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REVIEWS OF Roseville Golfland Sunsplash IN California

Lisa Kennedy

We only played mini golf, but the courses are a lot of fun. There are 2 courses in which to play - and both have their own challenging holes. The water park, though we didn't try, looked like a lot of fun with good variety. And an arcade inside had some fun games. A nice place to spend an afternoon with lots of entertainment.

David Bloxham

Sunsplash is awesome. They've got a lot going on for a very affordable price. Sometimes I wish they could just make the amount of people that were in there disappear. It gets crowded but that's what happens when you're successful!

Carey Lefebvre

Really impressed with the park. Water park was fun, well staffed, plenty of rides for all ages. Wave pool is great. Food is plentiful. Cant bring your own food or drinks so prepare. Otherwise very happy here. Safe clean and fun.

Scott Gidding

Waterslides and minigolf! Affordable and fun, just don't get too competitive :)

Khang Xiong

Great fun place. Only complaint is that there isn't enough tanning seats out there. Rude folks are moving towels and stealing seats when we get up to dip in water for a bit

Gavin Bree

Perfect fun place for the family. The only reason I don't give them 5 stars is some parts of the park are dirty and dated.

Itz Jianna Rae

It’s an amazing waterpark! Not just because it’s fun but for other reasons- Number one, there are always life guards. There are always life guards everywhere which makes my family and I feel safe. Even FREE LIFE JACKETS! The food is also pretty good. I love the fact that it’s a clean area to eat but still can get messy and uncleaned at one point- The golfing area is also very fun. I am returning to go back in July and I RECOMMEND this spot!

Valerie Amrine

Great customer service but the games really suck they need to tell the customers how the card works on the games because they don't work on either side only one side works they need to explain that to customers.

Charlotte Elmore

Grand kids had a blast. I spent the extra money to rent a cabana. Food service is a little slow but it is better than standing in the line myself.

Seth Stephensen

It's a great place to hang out with friends! They've got good food at decent prices, and attentive lifeguards. The park is open almost all day, and has a length of time where you can slide AT NIGHT. I'd love to come again soon.

James Linde

There is plenty to do here. If you want to keep your kids busy, and cool, on hot summer days this is the place. My son rides the slides while I take my daughter along the lazy river (which all the slides dump into), the huge wave pool and the kids splash area. There are slides for the tots and three different water temperatures. The river is the coolest, followed by the wave pool and the kids pools and slides harbor warm, bathlike water.

Sherri Swift

I was at the water park part today. It was super fun. The food was not good. It was made and sitting under heat lamps. By the time we got to our chairs it was like warm at best. Your choices are pre-made so if you don't like something or can't have something on your meal you stuck.

Peyton Dering

Really cool water park. Having a great time on my vacation with the family.


Great place to go have Fun, they need better technology or upgrade on how to do the loading of cards for the video games etc! Otherwise Lazer tag was AWESOME an RACE CARS AMAZING! ENJOY HAVE FUN MAKE MEMORIES.

Harry Criswell

It's a fun day with the kids. They have updated the lockers with electronic locks where you set the lock code when you pay the rental $16 for the day but the lockers are also bigger now. We shared one locker with friends. The wave pool was fun but apparently needs some repair. After every wave session a rusty leak with bubble up from the bottom near the red line looking like someone had an accident in the pool. Get the golfland app to order and pay for food and avoid the 30 min order lines. There was an injured man near the lazy river and the lifeguard team acted quickly and had him strapped to a backboard and taken away.

Cory L

I went today for their night slide, amazing good time, their security staff was very attentive to guests. And I saw one security staff member go beyond the call of duty. And brought a family all a cup of water. I will for sure be back again some day.

Andre Thomas

Had a blast with my son. Great place for a summer day but go early.

Janett Gomez

First time i went , have to say really fun !! Love the wave pool. If you like extreme water the wave pool towards the deeper side will have you screaming with fun .

lit man

Fun place to go long wates for some rides 1 hour to 2 hours I would go on a school day and not the weekend

Roberto Toledo

Rides and water areas are very nice, very crowded as always. No control of rowdiness from kids, just a whistle. New app needs LOTS of improvements, when ordering combo foods to be delivered to Cananas, drinks are always forgotten, servers have to make 2 trips. And for a water park its tooooo expensive.


Kept pretty clean, staff were nice, but some were a bit rude compared to the others. It is nicely maintained, love coming here.

