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21516 Golden Triangle Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, United States

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Where is Mountasia Family Fun Center?

REVIEWS OF Mountasia Family Fun Center IN California

Rebecca Durán

Rock wall ! Go carts! Water bumper boats! Arcade! And more! Great fun place to come with the family to have an afternoon of fun.

Joshua Swan

A semi-expensive park filled with a variety of games, a couple of the arcade machines were disabled or out of order for no know reason. The smell of the Arcade was decent, smelt like coconut or skunk, depends on which section of the arcade you are at. $25 was worth about an hour and a half worth of time and about 400 tickets when aiming for fun over winnings for two people. Small prizes were under 100 tickets and large prizes were in the thousands.

Jesus Rizk

This is a Gem in the center of Santa Clarita. Very fun mini golf set up. I am surprised not noticed it before. My son loved it and we are definitely going back.

that guy

All round fun. Can't complain

Laura Urbina

Great family fun, worth the 30 minute drive. Kids had a blast! The time allowed in the go karts is more generous than other places we've been. The bumper boats were super soaking fun!

Jose Gutierrez

Lot's of games both indoor and outdoor. Food leaves something to be desired. Pizza had consistency of not being fully cooked.

Jackie Hopson

Nice place for the kids. Lazer tag was the most fun!

Yvette Johnson

I find this place a bit pricey, but the kids like it. There's video games, prize machines, a store to turn in tickets and purchase trinkets. It was a good place to hang out on a rainy evening.


Fun atmosphere and attractions.

Haerin French

yo the blonde dude manning the go carts and bumper rides at this place must have the patience of a god

Liam Mills

Great staff! Good for kids and adults!

Isaac Phillips

This place is a blast. If you're there to go on go-karts, play mini golf or laser tag, or bump around in bumper boats, this place has you covered. The only downsides are the arcade is a little small for such a big place, and that it's a bit expensive. Good for first dates, as it has a pizza/ice cream place inside!

George Yohanna

I'm always really nostalgic for this place because I used to come here as a kid. This is a really nice well kept family center. If you are looking for some casual mini-golf you have come to the right place.

Alesita Flowers

Mini golf was okay, kinda small but fun

Ryan Briggs

This is a great place to take the family for some weekend fun! They have go carts, batting cages, miniature golf, video games, laser tag, and more! It's always a great time! We are looking forward to returning very soon with the whole family!


Amazing experience. You cant go to bumper boats until you play lazer tag. Also dont lose your keys.

Benjamin Webb

Look this place does suck because the pizza doesn’t taste fresh and the place looks boring, so my story of this place is nice but like we went there for our sisters party, I would like to see a reply and yeah this place looks good. I went golfing and it was nice and I also enjoy the go karts which is great to do and yeah had a fun time there.

Play Team

Is a nice place

Denni Wibowo

Perfect for kids. A bit pricey but worth the fun

Bryn Netz

Awesome! Great service, good food and fun for everyone!

mahonri pech

Good place to hang out.

Jocelyn Bentley

Had a great time here with my granddaughter. Go carts, mini golf and rock climbing were just a few of the fun activities here. We also really enjoyed playing games and earning tickets for some cool prizes.

Robert D. Alvarez

Took my wife and niece here. They had such a great time. My niece cant get enough of the go kart and lasertag.

Wendy livee

This place is very fun with a bunch of activities, the only reason why im not giving it a higher rating is because the prices have gone way up

Tina Birungi

Awesome place, great sraff!

Elena Ortiz

Loved everything about this place!

Maverick 77723

First day awesomeness. If you get on the little boat prepare to get wet. Unlimited access to the arcade games and miniature golf and I think the best part of it all... go karts with wristband perchance.

Justin C

Holy cow this place is overpriced. The arcade games are $1.05 just to make sure you don't spent less than $20. We paid $30 to spend 5 minutes on some old bumper boats. Most of the games were broken, and we had to wait outside for an attendant to open stuff up. The staff was nice, and it appears they're trying, the prices are just way too high.

Richard-Hernandez Razon

Staff was awesome and very helpful. Excellent customer service. Loads of fun for the young and young at heart!

Bambi Ballesteros

Lots of fun. They had a New Years special so it was more affordable.

