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REVIEWS OF Knott's Berry Farm IN California

cibble 10

Ride queues really need policing. Large groups pushing through queues claiming to be part of a group up ahead. A group of 8 teenagers pulled this stunt. Obviously either lying or had couple of friends keeping them updated when they got near the front of the line. Regardless, it is BS behaviour. When queuing for an hour this is very very annoying. I challenged the 8 and just got attitude for my troubles. Not my job. Get some adults supervising, and not the usual youngsters.


Great place to take the children. There is a large area dedicated to younger children up to 5 years of age. Plenty of shops and restaurants for the adults to enjoy. There are all kinds of rides for all age and thrill-seeker groups to enjoy. Chicken House has very good food. Knott's offers good parking to their patrons. By the end of the day, we were very tired, but, we had a great time.

Fadoodle Fump

I was good, but far less scary than last year. It seems every year it gets less and less scary every year. But still, always love a good scary farm experience.

Evangeline Flores

Safe, clean environment. Friendly and helpful staff. Lot's of great rides. The shows are very entertaining. Best during off peak season to avoid huge crowds.

Lizbet Arellano

I love bringing the kids. We have a year pass and it is very worth it, we also have the meal plan and so we don't have to worry about food. Best place to take the kids during the summer and our pass also allows us to go to soak city, it's such a great deal; you don't break the bank and the kids enjoy themselves.

richard sartor

This is a fun place and less expensive then the other ace down the road. There is a great place to dine in or take without going into the park called Mrs. Knott's Country Kitchen and chicken us oh so great.

Antoinette Martinez

HAD A BLAST!!!!!!! Camp Snoopy was so much fun for my little ones! We spent the day here with my parents, my family and my brother and his family. We went mostly spent the day in camp snoopy but did venture out a little. The drink deal online saves you $2 and worked all day! $12 cup with unlimited refills every 15 minutes. Made it easy to just pop up where ever to get a drink. My daughter turned 7 and loved it here, my son is 4 and he also had waaay too much fun! Great deal at AAA also for tickets.

Darlys Gonzales

Knott's Berry Farm is a great family trip for everyone & anyone.. I like the rides that I can go on.. But, it would be nice for the food prices to be a little bit lower.. I don't eat a lot, but the fast food areas are O.K.. I did have a great day with my family.... ☀

Caleb Weaver

Amazing food, amazing rides. It's a fun place to go, less crowded than Disneyland, also very family appropriate, what with a large kid zone, aka camp Snoopy. One of the best amusement parks around here.


Loved all the stores. Was not prepared for an 85$ entrance fee. Overall had a good time.

CarpeDiemBloom Blooms

Small but just enough fun for a day. Per usual the prices are high but there is actually good food in the cafe at the rear of the park. There are lockers for rent up front and the bathrooms are clean. We did not visit the water park.

Jobanna Lee

The Independence Hall is a hidden gem. Wonderful piece of American History. Highly recommended to visit with the kiddos as they study our History. They also sell various books about the presidents, and replicas of the Construction. Must check the surroundings for hidden educational surprises. It's like walking in a time machine.

Holly Burke Kirwan

We love Knott’s. The camp snoopy kids area is a great size, not too much walking. Can’t beat the chicken 2 go and the boysenberry punch. Parking is getting a bit high, but ticket prices remain reasonable. A season pass is also not ridiculous. A great place for a whole day or just a few hours. And the boysenberries!! Love them.

Darrell K

Such a cool place! Loved the steam locomotive, the amazing roller coasters, and the history. So worth the trip. And to date, Ghost Rider is my new favorite coaster. It's the most amazing wooden roller coaster I've ever seen.

Cindy Esparza

I come here every year and it only gets better. Shorter lines than any other theme park. Has great rides that the whole family will love.

Perry Coleman

I have to say that Knott’s Berry Farm is an enjoyable amusement park. First off, it’s way cheaper then Disneyland and has good quality food. I had Chicken to Go and my god, was it good! I ordered the Mrs. Knott’s bucket with mashed potatoes and biscuits with their sweet boysenberry jam you could dip it in. Also ordered corn, it was sad. Now, the amusement rides. The rides itself are great! There are rides for the little ones and big kiddos. Scenery is also good and style, especially Ghost Town which is western. If your planning to go here, make sure to go here Mondays through Fridays because it gets packed during the weekends. Overall, this is an enjoyable amusement park for anyone of any age!

Stacy Patterjon

This place never gets old! Family time or blast from the past as an adult. I recommend to all. friendly staff, great rides and many smiles. enjoy

hannah o

Absolutely loved this place! It’s a smaller park with some really awesome rides. Six Flags Magic Mountain has a lot of rides but for the amount they had a lot of them were just not good. This park is very well maintained, clean, and the theming was very cute. I hope they have room to expand and make some more rides but this park is a must do if you are in this area. We ate at the chicken restaurant outside the park and shared a dinner plate between us three and were left feeling very full. Honestly cedar fair does a fantastic job with all their parks and will continue to be a fan for years to come.

Pamela Jensen

My family and I love this place. The employees are fun spirited and helpful and the rides are a blast! I grew up going to Cedar Point and found out they also own Knott's. Also, the price is much more affordable than Disneyland or any other theme parks in LA.

Richie Campas

Very fun with family and friends. I have a lot more fun here than Disney. The people that work here are chill. Very helpful when needed. I am happy to have the all year pass and will be here many more times during the week.

Kristian Staton

Always a fun place good food awesome rides and sledding service from the employees. I've never seen a rude employee here. Knott's Scary Farm is amazing as well.

Alina Alvidrez

It was so fun!! That was my 1st time and I went with my class. The rides were fun and scary. Also the food there is good and they have Starbucks so if you go you know and can get some but the thing is the lines are so big and you have to wait there for a long time unless you got the pass to cut in front of everyone and go first. Overall though it was good.

Jackie Mendez

Knotts is cool. Scary farm is fun, but this park didn't really have allot for kids to do. Camp Snoopy is cute for 1-4 year old. My 7 year old didn't have much rides she could go on. We were there for 4 hours and went home.

