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REVIEWS OF Hyperspace Mountain IN California

Lin Watchorn

Omg this ride is so fun! I could ride it all day! Beware at the end they take your photo and the flash is very bright! See me in the far left corner! I closed my eyes hahah

Joseph Chou

High speed roller coaster in the dark. There is no drops though so that's a plus! Lots of twists and turns, that's about it.

Bryce Bradshaw

Amazing ride. Great on board audio. Great effects. Perfectly themed.

Nat Puebla

Omg this was just awesome. It's star wars themed now and I think It has a different name but it was my favorite part of the whole park. However the line is extremely long. I would recommend getting a fast pass for the ride as soon as possible so you avoid waiting for hours.

David Sebelius

Amazing! This is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland.

Cristian Romero

A timeless classic. We waited in line for a good amount of time, but was worth it.

Joe Matsumoto


Laurenz Sommerlad

Awesome ride !

Brian Peppard

Space Mountain is simply a roller coaster in the dark, but some star effects really give you the feeling you are riding through space. Use fastpass. If you visit during halloween time, the attraction will feature ghost projections that may scare younger children, but are fun for adults and older children.

Seymour Galcano

Although this coaster does not have any inversions, it is still quite a thrilling ride. It is another main attraciton in Magic Kingdom so may be worth a FastPass or heading here first thing after park opening or just before park close to help minimize wait times. This ride is located in the big white building in Tomorrowland and can be seen as you come up to Magic Kingdom. As you enter the building you walk through futuristic tubes that have space travel info and advertisements throughout as well as screens that tell you about your spaceport and a look at earth from afar. The coaster 'ships' are narrow so up to three riders sit one in front of the other rather than side by side. This is also a dark roller coaster which adds to the thrill because you cannot see where you are going and what twists and turns await once you leave the spaceport tunnel. Older kids and teens should love this ride because of the thrill factors, but younger kids may find it a bit too scary. I also recommend staying relaxed throughout the ride so that your body goes with the motions rather than tensing up throughout. This is one of my favourite rides at Magic Kingdom and is worth a FastPass or a 45 min or less wait to ride. If the wait times are much higher, I would keep an eye on the app and come back later. I find the front seat of the car the best since you don't have anything blocking your field of view, but the middle or back may be better for those a bit nervous since you have your lap bar as well as the seat in front of you.

Ed H

Despite its age this roller coaster is still thrilling and one-of-a-kind due to the simple reason that nowhere else but at Disney can you ride an indoor totally dark coaster with star projections.

Tony Guedea

Try to get on every time I go to Disneyland but the line is always 60+ minutes and we usually just give our fast passes away. Waited in line for almost 2 hours one time and it's worth it. Love this ride!


One of the best roller coasters in the world. Rocketing around, and almost complete darkness... it actually feels like you're flying. The scary thing was on my second go round of the day the bar that goes over your lap to try to keep you in place had about a foot of leeway. I had to hold on to the bar to make sure that I wasn't going to fall out or get completely knocked around the car. Besides that, every experience I've had there was one of the best in my life. You should probably go in The Singles Line, because the normal line takes about an hour to get through, the Fastpass line takes about 15 minutes to get through, but The Singles Line takes about two to five minutes to get through. I went on the ride four times in about 30 minutes. Don't waste your time getting a FastPass just go through the Singles Line, and hold on to your possessions.


I Love love love this ride


This ride is amazing. Loved the dark theme and the way the simulations make the ride fell so real. The music is perfect for the ride. The best time to visit is the magic hour (8am), which gets you a couple rides in.

Kaela Troutman

I love this ride it's always my first go to ride Ride

Steve S

We had a three day pass. the kids had a blast and were wore out. We have some great memories

double loop

Second favorite ride in the park. I love the feel of the ride and it’s theme. Also love the two overlays for it. Hyperspace Mountain takes the cake though

Alexis Rivera

This ride is too fun!! Super fast and smooth. Love the music and the stars in the darkness! Longest I've waited in line was 30 minutes! Not bad! Great experience.

