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REVIEWS OF Indiana Jones™ Adventure IN California

Jonathan Hansen

This is a great ride I wish I had taken pictures last time I was there

David Sebelius

I love this ride, but my only complaint is that the lines can be long, sometimes in excess of an hour wait. I suggest getting a Fast Pass for this one.

Kat Kealy

Indiana Jones was my favorite ride at Disneyland for a LONG time and it's still a favorite. It was down a LOT when we were there, but thankfully, it was finally running so Bryan could try it. Still a wonderful ride (when it works)!

Cache Staheli

This is a classic ride. It is so fun to ride on. Lots of thrills. Only problem is the wait time. Everyone knows it's amazing.

Alyssa Becker

Excellent ride. Go here very first to beat the line and/or get a fast pass.

Jack Sword

This is by far our family's favorite ride at Disneyland! I think we went on it 4 times just in our first day alone. Just like any of the other rides, it's going to break every now and then. We were either lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at, to have the ride break while we were half way through. Had to sit right before the darts are shot at you for about 5-10 minutes while they reset the ride. At least we have a good story and they let us go again!

Nicolo T.

Still fun and thrilling to this day. Even without a FastPass, you'll enjoy the queue with all the details when you're on your way to your own Indy adventure. Even though it has no impact on the ride at all: You can ask for the driver's seat! If you do, please do play along with the ride.

Trevor Hightower

This is a great ride. It always has a long line but it goes very fast and is definitely worth the wait. I have been on it many times but it still gets me every time and is very suspenseful.

Mr P

A great ride. It's like going 4WD

Mike Douglas

A family favorite, even if you haven't seen the movies this is a must do. Grand sons first visit this week, and on his favorite list already! High speeds, thrills, and Indiana Jones!


Super fun and bumpy ride. There are cool animatronics and the walk to get to the boarding is fun as well.

Jason van der Valk

Great ride! Enjoyed the different style of ride too. The wait is in the jungle and temple and very pleasing way to spend the time.

Karl Hirsch

One of our favorite rides. Pro tip: get a fast pass or use the single rider line

Autumn Prieto

If something says dont pull, pull it, somthing will happen. Great and fun ride.

Marc Mooney

The magic of Lucasfilm and Disney meet up in one of the biggest Ride Adventures ever to exist, So much to see! never gets old! So epic! you have to ride to understand fully the details of this attraction!!!! one of t he best!

cds elick

Great ride.

Heidi De Leon

Although I’ve been to Disneyland many many times today was my first time on Indiana Jones. The wait time was not too bad we decided to just hop on since it said 30 minutes. I was a very bumpy but a fun ride and my kids enjoyed it. Lots of really awesome visuals!

double loop

My favorite ride at any Disney park. Love the theme, love the ride, and love all the sharp turns and stops. Also people seem to say the ride breaks down a lot. That’s true. The reason is because.... THESE VEHICLES ARE EXTREMELY COMPLEX. THEY EACH HAVE THEIR OWN WAY OF DOING THINGS. Sorry you had to wait a little longer people.

Anthony Larsen

I love Indiana Jones movies so very much! This ride was thrilling and scary! It makes me be in one of the movies! I love the big boulder part! I wanna go on it again!

Daniel Doxey

Love it.

SpaceMountain Rocks

I love this ride to death and it has a special place with me but I can't give it 5 stars. This ride lost a huge trait to it which was the moving doors that created one of the most intelligent and exciting illusions but unfortunately has been gone since January of 2014. Currently today it is just projections on the three doors but they don't move and only the projections. Today for me it just currently feels weak and lazy to try and keep going and just lose a phenomenal trait that has been loved and cared about for us Disney fans and have a cheap universal way replaced. Nevertheless this is an awesome ride that has a really good future ahead of it but this will be the greatest ride ever if another solution is found to create a secondary way to go.☹️

Alex Perez

This ride is not worth the line for me. The line always takes at least 15 minutes longer than advertised, and you have to rush through all of the cool parts of the line and just stand out in the heat or in the loud loading area. The ride breaks down regularly and it is starting to show its age. But it's all worth it if you love the ride.

