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400 Beach St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States

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Where is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

REVIEWS OF Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk IN California

Eric Petersen

Lots to do and see, spend a little or spend a lot. Great beach, showers, and public washrooms. Parking is a nightmare, so fond a spot early, or park a bunch of blocks away and walk - trust me, you'll walk there faster than of you drive, especially on a weekend or holiday.

Amanda Ball

Haven't been here in many years and had a ton of fun with the family. Free admission but they make up for it in the cost of the games. We also did a family characiture photo. Love it! Good memories.

Jodie Masterson

Was told if i bought an unlimited wristband for myself i could ride as a chaperone with my two year old. We rode a few just fine, went back to the same one later and was refused unless my two year old paid. The worker was very rude, he's just a baby. I left and will not return.

Jericho Jordan Shauf

Good place to hang out with the family. Arcades, rides, great food and nice view of the beach. What more can you ask for?

Julie Parsons

It's family friendly. The grandson spent 4 hours at the beach playing in the ice cold water. Later, we did the boardwalk and rides. The money you spend is well worth it.

Trevor Pryor

Visited the boardwalk as part of our journey along Interstate 1 and it was such a beautiful sight. Parking is a little pricey (but what isn't in California) and so is the snacks along the boardwalk. But besides that, the boardwalk was VERY clean and well organized. Perfect spot to bring the family for the rides, or if you wanted to just visit the beach. All is very easy to access once you've parked and even inside of the arcade it was still all very clean (even the bathrooms) Love this place and will definitely visit again!

Leniha LaGarde

Beautiful scenery! Great place to go with family and friends. It has many places to shop and eat it, I would totally visit again.


Lots and lots to do here. From a fair type place with all kinds of rides, shows, arcade, mini golf and of course, the Santa Cruz beach right beside it. Very enjoyable family oriented beach. Very impressed...

Ryan Oak

Fun place to take the kids. Only thing that has changed in the past 15 years since I went as a kid was the cards instead of tokens and prices. Everything is pretty much the same.

Eduardo Saldana

We visited August 31 2019 parking was a hassle . Don't mind paying for parking it was expected .The bathrooms need immediate improvement. I used bathrooms that were better at a chevron gas station. We did eat at one of the Hamburger joints on the pier it was pricey for 2 adults an one kid .We had 3 burgers an 2 refillable cups at 60.00. We did enjoy the beach even though it was a 3 day weekend we did manage too find a spot. I do recommend a pop-up shade. We also got on some rides (Very expensive).At $1.00 a point each ride was 5 too 7 points,do the math for a party of 3 . But after the games were played, and rides we went on it was a good time with pics as memories.

Nicole Williams

Such a cool boardwalk with amazing rides. We came for the Wednesday Coca-Cola deal. 15$ for unlimited rides, all you have to do is bring a Coke product! Amazing deal. This boardwalk has a famous roller coaster called The Giant Dipper—featured in movies and TV. Great wooden coaster that is surprisingly fast! The rest of the rides were great as well. The greasy food smell got old by the end of the night, especially after riding all the rides, but overall the experience of this boardwalk was amazing.

Cristian Ramirez

Santa Cruz is amazing, walking here is like been on rocket power. Everybody on the streets skateboarding, cycling, smiling. The board walk with lots of rides, video games, a mini golf. On weekends they do beach soccer tournaments. Totally a place to have fun with the family. Enjoy

Juan Quevedo

It’s a great place to spend the day with the family. There is something for everyone to do. Parking is hard to find and the lots have long lines so get there early. The price for food and drinks is moderate. Will recommend to buy the season pass for kids since they get unlimited rides every time you visit. Other activities are included like movie nights and concerts so plan accordingly.

Jason Moreno

A bit of nostalgia. Been going since the mid 70's and don't see myself stopping. I use to bring my daughter here when she was young too. I go for the Boardwalk and the surfing but this time it was for the Brews and Bites. Great local beers paired with food from the vendors on the boardwalk. We played some old school arcade games, Mrs Pac Man and Donkey Kong, some Ski Ball. We went on a few rides and just enjoyed the beautiful day. If you haven't been or haven't been in a while, go back and have a good time.

Abhinaba Rakshit

Amazing place, clean beach, fun filled activities, adventure rides. It has something for everyone. Good for kids too. Ample parking is available for $10.

Mitch Jones

So much fun, and so affordable! My 3 year old had a blast and so did my 17 year old! And the lines weren't bad at all

Brandi Gleason

This place has it all, which also means a huge crowd and overpriced everything! It is a wonderful place to go, but I recommend going sometime on a weekday and not the summer months because that's when you're going to have over till on the crowds. The beach is so scenic and beautiful. Most of the people who work there are very nice and accommodating. Not much for food selection, but they have all the standard hot dog, funnel cake Etc. If you're going to go there in the summer you will need at least $3,000 to really enjoy yourself and stay at a reasonable distance away from the amusement park. I once went on a weekend when it was very crowded and my hotel was only 4 miles away and it literally took two and a half hours to get from the hotel to the amusement park, only a Four Mile Drive. Other than that lots of fun and a very family-friendly atmosphere.

