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4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

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Where is Griffith Park?

REVIEWS OF Griffith Park IN California

Mandar Sharma

I'd recommend this to come here when sunset starts so you can slowly see the city in it's night lights as the sun goes down. Then you can go star gazing in the observatory. Note: The observatory is closed on Mondays but you can still come here for the view.

Robert Dorris

This is an awesome place to visit and see the skyline. It has a great view of the Hollywood sign and some nice hiking trails. It's a must see attraction and the admission price is hard to pass up. The founder wanted it to remain free for visitors and it still is to this day. It's full of knowledge and everyone will learn something during the visit.

Parish Agarwal

Good for astronomy lovers. Great for people who love hiking. There is complete track from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood sign

Jose Ramos

A must when visiting LA. This is my third year in a row going. Was glad it fit right in with the 50th anniversary moon landing. They had some cool displays inside and some decorations hanging outside. Didn't spend too much inside because after going there 3 times, its basically the same stars and planets info. Spent most of the time outside. Great views all around. You get to see the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA views. Crowds are always happy and it's a great atmosphere. 70 cents total (35 going and coming) when taking the Dash bus at Vermont and Sunset. Definitely a must when coming.

Caroline Arcos

Free fun but you have to pay for the planetarium which is reasonable and not expensive. Kids had fun and enjoy their visit. The only negative thing is the walk in the sun to the building because the parking was full so we had to park on the street far from the building .

Areej Abdulwahab

It was my third time. It was a good experience. And I recommend that you come before the sunset two hours ahead so you can find a parking and enjoy the sunset! The parking is really hard doing the sunset and the Rush hours! The last time i went there, one of the road was closed!

Popo Mattice

Amazing place to enjoy learning about stars planets, help children visualize space. Worth every moment. There is a turn about on the right as you drive up so you can drop off your family before going to park. The walk from parking lot to the entrance is quite taxing.

Kyla Joy

Can’t say enough about this place. Visit and you won’t be disappointed. A True California Park — everything I love about California parks. The smells of the eucalyptus, cypress, & sycamores. The dusty trails that go on & on. I love it so!

Douglas Kopf

I love going to the merry-go-round. I had such good memories of it from when I was a child. It is really worth a visit just to see how the entertainment industry has changed in the last 100 years. This was once state of the art and people came from all over the county to see such a marvel. Now,Charley anyone thinks about it unless they happen to come across it when they are in the park. Go and see what thrilled our grand and great grand parents so much, and enjoy a day at Griffith Park. It has so much to offer, if you give it a chance. I know I am glad I did.

allglorytoGod !

this place is free...minus the parking but who cares. true so cal views worth $$$$$ and its free but if u can go at 7 pm to the top roof eastern side and u get to see for a few minutes thru the high powered telescope into the celestial plains. our heavenly planets which we all get to wonder in enjoyment.

Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele

$10 to park along the side of the road to see the Hollywood sign? Tons of traffic to boot? Save yourself the money and head to the Home Depot on Sunset Blvd. You'll get a great view from the top of the parking garage for free.

Marisa Thomas

Great old place! Still veey popular and can get crowded. Great view of the Hollywood sign. Great history! Definitely worth the visit!

Celina Jones

The view from here is amazing! You Can literally see everything from there. Different parts of the observatory shows you different areas so definitely walk around. Try to go up there when it's not foggy or too cloudy.

Cameron Embree

Decent parking around up the hill and at the top. Has little exhibits of basic science for the whole family and has great views of LA. Check out some of the easy local hiking nearby for even better more exclusive views!

Henry Spurgeon

Go there of an evening, it's awesome! We decided to stop by at the end of our busy day exploring but sadly missed sunset. Nonetheless, the nightime skyline was beautiful and the crowds much less than daytime levels. If you fancy a bit of a walk uphill then stop in the free parking areas but there's plenty of spaces at the top in the paid parking (something like $10 from memory). The oberservatory itself is free, and those views are priceless.

Joe Busby

Griffith Park was astonishing. The view was amazing and you learn loads of fun information. The staff was great as well. Parking isn't the best, but they have a shuttle that makes it easier. If you don't mind walking that's always an option. But, be prepared because Griffith can be packed with people.

Alex Loumos

Gorgeous natural park with stunning views of the city. Many stops and sights to see, but spotty cell coverage may be an issue for anyone relying on it. The sights are worth the fuss, both midday and near sunset.

Jessica Diep

Very beautiful park that has a gorgeous view of the city. At the top, there is the observatory. At night they have public star viewings through the telescope from 7:00-9:30pm daily, weather permitting. It is paid parking at $10/hr. However, it is very difficult to find parking at the top where there is a lot, so many people park on the side of the road that winds up to the park. That area is still enforced parking. But be ready to hike up to the top of the park in the hot heat.

