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1 Bear Valley Visitor Center Access Road, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956, United States

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Where is Point Reyes National Seashore?

REVIEWS OF Point Reyes National Seashore IN California

Rafael Diaz

One our favorite places to visit to unwind and relax. We try to go at least once per year if possible.

Jennifer Smerge

of course its beautiful, flowers in full bloom but watch out for poison oak... it's very happy too this time of the year, will gladly go home with you

Tonya Jennings

Nice place to just get fresh air away from the city. Good hiking trails too

Dovile Talmantaite

This park is amazing! It's so big and beautiful. We visited the cypress tree tunnel first, it was very beautiful and a lot less crowded then we anticipated. Next we went to the beach section, beautiful beach. It's hard to find a non crowded beach on the coast on most occasions with easy parking. They also had restrooms close to the beach as well

Larry Snyder

Pierce point ranch trap is excellent. Beautiful views and easy trail

Rebecah Freeling

The rangers here are very helpful and have first hand knowledge of the trails. This is one of the most beautiful places on Earth!!!

JC Quirin

Limantour Beach is really quite wonderful: vast expanses of great sand, and very (on-leash) dog friendly

Frank Pali Photography

Such a beautiful place to explore if you would like to escape the often crowded touristy spots of California, this is the place to come. Great place to come and drive the many whale watching and you will almost certainly see elephant seals along the beaches. It can be windy at times, and is very remote with limited cellular reception. This is the place to relax and forget about the problem of the world. Look for the local wildlife looking back at you.

Cherri Metzger

I have lived on (and near) the Point Reyes National Seashore for most of the last 37 years. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I feel grateful to be able to be in such natural splendor. I remember when there was never a crowd nor too much traffic, even on weekends. That has certainly changed along with the cost of living here. As in all things, the weekend crowds have a pro and con side to them. The pro is they suppoet the local economy, providing jobs, and they support the National Park. The con is obvious, lots of traffic on the weekends, but we can live with that as they are our guests and we appreciate the support!!! Guests should check out the trails and beaches. Each beach is unique and all are lovely. North beach is often wave ravaged and super steep, but is dog friendly. Bear valley visitor center is worth a visit, lots of info and space ..... get there early on the weekend. I love PRNS!

Debbie Pollard

We really love being able to ride here. We like that most trails are limited to hiking and horses. Hope they don't allow bikes anytime soon. Such a beautiful place, so many different areas to ride. Always a great trip.

Mike Balzotti

Great state park. Started at the main visitor center ate lunch in the pick nick area that was provided. The lighthouse was under renovation when we visited and was closed. You can’t get close enough to see it. Visited Drakes beach walked along the beach looking among the rocks at little crabs and sea life.

Herbert Yu

I hiked 24 miles here today, and love this area. Beaches with few people, waterfalls... I posted 55 pictures with this review, on top of my reviews. You can see the most beautiful scenes around.


Absolutely worth the hike. There and back from the Palomarin trailhead is about 8 miles. Be aware that there is a short scramble down to the beach, pretty doable for most people though. Also trail gets pretty busy too so leave earlier if you want a quieter experience.

Mark Boyer

A very beautiful park. Best to go when it is not busy. Plenty of wildlife to see.

Maria Park

So incredibly beautiful. The restaurant The Tides was where Tippy Hedron filmed Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. A must see.

Biig Helyns

Calming and peaceful. This is a nice trip to take on the weekends to heal and stress down from the world. Cell phone signal AT&T will not work. Verizon has 1-2 bars if you walk around the general area. Up the hill towards the lighthouse from the parking lot. Stop in the middle for a lucky signal bars find. Charge phone before arrival. Taking pictures/videos will drain battery. Very windy in the winter months. Bring beanie, windproof jackets and maybe gloves if you are easily chilled.

Thomas Cera

A beautiful place to take a scenic drive and a short hike to an awesome beach. The scenery is breathtaking. Pet friendly on one side, human friendly on another.