Walter Conover

Really enjoyed our time at the park. It seems to handle crowds fairly well we didn't wait longer than 20 minutes for any of our rides. Three great roller coasters.

Bryce Hendrickson

Knott's scary farm the mazes where very good. If you are an adult try to avoid the weekend if you don't want to be overrun by heathen middle schoolers with no manors or supervision. Overall I will go again will just chose a non weekend day.

Ryan Horton

Season pass holder. Great value, especially with a dining plan. Kids enjoy Camp Snoopy (7 and 4). Older child likes riding the smaller roller coasters - Sierra Sidewinder, Coast Rider. Thrill rides for all levels. Events throughout the year add some variety to repeat visits - Boysenberry Festival, Ghost Town Alive, Summer Nights... Looking forward to Spooky Farm and Christmas/Holiday decorations and snow.

Notthat Gullible

We had online tickets so it was a bit cheaper. We had my 3 yr old grandnephew with us and he had a total blast. More rides than he could ever go on. All aimed at his age. There is also a native Potowatami brave dancing and giving short talks. We saw a song and dance revue by Snoopy...Charlie Brown... And Lucy joining the hostess. Great fun.

Maria Robles

I really loved how the employees were so nice and how the rides look so amazing. Also how their food tasted, amazing! Knott’s Berry farm is the best place to go when you wanna hangout with some friends and family. I’m looking forward on going back there again in the future!

Karla Vazquez

The park is pricey, as with all parks now. But it's a great place to take the kids to. Small children can hang out at camp Snoopy, and if they have a liking for thrill rides there are a few bigger rides they can get on. I took my 9 and 6 year old and they were able to get on a few rides, the 9 year old was able to get on a few bigger rides too. The food was also expensive, but very good, and the portions were on the bigger side. We went with BBQ and got turkey legs and BBQ brisket sandwiches. They have chicken, and ribs too. I saw burgers, hot dogs, a place that only had food on sticks. Panda Express, Johny Rockets, and places to get beer.

Joshua Cane

Highly recommend Silver Bullet if you’re into intense rides! Ghost Rider is also pretty fun! I’d eat elsewhere outside of the park if you get hungry, though. I wouldn’t exactly call their in-park restaurants the epitome of cleanliness.

keena feola

So much fun. If you pay online it's like $52 a person per day compared to almost $130 day at Universal or Disneyland. It is definitely a theme park and I think we skipped the whole entire kids section. And we got there right when they opened at 10 and left at about 7 p.m. go to every single Ride that we wanted to and add some fun things.

Trevor Hicken

Knott's Berry Farm's employees are super. The lines are really short compared to Disneyland's the ride are actually secure I feel safe getting on them because they double check if you're fastened in and ready to go. All the rides are quite fun. The theme could be better and there a strict no food or open water bottle ppl icy except for empty reusable bottles.. Aside from that I recommend it!

Fern Amaya

This amusement park was so much fun! Add in the app to find wait times and it made the experience even better. The app wasn't always accurate, but it was close enough that we still knew what we were in for. The food was amazing, a good serving size for what was paid for. The funnel cakes however was to DIE for. Definitely worth the experience.

Ms Ali

Love this place! You can never go wrong with this place. Fun the whole family can enjoy. Employees are extremely helpful , nice and ready to answer your questions. Definitely recommend this place .

rocco damiano

Be prepared to walk a lot, not just all over the park but from the parking lot to the park. No shuttles! As for the park, lots to do lots to see lots of rides for grown up kids and younger ones too. Very exciting kids had a great time, blacksmith shop Native American shop minor cars steam train all of that for the little kids is very good. Don't miss the water pump on a very hot day. Kids had a lot of fun with that too.

Some Guy

Fun, nostalgic, good for a range of ages... but a definite step down from the service and wonder delivered by the other place down the street. A surprisingly good value for the day (assuming that day is not a weekend or holiday, but even then, it's not too bad). BUY TICKETS ONLINE! Tickets that were $84 at the gate were $54 online (AAA tickets were $58 at the gate and $47 online).

Sar bear

This place is fun and fantastic so many thrill rides just for you. It’s amazing so much fun the people are so nice and the rides are fantastic. I would so recommend anybody visiting California to go Knottsberry farm! the place is a whole bunch of fun shoved in a small part of land. You got scary rides, happy rides and even in between rides. It’s everything you could imagine on a ride


Just another favorite. It really is what I feel is one of the last great theme parks in California. Between the shows that they have throughout the day the wonderful rides the kiddie park there's something for the entire family to do all day long. And let's just say for me they have plenty of amazing restaurants to fill your sweet little belly with. You can't go wrong.

Carlos Campos

Great for all members of the family. Food tastes good if a bit expensive. Clean and friendly. Pros: fun rides for everyone, clean and fun, food is decent. Cons: lines can be a bit long, on creased days waiting establishments run out of seating, and the desserts are good, but lack variety.

David de la Rosa

The barbecue in the ghost town has a far better serving size than the other BBQ place. I really enjoyed the smoked Turkey leg. I prefer the sides over the bag of chips.

Kristina Derosier

Is a great place for all ages. Lines can get crazy but there's am app you can use to plan your day there. The shows age fun and the food is great! My family loves going

Kristina Derosier

Is a great place for all ages. Lines can get crazy but there's am app you can use to plan your day there. The shows age fun and the food is great! My family loves going

Tanya Williams

This theme park is just what we needed. Not too much hype-just laid back fun. The Peanuts gang is featured here, along with an old West theme. Lots of thrill rides, as well as, rides for the liitles.

Brianna Demers

Lots of new roller coasters since I was here last. I have kids now and it was my first time bringing them so it was a whole new experience. It was fun for us and them and I'd definitely come back with them again. Camp Snoopy was very cool and my littles loved the characters. I also love the fact that they have women representing some very cool and old trades like blacksmith and woodworker.


Great deal with AAA discount. Roller coasters are in much better condition than six flags magic mountain. Seems like ghost rider was redone in the last couple years. It is very smooth now.