Wendy Hartline

Fantastic ride. While standing in line outside , I couldn't help but think how cool it would be to have huge banners from under the lower rim of the mountain facade on the outside. There are long graded structures running down . Why not huge colorful banners draped from under the rim to the bottom? It's quite a job, but it would look magnificent.

jim crane

Great ride. This is normally the first and last ride we do. The kids love it and it’s a Disney classic. It’s back to the original “hyper space mountain” the Star Wars version was so much fun but with Star Wars land opening soon they stopped it. Hopefully they bring it back on a seasonal rotation but you never know. The most important thing about this ride is to get a fast pass. The line is brutal so get a fast pass. In conclusion get a fast pass

Janell S

It's too dark to be enjoyable anymore. I went during the StarWars decorating. There were a few clips but a lot of it was pitch black. I expected more audio, or to see stars.


Stars, darkness, great music, and roller coaster! This is why the minimum 30 minutes wait was well worth it! Use your fast pass so you don't have to wait in the hot sun during summer time. Once you are inside the space station, it is cool with a/c. Enjoy and make sure you post for the photo op at the end.

Joshua Baker

Very fun ride, but the waiting line had weird whale noises playing the entire time. I tuned it out and it made for a fun memory but like, whale noises?

iinan the mage

A must ride at Disneyland, get your fast pass early. Dark indoor rollercoaster, side by side seating and the BEST sound track just makes it the perfect attraction.


BEST THING EVER! I love this and big thunder. My dad and I every time we go to Disneyland, we never feel like we are there until we go on this ride. Any person who reaches the height requirement should totally ride this. My sister went on it when she was 4 and loved it. WARING: The wait line is normally between 40-70 minutes. I recommend you get a fast pass.

Spencer Huff

Favorite ride in the park!

Graham Bradley

Roller Coaster in the dark. Despite some Star Wars effects included in the "Hyperspace Mountain" overlay, the ride basically amounts to be shaken around inside a tin can for a minute and a half with no idea of where you're going or which way the next turn will throw you. One of the most popular rides at Disneyland be prepared to wait or grab a fast pas before they run out.

Susan Cavish

It's a fast roller coaster ride with music.

David Overgaard

Mostly the same as older space mountain. Still fun and worthwhile but hyperspace version didn't change much.

Jackson D

Great ride if you dont mind the sometimes SUPER long line for it!


Holy moly. This is the best space mountain coaster from all the parks. The speed, smoothness, and sound of the ride is just the best.


This ride blew my mind. It wasn't too physically intense but it was thrilling due to the darkness and on-ride audio. My girlfriend and I both agreed that it was our favorite ride out of the 2 parks. I don't want to see this configuration go away when Star Wars Land opens.

loid lars

Best Ride Ever

Tonya Sahleen


Jon Zoll

One of the better rides in the park. We managed to go twice and would have went more times if the line weren't as long. They recently updated the ride with a Star Wars theme which has you with a team of X Wings trying to destroy a Star Destroyer. As you go through, screens of ships go flying by along with the classic music. I never went on the original ride, but I can't imagine the same energy without it.

mse gaming

Awesome ride. Great now that is normal space moanain again. Star Wars theme was ok but normal space better

Said Mai

I wasted two hours waiting in line and it didn’t worth even half an hour just ride in the dark

Tin and Sof

i it made me r£tardeD............ This is a super fast ride in the dark! If you like being spooked and feeling fast as heck then I can tell you.. this place? IS A GOOD PLACE!! Space Mountain has an enormous wait at all times. You might be wondering, is it worth the wait? I'd say that depends. For me it was, but that's because I was with my honey. For others? Not sure.. It could be depending on what you like. Though they have upgraded this ride quite a bit! If you like what I do here, please follow M€ on Instagram [@arcane_bunny]!

Kyle Lieberman

One of the best theme park attractions ever made. A roller coaster, in the dark. Great track layout and a solid 5 minutes of ride. This ride will never get old. Cheers, Disney.

ashton cooper

This ride has always been a iconic ride at disneyland, the only problem is the line is always a 60 to 120+ minute wait, you would be lucky to get anything under an hour

Jason Bowers

The ride here was fun, but as someone who doesn't really care for Star Wars, I'd rather have gone on the ride before the change. Space Mountain here contrasts the one in Florida where here, you ride side by side, and in Florida it's a single rider per row. The ride does have other differences, like I never felt it was dark enough and I could see all the parts of the ride, which took away from the immersion. Otherwise, it's still a decent and fun ride.