Carlos Garcia

The hiking is fantastic and definitely one of my favorite spots to do so. I forgot how much I loved and missed it until recently coming here. Great memories and amazing views. The hikers on trails are very nice and some trails have water fountains to hydrate and fill bottles. On occasion you can even find yourself on an outdoor movie or TV set, filming in progress. The old zoo is really cool and amazing how little room the animals had back then. I would recommend this to any hike lover.

Adrian A.

I came here to hike and had a blast. The view was nice. The trail was clean. The people minded their own business. Parking was pretty easy to find. Probably will be a bit harder during the weekend. Overall I had a great experience and I'll be back soon.

Jaclyn S

We loved this tourist spot that had gorgeous views of the city. The museum inside was pretty cool. We took the shuttle which took about 25 minutes to get on because there was a really long line. I'd recommend bringing an umbrella and water if you're going on the weekend. It was very busy and crowded but really affordable for a family and we still had a good time!

Karen VanHooser

this is probably one of the best places to visit when in LA .. if you are not a city person you must go to this place. either early morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the multitude and lots of tourists. its free and its also a good place to do hikes ..

Erica Barbie

Griffith Park is beautiful and has a lot to offer in general. The old LA Zoo is site of many shows/movies such as Jerry McGuire and Anchorman. In fact, while we were there they were filming a Lifetime movie. You can venture around and go in the cages if you like. Beautiful sight for a picnic or leisurely day.

Kendall Wooldridge

Amazing view! It’s $10 to park up in the parking lot, but the street parking is free. Is a gorgeous place. Can be a bit warm so bring plenty of water if you’re staying there for a while

Ankur P

Great place and an amazing hike to the top. The interactive exhibits, displays and the planetarium in the main building are all very good. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The views of LA city, especially around the sunset, are spectacular. They also have a bus service to the bottom of the hill.

David D

One of my favorite places in my former home town. The park is huge and surprisingly remote for a big city park. Go to the observatory before sunset, enjoy the displays, but be sure to be out on the upper pourch for sunset. You will never think of Los Angeles the same way again.

Inna Skoroda

Love there. It is nice. With green grass very nice pictures, but problems with parking. We spend some times to find some space. Glad also that the parking is free.

Saundra Ehrlich

One if the best spots in Hollywood on the top of the Hollywood Hills overlooking the stadium and all the lights of Los Angeles and stars and of that moon can be viewed thru a .50 cent telescope that mad the moon look like it was 5 feet in front of me. It is a beautiful spot for hiking and the Observatory will teach you about all that sky and stars and other attractions.Very well managed.

Chris Colman

Griffith Park is always an iconic place to go visit. There is lots of walking if you plan on going here. It seems as though each year there are more and more people. But that's what you would expect from L.A.

Ghandric K

Griffith has some great views and although it's somewhat crowded at times, it's definitely worth a visit. Overall I had a great time with my husband there and there's a fairly steady wind most of the time so the heat isn't too bad overall. For a touristy spot you can get some fairly good photos for the area.

Eugene Parker

Amazing views of LA and the Hollywood sign. Free entry to the observatory with lots of informational exhibits. Also air conditioned really well. A must for any LA trip!

Sebastian Falcon

They recently started charging $10 per hour for parking so I thought that was insane on top of that there was no spots. Just park down the hill and walk up. Save yourself money and enjoy the nice hike. Nothing much has changed but it's still one of those attractions that you must visit in LA

Natalia Sabin

Such a pretty place! I loved visiting here with my family. It's a great place to go to escape the city. I loved all the trees and empty skies.

Danny boy

I have going to the observatory since I was 7. I love the exhibits and always learn something new. I wish it wasn't so expensive though. Things that used to be free are not anymore.

Trevor Murphy

The park is brilliant, the parking is lousy. The Griffith Observatory is a world-class experience and deserves to be the destination it is. The parking meters that can charge you a bundle and leave you at the bottom of a towering hill in the ferocious LA sun? Well, that's less enjoyable. However, the hiking, picnic areas, and carousel are all wonderful.

Štefan Potocky

Amazing view of the city. You can also see sign Hollywood.This huge park has something for everyone. Great hikes, you can hike up to the Hollywood sign. The Ferndale side off of Western Blvd. has a quiet stream. They have the Griffith Observatory which has great shows They are also near the carousel and several playgrounds. This park is amazing too

Trisha Keller

Amazing views of LA. The shows in the Planetarium are a must see. Really cool experience. A lot to see and do in the observatory and fantastic hiking around Griffith Park.

