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California, United States

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Where is Sequoia National Park?

REVIEWS OF Sequoia National Park IN California


Nature is awesome!, saw a black bear, a doe, bats, and the scenery is just amazing. Must see! Bring a camera!

Terry S

The tallest trees in the world only grow in central and northern California, so if you’re visiting near here, I highly recommend that you try to see them. They are truly magnificent! My wife and I visited Sequoia National Park for the first and last time 23 years ago, a few months after we were married. That time we camped in the park for two nights and really enjoyed it. This time we took our 18 and 12 year old daughters so that they could see the magnificent trees in the Giant Forest, even though we drove through the redwoods on Pacific Coast Highway two years ago. We didn’t camp this time, and instead stayed at the Lamp Liter Inn in Visalia (where there was no air conditioning in the 105°F heat), and drove to the park from there. The 2500 year old (give or take 200 years) General Sherman is the largest tree in the world in terms of volume of wood that it contains (over 52,000 cubic feet). It’s about half the age of the oldest known living tree, and at 275 feet tall, it’s about 105 feet shorter than the Hyperion redwood, but since the location of Hyperion is secret, this one is probably the most spectacular tree I’ll ever see! Five of the ten biggest trees on the planet are in the Giant Forest. Crystal Cave is very interesting also. We went on that tour the first time, but didn’t have time to do it on this trip. The entire park is really beautiful and is very much worth a visit of a day or several days if you’re going to be in the area.

Charles Hegemeyer

The park was awesome! Lots of hiking and helpful people. Bring lunch and eat there. Great place to take the family. The museum is very educational. Be sure to see all the trees. There is a shuttle.

Mark Nierwetberg

Lovely park with breathtaking trees as big as dinosaurs :-) and old like your grandmas Do some hiking off the beaten tracks around the celebrity trees (Grant, etc). Park your car at the Giant Forest Museum and take the bus to Sherman Tree, take a look at the big General an walk the Congress / Alta Trial back to the museum (1,5 hrs).

Nishal Ram

Amazing, been there 3 times, we visit each we are in the area and would visit again. The best time was it was snowing.

Marisa Thomas

Majestic trees and outstanding nature. Beautiful peaceful place to walk the trails. Definitely worth the visit!


So many great trails to hike. Go start your adventure!

Guadalupe Espitia

General Sherman Tree was huge!! Despite all the people, I still felt at peace like the peace a forest offers. Lovely travel, for sure.


We have been to several national parks and this one, so far, is one of our favorites (besides Yellowstone). The scenery is remarkable and the sequoia trees you have to see to grasp their awesome size and presence. Definitely hope to be back in the next 10-15 years.

Dyanne Gregg

This place is beyond words!!! It is a place that everyone should see at least once. The hiking is incredible and the sites are amazing!! Make sure you slow down and share the road......this is not a place you want to zip around (you will definitely miss something) This is a great place for the young and the young at heart.

Adam Strand

Very well handled as soon as you get through the gate. You get a map and go to the service center ask about whichever path or thing you want to see and everyone there is willing to help. Enjoy yourself and drive safe.

Erica Bunce

One of my favorite places on earth. My go to place for healing the soul nature therapy! These trees are so ancient and majestic!

Kendall Wooldridge

Beautiful! It’s a wonderful place to go for vacation! It’s $35 a vehicle to get in but your pass is good for 7 days which is awesome. We didn’t camp but the trails were fairly easy. A couple of them were super easy on the way down but the way up we were wheezing. So be prepared when you hike!

Annette Ruiz

The river was full of water. We stopped by on our way back home so we were just there for a couple of hours. Want to go back and fully enjoy the beauty of the park.

Ben Shaw

Absolutely breathtaking National Park. I have been here a few times and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The main road that goes through, CA-198, also known as General's Highway, will be closed during winter months and I can assure you, it's for your safety, because the snow can get serious here. I Pictures do not do these trees justice at all, you really have to come check them out for yourself. Definitely not something I'll ever forget.

Vanessa Angel

Went for a 3 day backpacking trip and on the way back down, we stopped at a family restaurant with many great amenities!