Daniel Aguero

The Boardwalk is definitely a place that has to be visited at least a few times per year its changed a bit since the first time I was taken there a a child but still have fun every time there whether just to stop and get some of the food or ride on the many different rides there .

Margaret Ewell

I absolutely love it. There is something for everyone! Young AND old! I am from Virginia and we have nothing like it. Eating is rather expensive, but you can pack a picnic. Take your family and have a blast just strolling the boardwalk.

Umit Alis

It's really big Improvement in 5-10 years. I decided to not to come here on Saturday or Sunday, it is really crowded, kind of impossible to find a parking space. it's $15 outside parking. other than that rights are fun some of them are scary but so much fun. arcades are really cool too.

Alexia Lippman

This was once my families favorite vacation spot. Unfortunately, the prices have sky rocketed, the crowd has drastically increased, creating lines that are unmanageable and the people are far less helpful then they used to be. Notably, the biggest change has been the dramatic increase of the homeless population. Unfortunately, the boardwalk no longer feels like a safe safe or protected area. We had several people approach us for money, or to inquire where we were staying. One homeless man told me I had beautiful children and to keep them close because the boardwalk has become a prime location for kidnapping. There were people in the bathroom doing drugs in plain site and I feared for my families safety. So so sad to see this once amazing place become so overrun with questionable individuals and loose it's family friendly feel. We will not visit here again, which is so unfortunate. I wanted my kids to know the joy I had experienced during my childhood visits, but that isn't possible given the current environment.

Travis Kawabata

It seems like every time we make our way out to the Bay Area to visit family we almost always include a stop in Santa Cruz. Not much changes but we love to go. The kids love to walk along the pier and see the birds and marine life along the way. We also seem to find our way to one of the restaurants along the pier for some sourdough bread and clam chowder.


I was given the runaround and their employees didn't seem to know where simple amenities were located. Other than that, the boardwalk was extremely fun.

Chris Taylor

We had a lot of fun here. The boardwalk and beach were clean. There were signs stating that no gang attire was permitted, and not once did I feel nervous or concerned for my family's safety. Unlimited icees were amazing in the heat, food was good. Free concert in the evening, with alcohol permitted on the boardwalk. Parking gets intense, so get there early (and bring cash to pay for parking).

Chris Colman

This is a really cool place. It reminded me of the Lost Boys since part of the movie was filmed here. I had a great time here.

Nancy Montemayor

I love it because it's free to get in, and easy access to the Beach. Prices are bit high but I guess considering it's an Amusement park not bad. Only complain was the Bathroom lines were so LONG!! But lines move fast and there was always a cleaning attendant in each one. So very clean.

Allison Baker

Favorite option on a boring night! My daughter and I love the arcade! Nice not having to deal with loose tickets and constantly fumbling change to play games, they have the Boardwalk Card! Makes going and playing the games much more enjoyable for everyone!

Christopher Salazar

Good place to bring the kids and family. Rides and carnival style food throughout the boardwalk. Some nights they have specials so make sure you check the calendar for special events. While you are there did I mention there is a beach? Enjoy a day at the beach and then slide over to the boardwalk to enjoy the rides or games. Also, you can buy local craft beer from some of the vendors. Definitely worth coming by to check out this place.

Todd Miller

It’s a boardwalk. Coming from the East Coast I have high expectations for a boardwalk. All in all it’s pretty cool but it’s very crowded. All of the typical boardwalk fare can be found here. Lots of games, some rides and shops. Pretty clean however. Loved seeing the beach volleyball in full force.

Adriana Martinez

I didn't had enough time to stay there and enjoy the park and the beach, is a fun town with good food, nice people and good size park. Although in not near from San Francisco, if you wish you can go visit and have good time there. It took me like one hour and a half to get there (well I found some traffic on the way). But I really enjoyed the place

Nora Bear

Omg I love this place to bits!!!!! The rides are so amazing and the arcade is huge. It's so fun. Everyone that I've recommended it to has said that they never wanted to leave.

sammy c

Great place to walk and sight see. Also recommend the big dipper if you like roller coasters. If you aren't going to stay more than 3-4 hours, use a parking meter. Otherwise go into the lot for $20.

David Wells

Seems good for families. Lots of entertainment. Walk along the wharf and see the sea lions is recommended.


It was so fun! Went with my parents, and I'm sorry for saying this, but it was lit! Definitely go at night! The lights shine and everything. . . . It is a little scary at night when you are on the short fence from the beach, but I mean, who cares. The typhoon is VERY scary btw!

Krish Velasquez

I admire this place very much. theres a great air. The meals are great. the service is dynamic and the waiters are polite. The cost is modest. extremely recommend.

