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REVIEWS OF San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park IN California

Eric Petersen

A great place to spend a few hours. Interesting ships, very good layout, and hours of well-written dialogue to give you a glimpse into how life was in the past. They have very knowledgeable staff to give detailed tours and a lot of well-placed signs with excellent descriptions. Great stop for any people of any age.


Nice area at end of trolley stop at Fishman's Wharf in San Fransico. But it was very crowded with all sorts of tourists. Great people watching but very busy.

Bart Leung

Low key museum with interesting artifacts

Yiming Zhang

Cozy but dirty

Adena Gwirtz

I feel like I met a ghost. I was given a free boarding past by a old lady that walked into the bathroom as I was washing my hands. She immediately walked out and down the street into the crowds. Really cool place to check out. Went onboard the ships and learned their fate

John Ingram

Nice ships and museum just rather expensive to tour the ships

Mampuru Mphahlele

It was a nice experience, the history behind the place is fascinating.

Shaunas Adventures

Beautiful display of boats. There are places set up to help you learn how to tie many different kinds of knots. Nice place to take a stroll on the ocean front.

Fred Alapati

Was there for the 4th of July place is a nice place to visit but it was foggy and wasn't able to view the fireworks all that good but had a good time...

Valeria Palmerin

Its a nice place to walk past but nothing much going on

Carlos Bethencourt

Nice clean fast and convenient place. Food quality is very good and as usual the taste is awesome. Friendly staff makes this place a repeat on my list

Gareth Berry

If its your thing exploring these old ships and ferries is a great way to spend a couple of hours in San Fran

Katheryn Kennedy

Nice place for walking and viewing the waterfront

Laura Chambers Atkins

Great place for lunch. Wonderful view.

Doraine Jacob

Well worth your time and money. $15 entry fee.

Janis Tanner

Wonderful ships with great histories. The museum was really interesting as well. We all had a great day.

Sharie Bland

The history enveloped me and I was lost in time. It was incredible and if you ever get the opportunity to go see these behemoth beauties I would put it on your list of things to see.

Ricardo Alfaro

Great place to come first if visiting Fishermans Wharf/Hyde Pier area. Such lovely and helpful staff here.. Also, miniature boats that are parked on Hyde pier are available inside for display :)

Jason Wood

Very nice place but need lots of cash as it's not cheap

A Harris

Lots of fun if you enjoy history and being in a maritime environment. Staff and tour guides were great!

Vanessa Lott

This place is really cool. Had a lot of fun exploring

Kim D

Interesting place to visit,not crowded,Navy folks will enjoy

Michelle Good

Neat and worth it. It only takes about 20mins to see the whole thing.

Fran Parsons

Interesting, but not my cup of tea

Peter Franzke

If your going to the harbor and you have a free hour then you really should consider taking the Liberty Ship Tour. Situated on the Harbor across from Alcatraz is one of the last sea worthy Liberty Ships still active in the world. To think they built one of these in just under 5 days back in the 40's is almost unbelievable. The tour takes you through all decks of the ship and has educational and historical artifacts stationed throughout the ship. You can climb up into the gun turrets and here are other areas on the ship that allow for excellent views of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alextrz. The staff are all former Navy members or have some other connections to the Liberty Ships and the harbor during the Second World War. Schecule about 2 hours if you want to see everything and learn more about the Liberty Ships. If you're just out for some family picture taking and want to see the major parts of the ship then 45 minutes should be enough time. If this helped please click the like button. Thank you, Peter.

Aaron Mann

Learned lots about ships and some history. The model ship builders do great work.

Victor Johnson

Very beautiful attractions.Nice weather.All around enjoyed myself

Ilkka Tuominen

Just awesome exhibit inside oldschool ship.

Tyson Wong

Interesting place to walk around that offers nice relaxing views and great shops and restaurants surrounding it

Otis Brown

It's SF so it's beautiful.

Be Longing

A tourist hot spot. But still fun

Rey Rice

Great views! See for yourself!!

