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Where is Kings Canyon National Park?

REVIEWS OF Kings Canyon National Park IN California

Aydia EAston

I love national parks and this was exceptionally beautiful! Amazing waterfalls, we were so close! Nice how close it is to Seqouia national park. Very nice hikes, and they aren't too hard or uphill. It's better when it's not hailing, or raining, though.


Spectacular views. Pictures do not do it justice. You have to see it to understand.

joost smeele

A mini Yosemite good access lots of parking at side of the road. Great views hiking. Note: mosquitos active near river

Megan Keast

So beautiful! The giant Sequoia trees are great. The canyon is spectacular! The restaurant at Grant Grove was really good too.

Abhijit Sharang

I hadn't heard much about this National Park before I went there, so my expectations were not very high. I would certainly rate it higher than the adjacent Sequoia national park in terms of the diversity in activities and ecology. At the highest point, there are Redwood groves where you can see some of the tallest and the widest Redwoods in the country. At the deepest point, you can hike up to the tallest granite structures in America. The highway that connects the two ends of the park is a great Scenic drive with ample pullouts to soak and absorb the gorgeous canyon and the river that flows beneath.

Gary Klein

If you can only visit one - Sequoia or Kings Canyon - visit Kings Canyon NP. You can see the sequoia trees at the General Grant Grove and you can see the canyon with waterfalls, amazing rock formations, and meadows as well. The main disadvantage is that the trails are usually short or tough if longer, since you're in a canyon.

Jamie Krupka

Awesome! Grizzly Falls was a nice side trip.

Ryan Walker

So much awesome to see and experience here! Less crowded than other parks we've visited. You'll see snow capped mountains, raging rivers, amazing waterfalls, giant trees, and the deepest valley in the US.

bhavya muruganand

Loved this place. Roaring rivers and falls were an awesome sight

Emily Walton

Lovely national park, some great scenery and the lodge is nice....I used to work there though and the employee campers are nasty, they dont show you around the park, you have to do it yourself and pray to not get lost...I saw some bears & met people from all over the world which was really cool

David Borger Germann

Kings Canyon highlights for us were the drive itself all the way into the canyon and the trails along the river or falls. The tree trails are meh. Sure, stop by the General Grant Tree and make sure to hit the Visitor Center nearby. But if you want trees and trails with amazing sequoias, go to Sequoia down the road.

Steven Kruckenberg

When in the area the giant seqouias are always a marvel to see. Great hiking and drive up spots with overall sight seeing. home to general grant the world's biggest tree at the base. Amazing to see thousand tear old tree's

Samuel Dye

Beautiful scenery. Roads are great quality for motorcycles. Zero services available, but that is to be expected.

Rosa Alaniz

A beauty of God. Such a wonderful place to visit. See America, we have beauty on our homeland.

Santhosh Kumar Durairaj

Amazing experience. Boyden cavern, Roaring river falls, Grizzly falls are must see...heavenly feeling

Tom Schrader

It was a very scenic drive through Kings Canyon National Park. All of the surrounding mountains, trees, streams, and Roaring River Falls were unique and beautiful natural features to see. It's one of California's great national parks.!


Beautiful scenery, scenic drive, and sequoia trees. It seems like a "small" NP unless you venture off the main road. Very limited amenities (besides at the entrance and end of the road) and lodging.

Hozefa Palitanawala

Breadth taking scenic, mountain, waterfalls, lake, river; need a whole day to cover.

Jack Crowe

Amazing park. Worth taking the drive to the end of the road. Not crowded and the kids loved being next to the river. Very peaceful.

Chris McCormack

What's not to love?! Although some campers brought a giant speaker and did karaoke until like 11:30 at night. That is really rude. You can do that kind of stuff at home. Please be considerate of nature and your fellow campers.


Very unique place in the sierras! Rae Lakes loop was superb

Raymond Suarez

Amazing park. Worth taking the drive to the end of the road. Not crowded and the kids loved being next to the river. Very peaceful.

Jon Ortega

This park is the definition of picturesque. With mountains that dwarf skyscrapers, you will be surrounded by nature. If you decide to camp out you will not have access to the outside world. As you camp and hike your stress of your responsibilities will fade and meld with the trees and blue Jays. To be leaving feels like a sin but have faith that you'll keep your peaceful memories.

Seanna Quinn Weemes

Always enjoy going further up the mountain. We enjoy camping and getting away from people! As best we can.