Arthur Klassen

Such a beautiful place to explore if you would like to escape the often crowded touristy spots of California, this is the place to come. Great place to come whale watching and you will almost certainly see elephant seals along the beaches. It can be windy at times, and is very remote with limited cellular reception. One down side is lack of developed restrooms, and lack of access to cafes, restaurants, or places to get a bite. But that is probably good if you want to keep the place remote.

sarah burgart

Beautiful, educational, interesting history ( bear valley center has a great film)

katherine parenteau

I give it 4 ⭐'s because I'm sure it's beautiful. Unfortunately it was soooooo packed and crammed with tourists,we were unable to visit.

KEL Letvinchuck

I was part of a group of 14 that was doing California Coastwalks hiking camping outing for 3 days and nights around Pt. Reyes. What a beautiful place. I always like to place people in the pix to show scale

yotam soen

Beautiful park with so many different things to do. Used olema as our base camp and it worked great.

Keesha Erickson

We had a wonderful hike here on a perfect sunny day. There are over 150 miles of trails here! Looking forward to the next time we can visit and see more.

Stephanie Jackson

Great hike, crummy road and the porta potties were full from a busy weekend. But focus on the great hike and it was a wonderful experience.

Marjorie Morgenstern

Lots of Scary SHARKS. Gorgeous yet better to stay safe at home in New Jersey.

Jud Yaski

Got long neck clams and harvested mussels off the Rocks all within a couple days of camping in this beautiful Scenic seashore. Check in with me if you want to know where to get long neck clams. Some great recipes as well

Michael Odza

One of only two Seashores preserved as National in the U.S., a unique land and seascape experience. Dairy farms established as early as 1820 now managed by the National Park Service, plus miles of beaches, cliffs, historic lighthouse, herds of Tule elk, wind-sculpted trees, fields of wildflowers and elephant seal pups...Magical!

Nataly Kochetov

Long way from SF, but beautiful place. You will seca lot of small towns and historical farms on the way there

Daniel Grace

I try to get out here any time I visit San Francisco. Beaches, cliffs, rolling fields, forested mountains. Great diversity of landscape, flora, and fauna. And minimal crowds so long as it isn't the weekend.

Ashley Black

Bring hiking sticks! Hiked to the waterfall and it was totally worth it! It was a perfect mix of trees and ocean views and easy to difficult hiking. Going down to the waterfall and climbing back up could be a challenge for those who are not in great shape but it's still doable. Also beware of poison oak as you make your way to the waterfall. I loved this hike because of the diverse terrain. My fiance and I felt like at moments we were back in Hawaii hiking. It was beautiful!

Natalia Duque-Wilckens

Love this place, could come every day. The hikes are awesome!

Michael Biederman

Great views. Amazing drive.

John T.L Hulstine

This is a beautiful stretch of coastline, and when I was here it was refreshing to ride in my family's car as we drove up the coast. At the time I was sick with pneumonia, but the feel of sea breeze was simply revitalizing. There are also a number of interesting trails and beaches to explore. Be sure to bring a light jacket and comfortable/ sturdy shoes. The location also is well within range of San Fransisco and makes for a wonderful day outing.

Ian Nomura

Not a far drive from the bay, great views, pristine shoreline, dramatic bluffs, and the feel of wilderness

Paul Smith

Did the Alamere falls trail and while there were some beautiful views of the coast and a greaf trail overall, I can’t help but wish more of the hike was along the shore with views of the ocean, as most of it was going through the brush. The path to the falls themselves was actually only marked by a rock arrow with no signage. Most people turn back there though, so not hard to have the beach farther down almost entirely to yourself even on a weekend!

Shafaq Ahmed

One of my favorite places in Northern California. So peaceful. Always a wildlife spotting. Do the short chimney rock trail, the lighthouse steps, kayak in tomales bay, stop in point Reyes station for some lunch at cowgirl.

Matt Coalmer

Beautiful National Seashore with many trails for hiking. The northern part of the park is especially scenic. I would advise bringing ample amounts of water with you before you hike as there is not a fill-up location on some trails. Also be ready for very powerful winds coming off the coast. There is also a lot of wildlife that you will see driving into the park!

