturbing part was that we were then forced to pay for the lockers. For two hours, you could pay 1$. Or you could pay 5$ for the whole day, and keep renting out lockers at every other roller coaster bay. 3. Food is pretty expensive. You get a cheeseburger and fries for minimum 15$. But there are many shops available and there's plenty of water fountains. 4. If you reach Six Flags when it opens, you'll have a good chance of finishing at least 50% of the rides before the crowd hits. The park hours were from 12pm to 10pm. We reached at 1:30 and were able to finish three rides in an hour and after 2:30, the wait time got higher to about 25-40 mins per ride, and we visited when there was comparatively less crowd. 5. Fright Fest was interesting. I saw a lot of fun and cute (not scary) attractions. I didn't have time to attend any of the shows or haunted houses so I cannot comment on that. 6. It appears that animals at Six flags Discovery Kingdom are abused and ill-treated. We were seeing a bunch of volunteers handing out pamphlets and trying to create awareness. So that was pretty upsetting and disturbing to hear about but I do not know the actual story behind it. Just stating what I saw at the park. 7. I found Harley Quinn a very painful ride. It was shaking way too much and my head kept hitting the arm rest. If you are going on that ride, be sure to keep your head in the air(not touch the back seat) and lean your head to one of the arm rests so that it won't bobble. Kong was a little bearable but I found that to hurt a little bit too. All in all, I had an extremely fabulous time and the next time, I'll be better prepared. Here's a list of rides in the order that I liked. 1. Medusa 2. Flash 3. Batman 4. Joker 5. White Water Safari 6. Wonder Woman 7. Sky Screamer 8. SuperMan 9. Kong 10. Dare devil 11. Harley Quinn


30$ for parking ... why ? ....and where ? There emplyees needs a lot of training on how to talk and treat people of all ages . The park is almost a garbage for the price they are asking for 30$ No food court. They need to be more affordable for the people

Sarah Davis

Drenched is it! Great show...I can watch dolphins having a wonderful time over and over. Dolphins love the fish too.

Sam Smith

This Six Flags theme park is showing it's age. Be prepared to spend big dollars if you go. 50 + dollars for entry, 30.00 dollars for parking and 60 + dollars to eat. The coaster's may be fun to ride but be prepared to wait a LONG time in line. The rides were only running one ride car on all of there ride's. That can make for a long day.

Kashi Samuels

Excellent ADA compliance. A drs note on file will ensure you or your child plus 3 companions may skip waiting in the general line

Abraham merino

Great place to visit, they have some really great rides, along with some other enjoyments. Like a butterfly encounter and feeding some sea lions. Great experience with the membership can't wait to go back.

Emily Philibert

Needs more and taller rides, but otherwise is fun for an afternoon! The butterfly house is the best part though!


I am unable to stand for long periods of time, and I had a doctors note stating this. I got an Attraction Access Pass (to have the ability to wait for rides outside of the line, while still waiting the normal time for rides). I rented an electric scooter, and was really disappointed with my experience. I tried to go on the Joker and the ADA access is very frustrating for this ride. There is a ramp leading to the elevator, the ramp does not have room to turn around with an electric scooter. And nobody was operating the elevator. I did not know how the elevator worked so I had to keep going back and forth talking to people. The water rapid ride was also hard to get through the ADA line with the tight corners. Harley Quinn, Kong and boomerang were closed, and some rides were only open for like 3 hours. I was disappointed with the ADA accessibility and that so many rides were closed while I still paid full price for our tickets and bought the overpriced food and drinks.

Sherry A

Soooo fun. Very very clean! The ride operators are excellent! They make you feel the excitement! Be prepared to pay VERY HIGH prices for food!! Example...a slice of pizza... $13.00...parking $30.00 ...about a mile from parking to the entrance. ..they offer a shuttle...did not use it. Far and few between. Going on a week day....some exhibits and rides closed.


Unfortunately, I could not get inside. Before coming, my friend, who is a holder of a Golden Pass, called them to find out if I can come as a friend today for free. On the phone they definitely said yes. I sat nearby and heard everything. Upon arrival (70 miles), it turned out that since his membership was issued in Los Angeles, he can bring a friend there only for free. Why this was not said on the phone and nowhere in large print this is not indicated. All that was offered is a 20% discount. Nevertheless, I did not pay $ 60 for entry and did not visit the park because I consider this situation unfair. Can’t say anything bad about the park itself. My friend liked it

Arashdeep Gill

Very nice amusement park. I love the rides. My personal favourites are the Medusa and Batman. The food and drinks are very overpriced but still a fun experience overall.


I have been here twice and loved it! Had a great time and fun with my friends spending the day here. I recommend looking for deals that appear on the internet to reduce the price a bit (otherwise it is too expensive). What I didn't like about the parking lot is that you have to pay more and still you have to walk 15-20' to reach the entrance! Finally, bring your own food/drink, it will save you some money.

Veronicar Wall

It took like almost an hour to park, there lot was full so we parked at the fair grounds no one was there to navigate it was chaos.. the place was just dirty.... spent almost $400 and it was so not worth it..won't be going back anytime soon

Francisco bautista

Nice place to play games. Especially with your friends or family. Although, their turkey lega are pretty okay. Not enough meat.


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