Steven Schaap

The best ride at Disneyland.

Eduardo Perez

The best Practical effects ride Disney has every created. You explore the temple before Mara turns your adventure to an escape from doom.

John T.L Hulstine

This is by far one of the best rides in the park. It is so fun to go through the chaotic Indiana Jones themed scenes. You are jolted around in your jeep and thrown into an environment resembling the Temple of Doom. This is a great ride for young kids though some may be a little freaked out at the beginning... (Just tell them to cover their eyes). This ride is amazingly fun and I definitely would recommend riding it as many times as possible while you're in Disneyland.

Brandon Mejia

Even though its not a rollercoaster, it is by far my favorite attraction throughout the Disneyland Resort. This is a dark themed ride after Indiana Jones which we, the riders or tourist, have looked into the eyes of Mara as we have been cursed.

Dave Elmlund

Probably my favourite Disney ride. The line has cool things to look at along the way. And the ride itself if cheeky and fun. I'd recommend making this your first stop when entering park.

Phillis Swofte

Nobody looked into the eyes, but he still said we did. Fake news

damian serrano

Good ride... but long lines ... get maxpass


Indiana Jones is a classic! My brother cried saying he didn't want to go on it because it looked too scary, but after he finished, he was so happy. It was the same for me (minus the crying at the beginning). It's one of the rides that made a strong impact on my childhood.

Paradise So Channel

Crazy Ride

Brian Klose

Hands down the best ride in the park. The park was packed but we took advantage of the MaxPass and rode this ride over 3 times! Every time we went on we always noticed new details. It's a must do!

Graham Bradley

My favorite Disney ride - Indiana Jones is the pinnacle of thrilling dark rides with amazing animatronics, special effects, ride vehicle system, theming of the wait queue and back story. Meat perfect and demand repeat visits. Use fast pass or single rider to avoid long standby wait times. A cut above recent dark rides which rely on digital screens and effects. Pure Disney magic.

Johnny Niblock

I love this ride!


Evan The Drop For Indiana Jones is Kinda Big! But it's still a good, Bumpy Ride!

Jackson D

This is another one of the rides that I absolutely cant leave the park without riding at least twice! The ride queue is one of the best in the park and I NEVER get bored waiting in line for this ride!


One of my favorite rides in the top 3

JC vDrift13

Amazing experienced on Disneyland famous attractions.

Roger Shumway

One of the best rides ever!!

Mallory Olmstead

Really cool ride and i always look in Mira's eyes! Love the bridge over fire and just stop for 2 sec. Also, get a dole whip moth water when you eat it! yummy!

Tony Monk

A classic Disney ride, travel with the greatest professor of antiquities, on a fun ride. I'd fast pass rather then wait in line for this one.

Patrick Braae

An awesome attraction full of surprises. Pro tip: Ride this ride during the beginning of your visit because the queue is so long that if your feet are worn out, you won't want to stand in it. Even the fastpass line is a long walk. This is one of those rides where you become immersed into the story. The details of the attraction from just the queue line are amazing. Once you make your way all the way down to your jeep, the real fun starts. Hold onto your hats and glasses and anything else that may come loose because even though this is a simulation type ride, it gets bumpy. Travel into the depths of the ruins as you and your jeep dodge all types of monsters and boobytraps. Follow Indiana Jones on an epic adventure to escape the clutches of the forbidden eye. Will you make it? Have fun and thanks for reading.

Jeremy Lloyd

Great ride and not too jerky. It could use a few updates, the lights for the large boulder at the end weren't working when we went through and that was pretty anticlimactic.

Colin Silber

So thrilling!

Tin and Sof

The ride is so fun, nearly took a dump in mine bahookie! I'm giving it a 4 because despite loving this ride and what they have to offer, some of the effects need an upgrade! Especially that bloody neon skeleton spray painted on a wall.. I mean... HUH?! You should probably get a Fastpass for this one. Rides are always so long! I went today and it was a 90 minute wait with no Pass! Thankfully my honey came in clutch with them. I already can tell a kiddo would love this place! If you like what I do here, please follow M€ on Instagram [@arcane_bunny]!