Sequoia is so beautiful, I personally think that Sequoia is better than Yosemite. I visited this in September and weather was great, little chilly. Main attraction of Sequoia is General Sheram tree which is biggest tree in the world and this place is always crowded with people taking photos. Other attractions are Moro rock, tunnel log from which you can drive car under fallen tree, Crystal caves for which we need to pay. Visitor centre is also beautiful.

Chrys M


Michelle Blaylock

I stayed at Cabin Cove about a mile before Silver City. It is so beautiful and peaceful! A great place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Hunter Lawless

Absolutely beautiful! Recommend Eagle Lake

Zane Jackson

literally one of the best places I've ever been to. It was fun was awesome and the sites were amazing. You can go to Kings canyon national Park as was Sequoia in the same trip, and you can do pretty much everything in under one day. The campsites per phenomenal and the people wonderful!

Jessica Hash

Camped at Kings canyon campground at sunset and it was awesome all you old people with the park passes get out there and camp best still in the world.

Mandar Amle

Well managed National park with good shuttle service. Highlights of the park are Giant Sequoias including biggest tree in the world and Morro Rock trail. Only negative is the road that takes to the park is winding so people with motion sickness do carry Dramamine.

Erika Sanchez

Getting to the hiking trails is about an hour drive from the entrance, but the drive is definitely worth it. Went for a day, but only got to do two trails, so you definitely will need couple days to explore

Patrick Murphy

Giant trees you must see. And to think, they logged most of them before these could be protected. Thanks to the visionaries who protect nature!

Christina Ellen

We loved our visit at Sequoia National Park! The Sequoia trees are huge and we'll worth the trip. Kids also liked it.

Teenie Martinez

This place is an absolute treasure. Mother nature in all her glory. Plan on spending at least the whole day. There's so much beauty from the amazing and enormous trees to the canyons, waterfalls, caves, you name it you can find it. Well worth the cost of entry.

Kristina Derosier

Camped at Kings canyon campground at sunset and it was awesome all you old people with the park passes get out there and camp best still in the world.

Aziz Sallam

With its laid back atmosphere, Sequoia is the ultimate dining concept. Its Wood paneled flooring, couches & stuffed chairs, low wooden tables, draped canopies and soft light, have created an ambiance which is irreplaceable. Sequoia’s dream like atmosphere and it’s simplistic elegance make it a place where one can truly enjoy a good afternoon and many endless nights. In Sequoia, we were keen to present our favorite selection of fusion Mediterranean cuisine originating from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Sequoia solely relies on the word of mouth of its loyal customers as well as the numerous regional and international publications who have recognized Sequoia as “one of the top reasons to visit Cairo ”as quoted by the leading international travel and hospitality magazine Travel & Leisure.”

Cody Wood

I recently got married here and I miss say it was completely beautiful! Wonderful views of the mountains and landscape and even better views of the massive Sequoia trees! Truly amazing!

Karina Lariz

Awesome, would definitely go back. Lots to do and not enought time. Will have to go back to finish seeing all the sights.

Kris S

Beautiful, breathtaking, all natural. The trail could use a little maintenance, but perhaps the park wants to keep it untouched. Overall, I had a wonderful time with friends hiking the Little Baldy Trail.

Kim Grewe

You can feel the ancient wisdom of the world here. Amazing. And if you like wildlife, this is one of the best places to spot a black bear.

Michele Kane

Sequoia National Park is truly an amazing place. The wondrous sequoia trees are really something to take in. At this park you are able to drive through a sequoia tree, see a cabin made from a downed tree and even sit on benches made out of the trees. If you take a hike you may be lucky enough to find a tree that you can even stand inside of.

Wong Pheng

My family enjoyed our visit here today, although we hated the drive up there. We wanted to go on the tour to the crystal cave, but couldn't because we got their late. So we went on the big tree trail which was short but nice. We saw a black bear cub and got to take lots of pics.

Victor Reyes

A nice place if you're looking to escape from the city but still be surrounded a bit by people. If you go hiking there are trails to follow and you won't come across too many people. Moro Rock is where you'll find a lot of the people ascending. It was a bit of a challenge going up--being on the heavier side--but was well worth it

Sara Elzas

One of the key attractions of California. Perfect place to inhale some fresh air. Those huge trees are something u can't miss! Carry a lot of water and a pair of comfy shoes.

