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Test Track in Epcot is a cool ride. But, this one is fun! When I saw the 90 minute wait time for this ride, I was not really shocked because I knew that this was one of the "must ride" rides in the park. However, FastPassing the ride would mean that we would have to wait until nearly park closing to ride it. So, we did single rider, which made the 90 minute wait a 15 minute wait for us. Since we did single rider, our group of 3 got separated, but 2 of us were in the same car, but different rows. The 3rd one was in the same race as us. I did love the storyline of the ride, starting with a cruise around Route 66, entering Radiator Springs, getting a paint job, and finally winning the race with me filming it. I will definitely come back to visit this ride first when I visit Disney's California Adventure again!

Kirk Nason

Love the ride as long as can get a Fast pass!


It is beautiful and fun for all the family!

David Sebelius

Down side of ride is that lines tend to be really long, so I suggest getting a fast pass for this ride. Other than that, this is one of my favorite rides at California Adventure. I went on this 3 times and won 2/3 races. It is a great fast ride with a thrill as well. This ride would be great for the family.

Kat Kealy

Such a fun ride for visitors of most ages. The land is so well done, too. Be sure to visit Radiator Springs even if you're not interested in a fairly fast ride.

Bilawal Sarfraz

I love this place. I m from Pakistan. I m 16 years old. I will visit this place as early as possible because it is a very beautiful place and I love CARS.

Tony Boyer

In the same vein as the Fast Track ride at the Epcot Center in Florida, this ride puts you behind the wheel of a vehicle inspired by Pixar's Cars movies. The 'dark ride'' portion of the ride that's inside weaves a wonderful experience that absolutely puts you inside the Cars universe. The outside portion of the ride does not disappoint either, as you race another car on the ride's winding track. All in all, a great ride for all ages.

Random Sparks

Long lines but with fast pass you can come back later and jump right on. It’s crazy how realistic it all feels and how big everything is!

Benjamin Wan

Talk about the greatest Disney movie ever, and then creating a theme park out of it....AND THEN making a theme ride out of the scenarios of the movie itself... THAT MAKES THIS THE GREATEST RIDE EVER MADE IN THE HUMAN ERA. You're in one of the radiator springs racer cars, exhaust noise and everything, driving through radiator springs. PERFECT. SPOILER ALERT. You ride through the desert, and get to the waterfalls, just like in the movie! And on the way to either get your car spray painted, or get your wheels changed, JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE. HOW AWESOME. In the end, you race off against another radiator springs racecar, moving up and down the track sort of like a roller coaster...BUT ONLY BETTER OF COURSE, CUZ ITS A RADIATOR SPRINGS RACE CAR. The wait for this ride is of course SO LONG, but worth EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF THE RIDE. BEST. RIDE. EVER. HANDS. DOWN. IN. ANY. THEME. PARK. EVER. EVER.

Lawrence Stevens

One of the best rides at Disneyland and California Adventure... Great combination of relaxed ride, fun characters and speedy thrills... All using next-gen animatronics.

John Goodlett

The ride is great and the Disney staff are awesome they give the experience you want with your kids and family. Thank you to all the Disney staff around the world

Lili Feingold

Brilliant, beautifully designed, visually lush, and super fun. It is an incredible experience.

Carter Skyers

Long line but goes by quickly when talking with friends. If you are a single rider, take advantage of that and use the single rider line. Huge difference. If the normal line is and hour and 30 minutes, the single rider is usually, at most, 20 minutes

Carlos Martinez

Such a fun ride! They did a great job at somewhat summarizing the movie

Cache Staheli

Such a clever ride. It is something that I have never seen done before. The final outcome is always random, which adds an element of thrill to it.

The Amazing Leapfor

HUGE CROWDS! I guess that is a good sign because it shows it's popular. It's a fun thrill to be racing another car and I liked it.

Brian Peppard

The best attraction at Disney California Adventure, with both a relaxing indoor portion and a fast paced outdoor portion. Definitely use fastpass for this one.

paul dugan

We always enjoy. Lines are long and fast pass sells out early but a darn fun ride.