Marcie Sands

Although this is a tough hike(steep hills) if you're not a hiker, the scenery is gorgeous. Lots of interesting foliage and people are friendly! And it was so cool to be close to the Hollywood sign and look out over LA county.

Mona Moe

Love the park!!! It is a huge park, nice and clean and you can spend the whole day here without feeling bored. My kids enjoy going to the play ground here. There is area for small kids, area for bigger kids, hiking trials and nice picnic areas! Or you can just enjoy your readings in this fantastic park. There is no admission fee, thanks to the tax money well spent!!

Zbigniew Mikulski

Fantastic place, plan to spend at least 2h to see it. Great exhibits, you can touch the

Katt Monroe

The shows are pretty good. Just the outside alone is a beautiful place to look at. It can get crowded but it's a lovely place

Kenneth Madsoe

A great place to spend some time with the family! Bring water! Going inside is free, but you can also buy a tour with an exhibition. You can see a big part of LA if the air is clean and no clouds! We were there in the weekend so only tour buses and share rides could drive all the way up. Parking along the street will cost you 10$ per hour.


Mainly went for the hiking. The "Griffith Park" area is huge. GP is vaugly defined, there is the zoo, train museum, hiking etc... A lot to do/see. However, I went for a hike and it was fun. There are a lot of different trails so just have an idea of where you want to go so you don't get lost. I recommend.

Antoinette Willis

I'm not a hiker at all. But I loved the different levels of hiking trails available as well as a detailed map of where the Hollywood sign was located. I also did my research before hand to make the easiest route for me and my husband. But the marked path made of easier to follow as well.

Elisa Garcia Farias

It's the perfect place to have a beautiful view and good photos of the city, you can also see the famous Hollywood sign. There are a lot of people all the time, so you have to be patient to find a parking space but it's worth it. (Be sure to pay the parking on the machine and display your ticket on your car's front window) Be prepared to walk a lot! You can have a beautiful view of LA at night and don't miss the museum it is very interesting.

bali shan

Could see Saturn rings in the telescope and Jupiter. Use the free parking at Greek Theatre parking if no show in Greek Theatre that day. Frequent buses to Observatory keep exact change of 50 cents per ride. Best sunset views and Hollywood sign views. The main telescope of park is available for public viewing from 7:30-10. Door closes at 9:30 so you need to be in line early. Cafe and store closes at 9. The planetarium shows are nice. Displays give good idea of space and solar system.

arun reddy

Great place to watch the Hollywood sign. Lot of activities inside. It takes about 1-2 hours to cover everything. Highly recommend avoiding traffic going on to the top. There is also a parking lot in the bottom where you can park for free and hike. (Recommend doing that) great place to just sit and chill for a while


Amazing. Amazing and free!! Parking is very limited, so we took the bus from the tube. The views are stupendous. You get an amazing view of LA complete with skyline. The observatory is (free) worth a look. Some great exhibitions inside, a working tesla coil, gift shop, cafe and toilets. Go to the roof for distance views and even see the Hollywood sign.

Lorna Green

A good place for a fast cheap meal. Used to come to this place all the time. The Mexican breakfast is still good, especially for the price. They now offer lots of burgers, even a plant based one so that's cool. Salsa was okay but could be better. Overall, if you're on a budget and you want a fast meal this is a good place to go.

Brian Newton

Been here twice now. When we visit LA we always try and make the trip. It's awesome to see the city both day and night. I feel like they need to let more people drive to the top. We were directed to park at the bottom of the hill and had to hike up there. Would not have been too bad but my daughter was not able to hike it all and I carried her 75% of the way. They have telescopes out at night to see the visible planets and moon. It was an awesome experience for both my children, my wife and I. We will be back again.

Jacob Shin

So much to do at Griffith Park. Hiking, road bike around the park, walk, trail run, horse back riding, golf, picnic, Shane's Inspiration, train museum, Observatory and on and on. Come enjoy all that Griffith Park has to offer. And please take good care of the park!

Alpha Sorensen

Griffith Park is ALWAYS a fun.filled & exhilarating trip. It's a restful hike down the mountain from the observatory, especially now that there's a well.cemented walkway for pedestrians. We used to hike from the bottom of the park through different hiking pathways. Great exercise and smooth trails to walk throughout. The BEST time is in Spring when FLOWERS bloom around the mountain side!

Theresa Wilson

Great place for a birthday party or just a visit with the kids. It is $5 for a pony ride- you pick the pony's pace - slow ,medium, or fast. If you want to have a party there, included in the price (varies depending on how long you want the party to last) petting zoo animals, 1 pony, use of bench tables, photo prop, hay, and tou get to bring your own food. The crew is more than helpful also.