Kevin B

Been there, got seedlings to bring home. That was over 40 years ago, I wonder if those things grew in Vegas :)

Jason Stratford

Awesome Gigantic Sequoia trees! The cones I found in the park were huge from the trees. I'm used to Carolina pines and their cones and this park makes you realize how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Definitely worth an excursion if you are ever in the area.


Depends where you live and the time of the years. The drive could be painful but once you arrive the amazing smell of pine tree and the views melts away your worries. Perfect place to walk and enjoy nature and great place to visit with family.

Braun Knew

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL. I have never really been to a forest since elementary school but wow I'm happy my second experience was Sequoia

Gaby Velazco

It's a great place to go camping with your whole family

Gail Booth

Drove from 3000 ft to 7000 ft to see a tree. The redwoods on the coast were and are much more impressive.

Marjorie Reynolds

Breathtaking views! Winding drive. Something you must see in person to appreciate the beauty!

Eddie S

This place is unbelievable! I love this National Park. This is where you really want to take your family for a great Forest experience. The trees are gorgeous and gigantic.

Anna Marsland

It was a really well run park, with plenty of accessible trails and it was well sign posted. We did one of the shorter trails which had signs about the history of the park and about sequioas themselves. It was a really beautiful park and I would definitely recommend a visit

Manuel Gonzalez

If you love nature thos is one place in your bucket list to visit. In few words amazing experience for the whole family. Just be aware of some places is hard to find a rest room. And if you want to find parking be there before 9 am

Earl David

we went to this magical place with humongous trees which are at the very top of the 7,000 foot mountain. The problem is getting there. You have to go thru winding roads with speeds of ten miles an hour. Our daughter threw up because of the constant turns. Also, when you eventually reach the top where you can park and go visit the General Sherman tree, make sure you to take a bottle of water

Raul Adams

I love how well maintained the park is. The streets and parking lot areas were clean. Restrooms need more cleaning, but In overall, the experience is nice if you like nature and great views.

Laura Walpole

Wonderful, but make sure you check roads for vehicle length restrictions first. Also there can be show into June and there are sections that say to carry chains. Despite not being prepared we had a great time camping and hiking.

Caroline Louis

My family and I have a good experience in this place we love the nature..but the river is a little dangerous if you have children take care about them keep your eyes on them because the river currents are very strong .. but everything is ok to explore beautiful place I recommend it to enjoy with the family.


Great experience out to nature. The cave was a sensational experience. Good exercise there and back!

Bea Contreras

Enjoy the hikes and places to have lunch. Such a beautiful place to be at.

Katherine Broyles

Going through Sequoia and seeing the giant sequoias takes your breath away, and going to the crystal cave and to the top or Moro Rock are experiences I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Take your time here and enjoy the nature.

Karan Jariwala

Beautiful place. I have never seen such a huge tree in my place. A must visit.

Jamie Engel

What an amazing stop. The drive up is one of the best too.

Janiece Gwynn

Wonderful scenery! Helpful rangers. So much variety of plants and rock formations.

Lea Fujikawa

These Sequoia trees are amazing!! True natural wonders of the world. A must see in person! And if you're really lucky, see a bear, at a distance of course


Simply amazing! Pictures and words can not do justice to this magical place. You must walk through these giants to appreciate them.

Alex Ramirez

Beautiful place for camping. friendly employees some rivers around ha lot of places for hiking there is some shuttles to take you around you have to pay $35 and they will give you a permit for 7 days to go around the park Plus camping fees shuttles fees are included in the entrance fee definitely I will come back soon

Aldo Rosas

Another National Park on my list. Great view and definitely peaceful on a weekday. Don’t forget to bring water and comfortable shoes

Syl P

If you have not visited Sequoia, you must. The giant trees are amazing. Great hikes and excellent rangers.

Blake Lewis

I wish I could live here. I took the family in April of 2018 and while it was warm at sea level in California; there was still snow on the forest floor where the Sequoia Trees live. This was truly a breathtaking to visit. I hope to come back one day.