MD Yeah

We have been here twice now with our kids. The beach is a lot of fun with tide pools and other areas to explore. The campsites are pretty nice with plenty of room for tents. There's barbecues available but you need to pack in briquettes or wood as there's not much available. You also need rodent proof food containers as the lockers only keep out big wildlife (found that out the hard way). Beautiful place and great hikes though.

Kristina Derosier

Breathtaking ocean views. However it is under construction and closed. But you can still drive up and park very close by.

James Thornton

Absolutely beautiful, best seen from the water! Tons of porpoises, sea lions, and a few whales in August. The sea birds are awesome, pelicans everywhere. Beautiful dramatic landscape. This is my favorite anchorage.

Muhammad Osama Rashid

A very beautiful place to visit. The views are spectacular. You will see the Pacific Ocean after hiking for few minutes. The water is cold. It does not feel like there is an ocean. It was unbelievable to see the beautiful view of the ocean after hiking. This place will never disappoint you. An amazing experience visiting this place.

Paul Howden

The quick hike to the lagoon provides some great views. It takes you past a field of cows, who come right up to the fence! Over a small wooden bridge and you can explore the beaches and see the sand dunes. Parking doesn't seem to be an issue, plenty of spots. There is a bathroom in the parking lot, but we didn't go in it.

eva pregenie

Idyllic trail--shaded by mature trees most of the way with a creek running along it to the beach where you can sit near sheltered cove on the warm sand and watch the seals and seagulls and the waves while having a turkey sandwich smeared with pesto.... All this by way of some healthy 28,000 steps... for a perfect day which takes many hours to enjoy.

Lindsey White

Looking for untouched, natural beaches, well, you’ve found them. South beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. Lots of drift wood, barely any people, clean bathrooms. Just absolutely stunning shoreline. Wish I had been there on a sunnier day but even so, I was so happy to find this little gem.

Rain Sullivan

Beautiful place with so much wildlife!! Really worth the trip. BUT not a lot of hiking, just shorty little trails and walking along the beach

Travis Schwantje

Absolutely gorgeous, desolate landscape. Walked the short Chimney Rock trail and out to the elephant seal overlook. Lucky to see seals in August! Saw some... fighting? Playing? Mating? One of the above. Also saw ospreys, pelicans, and many other seabirds.

Malin M.

Spectacular place to visit! The views - amazing!

Krishnakumar M Ravikumar

Beautiful coastline views. Approx 1.5hrs from the city. The light house was closed when we went. Check before you leave.

Sujana Balla

The trails are just incredible. The lighthouse is still under construction. The sign said it would open late winter 2019-2020. I still think it was worth the visit!

Duana Pena

Beautiful scenery but at some points, you'd have to go through some very narrow roads to get to some destinations.

Caleb Meyer

Did a one night backpacking trip from Bear Valley to Coast Camp. Excellent trails, beautiful views, and decent camping spots.


Great hike! In my opinion, the hike was not bad at all. The toughest part however is definitely at the end. Going down to where the first few waterfalls are is to8gh since the incline is quite steep and some areas are slippery. Going down to the bigger waterfall where it meets the ocean is also a little challenging. Climing back up this one is a little tough, however climbing back up the initial one (where you first see the 3 smaller waterfalls) was not that bad. Do pay attention to the high tide table though. Also, we were lucky enough to get there in the morning when there was a lot of dog so we didn't have to hike through the sun both times. On our way back the fog cleared up allowing us to get some amazing pictures!

Allan N

1st time at Point Reyes and it was amazing. Nice fresh air, vegetation in full bloom, and animals everywhere. The fall was a bit obscure to find given the entrance but once found and traveled to it was flowing abundantly so overall was great. Only sore spot during the trip was the road, it was brutal on the car. Dirt is expected but the huge dips take a beating on the suspension so recommend going super slow.

Bon Manhkong

About a 1.5 hour drive from San Francisco. Totally worth it. Get there early... Beat the traffic. Shoreline is amazing. April starts the wildflowers super bloom. Peaceful but moderately treked trails.