Morgan Cato

Fun. Went for a friends birthday. The wave pool was my favorite. Some of the staff were rude and seemed to not want to be there. Others seemed to not know what they were doing and were unorganized. Getting food was pain. We ordered food off the app. It told us it was done and ready to pick up. We went to pick up our food and had to wait another 15 minutes because it actually wasn't ready. Dont know if that was because of the app or the staff, but dont use the app. Just stand in line.

Brandi Marshall

Had a great day here with my niece. Even on a day where the news came out later on durning nite slide due to theft. We left our towels and keys while we went on some slides and everything was fine. The food wasn't the best. We got the chicken strips but I wasn't expecting it to be amazing but didn't expect rubber chicken

Rob Salamon

Lots of fun. Thank you for hosting Sutter.

Jacob the chinchilla

It is a great place to spend a hot summer day with friends.


Came to night slides with 7 of my family members on 4th of July weekend (July 6th, to be exact). The majority being children 7 and younger. My family and I are big on purchasing tickets in advance due to it being cheaper with most businesses or saving time in line at the gate. We were very disappointed to learn that 1) ticket purchases online cost the same at the door and 2) there was no line for online tickets. I checked my clock when we first got in line: 6:15pm. I checked it again when we FINALLY got to the ticket stand: 7:45pm. You read that right. We waited in line for 1.5 hours. Thank heavens there was a free water station toward the front or we would’ve risked passing out due to heat exhaustion. I asked a employee what’s the purpose of online tickets if there’s no line specifically for that purpose and she replied “There isn’t.” We both laughed because we knew it was ridiculous. So we FINALLY get inside and are given the run around on where to purchase a locker. The young lady at the counter laughs at my sister when she complained of the run around. (I won’t put her name. We don’t want the young lady in trouble. We had a long talk with her about the importance of good customer service and to not smirk or laugh when a customer is upset.) Employees must remember that even though they are busy, customers still need help and to give the best possible directions you can. The run around on where to purchase a locker (that was $16 by the way!!!) is the last thing we want to do after standing in the sun for 1.5 hours. It was a exhausting experience, to say the least and on top of that, we spent a few hundred dollars easily on admission, food & lockers. So please understand that it was a little frustrating when we compare money spent to how pleasurable the experience was. We do a little bit of a commute to come here. Not sure if I’ll be back on another holiday weekend. It was overwhelming. I must commend one of the male lifeguards (didn’t catch his name) because he was very helpful with making sure we had all our children in the correct fitting life jackets. The snack bar had good options. The process to get in was agonizing so by the time we finally did, we were pooped. So get there early on holiday weekends or avoid them entirely!

Andrew Tucker

It was really fun and I got to go on amazing water slides

Aaron Funk

This review is just for the water park FYI. Tons of fun for every age, swimming level, and thrill seeker! Great wave pool, awesome expansive kids area with calm shallow (heated!) pools with mini-slides, lazy river, and slides of all kinds! Snack bar type food (burgers, pizza, nachos) available and reasonably priced for an amusement venue. Lockers available & plenty of places to hang out between water activities. If you can afford it and remember to reserve early I recommend getting a cabana. Plenty of seating out of the sun, servers to take food/drink orders, and a private locker (must bring your own lock)

Jill Carter

The water is pristine and the common areas are exceptionally clean. The slides and stairs are supported with steel beams and have been well maintained by the company. They also have nice oversized lockers to use. However, it’s extremely crowded especially considering that it is the smallest water park we have been to in the country. There was no parking, so we had to pay another business $25 to park. The wait times to get tickets, ride slides, use the wave pool, and get food are extremely long. Wait times for slides can be an hour and a half. We spent the majority of the day in long lines. We probably won’t be back.

Trey P

Fun water park with lots of different rides. The Stealth is one of my favorites! Lazy river and a wave pool as well, and eating areas and food and ice cream outside. Lazer tag and arcade inside with a decent amount of new games. Food and snacks inside, and even minigolf courses outside. Wonderful place for a day of fun

Tony Ho

The worst customer service ever! And you can tell by the management team, if you can even consider them managers. Too bad I can't give negative stars! They don't deserve any! Hey SunTrash! You're a business and you need customers to rip off, so learn some customer service!

Vladimir Parra

Great time. Great prices

Daniel Green

The Pac Man air hockey was too much fun! Love the arcade.