You have to be there once, beautiful view and enjoy red wood small and giant sequoia trees unforgetable^^

Brock Whittaker

Camped at Kings canyon campground at sunset and it was awesome all you old people with the park passes get out there and camp best still in the world.

Valter Nasufi

The most unique tree in the world. It's about 5 hours away from Los Angeles, but it's worth the tiring to go there. The longest and largest trees in the world. Not only are they long, but they also give a beautiful, unrepeatable look. You can not describe the size of these trees in words, you need to come here to personally experience it.

James Keating

This huge national park offers incredible views as you travel up the winding road to the redwood forest. From there, it only gets better. The huge redwoods are an impressive sight, the hikes range from short loops to long mountains trails through beautiful scenery and even the path from the overflow car park to the visitor center leads to a rocky outcropping with views stretching to faraway coastal mountains.

Ixtchel Rosales

Such a great experience! It’s pretty awesome witnessing that so many people from around the world travel to visit this park


Great, really big park and lots of fun to go round. Absorbs a lot of people easily. Consider taking the shuttle from outside the park as it means you can enjoy the journey up the steep and very windy road from Three Rivers. Definitely use the shuttles inside the park as its much easier to get around and more environmentally friendly.

Kimber Chapman

Amazing experience. Didn’t expect to sit in an hour back up just getting to the museum. But over all great experience.

Briana McCarthy

I visited in early April and the shuttle wasn't running yet, but I didn't have trouble finding parking at most of the lots. Expect an upward hike when you've finished visiting General Sherman, but there are a good number of benches places along the way if you need a rest.

ronnyz jones

Camped at Kings canyon campground at sunset and it was awesome all you old people with the park passes get out there and camp best still in the world. national parks the best idea America ever had and no news media there to tell you bull.

Matt Hohrath

This was truly a unique experience having been to close to 20 national parks. It felt like you’re walking on another plant with all the massive sequoias around you. Pictures don’t do these massive trees justice. It is awe inspiring walking in the woods with these surrounding you. Must go to park!

Alex Frenkel

One of the most amazing places around for 1 or 2 day trips, if you don't have any more time.


Wonderful national park with great inter park transportation. Home of the biggest tree in the world, general Sherman. Beautiful and easy trail full of majestic, unreal sequoia trees. Be ready to have tour mind blown if you are a nature lover❤Must make a stop at morro rock and visit the beautiful meadow. Got to see a beautiful buck early in the morning!! Plenty of marmots all around. Do not forget the mosquito spray!!!

Greg Gardner

I have visited many national parks and never been disappointed, this is no exception. It really has somthing for everyone. Camp ground complete with public showers, laundry and small ( reasonably priced ) grocery store. A cave system to explore. A spectacular mountain top vista and of course the phenomenal ancient Sequoias. Put this place on your bucket list and visit!

Jennifer Martini

We had a nice week vacation in the sequoia national forest. This year was unseasonably cold so even though it was the end of May it had a lot of snow. We still went out hiking and exploring the area. We had a great time!

seun adejumo

Nice place for sight seeing, this dramatic landscape testifies to nature's size, beauty, and diversity--huge mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, vast caverns, and the world's largest trees. These two parks lie side by side in the southern Sierra Nevada east of the San Joaquin Valley. Weather varies a lot by season and elevation, which ranges from 1,370' to 14,494'

Jared Lesueur

I'm a big National Park guy and I think Sequoia is up there with one of my favorite National Park. Camping is fairly easy to find spots available never really overcrowded and they do cool things like they have like I went to a astronomy convention that was amazing. But the large trees are my favorite these Fallen Giants are so beautiful

Tyler Richardson

This place will blow your mind! I would see more than this and take your trip to lake Tahoe and maybe even head up the cost towards Oregon. If you can, you won't regret it!

Tina Barnes

Beautiful! Lots of trails to hike on. We went when there was snow and then went back in the summer. Beautiful both times of year.

Olivia Yang

Seems small.. and just trees.. but if you like hiking, you would love it


Beautiful place, I just love the hiking trails. And enjoy the nature.

Russ Thalman

Awesome place. Beautiful. Wish i would have had more time to stay there.