Wizard Dude

I love Space mountain it's been my favorite ride since i first when't on it. right now I don't like it because it's star wars and i feel like Disney is trying to sweep space mountain under the rug by changing the description to only promote the star wars transformation. someday i hope to see space mountain be back to it's normal self

Antonio Jimenez

One of the best rides at Disneyland! A fast rollercoaster that whips through the cosmos at hyper speed (actually around 35 mph). Awesome ride though.


Your experience will vary depending on wait times, but this is the classic Disney coaster. It is mainly in the dark with flashing and sporadic lighting, so you never know what turn is coming up next. Not for people afraid of the dark OR roller coasters, of course. Fast pass recommended. Identical to the one at Disney World (as far as I could tell). Now even better with the Star Wars added component.

Katie Yamada

Come here first (like, literally run here) and get your fast passes before you do anything else in the park. I've seen the wait get up to 90m, which is not fun in the California heat during summertime. I've ridden this a handful of times over the past few years and wow, the facelift this ride got recently makes it even better than it already was. The theme works wonderfully as soon as you get to the indoor part, and they do an excellent job of making you actually feel like you're transporting onto a spaceship with the decor, costumes and actual ride portion. This is an absolute must for any Disneyland visitors.

Jim Rogers

They got rid of the Star Wars theme! Not quite as good any more. They play music and there are lots of areas that are just dark. It was more entertaining whem it had the Star Wars theme in the ride.

Alan Fernandez

The line was very long, almost an hour of waiting. Not worth the wait.

Sally Ouyang

Amazing! My favorite ride of all times! Be sure to get a fast pass! The wait for this ride is insane!

Preetham Eranki

Extremely long wait times. Worth it if you own a FastPass and MaxPass

Dennis Escalante

Never got to ride it. We waited about 45 minutes only to be told it's currently experiencing issues and won't be operating. I read it goes 35 mph, isn't that a little kids ride anyways? Disneyland was a huge disappointment in many regards that day.

David Dixon

Pray this never breaks down. Not that it removes the magic, but you will be terrified to learn how closely the tracks come to each other. It is amazing and makes you feel like you are taking your life in your hands each time you go on the ride.

Garry Prado

Best roller coaster at Disneyland

Christopher Tanner

This ride is thrilling! It's so fast that I lost a contact lens

Ken Grimm

Boring. Not sure of the point of the ride. Grand entrance, grand exit, but the ride itself? Mostly in the dark with an occasional view of stars, and a scene of phasors for 5 seconds at the end. A carousel ride is more interesting!! If the wait is more than 10 mins it isn't worth it, and definitely not worth wasting a fast pass on. Update The ride apparently has technical difficulties. The video I took is pretty close to my recollection, mostly black.

Scott Ryu

If I had to choose the Space Mountain at W.D.W and the Space Mountain at D.L, D.L wins because it is more faster than the one at W.D.W. It is the same 2 mins 50 second duration on both but D.L still wins. I recommend this ride to everybody.

Rob Scott

Updated with a Star Wars theme so you're in the middle of a tie fighter battle. Seemed a little light on the Star Wars effects, but still a great ride. The dark adds a cool element so you don't know when the next sharp turn is coming.

Anthony Matthews

My absolute favorite ride out of the whole resort. I love how it's in the complete dark like if you're in putter space, it adds suspense since you don't know what lies ahead. I also love the adventurous music that plays while you ride.

Zach Shallcross

Fast and dark. Entertaining for the parents and great for my 5 and 7 year old. Probably my favorite ride. Star Tours is great and big thunder mountain is great as well. We liked matterhorn (it's really jerky) but not as much as the other big rides. Definitely worth getting max pass. Otherwise you spend all day waiting in line instead of riding. We did Star Tours twice, big thunder mountain 4 times and Matterhorn twice because of max pass plus most of the smaller rides.