Mario Balvaneda

Ghost town live is one of our year around enjoyment.. There new summer nights events and activities is a great add-on. Another place we love is the dancing at Fiesta Village at night my children are always on the dance floor....

Randy Newman

Knott's Scary Farm is the best! We always look forward to it each year. Spectacular mazes and effects again this year. Only downside...super crowded already. Normally the first few weekends are civil and you can manage thru without incident. This year it's quite the opposite, super busy and long lines. Pack your patience, you're gonna need it.

Terrie Smith

Wonderful amusement park. It's the very first amusement park created in the area, and they continually bring in new rides and roller coasters to keep it exciting and relevant. They have fun experiences and rides for all ages. The roller coasters are top notch. Speed, height, loops, and corkscrews above and below the tracks are fantastic for coaster fans. Plus an amazing wooden coaster. Be sure to ride Xcelerator for speed & heights; Hang Time for a unique hanging experience along with awesome loops and speed banks; Silver Bullet for an inverted coaster thrill that's a long ride with everything thrown at you (push your arms against the shoulder bars to keep your head upright and stable to truly enjoy this one, same with Hang Time). Ghost Rider, their wooden coaster is by far The Best wooden coaster in California IMHO. It's fast, it's tall, and has all you want in a wooden coaster without any of the neck worries or feeling like you're being thrown around. But it keeps its shaky wooden feel. Be prepared for an hour or more to ride, if you aren't using Fast Lane, this is always very popular. The employees are super nice and very helpful with anything you need. We never felt rushed, ignored, or that we weren't worth the staffs time (like we've been treated more than a couple of times at a different amusement park in the LA area. The difference is like "night and day" as far as feeling welcomed or cared about by staff). Overall, this is a great park for a reasonable price for everyone with a staff who will treat you well...with welcoming patience and kindness.

Ryan Horton

Season pass holder. Great value, especially with a dining plan. Kids enjoy Camp Snoopy (7 and 4). Older child likes riding the smaller roller coasters - Sierra Sidewinder, Coast Rider. Thrill rides for all levels. Events throughout the year add some variety to repeat visits - Boysenberry Festival, Ghost Town Alive, Summer Nights... Looking forward to Spooky Farm and Christmas/Holiday decorations and snow.

Jesus Zarate

Fun place for families, couples and friends. All the rides are worth the wait in line. Very clean place and all the staff are nice. All the actors are convincing in their role so it gives the place and nice little vibe. Food is pretty good. Not too expensive for a theme park. I recommend everyone that lives in California to atleast go once in their life. You won't regret it.

Becky Coker

Love everything except the bathrooms. They get a little gross by midday. Rides are way better than most parks. A good mix of fast pace roller coasters, classic carnival style, and a really good selection of kid friendly rides. Lots of shows too. They also seemed super accommodating to people with special needs like wheelchairs and dietary options. Some of the roller coasters are definitely not kid friendly, so they have a good range for everyone. Staff were all super friendly and helpful too.

Jason Kaynor

Knott's is a great alternative to the other theme parks in the area. I may be easily over looked compared to Disney but don't. This is a very fun place. We spent the second half of the day after a noon flight. It was way better priced than the other parks and offered awesome rides and food. If you are coming to CA definitely add Knott's to the plan and invest the money you save on the price of admission in a fast pass if it a busy time of year.

joe arzola

Love this place, season pass holder. We took our son who is on the spectrum for the first time and he didn't freak out and was enamored with all the things moving around. Got on some camp Snoopy rides and he did better than expected. We were relieved. We know not all the visits will be smooth but this first time was... Also boysenberry!!! Love Knott's

Sariah Devereaux

$15 refillable drinks are great. Food wasn't bad and reasonably priced for an amusement park. Parking is $20, kinda high for how far you have to walk. I love that you can put in a form for lost stuff. Every time we've come a ride or 2 are out of service. Maps kinda confusing. Friendly workers, very helpful.

Kathleen Bennett

I am not a huge woman but weigh a little more than perhaps the average woman does. There was only one rollercoaster I could ride. I can ride all the rides at Disneyland. There is not that many rides here over all. If you can't get on the thrill rides, the park is kind of boring. The map shows that the log ride is a fast track ride but when I got up there it was an hour wait and they said that the fast track was only temporary for it but it's really not anymore. Over $5 for a drink is a little expensive. It is $80 for admission and then another $80 for the fast track. I will say they refunded my fast track due to the difficulties I had and I bought it for the roller coasters. You're better off going to Disneyland

Edward Delucia

A local gem... my wife and I went here for our company summer picnic and had a wonderful time. Great roller coasters and just an overall fun place to hang out anytime of the week.

John Quintero

The price is right! Especially for a annual pass. I love how when you have a annual pass you get discounts everywhere anytime in the park at the hotel and the shops around the park.

Kyra Lee

A great place to go on dates or spend time with your family. The wait time for some rides can be extremely long, but that speaks on behalf of this location's popularity. Food can be a bit pricey, but I recommend buying a seasonal pass if you are a frequent visitor.

gary gamble

Good old fashion fun.! Easy to navigate around the park. Lots of relaxing places to sit and take it all in. Make sure you bring the Grands! You'll see them smile as they remember when. Real comfort food.

Sean Garcia

This is a classic theme park to visit especially since it's so nostalgic. Whether it's a date night or day at the park you're bound to have a good time. I choose to pack a lunch and bring my own snacks so I can spend my money on "sarsaparilla."

M. Muhls

Knotts berry farm is a great place to visit for the day. There are rides, food, animals, and arcade games. During the summer there are summer nights where there are live concerts and the park comes alive and glows in the dark with electric lights and positive energy.There are different themes throughout the park that allows you to experience and explore. It’s fun to experience cultural differences around the wold. With addition of the Peanuts theme it’s fun for children under 4 as well as teens and adults. Tickets are reasonable and they also have a year round options. They also have restaurants in the park and the opportunity to mine gold. We have a fun time at Knotts it’s an ideal place to visit.

Jen Tate

Not super busy. Most rides no wait. Waited for 45 mind on the mine ride. It was great.