Tim Sommers

Another great history lesson.

Baron Alain

Hello Enjoy this place and visit these old boat. It's a travel in the time... Some old car are in the "Eureka". It's a part of the old USA in this place. It's a national parc so it's free wirh the card" America is beautiful" Enjoy

ben hope

Quick to get around, only need 20 mins or so. Interesting pieces of history on display.

Stephen Donaldson

History and great ships to explore.

Noldz Vanz

It was great experience and learning new things about the past.

Thomas San Francisco

Great place to discover the importance of the maritime industry and its influence on the early San Francisco economy. The ships stored here each have their own interesting saga of the history of this city and the sacrifices and heroics of the seamen that braved powerful storms to carry cargo from around the world. A great place your families to enjoy the fresh air and experience the splendor of those magnificent vessels.

Beck Marquis

We actually found this by accident when we were trying to find Ghirardelli Square...and really glad we did. Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to explore it, so we stuck to the free exhibits but it all looked very well presented and a marvellous way to step back in time into the maritime history of San Francisco & experience the life these men lived. There are also great views across the bay from the park opposite it, on the way up the hill to the chocolate store....a nice spot to sit & enjoy the views & the sunshine.

Allen Watson

This was my favorite place at Fisherman's Wharf. I found the rest a bit too touristy for my taste but I loved seeing what the old riggers were like and how people lived in them. I also saw the park's people working on them, sanding and painting. These boats require so much work and to see them in such great shape! they are truly a labor of love. It was a great place to photograph Alcatraz with the old ships as foreground.

Brandie W.

Hidden gem. Super cool to self tour. My teenage son loved the part where you pull ropes up with different weight pressures. Boats were cool and small beach area you can dip in if it's hot out. Will be back. Great little walk from Pier 39 to the Fisherman's Wharf (for clqm chowder in a bread bowl and macarons) and then here.

Ben Gandais

The museum is nice but the 5 stars are coming from the view!

Fototaker SF

Great variety of historic old vessels plus unique viewing areas of the northern San Francisco Bay Area. Free entrance on Veteran's Day but check first in case that policy has changed. Very children of all ages-friendly

Derek Ess

Fun tourist trap. 15 bucks each to get in and there's not more than 30 minutes of stuff to see. Got some cool pics though.

Christian Jung

Very interesting, guided tours with lots of information

Vivek Gaddipati

Good place for evening walk and there is a lot of crowd

John Lundquist

Great place to anchor a sailboat, Aquatic Park. In the early morning hours I heard a swishing noise, folks were swimming around the boat. WITH OUT WETSUITS.

Michael Musial

Nice area watch out for the bikers and scooter riders as you are in the area walking they move quick

Karl Isele

Great view of the harbor and Golden Gate Bridge. I recommend the Eucalyptus Grove a bit West of the park.

Gregory Lamb

Fun. Cool andplesnt.

Kendall K. Le

Good view of old sailing ships displaying.

Emma Singh Baghel

Interactive and fun for kids and adults. If the weather is nice you can see Alcatraz Island. The tug boat was fun and interactive to go inside, pull levers, etc. We even saw a seal relaxing on the dock. Lots of stuff to do near Fisherman's Wharf.

Morten Kjærgaard

Mostly of interest for nautical or historical interested people. High standard

angela nebel

You have to pay to visit the ships, but you can visit the pier before entering and have good views for free

Elizabeth Soleayst

Ships are very cool. I was disappointed that more of them were not open and we didn't get a chance to see some of the below deck areas.

dennis vasquez

Awesome place to spend the whole day with the family

Caleb Champion

We really enjoyed our stroll along this part of the San Francisco waterfront! Many times swimmy are on the Embarcadero we end up being on the street, just to experience San Francisco and the throng of people that normally includes. But taking the slight detour for is not only educational but can get you out of the crowds. You can learn about San Francisco's Civil War history as well as some of its famous ice breaking vessels which are credited with saving more lives than any other nautical vehicle.