Sandi Chhun

There was 5 of us total and since the weather was cold I wanted to get everyone arcade cards. I asked the man at the register how much each game would average to and he said 25cents. There was a package of unlimited play for 20 dollars but I figured since we went late, 10 would be enough. The games were not 25cents each, they were a lot more so everyone burned through their cards within 15minutes. On top of that, a lot of the games didn't work so our credits went to nothing. On top of that, their WiFi does not work as I am sitting right outside their building writing this review.

Johnnie Beckett

Had a very good time here. Yes it's a bit dated and not very crowded but, the not very crowded part was a good thing. Yes it was hot but, its June in Texas! What do you expect? Staff was friendly and one on particular was awesome, Collin! He goes out of his way to make sure the guests have a great time! He was running all over the place to help us out. Some games didn't work but, there was a maintenance man working on them. Laser tag would have been better if we had more people, only the 4 of us. We would really love to come back here next time come back to Dallas. I would recommend Mountasia. It's not a place if you are looking for upscale 100% catering like a big theme park. Its has a nice friendly atmosphere and good people. Again yes it is a bit dated but nice. Price was good for what we did. Make sure to look at their website for discounts and coupons for even better pricing

Allison Phillips

Fun place for mini golf and games! Service is usually a bit slow, but I think it is due to understaffing.

Bob Kusnetz

Played mini golf. Good hole designs.

Mrs. Camacho

Paid around 120 for 5 kids 1 adults only the outside and we had so much fun. It's a great place for kids.

Linda Rodriguez

What a find! The kids had lots of fun. I just wish they had better food.

TSM Shhadow

Fun but the arcade isn't the best, golf is ok.

Andy A. Fernandez

Nice fun place to be with the family.

Jason Rouse

Good place to go and kill an afternoon with the family. They have pretty good package deals so that it doesn't totally drain the wallet.

deborah minnifee

This place was top choice for the children. They host birthday parties, and do a shout out to the birthday child, and sing happy birthday. Management even came over to see how we were enjoying our experience. Thumbs up. Not to mention the many venues they offer. Great place.

Forrest Piepers

Lots of fun but could be updated. Go karts, laser tag, arcade, rock wall, bumper boats, and mini golf. The restaurant there is okay but nothing spectacular.

Alan Foster

Clean arcade area, good food

David M Chavez

Fun for the kids. Kinda pricey but its fun


Played miniature golf, go carts, and bumper boats. Had a blast then cooled off with a handmade shake from the indoor restaurant. The place is undergoing a slow paced remodel both indoors and outdoors. Place is fun for adults and kids.

Mari Gonzalez

Had my son's birthday party here. It was so much fun. Every one is very helpful. Pizza was great. The kids loved the Sundays. Had a blast with all the games.

James West

I miniature golf with my grandkids. The inside games we're on the more expensive side and they didn't give you the right amount of credits or tickets when you were playing the games. Their prizes were just as expensive and cheap has Chuck-E-Cheese is.

Judy Love

The 2 stars are for how satisfied I was with MOST of my experience here. Mini golf, bumber cars were fun. Particularly loved the bumber boats on the hot summer day we went. Great selection in arcade games. My only complaint would be in the resturant here. The staff there should all be fired. I'm pretty sure they took a cup to serve me from the back when cups are located up front. They acted really unprofessional as well wispering to each other and staring. Led me to think they prob spit or did something to the cup. $5 wasted because I was not going to risk eating something they could have messed with. Disgusted by these people. This with the fact that I was not rude to these people at all!! Didn't even return the ice cream. Was not sure what I could have done to be treated by the staff so rudely? As fun as the place could be, if I do decide to bring my family back we will defiantly not be eating here. Which is sad because ice cream and other junk foods could have made this a perfect experiance.

Sergio Torosyan

Nice place to spend couple of hours with kids.

Natalie Burroughs

Mountasia is a fun place to take both little ones, teenagers and even the adults can have fun if they are young at heart. I always do! They have bumper boats, miniature golf, race cars and a rock climbing section. There are tons of games, even a little toddler section. I love it here. The establishment appears pretty clean. I have not eaten here in so long, I dont even remember if the food is good or not. I hope to see you again soon Mountasia.

Patricia Braswell

All I can say is that it was a lot of fun.

Jerome Hernandez

Honestly, this is such a great place to be with your kid or even other adults. Laser tag is fun and along with the go karts and the golf.

Linda S

Great place for children.... water sports, small cars, lazzer tag, games and food. Great place for fun

Jose Gallardo

Pretty Cool Place !! The guys out here do Great service, awsome please for families and B-day event's ..