Tameeka Williamson

This amusement park was great! The employees were ALL young, friendly and gave great customer service all the way until the very time the park closed. No one rushed us out the park, we weren’t rushed off the food lines and they didn’t close early to clean up. Great family fun friendly environment!

Virginia Jasso

Very nice...

I Talk coasters

I love this place! Good for all kids age 3-18 for fun! Camp snoopy good for little kids and rides like hang time good for teens/tweens. Highly recommend silver bullet it’s my favorite ride! It is definitely worth an hour wait

Liz Hamilton

Look into season passes and meal plans. They are a lot more affordable than their competitors. We LOVE Knott's. We are now on our third year as season pass holders.

Karli Johnson

This place is literally the best place ever! Honestly, I think this place might be better than Disneyland(in my opinion). Also, if you get season passes, you get to ride most of the rides early during the summer! The park opens at 10:00, and you get to enter at 9:30! This place is very entertaining and if you are a thrill seeker, they have awesome, crazy roller coasters and rides to go on. And if your a person who just wants to have a little fun and likes little, calm rides, they have a lot of those too. They also have a bunch of entertainment all around the park that really gets my attention. I totally recommend Knott’s Berry Farm any time, any day. Thumbs up Knott’s!

Jennifer Knorr

Brought my grandbaby! He had a really great time. Lots for the older kids and younger kids to do. We even went on a Saturday and the rides weren't too bad. Food was decent for an amusement park, I've definitely had worse. :) And the souvenirs weren't too terribly expensive. Will definitely go again. Absolutely worth the money.

Jamey Corey

We love Knott's Berry Farm! Fun for the whole family. Ticket prices are relatively low compared to other amusement parks. Camp Snoopy for the little ones, and many bigger rides for teens and adults. We love eating at the famous chicken restaurant; delicious!

Evan S. Tallas

My first impression of Knott's Berry Farm as we entered was amazement at how shockingly clean and well kept the park is as a whole. The rides are a lot of fun. They're not the biggest in the nation, but the lines didn't surpass an hour wait. There were a few rides that you could take after 10 minutes. Again all the rides were well maintained. The restaurants throughout the park were good. I was there for a catered work party that they served the fried chicken they're known for. I wasn't a huge fan, but I didn't have any complaints either. The party/catering area is outside of the parks and I have to mention again how astonishingly clean it was. Walking around the park is like walking around an Old West Town. The park is very family oriented. There were a lot of people with very young children, but that's fairly normal for an amusement park. We didn't see any of the shows around the park. That's just not something I do. I do think we'll be going back for Scary Farm for Halloween. I've always heard great things about that event, and after this visit it's clear why. We have Six Flags season passes, and while their rides may be bigger, I'd much rather go to Knott's from now on. Six Flags feels like it's falling apart and dirty when compared to Knott's.

Thomas Straffi

SO MUCH FUN!!!! Knott's Berry Farms has something for everyone. Rides, shows, characters, friendly staff, good food. All in all a fantastic experience. Some of the best rollercoasters are in Knott's Berry. Old fashioned wooden rollercoaster Ghost Rider takes the cake!


We had such a great time here today. we've been all the amusement parks in southern California but we haven't been to Knott's Berry farm for years and years. we were planning to go to universal but friends tipped us that it's been really busy this week so we decided to just do Knott's and it was fantastic. the lines were really minimal in the park seemed wide open and there were times when we were able to walk up and get it right onto a ride. The employees were super friendly and helpful it was a beautiful Park we really really enjoyed ourselves and will probably come back soon.


Of all the theme parks this is the most family-friendly that's fun! A lot of rides for small kids but a lot of rides for big kids, get the all day eat package, and the souvenir cup will you get free refills all day long you will need it! And you will eat more than you think just do it. it is far better than Sea World Disneyland Six Flags, even though this is a business you will see there is a lot more compassion with this organization then the other theme parks

Armida Stark

Great rides and always fun...just wish they would up keep better. Every restaurant has dirty old food stains and mucky stuff on floors, wall, seats, windows ect. A good pressure washing on all exterior would do wonders to this place....come on Knott's let's have a little more pride.

Elizabeth S. Spitzer

Very clean. Not long lines (end of August). Food was overpriced, but it is an amusement park. Security was polite and diligent. Had a good variety of rides from little kids to adult thrills.

A Lucas

A great value for fun for the whole family. Plenty of of rides for all ages to enjoy together. The old western town was just as much fun for the kids as the grandparents. The souvenirs were surprisingly affordable too!

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Took my kids to Knott's Berry farm. Son is 22, daughter is 16. Nice weather. Many kids from summer camps. Only line that was over an hour was free-fall. Snoopy is awesome. All amusement parks will have waiting lines. After 4 pm, the park was not crowded. Allows us to enjoy rides without the long waits. Even rode some more than three times. Beautiful weather helped with enjoyment of the park. We shall return again. Thanks for a good time at Knott's Berry farm.

Kathleen Gilman

Easy going and fun theme park with a lot of history. Attractions for the entire family. Seasonal celebrations. Good musical entertainment. Season pass holders are courteous and happy to help first time visitors.

Maria Torres

My family and I love this place. Definitely worth the season pass if you live nearby as well as the food pass. I'd recommend going on weekdays when there is less people.

Diana Turner

Love Knott's. We get season passes every year but one of my favorite rides, Sky Cabin is sooo hot inside. They need to stop leaving street lighting on all day and use that money to fix the air conditioning.


Nice amusement park, thrill rides are a must if you can hold it. Family rides too. Great place for kids, teens and all ages. Theme sections are great! Parking is $20. Buy entrance tickets online or AAA offices to get it way cheaper than at the park doors.

Emily Shelton

Really awesome Cedar Fair park. The Knotts Scary farm is definitely worth the extra money, best haunted houses Ive ever been in.

ZyxDaGacha CookieLover

This place is amazing especially during night time. A theme park that is very popular to all ages because of the rides that you can't get enough. The roller coaster is a must try but you need to be cautious of any heart problem you may have. This place is really good for families and groups. Highly recommended if you are around or near Buena Park.