T. Rexington

This water park/Golfland is absolutely wonderful. The life guards are very kind and always alerted when something happens. This place is really really fun, I really recommend this place for birthdays too!

Challenge Girls

An amazing and super fun place for children! And at night it’s a completely different place and even more fun! The water slides are exciting to ride! There are 4 person slides a three person slide two person slides and a one person slide. But my favorite slide of all is definitely the master blaster water coaster! I really wish I could just come here everyday! I definitely recommend sunsplash for summer fun! ☻

Ryan Beal

Slides are fun. Mini golf was large. Be ready to pay rediculous fees 12-16$ for smart lockers.

Mia Valentina

sun splash is great for kids. period. once your an adult you can’t wear anything even somewhat revealing (even 18+) or you’ll get kicked out of the park because they are christian & don’t think revealing skin is appropriate. the food prices are great, the slides are fun but lines wayyy too long, & the employees from my experience are somewhat rude.

Parth Patel

Laser tag is amazing the attendant John at the counter was a real help!

Quinton C

Fun spot. Bit crowded, as expected. Rented a Cabana. Not exactly private or anything, but was nice having a spot to leave our stuff unmolested. Lots of fun slides. Wave pool was pretty cool too

Anna G

Knocked off a star because the food is ridiculously overpriced! Walk next door and get In N Out. But the slides and water are top notch. Great park, clean, well maintained. This is the best waterpark around for sure.

Marilou Mullan

Slides are hard to access. One has to drag huge tubes to the tops, then wait in line to get the next tube for the next ride. Very difficult maneuvering up the steps for younger (11 and under) kids. There is a small kid area with no tubes, but more for much younger kids. The lazy river is fine, except there are no signs telling you what special tubes to use in it, then you have to fight to get one. Way too expensive for all the misdirections and difficulty in knowing how to get on the rides.

Giovanna Chukwuma

This place was FANTASTIC. Lots of rides to choose from and the lines weren't super long compared to other water parks I've been to. They also have great food at REASONABLE prices. That is unlike anything I've ever seen. Will for sure come hear again.

Ghost Angel

I came here last year I'm coming again this year it was amazing the waves are the fun part it's a great place to go when it's hot if you live in the Sacramento area.

Hannah Greene

Terrible food. Buying a locker with cash is a fiasco. It was nice in the morning but packed by noon. No chairs or places to eat. The water slides are fun and the lazy river is nice.


Very fun for families. I think that the park shouldn't charge people who aren't swimming. They can make an wristband for those who aren't swimming. And if need to charge maybe like a $5 dollar fee.

Breeana Reyes

So I checked the website before heading across town with 4 kids and the site did not mention anything other than the normal stuff. We get there only to find out the whole water park side was booked out for some corporate event. Which is fine but update your website so it states as much. Super disappointed. Went to cal expo instead but after all that driving only had 2hrs left. Luckily we didnt have to pay full price. I'll be giving them a good review.

David Lee Prather

We played miniature golf; five of us & in places the course had areas that it was too easy to go off of the runway or fairway, even if you'd hit it correctly, so if those areas were fixed or redone, it'd be a much better place. I still would recommend this establishment.

Billy Saetern

Went with the family and for $40 per person for the sunsplash fun pack we were able to get general admission to the water park, a round of go karting, a round of Lazer tag, and a round of mini golf. You can only buy this in person so I suggest going early to purchase. As early as the park opens otherwise the line can get quite long. The water park itself is quite fun and they provide all the inflatable tubes so you don't have to rent any but that also means you have to wait to get one even for the Bermuda triangle which is the equivalent of the lazy river. My personal favorite rides were master blaster, stealth, and double dare. Even the food was affordable compared to say places like six flags. About $7-9 per meal. We got two pizza slices and a drink for about $8. I would suggest downloading their app ahead of line to order and just pick up when ready. The place was also fairly clean including the bathrooms which is a plus. Both times I needed to go there were people constantly mopping to clean and dry it up since there were so many people coming in and out although I would still suggest wearing water shoes or sandals. Overall I would go and take my family again. It's affordable, fun, and lots to do. Doing all four activities took us the entire day starting at 11am and we left by about 9pm. We didn't even get a chance to try out the arcade but it looked updated including giant screen space Invaders and a large rail gun shooter game (Microsoft Halo version). Hopefully that will still be there to try next time.

