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REVIEWS OF SeaWorld San Diego IN California


I love the shows. Cirque electric is a great show. The sea lion show is very funny.over all it's a great place to visit. You can get your hands cleaned by tiny fish at the entrance, which is very cool. I urge everyone to visit Sea World San Diego at least once.

J Taylor

We like everything about the park except the food. Not the worst food but not great either. The best food for the money are the smoked meats. We were of the opinion that all the restaurants in the park had the same food company service so the food did not vary much, for good or bad.

Angela Correa

We had fun!! Shows were great!! We had a group with us from 3 to 67yrs old and we ALL HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!

Brittani Wilson

Our family visited almost everything in two days. It was fantastic. There's lots of variety and something for everyone. I would dare say the pools where you can touch the animals were our families favorite. I wish the parade went a little slower or did an after party?! It was so fast and cute. We did the dine with the killer whales and I would recommend eating after the show. You have an hour to eat and the trainers work with whales for about 15 minutes. Very fun, can't wait to go again!

corey hudson

I really enjoyed the park! But what I liked the most was the beer and the prices. For all the experience and things you can see, I think it's worth it!

Chance Simpson

Always a fun time at SeaWorld! Daughter loved everything and very informative/very friendly staff. Will be visiting again. Great rides as well for adults and kiddos.


Great time with my daughter. Be sure to.check out the coupons online or even purchase tickets ahead of time to avoid lines. Show times and maps are online also to plan your day. We got the one day pass with food but could have easily spent 2 days here. Food pass included a beverage, side, and entree at a selection of the restaurants for every hour we were here. The souvenir cup with orca or dolphin on top can be refilled anywhere at the park all day with no time restrictions.

Curtis Lavallee

SeaWorld is a fun place to spend the day especially if you have kids. The only bad thing is the price of food. It is better in my opinion to eat outside of the park but otherwise it is a good place to spend a day

Safiyya Vankalwala

It's a great place to see sea creatures up close. However, in comparison to some of the other things we did while visiting San Diego, such as the zoo and beach, the entrance fee didn't feel justified. The signs around the park were poor and the map didn't feel accurate compared to other similar venues we've been around the world. If you're a ride seeker, the Electric Eel is totally worth it. We went on a Monday and spent the entire day there and felt like we needed more time. It wasn't busy which was nice. The pasta at Mama Stella was yummy, the pizza not so much.

Alex Choe

My family and I had a fantastic time. The crowds from what I remember has changed substantially. Maybe it's due to documentary Black Fin or it was a weekday but the amusement park was not as crowded as it use to be. The lines were so short it was awesome to just through to the front for rides and get awesome seats to the show. The all day food and drink pass is a must. The price for an adult is easily compensated with two meals but you get food, drink, sides and desserts every hour.


So just to preface - I went here mostly wanting an animal experience like an aquarium but this is just an amusement park with an aquatic animal theme. If that appeals to you then overall I'd say it's a very good amusement park but that is just not what I was wanting. I'm very happy it still exists and makes money to help fund animal conservation and saving the ocean but we will never go back. Also do NOT get the food wristband pass - the places that accept it take at minimum 30 minutes to get your order. They are abysmally slow and glacial-paced, probably on purpose to make sure you can't get your money's worth out of it. Just bring your own lunch or eat somewhere else.

Tanmoy Som

SeaWorld San Diego is an animal theme park, oceanarium, outside aquarium and marine mammal park, in San Diego, California, United States, inside Mission Bay Park. SeaWorld San Diego is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Normal retail price at the gate for single entrance SeaWorld San Diego tickets is $91.99 for ages 3 and older. Kids under 3 are free. You will save money by purchasing tickets and experiences online, in advance. Note that the general parking fee at SeaWorld San Diego is currently $22. Please visit this place as it will be fun filled. We loved this place ❤️❤️❤️

Evan Goss

The park was a lot of fun but the food and drink pass was a but upsetting. They allow you to get food once an hour which seems like a good deal but it's an hour wait in line for food. The park couldn't keep up with ice demand so although we could get a drink every hour once mid day set in there was never any ice. The fast pass ticket is definitely worth it. We never waited more than 5-10 minutes for a ride.

Daisey Madafra

I had a great time, and my family loved it! I would have given it 5 stars, if they had a little more. For it being the world of the sea, I didn't see much sea animals. I was hoping they would have the most amazing aquarium ever. But definitely worth taking the family! I will return!


I have been going here for over 30 years and it has been one of my FAVORITE places. I was very disappointed this time. The bathrooms were not clean at all. Some smelled of urine which I don't think I have ever had this happen anywhere. The grounds were just not kept up like they used to be. I was here last year at the same time and I don't remember it being this bad. Also, what happen to the pet show. My family was really looking forward to that. I understand it takes a lot to run Sea World, I just hope it gets better. I LOVED Sea World... after this trip I don't know when we will be back! :(

Tita Morones

Took my goddaughter here for the first time she loved it we love seeing all the animals and shows. Became an annual member can't wait to go back

Christopher Fair

Little sad to see attendance so sparse, but did enjoy the freedom of movement while there. If you haven't been, you should. Great for the family.

Taina Serrano

Let me just say, overall experience was OK. I expected more. I’m a huge animal lover BUT the flamingos do deserve a better home. They’re literally placed under the roller coaster. Water was extremely dirty. They look absolutely miserable and it’s sad to see. Please take care of the animals.

Alma blank

Sea world was so much fun! My favorite part was getting to put my hand in with the fish's. They nibble at your skin as if little kisses. So much to see and do. Definitely must go.

Kay Nord

Love SeaWorld and have a premium pass. Only complaint is how they cone off parking spots closer to entrance that should be open forcing one to park really far away. Don't understand why. Much harder for families to maneuver so far in between cars.