Victor J Garza

Great ride. Almost worth the wait. Cant say its worth a 3 hour line, but an hour line, its tolerable. Get here early, and get a fast pass.

Matthew Rosales

Fun ride if line is not long just do it or get fast pass if line is long 10 out 10

Tony Guedea

Highly recommend getting to the parks early enough to avoid the 2+ hour wait or to get a fast pass l. Fast passes tend to run out within 2 hours of the park opening which really sucks but it's a great ride!

Susan Cruz

Its a hoot! To toot your horn.


Awesome race, great job making the town from cars. Don't wait in the normal line, take The Singles Line, because it's about fifty minutes less wait time then the standard line, in about five minutes less wait time than the Fastpass line. The ride itself is very fun. You get to make your way through the town from Cars and see a bunch of your favorite characters. Then you get to either get new tires, or get a new paint job. After that you get to race against another car. It's a great ride and definitely worth the ten minute wait in The Singles Line.

Betsy Hurley

Such a fun ride! It's amazing how realistic the scenery is! It starts off slow and ends with two cars racing each other. This ride always has the longest line and the fast passes run out super quick. If you arrive early I would definitely head here first and grab a fast pass or get in line while it's short.

Jay Stevens

Honestly, it's an inferior version of Test Track over at Epcot. There are long lines for this thing all the time, and it's never worth it. The only fun part about this ride is when you finally get going fast, and even then you don't go nearly as fast as you do over at Test Track.

Alex Timen

Must do for cars fans

Louis C

great ride. if you're an out of towner reserve a fast pass or make RS top priority and arrive at opening.

Jesse DeBortole

No stars if I could! the cast member "Yafiet " is racist to white people!

Diego Tamayo

Very fun, lighthearted ride that I recommend everyone goes on at least once while at California Adventure! Not too fast, also allows you to socialize with your family, friends, etc. pretty well during the ride, which is a bonus.

Chris Child

Awesome kids ride we loved it.

Mauricio Diaz

One of my favorite rides at this park!

Mark Wellman

Great ride for all ages. Didn't even get sick. Fun to race the other car. Make sure you get a fast pass though.

Yuxiang Zhang

This has more turns and drops than test track in Florida.

Moises Valadez

The Single Rider line is fast!!

Clifford Newman

Top 5 rides in the park

iinan the mage

Never seen a cars movie, but I love this attraction. First of all fast pass it if you can, don't wait in that awful line. This attraction really shows us what Disney can do.. still create magic. It's fast and fun with an actual story line. I hope Disney continues to make attractions that last longer then two minutes.

Ethan Paulson

Such a fun ride! Really great narrative mixed in with a fun race, they did an amazing job designing and building this ride.

Graham Bradley

This showpiece of Cars Land is the most impressive new era dark ride combining great life size animatronics and a thrilling outdoor race through radiator springs Canyon. This ride draws long lines so go right at opening, get fast passes or use single rider for a much shorter wait. There's no need to wait two hours to ride if you plan ahead.

Bruce Kalter

Great ride good combination of showmanship and ride

John Baldwin

It was a good place to go and see

Leah Jensen

Definitely make sure to get a fast pass. This was a cute, super fun ride for the family.


Worth the wait in line. A must if you visit California Adventure. Swing by and pick up a fast pass early in your day because they run out before noon.

Sean Cunningham

This is incredibly unique. I can't believe how Disney did this. This is the best ride for 8-12 year old kids.

Jackson D

Im going to be honest, the wait for this ride sucks! However the ride itself is wonderful and so worth the wait! And here is a little tip, GET A FASTPASS FOR THIS ATTRACTION!!!!

Manuel Martinez

MAke sure you get a fast pass wait times are horrocious

Jacob Newton

Great ride, but not sure why people are waiting 90 minutes for it. Get a FastPass for it. Don't wait.

Veronica Garcia

Cruised inside the life of Cars & then got to race another car! Loved how the dips weren't bad like a rollercoaster. All in all my family & I enjoyed it!