Mathew Griffith

Clean park, friendly staff, friendly life guards. Food service EXTREMELY SLOW!!!! 35 minutes to get 4 slices of pizza. I was thinking I will have a fresh pizza because of how long it took. NOPE!!!! It was COLD

Robin Mutka

Really fun ! Our whole family had a great time ! We were visiting family in California. There is really something for everyone ! Lasting memories !

Cameron Kapicka

Very fun with an abundance of water slides. There’s a huge kids pool. Many body slides some being completely dark. single, double, triple, and quadruple raft slides. Good food, wave pools, and a substantial amount of seating. If you arrive late in the day there are long lines and it is very busy, so make sure to arrive early. Also golfland has a beautiful mini golf course with castles, windmills, and other fun mini buildings to golf through and by. A fun day experience and I highly recommend for the family.

hey im hannah

Been going here for 13 years and love it! Super fun especially the wave pool and great for all ages(there is a kiddie pool with little slides including a mini area for ages below 5). The food is decent and the shakes and ice cream are killer.

Rosa Diaz

Better than waterworld. I don’t like how warm some of the water is it makes it feel gross. I like the lazy river. The food is amazing for a theme park type of food. My burger had char and flavor! And I love that they have soft serve and dip n dots available! I didn’t try their milkshakes but they looked delicious and huge for just $6. Over all I had a great time with my family . Oh also, did not like that they don’t sell towels or any kind of water shoes. It’s a water theme park ! Okay that’s all!

Ed Yoder

Great place for the family. Very safe and well monitored. Lines are long in the afternoon but the slides are a blast. Food is good and reasonably priced. Will be back next year.

Steven Spreadbury

Lazer tag, waterslides, arcade games, 18 hole miniature golf course and an awesome gocart racetrack! This place is so intense and fairly well priced. I've done it all here and it all rocks hard! I highly recommend this location to anyone who wants to spend the day and evening having fun!

Joel Salonga

Good selection of games. My son liked it

chuck lemon

Did the arcade with my kids. Game selection is really, really good. Ticket Redemption options leave a little to be desired. Definitely would go back.

Dawn Gissendanner

The park itself is fantastic. Great wave pool and fun slides. Now let’s talk about what’s not good. Park opens at... but they fail to let you Know it’s in pieces! Second the food! You can’t bring anything in but they also close down the food and drinks at least 30 mins before the park with no notice! It’s my grand daughters birthday and she knew she had to wait til time to go to get dipping dots. We entered the line at 535 and was told the lines closed. There were about five people waiting. I explained we had no clue they closed early and it being here Birthday that’s all she had asked for. Of course that didn’t matter! When ordering lunch by the app we got confirmation to come get our food that it was ready. It wasn’t ready but they started just handing us pieces of the order then so rudely asked me to move so they could help the next person allowing the guest to reach over our tray of food being prepared and rolled her eyes when I expressed I didn’t like wet hands dripping on our food!

Jeff Pierce

Was super fun, had upto date arcade games. The Go Carts were awesome. And the food service was great.

Mk T

Plenty of slides and water attractions. Can't bring outside food in, so a lot of people leave the food in their cars. In and out privilege, so that's good.

David Conaway

Perfect spot on a hot Sac day. We're visiting from Olympia, WA and spent 4ish hours at the park. Not a huge water park but big enough to stay busy. Some rides had some fairly large lines while others didn't. We had 2 adults, a 14 year old girl and a 6 year old girl in our party and total entry fee was $125. Didn't try any food or drink so cannot comment on that. They also have a miniature golf course and nice arcade on the premises. Overall we had a fun time.

April D. Greene

Great water slides for all ages. And you better believe there is all ages in the pools. Its great.

H Elizabeth Harrison

Always fun. Family fun, date fun, hot/wet fun. Very thing to do fun

Betty Merrill

Very well maintained and the floor of traffic set up is good. It was seriously overcrowded for my personal taste.

Tim Sentsov

Great Park for the family. There are plenty of rides and entertainment for children as well as adults.

Steve Wigginton

Great activities for the family. Well-maintained mini-golf.

Ivan Granados

Great family fun lines move pretty fast and great prices

Mohsen Shalbaf

The online ticket line was very long and busy. Other than that was kid. Great place for kids

Sarah Darrington

This place is the best for all ages. Are kids are 10-13 and we had a blast

David Dickson

My first time ever being there. Great for family events. Even though we have witness some negative vibes there when we we're there but eventually they resolved it

Bella Martinez

This water park is not family friendly at all! It’s should be more like a water park for adults! Because they allow women half naked walking around. With children looking and seeing this stuff. I understand you can’t control what people wear! But at least tell these people to cover up or leave! Because me and my family did not feel comfortable at this water park with our children!