Danielle M. Weissenborn

We love SeaWorld. They have so many amazing opportunities to learn about sea life and how to better help our ecosystems. I have a autistic child who absolutely loves it there. We are now annual pass holders and could not be happier with the amount of things there are to do.

Walter Conover

Pretty depressing experience to be honest. Almost all the aquariums are really showing their age. Dolphin and orca displays are borderline tear jerking. The only thing we really enjoyed where the amusement rides. Many other better things to do in San Diego.

Maritza Gant

Luckily we went when the park wasn't crowded. The Staff was friendly. Wide variety of foods to choose from. And it is beautiful to be able to interact with a few sea creatures. I just wish the public could respect the living creatures and learn to be gentle/delicate. Fun rides! And rides were fixed promptly when they lock-up/brake down. It was great.

terry love

Enjoyed sea world more than the zoo. Watched all the shows I wish we had a chance to swim with the dolphins. Would definitely go back again.

Bryce Hendrickson

I took my wife and daughter for their birthdays, we all had an amazing day. The attractions, shows, and rides are well placed so you can move from one to the next quickly. The extra upgrades are most deffinetly worth every penny. We did the dolphin experience, it is something none of us will forget. Every staff member we interacted with was extremely friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable, and went out of their way to make sure we had a wonderful time. I do recommend for anyone. If you are in the area plan an entire day to explore the park.

Judie Pokakaa

We had so much fun! The only thing we didn't like was standing in line for an hour and a half to get food. If you buy the arm band, know that you can not get something every hour. We got our money's worth but I won't do that again. Lines for rides were not that bad.

Wei Sun

The performance by the dolphins is awesome. The rides are great but not so special compared to other kinds of amusement parks.


The place is fun. But not something I would like to continue going to. Just a bit disturbing, seeing all of the big fish swimming inside a small tank pool & except to perform. Then the giant tortoises were put inside a small tank, along with the other smaller fish, AND few stingrays. It's really bothersome. Not sure I would even recommend anyone to support such activities.

Katie Brenner

Fun place for a family trip. The rides were fun. The animals were cute. The trainers were great. It's a great place.

Wanxin Yuan

Recommend different shows, which is really fascinating and attractive. A good place to learn about the ocean and ocean creatures. And the parking is at least $22.

Mark Henderson

An incredible day in a beautiful park. Everything was immaculate. The kids loved the animal shows and the rides. We got the Dining Plan and the Quick Queue upgrades and would highly recommend both. The Calypso Bay Smokehouse had good Brisket and sausage. The chocolate cake was fairly good, and the strawberries were terrific! The Cirque de Electric and Atlantis Ignites shows were incredible and well worth staying for. Love this park!

Eric Townsend

Amazing park set in an ideal San Diego location. I've been here countless times while growing up in San Diego and it's always improving. As with all these parks, the expense is right up there but not anywhere close to a Disney price. The park seems to be diversifying into a theme park as well as shows and aquariums. Not bad. Plenty to do with kids and adults that will take an entire day to complete. Come early to beat the entrance crowd!

Denise McCarthy

SeaWorld is an amazing place. I still remember going when I was 5 yrs and 30 yrs and was so amazed to see the flipping whale shows, the dolphins and performing acrobats. I am now 36 and I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the shows this round. There was really no performance, just an educational encounter. Which was good, but doesn't compare to what I saw in previous years. Many attractions were closed, so as much as everything did cost, I felt sad that I wasn't able to take advantage of everything included on the map. Not sure if this experience has to do with the season (September) or if the change in shows is because of too many animal cruelty issues...? Doesn't seem cruel to me that they are able to train these amazing animals. Guess everyone should stop training dogs too because it's not their natural instinct to jump through hoops and dance. Anyhoo... my kids enjoyed the rides, the food was overpriced (but everyone knows that!), and overall, we decided we really never want to go back again.

Victor H Fisher

The theme park is great for their Animals. But the food is expensive overcooked or undercooked. The employees lack customer service and attention to details. Overall Rude!

Jennifer Carter

We had a great time today. We rode Shipwreck Rapids and got completely soaked. Shared a Shrimp chow mein and Macadamia Chocolate funnel cake. Both were super delicious, but I will stick with getting the regular funnel cake...way to chocolatey for me.

Joshua Ortega

Sea World is one of the better expierneces that San Diego has to offer. The lines are not too ridiculous as long as you avoid holidays and summer months. The food is excellent and the memories that you will make here will be remembered for the rest of your life. You can be educated, see different marine life and see performances that are super entertaining. Thank you Sea World for the memories I made with my family

Suksit Wongwanich

I had a really good experience with SeaWorld. The shows are amazing. The animals are pretty smart and perform many fun tricks. They are way smarter than I thought. During the summer, it’s really really hot, and you could get sunburn easily if you watch a few shows in a row. Make sure to check out some night shows too. The show called Cirque Electrique is my favorite among the night shows. Be sure to go early and get good seats.

Macca CTiD

Awesome Seafood..went today and had line caught grilled dolphin in the restaurant.. Tasty as any I've had before, really fresh too! Fries were average!

Kristina Derosier

Last night we went for their glow "time" and it was fun, different and a lot less crowded. The electric circle and the dolphin shows are some of our favorite as well as the entrance "hands-on" interaction aquariums and the kids rides in the bay of play. Pack snacks and a change of clothes because chances are your kids will get both hungry and wet.

Kristina Derosier

Last night we went for their glow "time" and it was fun, different and a lot less crowded. The electric circle and the dolphin shows are some of our favorite as well as the entrance "hands-on" interaction aquariums and the kids rides in the bay of play. Pack snacks and a change of clothes because chances are your kids will get both hungry and wet.

Ravi Theja Reddy Karnati

SeaWorld is a lovely place to be. Have been here multiple times. They have new roller coaster rides which makes it exciting for quite a few fun seekers. One of the most exciting shows is orka encounter. Dont miss it and have fun!