Kyle Lieberman

Radiator Springs Racers is a MUST for any ride enthusiast. It’s a combination Dark Ride/Roller Coaster with great visual and audio. If you don’t want to wait 1-2 hours, try the single rider line. You will still enjoy. Great DCA attraction.


Amazing ride. Well worth the massive amount of money Disney paid to build it.


The animatronics on this ride were amazing

Jared H

Lines are long but fast passes and single rider are awesome. Don’t miss this ride when coming to California adventure.

Colin Silber


Cameron Jaffrey

Our VIP guide got us onto this ride very quickly by the queues were extremely long. It was a good combination of thrills and fun with a bit of story as well. I particularly like the way you 'race' the car that is immediately in front or behind you on a section of side by side track..

Ender Steve - Stop Motion, Gaming, and More

Best ride in Radiator Springs! But you better get a fastpass or come here very quick, or you are going to be stuck in lines over an hour

Grant Brott

What an awesome ride. Like others have said the ride is quick but then again you are racing so cant go on forever. Hit it early and first because as the day goes on the line gets longer and longer. We went back in the evening around 7pm and the line was all the way up to the street entrance so dont think you will be able to wait out the line and come back later, do it first or be prepared for a long wait but totally worth it.


This ride is really smooth and fun, but I wouldn't say the wait is worth it. If going with friends I'd recommend giving the single rider line a try. It cuts down the wait dramatically. There are a lot of people who are in parties of 4 and since there are 2 rows of 3 seats 2 single riders go on the same car.

David Dixon

The ride was fun, but also very short. I don't understand why it has consistent 2 hour waits. Hit this ride first, as the lines will just get longer. First thing. Run into the park and get in line. Don't even bother with a fast pass.

Eric Gibson

Great addition to Disney land. Practically get to walk on if you go at the right time. Fun experience.

Ken Grimm

Excellent ride, well worth the wait.

Harrison Bloom

Went at 9:50 ten mins before close, no line in the single riders, party of 4 got on two cars in the same race no problem, amazing ride. Mix of everything, cars characters, so for first minute and a half, but fast and great breeze on a warm august night with lots of fun and thrills!

Rob Scott

Great ride. Lines can get long and fast passes run out so plan accordingly. Moves pretty fast so while you do stay on the ground if you have an aversion to roller coasters you might want to think twice.

Mario Gonzalez

Amazing experience all around!

Dor Suki

The queue is the longest, but it's totally worth it! When of the best activities in the park. You feel like you are inside the movie.

Juli Johnston

One of the best rides you will find!

Craig Norlin

While the rest of California Adventure is just fine, Radiator Springs Racers is the best ride in the park, and honestly one of best in any Disney Park I've been to. Great theming, amazing animatronics, and is the best example of a dark ride/thrill ride hybrid. Lines are always long so get a Fastpass or do single rider(this is what I did) to save a lot of time.

Yasmin Vasquez

the wait is always long but go on single rider the wait is usually 15 min or less ! super fun man

Clint Karlinsey

This was one of my families favorite rides at either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. It is fast, fun, and incredibly entertaining. This ride exemplifies why Disney is the most magical place on earth.

Abdullah Alkholy

It was fun but not worth the long wait.

The Slow Lane Reviews

Love this fun, 50's themed Cars ride! You feel like you are in the movie! Love how you get to race! The characters in the ride are so high-tech and very real! The only thing I don't love is the line:(

isabel carrero

Get their as soon as the park opens because it gets busy! This ride was so much fun and is definalinatly worth the wait. Grab those fast passes asap!!!

daniel DeMumbrum

This ride is an accurate representation of the countries current state. While at first glance you imagine it will be nothing but fun and excitement. But after closer look it is nothing but smoke and mirrors. I opped into the "fast pass" experience and let me tell you nothing is further from the truth. As I am taking my valueable time to write this review I am STILL waiting after 20 minutes to get on. I'm not even sure if it is a ride or maybe just a long excuse to stand around thinking about my younger years.

Cameron D.

Such a great ride! The racing part is just tons of fun! I recommend the single rider line if you can as its always been much shorter than the normal line.

Mike Reynolds

Not really worth the long wait times. Some kids may absolutely love it, and if they want to ride it make sure to get a Fastpass.