Marie Leclerc

Beautiful landscapes, it feels like your visiting other countries. Short but rewarding treks with breathtaking views of the coastline. If you get lucky you’ll see hundreds of sea lions hanging on the beach next to you!

Amber Young

I am always up for a trip here! Pack a lunch! Go on a hike! Look at the beautiful ocean!

Reynaldo Justo II

Effing amazing. Great place to hike with the family. Beautiful but dangerous.

Elizabeth VanValkenburg

This place was beautiful and surprisingly untouched; I would expect a lot more people given how close it is to major cities like San Francisco. There were a lot of secluded areas where you can enjoy some quiet time on the beach. The lighthouse is currently closed for renovations, but there are still a ton of places worth seeing here, especially if you enjoy hiking.

William Velasco

Very nice hike! Be ready for it though! It's a 14 mile round trip so wear some comfortable shoes.

Tammy Johnston

Beautiful Park, clean sand, dog friendly and a bathroom near parking

Joy JoJo

One of my absolutely favorite parks to hike in! We especially love being able to reach the ocean and back in less than a day's hike. Watch out for the nettles on some of the trails, try not to touch the plants along the sides of the trail when you hike through them.

Ben Child

We did the hike out to Tomales Point and had a blast. We saw tons of elk, and got a great workout on the 8ish mile out-and-back loop.

Sunny Lee

Great national park to visit and make a day trip if you’re close to San Francisco or In Marin. About 40-min drive from San Rafael downtown to Bear Valley visitor center. Currently there are few stretches of road closure and light house area is closed entirely. There are many other places to hike to and drive to beaches as well. Recommends to bring warm layers of clothes & hats because during sweltering hot days in other part of Bay Area will bring foggy, cloudy, windy & chilly days at seashore. Only place you could buy any sweatshirts or hats will be Bear valley visitors center or Pt Reyes station (downtown) stores.

Bear Seiver

Nice area to visit. Love national parks

Ramona Turner

I have lived in Northern CA for 40+ years and finally made it here. Omg! Gorgeous! The expansive views are breathtaking. The elephant seals squealing and/or napping ... amazing. Windy as heck but not a deterrent from adventure. The only thing that would have made this trip better would have been to have seen a whale or two.

Abinash Mohanty

Super green and beautiful. Get a jacket. It will be cold because of wind

Malcolm Ryder

So open and wild... mid-afternoon walk was with few people around... so much space and the rhythm of the waves.

Katherine Lewis

A beautiful place with serene beaches and plenty of hiking. Fill up your gas tank before driving out.

Eric Eisberg

Anyone who doesn't give this place five stars is being disingenuous.

Tom M.

A fantastic drive out Lucas Valley Rd . And a fantastic day at the ocean with friends or family . There everything you'll need. Restrooms and dining . So take a trip out to Point Reyes and do it soon during the warm summer days.

Gary Dobbins

See for dozens of miles along the coast, climb the stairs down to the light - just remember the return trip is uphill. Magnificent views in all directions.

Nancy Smith

Always a nice place in any weather to visit. Drakes beach with crashing ocean waves to Hearts Desire Beach nearby with sheltered swimming beach. Lots of wildlife especially the tule elk. Nice visitors center near Pt. Reyes Station.

Courtney Schmidt-Anderson

I wish we had more time to enjoy this beautiful national seashore. All of our interactions with staff were helpful. The beaches were breathtaking. The roads were a little rough because of recent flooding but I wish we had two more days to just explore and hike. I will be back to see more of this amazing park.

Tariq Alroaini Riq

Great walking path with Amazing Views!! Its also great for Camping over night

Adam Kaplan

Wonderful section of California coast land. I've been several times and find new things every time. From historic buildings rich in nature to rare birds and other wildlife to a wide variety of mushrooms, if you enjoy nature this is a great place to visit. Be prepared for cold, windy, and wet conditions, if it's nice in the city.