Patty Higareda

The best beach amusement park. Tons of games and food. Great for the whole family. Fun all year round. I definitely recommend it. Parking could be better though.

Jim English

Nice time. Was on a day with limited rides but they had wat more available that the five guaranteed, including the Giant Dipper and other coaster. Lines were short just too bad they closed at seven. It is also kinda lame you have to pay extra for the walking haunted house attraction and the laser maze. But our kids loved it. To have the most fun, you have to be at least 50 inches tall to go on everything


Was a nice cool day. The sun was not visible but the moon could be seen faintly shining through the overcast from the fog that lingered in the morning. Not too crowded and it was the first time I've ever been to Santa Cruz. Lots of families with smiles on their faces so I would say most people enjoyed themselves today.

Jason Hall

Great park to come to on one of its discount days. Shockingly there was a falafel place for me and my vegan girlfriend to eat. It was very good too

Priyadharsini Kannavadi Chandrasekaran

Fun fun fun beach side theme park. Loved the rides, well maintained restrooms and lot of food. The big plus is beach nearby. You can easily spend the entire day here. If you choose a sunny day it will be very good. I like the Riverside where the ocean meets the river. Water is shallow and calm tides make it a lovely place especially for kids.

Harikrishna Ramakrishnan

Awesome place to hang out during a summer evening. The beach is really neat and nice! Awesome boardwalk with lots of activity to do! The rides are real fun for kids and adults. Lots of places to eat as well. I hear the rides and stuff are open only during the summer.

M Yo

Pretty stretch. Very little was open though, despite the gorgeous weather and it only being 1 weekend past Labor Day. Not wise. Things should close on a gradual basis as autumn eventually arrives and progresses. Not enough shady spots too: the sun is damaging, Santa Cruz: beloved but best enjoyed in moderate amounts.

Tessa Graham

A fun place to take a stroll, enjoy a few rides, play some games, eat, and/or people watch. You can do all of that with an added sea breeze, which is nice. Street parking is limited, and I noticed they don't accept debit/credit cards. Bring your coins. There are parking lots that charge a flat rate...$15 on the day I visited.


Only went to the beach part of the board walk. It was still super fun. Got dip and dots and some amazing popcorn, fries as well. Food is really good.

Crafty MJ

We had a great time here! The rides were fun. There's a little bit of everything for just about anyone. If you're a thrill seeker however, your ride options are limited. Food was good (as expected it was pricey) Here's a plus: your wait time for rides are virtually nonexistent! $15 parking + $39 unlimited ride wristband.

Greg West

Cool amusement park. Lots of rides and games. Plenty of the typical junk food. You can have a beer, go for a stroll, and enjoy the people watching.

Love You

Second time we been there. This time it was way to full. It took 1/2 and hour to get into a ride. Next time just go on a day that is not too packed. From our 1 mile hotel to the boardwalk it took 1 hour and 15 mins to get to parking lot of Boardwalk that's how packed it was. Over all it had all rides open and all kinds of goodies to have.

David Conaway

Fun walk on the boardwalk. Took the 6 year old on some rides. She was a little upset about not being able to ride some of the rides. She was just under 48 inches. Food was crazy expensive but I think that is fairly normal for fair food. Was hot, bring sunscreen. Had a nice beach to play on. Overall, not a bad experience. The kid loved it.

Surendra Adhikari

This is one of my dream place. I really wanted to be there and I got one of my bucket list kick out. This place has awesome scene and you can enjoy many amusement things over here. You will not regret at all being at this place with your friends and family.

Sheryl Smith

Great place to spend the day! We played mini golf, got henna tattoos and had a caricature picture done, plus ate a ton of great food. Oddly enough we didn't go on any rides. There is plenty to do for those who don't do rides.

Melaida Corpuz

Came here in August for one of their summer concert series. We stayed before the concert to enjoy the beach and at night to enjoy the rides. The kids had a blast.

Beau McCrary

First time visiting. We went with 2 kids, ages 8 and 13, and had a blast. Lots of rides, games, places to eat, and shops. Each ride costs different amount of tickets. We bought 1 card and shared the card between all of us. Cards were good for rides and games. We rode the Sky Glider first and got a great view of the beach. It also allowed us to see all the rides as we went from one side to the other. We got lucky to get into parking lot in front of boardwalk as the last car to get a spot. Parking was $20. When asked about the funniest thing done on trip, everyone in family said this was it.

Richard Avina

Fun games and rides. Separate kids area for children 36" tall or higher. I've been going since I was a kid so it's great I can now bring mine there.

Dan TheMan

A place for young and old alike. Being there is nearly a magical experience! Plenty of amusement rides, eateries, and arcades - plus a great beach!

Jillian Stone

This is a favorite day get away for our family!! Fun rides!! The beautiful beach!! Always a blast in Santa Cruz!!