This is a fun ride for all. It is basically a tame roller coaster with a story that goes along with it. You will be able to see your favorite cars characters and have a race with another car to end the ride. The line up for this ride can be rather slow, but the ride is worth the wait. Make sure that you bring and Cars enthusiasts to this ride.

Jake Gustin

This ride is great for all ages! Although I am personally one for extreme thrill rides, this ride was still pretty good. The standby line can get quite long, and fastpasses can be hard to get at some times, but if you are okay with being single riders, you can cut your wait time down significantly due to the 2 rows of 3 seats layout per car, making it difficult to fill up a car without a single rider. I managed to go on this ride three times and there is a different "position" that my car had after the race. My car won and lost on the right side, and my car won on the left side, so the car that ends up "winning" is pretty random. Had a great time each and every time I went on. Definitely try this ride.


SO much fun!!! This ride is awesome. You have a nice little decent drive through radiator springs and then you’re off to the fast track to racing. Love this ride because it DOES give me butterflies. It’s fun to have the car your racing with engage with you too. Lots of the times when we pull up to the race track we always taunt the other car...which adds more fun. This is the ride for you if you enjoy seeing a theme or having a story line and if you like having butterflies!

Vera Foster

First of all, this ride reminds me of Test Track at Epcot, but of course it is themed completely different. I loved this ride because I felt like I was in the movie. I felt like I was actually in a canyon. We rode after dark, so it was super fun. Be sure and use Max Pass for this. This was the last ride before the park closed, and I'm glad we fit it in. It was fun to race the car next to us. Highly recommend!

Savannah Taylor

Great ride! I loved it

Amanee Hartfield

I love cars land and the movie but my 2 yr old brother loves is a zillion times more

Josh MQ Pham

Love this ride. One of the best racing rides ever. The speed is cool, the cars look awesome and so much more.

Chris Racino

Great atmosphere, very helpful cast members, and a great ride. The only downside is the long wait, but the wait is worth it. Definitely get fast passes if you can.

Lisa Pletsch

Pros: It's amazing! Cons: It's was scary for my young child, she loves the movie and was so excited to ride it but she wasn't expecting it to be so fast at the end. The line is insane.

Maha KM

Great ride ... Especially the end

CC Red

It was really fun. The line was super long though. If you don't mind spitting up with your party it is a much shorter line for single riders. I am a bigger person so putting the seat belt on was hard but not impossible( got help from the person next to me). Also they do take your picture.

Jason Childers

Beginning of the day... Waited in line 30 minutes... Got close to the front... Ride broke down. Came back... Waited in line 50 minutes after the wait time indicator said 25 minutes... Ride broke down again when we were right near the front. Total bummer. Not the happiest place on Earth right now.

Monica Bernardino

Lots of crowded people are way too much lining up but that was a fun ride. PS Don't make fun of me with that stupid face picture is so unnecessarily and please shut that hell up laughter people. Not funny. I don't care.

James Jones

Great ride very engaging and included a bunch of cars characters.

Aaron Johnson

Not worth the wait

Goodly Earth

Probably the longest wait at the park but it was worth it. Cool trip through the desert

sabrina romero

Super fun, short ride though. But we won the race lol

Rog La Torra

Hands down the best "Imagineering" of building a "Land". This is the gold standard of ride and experience.

Kerry Steinbacher

Feels like you're right in radiator springs. You race another car during the ride. Up, down and around curves. It was one of our favorites.

Jeb S

This ride is like test track times ten. It puts you in radiator springs in a car and is the best ride in the entire park in my opinion.

Kira Kaefer

Why don’t we have this ride at Disney World? This ride put you in a race car following the story of the original cars movie. You land in radiator Springs and get in trouble for driving too fast. You get to meet all the cars characters and then run a race through the canyon against another race car.

Nyssa Buck

If you come with only your significant other or a small group of friends, then go to the single rider line. The wait is about 80% shorter and chances are pretty good you will go at the same time even if you don't sit together. If you have small children, separation anxiety, or just enjoy the thrill of waiting in a long line, then you can go ahead and ignore that little piece of advice. The ride itself is amazingly done and even my Disney-hating BF enjoyed it. Definitely a must when visiting this park.