Cyrious Living

We went to the elephant seal overlook. Very fun to see all the big seals chilling on the beach. Then we checked out the South Beach which has impressively rough surf. Quite a sight to see all those waves crashing in. Then we saw an overlook with some impressive cliffs and crashing waves below. Beautiful area.

Glenda Arauz

Amazing park planning to come back soon!

Lucille Gaska

Great experience had a blast. Somewhat tough terrain but the views are spectacular.


Cool place. Lots of cattle and some Caribou. The light house what closed while we were there but the renovations look nice. The tree tunnel was okay. Cool to see of you are already out that way.

Suresh Pareek

Nice place located on elevation 1411' with lighthouse. Though lighthouse area us closed now a days. The beach has excellent marine life with sea lion and dolphins. The beach has public parking and restrooms. There is ni cafe or restaurant.

Sara Alexon

Beautiful and vast coastline in northern-California. This place has plenty of beaches. It is a great place for hiking. And after the hiking there a an amazing view for you to enjoy. Absolutely stunning place!

Slava Daniliuk

I went here few times and it’s beautiful. Leaving a review because there was 4999 reviews. Lol

Nida Haque

Always a pleasure. One of the last beaches saved in it's natural form. Lots of smaller hikes and scenic drives. From the cliffs to the sea shore itself

Elizabeth Shenton

Lovely visitor center, was a bit surprised at how far everything else was from it; saw some great wildlife off season and an unusual landscape

Eric Linser

Beautiful area to take in, either if you're a long time resident or a visitor. Feels vastly remote from urban life - relax and take a hike, picnic too, or head to Hwy 1 for some seafood in Marshall or Nick's Cove.

Amar Srinivasan

Great weekend / one day trip. It is always windy and bit cold here. Beautiful beaches and overlooks. On a good day, you can see seals, whales, deer, foxes, etc. Has lots of good hikes with stunning views.

shine S

Alamera falls hike . 8.4 miles moderate hike. It is kind of adventures in the end while walking down to the falls. It is a wonderful view in the end. And all the way costal walk. Amazing hike

Susan MacMillan

A very very special place, worth the drive. Great to watch wild life. Great kayaking and/or picnicing.

Kallee Welch

I've been coming here since i was 10 years old, 12 geara later its still my favorite Park and area to be in. You can enjoy an amazing kayak trip i recommend Jet he was insightful and pleasant. A lot of wildlife everywhere you look, the tulle elk are a sight to behold. I love this park.

Pablo Rivas Rodas

Headed to Limantour Beach on a super HOT Sunday. Arrived just past 11 and the upper lot was already full... I could tell from the cars circling. LOL. Went to the little lot and left the parking lot wars behind. Great place for Dogs, People watching and catching some sun. Definitely recommend.


What an awesome place. First of, you are on the Pacific Continental plate once you cross over the San Andrea's fault. The area is lush and green with dairy farms covering the entire area. On our way to the point, traffic stopped due to cows crossing the road to go back home. I took the opportunity to film and take pictures. On the point is a short walking trail with fantastic views. From there you are able to watch the whale migration (Jan-Apr) if you're lucky. Deer roam the area and elephant seals hang out by Chimney rock in that cove. The beach is beautiful and the sunsets breathtaking.

Andrew Ramos

The old barns are creepy in a good way! Worth the drive. Bring your jacket

Diane Fox

Went to lunch and sat on picnic bench with folks we didn’t know. It made for a wonderful opportunity to eat great seafood and meet new friends.

Agnes Rodriguez

It was a beautiful beautiful place to visit perfect weather water a bit chilly but still a beautiful place to visit.

Dulkifil Dilu

Never new such a NP existed. A lady suggested while traveling through San Francisco. It is a gem. Costal areas, Elks, White tailed deers, Sea lions, Farms, Foxes, Vultures etc.. When the sun was about to set wild rabbits started appearing on roads. It was an amazing trip for us.

Ryan Perry

Nice hike with beautiful views. Saw a number of elk and a coyote during the 4 her hike. The trail is a little sandy in spots so be prepared to put a little more effort in at times.