Patty Strong

It was just a place to rest. The bed was rather uncomfortable and the pillows hard. No decorations in the room. Nothing cozy there. There was a lot of screeching and partying going on outside at 10:30 at night. When we called to ask that it be addressed, it was obvious there had been other calls and that security had already attempted to quiet them down. Clearly it wasn't successful and the noise continued until the pool area closed at 11. We we disappointed in our stay.

Kim Michelle

Thank you Cedar Fair for buying this park. Prices are very reasonable. Season Passes are awesome. Doing a really good job at adding quality attractions. Park and bathrooms are nice and clean and the quality of the food has gotten better. Ride queue wait times are never super long. Easy parking. Knott’s has something for the whole family to enjoy. Great Amusement Park!

C Man

This is a very nice and fun amusement park. You have to pay to park. Food is expensive. They allow you to take a water bottle and snacks... no meals. Tickets are expensive. Lots of attractions for all ages. Wear comfortable shoes. Use sunscreen. Get hydrated prior to getting there. If you want to skip the lines on the rides get a Fast Pass. Fast Pass was 90$ (on top of entrance ticket cost) but it was very worth it. We hardly even waited in line. Also buy the souvenir drinks cup to get free refill the day of. They are expensive. I will definetly return.

Big Boy Swag

This place was so much fun! The kiddos loved it and I even had an amazing time. This place is a ok place if you looking for fun but, the price is a bit much. The food is something you can miss out on and just get something all the way.

A'Rod De Cali

Its been years since last visit. Theyve changed it up a bit. Could use a few more rides for the little ones. Still fun for the family

Boo Raddley

It's fun. Great for smaller kids, young adults, not babies. It's not bad bang for your buck. Needs to be cleaner and more organized Park wide though.

Tina Bryson

Our family had a blast! We went on a Sunday so it wasn't too crowded. The rides were great, the variety of things to do was perfect. The only negative was that the food and drinks were expensive. But I guess that's a California theme park for ya!

kara wood

Such a cool spot to visit. I never even knew this place existed! We happened to just stumble upon it when we book a hotel on line this isnt what we expected! A really cool theme park! Old school wooden roller coaster. And a water park! Great way to end our vacation!

Suzi Gonzalez - Monroy

This is my first time back to Knott's Berry Farm since I was 8 years old that was at least a couple of decades ago. It was not as crowded as Disneyland. There seems to be more room yet it could be the day of the week I went. I think it's very relaxing and has rides for all ages. Don't go on a diet because you are surely going to break it, tasting something with boysenberry!

Sara Alexon

Perfect for a day-out. There are plenty of rides. There are lots of kids'-friendly rides and shows as well. They also offer a great help to the people with special needs. Overall, amazing place!

George Cavan

Pretty awesome place to take the family for some good thrill rides. We have a bunch of adrenaline junkies, young and old, and the rides at Knott's do not disappoint. The great thing is they have great rides if you have little ones too. The ambiance is fun, with that frontier vibe. They have a tasty variety of food there too.

Ignacio Dominguez-Ramirez

On a hot day like this, it is nice to know that if you buy a water bottle and keep it, they will refill it throughout the park. In addition, they got rid of lids. Cool place for those who love roller coasters. Personally, I like it better in the Winter time.

Tim Meise

My teens had a great time spending the day on rides and appreciated the history of ghost town. Fast lane pass made a world of difference for beating the heat, instead of hours of sun waiting in line. Great mix of activities for all ages. Highly recommend a visit to the oldest theme park in California, they have plenty of staying power.

Sherri Dutton

Knott's is my absolute favorite. I can bring my whole family for a day and everyone can find rides. They have great roller coasters but I truly enjoy the western town. It's the only theme park you can get into without breaking the bank and enjoy an amazing meal at Mrs. Knott's restaurant. Kids of all ages will love this place and you can get through the park in a day without feeling overwhelmed.

Thomas Mortimer

Great Park, friendly staff. Various rides that cater to big and small kids alike. Food inside is also excellent. Worth a visit if you want a great day out. We managed to do all the rides we wanted in about 6-7 hours. It was a quiet day in May with the longest queue time being about 40 minutes. Only minor niggle we had was they didn't announce queue times for ride up front. You had to either download their app and create an account or walk into the queue and take a look. Apart from that, it was all great


I'm here for Knott's Scary Farm and I love it so much. I've been coming every year since I was 14. 10 years of the haunt and I'm still coming back . If you want an immersive Halloween experience, come here. They may not be Universal but they're still great.

Jonathan Contreras

Great attractions for all ages. A real joy coming to visit. You could never go wrong with some of their famous chicken outside their entrance too, if you're just strolling by.

Samantha Bielman

It's a small park so it's easy to navigate through. There are plenty of things for my kids. The hotel has an early entrance and it's good. I personally think the California Missions exhibits are awesome! My kids and I can appreciate what this wonderful state has to offer!

Amy Nay

Knott's Berry farm is so fun. it's fun just being in the park with the various actors interacting with you in the western area, and the rides are very well done too. Plus I love the Peanuts theme in the kid area.

Esteban Ibarra

Very fun for the whole family! Lots of good food and rides that everyone will like. They have rides that test your courage, as well as rides that go at a slow, enjoyable pace. They offer fun to watch shows and entertainers as well. Very good value for the low cost of admission when compared to Disneyland and other parks. Tickets are about $30 less if you buy them at Ralph's supermarkets.


Knott's berry farm is a cheerful place to go. I love the shows. I enjoy walking there and soaking up the sunshine. People are friendly and helpful. Kids seem to love the rides, but I only like to ride the train, the carriage ride, and mild rides like those. I have an annual pass and I go over there pretty often. It's my favorite amusement park.

Lyndsey Rollins

Always enjoy a slow Knotts berry farm day! Good prices and lots of fun! They have a great area for kids to ride fun rides and dont have very long wait times. I would recommend getting the year drink too!!

Jacquie Robinson

Love visiting Knott's with my husband's mom! My favorite time was probably when we went to celebrate New Years. At one point Knotts lost my membership information because my name was wrong on their system, but thankfully it got fixed as soon as it was caught.