Spencer Bertrand

Awesome ride! Really mirrors the look and feel of the Cars movie. Fun ride as well! Long wait, best to get a fast pass for this ride.

Caitlin C

Fantastic ride. It's so much fun, especially at night. You end up racing another car about half way through. There are two different sides in the garage before the race. One side gets new tires and the other gets a new paintjob. Fast passes are well worth it and they have a separate loading area for disabled people with lots of space and its own photo viewing area.

Abby Kelso

Such a fun ride!! It was very cool and had fun scenes from the movie, and the racing the other car was a very cool touch at the end, I raced my sister and it was so much fun.

Robert Rael

Must ride. Today, the standby time said 20 minutes, but is easily 40 minutes. At least, someone has addressed us with the PA to let us know that fastpass riders have priority and that is the reason for the change in the stated time.

mark spencer

Best ride in the park. Expect long lines throughout the day. Grab a fast pass if you don't want to wait in line.

Alex Pvn

This ride is amazing. One moment you're going through Radiator Spring and the next your in a high speed race with other riders. Usually a reasonable wait time. If not just get a fastpass.

Brian Eggleston

Great ride, but the line is often extremely long. If you don't mind having your group split up, the single-rider line is a good choice for this one.

Vanessa Locke

One of the best ride experiences in California Adventure! Sit down and strap in for an adventurous roller coaster ride through the 'hills' of Radiator Springs. The realism, twists, turns and sounds of this ride are incredible. Fast pass or single rider are the way to go with this ride to avoid wasting precious Disney time.

Eric B

Probably my favorite ride at Disneyland. Super enjoyable ride for everyone.

Steve B

Great ride.

Ulli Pietsch

Love the ride, but somehow the 60 min wait turned into 190 min wait due to a continuous stream of fastpass riders.

Derek Jeffries

Certainly one of the more enjoyable rides in either park.The slow buildup to the final race is witty and fun, and the final run is fast and quick. The lines are EXTREMELY long, but the ride is worth it if you can get on in under an hour.

Ryan Blaid

Top 3 Favorite rides at Disney/DCA hands down. I've gotten my fast pass in the morning and come back at night for *adult beverages* and some radiator springs. Tow-mator is great too.

Terry Stewart

Best ride at California Adventure. Make sure you get a fast pass as soon as you can. The lines are always really long!

Tew Fast

It is a fast ride with ridiculously long lines


Ride this after 9 pm as a single rider and you'll only wait a few minutes.

Justin Schwartz

This ride is great for kids and adults. I'm a grown man and I love this ride. Just make sure you get a FastPass early, because this ride gets crowded. Crowded. Yes, it bears repeating.

Jeremy Evans

Fantastic ride! Much better than test track. One of the better rides at DCA. I've been on test track and it is crap compared to RSR.

J Ranieri

Fun ride, nice mix of scenes from the movie plus a little thrilling race at the end, but hard to get on and the ride seemed to be shut down not only most of the day we were there but most of the days we happened to open up the app to see what the wait time was (which was always a very long time)

Vickie Daniel

Loved this ride. Only wish it was longer.

travis higley

Amazing ride, but make sure you get a fast pass, or do single rider. The lines are huge! Even the line for the fastpass is extremely long, and they run out within an hour for the whole day sometimes. Still, a must do!

Alex Barringer

"This ride is awesome" as my Mom says. This is coming from a woman who doesn't really like super fast rides. (Although some might not consider 40 MPH super fast) We went on it two times both with fastpass and were giddy like 6 year olds when getting off both times. Top 3 best ride at Disneyland Resort.

Tasiema Blair

So fast loved it

Jess Colopy

Better than Test Track, and Disney World is my home park. :) Do single rider or get this as one of your first Fastpasses, because it goes fast!

b de

This was a super fun ride worth the amount of time you'd stand in line. Fastpass is one you would want to use.