Ian Rahman

A beautiful spot for an easy hike. Bring extra water and sunglasses as the long walks (especially out to Tomales Point) can be unexpectedly warm.

Jonathan Peters

One of the greatest places on earth. Will make you a believer in a God/ Goddess of love. simply put beautiful. Lots to see and do, specially if your a outdoors lover

Kimberly Knight

This is the final testing place for sheena; SHEENA was my companion, my best friend, my teacher, my lover, my husband, my daughter, my mother and my loving cat.

Susan Ashlock

We saw elephant seals (the tail end of their season here), elk, wildflowers, and learned a bit about the history of the area. It was beautiful!

Gordon Friedrich

This park is absolutely stunning. It was a quick 90 minute trip from Oakland and I cannot wait to go back. Do not miss Chimney Rock and Abbott's Lagoon.

abdulkhadar sheby

Wonderful place for hiking and a lot of well maintained trails...

Ulises Ochoa

Very pretty scenery, and easy hike. For those picky hikers there is no trees during the hike, so bring your hat. I love this place.

Kenny Hobson

Cool beach out here theres a visit center and cafe. Nice place to spend the day

Wyatt Hill

Came here for an afternoon, while I only managed to do Chimney Rock, it was quite the experience. The whole area is beautiful and breathtaking in a different way.

Bratati Karmakar

Beautiful place but the lighthouse is closed for renovation.

Johnny Yang

A great hike for medium or beginner hikers. The waterfall does require a little searching because there are no official signs when you're on the hike. About 4 miles up the hike you should spot a pathway to the left which may look shady but it's actually the right path to the falls. If you don't know, don't be afraid to ask anybody else you come across on the hike. Overall the difficult is 7/10 but I've done the hike a few times so I was used to it. I reached the falls in an hour but I ran on the downhill part of the hike. It should be 1.5-2 hours with casual hiking speed. As usual be careful where you step and it does require hiking down a rocky path to reach the bottom of the fall. Enjoy!!!!!

Molly Scott

I enjoyed the beauty of the coast, and the different things to do while there.

Rod McLaughlin

Always a great spot to visit. Breathtaking ocean views. However it is under construction and closed. But you can still drive up and park very close by.


Awesome hike. Not for beginners though. If you plan to got between January-June you after 4pm you might really want to bring a flashlight. Also a reliable gps as there is absolutely NO cell service anywhere. The hike is about a hours hike to the falls. And trails get pretty narrow at times but nothing you can’t handle. The big pay off is the falls and the natural spring water that flows from it into the ocean.

Julian Roque

The only thing I wish was better were the roads. Many roads were bumpy and uncomfortable. But seeing so much wildlife in such a large area outside of Yellowstone was awesome. Hopefully the lighthouse will be ready if I decide to come back.

L.Z. Tang

An excellent wild-land for those who admire nature from the North coast to the forests and open pastures. Whether you're here for a day, a weekend, or a regular visitor, there is always many places to explore. Some areas are more readily accessible than others. I recommend visiting the beaches of tomatoes bay for swimming in summer, the point during the autumn or spring for the breathtaking views, and a walk along any of the trails from the towns or popular sites is a must. For the more adventurous i would recommend a horseback ride from 5 brooks stable in Olema, or a backpacking trip for the weekend from mountains to coast.

Dinger Chat

A beautiful point, and a great place to unplug and get away from the rest of the world. :)

Jeanette Reyes

Beautiful. Nice hike. Not too bad if pregnant. Elephant Seal a little far, to get a good look best to bring binoculars.

Azeddine E

Really special place we were lucky to be able to see whales or at least the top of their heads as they were resurfacing for air, many times. we had binoculars but they were not helpful as those fleeting moments were better enjoyed with naked eyes. Now why the unflattering rating ? Well, getting there is not a as enjoyable as the views for such a park. The only road did not seem to be maintained for a while and an extended pothole galore is what greets you in and out of the park. Also there is a flooded area so low riders be aware. I guess our federal government has other priorities than our National Parks.