Robin White

This place never gets old! Family time or blast from the past as an adult. I recommend to all. friendly staff, great rides and many smiles. enjoy

Janet Wray

Great place for the whole family! Fun rides for all ages! Wholesome family fun! Don't skip Ghost Town! Get a glimpse of what it took to settle this country...with a lot of levity on the side.

Michael Doemner

So much family fun here! They have great attractions for all ages. We love the kids area for our younger ones and the more adventurous rides for the rest of us. Buy the food packages for the day, it simplifies dining at a discount and keeps the whole family happy if we keep the blood sugar high! We have annual passes and go at least once a month. Soak City is great in the summer too!

Jesus Zarate

Fun place for families, couples and friends. All the rides are worth the wait in line. Very clean place and all the staff are nice. All the actors are convincing in their role so it gives the place and nice little vibe. Food is pretty good. Not too expensive for a theme park. I recommend everyone that lives in California to atleast go once in their life. You won't regret it.

Esmie Castro

We have passes so we're like to go in the evenings. Is a great place for all ages. Lines can get crazy but there's am app you can use to plan your day there. The shows age fun and the food is great! My family loves going

Danielle Blevins

I can not recommend this place enough! They have great prices when you buy online. Tons of fun places and rides through out the park. My daughter was only 6 and could ride most the rides and we spent the entire day here. The attractions are all so fun and take me back to my childhood! Love the atmosphere there put out for halloween also!

Greg McAdams

Went on a Friday with school in session so there were minimal lines. A highlight of my childhood in the 70s. The place improved yet has the same quaint feel. Clean. Half tbe price of the competition. The prepaid meal deal saved me about 7 bucks. The food was really good for an amusment park. Rides for every age. A lot of fun. This place is still making memories for families. Sorry if this sounds like an ad.

ramy massoud

Amazing water park. Good place for kids, teenagers and families. Prepare for paying for parking, admission, locker (if needed), food ( they don't allow food from outside), drinks or ice cream. It usually closes at 6 pm. Have fun!!!


It was really fun! I recommend it to the people who LOVES fast rides! But sadly the lines to too long, but it was worth the wait for ghost!

Scott Smith

It's a great, fun, family friendly theme park with lots for the teens and adults to do and a good deal for the little ones too. A good value as far as theme parks go. The only down side is the parking which may be $20 to park in a grass lot far from the main entrance.

Jon Garner

This is a very clean park with many well maintained rides and games to play. This place is just as fun as Disney and a third of the price. They have many rides that are super thrill seeker rides and many for the smallest of riders too.

Cynthia Tapia

The lines are really long but they try to put shade in a lot of places which really helps. Lots of places to sit and more rides for disabled people. I also like that they hire many disabled people such as the people accepting tickets and such. Be aware the faster rides are not plus size friendly! Other than that wear your sneakers and have fun!

Jonathan Montgomery

A pretty fun theme park overall some very fun rides. The only problem is the lines are awful! Knott's Berry Farm is not as good as other theme parks at managing people and lines. They don't run as many cars on the rides at a time as compared to other places such as Disneyland and this slows down the speed of the lines significantly. There are however many other things to do at this park, there are tons of places to eat and shop plus there are fun seasonal events such as "Knottscary Farm"

Pablo Lucanera

Perfect place to go to during the week on a school day with family. No lines, no crowds. Just good fun.

Richard Nunez

Way cheaper than Disneyland... Easier to park and enter too... Go after 5 and the crowds are way smaller too! You got to hit up the Boardwalk Grill for some REALLY GOOD Tri-Tip.. Enjoy!

Josh Jacobs

So much has changed everything keeps getting bigger and better. Love the old western settings. This is one of the happiest places on earth

Ryan Jeffers

Knott's Berry Farm is just as magical as the other spot nearby. If not more for little kids 38"-44". My 4yo daughter loved it!!! She got to go on rides by herself like a big kid. And if wanted, my wife or I could get on with her. All in all, it was an excellent experience. So much that we bought a annual pass for the rest of this year. And a annual pass for next year. If you have the time, check out their hotel! Snoopy even tucks your kids in to bed if you get that room.

L Navarro

My family and I had a great experience I lost my phone inside the bathroom and a worker kindly turned it in. How amazing is that.thank u Knott's Berry farm and thank you to that lady who was in the restroom located next to all the little kids and a burger joint. Thank you to that person who was honest and turned my phone in. That made my family's day. We had a great experience there!!!

Jennifer Haring

The staff were really friendly. The cost of admission was pretty reasonable. Paid $53 per ticket online. Very disappointed with the app. Wait times on the app were not accurate. The app would say 10 minutes but at the ride it would say 45 minutes. I asked staff about that and they just said the time at the actual ride is most accurate and the app can be behind. That was very frustrating for me.

Veejay Steele

We're regulars of Six Flags Magic Mountain (annual passes & try and go at least once a month). So, we worried that Knott's wouldn't seem like much - at all. We were pleasantly surprised. There were just enough thrill rides to keep the few coaster enthusiast in my family (myself included) happy. But then, I'm from Pittsburgh, and grew up going to Kennywood as much as I could every summer. In any case, as far as Knott's, the park and park goers were great. The only downside was that - it seemed - the ride attendants weren't as careful or caring as the ones in Six Flags. Especially those attending the smaller thrill rides. Nevertheless, we have every intention on using our Knott's season passes as much as our Six Flags ones.

Abigail Henderson

Went for Knott's Scary Farm a couple nights ago and it was so fun! A lot of effort put into every little detail of the mazes. Costumes and everything. It all looked fantastic. There were some dead spots in some of the mazes. Only wish they would have been more thorough in spacing out the scares but not too much.

Amber D

Love this place. Buy the all day food will eat more than you realize and it pays for itself overwhelmingly. Get a souvenir bottle. Refills are free same day and $1 any other day....water is always free! ( they have some new refresh stations with much shorter lines) This park has something for everyone. This time we spent some time in the ghost town and Knotts did an amazing job with the Founder's day entertainment. The mystery of the bank robbery had kids exploring for over an hour....cant wait until we get to visit again!