Victoria Fernandes

I went for the second time this past June, the first visit I can actually remember. I had such a great time! The rides were so much fun and the wait times were pretty good. The park is very clean. I was most excited to see the penguins and I was not disappointed! I loved them! We did the all day food pass so we were able to get a meal every hour at select food places throughout the park and those meals were yummy and they really filled you up! Worth the $$!

Lea Loftin

OMG! Unbelievable! Wonderful! So many experiences. I met, up close, two Walruses, Penquins, River Otters-got to feed them, had a Dolphin encounter, fed some Sea Turtles, touched some sharks, saw two fantastic shows, in awe the entire time! Great place for adults, great place for children. Had so much fun. I could have done it two days in a row.

Mike Miller

It's sea world. It's awesome! It's expensive but you plan for that. Love the animals. Absolutely loved the sea lion shows. Pet the dolphins and rays. The kids love it almost as much as I do.

Travelling First

This is the best place I’ve been for dolphin shows by far! Their dolphin show is really good. Also they do personal performances in the evening for the people who has reserved that session, so you can have a closer look at the dolphins and learn more about dolphins while they are performing to others. One of their iconic show is the orca show. That is an amazing show. I don’t think you can see a show like that anywhere else in USA. In overall, this is a great place for kids and family!

Norelle Swanson

Great entertainment for the whole family. Special park areas suited well for little (toddler) kids. Many delicious dining options! There's a all day dining deal that would be a great value on the weekend when the park is open later and you might have lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert there. Bring sunscreen/shade. Many show areas are bleachers with no shade.

Lucy Feliciano

I love coming to SeaWorld when it’s late it’s not hot and it’s beautiful. I actually spend a little bit more money this time and ate at the park. My daughter enjoy the penguin exhibition. We arrived around 4 o’clock but still had fun. We didn’t even finish walking the whole park and we were tired already so it’s perfect for us to go in so late. I like that they have a night show where comedians with animals participate next time I’ll be dropping in earlier.

Ronnie Stephen

What an Adventure. We went swimming with the dolphins. The staff was very friendly, fun and let us have fun with the dolphins. Also, we did the Killer Whale tour. Tour guide was friendly, trainers were nice and let us take many pictures with the killer whales. We had a Blast, so will you.

yamuna mohanram

Sea world has a lot to do for the entire family. It’s beautifully maintained, lots of fun shows especially the dolphin show is a must watch and so is the orca show. Lots of fun rides to go on for the entire family. Kids have a separate area where there are kids friendly rides. Outside food is prohibited here but you shouldn’t really worry, there are lots of eateries spread around. Remember to get few maps when you enter because they in so handy when you are trying to find your way to the shows or exhibits. Highly highly recommend. Parents, with little kids take your own stroller, there are spaces outside each exhibits where strollers can be left safely, saying that it’s always wise not to leave any valuables in the stroller. They have a splash pad for kids so extra clothes is best carried along. Highly recommend


Had such a great time with my family when they came to visit me. Off season is a great time to go. Not a fan of the separate parking fees but once I was inside I got over it. It was a delightful day filled with beautiful creatures, fun rides, entertaining shows, and cute lil penguins to top it off. My younger sister is special needs and I know she will never forget this day. I would definitely return.

Daniel Henderson

Great place to bring the kids and family. It is not a gigantic park so a lot of attractions are close to each other. I love the fact that the shows emphasis on conservation, and protection of our oceans and ocean life. The only one bad thing I could think of (and this can be applied to every amusement park) is the food and drinks are crazy overpriced so expect to spend $100 for lunch for a family of 5. It is a place I will enjoy going back to.

Breonna Thomas

Very clean and well-maintained. Every staff member we encountered was friendly. We were there for 6 hours and still didn't get to see and do everything so it's worth planning on staying for most of the day!

Pamela Carter

It was simply an amazing day at the park. The rides are great. The shows are phenomenal. Have a seat in the soak zone.

Sam Salmassi

Got silver season pass. Paid for its of with parking and 2 guest tickets. Security line was long but went by really quick. Great beer options throughout. Food was reasonably priced compared to other amusement parks. No long lines for any shows on a Sunday.

Asma Patel

Great place for family fun and vacation. Attractions for all ages as well as amazing shows and animals. The reason I give it 3 stars is because half of the rides malfunctioned and were closed so only about three were running at the time of our visit. Waiting is also incredibly long.

Calvin Hom

Fun for the family. The shows haven't changed much. They are slightly more educational and not as many jumps and stunts by the whales but they are okay. Park is not big as Disneyland so one can easily walk from one end to the other. Would recommend checking the show schedule because you'll be planning the day around that since that seems to be the main attraction.

Mariana Aguilar Rodriguez

Awesome experience! I enjoyed the killer whale shows over everything else. Rides are not my thing but I can still say it was worth every penny. Suggestion: buy your tickets online and do NOT buy the meals included package, it is 30 dollars extra and in my opinion the food is not worth it, it just looks super cheap.

Nagena Ali

Super fun and family friendly. Lots of things to do for all ages. Get there early to get the best out of it and definitely buy the fast pass tickets.