Greg Wright

This place is great fun for the whole family ! We were there on a Sunday , fathers day and the beginning of summer vacation . The crowd was not unbearable. The staff kept things moving along and as a dad I got in for free on fathers day ! My first time there and I will be back.

Scott Kavanaugh

Minature Golf doesn't have a par for the course anymore which is unfortunate for those who want to have fun while still being competitive. Also, why didn't I see the rule that you have to pick up the ball after 6 strokes on the scorecard? It helps move things along, so your not waiting 10 minutes for a party to finish up a hole.

Clinton Languemi

Very very overcrowded..... lots of fun things to do, bit expect to wait over and hour to ride a slide and get yelled at by life guards and the 10,000 managers they have for violating some rule they made up... oh and lazy river is a sardine can that you can only take tubes that they feel like you having in..... wish they could get it together and limit how many they allow in each day.... or expand... get it together!!!

Diandra Myers

I had a blast here with my four yr. Old. We enjoyed the toddler section the water was warmer than the rest of the park. I LOVE the fact they provide life jackets although I didn't need one just in case is reassuring. FOOD dept.. could use an upgrade fries strips were hard but soda sprite was fresh. OVERALL I will return!


We always have fun here. The lines go super fast.

Melanie Alway

My six year old loves this place, a lot of stuff to do for young kids.

Steven Yang

Lines were not long. Enjoyed the go-karts

Angel Hernandez

The golfing section was pretty cool. The arcade was great. I did wish there was an option to buy dip and dots. Only thing I disliked. Friendly staff!

christian mcgee

It was so fun I would recommend it for the whole family.

Jeremy Johnson

If you're local, you can't beat it for a summer break for the heat. The water is a good temperature. There's enough to do for the little ones. My only critique is that they have zero "starter" slides. You go from kiddy pools to MONSTER SLIDES. They don't have just a regular long slide.

Doug Timoney

We had a great time and what a nice way to get away from the heat! My grandson loved the kids water slides.

Aiden Decoto

Very fun place to take the family. I went mini golfing and there is like 18 holes and 2 courses. You can only play one buy paying for it, but I mean if you wanna play both courses go ahead and buy another ticket. I recomend this place 10/10

Jora Leigh

Roseville Golfland Sunsplash is an exciting experience. I did the miniature golf; it was a ton of fun. They have a variety of interesting holes. The staff was very nice, especially a guy named Casey that was helpful in some questions I had about their pepperoni pizza.

Thin Blue Line Studios

The particular day I went, it wasn’t very sunny. But even then, the water park was still very fun. There’s lots of different activities to do, and their food is delicious.

Adam Savage

Really fun but, be careful in the wave pool, 2 people almost drowned

Smitty Smith

Absolute blast!! You can buy your tickets online, literally right before you go in, and save yourself a few bucks per ticket. Lines can get a little long for the more popular rides but rarely are you waiting more than 5 to 10 minutes with some slides never having much of a line at all. The arcade is huge with a bunch of new and working games. There's a go-cart track right next door but they looked a little slow. :/ Plenty of shady spots to sit and relax. Bungalows can be rented out as well for a little bit more privacy. Food is decent, if a little pricey. The wave pool fires up every ten minutes. Always a good time!!

Warren Malmberg

Great place to take the kids and kill a few hours. Good selection of arcade games and the mini golf course is challenging

Susansouyee Yanglao

A fun place to take the kids price is not too bad only bad thing is can't bring your own drinks and food but the kids love it

Kelsey Henderson

This place is great as long as you're over 42 inches. I was required to pay full price ($27) for my daughter who is 40 inches only to find out she can't go on any of the water slides with me. I don't think I should have to pay full price for a child that can only go in the kiddie pool and the wave pool. I was highly disappointed as I spent $80 on tickets and didn't even get to go on any of the water slides. Review has nothing to do with any other aspect of the waterpark obviously because I didn't get to experience it.

Helena Smith

This was my first time at a water park and I had a great time. The rides were wonderful and everyone there was very friendly. I also enjoyed the cabanas. I will definitely come back.

Ellie Berkland

Super fun place!! Kids from ages 4-11 all had a blast and the lazy lagoon was a big hit! It is a bit crowded and I would not reccomend the wave pool for anyone who isnt a strong swimmer.


