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Where is Limekiln State Park?

REVIEWS OF Limekiln State Park IN California

James Chastain

Always nice to be able to relax and here is where to go. Not over crowded and relatively affordable for a California coastline.

Red Allen Diesel

All I got to say is, make sure you have plenty of gas before you get out here. The price is high, but i can see why. It is much of a drive to get here. I have nothing bad to say about this place. I was actually thankful to run across it to get some gas. This route is not one you want to run out of gas on!

Aaron Goupil

This park was a great stop off the PCH for some hiking. The staff was friendly and the trails are well groomed. I highly recommend the waterfall trail. You will need to cross a steam a few times and be prepared from some small climbing. The limestone kiln trail was a very easy walk with bridges and minimal steps. This was also one of the least crowded stops in Big Sur we were at so it is a good place to get away from the crowds.

Jason Davis

This park was beautiful! There was a number of spots where the falls trail was washed out and badge for some interesting scrambling across the creek but good hiking nonetheless. Oceanside of the park was gorgeous and my kids loved splashing in the ocean!

Steve Smith

Definitely make the stop. Beautiful and amazing to make a visit in the woods to the kilns and then back to the beach in a very quick hike. Parking is extremely limited so just be aware you might have to wait or be turned away if it's busy.

Marco Rotermund

Very lovely scenery landscape

Lauren Stupar

Scenery and beach are nice, but campsites are really small and cramped.

Frank Wall

The scenery is AWESOME!

William Murbach

Beautiful state park with lots to do in the area! I really suggest taking a hike to the beach at night, the stars are incredible and if you lucky you might even see some bio luminescence in the waves.

Roby LaPorte

If you haven't done the yurt thing, you should. Great views, great staff, great food!

Wunna Swe

Especially beautiful at sunset.

K. Ng

easy hikes to a waterfall, the limekilns, the beach and view of Hwy 1

Dianne Wright

Beautiful views.


Entry fee is $10 but worth paying.Awesome place to relax and spend good time.Our kids enjoyed a lot here.There is a beach and trail .

Samantha Shanti Âû

Love the PCH and this is one of many must see places!

Ari Venteicher

My friend was visiting from out-of-state so we decided to spend an entire day touring Big Sur and surrounding areas. We begin at Jade Cove Point and drove north towards McWay Cove. Spontaneously, we decided to stop at Limekiln State Park, because we wanted to see that waterfall as well. We were greeted by a very friendly park associate at the gate. She gave us so much information about the park and parks nearby. We paid $10 and parked about 0.1 miles from the beginning of the trail. We hiked through the beautiful redwood trees 0.5 miles up and crossed about five or six stick and rock bridges to get to the beautiful waterfall. The trail was and exciting one because of the intricacies of crossing the creek by these human made stick or rock bridges. I recommend this park if you are looking for a quick hike and want to see a waterfall on the way that you can also swim in. I didn't swim in it because it was too cold for me, but there were other people who were enjoying the natural waterpark.


Nice hidden campsite!

Hanna G

My favorite hike from my trip to Big Sur. At the trail head you can go left(to falls) or right (along the river) both of very easy hike. Some trees have fallen on the river hike so you do need to crawl over them. You have to cross thin bridges over the river on the falls hike. It was all around maybe about 4 miles there and back for both hikes. We took our time and were there for about 3 hours. The campsite is great. We did not stay there but did picnic on the beach after the hike. Bring picnic stuff and leave it in the car. You can do the hikes and go back to the car before the beach since they are on opposite sides of the park. Beautiful redwood forest hike!!!! We had the river hike all to ourselves and saw a few groups on the falls hike. It's a must do!!!! We did not do the hike to see the kilns.

Guille Valdez

This park is nature s gem. The hike is easy about 3 miles. Camping walking just visiting is a great experience. $10.00 per car

Jennifer Curry

Was able to get a walk in camp site here for $35/night. $12 per bundle of firewood. Not far from beach, river that flows into ocean. Under overpass but you dont even hear any traffic. Beautiful sunsets.

Joe C

nice hike not to bad cool place left in time........go now!!

Brook Whisler

Supposed to have purple sand. Maybe we didn't see it because it was high tide but this one we would skip if we went again.

Parker Amstutz

A family friendly state park with a beautiful beach cove and hiking. Be prepared to pay for day use.