Lisa Vaughn

My reasons for making it at 3 is because I can personally feel the orcas they're not happy and what's being done to them is wrong artificial insemination all that I understand they put upside a place for them to live happy with the understanding that they cannot go back out into the wild ever since they were born in captivity with that being said I just don't understand why this is happening I respect and admire the research that SeaWorld does I really really hope that your research and the knowledge you obtain and conservation that you do really pays off thank you for the research I thank you for trying to save these beautiful animals otherwise I had a good time

Dwight Stephenson

Very fun place to take young kids. We spent most of our time at the fish pond where the tiny catfish eat the dead skin off your hands. This was a really good idea to have at the front of the park. The shows are a must see

Steven Sabel

How could someone not love this place? It’s such a fun experience! Turtles, whales, dolphins, otters, a million flamingos, and so much more. The shows are fun. I loved the dolphin show. Also, the sky tower is a pretty neat elevator type of ride that just gives you a great vantage point of the whole park. When I went, they said the polar bear is on loan to another park to try and bread. They weren’t sure when it’d be back. That was the only disappointing thing of the day - but it wasn’t such a big deal. Everything else made it a great experience!

brandon milton

Seaworld in September is the best. School is back in session so there is barley anybody at the park and its still warm enough to get wet. Here is an updated layout of the park.enjoy!!

heath reno

If I want just rides and expensive food . There are better places. Somehow I think I expected Sea world to be less theme park and more interesting stuff. But no , just junk theme park covered in blue.

Michael Johnston

Our little ten month old really liked the shows and displays. We were really excited to take him on the little kid rides but for some reason the requirement to walk unassisted was in place so he couldn't go on any of those rides. We checked beforehand and couldn't find such limitations anywhere else but the placard in front of the rides.

Alex Yang

What a great place to see sea animals. Great place to appreciate the sights and nature. I had a blast.

Melissa Castillo

First time visit to sea world in about 15years hasn't been since I was younger. We has good time. Couple of things I felt that were not right. They charge for every little thing. We got a locker to put our stuff in and didn't know that it wasn't for the day after we went to get out stuff and they charged an additional fee and had us remove our stuff. But I feel like maybe it should have just turned into a full day locker that we could continue to use as it would have been the same price. But that was not an option. Other thing is the employees most of them were very rude. Seemed like they didn't want to be there or that I annoyed them with my questions. Beautiful animals, cool rides and nice shows. All in all it was a good experience probably won't come back for another 15 years tho.


Dolphins show was great. The sharks were cool, fun rides but during the journey to atlantis ride we were not reminded or told to remove our hats and we lost one of our hats. overall a great place to visit.


Great time and fun to see all the sea animals. Had some good nostalgia. Some of the rides were closed but had a amazing experience

Trista Dunbar

Wonderful day at Sea World. Fun to see these animals in a way that no other experience will show you. The Orca show is not as fantastic as it used to be when trainers got in the water with them but we watched Black Fish and understand the reasons why. One thing that we did not like was that half the vendors were closed. I understand it not being peak season but it would have been nice to have some options open. Almost all of the sidewalk vendors were closed so no churros, cotton candy or the little things you want as you are walking along. The food options from their restaurants were scarce, slow, expensive and not great. Not very generous potions for the fortune you turn over. If those had been reasons for our visit I would have rated it much lower but we came for the sea life. However, it was frustrating, especially with their no food policy. The animals, trainers and shows were fantastic though!!

Pedro Proenca

Great shows, great animals, and great food. What more can I really say? An overall amazing experience.

Manuel B

I haven't been here in years so I don't really remember much. But it has changed a lot. Now if you are planning on going on any roller coasters do not bring a bag/backpack with you because they will "Force" you to stick it in a locker and they charge $2.00 just to open it up and then they charge by the hour. I bought the meal package and I am on the fence about it. So you can drink/eat all you want, I think it's every ¹/² hour for drinks and every hour for food. But anyway the food choices are very limited it's mostly fried food but each restaurant is a little different so look around before hand. The food was good but the lines of course was crazy. I think looking back I would do it again but I would have a better game plan.

M Murray

SeaWorld is an awesome amusement park and ecological experience. the marine life is amazing and the grounds are always kept very nice. This truly is one of those places where you go and end up learning a ton because they share so much knowledge about marine animals.

Brock Whittaker

I went for the second time this past June, the first visit I can actually remember. I had such a great time! The rides were so much fun and the wait times were pretty good. The park is very clean. I was most excited to see the penguins and I was not disappointed! I loved them!


Doesn't anybody don't hear any more? A big fishbowl. I am from the East Coast. I had the opportunity to enjoy this park once. It was so fantastic and worth it. Great for everyone. Daily shows take you up close and personal with sea animals. It is sensational. Who could believe that animals could be trained to do these amazing things to entertain? Your eyes are stuck on the magical movements and friendliness of these huge mammals. Food is good. It gets crowded. Parking is easy. Lots of walking. You are always completely entertained throughout your travels in the park. This is an experience of a lifetime. If you love water and animals, then this is certainly a place to visit. You will spend a ton of money!! Enjoy everyone. It's a great day to visit the park. Water! Fun!

Dan Urban

Sea World has changed a lot since I was a kid. When we went as a kid, it was big on science, with a little bit of theme park glitz. They have added a lot of rides to the park these days, but they have managed to keep the emphasis on learning, conservation, and merchandising. They sell a lot of stuff here, and upcharge for a lot of other stuff. The animal exhibits are pretty great. We really enjoyed the dolphin show and the Arctic creatures. Highly recommend purchasing the all you can eat bracelets. These saved is a fortune when the kids decided they were hungry every hour. There is a lot to learn here, and much fun to be had. Enjoy!

The Hayes Fam

My husband and I visited today. He is a Navy veteran and we received free admission. We had so much fun but we need to visit again to see everything. We rode rides and saw the amazing animals. The staff was helpful and the trainers were very knowledgeable. We had short wait times and picked up some cool souvenirs. We will be bring our kids when we visit again.

Asking Alaska

My FAVORITE show was removed :( Bring back the pets show!! Otherwise it's great, just try not to go during a holiday as it does get very, very busy! Was hard to see a lot of the animals because there was lines to see the exhibits. Have the silver pass though so I'll be coming back during a weekday when it is less busy next time! Cant blame them for being slammed on a holiday weekend :)

arun singh

Spectacular Dolphin show. Orcas, sea lions, walruses, penguins, sharks, Whales, sea turtles they have got everything. I visited on weekday(Monday) & still it was crowded but not much wait for anything. Lot of opportunities for kids to learn about sea creatures. Must visit if you are in San Diego.