Christian Yancey

One of the best national parks I've been to besides Death Valley & Grand Canyon. The perfect weather, the sights were amazing and spectacular & I got my $35 worth. I cannot wait to go back again!

Study Buggy

It was very beautiful and there was just so much to see, I definitely will be going back.

Maria Fox

Really great National park with a lot of interesting trails and astonishing views of the canyon and waterfalls, not so famous and touristy as Yosemite or Sequoia National parks and as a result not so crowded. Definitely worth a visit!

Danny boy

Lots to see and do. Great walking and hiking trails

Kristin Dalton

What a beautiful place! The drive through the Canyon and hike to Mist Falls was just wonderful.

Larry Peterson

Beautiful area. Must see if you're in the area.

Emily P

I would say this is a very underrated national park in California. The views are unbelievable, the campsites are fantastic (even the first come first serve ones), there's great hiking options, and the visitors center is awesome. The best part about this park is that it isn't very crowded and it's big a bad drive from Yosemite. If you are staying at a campsite towards the end of the park, furthest away from the visitors center, you will need to buy tokens to use the showers in the village and the place where you buy the tokens closed at 8pm.

Renee Elliott

Get there early to find a parking spot. The hikes are not too difficult.

Erik Burgan

Beautiful and diverse park area. Great for camping and outdoor time for the whole family!

Rosario Dowling

Beautiful views. Family oriented. Memory making opportunities everywhere! Love it

Gabriel Flores

Beautiful and not too crowded. Sequoia trees, valleys, magnificent canyon and wildlife.

Mike Millea

Wonderful place - peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Martin Gollery

Wonderful place, like Yosemite only fewer people!

Kristina Derosier

Not well known national park compared to Sequoia but as good. The canyon scenic drive is one of the best in America! Do not skip!

Adam Lockridge

A must if you are into the outdoors! I am lucky enough to have Sequoia and Kings Parks in my back yard.. . ... . . Well almost. .. . . Azalea Campground is a beautiful, trails for days, General Grant is a monster!!!

Cody Wood

Honestly Kings canyon is so underrated. I personally had not heard anything about it until visiting it, but yet it was so amazing! Incredible views! We also happened across a bear and got some neat photos!

Laura Jimenez

Awesome place to visit and camp. If you don't have reservations you can always do Disperse camping, just check with the visitors center for information and your fire permit.


To be frank, after seeing Sequoia National Park, I found this place less exciting but still, this place is very beautiful. Main attraction here is Grant Grove where we can find second biggest tree “General Grant”. Another attraction which I like most is Hume lake which is on far side of the forest but it’s worth.

CRUZY Purple

It's a good place to go with the family.. only one thing did not like was that there was a couple of near us and they were smoking marijuana... We had our kids and at least they would move away to an area not surrounded by kids.

beth flowers

Beautiful scenery in this national park. Roads with turnouts, parking areas to stop and enjoy.

M Moe

Absolutely love this park. I have been there every weekend this summer.


King’s Canyon is for the waterfalls and the views and the canyon, all of which are spectacular, spectacular. If you want to be enchanted by the trees, though, don’t waste hours hiking around the North grove loop hoping to find more of them. Just go to Sequoia.

Fasahath Husain

Don't miss the general Grant Tree. Comfortable half a mile loop. Take right at the trial to the tree and return right back for the easiest access.

Hugh Wightwick

We absolutely loved this place. Even more than sequoia. The views driving down into the canyon are truly breathtaking

Subathra Vijay

It is located very close to Sequoia National Park. The world's second biggest tree GENERAL GRANT is the main attraction. You can see more Sequoia trees here.

Adam Strand

If you come here go to the gift shop. The stuff they have WILL NOT BE ANYWHERE ELSE. I don't know why but a lot of the stuff they have there is not sold anywhere else. The park is lots of fun plenty of things you and the family can interact with. If you have questions or just want to express gratitude talk to any ranger THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU. Enjoy have fun get there early.


So refreshing❤ we loved it

Lara Cargile

This place continues to amaze me every time I visit. Everyone should visit at least once, but it may take several trips to really appreciate it's beauty.

Joseph L.

Stunning trees! Worthwhile to visit if you're in California

simie seaman

We really enjoyed Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Park. Such a wonderful get away and so close. We spent some time at Sequoia Lake YMCA Camp because our friends were directors there from 1971 to 1978. What a beautiful camp.