A lot of things to do and real food at pretty good prices! Admission is a little expensive, but it's a lot of fun.

My Kristy Nong

Great for families and birthday celebrations. The Saturday morning Arcade Mania Party definitely gives you the bang for your buck at $13/child. Includes 3 hours of unlimited arcade games, followed by an hour of pizza and unlimited soft drinks. No rushed service to get you out so you feel welcomed and appreciated. We added on laser tag for $5/child as well. Lots of fun!

Rob Cox

Had my grand-daughters birthday party there. As a bonus, I got to meet my new, great-grand-daughter for the first time. Arcade was grezt, put-put golf was fun! I even won a voucher for a free round of laser-tag, or miniature golf! Had fun playing laser tag also. We had pizza,shakes, and so much fun with the grand-kids, and family, and friends. Ya gotta try this place!!!!

Jason Hall

Good place to get out for a bit of activity or a date night. Won't really break the bank if you don't go overboard. Mini golf at night is so much fun, but don't expect to have the course to yourself. You'll enjoy the time together while waiting. Lots of energy and excitement.

Alexander Hayes

Very fun, for a multitude of reasons. It is great for kids of all sizes, it has a kiddie area, a lazy river, and tons of water rides including a wave pool. The staff there is nice and the lifeguards actually do their jobs.

Nicole La Point

Great value for the price! Well organized, staff are pretty friendly.

Mircea Puha

Very fun place. My kids loved it. We did the nite slide. We stayed until the very end. Lines seemed long at times but they went quick. Very friendly staff. Can't wait to visit again.

Teon Fall

Super fun! Stuff was a little broke here and there, but it didn't effect my experience

Josh Bodin

Pretty fun experience with a bunch of random games to enjoy, my two issues were some of the staff were a bit snappish which I felt was unwarranted and secondly for an arcade there wasn't much variety in games such as fighting games or the old school contra/metal slug games but overall was still enjoyable. Can't comment on the water park aspect due to it not being open when I went.

Arshdeep Singh

Fun place to spend with friends or family. Some of the rides are pretty damn good

Jim Clifford

We did mini-golf for my birthday celebration. Took all the family. It was not crowded at 10 a.m. Lots of fun for all.

Lee Battaglia

Lots of fun and my kid has always loved coming for the arcade games. Mini golf gets HOT so wait for a cool day to enjoy it. The season passes are 110 each or 99 each with 4 or more and they have monthly payment plans so you can defer payments of the season passes for the waterpark.

Lori Hartwig-Lewis

So much fun! Went with my niece and kids, and I went on every water attraction, I'm 55!

Shaun Salave'a

My first time ever being there. Great for family events. Even though we have witness some negative vibes there when we we're there but eventually they resolved it. Awesome place to be at with family and friends.

Nina Ramsey

The chili fries were so good when we first walked in it already excited me and my friends the food is cheap and the rides were fun

Sterling Houston

I love it here. Clean pools, okay food, great customer service. Come early to beat long lines!

Harsh Kathiriya

A great place to visit. If you love water rides then you should go here.


slides are fun, lines for the rides aren't too long, and most of the staff is friendly and helpful. However, my friend ordered two slices of pizza at 1:00 and it didn't come out until around 2:00. We didn't even get it until we went up and talked to them about it. Turns out some of the cooking staff was goofing off and was off track during working. Other people were having trouble too. Other than that, it's a great place to go during the summer.

Mike Holgate

Fun family place. I can see some areas that could use a little organization and maybe more seating for eating. One thing I noticed is that people would leave their items(towels, bags...etc)on all the tables instead of paying for lockers. This left few to no usable tables!


My family likes going here so I gave it 4 stars. Usually 90% the employees are helpful. The public have gotten out of hand a few times but luckily the have removed those difficult ppl in those situations.

Sherry Balow

What a great place to cool off on a really hot day! I really enjoy the slides, (even Double Dare), but this time I was a big fan of the lazy river and relaxing.