Fred Kurzweil

This is always been a wonderful place to visit. Enjoy it every time that I come there

shrey sharma

Apart from the museum itself the overall setting of the place is brilliant. A beautifully developed waterfront you can soak up the sun absorbing a beautiful view of the waterfront and Alcatraz island! Worth every second you invest here

Stewie Motui

Nice place, great experience

Ariana Scott

Amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Nice beach area to sit and watch the boats. This area is close to shopping, food and more!

autumn taplin

nice little beach area

Ramon Lamboglia

Tourism Can see Alcatraz. Boats

Laura Brito-Springer


Yolanda Gaitan

Field Trip (tall ships) was great! Crew was awesome

Noah Young

Aside from a few of the ships being closed for repairs, this was a fantastic place to visit. The displays were educational and entertaining, and the access was amazing, you could go almost anywhere. Views of the skyline are incredible.

Arthur Crowther

It is a beautiful spot, especially when the weather is calm, especially in the evening. You are near a lot of city activity, but it can seem so quiet. It is something that ought not to be displaced by development.

Oscar Pirros

Simply amazing. Can't miss it.

Sukumar shah

Good place to visit & spend time with family. Couldn’t visit the museum as it was closed, had good scenic spot also

John B

Lot of people who don't have a clue in this world Place was cool tho

Karen Stout

Beautiful beach! Deserves 5 stars, but the signs EVERYWHERE that say NO PETS on the beach do nothing. Dog owners let their dogs pee everywhere, run all over people's beach towels and shake water all over their stuff, attack other dogs and do nothing about it. No security to protect the people who just want to enjoy the beach made for people.

Calvin Norris

This is a beautiful place to take a date

Duo Maxwell

A nice place to visit, especially if you have a little time to kill. Although on my last visit we were treated a little rude. I was there with friends and we needed to use the rest room so we asked where it was. We were quickly dismissed and told "If you're just here for the bathroom just use it and go". I don't know why that comment was necessary, especially because I did want to view the museum. I did stay and view the exibits and left a donation, but I still feel like it could have been more welcoming.

Security B-bear

Nice north point beach with cool water and nice people and the best all best and educated all there , clean nice beach

Mattew Evans

We visited here on a Monday morning when there was no crowd. We really wanted to go on the sailing ship. We had a volunteer tour guide who gave us the complete tour and all the history of the ship. He was very good and made the tour a great experience for us. I highly recommend it!!

makeysha roberson

It's always beautiful next to the water but it was particularly beautiful on the Saturday that I just went because it was very warm and the sky was clear and that's not normal for San Francisco so I went on a perfect day. It says tell the people what you ordered I didn't order anything to be honest with you we brought our own picnic and we just sat on the beach innate our food. We went to Orange Beach and all of my years living in California and and out of all those years one of the years I lived in San Francisco and I never knew about Orange Beach if you are looking for a beach that looks like so Cal which beach is the place to go it's right next to Golden Gate Park it's absolutely beautiful and if you catch it on a day where the sky is clear and the weather is warm you're in for a treat. Of course the water was chilly LOL but it still felt good and it was still amazing


Not as exciting as its title might make it sound. Lots of cool history nevertheless. Kind of ended up seeming like a nice big bathroom with a museum attached but the building is beautiful and the exhibits that are there were interesting and informative, like the small Mermaid boat that a Japanese man used to go from Japan to SF back in the day!

M Basil

My happy place. Great for jogging and a nice place to get away from grandma and the kids.

Tall Blade

Beautiful little beach to sit and watch the bay at.


We visited on a cold day in February. Even though it was a cloudy day, the sun finally peaked thru, allowing me to take some great pictures. We walked down the pier to check out the schooner, fairy, tugboat and sailboat on display. From the tugboat is a great view onto Alcatraz and on the other side of the pier a great view onto the Golden Gate bridge. Sealions were taking naps on the pier and the museum had a lot of great information about San Francisco and its history. If your kid is interested in the Junior Ranger program, a badge will be given after completing some assignments.

it's De'Andre

Nice little beach at the end of Fisherman's Wharf, right down the street from The Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate shop.