Ender Steve - Stop Motion, Gaming, and More

It feels great the first 2 times you ride, but then you don't get the same effect after

Glenn A

This is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. It is also one of the more popular rides for visitors so I recommend getting a fast pass instead of waiting in the long lines. If you have watched the Indiana Jones movies, then you will know the details of this ride. You get into a make shift jeep with 15 other people and go through the ride. Along the way, you will encounter scenes from the movie like a big snake. The jeep will accelerate really fast along with making sharp turns. It's a fast ride but a fun ride. You will get a lot of excitement from this ride.

Ramy stein

The line to get onto this ride was rather long but well worth the wait. It was one of my favorite rides at the park and really enjoyed every second of it. All that time waiting was forgotten the moment the ride took us off on our adventure.

James Ransfer

Off the chain! The jeep was all over the place, almost died.....LOL

Dev Master

Very fun ride. One of favorites. Get the fast pass so you wait less.

Hortencia Sandoval

She loved Indiana Jones like you guys can imagine it was the best experience ever

Jason P

Went 20 years ago... Blew my mind. Seems so tame now.

ammon hale

It was my kids favorite ride. There’s so much detail and everything is on point.

Dennis Escalante

Went on this ride in the 90's and again a few weeks ago. For some odd reason, they took out the best part. The newer version of the ride cuts out the last 10 seconds where you barely escape death by the gigantic rolling boulder. The explanation we received from the teenager Disneyland employee was, "I think when the ride gets backed up, sometimes that part gets skipped". I'm still having trouble wrapping that around my simple little brain. Disneyland isn't about rides, it's about standing around in large crowds for long periods of time.

John Laramie

One of my favorite Disney rides. I love the humor built in to every detail. As you go through the line make sure you touch everything the signs tell you not to.

Joshua Hazard

Spectacular effects and a fun filled ride that you will want to go on again and again!

Kimi Wilson

Amazing ride even though the ball was missing. So good!

Jeremy Yamaguchi

This is an engineering marvel. It is a fast paced and exciting ride that has visual and sound effects that surprise you on every turn. They continue to add new technology to the ride to improve and enhance your experience. Worth visiting every time you go to disneyland.

Eric Gibson

Anymore than 30 minutes and I wouldn't even attempt to ride this ride. Lines can be very long. Always fun though.

Don Martin

Good ride - just a track ride

James Moncrief

This is the best ride in the entire Disneyland park. This adventurous ride takes you on an exciting journey through a cursed temple to find Indiana Jones aboard a rugged jeep that gives the simulation of driving over rough and rugged terrain. It is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Ben Alexander Bengtsson

An amazing ride that you have to experience if you’re ever at Disneyland. The negative part is that the ride was a bit to loud

Zachary Lieberman

This ride is great, the only down is that it breaks down a lot it’s quite bumpy but it’s still awesome

James Richmond

Bouncy Jeep ride; not quite a roller coaster, but more thrills than some of the other Disneyland "moving car" rides. Features a standalone Indy story. Lots of fun!

Joel Hernandez

I'm his daughter and I say that this is the second best ride at Disney park. It was great putting it there. I love Indiana Jones.

Josian Gattermeier

It's over 20 years old, still looks okay, but it's time to add new things and change up a little. It's kind of boring right now, especially when you always have to wait for over an hour if you don't have a fast pass.

Jaiden Chokshi

This ride was very cool but it was very jerky. Overall, it was a very fun ride

Lior Koren

Long queues, take a fast pass

Claire Ferguson

Wow. .exciting adventure!

Amar Brozovic

I love this ride it's scary but fun at the same time

Demarice de Castro

This is probably one of my favorite rides in the park. Me and my friends loved walking through the fast pass queue seeing all of the adventure gear setups. The first thing you see when you get in the ride and move forward is so cool. I love the moody lighting on the stone structure. And the boulder toward the end was neat too. We left the ride laughing because we all had fun and enjoyed it. Highly recommend all Disney goers not to miss this ride.