Writabrata Sanyal

Nice long beach..very less crowd

Adam Miller

It was a great beach shores with clear indicators of where NOT to go if you don't want to be swept up by the ocean. Not a lot of people if you go during the weekday and pet friendly as long as the pet is on a leash.

Manasij Venkatesh

Alamere Falls! Highly rated hike. Did not disappoint :)

Lynn Arneill-Brown

Great hiking, a bit cold,windy and foggy but worth it. Dress warm. And so many dairy farms out there. Don't miss the Elk Preserve in the morning hours.

JackB Nimble

Fantastic and beautiful place. On a misty day, we hiked along the trail to the point and saw elk wandering around. Just a magical place.

Kevin Jones

Great place. Look for posted shark warning signs if the beach is to perfect and no one is swimming there. No reason lol.

Sasha Stephens

This is our 2nd time driving here in 3 days. And it's a 4 hour drive from my house! We absolutely love. It we got a burn permit! Which is free. And had a fabulous escape from the 108 degree weather at home.

Johnny Chu

The lighthouse was closed for maintenance when we went (3/12/2019). However, I went here 3 years ago and the view was spectacular. I would recommend bringing a jacket because this place is known as the windiest place on the west coast.

Irvin Yee

Very scenic area with light house and a lot of steps down to remember. But one time lighthouse was closed so ended up going around the top and was even more beautiful.

Thomas DeMartini

My favorite place point reyes is great for me and my family to get out see nature and the most beautiful scenery!

Joseph Fernandez

Very windy and cold. The view is spectacular and you can spend a lot of time just enjoying and taking in the beauty of the nature Make sure you wear warm clothes as it is windy. Did I tell you about the view. It is amazing. Kids will love it. Smaller 2-7 yrs may struggle due to the climb and wind and cold. So think about it and research before you head out. I strongly recommend this place and it worth the drive. Make sure your gas tank / electric charge is good enough to return. Not much out there once you go deep in. You may get lost so study your map before you head out. Maybe download the map for offline reference.

Claire Y

Very cool place to visit. The lighthouse was closed but there was still so much to see and do! Watching whales and the seals was the highlight!

Jeff Summers

If you have time and the weather is nice, drive out to the light house and check it out, the steps down the light house makes for a fun little hike. We were able to see gray whales from the light house.

George Pendergast

A lovely place for a stroll on the beach and some quality ukulele time. Also a great place to read a good book as well.

Alex Marmur

Beautiful drive out there Never crowded Ample, free parking Bring a nice picnic and make sure the tank is full before going out

Jen Smith

Stunning natural beauty and the beach is looooooooong and uncrowded so you can easily find a spot with no one nearby. The beach we went to was dog friendly (on leash) but I don't think all the beaches and trails are.

Jackie Siegel

Beautiful hiking and incredible wildlife viewing - we saw probably 100 elk, as well as coyotes, deer, and plenty of sea birds.

Aravind Sundaresan

Point Reyes has beautiful views of the California coast, scenic hikes, beaches, a lighthouse and wildlife.


Took nice 14 mile hike. Pretty. Grabbed some pictures along the way and met interesting people. Forest included variety of beautiful trees. Would be nice to camp there some day.

Sarah Khalida

3 hour total hike for this view was worth it. Highly recommend! Make sure to bring extra water if you’re thinking of doing the 9 mile trail!

David Weidlich

This place is a treasure. There's so much to do here - kayaking on Drake's Bay, hiking, camping, backpacking and whale watching from the light house. I've seen elephant seals, harbor seals, osprey and more during my visits. The park rangers, staff and docents are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I always leave wondering why I don't come back more. It's so close to San Francisco, but it's never crowded.

Sandra Ballard

Beautiful scenery, lots of equestrian trails and great weather.

Carolyn Chandler

Great adventure hiking on Earthquake trail. Easy walking

Michelle Correa

I had the time of my life here..If you love Beautiful Nature, this is the place to be..

lyn solomon-linville

Abbott's Lagoon! Great hiking. Great wildlife

Djoesef K

One of the most beautiful landscape meetings of land and sea and it's just a day trip for all Bay Are residents. If you are really fortunate you might be able to take a low tide along some normally inaccessible coastline. If interested insuch a thing, check out "Point Reyes - Secret Places & Magic Moments" for more info. You won't regret it.