Ronald Tacey

We visited here on a Monday morning when there was no crowd. We really wanted to go on the sailing ship. We had a volunteer tour guide who gave us the complete tour and all the history of the ship. He was very good and made the tour a great experience for us. I highly recommend it!!

Syed Shah

Fun place with your family and friends

Nilesh Patil

Walking distance from Pier 39, this place is not to be missed when traveling to San Francisco. Fun place for families to visit on weekends as there're food places around and some great stores for shopping.

Keith Clarke

Nice place to visit to see the old type craft and you can go on for entrance fee to look over the craft

Diana S

What a nice little beach. Highly recommend visiting. Lots to see on boardwalk good food everywhere

Swee Hiang Poh

After reading the history of the place, I was amazed by the public protest which turned it from a casino to an informative museum. The artworks by famous artists on the walls create the relevant setting of the marine museum.

Adrian Patting

Going to see this tall ships will surely bring the bygone era to any adults and the pirate tales out of any child. As a casual tourist I found myself face to face with my childhood sketches and my model ships I created out of scraps. It was massive, impossing and beautiful. It is a living testament to all the seafering affairs of the past that was once common sight but is now a distant mememory. I am talking the to two of my favorite vessels on display, the Balclutha and the C.A Thayer. It's great to know that the San Francisco City and it's people decided to preserve and continue maintaining this attractions. Also they are in a constant need for any volunteers and can surely use any lending hand.

Konstantinos Moshogiannis

Great Area to take photos of Golden Gate Bridge

Vitaly Kim

Most of the ships were not open for walk through, but it's a nice place to enjoy fresh air before you head back to get on the Mason Hyde cable car

Jesus Renteria

Hooo, San Francisco what can i say about you, so much to see so much to do so many people to meet and this is only a very small area close to pier 39.

Nicole Gaines

I love going to Ghirardelli square I go to their little Beach, Little Beach fun adventure

Robert Garzona Jr

Great spot to absorb some UV Ray's an relax , plenty of space , beach is a bonus


The history here is pretty cool and the views are awesome!

Joseph Loeb

I learned things to assist me in a current project. Great experience.

Melanie W

Great place to enjoy a beautiful walk and beautiful scenery.

Jose Pires

Love the early morning walks a long here..

M. Monnette

Unless you're a die hard fan of Maritime history, this museum leaves a lot to be desired. There are a few dilapidated boats floating in the water but there isn't much info about their significance other than a few sparsely spread signs. The main visitor's center has some cool historical exhibits, but the old WPA building isn't even worth visiting. If you're visiting San Francisco and trying to decide what to see, you're probably safe leaving this off your agenda.

Jack Flynn

Great free museum except it costs $15 to visit the boat which used to be free but otherwise great museum!

Sara Walker

We had a free 4th grade national parks pass and decided to check this out while visiting my sister. A couple of the boats were under repair at the time and not accessible. The museums were very nice with good signage and helpful rangers and volunteers, the outdoor exhibits seemed to be older with less information and no tour guide etc. My son thought the Junior Ranger badge at this national park was the easiest of all the parks we visited.

Viana Mancheva

Only block away from Fisherman’s Wharf. Very beautiful Park next to the water where you can buy handmade jewellery on the sidewalk, have a portrait done there for couple of dollars, get on the first and last stop of the historical Cable Car only 2 stops away from Lombard Street if you get on it from the Park. Nice view of the coast.

a r

Beautiful spot to rest your feet and relax. Located behind the Maritime museum, has a small beach with some stone steps and a sort of amphitheater around it. Close walk to Girideli and other food.

Scott Nelson

The submarine was intriguing and the ship was big. The history was there as well. The telescopic lens platforms were broken so we got a good look at Alcatraz without paying a cent.

Tom Fenwick

Great place to get away from the craziness of pier 39. Or maybe go for a swim!