Audrey Stith

The park has lost some of its luster. Lots of empty shops. Only one show at a time seems to make the crowd unavoidable because it travels in a wolf pack from show to show. The animals are a definite highlight. But overall the park seems run down

Jessica Charfauros

My family and I would go all the time. We bought yearly passes. Totally worth it if you live in SD. If you're visiting San Diego, it's a must to visit! Tons of shows and plenty of places to eat inside. The kids zone is so much fun for the young ones.

Ricky Gonzales

Nice park but the lines can take quite as while and be prepared if you buy anything in the park for it to cost an arm and a leg. In perspective a soda in there plastic cups will run you 20-25 $. So I'd recommend to bring some snacks and drinks in a small cooler or whatever. Good experience overall. I would go back

Jeff O.

Bring the sunscreen... There is hardly any shade. My 4 year old son really enjoyed himself here, especially the Journey To Atlantis ride. There are a number of rides where you will get very wet. Bring sandals, if possible, and if you are a guy, just wear bathing suit shorts. Much appreciated if you don't wear a speedo around. It's the feet and butt that get the wettest.

Sourav Gupta

My daughter had a memorable time in the sea world. She was super excited and the place certainly did not disappoint her. The rides were awesome. Only thing we felt pinching is the feral parking fee and the cost of the food inside. This is the reason for the not giving it a five star. Overall, it is certainly a place to visit especially with the young kids.

nefer pro

Excellent... We will definitely go back, there were many things to see. We had so much fun. Its an amazing place, kids love it! Also there are different activities and shows.

Matthias Zschaemisch

Knowing you do something for animals rescue it's ok, other than that its not really worth the money. Good for kids though. Staff is nice but a lot of closed areas (Sept)

Kayla Henry

Nice place to see marine animals. The Sea Lions and Orca shows were nice, we missed the Dolphin show. Food is absolutely terrible, avoid the Explorers Cafe at all cost.We did go on a Wednesday so the park was not crowded at all, which was very nice. The Sky Ride is a waste of money, don’t pay for it. The Journey to Atlantis Ride was very fun. But I did see them whipping the black whale, Porky.

Tyrese Alexander

We went on a Monday and had a great time. The food was a little pricey, but that is to be expected. The shows were great and conservation efforts were highlighted. If visiting San Diego, it is worth the trip.

Abi Cleator

Loved it! So much fun and they do military discount! Can be a little pricey, but still a fun day out


boy has it been a long time! from what i do remember from when i was a young child, sea world is very very entertaining. every visit i had a huge smile on my face and the rides are super fun! would visit again.

Karen N Cricket

Busy theme park is always fun. Kids of all ages love it. There is so much to see and do. Dining could use some improvements, we have noticed the change in quality over the years. Annual pass holders discounts are a huge plus!

Deniz Turkmen

The rides, and the night performances justify the price tag. Even if you find discounted tickets ($60 for 2 days) expect to pay $10 processing fee, $22 for parking, and $15-$20 for lunch (per person) minimum. Plus the things like lockers, driers, ponchos, towels etc. But if the money you spend go towards conserving sea life, why not. Just prepare your wallets, bring dry clothes, and hang on to your hats because this place has full of things to do until the closing at 10pm. I just don't see myself going here more than once a year.

Michael C

The good: The dolphin show featured a very talented pilot whale. The animals seemed comfortable despite how full the park was. Typical fare consists of 300-1500+ Calorie meals; a wide selection of fair food. Eat 1 complete meal hourly all day for $30. Most of the crew are professional and courteous. To improve upon: Sea World needs more shade and better crowd control, and should move stroller parking out of thoroughfares to fill or empty stadiums more efficiently, and help thwart opportunistic criminals. Some of the crew are totally unprofessional and discourteous. Come early and beat the rush, because there are metal detectors and bag checks to provide customers a false sense of security before you enter the ticketing area. VIP/reserved seats for shows and using quick queue are helpful if you have money to burn. Service members should definitely use the free one-day family pass (up to four dependents).

Sam Bertucci

Great facilities dedicated to the wellness of their rescued animal's. Lots to do for the whole family. We went on a Friday afternoon and there were no crowds or line ups for the attractions.

Charmayne Lee

Have never been completely disrespected by someone sitting at a computer. I am a military service member as soon as we approached the counter we weren’t even greeted. She had an attitude on her face as if she was the one standing in line for 2 hours. However I’ve been to the park for years! Love the park attractions, the shows, and the food! However they need to switch out some of their employees that don’t know proper customer service.

nonoyo beezewax

Sea World can be a nice day for the family. It's quite expensive however. I do NOT agree with capturing wild animals, whales, dolphins, sea lions, otters, walruses, etc. so that they will be forced to perform in shows 10 times a day until they die in captivity. That aside, there's lots to see and to do and you'll be able to get tons of great pics. They have rollercoasters and other types of non animal shows. Walking around the park near the bay is extraordinarily relaxing. The park is usually very clean and the exhibits are good. It can also be educational. MAX of 3

S. Saucedo

It was a fun experiance with the family. I want to go back. There were lots of things to see. You wont be disappointed. I liked the the alligators and snakes..

Jonny D

Such a fun place for the family. They really take care of active duty military as well as veterans. Free tickets for you and 3 additional guests (only certain times a year, good thing it's during the summer). Multiple times for the shows. You can bring food and drinks in a cooler to leave in the car and picnic in the parking lot (save tons of money this way). If picnicing in the parking lot make sure to get your hand stamped to get back in the park. Staff treats everyone great. The park is clean, wait times for rides vary depending on day. Very handy accessible.