Diego Rodríguez

This park is impressive but is just a drive in and out, not to much to do other than a really hard hike, the river is impressive but the amout of water make it really dangerous. Also in the way in there are some caves that you can explore.

Fred Kurzweil

An absolute Jewel. This place is fantastic. Wonderful views, great hiking trails, picnic spots, everything you could want. Very picturesque.

Bubbles Vampire

This place was a very pleasant surprise. After touring Sequoia National Park and my son suggested we check out King's Canyon. The scenery was breath taking. We went over the 4th of July weekend and unlike Sequoia or Yosemite, the park was relatively under penetrated. We spent half a day here doing some light hiking and car touring. If you enjoy photography and rugged landscapes King's Canyon can't be beat.

John Lysaght

Great park with easy access to see the Sequoias. We even saw a mountain lion cross the road!

Tom Jelen

This park was surprise. The Grant's Grove area was beautiful, but the canyon itself was even more beautiful. I highly recommend going to Roads End and doing the Mist Falls hike starting from the Backcountry office. It's a great way to see the canyon.

Oliver Grandlund

Stunning views, amazing hikes, clean campgrounds.

Tamara Douglass

Great place to camp. Lots to do. Fund for all.

Linda Danner

The Dark Sky Festival was great. Presenters were very knowledgable and I learned so much in such a beautiful place. Look forward to next year's.

Aakash Jariwala

One of my favorite national parks. When Yosemite is crowded, go here. Drive all the way to the end of hwy 180, and walk Zumwalt meadow (an easy hike with great views that rivals Yosemite Valley but without the crowds). Couple of general stores( one at general grant area, boydens, and at cedar grove).

Shayla Moreno

Kings Canyon National park is very amazing. If you plan on coming make sure you plan to stay for at least 2 days. There is so much to do from the beautiful pine trees of Grant Grove and Hume Lake to driving along the Kings River of Cedar Grove.

Lonnie Harrison

Good time to visit. Off season. Fewer people.

Katherine Broyles

Kings canyon has some beautiful spots to walk around in and the National Christmas tree! Definitely a cool spot to go to

M. P

Great place to get outside and enjoy nature. Plenty of campgrounds but make sure you are prepared when you go. Facilities are clean and the staff on site are helpful. You wont regret going because the views and sights are incredible.

Alice Tyser

Beautiful canyon and drive. Several water falls.


King's Canyon is a beautiful drive with several areas to stop for easy hikes. I was there early September, I can only imagine how the river and numerous waterfalls looked earlier in the year.

Cyrious Living

The park was gorgeous, we did not get to experience it thoroughly due to snow. There are two parts to this National Park, and if the snow is to high they close off the back "half" (More than half, there is a small entrance area, then a much bigger area further in you need to drive too)

Ellie S

Wonderful hiking spots and super scenic! Can't wait to come back and take it all in again!

Gűnter Richter

Beautiful landscape. Sadly a bit in the shadow of the neighbouring National parks Sequoia and Yosemite

Brock Whittaker

Everyone should visit at least once, but it may take several trips to really appreciate it's beauty.


Arguably better than Yosemite. Far less people!

Matt Hohrath

This national park was amazing. There are incredible views of the canyon as you drive through the park. We did the mist falls trail that travels along the canyon river and eventually hits an epic waterfall. There were some very beautiful views along the way as well. Careful for the rattle snakes they are abundant on this trail!

Edgar Mendez

It's a wonderful place to visit. Lots of trails to do and spend the night on top of the highest point of the trail. Lots of water coming down the mountain.

Levi Asuncion

Another great American national park...what else can a person say? fantastic

Mike Amescua Marina Castaneda

Always a great time camping, hiking, and swimming. Don't miss Party Rock.

Cuisine by Celine

Easy access, plenty of rangers to answer questions. Gorgeous place

Mary-Margaret DelliCarpini

Love this park. We thought it was prettier than Sequoia.

Shikil Unnikrishnan

Beautiful place with good scenic beauty. Good place to camp and go for a hike.

Jason Buberel

Absolutely stunning. Reviews of the canyon are absolutely beautiful. Make sure you stop at the grizzly falls picnic area, that waterfall is amazing. And keep your eye out on the road, we caught a short glimpse of a small black bear while we were driving out of the canyon.