The boardwalk was a lot of fun. Spent a lot of time there as a young adult making great memories. Finally got a chance to take my family and they loved it! The rides and the arcade are a blast as always! Had some good food and enjoyed a live show. It's a great day or weekend trip if you can swing it!

Priyadharsini Kannavadi Chandrasekaran

Fun fun fun beach side theme park. Loved the rides, well maintained restrooms and lot of food. The big plus is beach nearby. You can easily spend the entire day here. If you choose a sunny day it will be very good. I like the Riverside where the ocean meets the river. Water is shallow and calm tides make it a lovely place especially for kids.

Christopher Platt

Great place, super fun. The food is kind of greasy and expensive, but it’s a theme park, and it’s good after going on a roller coaster. The carousel and giant dipper are super old, and they’re really fun. They have a log ride and it’s really fun. The reason I put 4 stars is because they took away the cave man fighting a bear on the cave train, but otherwise the place is cool!

Amira Gharib

For being an old boardwalk amusement park, whoever owns it knows what they're doing and is preserving the history while still maintaining the park by updating it, and keeping it clean and looking fresh. The weather there is great - if you're not as interested in the beach aspect as the boardwalk, I'd go towards the end of summer. It's really fun to be on the boardwalk at night because it's finally cooled down and the lights come on.

Cheryl Ann

Spent many wonderful days here with my daughter and granddaughter. There are many rides suitable for very young children. Be sure to grab the season pass if you plan to visit a few times.

R.Shadow Lopez

Family visit from Texas. Saw bridge from Lost Boys movie. And had good time walking round and exploring. Water was a little cold though.

David Smart

Fun way to entertain the kids for a day. Unless you don’t mind emptying the remainder of your wallet, bring some food or hit one of the restaurants across the street. Check the website for special events and concerts.

Cat Contreras

One of my favorite places in the world! Have been coming here since I was in my mothers womb, now with kids of my own they all have a blast! Great for every age.

Bettye Wesson

The boardwalk is always beautiful and big fun. A place the entire family can visit and have fun. Your grandparents can even have fun here.

Christine Bryant

The true boardwalk is in Atlantic City. Love the old fashioned rides. Love the concerts in the summer. We love Papa do Run.

Simon Jacobs

Noone mentioned how awesome this place is!! Old school rides and an arcade. Reasonably priced. All rides and games are paid for on a pre-paid card minimum $1. What's better is that it's free to walk the boardwalk.

Yoosi Mills-Ghartey

Nice scenery! Lots of activities around you, from roller coasters to arcades to the beach. Joust a good overall fun time with anyone!

Alexa Cameron

It was clean and everyone was friendly. Prices were what you'd expect and all rides seemed to be in good working order while we were there. It's a beautiful location with lots of nearby (paid) parking.

Lyuba Vyskribov

Sand Cruz beach boardwalk! Yes! So fun!! We love going on all the rides and lounging at the beach later in the day, taking walks at the pier and eating all the fish and chips!

Jose Perez

Amazing place. I really enjoyed the experience. It is located just a few meters from the Ocean. You can also buy a lot of variety of food and the also have a lot of games a rides. They also have a lot of rides for kids, so if you have kids it's the perfect place to take them. People is really friendly and kind. Just make sure you don't go on rush ours. It gets really crowded.


Always a favorite of mine!! Come here as often as i can! Love the atmosphere,food and people! Love the games and rides too ! Been coming for years and will never stop!!

Thip R

We had so much fun here. Even though everything is on the pricey side, but with a good planning for a picnic on the beach and limit the budget to spend, we enjoy coming so much. It's a good place for everyone in the family.

John Pietrzyk

Nice, clean beach. Not overflowing with people (on a Monday). Boardwalk look like it's modeled from a quintessential 40s boardwalk. Quite fun.

James Hofmann

I've been on only maybe a dozen boardwalks. This one is my new favorite. Beautiful location, movie nostalgia, fun rides, lots of smiles around ~ spent more $ than I had planned to but had a great time.

David Hobby

LOVED it. And yes, you may recognize it as the setting from the movie, “Us.” Make sure to walk out on the pier to see if the sea lions are hanging out on the pilings on the left side. They’re hilarious.

April Castaneda

Santa cruz is such a fun place. It's a great place to take your family. There's so much to do. Admission is free. You need to buy card with points for the rides. Food is pricey everywhere you go. The beach is clean great atmosphere.

Mrs Kiki

Honestly one of the best days I've had in Nor Cal. We're did a day trip from SJSU visiting our daughter in college and it's the best boardwalk we've been to. It was busy but not too crazy, very clean, and a just a great atmosphere. The beach was extremely clean, the water was frigid even though it was 85° outside. Oh, paid $15.00 for parking. Overall a really nice day.