Sean Wixom

Amazing campsite right near da beach. Boooiiii. Way too many squirrels but just dont leave your food out and you will be good!

lydia murphy

Finally the highway is open again to drive through big sur. The road is new and it's like gliding on butter with traction

chels O

Beautiful location. Super friendly and helpful staff. Day parking is $10 but worth it if you want to hike the trails. I had an amazing time. Bathrooms where clean and had clean running water. But you have to bring your own soap to wash your hands. Campsites range from Big to small my family managed to fit for tents on our site. Camp fire pits available at each site. We are definitely going back soon. Be sure to make reservations long before you plan on going because sites fill up quick.

Steve Huot

Just stop at a random turnout and enjoy a great view and the ocean air

Wendy Gorton

Lovely, magical hike to the falls and the limekiln-- don't forget to do both! Creek crossings make an easy adventure for kids!

Lisa Luckenbach

Wonderful in every way!

Doug Rosson

Our favorite camp site hands down. We always pick the forest side because it's nice to have some shade and the water is so close. There are some cool hikes around and its a nice drive up the coast to get there. Update..Just got back from another week trip here and where the area is still awesome the maintenance has gone down hill. I'm not going to remove any stars because I'm the end it's camping but just be aware. The bathrooms are not as clean as they use to be. The showers broke on two separate occasions and the staff was not in any hurry to fix them. A bundle of wood also costs 15 bucks now and it burns fast. It's still a great place to camp and is in a nice area to do day trips up and down the coast just be aware of the small shortcomings.

Alex Beliy

Cool but kinda burnt rn

Anastasia Lyu

Nice camsite

Taylor Truesdell

Great spot. Has a few hiking trails. Camping spots include some that are creek side and within the forest. We got a spot under the bridge closest to the ocean. It is a state park but it is leased it to a private management company. $10 for a day pass. $35 a night to camp. There are toilets and a coin operated shower. The park management team have a few supplies for purchase such as firewood and small snacks.


Very nice

Jeff Kiyama

This a very scenic place with huge variety of things to do. It's small, but has a lot in one place. Small camp ground, but nicely laid out, 3.5 of trails through redwoods to see the old lime kilns, year round waterfall and next to running water. Then you can take a short walk to a very nice beach. We went for a day trip to see the coast and enjoyed it all

Loren Frye

Amazing staff,clean bathrooms and a beautiful campground..

Aleksander Kiriakow

Incredible view

Yulia Golyan

Beautiful park with several various hiking trails and a path to the beach.

Jerry Garcia

Great place all around.

Alyson H

This place was wonderful for a camping vacation. Park staff was extremely friendly and the accommodations were top notch. Bathrooms were always clean and easily accessible. The 2 minute walk to the beach was one of the trip highlights, because the clear view of the sunrise and sunset was incredibly beautiful. I definitely recommend hiking up the waterfall trail. If you are feeling adventurous and don't mind a little brush in your path, try taking the left path up to the ridge. The views are breathtaking!

Vanessa Jimenez

Nice place to visit

jim wright

Fun trails to see a beautiful double waterfall and tall redwood trees

Jose Luna

To much oak. But the view is to die for.

Debi Bruss

Great cliffside Park. Wonderful hike around. It is natural and beautiful.

Connie L

Absolutely beautiful

Bay Walker

Had a wonderful night camping here. The noisy brook made us feel all alone. The adjacent beach was wonderful!

Dawn Schiller

Great trails, beautiful waterfalls, redwoods!! Great guide at park entrance, interesting history

doug wille

Regardless of your fitness level/hiking ability, stop, pay $10 to park and walk up thru the old growth redwoods to the kilns. You can thank me later. Best $10 i have ever spent!!! Pics are in the woods and from an off shoot California coastal trail (pitkins?...something like that we took a 5 minute detour on halfway back down from the kilns).

mar linne

Quick easy breezy and adventurous hikes to the water fall and the kilm oh and the Beach! The hikes are on one side and the the beach with picnic tables and awesome tiny pebbles sand on the other side. There’s a kelp forest right by the coast and it’s not a swim but you can lightly play around and dip your feet... Camping requires reservations and day use is $10 when available. Bathrooms available Showers available minute per quarter No food places around


I saw my very first bug ape here!!! Amazing! They’re so beautiful

Sco Mor

Big Sur, amazing every time we drive it!

Angelika Orlowski

Just a bit intimidating. Don't make the drive if you get nausea on drives.

Kris Kasprzak

Breathtaking views with access right from the highway.