Luigi Morillas

Always a great place to spend time with my kids. I go to seaworld with them every year, San Diego or Florida. I have to say San Diego shows have definitively improved. My kids loved electric ocean and Atlantis ignites a must see in my opinion!!! . Stay for those late shows you won't be disappointed. If you go in the summer then drinking water is a must, I recommend getting the all you can drink cups unless you want to pay $3.50 for a bottle of water and you will be buying many of them on sunny days. We also got the all you can eat plan which you can use every hour I think it is worth it since most meals will cost you $12 and up. Going on a weekday is always the better choice since lines for the rides are shorter than weekends. Military personnel don't forget to claim your free yearly tickets through waves of honor online, you and 3 guest can attend for free.

Gary Guyton

Great family experience. Not that expensive considering it's a theme park. They need to add more low sodium heart healthy foods.

Joel Ketchum

Amazing place. They are very passionate about the animals and love what they do. Great place for kids and adults as you can really learn a lot. I would go back again

Andre Houston

Absolutely Amazing! I hadn't been at SeaWorld since I was in the 3rd grade. I was able to get on all the rides at least 2x and saw all the shows except the sea lion one and it was just an amazing, magical filled day!

Leah Welch

We have gone on the weekend and during a weekday. If you are able to, it’s way better to go during the middle of the week. Less crowded and you’re able to actually see everything without being pushed around. The staff is super friendly and it’s clean and well taken care of. You are able to take in your own snacks and drinks, just not alcoholic drinks. That’s a big plus! The food is really good though, especially Calypso Bay Smokehouse!

Sophie T

Awesome place! I went here more than 5 times and every time I had an spectacular experience. There is so many sea animals to see, and you can also have up close opportunities! Come check this out peeps!

Cindy Calvo

We always enjoy our time at SeaWorld. Our favorite was when we actually got in the water with the dolphins. ❤❤❤ We look forward to that again. The show's are wonderful. The whale show has music that inspires emotionally as these beautiful whales swim by. Love the sea lion and otter show. So much to see and do, we are relaxed at day's end.

Kenzie Dumler

We didnt go on the rides just because entry fee for just the Park was a little expensive. So it didnt feel like there was a lot to see. However, what i did get to see and the dolphin day show i got to watch was outstanding. I enjoyed the tidal pools were you could interact with the sea life. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Dolphin show. We did not eat here either so unsure how the food is.

Steven marquez

Sea world is still a nice place to take your kids and enjoy rides while giving them some education of our planets sea creatures. I really enjoy being at this park because it's close to the beaches great shopping and the weather is awesome.

Chrisie B

I love how many conservation efforts sea world is making! And their shows are so fun! The summertime water/lights show looks like Aqua Iron Man and is INCREDIBLE to see in person! Strongly recommend!

Derek Vande Slunt

Loved seeing the marine life and the fun tricks they do. Animals are well cared for and outlast life expectancy in wild. Major undertaking but loved the arctic exhibit, the Orca show, and the dolphins.

Mary McConnell

Great shows but no customer service. Disgruntled employees a plenty. I do recommend the all day dining, as it is less expensive to add on than one meal. Food is ok to good depending on the restaurant.

Daniel White

We stopped in and got the chicken sandwich, delicious! Their fries were as good as I remember as a child, but after I left I realized I had forgotten the pastrami! "Don't forget the pastrami!" It's the best.

Nacho Snitch

Good shows, Turkey Leg looked good wanted maybe 3 of them, would have enjoyed it but the register kept breaking, pricy games and food. Meals at the food court not good at all. Fish tacos were bland. The whale show was the only great experience in my opinion.

Christopher Roman

Pretty good time with family, 3 of the rides were down for maintain when we were there. Wasn't to crowded. $22 for general parking, laser show is late at night.

Reza Ghamsari

Prepare yourself for a full day and enjoy connecting with all types of Sea animals. My favorite was the killer wale. Beautiful!

Cameron Newton

Love what SeaWorld has to offer especially since they dynamically are always getting attacked. I would love to see where the walruses swim to gain more area to swim. The walruses Did seem confined in dirty water but the mammals are big and dirty. I really enjoyed the roller coasters. Thank you for the enjoyment.

Vanessa Anderson

It is a wonderful place to take the kids. Its a great place to learn about the ocean and the creatures in it, as well as play around on rides with the family. Just be aware that the food is pretty expensive, and they do sale alcohol. including great Mimosas!

Ryan Hall

One of the landmark attractions of San Diego. I'd love to give this place five stars but I'm just not feeling it. I understand that one of their main sources of revenue is food and alcohol sales but $12 for a slice of grease, cold pizza? And no hot dogs?? Dafuq... Also, there's no way to bypass the crazy long lines at the rides, even with our Gold pass!

Roxy Smith

This park has plenty of rides. Very clean place also. A nice place for kids too. We were not able to cover the whole place. So we will go again. Promise you won't regret visiting this place.

jim guy

I live in San Diego, and go to the park every few days. My complaints are few, but they are about problems I consistently see: Ride operations are sloppy. Wait times and enjoyment could be improved with a higher emphasis on quick, FRIENDLY loading and unloading of the rides. No one does this better than Disneyland, and no one worse than Six Flags. Also, your cafeterias don't work. If one person is waiting for 1 item that isn't ready, the 70 people behind them have to wait, too. Remove the menu boards, and tell people they need to put together a meal from the items on hand.

Kad D

We love SeaWorld have been here several times but definitely don't go over 4th of July weekend. I think your experience will depend on when you go. Because in times past we've had a blast here! This time we didn't like the changes that were made to the dining experience. They seriously need a better process! What happened to the buffet style dining??? When you could get your own food and be in and out quickly??? Now it's hours waiting for food? What a joke! Really didn't like that the light up the night show was taken away also. Bring back the whales show with fireworks to end the night! Just overall a different experience for us then when we were here a few years ago. We were disappointed this time. Too crowded lines lines lines for everything.