Heather Lyn

Even with the Star Wars overlay it's still a great ride! If you can grab a fast pass in the morning that is the best idea. The line can get really long really fast

Roselynn Pila

Good times with my mom and Godmother on that rollercoaster!! Last time that I rode on this rollercoaster was with one of my eldest cousins and it was pretty different but still fun! It felt more smooth on the ride.

Brody Little

Honestly, this ride was amazing so fast, it was so exciting it got the adrenaline pumping, was soo cool would recommend this for anyone around the age of 10+


We went when they had the Galaxy Ghost overlay so no clue about the original ride. This is a very dark ride with points of total pitch blackness. Please don’t take young kids as they will likely cry out of fear. It was so fast paced I was left wondering what happened after it was over. It’s really fun and thrilling but so short, felt like it lasted 2 minutes. Get a fast pass, if you wait over 20 for this you will feel a bit gipped as it’s so short.

Brett Powell

I did this 20 plus years ago, and don't remember it being this good. I really enjoined it this time around, as did my kids. Do it at least once.

Mike Reynolds

One of the best rollercoasters I have ever been on. It is definitely not for young children possibly up to the age of 8. It is quite dark inside and you are pulled all over the place during the ride. The wait time for Space Mountain can get rather long so the best time to hit it would be in the morning (especially if you have a Magic Morning) or with a Fastpass.


This is a GREAT roller coaster. DO NOT MISS IT. The only reason that you should miss it is if you get motion sick easily. There is next to no lighting in this roller coaster, so those that are prone to motion sickness should avoid this roller coaster. If you go to this ride near the end of the day, there is a great possibility that the staff will let you ride it through multiple times without having to get off. This ride is very worth your time.

Jake Gustin

Amazing. Absolutely Amazing. The use of the Star Wars theme was really well thought out, you really feel like you're trying to avoid getting hit by laser beams at one point on the ride. The ride is in the dark, but there is a good amount of speed, twists, and turns (There are no inversions of any kind) You'll want a fastpass for this one.

Colby Carpenter

I had a great time. I do prefer the regular space mountain though.


Definitely the most adult-friendly ride and fastest roller coaster ride throughout this park. Incredibly fun! This ride is a 'space' ride so it's very dark inside and it looks like you're soaring through outer space with little stars everywhere - you can't even see the track for the most part. With no loops, this is just a classic, fast roller coaster ride that is tons of fun!

Aditya Rao

Amazing ride. My friends recommending it to me was the best thing. Wait times are easily worth the 2-3 mins of intense thrill!

_Nix Twix_

Dude, I totally recommend for people who haven't been there before! Plus, its pretty cool during October. Buckle up everybody, your going for a ride when you go to Hyperspace Mountain!


Love it! They changed it up a bit if you haven’t been in a couple years to a Star Wars theme. You’re still in the dark, but you first start off with the classic Star Wars theme music with the “light speed” graphics surrounding you. Once you reach the top, you have pilot commentary going through your seats as you try and “dodge” the first order. This ride is so fun!! I love going on it! Best place to be is in the back and also the front. When you’re on a front cart you get more wind hitting your face which I think makes it a lot better!

Matthew Higinbotham

My absolute favorite ride at Disney.

sean wilson

Best ride @ Disneyland

Anthony Magallon

Recommend you get a fast pass for this ride as this one is the longest line in Disneyland as it can go up to 2 hrs wait time. Beautiful at night so I'd say go at that time to get a good experience !

Jonathan Smith

It is called hyperspace mountain now and is star wars themed, but the ride is still the same. It's a great ride and I love the star wars theme. I wonder what they will do with it once star wars land opens. Edit: as of 2-10-18 it has changed the theme back to the original space mountain and is no longer star wars

Fan Zou

In 2018 we went to Disneyland park and ride the space mountain

Lara Poeppelmeier

One of my favorite rides ever at Disney. I recommend making this your first ride or get a Fastpass to avoid long line waits. Be sure not to miss this fast paced dark ride. Also there are only short drops on this ride so if you fear the drop you don't have to worry.