Fantastic Attraction in DCA. Its best to either grab a fast pass as soon as the park opens and come back later so you can plan your day or go straight to the ride and take your chances in the Stand-By Line. Don't be surprised if your wait times are between 60-120 minutes on a busy day at the park. The ride itself is a lot of fun. Speeds change based on the area of the track you're in as you find yourself driving through Ornament valley and in Radiator Springs.

metin kale

I don't do rides at Disney, but I tried this one because it looked safe. I *loved* it! It totally immerses you into Radiator Springs city and it has a little story to it. Try to get the fastpass else you may have to wait upwards of 80 minutes!

Michael Weissman

Okay, not to compare too much, but there are aspects of Test Track that this improves of, but also aspects that Test Track was better at. Sure, the brakes are better here, and the automation of the cars and the racing is really quite amazing, but the top speed of Test Track is WAY more thrilling. And the swerving away from the truck effect is more startling on the test track (old version..the new tron version has a similar LED truck and doesn't create quite the startling moment)

Sonia Arizmendi

Ridiculous the waiting time to get into the ride 2.30. Is not fear the fast past gets priority and the is two lines. You should at least leave four people than two for the regular line.

Jim Thornburg

I don't know why, but reviewing a Disneyland ride seems odd to me. Oh well, I'll do it anyway. This is by far one of the best rides that the Disney Imagineers have ever come up with. The line leading to the ride is so creative and dare I say... transcendent? I have no idea what that means. Anyway, you really feel like you're in another place the moment you start snaking your way through the line. From the cacti, to the buildings made of bottles, to the fountain shaped like a truck, you'll find yourself transported to Radiator Springs, and that's just the beginning. Once on the ride (typically 75 minutes stand by [even on a slow day], unless you're lucky enough to get a Fast Pass first thing in the morning), you start off in a leisurely drive through the desert before you get your make over and start your race! You race side by side with another car through the desert, will you win? Nobody knows for sure. I've ridden on both sides and won or lost at random. Watch out for the picture near the end! It makes a great souvenir. While the wait for the ride can be very long, it is worth the wait! If you get there first thing in the morning (not during peak season), you can get a Fast Pass, jump on the ride, and then get back on with your Fast Pass! Happy racing!!

Adrian Pulido

The ride it is really nice the only issue is that Mickey is not fair how he organizes the flow of the line. They close the fast line ticket saying that it is suspended for today, and then they reopened later when i already made two hours of line. Thank you Mickey for your magic.

Bob the Tomato

One of the best rides in California Adventure! The worst part is the wait. It is usually 1-2 hours long. Use a fastpass when you go here. Otherwise, one of the best rides.

Yonghwan SO

Feeling like I am McQueen! Just a ride for kids in amusement park but not just for kids! If you like Cars, you should visit here.

Jeff Brooks

It's the best ride at Disney/California Adventure, and the line proves it. You have two options to avoid spending 90 minutes in line. You can either be the first person in the park, or had straight to the fastpass machine. I vote the you go the fastpass route, but be aware the ticket dispenser is near the entrance to Cars Land, not the ride. If it's not the first pass you grab for the day you'll never get one. By 11am everyday the tickets are gone.

Sylvia Kathleen Racicot

This is one of he BEST rides at Disneyland. It's worth having your family watch the movie before you go!! It's so incredibly accurate and wonderful!!!!


Ah!!!! So much fun!!! So worth the wait!!! We were in line for 3 hours, so just be prepared for that.

Jacob Tabor

You can come anytime you want.

Itzel Palacios

Horrible stand-by to fastpass line ratio. They let 40 fastpass people go by and only 10-12 people from stand-by line. The more they hear or see people complain the more fastpass people they let by. If you ever want to get on this ride get the fastpass ahead of time.

Casandra Foster

Didnt get a chance to ride it but verry realistic feeling!

Dave Mitchell

If you travel 15000km to be at Disneyland you immerse yourself as far as you can. We did this ride but the 2.5hr waiting cue for a 4 minute ride was utterly ridiculous despite how advanced, clever & impressive the ride might be. The "fast pass" cue was equally pointless. 1hr wait (@ 10am) to obtain fast passes that couldn't be used until 6pm! Yes it's good but not that good.