Victor Sanchez

This Park is awesome! The giant Sequoia tree's, Morro Rock hiking trails Cresent Meadows my new favorite place

Ben Wierwill

Great park with awesome scenery, fresh air, clean, huge trees, easy to navigate. FYI, park rangers sometimes say there is no parking in popular attractions and that you need to park elsewhere and take a shuttle to the attraction - only to find that there is plenty of parking available.

Katie Puterbaugh

Absolutely love this Park! The trees are spectacular and the smell is so amazing!

Maria Klein

Absolutely great park! Sequoias are very beautiful and powerful. We drove along Generals highway from General Sherman sequoia (the biggest tree on our planet) to General Grant sequoia stopping on some of viewpoints and it was not enough. We will definitely come back to see all else.

Yos Hrndz

Mesmerizing views. Once you get to the top of Moro rock you’ll see what real beauty is. Take mosquito repellent, water, good trail shoes, snacks and don’t forget to take the shuttle.


Amazing experience. Didn’t expect to sit in an hour back up just getting to the museum. But over all great experience.

Joshua Infante

Beautiful nature. Thank the Lord for these beautiful trees that we have and we can experience

Me Jan

The Sequoia forest is just awe inspiring. What is more fantastic is the people who had the foresight to save this place from being cut down and developed for us to enjoy.

Darren Deel

I loved the park and the giant trees. The trails and all the hiking you can do. I had an amazing time. The only down side to the park is, they need about 5,000 more toilets through out the whole park.

Tanja P.

Fantastic place. Worth to stay much longer than we could. We loved the sequoia trees, the landscape in general, and the bear which we saw.

Joaquin Gomez Ocampo

This is one of these places were you must go and visit for urself... Great experience and so relaxing

bernadine Archuleta

Was one of the things on my bucket list so happy I got see it... the rest rooms were very clean and the stalls had tissue....just need to add a few more handy cap uprise toilets for the elderly


Second trip for us, really enjoy it. Got to see a bear this time at the Sherman tree

Daniel White

One of the best and nicest places to go, Amazing to see those Giants that still exist in this world!! Wow just wow come down to California so you can experience it yourself In person something to just take in and exhale because that fresh air is something else.

Megan Webb

Absolutely stunning. Seeing the massive sequoia trees was beyond breathtaking and impressive. The park was gorgeous and the Rangers super kind. Definitely would visit again.

Andrew Bestafka

What a beautiful national treasure. Breathtaking vistas and incomprehensibly huge and tall trees. I wish more was done to honor Native American culture and heritage.

Jake Jenkins

You can't go wrong here, unless you get eaten by a bear

Anthony Soldavini

Awesome park. I would recommend for any nature lover. Paved roads and handicap accessible.

Lybni Cruz

One of the best trips I enjoyed to the max, it's the most beautiful scenery with the best views and so many waterfalls and so much beauty to contemplate. Some areas had snow and we played snowball fight! So so fun.

Alice K

Giant trees you must see. And to think, they logged most of them before these could be protected. Thanks to the visionaries who protect nature!

Jason Odom

Whatever you imagine this place to be, it’s better. Looks like some stuff straight off lord or the rings. Doesn’t seem like it should be on earth. Highly recommend.

Barbara H

You have to see it to appreciate. It's impossible to not be amazed and awe struck. Definitely worth visiting.

Jared Stapor

There were a couple of spots that were very crowded with people but once you broke out of the pack and got into some hiking, the park is absolutely stunning. Went to Moro rock, crystal caves, saw general Sherman tree, but the best and most scenic area was mineral king. There were not a lot of people there and open camp sights. The hikes were scenic and varied a good mount in difficulty. For anyone that needs quality hikes in Sequoia, mineral king is the place to go. Eagle and mosquito lake are amazing.

Eevee Tube

We loved this place! We saw Yosemite National Park first so of course we weren’t 100% amazed

Joe Gonzalez

One of the best places to go too, Amazing to see those Giants that still exist in this world!! Wow just wow come down to California so you can experience it yourself In person something to just take in and exhale because that fresh air is something else.

Damyon Ray

The size of these trees is simply amazing. If you aren't afraid of heights, try climbing Moro Rock. You can get some spectacular views from there.