Andrea A

Really cool spot. Not too crazy of a hike for the kids. Was a really fun family hike.

berry stewart

Beautiful site to behold while on the road..

Aileen Rae

Favorite place

Jimmy Noehren

Beautiful state park along the California coast. The entrance is a little tricky, but there's some parking along the highway so you can walk in without paying to park. There's also some awesome camping sites there, some of them practically right on the beach! Speaking of, the beach is easily accessible and while a lifeguard isn't on duty, you can get in the water (if you're willing to brave the cold). Theres also a few trails at the back heading into the forrest. One of the trails takes you along the river up to a waterfall. It's a really pretty, really easy/short hike, and I enjoyed it.

Enedina Bartling

Need more personnel to help clean

Dan Putler

This is a great State Park, with both great beach walks and great walks through Redwood groves.

Angela Alsharifi

Amazing place with beautiful views

Rosalina Romano


Paul Oviatt

Very beautiful place. Nice campground with showers. The creek is crystal clear

Art L

Iconic photo stop. Very easy walk.

Faz Khan

Short, easy hike. Beautiful location.

Katherine Skellenger

So pretty....

herb petrillo

Its in Big Sur...the most beautiful place in the world.....what more need be said?

seth souza

One of my most favorite places since I was 3 years old you have the fantastic beach rate there and the amazing redwoods with waterfalls out there

Uri Almog

Nice hikes, friendly personnel, problematic showers.

Nathan Buckley

Beautiful park! The hikes from here are gourgeous and breathtaking. The redwood groves are spectacular. If you dont want to pay the $10 day use fee you can park on PCH and just hike in. There is also beach access and bathrooms available. There are also a nice variety of camping spots, some one the beach and others in the woods.

Debra S

Amazing sunsets!!! Just transferred from Northern, CA and the park is now one of my favorite places to walk or just sit on one of the benches & be awed & quieted by the beauty!

Andrew Fricker

Great little campground, book well in advance to secure your spot. Beach access.

Terry Garcia

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!! I took my family down over labor day weekend and we had a blast. Beautiful scenery, my kids loved splashing water in the creek!! Would definitely do it again!! Please note: we just went for a hike and the small beach area. We did not stay in the camping grounds, so I could not provide points for that.

Akshay Srivastava

An out of the world experience. Will not find this view anywhere in the world, especially during sunset.


Trees,fresh water and ocean right here.

Marcus Brückl

Very nice


Beach access to launch kayak at your own risk. Park has running water, flush toilet and hot shower.

Chris Schaefer

Great views. Must travel through this area.

Jason Costello

So awesome. Just go and chill.

David Gladson

Great park for a short hike/outing with kiddos. We did the falls trail and kilns, Fitbit said 4 miles round trip and 170 ft elevation gain. Kiln trail is easy/moderate. The falls trail is moderate as you have to cross the stream several times. Our three year old walked all the way to the falls, only requiring assistance on the stream crossings. Only negative to mention is the lack of interpretive signs at the kilns. They look cool, but no information provided in their history. There is beach access from the parking lot. Beach is small but fun. Strong riptides here so NOT a swimming beach, but there is plenty of sand, and the stream flows right out into the ocean here. $10 for day use access. Restrooms and drinking water available. There is a very small store at the entrance, but selection is minimal, more like emergency supplies. Food and snacks available 2 miles north in town.

Esther Rodriquez

We took our kids here for the best camping . This place has it all ! Forest, waterfalls, hiking , swimming, beach camping or forest camping. The best of both !

Sam Steingold

The waterfall is beautiful. Be prepared for slippery brook crossings.

Francis XIV

Absolutely beautiful, breathtaking scenery and views that please the eye in ways you couldn't even imagine possible.

Ev Delen

Beautiful ocean front forest with extensive hiking trails of various degrees of difficulty. Great camping options at fully serviced drive-in sites. Reasonable camping fees and friendly park patrons. Restroom facilities were well maintained, although you'll need a light or head lamp if using at night.

Andy Brown

Great ocean view

Binh Tran Son

Very nice

David Cox

Great access to the beach.

Mike Moser

Visited some friends that were camping. Great spot with some great camp hosts we met from Florida.

Niko Todorov

Beautiful, secluded beach...

Blanca Holleran

Nice view.

Vincenzo Reale

Nice camping site!