Isaac Villarreal

Favorite ride here at Disney!

Brett Powell

Love Indiana, but the ride lacks a bit. If you can get in with less than a 30min wait, give it a go. Anything above that, make sure you FastPass it. There are better experiences.

Roseanne Murphy

Awesome ride! Height restrictions. Sharp turns and drops. Do not go on this ride if you have health issues. Great attention to detail. Your ride looks like a jeep. Be careful walking in to the ride. The passageways are dark. Make sure your valuables are put away before you get on the ride.

Kevin Nelson

This was awesome. Exciting it was good for most of your senses. Puffs of air hitting you mimicking blow darts. LOUD NOISES and running away from things. Not a good ride for younger visitors lots of scary things. Skeletons and whatnot.

Kira Kaefer

I would argue this is the best ride at Disneyland. I wish we had it at Disney World! It’s a dark bumpy fast ride through the adventures of Indiana Jones many movies. I normally have an issue with motion sickness but I didn’t on this ride and I don’t know why. The ride vehicle for this is the same as dinosaurs in animal kingdom. The theming in the queue is very extensive and detailed. It is definitely part of the experience of the ride so pay attention as you’re waiting in line.


If you want the greatest experience of this ride, you sit in the back!! Get the back!!! I’ve been coming to Disneyland for probably 16 years and and then best seat on this ride is definitely in the back. One of the more unique rides at Disneyland and if you’re an Indiana Jones fan, this one is for you. This ride is more of a “mellow” ride in the sense it doesn’t give your stomach butterflies or give you that spinning sensation. But it definitely is enjoyable...especially if you act like a “limp noodle” and try to not lock your body up at all. Can you guys find the hidden Mickey? Or the hidden Eeyore parking sign?

Keaton Gibb

Broke down a few times but was fun still

Fred Bonilla

One of the best rides in the park, this ride needs to be one of the Florida parks!

Shannon Le Doux

Super fun, just wish the ride was a little longer.

u-2 pups

It was fun, just a bit to bumpy for my liking

Colby Carpenter

The ride is really shaky and sometimes I feel like I’m going to fall out. I never do.

Martin Olmos

Awesome experience with an unbelievable adventures for the entire family!

Andrew Peery

Hands down, favorite ride out of all the Disney rides I've been on. Bold statement, but this thing has everything. Even waiting in line isn't so bad once you get inside the building. It's architecturally creative in every aspect and you feel like you're in an Indiana Jones movie. You've gotta ride it.

Matthew James

Best not roller coaster at disney land definitely better than big thunder go on it lel

Arby Snow

Better than ... Crystal Skull.

noah Jutila

I have a crush on mara

Gregory Hall

Great ride!!! I have always loved it and ride it every trip! FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Davis Howes

Fantastic ride!

Richard Butler

I took a full grown man to this attraction as the first thing that he had ever done at Disneyland, everything from all of the silly bits you can do in line like making the spikes come down, to the markings on the walls, to jokes about how Disney could have had German soldiers Manning the ride, to make the atmosphere more sinister. The attraction itself is Flawless, what can I say it gets me everytime.


DIRTYDISNEY unhappy workers

Brandon Armstrong

So much fun, long wait time unless you get a fast pass.

Tu Lam

Another great ride at this park. If you're a fan of the movies, you'll like this fast moving ride. I did notice that some of the interactive parts in the line no longer worked. It is also one of the ride with really long lines. Do yourself a favor and grab a fast pass if you can.

Caitlin C

Great ride. If it is busy get a fast pass but if the line isn't outside the building, the fast pass line merges in with the regular line right before the entrance to the building anyways. One of my favourite rides at the park and fun for all ages. Double check your child's height at the start of the line before waiting in line to ensure you don't get turned away before boarding.