Canna Med

Wayyy too expensive, but would be great if prices were more reasonable. 4 of us spent nearly $200 for just a few hours of play.

Sonia Fernandez

So clean! Really a great family fun place!

Karen Funk

Took my niece and nephew miniature golfing. I used to love taking my son here in the early 2000's. It's pretty run down, but we had a lot of fun.

Porscha Williams

First time to this place in a long time and I was disappointed food wasn't tasteful and was in line and didn't get asked if I needed help.some machines doesn't work and didn't know because no signs

gabriel covarrubias

This is a fun place to hang out with your friends and have a good time. There as rent a ton of games but just playing ski ball is a good time. Sometimes the machines dont work but it's not bad

Kenny Ratzlaff

Same as always. To staff is friendly. The pizza is really good. My only complaint is the cost of everything. But what isn't inexpensive these days.

James Peter

I've been coming here sense I was a kid. It's changed a lot but it's still fun. They mini golf, go karts, batting cages, an arcade, bumper boats, and a Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor. They also have a bowling alley (no affiliation) across the street if you wanted to make it a day.

German Tiger

Fun for all ages, would recommend. Tons to do no matter what age you are, young to old.

Sergio Barragan

Awesome low key not to many people.

Brittany Sheppard

I had a great time but some of the machines weren't working.

Roy Compton

It wasn't too busy. The mini golf was good. This is the place for a kids birthday party.

Paul S

2 mini golf courses. Go kart racing and laser tag. Fun time for children

Ozi Soto

It's super fun

felix cruz

Good place to have fun with friends or family members. The best deal is the three hour pass I highly recommend it. The park was clean and well maintained by the staff, some of the video games in the arcade were broken and I did not see any signs or maintenance being made.

Edward monreal

Loved the pizza and the park is absolute fun .

scat man

Was way better when it had a Roller rink.

Rickey Williams Jr

Had alotta fun

Dee Dee

The interior has a moldy odor the exterior access is inconvenient. The wait for food is a bit too long and the packages are high prices for what's offered. Although the service was good I wouldn't recommend this place.

Dominic Blackwell

Really fun I especially enjoy going on the boards with my kids

Ronnie Cooper

Fun place a little exspensive.

Richard Arami

Nice place for variety. Was not busy but may have been because it was to hot outside.

Jeff Clericuzio

Our son enjoyed their go carts for a couple years and when we started they charged $20 for 3 hours which was a great deal. A while back they changed it to $25 which was a good deal. Recently they were charging $10/5 minutes which was outrageous and now they are charging $40 for 3 hours. Not only that but when I called last Friday to find out why they were charging $10/5 for minutes they said it was because school was not out, but on Monday the price would go back to $25 for 3 hours. Imagine our surprise when it was $40 for 3 hours. Recently the park went through a ownership change and it is obvious they no longer care about their long time customers. Up until the ownership change the staff was friendly and were very accomodating to special needs kids, since the ownership change it has become all about the money. The staff are not happy, I hear them talking about the new owners and they no longer seem friendly towards the special needs kids and their needs. Today was our last time to Mountasia, we will not pay $40 for unhappy and unfriendly staff in a run down establishment that smells bad and is falling apart. $25 was a deal and we could deal with the delapitated equipment. Seems all they care about now is money now. For this kinda pricing we can go to Six Flags for an entire day. No longer a "Fun Center"

Jeshua p

It was clean,prices are decent,but on the food side they take forever,and than they give u,old nasty fries .

Kelly Hunter

i look forward to a return visit. the prices are well within reason for the quality. food is like a restaurant in jacksonville i loved.

Jewel Lucas

This place was wonderful though I didn’t get to do golf or any other activities except go karting and bumper boats that was great now getting in to the bad part sorry my friend threw pepper on my pizza so I really didn’t get to taste it well but I sure it was wonderful just like the place plz go here if you had a bad experience I’m so sorry for that I went on a field trip but I’m going today again before my winter break is over anyways just check out the place I know it’s pretty pricey but deal with it you whack ppl

Brandon Gallagher

We stood at the front of line for the bumper boats for about 6 minutes and we're completely ignored by 3 employees who definitely saw us and decided they didn't care. We told the manager and he seemed less than apologetic and made excuses for the empoloyees

Bryan Viera

Attractions and services are top quality and uniquely entertaining

I did it

Awesome place to hang out with friends for little while.