Stuart Schupack

It would be wonderful even without the giant trees, but of course it had those too.

David Peaslee

It's beautiful and part of the Sequoia National Park.

Loan K. Nguyen

our National treasure, lots to see and feel free

BradJill Travels

We visited several national parks in California this past April which included two days in the Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park. While the main road into the canyon remained closed for the season, we still quite enjoyed spending time hiking and viewing the sequoias of the Grant Grove at this time of year. During our time in Kings Canyon National Park we stayed at the John Muir Lodge in the small Grant Grove Village. Unfortunately, our stay was not a good one at this property. However we very much liked the location being just a few miles from the grove. There is a village restaurant there that we found to be pretty good. A small market shop, gift shop and Visitor Centre where you can speak to the rangers about road and trail conditions are also situated within the small village. The hike around the General Grant Tree and Grant Grove was pretty good, a nice way to spend a couple hours around the giant sequoias in the area. This grove was smaller than the Giant Forest Grove in nearby Sequoia National Park but still enjoyable. We didn't find parking to be an issue during our morning visit. We were also able to drive a few extra miles to the Big Stump Trail to see the meadows full of giant sequoia stumps, the result of late 19th century logging in the area. The Mark Twain Tree Stump, with the staircase leading to the flat surface of the levelled sequoia was a sobering experience. This was a sad but impressionable place to see in the area. In the end with main canyon being off limits during winter months, 1-2 days seemed plenty for exploring the open areas of the national park - namely the Grant Grove. Longer stays allowing time to explore the canyon would be better during warmer months of the year.

bob assripper

The national park featured all sorts of nice informative plaques. It was well maintained and crazy cool

Eagle 1 Photography

Wilderness at its best.. Non stop beauty all around.

Andrew Witthaus

Totally worth the drive down from Yosemite to see King's Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. The views are amazing, the river is beautiful, and the trees are so freaking tall.

Suzann Evans

Awesome place to visit beautiful views and campground fees very reasonable.

Victor Sanchez

Nice scenic drive along the hwy 180 from general grant village to Ceadar Grove visitor center, changing views around every turn!!! Lots of turns

Cathleen Armstrong

We went for a day outing from Fresno to visit the Kings Canyon national Park. The drive is gorgeous and the views and scenery are spectacular. I hardily recommend it for a wonderful Day trip from Fresno. Take a picnic and make sure your tank is full of gas! There is one convenience store that sells gas.

Jose Wade

Awesome place to visit and camp. If you don't have reservations you can always do Disperse camping, just check with the visitors center for information and your fire permit.

Brian Lord

Wow, redwoods in the Sierra mountains, and huge too. Beautiful canyon as we. A terrific drive for the canyon views alone


This is the most wonderful place in United States. So calm a perfect place to connect with yourself. Quiet and beautiful. Sometimes busy during holidays but its Beauty is what it matters

Kris Easton

Kids loved Grant Grove (more than sequoia) because they got to climb through trees and on rocks. although beautiful and unique, they (6,9,13) did not appreciate the drive to the end of the canyon (1hr from HQ) as much as we did. Camping down there would have been very nice as it feels quite wild/secluded.

Samantha Deichler

Absolutely beautiful, sights are stunning and there's plenty of amazing photo opportunities.

Jennifer Greenslit

We were here in March. To say there was some snow is an understatement! It was a beautiful (snowless) spring day outside the park, but SO MUCH SNOW at the top. Just stunningly beautiful being up there as more snow fell. The drive up was a little white-knuckle-y for us East Coasters but so so worth it. The Visitor Center was a little overwhelmed with snow.

Erina Willson

Amazing park. Worth taking the drive to the end of the road. Not crowded and the kids loved being next to the river. Very peaceful.

Brianne Sousa

one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. the trees are unlike anything in this entire world and I cannot wait to go back

Daniel White

Amazing park. Worth taking the drive to the end of the road. Not crowded and the kids loved being next to the river.

Nathan Phelps

Beautiful place and peaceful my parents and I stayed at the cedar grove lodge in king's canyon national park it was beautiful very nice room and quiet as well I highly recommend visiting this place

Roxy Smith

Beautiful park. You can take a drive. It will be worth your time. The place is next to the river. So the view is delightful. Nice place for hiking as well.

Krist Gernaey

Beautiful park. Not as many tourists compared to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. The drive through the canyon is impressive.