CC Red

It was a fun ride. My father didn't like the sharp turns on his back. The only problem was the line. We did get a fastpass, so we only had a 30min wait instead of the usual 75. You do get air conditioning in this building. I highly recommend this ride on hot summer days.

John Ngo

I went with my friend Curtis Wang, Curtis Glassberg, Evan Fischer, and we walked to Disneyland from the hotel and we went in the line and it was the fastpass then went in the front of the line. The ride itself was good and the cashier did good customer service there was no Men's bathroom.

Ricardo Alcaraz

For a compact coaster, Space Mountain definitely packs a lot punch into a small footprint. The excitement doesn't start to build until you start that long walk down the never ending corridor to the boarding platform. Once you arrive at platform you know you are in for quite a ride when you look at the immersive space age look of the boarding area. The pitch black darkness of the ride makes it feel like you are going into outer space. The onboard soundtrack adds to the excitement and the rush. The millions of "stars" flying by you gives you the illusion like you are flying in the air.

Bryan McComb

If you’re visiting the park this ride is a must. While in reality it’s just a roller coaster, the effect of having it indoors is amazing, there are various screens and speakers playing clips from the movies and blaring music, which make it the thrilling experience it.

Goodly Earth

What a crazy, thrilling ride! A roller coaster all in the dark!!

Sam Bartleman

Best ride in Disney. Little known fact, it changes during various seasons. Come back around Halloween and it’ll be all spooky and scary.


Limited Time - Ending soon. According to Disney cast member, the Star Wars themed ride (Hyperspace) will be reverting back to (Space) mountain by June 2017. Probably in preparation for Star Wars land. Very dark, quick turns and can be quite loud for some. Fast passes go quick and stand by lines are usually long. Ride this attraction early or expect to wait. No single rider line.

Patrick Moukheiber

Awesome as always. Not good for young kids. Much smoother and darker than it used to be. Line moves well. Lots to see.

Nathan J. Bartels

Best ride at Disneyland!

Tu Lam

This is a high speed in the dark roller coaster. The theme changes from time to time, but the ride is the same. The best experience I've had was when they had flashing lights sync to Red Hot Chili Peppers' music. For Halloween it was a fiery ghost. The lines can get long for this very popular ride.

Nico Martinez

Space mountain is a classic ride. An inside dark roller coaster where you "fly" through space. It's fast and fun and for most of this year (2016) technically hasn't been running. Most of this year has been spent as "hyperspace mountain" a Star Wars tie in where projections and images of X-wing fighters and tie fighter fly by you on the ride so that you are in the middle of a "battle." Hyperspace mountain is over, for now, presumably it will return at some point. Every October however is another change to the ride, Ghost Galaxy, a Halloween tie in also using projections, but this time making it a "scary" sci-if/horror ride. Regardless of the incarnation the ride is very cool

Kyle RC

This will get your stomach a little messy! It is a lot of aggressive left/right turning movements. I was anticipating a weightless drop along the way but it never came. You can be rest assured, there are no aggressive drops on this ride! It is all left/right movements throughout. Very dark. Very fast.

Reverend Andy

Better and faster, at least to me, than the one in WDW. A decent queue line leading up to an amazing ride experience. One of the highlights of my trip.

Cameron Porcaro

Probably my favorite ride in the park. The Star Wars projections and effects do make the ride more interesting, but I do miss the ambient space traffic control intercom voices.

Meme Nisimo

They added a Star Wars theme into Space Mountain that helps update a very dated ride, but geese, what cheese projections. Not what we expected. The line is long, and if you've been before, go on something else. Pirates is more fun than this.

Asif Hameed

7E2-7××: One of the more popular rides at the park. My granddaughter loves it. So, I get the fastpasses for it as soon as I get there. Typically, long wait times (60-90 minutes).