John Gonzales

I have fun all the time me and my little daughter

Chris Stouten

Needs updating and quite costly but so are all of these type of amusement parks. Not really good for little kids. Employees are all young kids and not very helpful or enthusiastic. Go karts didn't work very well, slow or stalling a lot. Probably will not return.

Gustavo Dominguez

Has a good variety of arcade games to play with but many don't work. At least they didn't when I went which was about a week ago. Their other activities are pretty fun but again if they don't have WORKING games then there's not much fun to be had.

marie valle

Fun place to take the kids and go kart racing mini golf rock climbing batting cages and not to mention laser tag and video games. Best place ever to take kids

Doug Price

Very few video games, lots of ticket machines

Andrew Lopez

I really recommend the Go-Carts or Mini golf!

Craig Combs

Well organized for kids. Bathrooms are very clean. All the young people that work here are nice kids.

Jamie Flemings

We didthe Jack the Ripper VR Mystery and had a good time. Although, it only lasted about 40 mins in total, you need to be able to use the teams skills to figure it out. We unfortunately, chose the wrong suspect and "died".

Lance George

They have less video games, and the food quality can be better for the price you pay

Francisco Munoz

We went to a party we were invited to yesterday and did not have a good experience. The hostess took out upon herself to omit things from the party package. We did not know how much was missing until another party went through the same experience, with the full advertised package. (Same hostess) They offered to do it over, but the magic in the child's eyes, was already gone. Do not recommend for parties.

Emmalie Flores

Never been here and it was so amazing. Thanks to L.A.H and sponsors all the families were able to forget about the difficult times we are facing.

Oscar Lopez

Great variety of things to do there. A lot to do and great prices.

Benny Rodriguez

What if I told you that you could take your entire crew to one location and enjoy a full day of go-cart racing, putt putt, batting cages, lazer tag and arcade action. You'd be down to go, right? Yea, it's true, you have go out to Santa Clarita, but it's so worth it. Pack some snacks and get your tipsy on before you get there. It's a family joint, so there's no beer or alcohol served on site. You can get a three-hour unlimited pass and enjoy all the outdoor events you want.

Jessica Lemus

Not a lot of games to play because it was raining today but it's good!

Ava Scott

Really fun little place. Great for a cheap and cheerful date. Could be maintained a little better, but that doesn't really affect enjoyment. Definitely going again soon.


Cool place for the kids

Jena DellaGrottaglia-Maldonado

Fun time for family. Mini golf, video games, batting cages, go carts are available here. Inexpensive for the most part

Fran Fecske

My husband and I enjoy taking our grandson to Mountasia to play mini golf. On our last visit our grandson got paint all over his jacket. We tried to figure out where it came from. We reported it to the front desk. They determined where it had come from. A wall had been painted and the staff forgot to put up a sign stating WET PAINT. The staff called the owner. Courtney was lovely and got back to us right away. She was concerned because she was not able to find exact replacement jacket. She found a similar Jacket and had it for us the following day. Our grandson was so happy with the jacket, he forgot about is favorite jacket having paint all over it. Thank you Courtney and Mountasia. We will be back soon

David Goro

My family and I went to Mountaisa a million times and it gets better everytime

Diego Camarillo

This was a really good place for my kids

Toddler Cam

I've always enjoyed coming here until today. After a fun filled day of playing, we wanted to sit down and eat. And was told we couldn't order a pizza until after their parties are served! So that means if I want to pay for a family of 4 individual meals it would have been more than 30$ when I could have spent 17$ on a pizza. I spoke to the manager lapre, worst manager ever. The fact that she failed to help and keep all customers happy she only favored her parties! Please hire someone else and your very unhelpful staff.

Geneva Tedd

This park was absolutely nice and clean. Place was really a family friendly park. Kids enjoyed here a lot. They really free to walk and enjoy the park.

Guadalupe Zuniga

Fun place for kids. Only thing would make it better is if they sold alcohol for adults.

Junior Shorty

Always fun and good food. Not too expensive, and the activities are pretty cool. It’s not a huge place so don’t expect an amusement park experience, but my family always enjoys it!

Vlado Quanter

We had so much fun here. I mean talk about such a great experience. I will be back

jennessa stewart

Third place is great for first dates, family, and friends, also nice prices


Friendliest staff and the management is top notch. Mr Edwards made our experience here a very pleasant and fun one. Thanks!!