Rick Heil

Great park. Trees must be seen to believe. Hikes are nice. Roads throughout are super twisty. Not much to do but see the awesome forest.

Kelly Lease

Absolutely beautiful. Saw a lovely buck walking thru the woods. I highly recommend getting away from the tourist attractions for some peace and quiet:)

Joshua Mullins

This place is so amazing from the gigantic trees to the spectacular views and hikes you just can’t beat this place, if you have a chance I highly recommend you to check this place

virgil moore

Surreal feeling to see the giant Sequoias that look like they don't belong on this planet. Lots of trails if you like hiking, but not required. Park is at 7000 feet so there are stunning mountain views of snow capped Sierra Nevada range everywhere.

Nora Flores

Amazing place for tree lovers like myself. Be sure to download an offline map or else you won't have reception in there at all. At least I didnt.

Michael John

Beautiful. Simply amazing as to how trees grew this large and have existed for this long. Really can't wrap my head around their lifespan.

Kathlyn Nauta

Absolutely beautiful. Shuttle system was very helpful. Crystal Cave was amazing.

Meghan DeRoma

Sequoia is the closest thing to seeing a dinosaur that you can experience today. Bananas. It's a spiritual journey, winding through those tress.

Gerardo Grajeda

Beautiful and elegant scenery. Park rangers are helpful in every way. A good place to relax and escape the troubles in life.

La Crecia Vance

Breathtaking views! Winding drive. Something you must see in person to appreciate the beauty!

Jim Boggs

Definitely a place for your bucket list if you haven't seen this already

Victor Dobrovatov

A magical place where anyone can enjoy the great outdoors. There is fishing and hiking available during the day as well as opportunity to enjoy amazing sky covered in stars at night.


Amazing park with beautiful landscape and so much to do. Somehow frustrated we could only stay a single day. Will definitely come back if we can !!

Sergius Master

You need to see that trees, touch them and realize how big they are ) Also, there are different trails, you can climb to Moro Rock, nice view

Felix Trom!

There was no playground I my 23 year old son wsd very disappointed please consider to add a park for 300 pound people like my son

Shuchi Gupta

Breathtaking and larger than life! Must visit for all nature lovers!

Crystal Benton

Had few stops because of road work but otherwise amazing scenery. The landscape is absolutely fantastic. Definitely glad we got to visit and would visit again.

Matt Olpinski

One of the most magical places you can visit in the U.S. Worth the trip, just be sure to avoid all surrounding areas and fly in/out of Sacramento.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

One of the wonders of the world! Towering immortal giants of the natural world! The largest single stemmed tree in the world - General Sherman tree

Amber Wallace

A beautiful national park in central Ca. The Sequoia's are definitely worth the visit with lots to explore. Must sees include: General Grant tree and surrounding grove, Morro Rock, and General Sherman Tree and surrounding grove. Camping and cabins exists for those who want to stay in the park during their visits. There is a small village and gas available within the park.

Akbope Kiyakbaeva

Really great place! Worth visiting! Come here and see the biggest sequoia in the world :)

D Grove

We went on a Saturday and could not find any parking, so be sure to go early. Also we did not know that the road to Moro Rock is closed to vehicles on the weekends, but that the park's shuttle service will take you there. The park has a $35 entrance fee per vehicle. We should have informed ourselves better before we went. The drive through the park was simply amazing!

Kat Dej-Panah

Amazing park, so much more than big trees to see. Crystal Cave tour is fantastic and worth the hike.

Irene Bautista

Majestic giant trees of the earth. Cool and educational way to reconnect with mother earth.

Wendy McGowan

Absolutely loved it! What a majestic and truly awesome place.

Patricia Duarte

We enjoy coming year after year. I've been coming here since I was two years old and I never tire of it. I love the winding roads between majestic trees, I get intoxicated with the smell of damp soil and redwood bark, and I am in awe at the starry sky at night. The only complaint I have is that the public bathrooms in the park stink like old urine. The floors are very dirty and stinky. Some ammonia or bleach would work great to clean and deodorize them.

Pritam Banerjee

This park is just awesome. Definitely a must visit place for all Californians. The trees are the main attraction. The hikes are great too.