Jared Stapor

The entire time spent there was incredible. The drive into Kings canyon was absolutely breath taking. Was not able to do a loop through the park but would encourage others to do so based on the longer hikes I found. Did the paradise valley trail and saw mist falls. The hike up to the valley was amazing and there were many great spots to peer off and the mountains around.

Anna Earl

This park is absolutely beautiful. How could you not give it a 5/5 review? We were able to go to many different trails and found the most beautiful spots. It may take more than one day to explore the whole park, but nevertheless it is a great place to go for a few hours or a few days.

J Morgan

I can’t say enough about King’s Canyon and it’s staff! It’s a mini-Yosemite. Stunning and gorgeous and easy to get in and out.

Richard Samaniego

Hi, I'm Kings Canyon and I'm here to set things straight. A lot of folks out there seem to think Yosemite is the National Park to visit for amazing granite monoliths. Now I'll give Yosemite its due, a fabulous place to visit. But before you start planning that family retreat please consider a true hidden gem. I have some of the most awe inspiring vistas on the planet. You get to see the bones of Earth as you gaze at my magnificent, sheer granite cliffs and peaks. You and family will not be disappointed, in fact I guarantee you will come back time and again to look upon my beauty. I'm Kings Canyon and I approve this review.

Traves O'Neill

Large granite cliffs, roaring river rapids, and tall majestic trees. The vast majority of this place is unaccessible by car -- a way I wish more national parks were. While the road side attractions and foot paths are utterly beautiful, to see the larger beauty it's necessary to commit yourself to a few days in the backcountry.

Anthony Munoz

Had and always have an amazing time here.

Michele Kane

Kings Canyon National Park can actually be reached by driving through Sequoia National Park. These two parks are practically attached and can almost be viewed as one. The canyon here when viewing it from some of the vistas is outstanding.

Candra Bunn

Beautiful park. It gets really hot in the summer. I would have liked it a little cooler. Also there were a lot of mosquitoes. I wish that we brought sunscreen. The park rangers were all helpful and friendly. I lost my phone. It was returned to a visitors center and they promptly shipped it back to me, which I am very grateful for.

bill N

Very beautiful and I must see but $30 for a day where's all that money going???

Rick Heil

Spectacular canyon with great changes in flora, ranging from dry chapperrel to huge sequoia and towering pines. Not much to do besides view and hike...though the Grant Village is the nicest and most extensive (food!) in the combined parks.

Patsy Finster

Really enjoyed our trip on Thursday

Dirty Worm 850

Absolutely great place to visit. Some great views. The trees speak for themselves. Wish I was local so I could really explore the area. Just a un forgettable place to visit. 5 stars

Joshua Mullins

This national park is amazing the beautiful trees and views it has the second largest tree in the world and you definitely won’t regret it

Katherine Pacheco

Great hiking spots. We appreciate that the temperature is about 10-15 degrees lower than Fresno in the summer! Easy hiking spots. My fave is the Big Stump trail. Then eating at Grant Grove restaurant.

Toren Reis

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous. Visited in June, there is a lot of water in the river and the Grizzly Falls are stunning.

Genesis Perez

Love the scenery of the forest and how fresh the air is the smell of the pine cones on the trees. Me and family had a good time making good memories

Christin Venema

Beautiful! I love our national parks! One of the best things we've done for America's future... For generations to come..,

Tony Thrust

A great place to visit all year-round. I suggest weekday visits if you can swing it .

Daniel Dick

I grew up going here and to Yosemite, Shaver, Bass Lake and the ocean. It's like heaven being able to go to any of these places within a couple hours.

ned hafen

Offer tire chains for sale or rent, required during snow season. Convenience store items as well.

Jessica Dane

It's a spectacular park with great hiking trails and amazing views.

Mark Olson

This was a big surprise to us prior to coming out to visit Sequoia and Yosemite we didn't even know what it existed. It's a real gem. The drive up and back the canyon is amazing.

Kathlyn Nauta

Amazing park. Worth taking the drive to the end of the road. Not crowded and the kids loved being next to the river. Very peaceful.

Antony Royal

I had a lot of anticipation built up for this NP. But honestly it didn't deliver. Long drive in, so so scenery. The rattlesnake on the trail was the most memorable. Go to Yosemite instead.