Cheryl Mills

Great for birthday parties & fun! A bit high$'s, but the kids enjoyed it

Hugo Barahona

Awesome! Laser tag was a little pricey... $10 for 10 minutes, but nevertheless... A++++!!! I will be back to hold my title! Muaaahahahaha!!!


Prices little high but overall the kids have fun

Alexandria Medrano

Plenty of awesome things to do, just a bit pricey.


Great expirience my family had a lot of fun and a great bonding time but laser tag,laser maze,and golf are not included in the regular pakage

Big Bear

It’s a great place for the family from indoor to outdoor fun

Robert Lowe

A great place to bring the family for fun and games. Go-karts roller skating and arcade games will keep the kids busy for hours

Isabel Marin

Great place for the kids.

Stephanie A

The owner says they are environmentally conscious, yet they insist on a physical coupon. Why avoid tokens and tickets, but not accept a coupon on someone's phone? It was very rude of the employee to refuse to get the manager when the customer was frustrated about the coupon issue. They can't say customer satisfaction is important to them when they allow employees to refuse to get the manager.

Freya Amadi

Nice place to spend time with kids. Machines are a bit older but kept up well. There is mini golf, a batting cage and go kart outside. And a climbing and laser tag wall inside. I liked it.


Has family fun enjoyed the miniature golf, water boats, rock wall, go cartsand arcade. Can be expensive but has many different specials.

Elizabeth Gardner

It is great! My grandkids love it. I told my husband, we were celebrating our anniversary here. The people was helpful and polite. The price is reasonable and they have a restaurant with all the foods kids like to eat.

Saul Melero

The Go-Karts are sooo much fun....the games are kool.... and the food is delicious. 4 thumbs up

Deo Singh

Old and outdated. Nice mini golf.

Michael Teoli

My three-year-old son loves water fountains! So the giant water fountain that it's a part of their miniature golf course cut my sons I as we drove by. My wife and I made the trip to visit the large antique mall next door and we're about to set off to find an ice cream place for my son because he was so good. What we found was much much more! Outside this family fun center has go carts, miniature golf and even bumper boats! Well we didn't actually do the miniature golf, we walked over through the course so my son could get close to the water fountains. The golf course looks really fun! Inside there is an arcade that also includes a handful of kiddie rides. I loaded a card with just $10 and my son was able to go on all the rides and even play I handful of games. He had a wonderful time. To top it off, they have a restaurant that has an ice cream place! So we were able to get the ice cream we had seeked out. The staff is friendly and the inside area is all very clean and has many cool details to look at. Outside could've been better kept. I did notice quite a few cobwebs when walking up the stairs. But on the whole, this is a wonderful place to take the kids for a treat!

Abraham valencia

Loved it had so much fun really recommended and love the go-karts are really fun

Josh B

Ok, so this review does not count the food... Really, just don't come here to eat. Otherwise, it's pretty good fun when everything is up and running. The place has been around for awhile, so things aren't the newest, but it is a fun place to visit nonetheless.

Dan F

Enjoy taking the kids here from time to time. Laser tag, arcade, rock climbing wall, batting cages, go carts and water bumper cars (you can get wet with sprayers on the boats). There is an area to eat with pizza and burgers type of thing, but a good salad as well.

Cassandra Neale

Eat before you go because my food was awful. The kickin chicken sandwich came with this weird cup of lettuce that they said was coleslaw, was told there was cheese on it,.there was not. It was a bunch of chicken strips on a bun and the strips smelled funny like a cross between freezer burn and fish. The fries were passable, "they'll do" to quote my 11 year old. But this place is about fun and games not food and they do deliver the fun.The games have a huge variety and my youngest enjoyed the rock wall and the bowling game. Mini golf has a cool waterfall and there is a cave on hole 9. They also had a great time at lazer tag. Hopefully they will replace the carpet on the inside, think college rec room. There is a 58 inch req to drive go carts so that bummed out the youngest who had to be a passenger. He really wanted to drive. The kids definitely would go again and its more about them that's why I give it 4 stars.

Britany Nield

So expensive!

Pilar Foley

Love this place. . Mini gulf with my youngest grandson .. our time!