A R Paez

As annual members for several years now Sea World is always a wonderful time. I visit about 4 time a year and have not been disappointed. Shows never get old and staff always helpful.

Angela doll Streeper

My family and I always have an amazing time here. The shows are great and the rides are always fun. Even the food is really good and decently priced for a theme park.

James Willett

Amazing place, spent the whole day here. The main recommendation we would give would be to visit the Cirque Electric at the end of the night, super cool. Be sure to get there early because the space fills up fast!

Bryan Foster

Really enjoyed our day here. Pretty busy the second half of June. They’ve rebranded and remade themselves into something that feels much more respectful to the animals and with a feeling of acknowledgement that change was the right thing. Enjoyed all the activities and shows but especially found the dolphin days show really impressive. The night show out on the bay is interesting. Kind of a acrobatics rave performance. There was also a dance party that my daughter spent hours at with the dancers.

Stream kellie Team Semien

Amazing experience! It cost me 40 dollars down and I pay 7.57 a month for a season pass, parking is easy, or it's easily accessible on public transportation, great atmosphere for a family outing, the animal shows are awesome, very informative when it comes to a description about the animals, wow an awesome experience you must go!

Sabrina Arps

We've been pass members for many, many years. Our kids love coming here. It's a nice getaway and the kids love the rides and seeing animals they would normally never see.

michael miller

Had a really great time with the kids.... Entertaining for all ages with sea life, rides, shows, games, etc.... very educational experience for kiddos if they pay attention or if they are curious sponges.... before closing in the main entrance area they do a cool laser light show with fog machines so I highly recommend staying too see.

Kenya Friday

It's official. Professionalism is out the window and it's all about greed with this park. They have outrageous and ridiculous fees (Look them up). The parking fees are even more ridiculous. They have ridiculously long lines for everything. I suggest SeaWorld accommodates its customers with service to match the fees charged. Expand the park, the staff, the restaurants, the shows, and the rides. I do not pay to stand in line the whole day. Please clean the place as there are filth and trash everywhere. Send someone out on a regular basis to sweep, clean the tables and refill the condiments and utensils. Also through no fault of the park, the birds around the park are now swooping down and stealing our food REGULARLY so be careful.

Bruno Gruber

It's an OK park. It was very, very empty on a Monday so almost no lines. The two roller coasters are pretty good, specially the Eletric Eel (zero waiting time). A good portion of the park's shops and restaurants was closed. Also, the park opens at 10am but it actually fully opens at 11am. They don't tell you that until you're there. I didn't come for the animals, but it's nice that they are making an effort to take good care of them as well.

Zaccary Sparx

Great shows. Even great roller coasters which I wasn't expecting. Quite expensive though. Did the Beluga experience which was amazing to be so close and get to interact and touch the beluga. But minus points for making me pay $1 to store my bag in a locker every time I ride Manta or Electric Eel. Learn from Universal which has free lockers for rides that have similar requirements.

Tim Downing

It was great. The shows (Orcas, Sea Lions, Dolphins) were definitely the highlight. We went on a Saturday and the ride lines were too long for us at 75 minutes. The shows and aquariums were also busy but we only went 20 minutes early and fit great seats and never waited more than a few minutes to get a good spot at the interactive aquariums. We weren't sure about going because of all the negative publicity a couple years ago, but I'm so glad we went and they really are slowing their conservation side.

William Booth

Slightly disappointed. Not the SeaWorld I grew up with. I never realized how many amusement park rides were now in the park until I went up into the Skytower and gazed down. The killer whale show is all but gone. The best show was the Sea Lion show. The comedic pre-show is worth the wait and attending, so get there early. Much of the educational feel of the original SeaWorld is nearly gone. I've witnessed recently, within our society, an anti zoo and anti circus sentiment. SeaWorld is a bit of both and has unfortunately been attacked. They now are pushing a more PC agenda of environmental protection. I've heard many adults say that the SeaWorld shows of the past is what made them fall in love with the oceans and marine life. I would hate to see the current generation of kids move towards the roller coasters over falling in love with animals because of business pressure.


Absolutely love SeaWorld!! We went a few weeks ago while vacationing and it never disappoints! I love all the passion the employees show while helping the animals! I love all the conservation and rehabilitation you do as well! Very impressed and absolutely love going here! Can’t wait for our next visit!!!!

Deemah Yosef

I loved everything to be honest. There are many activities for the family to do either together or separately. Amazing shows and workers.

Art O

Great place to bring the kids. The simulator is a waste of time but the shark , turtle habitats and the shows are great! Paid $22 for parking and $173.98 for 2 adult tickets. Can get cheaper tickets online and if your child is over 9 you have to buy an adult ticket.

Hector Diaz

A must visit if you are in San Diego! Plan on spending all day if you are coming for one day or aren't a local. They have amazing shows through the day, especially at night after 8pm so plan for those shows/events. We got the quick queue on a Wednesday and it makes the experience a lot better since you can go to shows with reserve seating and move faster through ride lines. If we are back in town we will probably be visiting this place again.

Eli Rio

I love this place. I usually buy my pass for the hole.year, but I think the shows are getting shorter and some of them boring except for the last one. Last show was amassing but we had to wait two and a half hours to see it. The live concerts are very good too.

Ramon Ortega

Great place for families and animal lovers! Season pass pays for itself in 2 visits. Shows are awesome!

David Fant

I stopped in and got the chicken sandwich, delicious! Their fries were as good as I remember as a child, but after I left I realized I had forgotten the pastrami! "Don't forget the pastrami!" It's the best.

Aurelie Lien

If you can, try experiencing SeaWorld at different times of the day. Last night we went for their glow "time" and it was fun, different and a lot less crowded. The electric circle and the dolphin shows are some of our favorite as well as the entrance "hands-on" interaction aquariums and the kids rides in the bay of play. Pack snacks and a change of clothes because chances are your kids will get both hungry and wet.