Matthew Heinz

Truly spectacular park. The drive down into the canyon is gorgeous and the road is well designed with many pullouts to stop and enjoy the scenery. Hikes pretty much go from super short and easy to very strenuous, with nearly nothing in the middle. Of course, check out Sequoia while there!

A Google User

Always enjoy going further up the mountain. We enjoy camping and getting away from people! As best we can.

Cristoval De Leon

A recommended day trip plenty of stops along the way. Didn't get to my destination due to me side tracking so much. Definitely can't do everything this place has to offer in one day!

David Belknap

Great scenery, perfect cedar aroma and the Grand feeling of not being in the valley or the city

M C Lopez

Insanely majestic and beautiful. Beware of bears, fallen trees, and folks that can't drive in adverse conditions. The weather can and likely will change on you, be prepared with chains, rain gear, and sunscreen all in the course of a day.

Michael Tien

Beautiful National Park, went there on Thursday and Friday less crowed than on the weekends. Breath taken and scenic views as you drive up. Visitors center had a lot of information. General Grant Tree a must see in person, drive along the Kings River, Grizzly Falls. Looking to go back, many areas need more exploring and with only two days, we only saw part of the Kings Canyon National Park.

Jim Boggs

Another place for a great bucket list item

the one and only failure

Amazing it is beautiful the wildlife to the tree's to the mountains and the canyon itself it even has a few waterfalls that are cool to check out they also have hiking, mountain climbing, sight seeing, and a ton of great views

Michel Castaldelli

Amazing trees. I liked them even more than the Sequoia national Park ones, and that's a tall standard.

Michael Briones

So many trails. If you like hikes, buy the detailed trail book it's worth the money. If you wanna site see the famous trees, the trails are extremely short and doable for the masses. Can't go wrong at any campsite either. Restaurant at visitors center in Grant cove is also really good

Raffi Sarimazian

Great place to go hiking. Very scenic area. Huge cedar trees, just make sure to spray some bug off before going in the dense areas.

Bessie Young

This place is beyond stunning! The Sequoias are definitely a must see at least once in your lifetime:)

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Not well known national park compared to Sequoia but as good. The canyon scenic drive is one of the best in America! Do not skip!

Robert Stehlik

Always a Beautiful place to go, so much cooler weather. Huge trees, fun camping. We always make the trip to Sunset camp ground, then down to Hume lake for the days in water.

Donna Zinchuk

The Pythian Youth Camp is beautiful.

Sue Blanke

Jaw-dropping landscape!!!!! Please consider painting the center line on the road, add signs to mark every extreme corner, and clearly indicate the DISTANCE to the next town, turnout, visitor center, etc. because there's so much a driver needs to watch every minute while navigating the road: wildlife, pedestrians, oncoming vehicles (who are often outside of their lane,) rocks, etc.

Rudyard Peters

Beautiful. Visit here and smile

tim hauck

Loved this place and Sequoia. Much better than Yosemite. Alot more camping spots, more to see and do, more wildlife.

Andrey Graf

Very impressed, I didn't expect it to be so awesome, highly recommend it! Take 180 all the way to end, I promise, you won't regret, unless your afraid of hights.

Abijit Kour

Best part - Drive by side of Kings river with waterfalls and greenery on the way.


Breathe taking. Great for hikes. Be careful when using your GPS. Make sure to download your maps before hand (service out there is questionable).

greg davis

Incredible views of this canyon and mountains and canyon river. Awesome!!

Michael Fleckenstein

Great place to visit (as well as Sequoia NP). Deeper than the Grand Canyon, breathtaking views, limitless hiking options. If you visit in May it feels like you have the whole park to yourself.

Caree Gordon

Phenomenal experience! The Sequoias are not to be missed! You will bask in their amazing energy. Truly life changing for me...won’t ever forget their majestic presence on our planet!

Arnold Lopez

It's ok i liked the food and the big trees

Kimberly Gooden

Absolutely breathtaking views! I didn't want my time there to end.

Bartlomiej Waszak

Great place. Feels like raw nature, beatiful massive rocks. Great views. Not too many people.

Rhonda Harrell

Beautiful for adults to enjoy, but not so much for young elementary School students girls trip. We walked the loop of the General Grant Tree. The kids didn't appreciate it as much as the adults. The trees are breathtaking in size. Yes, truly a wow moment for adults.

scott norcross

The views get better as you decend into the canyon 10/10

Janet Burgo

Amazing! Drive is a little scary but breath taking!


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