Sheila Hoffman

Lots of fun.

Joshua Hardy

Loved it! We were there when it was busy so the lines got up to 120+ minutes with the fast passes all gone within 15 minutes of general entry so as Mousetelgia would say... "manage your expectations" :)

Ryan Konesky

Amazing ride. Anyone who has seen the movie would find this very fun. The line ups can be very long though.

Peakbagger Bryan

Cool ride, but not worth the long wait times that I saw some people endure.

Steve Longfield

This is absolutely the BEST ride in the park! I went on several times with my son and then again without him when he was napping! The animatronics of all the main characters are incredible, and the race at the end is so much fun!! Get ready for the picture near the end!!

Ken and Alicia Lund

Great attention to detail in every aspect of this ride. The queue is usually long but there is so much detail along the way that it is enjoyable the entire way through. The ride is well designed and is a lot of fun. If you are watching others, there are some great viewpoints to watch the cars go by.

Gretchen Johnson

We got a fast pass and it was a long wait to the ride. We were in line and the ride broke down so we had to do it last of our day. Its a popular ride so you have to use fastpass if you want to ride without a huge waitWe frequently saw 110 min wait and think it was probably longer than that. The ride itself is a blast and very good. Its one of the beight spots in an otherwise pretty boring park. Tough to justify the second park pass unless you like a few attractions there . Other than this ride. We would mostly pass on this park unless there was a multi park deal

Ann Pedersen

Fabulous ride just adds to the already wonderful array of others

Cody Eagle

It's an amazing experience here's a tip if buy yourself use the single rider and get there early

mandy dow

So much fun! Combination of a dark ride and thrill ride with lots of details from the movie franchise. Does not operate in heavy rain so after waiting in line 45 minutes, the ride closed completely, but did reopen later that evening.

randy bennett

Great theming, great ride.

Vanessa Rodriguez

Love this ride!❤️

Sommer T

Amazing ride my favorite in Disney land please do not shut this ride down it is an amazing ride Great idea

Geoff Y

This is probably the best ride in the park, and everybody knows it, hence the queues. If you want to go as a group, you’ll probably only get one ride here and that’ll be on Fastpass. So go early and get it before it gets too late. We managed to snag one towards the end of the day for 9pm and there was still a massive queue inside when we were walking up the fastpass queue. It’s fun, fast and safe, with a nice setup to the fast section. The animatronics and voices work very well and keep you engaged. As the ride sits 2 rows of 3, there is a single rider queue that moves quite quickly as well, so if you don’t mind who you’re riding with, then that’s always an option.

channin jieir

not worth the wait unless you’re an absolute Cars fanatic.

Emily Buehler

This is a fairly new ride at Disneyland, so it has very long lines. To ride this without a long wait time, you should either do this at rope drop or have a fast pass. It is 6 people per car, and for the amount of people wanting to ride this ride, the cast members are very efficient. The picture is after the second small drop by the bridge once you get outside. It is probably one of the smoothest rides that I have been on. For the best experience, ride this at night because all the lights are illuminated and it's really pretty!

paul vhayste

The line here is quite long so try to line up here first or get a fast pass as early as you can. The first part of the ride is amusing but the second half is definitely exhilarating.

J. Durham -Broker

Great ride !

Cody Simonsen

What a great ride. Excellently done and well thought out.

Jesse Thompson

Really makes you feel like you've entered the movie. A wonderful experience.

Ken Privett

One of my favorite rides at Disneyland and California Adventure. Park Hopper pass is the best way to go. Cars Land is a lot of fun. Best thing about the Racers is that they have a Single Rider lane. Here you typically have a very short wait as opposed to the regular line that may take hpurs. If you have multiple people in your party, this line will generally put everyone into different cars at the same time so you all ride at the same time, just not together. Beats the wait any day!

Andy Bochmann

Super fun where you're get to race another car. Seems to always have a very long line. Definitely get a fast pass.

Nathan Witherspoon

The line was two hours long. Fun, but not worth the long wait

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