Todd Lund

Fun place to take your cub scouts on an overnight sleep over. Beautiful views at night.

Gail Cunningham

Such a great variety of ships, with lots of interesting information.

Matt Padilla

A small museum, but it has nice examples of local maritime history.

Brian Hughes

Great little open air museum focusing on ships in age of sail and steam.

Sophie Carnegie

I have a long history of maritime battles from years ago so this was a very interesting place and living on the east coast of America, a real treat. I think San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, but I just can't make the decision to move they're considering the taxes and whatnot but definitely worth a visit get your toes in the water but Beware of the white sharks as I am told they are quite prevalent on the West Coast

Mejarlito Mejia

Nice tourist spot complimented by the sun and coolness in late afternoon. Which easily adapted by the visitors.

Matt Sheard

Our kids (7 & 9) and us loved exploring the boats and exhibits here. They have hands on exhibits which the kids enjoyed doing. Some of the boats they have restored are from the 1800's which is quite impressive for an ocean ship that gets some much wear and tear. The park rangers were very informative. I would recommend this place for anyone who is visiting the San Francisco area and hasn't explored this before. We easily spent half a day here between the visitor center and the exhibits on the pier/ boats.

Carlos C

It's the perfect place to expose yourself to swimming in ocean water without all the waves. Beach isnt too wide, but there's plenty of room to just hang out. (Pro tip, it's the best place to watch during fleet week, buy a floaty and just sit there during the show. )

Karthik Suresh

We got to see a play on board the was really nice to see the ships were restored well and maintained. There are 3 different types of ships that you can see and visit. Lots of information plaques scattered across the place to provide tidbits for the curious.

Patrick Daniels

Great place for lap swimming food almost one mile loop in the cove.

Tony Bermudez

What a wonderful place for kids to learn about sailing and boating great activity during the winter and summer seasons wait for tourist to see our beautiful boats

Ashley Gutowski

Great surprise to come across! Be aware it is split into 3 areas, retro bathhouse (can be skipped not much there) visitor center amazing interactive displays woth very friendly rangers full of knowledge, and the ships across the street. You are not able to go on all of them, some boats tour around. Was great to learn the history and the ships available to go on are amazing

Dee Nigam

Its a nice museum! There are 2 historical ships that visitors can walk on and get a feel of what its like to to be on a ship. They have lots of other shipping related artefacts on display. They have a shop. All in all its a good 45 minute to an hour long tour.

Cynthia Ravelo

What can I say, it's "maritimey" lol.

Chris Hanen

Despite the tourists, my favorite place in San Francisco.

Michael Mcfarling

Wonderful scenery and so many things to do.

shreela singh

It's a classic. You have to go here if you live in the bay area! It's a great place to spend time with the family. Or even friends. A recommendation of mine.

Megan Coburn

This museum is a great quick little stop for a few minutes. The scope of the museum's purpose is well covered. Little plaques throughout give fun little stories about the area.

gaurav kachare

One of the best historical park I have seen.

Katherine Messick

Love to explore this place. Always seems to have something new to see. Highly recommend for locals who want to have fun without the crowds. Great for kids of all ages. Our 3 year old loved it!

ivette jiménez

Great place to be near the sea and the see the birds and visit the old games museum

Glen McAllister

Little small but my grandpa's model ship is there took him 10 years to build when I was a kid his name was Ron Cleveland and the ship is called the kahala all by hand the only thing he didn't make was the tiny rope and chain check it out very cool very detailed

N. Benjamin

Beautiful park! Grab a bench and take a seat and watch the ships roll in

Sudhamsh Ch

One of the best places I ever visited.

Jennifer Malveaux

Great place to walk around

Matthew Linker

Great place to swim beautiful Bay

edwin garcia

Quiet place to go relax. Excellent place to take the kids and the pets so they can run around

Mark Edwards

This is a very interesting place made better by the fact that it's an island of calm amidst a sea of tourists.