Sam Surgeon

Amazing funnel cakes. Friendly staff. Poor line organization, a bit chaotic at times. There's one ride where your feet hang and it swing you around that gave us all headaches. Disorienting and a little concerning, maybe worth it but probably not. Other rides were sweeter. Longest line was one of the water boat rides, shortest line was for the vertical towers that drop you, also gives a fire view of the area. Season pass oddly good deal, if you visit twice in a season it seems to be worth it

Terrie Smith

Wonderful amusement park. It's the very first amusement park created in the area, and they continually bring in new rides and roller coasters to keep it exciting and relevant. They have fun experiences and rides for all ages. The roller coasters are top notch. Speed, height, loops, and corkscrews above and below the tracks are fantastic for coaster fans. Plus an amazing wooden coaster. Be sure to ride Xcelerator for speed & heights; Hang Time for a unique hanging experience along with awesome loops and speed banks; Silver Bullet for an inverted coaster thrill that's a long ride with everything thrown at you (push your arms against the shoulder bars to keep your head upright and stable to truly enjoy this one, same with Hang Time). Ghost Rider, their wooden coaster is by far The Best wooden coaster in California IMHO. It's fast, it's tall, and has all you want in a wooden coaster without any of the neck worries or feeling like you're being thrown around. But it keeps its shaky wooden feel. Be prepared for an hour or more to ride, if you aren't using Fast Lane, this is always very popular. The employees are super nice and very helpful with anything you need. We never felt rushed, ignored, or that we weren't worth the staffs time (like we've been treated more than a couple of times at a different amusement park in the LA area. The difference is like "night and day" as far as feeling welcomed or cared about by staff). Overall, this is a great park for a reasonable price for everyone with a staff who will treat you well...with welcoming patience and kindness.

Toshina Hubbard

Took my daughter for Easter and had the best time. A must for anyone is the meal plan. This allows you to east every 90 minutes. I thought the portion size would be smaller but no. The portions are huge. My daughter and I could never complete an entire meal.

Mike R

A 30-45 minute or longer wait for each ride that lasts 40-60 seconds is not a very good deal in my opinion, especially if it's not comparable to a ride at Six Flags. Don't go to this place for the rides, it's a waste of time and money. If you're looking for a family friendly fun place to hang out and listen to occasionally live music and go on miniature rides, then it's a good deal.

Sandra Sandi

I love seeing so many life guards very attentive. Fun environment. Love the fact u can leave n be able to return

randell lesh

Ghost town Alive is phenomenal. A great place to go and spend time with the whole family. My 8 year old had A-blast. We were able to spend multiple days in Ghost town without completing everything that was there to do, this allowed us to maintain interest and continued to be in wonder with all the activities.

Jake Pedersen

I've probably been to this park at least 100 times. I love the rides and the workers are always really nice and entertaining to talk to. Depending on the day you go the lines can be up to 2 hours. But if you go on a less busy day sometimes there won't be a line at all. Those days are amazing, you can go on rides all day long. I highly suggest getting a meal pass if you have a season pass already. The meals would be overpriced if you bought them individually but with the season meal pass if you go enough they'll be extremely cheap for a good amount of food. The shops and shows are entertaining, giving all age groups something to do.

Rich Kenyon

One of the finest theme parks anywhere. Rides run to capacity with friendly staff. The park itself is immaculate and has a great selection of attractions. It's compact too - you won't spend more time walking around than riding. Park food is in a different class to Six Flags etc. Along with Disneyland it's a must visit.

Roger Bodor

I love Knott's Berry Farm and going to the amusement park this time of year. The weather is perfect, not so darn busy and I am a dog guy!!! I love SNOOPY and the PEANUTS gang! Awesome people and very clean.

Heather Chow

Knott's Berry Farm was my favorite theme park. I had lots of fun there. It is better than most parks. The staff are so friendly. It has lots of good food there.

Gerald Bradley

Knott's has changed since I was a kid over 40 years ago, but for the better. My kids and their friends loved it. I truly enjoyed it also. Yes, we had the famous fried chicken dinner which was fantastic. A lot of good satisfying food, for a decent price.


Expensive, so 1 star off. But the place is really fun for the kids; lots of kids rides and attractions, and the staff is in costume and in character to bring California history TO LIFE. Knotts has an AUTHENTIC Ghost Town and steam locomotive transplanted onto its property, and the staff brings it to life. Enjoy the Gold Rush era, The Roaring 20's and early settlement including BEAUTIFUL, scale models of the California Missions. Please do not miss out on the opportunity to share with your kids California's history in a way that regular museums are static and boring.

Jory Argyle

Highly recommend the Scary Farms. A good blend of frights & rides. A portion of our party was waking on pins & needles all night waiting for the next scare. Fortunately, though, we all had a great time. Definitely Superior to other theme park fright events we've attended!!!

Alexander Freedman

The rides were wonderful! Staff was really helpful and courteous. The area was clean and beautiful and the food was amazing! The only problem about the food is that it is too over-priced. Fries can cost up to $10!

vince ross

What an amazing surprise. This park is awesome and has some great rollercoasters and the lines aren't too long. If your headed to California make sure you schedule a stop at this great theme park. It's not to flashy, simple but exactly what it should be.

Alexis Torres

If you ever need a theme park fix, this is an affordable one to go to! Attractions are fun and food is good. They're always trying to improve the park so they will add/remove/renovate rides frequently which makes infrequent visits refreshing. Shows are fun and worth the trip for as well!


One of my kids favorite theme park to visit. They have just the right mix of rides to satisfy everyone in the family. It also located near Little Saigon so you can go there for lunch. We have yet to try their Halloween party as people told us it is pretty fun.