Jon Marques, ATC

Ride is always good. Ghost Galaxy redo was AWESOME Hyperspace Mountain redo was nostalgic, but not as good as Ghost Galaxy. Always worth the wait (should say worth getting to the park early for a FastPass)

Robert Longsden

Still as fun as always and bumpy

Jeremy Buenaventura

The long wait wasn’t worth it for the pitch black roller coaster ride with lasers. It felt cool at the beginning when you were calling out call signs but the rest of the ride is hard to understand.

David R

Fun back row is always the best!

Joshua Martija

Its my favorite ride at Disneyland, there is no loops or inversions but its a pretty intense, i like the soundtrack, it makes it more exciting, the best thing i like about this ride is that really feels like you are in space. I only experienced the regular version, i have not experienced the Star Wars version yet but if i get the chance to go to Disneyland i will totally go on it.

Uma Linda Pessoa Qualquer

Looks like the real space! But cold

Jesuss ?

Fun ride.

Greg Bogumil

Such a fun ride with exciting music

Troy Goracke

Fun ride. All my kids liked it. I enjoyed it more before the Star Wars overlay. Get a fast pass and take the ride.

Ryan Bair

5 stars for the simple nostalgia of the whole thing

Mapillar Dahn

NEVAAA!!!! This scared the you-know-what out of me

henry nava

Wow seems Soo much faster than 35 mhp Loved the feel of the G forces on the turns definitely one of my favorite rides at Disneyland


Always my first ride there, Space mountain is the fastest coaster there i think.

Tyler Erickson

Fun, classic Disneyland ride. You'll have so much fun!!

Steve Bigham

Ride is great, it is even cooler to see the inside when the lights come on.

Garrett Davis

It's hard to tell if you are alive or dead. Absolutely thrilling, definitely recommend

travis higley

This is always my favorite ride, you get to zoom around in the dark through a space themed ride at fast speeds. Be ready for the photo at the end, it'll get you when you least expect it! it does shut down a lot which is annoying, and the lines can be insane if you don't have a fast pass, but I love it!

Andrew Yanes

Can space mountain get u dizzy if u have virgo

Kristoffer Tarrobal

Amazing Ride, The dark makes the ride very unpredictable at times which makes it one of the best rides i've been on.

Micah Arnold

I really like this ride.

Mandy Kirby

If you don't want an insane line, go there first thing with Magic morning or Fast Pass it. So fun though

Alex Barringer

Loved this ride as a kid and still love it as an adult. It's not as extreme as the roller coasters at Knott's or Magic Mountain but it doesn't have to be. It's a good, fun family roller coaster.

Adam Ladhams

By far the best ride at Disneyland for adults. During Halloween, the ride has an added spooky element. The queues can get long, so arrange for a Fast Pass. The building architecture is impressive. The full size replica spaceship and staff uniforms add that special something to the ride. Needs some dry-ice effects to make it more eerie.

Andrew Gregor

By far my favorite ride at Disneyland, Space Mountain takes you on an exhilarating journey. The tunnel screens at the beginning spin around you and disorient your senses to evoke a sense of floating in low gravity. From there, you are counted down to a "liftoff" into a whiplash ride through an enormous room that is pitch dark save for some points of light that appear to be stars. This is not the typical scary drop type of coaster; it is more of a thrilling experience through "space" that will leave you grinning like an idiot.

Nicholas Hashimoto

I love Space Mountain it is in my top list of favorite rides at Disneyland. Although last time the ride was closed it for the most part is great I will say though hyperspace mountain take the whole space feeling with the projections lights the railway.

Timothy Hutto

The Disneyland version of Space Mountain truly feels like a hypersonic thrill ride through the stars. Whipping around turns and gaining speed the cosmos streaks by at warp speed while headrest speakers play a fast paced soundtrack this ride is the epitome of a Disney E-Ticket experince. Do not miss this ride on your trip! It's worth the investment of your time.

Ryan Dariol

Definitely up there as one of the best rides in the park. A roller coaster that takes you through space with awesome lighting, sound and more.

Edgar Sosa

Very fun attraction! Might leave you a bit dizzy at the end but it is totally worth the wait! Like everything Disney does they really make it feel like you are traveling in space!

Bob the Tomato

The line is usually long, but it’s worth the wait. Not my favorite ride in Disneyland, but still amazing and fun. I highly recommend it.