Dr. J. Jay Lashbrook

How many Boardwalks are along the most populated Golden State on the beautiful and protected Central Coast? This is it folks. A piece of amusement history that still exist from the early 20th Century. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a place that you just have to stop by for the day. There is seriously something for everyone. It's better than any county Fair...available all year round.

Robert Judin

Always a great time here. A bit of history if you're nostalgic for old rides and roller coasters, alongside modern thrill machines that are guaranteed to excite. This place has something for everyone.

Robert Meyers

Definitely a must! Santa Cruz is my favorite place to vacation/holiday too any time of year. Literally every month of the year they have events for the whole family. They also have retro nights where the have "old school" prices on food, drinks and rides. They also do free movie nights! It's also a blast to visit during winter. They have an event called " winter wonderland" it's where the have an ice skating rink and artificial snow fall. Overall no matter the time of year you go, you will have a wonderful time! Oh and " The Mystery Spot" is a short drive away.

Vip3R ByTe

Best place to hang out and have fun with the family for a quick easy place to go. The beach is clean and has nice hot sand. The rides are also amazing too. It's only $40 for unlimited rides all day. If live near by Santa Cruz, this place is a must and go visit here.

Russell Clark

Iconic in a word. Getting old, but this place makes me travel back in time when things were magical and adventurous. Now to see grown men that were once kids, still loving the place like I still do, just adds to the magic, beach boardwalk, iconic.

Ajay Sanwal

Always love coming here! The big crowds can be discouraging and parking is difficult at times. The miniature golf is always fun! The rides are still entertaining. Food is always over-priced but they have discount days. The beach was very clean and fun! The weather was perfect! Highly recommended for the entire family!

Sara Alexon

This is a great place to spend your summer evenings. The beaches are clean and beautiful. There are plenty of food everywhere. There are rides for kids as well as adults. One of my favorite places!

michel hanna

Great place, especially the beach. Very relaxing if you want to just hang out not doing anything. On the main Street, they had lots of live music. I found this nice seaweed heart

Marisela Tovar

Nice place next to the beach. Lots of rides for all ages. They have unlimited wristbands for a good price like $45. Get there early to find close parking. Parking is $20. It gets crowded fast so arrive EARLY!! Lots of carnival games and food.

Pamela Hoover

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an amazing place for a fun family adventure, they have added new rides and expanded the park, this place is fun for the whole family, wheelchair accessible, food venues from the popular giant Turkey legs, to the delicious funnel cakes, you will find something for everyone. Because of the parks location arriving early is very highly recommended, as trying to find parking can be a challenge . And when you do it is 20.00 dollars per car for all day parking. Expect Stop and Go Traffic, But Other than that, You Will Have A Great Wonderful Time.

angelina bell

It's a great way to enjoy the day with the kid's & family. The ocean is always soothing the boardwalk is full of entertainment , rides & great food. We love the free summer concerts ♡

Laura Kent

The Boardwalk was just as much fun as I remember it in 2006! We rode the main coaster, it was a blast. The apple pie funnel cake is the best I have ever had. Great night!

Sean Miller

Everything is overpriced, of course, but enjoying the boardwalk is a memory everyone visiting Santa Cruz should experience. There's an arcade, classic fair games, souvenir stores, eateries, and of course an amusement park. Pro tip: to avoid the ludicrous prices of drinks, go upstairs to the bar and ask for tap water. It's free and it'll be the best tap water you've ever had!

Amory golden

Always a great place to experience. Good food, great vibes, wonderful people. Definitely an excellent choice to go with the family or just some friends.

Michael Murphy

I have a special place in my heart for the boardwalk. Been coming here since I was a baby. Just being here makes me happy. Plenty of things to do for the whole family. Just make sure you bring the checkbook.

Dena Heinrich

I hadn't been there since I was a teenager- it's more for a younger generation, people with lots of energy!! And people that can stand for long periods of time, like waiting in the ride lines or food lines. Overall, it was an enjoyable getaway, nice to be on the beach!

Binh Nguyen

You find only nice people there. Families enjoy fishing and beautiful weather together. Even the sea gulls are much nicer than those in NJ. Parking fee starts at 10 am. Pay when you leave, not pre-paid like other places; thus no worries about parking expired/ ticket.

Sabrina Machado

Always a fun time... lots of excitement, music, food, and nostalgia for sure. There is definitely lots of fun to be had at the Boardwalk! During the summer months it can get quite packed, but if you go during the week the crowds die down a bit!

Tammy Lachey

I absolutely love the boardwalk. I do my best to come out as often as I can. It’s a little bit of a drive but so well worth it. The funnel cakes are amazing and the giant turkey legs are a must for nostalgic reasons. Just a great place to come relax at.

Christopher Keys

We ALWAYS have a great time at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The rides are Fun & Safe (I worked there in my late teens & early 20's). The Friday Concerts are Great. The food is great. The security is great! What's not to like?