Sunsplash is probably one of the best water parks I've ever been to, I especially love the arcade and the gocarts

Devan La Croix

This was my first time there and it is a great place if you have kids. We did the night tubing which was from 6 to closing (1030). All the water slides and waterpark are closely together it's not spread out where you lose your party so it's pretty easy to find people if they get lost. Staff and security are everywhere along with cameras. They do lifeguard training right there on the spot so everybody there is well prepared and trained on accidents if they happen. Life vests are available for the wave Park right on the side of the pool and along where the kitty area is which is as about as warm as a hot tub. Some of the lines were long but they thin out as the night goes on. There are ample areas to sit and dine and or store your stuff there for the day, lots of lockers to lock up your possessions and restrooms to use for changing or taking showers. There also is a miniature golf course which we did not hit up but it looked really fun, along with go-karts and laser tag and an arcade area. I highly recommend this place because it is so hot here every day, and is a great way to cool off during those hot hot summer days.


Great experience. Rides were awesome and so was the staff, worth the night time price but during the day is insanely busy.

Jose Mena

FUN FUN FUN. Worth the 2 hour drive. Friendly staff, clean, and fun rides. A+ TiME! Highly recommend!

Chef Skky Brown

Had a blast even though I couldn't get on any slides due to be in early pregnancy

Unika Fley

Fun place but on the day we came there was a line a mile long and it was super crowded inside as well. Maybe it was just that day because even the employees were shocked on how long the line was that day. Other than that, we still had a great time!

D Butterflies

Fun and exciting for their family and kids got to go check it out

erik barragan

Great place to have some family time.. kids and adults.. gotta say.... Scary ...but awesome things to do HERE......."that

Jessica Hannibal

A great place to have a fun family outing without too much expense and entertain a wide assortment of ages!

Rachael Hutton

I love coming here, especially during the summer. I go an minimum of 2 or 3 times for the water park and probably double that for the arcade and laser tag throughout the year. The prices aren't bad and the place is always clean.

Cody D

Very violent Holloween decorations. Including blood and gore. I don't know who thought that would be a good choice for little kids?

Blair Eastman

Awesome experience!!! We went during the evening hours and was able to ride each slide! amazing time!!! Great time for a group of adults too

Trevor Croft

I love this place, so good for big kids to go play too. Had my girlfriend's 30th birthday here and it was so fun. They even worked with us to plan a package for 3 hours of laser tag, mini golf, and go karts. Way better than going to a bar or something. Everyone had an awesome time and it really made for a fantastic birthday idea over going to a bar or an expensive diner or something similarly "adult".

cathy miller

This place was so much fun, free parking. Reasonable prices. Friendly staff.

Fkn Fires

Always a fun time in the lazy river. And food combos around 7 bucks so not to bad. Just wish there was an elevator so I wouldn't have to go up all the stairs.

william manes

Awesome place to take the family and cool off can't wait to plan a return trip for some more fun at golfland sunsplash !!!


Great family experience! Fun attraction

Justin Davis

My sons love love love this place, my wallet? The opposite :/

Fred Sheppard

Love the place kids have a blast and there are plenty of life guards

Vincent Martinez

The place is pretty cool. We played a lot of laser tag. The kids said the go carts we slow compared to what they are used to. It is a pretty clean facility and reasonably priced.

Imma Martiello

What a fun day!! I'd just add a little more tables and recliners. Other than that the water rides are really cool and park is kept clean. O no parking fee is a plus

Kevin Cote

The staple fun resort in Roseville. Affordable prices for the water park that's about $5 less if you buy tickets online. They offer free life vests for guests and have a ton of life guards, so safety shouldn't be a huge issue if you can't swim. The slides can take 15 to 20 minutes or longer, but the Lazy River and Wave Pool are decent if you hate lines. Even if you're a parent or adult you can still have a swell time chilling on a tube or grabbing one of their signature shakes. A couple things to remember: be sure to get there pretty early. Parking is free but can take up to twenty minutes or longer for a spot sometimes in late sessions, so consider using an Uber or Lyft. Additionally, bring $20-30 more than what you need; you want to pay for a locker for your personal items and probably get some food. Lastly, the water park seems huge but it really isn't (hence the 1 star ding). Most of the fun are in the slides, and that can take a while waiting in lines and even getting tubes, so the earlier the better. Also, consider getting the season pass to save money ONLY if you're committed going to Sunsplash the whole summer. Note: I only touched in the water park. I'm not a mini golf guy but they have an okay course if you're interested. The arcade is pretty alright too if you're into it. But I would only go for the water park, it's the only worth it attraction for my friends and I, especially during a hot summer.