Sher Masc

Excellent venue for fun in any weather. The go carts outside are a lot of fun. The miniature golf course is okay, but can be fun if playing with the right company. Farrell's restaurant is okay. The food is passable, but not spectacular. The arcade has a lot of games. The venue can sometimes get expensive but it's a fun place to take the kids.

Krystal Rogers

This place is as awesome as it can be. Creativity oozes out from every corner of the place. I was blown away by the contraptions they have to transport the balls.

Hector Ceron

It was full of wonderful things

Altinse Brevoryan

We had a great time the other day with the mini golf and the go carts were awesome. We will definitely be going back. Fun times...

vinny pasta

Great time was had by grandmother, mother and 8 year old grandson..The workers there are very patient, kind and helpful..A 'magical' place

Chrissy Cross

Always fun times since the beginning . I miss the roller rink.

jamie nila

I had fun during a adult birthday party until the last few holes. With 6 semi terrible mini golfers and one capable one it takes a long time to get through a course. I get this is a family oriented place but after 10pm they could really make this place a five star location, if they offered beer and margaritas on the course. I'm thinking a beer cart could take this place to a whole new level. The place seems a little old and needs a few repairs. I do think it has good entertainment value and will continue to come back every couple years.

Rachel Copeland

What started as mini golf just blew up. Bumper boats, race cars, rock climbing wall, laser tag. Along with the new attractions comes a higher price. The place can get crazy so keep a close eye on your little ones and definitely not a drop off party for kids under 12.


Mountasia can truly be called the "Family Fun Center". They almost have it all. 1) go carts. 2) miniature golf. 3) video game arcade. 4) laser tag. 5) water boats. And 6) on site restaurant (one of the last, if not the last, Farrell's). The only thing they don't have is bowling. But with the above items to do...........parents and kids will have plenty to do. *correction: sadly I must say, no more Farrell's. I stand corrected. Thank you Mountaisia for correcting me.*

Adriana Sarabia

I had the bes chicken salad there. Always fun to visit.

jessie k

Always fun, but it can get expensive real quick! Fun games and fun activities.

Jeri Davis

I love mini golf and go carts and the bigggggg waterfsll


It was niice and clean just poor serviice honestly


Worst mini golf, batting cage, arcade ever. We go gaming often and are used to subpar locals (we've tried middle of nowhere Florida mini golf...) this was probably the most frustrating. Majority of games were over priced and either halfway or all the way busted. Batting cage had at least 1/3 of the balls hit the ground before the plate. Air hockey didn't count many of the scores and was pitted like none other. The pinnacle was the was the women's bathroom door frame fell off when we arrived. The staff seemed to care and were helpful but not sure it will help make changes.

Avetis Antaplyan

My kid and I got injured while riding the go carts due to their incompetence. They didnt control the traffic behind me and someone hit me from behind at full speed. I have been chasing them around for 3 weeks, getting the run around from the GM who is never at work. No one gives me info to the owners. Stay away. Bunch of incompotent kids running the place. Injury waiting to happen.

Dan Zee

Fun place to have a birthday party although a bit pricey

Tim Krem

Great place for kids birthday parties . We had lots of fund there

Ron Smith

Been having fun here for years!

David Heredia

Love this place, oh yeah and my kids do too!

jangiu Flerotio

Great place to take the kids out to have a blast. They have a bunch of games and activities from laser tag to go kart racing. The miniature golf is always fun with the kids and friends alike. my friend had her daughter birthday here and everyone had a great time

Michelle Mosby

It's not just fun for children but for adults as well. My friend and I had a blast!

Stephanie perez

They have some fun activities and games, i feel they could offer more to do outside.

Miguel Martinez

Kids and adults can have fun and the employees are very helpful can't complain about the food They serve; is delicious.

Grebyon Lingoseer

They have a great family center with a bunch of activities for all ages. My son really enjoys the batting cages which are just so much

gusterm Liverpyan

They have a great selection of games and fun activities including batting cages, go-kart, and also the water bumper cars. They also have rock climbing and laser tag

Gary Fernandez

Great place. Great service, friendly people.

Isel Gonzalez

A great place to take the kids to have fun.

Pedro Dolliole

Love the go karts!

spilltheteasis sksksksk

This place is nicely small and has slot to offer, a nice cheerful restaurant, bumper boats, a full arcade, go carts, miniature golf,ice cream parlorLaser Tag, Rock Climbing.Also very very close to the Metro link Station, about 10minutes from shopping center in Santa Clarita.

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