One of the most beautiful and amazing places that I have ever been. Amazing trees.

Sue Blanke

Amazing, incredible landscape! The Big Trees are beyond explanation! To stand beside them was a humbling, emotional experience! I've wanted to visit since elementary school. I had to wait 50 years, but it was well worth it! ♥

Omar Bourne

First time here. Two recommendations are get gas at the Chevron before you enter the park and bring bug spray during the summer. I had a lot of fun walking the trails and experiencing nature. During the summer there are a lot of people but that's expected. There's enough parking to park and walk to trails. I saw a shuttle service to various scenic locations but I decided to hike the area I was in. There are a lot of bugs during the summer, many I have never seen before. It was unexpectedly funny to run from the ones that tried landing on me. I went in the middle of July and it was 75 degrees that day. They give you a map and an information booklet on entrance. I would suggest using it because cell reception up there is bad. Cant wait to go back!

Lissa Kelley

Great place but getting there is difficult. Road in takes over an hour at 10 to 25 miles per hour. Numerous switchbacks. Recommend Crescent Meadow trail. Great Sequoia trees there. also toured Crystal Cave. That's good but to return from cave is a half mile uphill hike.

B Zylstra

It's so beautiful! My favorite was the overlook where we could get out and walk a little. We didn't do much else because it was raining! We did find a place at Hospital Rock to grill the hamburgers and hot dogs we brought. Heads up, it costs $35 per car. However, if you have a fourth grader, you can sign up on line and print a paper voucher to exchange for a free pass to many national parks.

Sabrina Paez-Parent

If you get the chance to go to this national park and see the Sequoias I highly recommend it! It’s a sight that you can’t compare to anything else and the walks/hikes are very manageable for many different levels of activity.

Sam Kubica

Such a beautiful national park! Went for a day trip and had a great time hiking the trails near the Giant Forest Museum.

Joe Lu

This is one of the most beautiful national parks in California. The largest tree on Earth is here. It's called General Sherman. Awesome! We just visited it yesterday for the first time. It's about 5 hour's drive from SF Bay Area. We met a group of elegant deers feeding along the roadside not far from park entrance. We didn't encounter any bears this time that we had expected to. Anyway just love it and will definitely revisit again...

Holly Roberts

This place will blow your mind! I would see more than this and take your trip to lake Tahoe and maybe even head up the cost towards Oregon. If you can, you won't regret it!

A Ce

Fantastic views. It takes an hour's drive to reach the sequoias. People get spiritual seeing these trees. Some of the trees have been there before Christ. What?!? And they are alive living things. What?!?!?

Hyung Lee

Take advantage of their free shuttles @giant forest museum parking lot especially if you arent sure where to go in this massive national park. Taking shuttle helps you focus on enjoying rather than finding parking and driving.

Guadalupe olguin

Love coming here when its almost fall. Thats when its just cold enough to escape the summer of the big city, but you can still do some hiking with not much more than a hoodie.

Frank J.

If you love big trees or big mountains that is the place to be. Go to the visitor center and ask for recommendations for hikes. They can suggest a beautiful hike and take your ability into account. Come prepared (proper shoes and clothes) and if you have a hiking map/GPS bring it with you as well.

Rigoberto Aguirre

Unique the sequoia is only here and has been since before Christ. Crazy

Roselyn Zuyeali VERKOUILLE

I loved the huge trees particularly General Sherman and General Grove. I did go see the spectacular grizzly water falls too. There are many things and places to see here.

Ernest Giribets

beautiful rock formations, really worth a visit, the vain. enjoy.

Patrick Washington

Amazing park, so much more than big trees to see. Crystal Cave tour is fantastic and worth the hike.

Danny P.

This is an amazing national park! Beautiful sights, incredible hiking trails, great weather. There is nothing to gripe about.


Love this drive. It's great being so close. Whenever we feel bored a drive through the sequoias always seems to brighten our spirits. Giant trees... Mountains. Terrific place to be.

Jack Jackson

Very relaxing, so much to see... walking the trail especially. I walked the trail down hill and took a shuttle bus (free) back uphill to where I originally started... very peaceful atmosphere.


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