Kevin riser

I've been here 3 times ( waterpark only) since it opened. Always good experiences. Never had a problem with rude guests... Or long lines. I'm pretty sure they use salt water systems now, as the water tastes like my pool water (salt). Which is great. No more itchy skin or burning eyes. Carrying up the huge 4 person rafts is a bit difficult for young adults. Lockers are $16.. Which i think is way too much. So if you can, leave everything in your car. I like this place better than raging Waters, more rides. On a side note, My father worked on the golfland building as a framer. He built all the stairs and arches you see in the building. Couldn't help but think about him while i was there. RIP Dad.

Lorie Derilo

Great for adults. Kids would enjoy water park at Cal Expo tho. Excellent kid area!

Shamsher Sandhu

Water slides are great, even for young kids. Kids loved it

Johnnie Rodriques

Spent the whole time one the water side. Kids had lots of fun!

charlie Lawrence

Had the best time with my friends here hope to go again soon

Kelly Moore

This place was very fun I went here with my kids and grandkids had a blast I'm 59 and I felt like a teenager so fun.

Courtney Earles

Water park review: Recommend renting a cabana if going with group. They're located in different areas throughout the park. Each one has a locker and you get your own area to sit in shade . Have to get in line to get tube before getting in line for slide, 10+ minutes. Each slide takes 30+ minutes to get through line.

Robert Schooley

Whether you're 10 yrs old or have the heart of a kid at 40 it's fun all the way around. Its usually busy so be prepared. The best times I've gone are within the first hr or so of opening.The energy is really high.


Fun place to take family. Wave pool is always crowded.

Jennifer Metzger

Love everything about this place. We got season passes on Friday 6/21 and have already gone three times, plan on going tomorrow too!

Louis Davis

Other than the typical wait times for rides, this place has a great kids area. Lots of little slide and things to entertain the kids. Staff and lifeguards did there jobs without taking away from the fun.

David Clark

It's not as big as the water park at ragin waters but really a fun spot. Good rides has arcade games. The wave pool is so awesome. Makes good size waves but not so big that it scares your kids. I'd say equal to the fun we had at ragin waters here in sac. One big difference is no alcohol sold here. Which is good cause it's a nice family thing but I also like to have a few cold ones sometimes when I go to a water park.

Rory Mcgowan

Fun! Great staff! Amazing vibes! Tons of memories! Only thing bad is their hot cocoa is made with water not milk lol also some of their body slides scratch the hell out of your back. But it's still worth it. Aha just do the tube rides if its too much.

Ladybug Larsen

The rides we're super fun. I went into the wake pool and it's was so crazy because I didn't feel like I was actually there. It was super cool though. I loved when the waves were going. Overall, this is a fun place for the kids.

Angelia Thao

$40 for sunsplash fun pack totally worth it!! Spent all day for general admission waterrides, one time go carts, one time laser tag, and one time miniature golf.

Macy James

Fun! But the waterpark is expensive; cheaper to purchase your ticket online. There is lots to do like miniature golf, video games, go carts, laser tag, birthday parties, and of course the waterslides. Parking is not a problem.

Giovanni Brown

Had a ton of fun here, the rides were great and staff were nice. I think they can streamline the entry process a little when getting people through the door but aside from that everything was awesome!

Mr Beyond

My family and I enjoyed that place more than Raging Waters. We got in on there Summer Special which was $20.99 per person for the night slide and we had a blast! The wave pool was better than Raging Waters because their wave pool produces waves that go in a criss cross directions and they have slides that go into dark tunnels. My 11 year old told my wife and I that the Storm Rider was "Epic" and the Double Dare kicked my but too!

Alexzandra Piearcy

I took 4, 1st timers today and everyone of them loved it!! We will be back!

Carlos Rodrigues

Not ghetto like raging waters at Cal Expo and the night slides are something this area needed since the dawn of time , because it's still hot in this area after the sun goes down and water parks usually close up then. The mini golf, arcade and go carts are certainly enjoyed by many year round. How come these places weren't around when I was a kid?

Joe Alfaro

Great place to bring your family for a swim, just make sure there isnt any large event happening or you will not get a place to sit.

Geoff Mittmore

We had a great time. We did the nite slides and had a great experience.

Kevin Field

Went to golfland with kids and grandkids. It's a fun place. You should arrive early because parking gets full. No outside food or drinks allowed, but we have an ice chest in the car to go take a soda break. They have food and drinks available for reasonable prices. It's a little crowded for my taste, but the lines were not too long. Overall I give them a thumbs up.


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