Erik Lunde

Lots to do at Santa Cruz Boardwalk from indoor activities like bowling, arcade games, haunted house, etc. to outdoor activities like the theme park rides, volleyball on the beach, and much more. Trying to park midday took us over an hour to find parking as many lots were closed and we didn't know that until we got to the lot entrance after waiting in a long line of cars. I recommend parking at 56 Chestnut Street parking lot, it is $5 for all day parking and about a 10 min walk to the boardwalk.

Antonio Clavijo

Throughout the years. I've seen the boardwalk improving. I was really happy to see how good it looks now. I had so much fun. Bring your kids. Your family or a date.

Jorge Vasquez

First time here. I had the chicken fried steak with eggs and it was the best I’ve ever had! Very delicious! Highly recommended. Great southern country atmosphere and the staff was wonderful as well. You gotta come check it out.

Jeramia Dupre

Fun as always. Seriously good food that is horrible for you and a fun atmosphere. Beautiful weather and clear skies to enjoy a perfect sunset and then stars mixed with the colorful lights. Good times.

Daniel Nava

Park is well maintained very clean and safe. Crowds can be large sometimes, park is patrolled by law enforcement making park safe. Beach area is ample and safe. Temperature is always on the cool side might need a light body at night. Prices are reasonable and you are allowed to bring food inside park. Parking is not the best if you arrive before 10 you can find parking close by. If you arrive in the afternoon good luck parking becomes a nightmare.

Heather Haight

I came to meet a work colleague and ended up taking our meeting to this area. The beach is nice, there's good food, entertainment and souvenir shops. Look for groupings to make it even more affordable! A fun spot in a beautiful location.

Elisa Yao

Went in a nice sunny day. The sun was pretty fierce but there are enough shades for you to walk in. The shops and indoor rides are arranged together, which is different from the Great America where the rides are mostly outdoors and scattered. The movie Us was filmed here!

Cindi Mcknight

One of my most favorite places to visit. My mom told me about Santa Cruz but I was not able to go with her. Now my best friend lives near there and affords me the opportunity to visit often. I’ve taken my children, my husband, and now my stepson. It’s so completely stunning to see the beach from the sky ride!! The roller coaster is one of the original five. Corn dogs are something to write home about. Just everything is amazing at this amusement park on the beach. Stroll in and out of the park to beach freely. Love it and will be going again soon.

Reynaldo Dominguez

Love going here. Always have fun on the rides and there are good food choices. It does get crowded which is my only complaint.

Ola Cook

My first time here was in the 1980s. It has gotten better over the years. Lots of old-fashioned arcades (kept very clean and in good working order,) rides (including roller coasters, aerial tram, merry-go-round,) games, indoor miniature golf, carnival food, a beach and the ocean is spectacular. A short walk to the pier where there are fine restaurants is a must. Make a day (and night) of it!

Mzs Z

Very fun and busy place to be any day/time. I would recommend this place to all singles and families. There's a lot to do for all to have an awesome time.


Legendary. Free entry. Beach. Parking sucks during peak hours but it holds capacity. Giant donuts. Arcade. Salt water Taffy. Rides get an unbelievable view of the ocean.... take a ride and catch wave. Welcome home!

Roughlaw RoughLaw

Great place to come with the family. $15 for all day parking or metered parking is $1.50 per hour, but quarters only. A lot of fun to bring the kids and let them roam around and eat food from many of the stands and restaurants, or to have your own little picnic at the beach! A definite spot to hit if you're in town or even just passing through!

Catarina Hosler

What's not to love about the Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk? Iconic, family friendly, joyful fun! A must see destination in beautiful Santa Cruz CA. Ride the big Dipper, stroll along the wharf, doze or play on the beach, or take a pedicab ride on a Rainbow Rickshaw while surf music plays! The wharf is a mile long, so if you have kids they can get tired. You can hail Pedicabs that can get you to parking lots or downtown in less than 5 minutes which is also fun & they don't get stuck in traffic.

Vetto Cerrato

What a great place to hang out solo, with a date, or with your Family. There are food vendors, and games from end to end, so you are sure to find something that you like. Don't forget to grab a map, it will help you find your way around to park, find restrooms, and rides. You can also bring your own food and drinks as well.

Shannon Cantu

My family and I went with my daughters emotional support service dog and right after we got there and paid we were told we had to leave. Their website did not specify that esa animals are not allowed or we would have planned a different vacation it only said service dogs were allowed. My daughter was so upset. Only good thing was they refunded are all day wristbands and parking. Shame on the Boardwalk!!

Gavin Zau

Nice have same beach. There is the boardwalk and the pier right there. Plenty of space to sit and enjoy the beach

Grace McIntosh

Who doesn't love the Boardwalk. Great place to hangout, walk around, go on rides, and get some fried food. We went on a retro night which was really cool ($1 rides!).