Jess Colopy

THE BEST SPACE MOUNTAIN EVER. The Star Wars tie in is actually really good, even for someone who hasn’t seen a single movie. And the ride itself is just the best of its kind. But, you will need a fastpass. The wait on this was 100 minutes when I was there- longer than the Millenium Falcon which was just 60!

M Hamilton

One of the best rides. They keep changing the theme, but it's for the good! Keeps it fresh. I'm a fan of the star wars myself.


Fast ride

Alex Kim

One of my favorite rides of all time at Disneyland. Absolutely love it in every way. No loops, big drops or inversions but very intense since it's all in the dark and it gives you a great sense of speed. Soundtrack is just one of the best too. Don't really like the hyperspace mountain overlay. Hopefully they bring back the regular space mountain soon.

Stefan Schlie

Absolutely fantastic ride has all the thrills and excitement of a great eollercoaster

Katie Johnson

Everything about this ride is great! It's a ride that makes you feel like you're in space, and you can't help but laugh and smile by the time you get off the ride.

Kaya Jan

One of my favorite rides, for sure a must do! Also make sure to get a fast pass! Another tip: to have a better time riding Space Mountain I recommend riding at night it feels more magically in my opinion!

Brian Dillard

The best ride in Tomorrowland and in Disneyland in general. I have always loved this ride and it has been improved greatly over the years, other than the addition of the new music. I'd rather hear sound effects.

Kurt Schutte

Love what they did with for Hyperspace Mountain! One of the smoothest roller coasters I've been on which makes it that much more enjoyable. A Disneyland classic!

Jeffrey Tomita

The line for this roller coaster can be extremely long, but it is still one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. I really like the new Star Wars theme. The track is still the same, but they have added some fun effects to make it feel like a dog fight in space.

Gretchen Johnson

Having ridden Space Mountain in it's small bobsleigh type carrages in Orlando, and having avoided the ride at Disney Paris as it loops the loop, I was a little daunted by Space Mountain in Disneyland, but I needn't have been. While it's essentially the same ride as in Orlando, the carriages are much bigger holding six passengers in each so it's less scarey ! The ride itself is a twisting rollercoaster travelling at high speed, for much of the time in darkness. Overall, a thrilling experience which should not be missed !

Connor Clemens

This place is the best and amazing

randy bennett

Ghost Galaxy's fun but I prefer the original or hyperspace mountain.

Ricky Potts

It's dark. It's cold. It's loud. Wasn't a big fan of this ride... Plus, the ride shook me around from side to side. It was the first ride we went on, so maybe that was part of it... But I wouldn't ride this again. Bummer, too, as it was a neat concept.

Lady Von Barber

I love this ride! But I loved it better with the Star Wars theme! Bring it back please!!!!!

Joshua Wrye

One of the most thrilling rides in Disneyland, Space Mountain is one you don't want to miss! In almost complete darkness, zip around through space at super-fast speeds, but don't raise your hands too high - you might hit the track above you!

misterrthor Jones

Warning don't go after splash mountain because it's gets very cold

David Ryan

Went with fast pass. A very different ride than one by same name in Disneyworld

paul vhayste

One of the "extreme" rides in Disney with really long lines. Even the fast pass distribution can run out pretty quickly. It's an indoor roller coaster ride in almost pitch black darkness, which makes the entire experience either more enjoyable or more disorienting. Nevertheless, this is one of the rides visitors should try, at least once.

Cody Simonsen

What a great ride! My favorite ride at Disneyland. I'm excited to see what they do to it with star wars land coming soon.

Magical_ Zayna

Space Mountain is definitely my favorite ride, but once I got out, I felt all dizzy

Lee Jarvis-Werbenjaegerman

This is quite a thrilling ride, one of my favorites in the park!

Hehe Time With Nina


Andy Bochmann

My wife loves this ride. I think it's fun too. So cool when you come over the rise and the stars are there.

Believability Bob

Matt Damon got lost on this ride and had to be rescued. Cost something like $23 million to get him down safe. Man that guy is a pain.

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