Gowri Nataraj

Wow!!! Amazing shows by all the animals . Great rides for both kids and adults . We went only in the afternoon and it was not enough . U need a whole day to enjoy everything. Scheduling the time around the shows is the best . We loved our time there and hope to come back soon .

Ivan A. Iñiguez

How not to fall in love with Sea World! The amusement park of San Diego for generations! The shows are awesome! The food, the drinks and the exhibitions. My favorite is The Manta which is a very nice, not so tough, roller coaster. My family loves to come to SeaWorld for the whole day and really not to miss the Halloween nights and the Christmas specials nights.

Zachary Romero

A great mission sea world is on. We had so much fun, they offer so many shows and events you never get tired of it. Only thing that set back the good times, was a select few employees who had no customer service. 1 in particular singled out and humiliated my autistic nephew.. not cool...

Sundarapandian Andithevar

Amazing place, I just drive from Arizona to California only to visit SeaWorld. The highlight is that it is not too crowded like Lego Land or Disney Land, that minimizes the agonizing waiting time hence increasing your time for rides and shows. This place has something to keep Adults and kids occupied. Tickets are priced right too.

Cassidy Peters

We went to SeaWorld last week of August. We got our tickets online for 40% off so that is good. Park is awesome, my kids and I enjoyed all the rides and sea animals etc. Some rides only open 12-4pm... and the park closes early at 5pm not sure if it’s this last week of August but it makes the experience rushed. Very hard to go to all the animal shows etc. Also not a lot of food places open inside the park... some areas only the ride or animal exhibit was open . So check what is open and available before going. Overall a great park and beautiful area.

Fahad Al Mazeedi

Rides control was below expectations, the quick queue was good but it could be improved. They fill the lanes with riders, and when quick queuers come, they will wait for at least 3-5 turns. Food is awful, you better bring your own snack, or go out for lunch and come back again. The best thing ever, the cirque show at the end, so exquisite and not to be missed. The lion seals show as well. After all, a great park with some glitches.

Kaine Hall

Kids loved it even though it was super packed. You are going to have to get to a show 20-30 min before it starts to get decent seats. Overall though, the fam had a good time.

yamuna mohanram

Sea world has a lot to do for the entire family. It’s beautifully maintained, lots of fun shows especially the dolphin show is a must watch and so is the orca show. Lots of fun rides to go on for the entire family. Kids have a separate area where there are kids friendly rides. Outside food is prohibited here but you shouldn’t really worry, there are lots of eateries spread around. Remember to get few maps when you enter because they in so handy when you are trying to find your way to the shows or exhibits. Highly highly recommend. Parents, with little kids take your own stroller, there are spaces outside each exhibits where strollers can be left safely, saying that it’s always wise not to leave any valuables in the stroller. They have a splash pad for kids so extra clothes is best carried along. Highly recommend

Peter Seites

Awesome place to visit. The shows are very fun and educational to watch. You can feed sea lions and rays if you are willing to pay for it. My only complaint is that the shows are in the open with no shade or coverings so, wear lots of sunscreen.

Ka'iulani Kahale Carter

I love Seaworld but I feel as if my season pass wasn't worth it. Now that summer is over, many attractions and almost all rides are closed due to little workers. Which is the best time to go for season passers because it's not at crowded. They should hire more full time employees

Melvin Barnhill

I didn't hate this place. I loved it, at least for my kids. It's just getting "THREE" expensive. Not too, but "THREE", expensive. Other than that, it was pretty cool. Just bring the prices down lower on all of the food items at least. Make damn sure that the food you cook and sell to the customers "IS NOT CONTAMINATED"! That goes for the drinks and desserts as well. Also, the Military, whether they're "ACTIVE DUTY", " RESERVISTS", or "RETIRED", "VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES", should most definitely get Military Discounts. Along with the discounts that they're already getting, the prices of the food, drinks, and desserts should be more than just 10% to 20% off. It should be 30% to 40%, or more, off the regular and expensive prices that you're charging.


Bought tickets, drove down, only to find out the park didn't have water. Ironic. But parking was free because they didn't know when they would 1 star. We did not stay to find out if/when water was restored. I was on the fence about this place to begin with, but not notifying paying customers on their website or social media was a huge let down. My kids spent 7 hours round trip in a car to see their parking lot.

Holly Roberts

I can't say enough good about this visit to Sea World. It never disappoint to go here! The shows were amazing, the animals were lively, and the best part was the little cleaner fish at the entrance, believe it it not! My kids couldn't get enough of them. Best vacation to date for this family.

Jon F

Lots of fun things to see and do at SeaWorld from the rides to the shows to the exhibits. It can be a magical experience especially for kids. Only gave four stars instead five because of the overpriced food and drinks and because of the cruelty to animals that has been reported at SeaWorld. I've heard they've been doing better with how they treat the animals in the last couple of years.

Jack Mcginnis

We are joyed the hotel accommodations. Including full beer and wine bar. Excellent dining room menus. The sites for nights to remember. We fell in love with the dolphins in the other see life will come again!

Rag Sam K

Fun place to hang out and you get to see a variety of marine life and the experience can simply exhilarating, kudos to park organizers for providing such smooth and well guided experience. Been here twice and I enjoyed every bit both the times I visited SeaWorld. Would definitely visit again.

Carina Beck

Had a blast today. Make sure you watch the Orca show and pay for the all day dining pass. Soft drinks are $3.50 a piece, so paying for the all day dining pass is worth it if you eat twice and get extra drinks in between.

nicholas hust

Sea world is a fun place especially when you go and the crowds aren't crazy. It's fun with the kids to see all the animals and ride the rides. The all day dining pass is worth the money on the less crowded days. When it's too crowded you won't get your money's worth.

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