Incredibly fun ride - one of the most fun for adults. This ride can be a bit on the bumpy side, as you are supposed to be in a 'jeep' running around an Indiana Jones themed set, but usually not too bad. Even if you've never seen any Indiana Jones movies or aren't a fan, this ride is still very fun to experience. It has a very detailed set-up before the ride to make you feel like you're actually going down into a temple. Very fun ride.

Abby Kelso

This ride is a lot of fun, the wait is cool (though be careful to check the wait time becuase it can offer be extremely long). The ride is thematically brilliant, and the scare at the end was very cool. The staff were also very helpful when I accidentally left my Minnie Mouse ears behind, and I got them back no worries after talking to a cast member out the front of the ride.

Kyle RC

Fun ride. Long lines! It is a very aggressive cart ride that will rock you back and forth an awful lot. It isn't much of a "roller coaster", however it is close to being considered one. It has one decently scary drop when the ball is rolling toward you. The rest is just very aggressive driving.

Katie Johnson

Yes to everything about this ride! It's SO fun! You feel like you're really immersed in Indiana Jones, and it's a ride that just can't be beat!

fernado perez

Nice place, well decorated

Alex Pvn

A perfection of the Disney ride formula. What ever the wait time is its worth it for this ride. Plus the queue is interactive in some parts.

Cameron Porcaro

This is one of the best-themed and most popular rides in Disneyland. Meticulous detail is placed on making you feel like you are in the jungle, actually queuing to enter a real forbidden temple. Half of the experience is the line itself. If you get a FastPass, you will miss out on a lot of what the line has to offer. That said, the standby lines can easily exceed 90 minutes. Additionally, this ride is prone to breakdowns. Consider making this your first ride when you arrive in the park.

Colin Stairs

This ride is action packed and has an amazing immersive line. Has a lot of practical effects

Monica Williams

Love this ride.

Charles Cunanan

Part of my childhood. We always love the ending. This is a must everytime we visit !! Its now my boyfriend's fave too!!

Joshua Martija

This is really good for a dark ride it's a very big dark ride, it's not like those little kid dark rides, its a fast dark ride and the vehicle moves up and down and shakes to feel like you are on a wild adventure. It's thrilling for a dark ride of course because it's a dark ride for an older audience. It's fun, I'm not a huge Indiana Jones fan but if you are a big Indiana Jones fan you will enjoy this ride.

Corrin R

Rough ride but fun and imaginative

Mari Trombley

I used a fast pass for this ride so I did not have to wait. It was just as good as always.

bob bling

Good rode but something happened while we were in line. The ride originally said 45 min wait but we stood inline 112 mins. I time from the moment I stand still behind the next person ahead of me. I asked the staff about the extra wait and got no answer. Makes me think this ride isn't 100% reliable after it's recent refurbish.

Cristylacy Dubose

we found 780$ in the glove box !!! best ride ever !!!!

Matthew Lopez

I was promised earthly riches, but SOMEONE decided to look into the eyes of Mara, that's the last time I visit the gates of doom.

Matthew Sylvester

Super fun ride! Great for those who arent into really fast thrill rides

Garrett Davis

The greatest ride in the entire park, I assure you. Absolutely thrilling every time, just gets better and better. Turning the corner and feeling the fire brings me life. There's just something about the way that quadruple rowed Jeep moves that makes me feel very good about my life. Be sure not to stare at the forbidden eyes, very dangerous.


wow.... amazing i love so much i gonna die with indiana johns haha :)

Chris Holscher

This ride was great! I can’t believe how well they did on making this ride! I feel like Indiana Jones isn’t in the spotlight right now but this ride is just amazing in every way. The ending of the ride is great and I was totally caught off guard on what would happen!

Monicca Winters

This ride is incredible! From fast turns to drops, it has all you need for a action-packed and enjoyable journey. It is definitely my favorite ride in the park. Went on it 6 times while at Disneyland! Don't miss this ride.

Jess Colopy

Get a fastpass, but definitely do it! This ride is such a unique experience in the park and I notice something new every time. It broke down while we were on it and they turned the lights on and almost evacuated us, but they were able to get it going again and let us stay on for a round 2!