Megan Chen

Very cool inside The tile mural were made by a famous artist It was his last piece of art before he died


Great museum and site. Really cool ships that you can walk through. Educational and fun!

Mike Cz.

Visiting the place for my first time. It's a beautiful place to visit. Didn't have much time to explore. But there's a lot to see. The people there are friendly. The parking sucks. You should plan to be there all day and maybe make it a few day visit.

Faraha Hasan

My husband and I passed by this park a lot during our trip to San Francisco. It was really nice going behind the Maritime museum and walking along the boardwalk. If you are history buff, I would recommend going inside and exploring. We weren't interested, so we didn't.

Richard Schagrin

Right in front of Ghirardelli Square overlooking the bay. There are historic working boats docked at the Hyde Street pier where you can view them , they go back to 1886. the Hercules. For $10, you get aboard the Balclutha, the Eureka, and the Hercules.

Paul Willis

I wish there was a more accurate polling system. My recently departed best friend dragged me there for the first time almost a decade ago, maybe longer. Over the course of time, something put me in the right place at the right time! This never happens to me! There are some professional people who can also help tremendously with things that would never occur to you, which is one of the big benefits of studying in the field you love. It's obvious! They offer free mens and women's groups. (Men's on Wednesday at 2:30 and I THINK holds the WOMAN'S earlier on Wednesday, but you check and I don't have a number for you, sorry).They are NOT psychological in nature. They're just get togethers to exchange ideas and listen to some very interesting stories. Can you tell I'm a fan? Good luck, in any case, maybe I'll see you there sometime, although I'm not a regular which doesn't make any difference, which is another point of recommendation. Later now.

Priscilla Garrison

Such a great place! Plan your time around a tour. There's a fee for entrance but children 16 and under are free (14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.)

M. L. Easling

Well worth the visit.

Adelina Radu

Beautiful place to walk aroubd ob a nuce sunny day.

Ed Bierman

There ares some interesting things to look at but not alto. I thought it would be more. The murals are fun.

jashmine janif

My favorite hang out spot

Joseph Frank

A piece of history. Picturesque... Not far from the cable car turn around... Nearby via a ten minute walk is a fascinating collection of World War II ships, including a noble Liberty Ship, submarine and more... This neighborhood is wonderful with numerous photo opportunities and is a delight to walk through. I much prefer to Pier 39.

halima khamis

Peaceful,blissful, must go when in SFO

Gary Kinard

What a cool historical place. Several ships you can tour. From different time periods. Very interesting. Intriguing. Informational. A place to learn about life on a ship 200 years ago.


This is a relatively small Museum. There's no fee to view it. They do ask for donations if you feel like donating, there is no pressure nor suggested donation amount. It sits on the bay and after you view the artifacts you can go outside and just sit on a bit of the beach. There's also other floors that contain photograph and art galleries. They're quite interesting. It's a splendid way to spend about an hour.

Fred Jang

Tour some interesting ships at this location.

Eliana Quinet

Good beach for kids. Adults may be disappoiuntef. People need to pick up their trash. Good for dogs but I'd rather be at ocean beach.

Claus Pedersen

Great location at the beach in San Francisco habor. Interesting exhibition.

Mark Khalfin

Very fun to swim in, the course is great!

Christopher Ng'ang'a

It's a beautiful city!!!

Angelica M Tomassini Soto

Amazing view! Great for walking with your family or dog. Great to explore the ships and history of the bay.

Jennifer Tye

Loved san Francisco and Fishermans wharf

TzuChiao Hung

The museum exhibited historic photos and spirit of exploring. The plaza across beach street with many shops imcluding original Ghiradelli ice cream is a wonderful place for wandering and photos.

Marlena Mink

Had lots of memories from visiting I will never forget

Madeline Lein

Spent a magical evening singing sea shanties as the fog rolled by outside.

Rebeca Ruiz Delgadillo

Interesting pieces in this small Maritime Museum! And it was free. You get a nice view of Bay! Only thing you could not go upstairs private party only!

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