Carl Johnson

Lines are unbelievably bad. Worse, the official app never has accurate wait times. And the lines are always longer than the wait listed. Miserable day where we rode maybe 3 coasters in 8 hours before going home dejected. Ghost Rider over 2.5 hour line. Yes I should have bought Fast Lane for $320 (not including admission) for family of four, but by the time I realized how bad lines were, it didn't seem worth it with half the day already gone from two lines. Knott's could improve this by not prioritizing Fast Lane quite so much and letting the regular line move just a bit more. Fast Lane always trumped regular line. Always. They never waited. That makes it really bad for 98% of park guests.

Johnathan Elliott

We really enjoy the cross-section of rides. There's literally everything to ride, from the thrill-seeker, to an infant, something for all the family. I also LOVE that there actually is an off season, when things are a little less busy and you truly can ride everything in a day. This park is a better value for the coaster junkie in me!

stacey klutts

We loved this place. Fairly easy park to navigate and good for all ages. Excellent coasters. Ghost Rider is a trip! One of the better wooden coasters I've been on. Had the Fast Lane passes, which was spendy but worth it for our single visit. Ate a picnic lunch at our car, which saved a ton of money...somewhat offset the cost of the Fast Lane passes. Would go back.

Cassidy Peters

One of my family’s top 2 places to go when in LA Park keeps improving and is very fun for all ages. I have a 12yr old, 9yr old and 5yr old and they all have a great time. Price is great too, one of the best prices for an amusement park.

Michelle Shani

Knotts still holds its charm even after all its years of service. Camp Snoopy is a huge help if you are visiting with smaller children. There is something for everyone. If you need a break the shows are hilarious and entertaining. We are planning to visit again next year.

Arjun Oberoi

Very clean park, with very good rides. One tip for some is that you can ask almost any food place for a cup of water or to fill up your water bottle, and they will do it for free. You don't need to pay for a water bottle, either bring your own or just get cups filled. Also take a look at Mrs. Knott's chicken dinners - you need to reserve but it's very good food.

May Visor

I love the park! So much fun. We had an issue with not finding changing tables, we asked someone for help and they sent us to the other side of the park. When I wrote them an email about it, they were rude and dismissive.

Jarhed Peña

It was so nice to have little kiddos here. All the staff were so nice and they seemed to have lots of fun. The gift shop right outside smelled really old though. It has that sweet old grandparent smell.


The Chicken dinner restaurant has changed...all modern with a country feel. I miss the old style with that ambiance of the way it was when I was a kid. Not a fan of the new style.

Kim Iesberts

Our family loves loves loves this place! The kids had a blast, it was super packed the weekend we went and unfortunately pony express wasn't working which was a bummer but still had a great time. Staff is always friendly and helpful in every way. The meal deal is most definitely worth it! Will definitely return!


Great time and both Knott's Berry Park & Soak City for such a great price! Family fun attractions and rides for everyone to enjoy. Will definitely return again!

Jason Smith

Smaller Park. Rides are good. Hard to compare with other Cedar Fair Properties. Not much compares to the Point. Feels like a Fiesta Texas or a Marine World (Vallejo).

Jordan Ortiz

Has some nice rides and workers. The food is good and the ambience is nice. Can't ride too many rides but still good

Bryan LaFata

Knott's has one of my favorite Halloween activities of the year. Their Halloween park is huge with many great mazes, scare zones, actors walking around in full costumes and Halloween decorations. If you want to see all the mazes in one night, you need a front of the line pass. With it, a 90 minute wait turns into 3 mins. Happy Halloween!!

Andrew Chavez

An excellent park and a lot less crowded and less expensive than the park with the mouse ears. I will definitely go there again as thay also had better roller-coasters than the other park. My grandkids had a great time and I'm sure they would go again. It's worth the price.

Al Day

Like the place for the roller coasters. Got crowded towards the end of the day, but definitely less crowded than Disneyland. Reasonable price. Staff seemed friendly. Hang time and ghost Rider and supreme scream were great rides IMHO.

Luis Rojas

The last time I went to Knott's.... I was just a lil dude.... Now that I have my wife and our kids ... It's been about 20+ yrs it has changed a bit .... bigger and better rides great food... Plenty of parking....I loved it I fed like a kid again... Running around with my kids having so much there early and left late .... A time to remember....

Ralph Redsky

Love this place from A to Z. The Famous Chicken Restaurant is the best. Huge portions so you may want to share. Restaurant service is excellent. My mother in law was visiting from a Spanish country and these lovely ladies were able to speak to her in her native tongue, thank you so much for your Wonderful hospitality!

Kerry McGill

This was the most amazing trip so far for my wife, son and I. The park is HUGE and has rides for adults down the age brackets to little kids. There's plenty of food options and a tip is to get the all day or all season cup. The free refills are well worth paying the price for the cup. Staff seem friendly. A couple of the food places take quite a bit of time so beware. The shows are funny and very entertaining. If you plan on going a few times upgrade to the season pass. Knott's Berry has live music during summer nights and the lights around the park and on the rides enhance the park so much. This is an incredible place for families.

Van Truong

Great rides. If you go on a week day, it's usually not crowded and you get the same quality rides as Disney Land with a quarter of the waiting in line and half the price! Highly recommend.

Nicole Robinson

This was mine and my daughter's first time at the park. If you plan on going buy your tickets online first you can get them much cheaper hubby had looked said they were $40-45 but didn't get them waited till we got there and it was almost double the price. Had a coupon we got from the flyer at the hotel to save a little but still would have been cheaper online. We had a good time. Kids loved the rides.

Douglas Overstreet

I've been going to Knott's for over 50 years, first time was when I was 5 years old! I love it now as much as I did then. My entire family has season passes and we go together frequently. There are lots of rides I can still enjoy and the old West theme still works very well. We went earlier in the Spring and the landscaping and potted plants and flowers were really beautiful. I'm a nurseryman by profession so I notice that sort of thing and they did an exceptional job this year. Having said that, DON'T waste your time and money going to the Chicken House. Cordelia Knott would have closed the place down a long time ago. The food is HORRIBLE and way, way overpriced! Service is TERRIBLE also. If you're looking for a good air conditioned, sit down and relax place with good food in the park, try Ghostown Grill. The bar in the chicken place also has good appetizers and munchies. Not a place for the kids though.


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