Roger Aba

Infamous!!!! If you are ever in the area, it is good to come check it out. It can be busy, but still fun. Some small rides for the kids. Shops and food. Beach right there too!!!

Harry Hawk

Although closed on Mondays a few stores were open today. The rest rooms near the "dipper" were closed; the rest rooms in Neptune's Kingdom aka the arcade were open -- there was a lack of wayfinding (signs) letting folks know "where to go..." The beach was nearly empty ... and delightfully restful.

Melissa Faulkner

ALWAYS a good time. Love♡♡♡ Santa Cruz. My favorite place to go unwind and watch the ocean waves♡♡♡don't have to go to the Boardwalk to have a great time . Can go there if you want to ride rides and buy souvenirs, etc. Be careful!! You'll spend lots of money. Go on a night where you can soda bring a can to save extra money. Capitola is a town down the freeway, and is fun to wander around as well:):)

Xio Lopez

Beautiful place to spend time with family and friends. There are many rides to enjoy and food places to dine or grab a snack from! Lines are a downside but the earlier you are, the better everything is!

Andrew Lampe

iTradeNetwork summer picnic! What an awesome place. Surfing, soft sand, cool vibe from the locals. Just a killer time. Need to get back soon.

Jessica Moore

Awesome place for friends and family. Something for everyone. Tons of memories that can be made. I've came every September for the last 3 years and I'll keep coming. :)

Exotic Gaming

The boardwalk was fun and a place for children and any age but some of there places need more work because when we got dipping dots we got banana split and we noticed other flavors that we didn't ask for and we asked if we could mix flavors and they said no and I was confused because we've always mixed the flavors but for some reason they wouldn't let you and I found some black piece of something that was not the shape of a dipping dot but overall it was fun I recommend going with friends, they should work on all there things making sure there all good and quality for what you pay for.

Ace Smeg

Easy to become dehydrated here. Soda is $4, water is $3.50, and the drinking fountains are rare and hidden. The infrastructure is surprisingly good. The food is varied.

Ronald Shipman

Stopped just for the Giant Dipper, Marini's Taffy, and washed it all down with soft serve dipped cone! Spectacular

Amit Sen

Great place! Can get very crowded on weekends though. But if you are into thrill rides, arcades, beaches, etc. you can easily spend the whole day without even noticing. The food can be a bit expensive though.

Gregory Wright

I've been going here since I was a little kid. It has always been a lot of fun. Great rides in a carnival-like atmosphere. Corn dogs are amazing!

Matthew Chung

Santa Cruz Beach Board walk still remains as a staple of entertainment of the Monterey Bay area. Full of plenty of activities and food, it's a great place to go for fun. The parking at the time of my visit was $20 (a little steep, but considering there really isn't any where better...). Overall, as a UCSC alum, it's still as fun when I went there in undergrad!

Zach B

Double shot is the the reason this place gets 4 stars, the other rides are alright. Overall, have had a lot of good memories and fun here. Great place to chill, drink some booze, ride some rides then hit the beach

Olivia March

So much going on, colorful, lots of rides! Rides are $5 to $7 each and it can get a bit busy but is fun! Not much shade so cover up and wear sunscreen

Lisa Garcia

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a great place to go. Myself my husband and my son are having a fun time. We went on the log ride and got wet. We are having so much fun. ☺☺☺


This beach Boardwalk is amazing. Many things to do with kids, family and friends. Check it out for yourself. I will be back all .

Snehal Kasurde

Liked it. If you have a kid less than 3 please don't go. She will not be eligible for most of the rides. Just waste of money. I like bracelet point system. You can go for it. Affordable. If you like beaches, you will spend more time there. For amusement park, check timings. And plan your beach time and park time accordingly. Crowded in holidays. More wait time for rides. Take a look at entire place and decide for rides. You may miss your favorite ride because of time.

Chris Hurton

Amazing mini golf course! The holes don't provide much challenge, but the pirate theme is very well done. It's worth walking the course even if you don't play.

Sunshine King

My children love me so much. Mother of 5. Single....and i still take night trips with my oldest and his friend to have a beer on the beach at night. We love SC

Liseli Martin

It's an appealing boardwalk - the games are organized, clean, updated and the lines move pretty fast. Could use a bit more seating options on the upper level. The beach is clean and well kept. Lots of garbage cans everywhere.


Have been going there since I was a kid. I love it BUT sketchy people with gang colors. Definitely not enough security. The beach is always great.

Jenny Yokoyama

Open to the public, you only pay for a ride pass. Decent amount of kids rides for 5 and under. My 1.5 and 2.5 year old and I had a blast!

Anthony Gonzales

Loved that there was free parking on the Sunday I went. Not sure if it's every Sunday or certain days but it was awesome riding the shuttle for free too. The freezing cold water felt good for my body and weather was beautiful

KJ Sudarshan

The walk is bubbling with people and energy. The Santa Cruz beach is scenic. With games across the walks and all eateries one could find for, one is sure to have a great time here.