Yuval Baum

Nice forest hike. A bit annoying that the each state park in the area asks for its own fee

Carlos muniz

Beautiful place to visit

Packy Gallagher

Great place to stop during a day trip! They let us bring our dogs in to walk the trails with us. It was absolutely beautiful after rain!

Cornel Dsilva

Amazing natural beauty and lovely hikes

Evan Frangesh

Great, scenic section of HW 1

Jasmine Teague

Love the waterfall. And all the other trails. The beach access was amazing too

Sarah Thomas

This park is gorgeous! Great trails and the hike to the waterfall is pretty quick. It has beach access and the kilns are actually pretty interesting

Sarah Stone

Limekilns are in fantastic condition for their age. The campground is small and close quarters but the park is so gorgeous it doesn't matter. Ferns, ivy, moss, redwoods, etc make for gorgeous hikes. It smells amazing there. We will definitely be visiting again!

Daniel Hawks

What a wonderful state park and campground. Staff (Barbara) was extremely helpful and kind. Camping here gives you access to both a beach and hiking. There are showers on site but are coin operated. You’re also quite a ways from any real stores (aside from two small convenience stores) so plan accordingly. I would stay here again.

Jei Smith

It is incredibly beautiful!!

Guido Hermann

One of the most beautiful sections on #1

baba black

My rating is solely based off the drive. I have been wanting to make the drive up CA-1 and finally got to do it. From San Diego to San Francisco It was a beautiful drive through this area and the surrounding of Limekiln State Park and Big Sur. Can't wait to go back and finish the drive from San Francisco to Victoria, British Columbia.

Paul Bohannon

Very pretty, lots of shade. Peaceful.

Donald Darma

The beach was alright, the water is really cold so you can't use it and the sand is actually gravel which is kind of irritating The camp sites are on the smaller side but it's cozy and the trail is amazing, if somewhat short The creek is a great place to just chill and hang out with your feet in the water, you can even go all the way in too since it's warm enough Would definitely come back

ram baral

Pretty cool and nice place.

SenthilKumar Selvaraj

Drive drown to appreciate the way up

Gilbert Martell


Håkon Karlsen

Wonderful area. A great bloom by the road made for great pictures.

Yusi Liu

Nice place - one of the few places you could stay and hang out on Route 1. Rock beach and big waves.

Yannick B.

Great speed National Park!

Sharon Crandell

Stunning area of coastline. Beautiful creek that dumps into ocean and fabulous bridge structure above....

bali shan

In my opinion second best park in big Sur after point Lobos. Highlights of park lime creek falls, old lime kiln, rocky beach and Nice campgrounds. Trails are easy around 2 miles. Falls trail need little effort to cross creek. Parking is limited for day use, so may need to park on ca1. Day use fee is $10 for parking.

Eric P

Great park!!

Alex Mutwiri Mbuturah

Lovely drive through the canyons

Connie Meeks

Beautiful and hot sand between your toes

Stephen Turner

Scenery alone is worth five stars. This place is drop dead gorgeous... but, if you are planning to hike, keep in mind, the available trails are terribly maintained. This State Park is privately managed so don't count on using any kind of park pass. It's $10 to get in. Limekiln Trail had deadfall and hazards regularly over the trail. Falls Trail was inaccessible due to high water (no bridge). Hare Creek Trail was blocked by debris and downfall and was not passable so we could not reach the end of the trail. Some downfall was a result of recent storms but much of the problem was simple lack of regular trail maintenance. Cal State Park should be monitoring privately managed parks for these types of issues. And come on, a State Park Pass is a State Park Pass. Pics posted of trails.

Uday Dungarwal

One of the best waterfalls south of big sur. You can park on the road side and walk as park will charge 10 bucks. Hike is about a mile one way. Make sure to TAKE A LEFT along the hike as it diverges midway. The hike is not easy towards the end with fallen logs and rocks. But not very hard. We took a nice dip in the waterfall.

Andrew Zoller

Easy nature walk right off of route 1. Not difficult terrain, gorgeous wooded area with a stream running through the path.


Amazing coastline

Dahlis Crafter

Very beautiful location

Marisol Coleman

It is beautiful. I can't wait to go back next year. We went at the end of July and it was chilly for us. I blame OC for spoiling us with warm weather. We kept a sweater on most of the day. Nonetheless, it felt good and we enjoyed our trip.

Kristin Castenschiold

Nice place to go for a hike! We did the hike to the lime kilns and it was pretty easy and relaxing.