Shradha Agrawal

We hiked to Alamera falls through coast trail. This was an amazing hike. It offers amazing views, anyone who loves sight of natural water resources will fall in love with this hike. It starts with hike on cliff alongside ocean, features an serene lake somewhere in between and saves the most amazing view of waterfall falling in ocean for the last. Trail is shaded for the most part and you can spot wildflowers if you go during spring. We went on memorial day weekend so it was a bit crowded at narrower parts of trail. It's 4 mile one way and there is only one restroom at the start.

Charlotte Martin

Friendly, helpful staff, beautiful views! Very peaceful.

Chandrashekhar Kumar Singh

It's a nice drive. This place is beautiful with ample free parking space. There is not much to do for kids though.sand is big in size which makes it difficult to build sand castles or other shapes. The water is cold and waves are strong. Didn't see anyone going in water.

Marsha Lance

Loved our visit here. Got to see the elephant seals. What a treat.

Emilio Cervantes

Easy hiking, mostly flat, great views, a lot nature, at many points you end up cover with nature, love the waterfalls.

Fredrick Jose antony cruz

It’s a great place to be.... wildlife paradise... every time enjoy being there..

Osa Kijenu

I first came here while in high school for two camping trips, and I've never had more fun! My senior year, I showed my boyfriend this place and we've been back countless times even though we live quite far from it! I highly recommend coming here, whether it's for a simple hike or a camping trip. Every chance my boyfriend and I get, we come to Point Reyes. There's something magical about this place.

Binod KC

Best place to spend your weekend. Cypress Tree Tunnel, South Beach, Drakes Beach and Lighthouse are the best place to visit Point Reyes and also the best place to see the sunset over west coast !!

Michel Edmont

Nice place with wildlife. Several hiking trails. However not really exceptional compared to many State parks along the seashore North of San Francisco

David Lowe

A majestical place in the world. Peace and serenity. Truly have to say the California coast is the best in the world

Ralph Maughan

There are many interesting features, especially along the coast. Unfortunately, the National Seashore has more than 20 dairy operations inside its boundaries. They detract greatly. There is nothing unique about cattle. They are over abundant. The interesting creatures like the elk are much fewer. There are about 600 Tule Elk, a rare subspecies. They are pushed around by the cattle. The Seashore is even doing a management plan to kill some of the elk because 600 elk are said to interfere with the 6,000 cattle. The Seashore was created by government purchase of private land -- very expensive. The dairies were purchased along with the land. They should have been torn down. Now they dominate parts of the seashore due to the influence of politicians. I don't know if Google lets me name names, so I won't. There are beautiful scenes, but be forewarned.

Leigh Sevy

Spectacular vistas, saw Tule Elk, amazing Forest during our hike. Just a spectacular day!

Justin Bise

Went on the palomarin trail. Beautiful hike, definitely worth the time to go see the waterfalls. I highly suggest you bring water and decent hiking shoes if you wish to see the waterfall. The trail to the falls arent maintained by the park and it gets pretty steep at the end. It's about a 4 mile hike to the falls.

Nicholas Dunham

One of the true treasures of the Bay Area. A place to turn off your cell phone (the reception sucks there anyway), go for a hike, watch some animals (it's one of the best birdwatching areas in California), and eat some fresh seafood and local cheese. Learn a bit about local history at one of the ranger stations—start with the Bear Valley Visitor Center and the nearby Earthquake Trail.

Aneesh Krishna P V

You can feel the end of the earth and enjoy the amazing combination of sea sky and the earth. Awesome experience and amazing drive

andy lie

Its suprisingly beautiful today. I came here two times and it was foggy at the beach last time

Jesse Elliott

This review is for the park ranger Mike, who saved us in a bind when we lost our keys. Mike, you are a legend! Also the park is great too.

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