Lawrence Tom

Fantastic ride but would like it to slow down to really see all of the scenes. Fast pass was easy. There is so much to see. A very fun ride. Very hurky jerky.

Nicholas Hashimoto

What a great ride and wait line (the inside wait line) if you like bumpy rides this is you're ride. This ride is awesome and like always in Disneyland great cast members. PS I made a cast member friend and he gave me into the fastpass line without a fast pass. Whoever that was you're awesome thank you

Linda Predmore

Fun action packed

Vexxed Now

This ride was AWESOME. Disclaimer-You will go really fast, move backwards, and experience sudden drops. Side effects- lots of smiles!

Chandler Amy

The ride was cool, the lineups are always fairly long for it but I definitely remember it being much better 12 years ago when I was a kid and feel like the ride could definitely use some updating.

Erik Price

The line theme is amazing still. I remember when it opened and the queue itself is still awesome. The ride theme is awesome too. But the long lines aren't worth it. Not to mention, I actually wear earplugs on that ride because of how loud it is. Finally, that ride really hurts my back due to unnecessary and exaggerated whipping around in there. So I avoid this ride anymore.

Ronna Swink


Marguerita Hayworth

Fun! And used gps inside Disneyland to find it!

Jim Thornburg

I remember when this ride opened in 1996, it was the exciting new ride. Now nearly 20 years later, I still consider it the "new ride". This is a ride that I will always make time to ride, unless the wait for stand by is 45 minutes or more. I'm glad that they have most of the effects working during the ride, there were times in the past when the rats room wasn't working and it made no sense. I can only imagine first time riders not understanding why in a dark room what those bumps on the car are. Anyway, it's a fun ride and a do not miss if it's your first time at the park! Watch out for SNAKES!

Gi R-Vill

Awesome place

Dave North

We went on this ride several times during our 3 day park hopper. One time my youngest needed to use a rest room, and we asked a cast member and they took us backstage and let us use the employee bathroom. They then gave us a special pass that got us right to the front of the line. The ride itself takes place in a large Jeep. Three rows of four. It's not a fast ride, but it is bumpy with some sharp turns. Pyrotechnics & holograms make for an amazing adventure through some of the greatest Indiana Jones adventures. It's best to Fast Pass this one!

richard Murillo

Frickin awesome

Georgie Brown

Still amazing so much fun. One of the better themed rides in the park.

Darren Silinski

One of my favorite rides at Disney. Glad we were able to discover it! The only downside are the long wait times (which are expected) but also that it seems to break down quite often.

Think Away Films

This ride is one of the best, highly detailed rides at the Disneyland Resort. This ride is fantastic, it's been open since 1995 and this year it will be its 20th Anniversary, and it is still good. I have been going to Disneyland since 2007 and they ride is still amazing! The special effects on the ride is awesome, especially the effect on Mara. It may be scary for younger kids at some parts of the ride (mainly one part), but it's a ride everyone will enjoy!

Dexter Andrews

Very cool, unique ride. Super fun, not too rough.

Alex Kim

After more than a decade since its opening it's still an impressive ride to this day. Queue is absolutely fantastic and undoubtedly one of the best themed lines that Disney imagineering has ever done. Fun ride for the whole family. Unfortunately after being open for so long I feel like they have a lot more technical issues than they used to. This ride is notorious for unexpectedly shutting down and many of the special effects in the ride don't work like they used to. Last time I was at Disneyland I was disappointed that the big finale of the ride failed to work all 3 times I went on the ride. Regardless it's still an amazing experience, just wish Disney would do more to fix the things that don't work.

Finnian Silber

Great experience!

Joshua Hardy

Awesome ride from the queue all the way to the end, very well done from start to finish. Lines can be long so go a fast pass where you can else enjoy the scenery as you walk through and soak it all in.

Peakbagger Bryan

We rode this at night but the theming was still neat to see. Even the cue line has great items to look at while killing time.