Patrick Casey

Boardwalk is a fun place. I went for the Friday concert and it was a good time. They sell craft beer ($7) good food... The arcade, rides. Just a great time

Ed Anderson

We love coming here to go to the beach and relax to the sound of the waves. It takes all my cares away. It's been a few years since our last visit and I noticed a lot of me food and beverage options. They also do a good job of keeping the Boardwalk clean. You always see people picking up even the smallest piece of litter. Great place to visit!

Gloria Graves

Beautiful place. Love the beach! The rollercoaster I wanted to go on was closed and the blue and yellow was fun but short

Obed Yabbath Hernandez Serrano

Great place! To much fun, to much people tho, a lot of things to see and do. We really enjoyed it

Finn Cramer Jacobs

Boardwalk itself is great. Love the fireball and dipper. However prices are pretty extortionate and if your going to visit more than twice it's worth getting a season pass. Also queues are massive especially on weekends. Also Wednesday film nights are good. Saw Jurassic park on the beach, was great and well organised however incredibly busy so my tip is to get there early and bring something to sit on.

TaraMae Scott

Something for everyone! I don't do the rides...but love being a beach bum while the family is at the boardwalk enjoying the rides. Lots of whales to be seen if you're lounging on the beach! We saw 2 whales and they hung out for over 30mins!!! So much fun!

Hannah C

One of my favorite places. Fun beach town with a refreshing grunge vibe to it. Lots of great beach volleyball tournaments here on the weekend and a ton of fun for the whole family. If you like sunshine, the beach, and a laid back vibe this is your spot.

Tomáš Dušek

It was closed, it is open only during weekend out of season. A lot of strange people was just a few minutes walk from boardwalk. Iy is better yo stay nearby. We use arcade game center and it was great

manuel evans

So much fun. $40 for unlimited rides. Short lines. Very clean. Security everywhere, so it feels super safe. The beach is epic. Can even hear the sea lions begging for food. Great place to visit, just good luck finding a nice hotel, just about everything in Santa Cruz is old and run down.

Deborah Drost

I always thought I loved Santa Monica, until I visited Santa Cruz. My life has been a lie. Santa Cruz is so much better than Santa Monica. I absolutely loved it here and I can't wait until I get to go back.

Lisa Iniguez

❤ Had a great time with the kids ❤ If you are not going to enjoy at least 6-8 rides you are better off paying as you go (Rides cost approx $4 - $7 per ride). I wish even though half of us didn't get our monies worth on the wristbands that we purchased season passes. We were short on time that visit but we sure would have came back over the summer had we taken that option.

fa fa

Fun place. Lots to do. Exciting family entertainment area. Spend $$ or just go to the beach. Beach sand is soft but waves are high It's a rip current area so watch out. Don't let little one's beyond arms length. Pretty clean for all the crowds on and off beach. Lots of food options and souvenir shopping too. Worth the drive from SFran. Just get there early for lots of time to hang out.

nicholas mitchell

It was much cleaner and much more organized than I expected. My expectations were that it'd be somewhat like the Santa Monica Pier, but it was. Way better than that. Only 4 stars because it was quite crowded, but it's not necessarily they're fault.

A Google User

great place for groups and kid friendly! We like the back corner of the restaurant, semi private for a large group or if you have kids, you don't feel like you're bothering other customers.

James Ramirez

First time here, huge location lots of rides, and typical fair food. I'm fat so give me an opportunity to eat a deep fried oreo I'll take it. What surprised me the most was the amazing selection of beers from local craft breweries to specialty beers I never heard of. Best part is you can walk around while drinking ugh heaven.

Lisa Jo Davis

Always a fun place to visit. Plenty of paid parking spots available. Ocean, music, rides and having fun in the sun!

Tony Aldana

Wow wow wow wow. This is so much kitschy Americana. Your family will enjoy the arcade, beach, rides, and carnival eats. It’s a true hidden gem for this day and age. Lost Boys forever! (The movie was filmed here.)

Anthony Lopez

I have lots of fun there every time i go. The rides on Tuesday the movies on the beach the free concerts every Friday its all lots of good vibes and lots of fun. Keep up the good work santacruz.

Rippling Waters

Amazing place to have fun. Visiting the beach is nice and the ride after are amazing. I recommend the giant dipper along with space race.

Curious George

That's a lot of fun to be had here bring your friends and family Just as long as you know the games are all rigged against you Everything there is ridiculously expensive and unhealthy but it's tasty and fun nonetheless They have free concerts on Friday nights and $1 rides on Mondays and Tuesdays so those are really the best times to go but it's also packed and the lines are longer Fireball and the Giant Dipper are a must ride Pirate ship and the swings are also pretty cool and I love going on the carousel because of the game with the rings you pull it off as you glide by and try to make it in the hole while you're spinning around it's pretty fun makes you feel like a kid again

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