Francoise McKee

Great place for photos.

Amy M Taylor

Beautiful but chilly because of the breeziness. Take a jacket!

Kent Ong

Awesome place to hike and explore really green trails, running creek and cool ocean air to keep you cool during the summer.

Jason Tomczak

A great state park, and a real gem along the Big Sur coast. The park boasts beautiful hiking trails, a stunning waterfall, a nice little beach, and a well-managed campground. It's in a very nice location, nestled between the hills of the mountains and tucked away from the winds. The campgrounds are all drive-ins, and the ones further up are placed as to provide more than enough space between them. There's also easy access to one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Big Sur, with a short walk from the end of the road along the creek. The namesake kilns are found in the same area.

Zachary Despreaux

Very very beautiful stop along the PCH. Great hiking through some redwood forests as well as camping at a really beautiful hipcamp spot not too far from here. The hike follows a stream for the most part but there are some sections that turn away from the stream and head deeper into the woods

Christopher Spencer

What a scenic drive, beautiful views in every direction.

Andy Arme

Good for travel

Marshall Bain

Awesome campground and day use area with a path down to the beach where the river meets the ocean. There was a sea lion sunning itself on the beach the day we were there with sea otters bobbing in the waves in the distance. Dolphins come into the cove to feed at sunset, picture postcards setting. We will definitely be going back.


Dont feed the wildlife...this litle guy was begging for food

Trikaldarshi Persaud

Beautiful drive by

Nate Evans

One of the best hikes in the Big Sur area. It's easy enough hiking for pretty much everyone to do, it's diverse in what you get to see (waterfalls, kilns, redwoods, rivers) and it's gorgeous the entire way.

Greg Scavuzzo

Real nice hole in the wall stop!

Christina Arezzo

Beautiful! Gorgeous beach!

Norm Williamson

Beautiful views.

Chrisangelo Jane

Beautiful place

Noe Romero

Never when in side, hoping to go next time I go. But I see its look so nice and fun. Must try it, hoping to go next yr and explore more.

Gerald D. Vinci

Amazing experience. The beach, the woods, waterfalls, camping, Creeks, and more. This place has it all. Coming down from Monterey is definitely a bit of a trip but worth the drive. We loved every minute of our time and can't wait to go back soon.

Malika Bally Singh

Your personal little heaven

Lorena Rocha

It was a wonderful sight to see thousands of sea lions on shore !


Just you and that great big ocean

Michael Carion

Working hard to get you on the road!

Jenn Rawlings

We couldn’t have been happier at our stay here! Where the forest meets the ocean! The staff was soooo friendly and helpful! Facilities and campground were clean. The hikes were AMAZING! And we were able to bring our four legged family member!

Joanne Agresta

Would recommend you see the views here during your travels

Kimberlyn A

I'm hesitant to make a review because I don't want this place to be impossible to get camping spots at... But staying here was one of the best experiences of my life! My fiance and I got a spot almost right on the beach. The whole campground was beautiful and the trails were easy with great pay off and lots to look at. Will definitely be coming back.

gary Ib

35$ is expensive, but it's a great location. Reservation site says only 1 vehicle per site. My wife and I are on motorcycles. I made 4 phone calls to ask about 2 motorcycles in the site. I talked to 1 person out of 4 calls, he was helpfull enough to tell me what the rules were. "that's why I'm calling". For 35$ a night I'd the think a person could answer the phone and answer a simple

Kp L

Awesome !

Wendy Clayton

One of the most beautiful places....loved it.. Went back the very next weekend cause i wanted MORE ❤

Favie Jimeno

This place is what dreams are made of. Completely magical.

Keith Kundahl

spectacular views

Brianna Greenspan

Beautiful views

gevorg cholakyan

Gorgeous! Easy access and I must see when you're traveling the Central Coast. Take time to indulge! Relax enjoy the views and all the glory of Highway 1

James Brady

With about 30 campsites in one of the most diverse and beautiful coastal forest, getting reservations for the summer season is a challenge. Mid-spring or after schools re-open may provide adequate to great weather for a visit where open sites can be found.

Josh DeYoung


Molly Andrade

Its beautiful

Mary Uebersax

What was most memorable the camp host who was friendly. On a holiday weekend the park accommodated. day use and campers. 3 lovely hiking trails along creeks.. Small beach but clean .

Ankit Dhaniwala

Scene and scenic stop along the Highway

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