K Sosa

Fun ride. Must ride this with your family. Wait time is worth it.

b de

I loved it but my kid not so much. A little too scary for them.

Kenzie H. Harrington

NEVER. GETS. OLD. From the time I was a little kid until now as a grown adult, it's still just as thrilling. It's one you will want fast passes for though. The line can be very very long and there isn't much to hold your attention or your children's attention while you wait.

Russell Saisho

Four words, GET A FAST PASS. Don't get me wrong, the jungle environment that you wind through when waiting in the stand-by line is part of that Disney magic, but there are better things to do at the happiest place on earth. You'll still get to enjoy the surroundings as you quickly walk through with your fast pass in hand. Of course, the ride itself is unlike anything else at the resort. It's frightening, exciting, and a whirlwind of fun. It's a can't miss at the resort.

JR Curley

Quite possibly one of the best rides ever! This fairly lengthy ride takes place inside the building, and the line is broken up in several parts. Outdoors - indoors (caves) - indoors waiting room - indoors loading area. There are a couple of "secrets" in the cave - when you walk through the stalagmites, there is a bendy, rubbery one. Give it a shake and wait a few minutes and see what happens! Pro tip - ride at the front of the ride for the best experience. Trust me on this one. To get seated in the front, just tell the Cast Members that you want to sit in the front. They'll pull you to the side and make sure you get on!

Billy Smith

This is a thrill packed adventure. The whole temple is an amazing experience. From the line to the finish. You can't hear anything Indiana Jones says though. He just rambles and mumbles... Don't listen to him, just enjoy.

Leda Taylor

My daughter and I had a blast!! The ride was beautiful and well built! It's pretty bumpy but enjoyable! Can't go wrong with this iconic ride!!

Ryan Lane

One of the greatest rides of all time. So much fun and entertainment. I loved it as a kid but love it more as an adult!!

Lady Von Barber

Everything about this ride is one of the best Disneyland rides. Having to wait in line isn’t to bad with all the fun things to see and touch. Makes the time go by fast. (Always get into the ride because it makes it more fun for the kids by playing along)! Make sure to always deck when those flying arrows are flying by your head!!

misterrthor Jones

Fast and dark

Our Ohana Adventures by BHA

Worked this attraction for years! Always love it!!

Jason Williams

Our all time favorite ride at Disneyland!!


I love this ride! Awesome effects and a very fun ride! Be careful not to put little kids in the drivers seat since they might easily fall out the side door.


One of the best rides! A little jerky, but so much fun!

Joshua Wolfe

Temple of the Forbidden Eye is by far the most immersive ride in the park. Its music, visuals, and even the queue add up to an amazing experience. Fans of Indiana Jones will love the big finish.

daniel blanco

The universal Studios has better indiana jones

Jalyssa Hawkins


Madison Fisher

Every time I go i want to keep going on and on again! It is so much fun! You feel like your actually in the movie when you get the first row or your on the ends! There really is never more than like a 20 minute wait. Idk if it's the child in me but I've always wanted to get the steering wheel! If you go to Disneyland and your older than like 6 you'll love it!

Wait WhatWho

It was so fun went there 3 times probaly not for people fo dont like bumpy rides

Eric Richards

When is the Indiana Jones ride NOT broken?! I'm not sure what is so different about this ride than Disneyland's others, but it's always breaking. It seems like the many years this ride has been open should be more than enough time for Disney engineers to have put together some fixes that allow the ride to run unhindered for more than a few hours at a time. The line area is very immersive. It's a very cool environment.


Good ride

Believability Bob

Filmed the whole ride with a hand cranked 35 mil. camera. Watch it at family reunions. Much better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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Limekiln State Park
Park - California

State park

Pinnacles National Park
Pinnacles National Park
Park - California

National park

Knott's Berry Farm
Knott's Berry Farm
Park - California

Theme park

Cabrillo National Monument
Cabrillo National Monument
Park - California


Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord
Six Flags Hurricane Harbo...
Park - California

Water park