Brent Lee

This park is beautiful,clean and welcoming, love that is contains so many trails to hike with lots of views,the tennis courts are nice and clean and.lighted for night playing,their is also a nice track for runners I haven't run the total area yet but it looks at least 5 miles or more,this is great place for family picnics and parties as well with clean bench's,tables and BBQ pits and the zoo is half a mile down the road and so is the gene autry Western museum, slightly farther down the way there is also some nice soccer fields and a dog this place

Shianti Lee

Always a great place to hike and explore. Has lots of trails, some more difficult than others. It in general is a great location for workouts and family time.

Ahmed Dinani

Awesome place with a great a great view of LA city and surrounding area, both during day and night time. You can also see the Hollywood sign as well. Finding parking might be challenging at times but it is worth. The observatory is very good as well.

Ricardo Quintana

Great views. Observatory and greek theater close by. When we were the place was too crowded either by theater events or crawling with tourist. Access should have a capacity limit, though inconvenient might make it more enjoyable and be better for the environment. I guess hikes during the day should not have anything too special you couldn't see elsewhere save fir the views. Hiking at night is just dangerous and not a good idea.

Mark Pooley

Excellent venue and learning for all ages, the look at the stars show in the Planetarium is entertaining and informative as the narrator brings it to life. Also a great venue to see the sights and Hollywood sign and as the sun settles the lights illuminate the city. Note: Parking is limited and pricey per hour so get there early.

Teresa Hayles

Parking is $10 per hour!! But the view is beautiful. Just know that The Hollywood sign is not lite up anymore which was a disappointment. So if you want to see that go before sunset.


Great time with the family! Recommend driving as far up as you can go. We finally stumbled across the Hollywood sign right above us. Great view and one more thing to scratch of the bucket list.

Carlos Cesar

One of the best places in LA. I love the Foucault pendulum, the telescopes and the view of LA. I came there in 1992 and brought my family when I came back to US every year. Unfortunately now it is impossible to park there. I couldn't go there in the last 3 years. Surprisingly, considering that LA is one of the most car friendly city in US.

Eric Gilmore

Great vistas. It was a bit crowded on the day I went (Saturday) so next time I'll try going on a weekday. The views were absolutely stunning, especially once you got to the top of the observatory. Go, it's a very pleasant day trip.

Really Reels

Beautiful views. This is a great place to visit. We didn't even have a chance to go in the building because we got there too late, but the view was worth the drive alone.

Don Packheiser

A great place to view the Hollywood sign with adequate free parking. If you're adventurous, you can walk through the quaint neighborhood and get even closer. Go here to view instead of the paid parking even further away.

Cooper Reed

If I were to take someone on a one-stop tour of LA (and I have), I would take them to Griffith Park. It's easily one of the most beautiful, classic, charming spots in LA. In many ways, I feel I've grown up in Griffith Park, from hiking with my family to running cross country in high school to biking the fire roads with lifelong friends. Almost 15 years I've been going to Griffith Park, and I've never gotten sick of it - there's always more to discover. Dante's point, the highest elevation in LA, is a must for anyone living or visiting here. Thanks for the memories Griffith Park!

Leah Koppi

it was nice to walk up and if you can find free parking that's cool. It was nice to look around and see got up to the observatory and there was some stuff inside. But the prices of food and such a little bit high but expected. I bet there's great hiking and things around which would probably make it a better trip we just didn't have time 6/10 my experience

romeo carlos

A perfect place for the adventure-lovers. You can watch Hollywood sign from here as well. This place takes 1 to 2 hours at max. Free parking and hiking. Also, you can have good food here!

David Papoular

One of the very beautiful places in Los Angeles. The sunset over Hollywood Hills is astounding. The Observatory is full of resources for the scientifically curious, the staff is helpful and welcoming, and the building itself is a gem!

Ron Pike

Incredible location in Los Angeles area I’d never been to, despite dozens of visits to area. I’ll not make that mistake again. It’s worth the effort!!

Haley McCaleb

It was amazing. Went at the end of June beginning of July. Very cool and not crowded at all. Parking was expensive, we parked in the parking lot at Griffith Observatory. Make sure to wear tennis shoes and bring sunscreen. There is no shade and you are walking up an incline the whole time. But its completely worth it. An amazing view, experience, and adventure.

dennis s

Its a great place to visit specially if you're a tourist. Lots of cool stuff to see. The parking will cost you 4 bucks for 2 hrs. It's not bad. It could get pretty busy but the view is amazing!

Rob Schneider

A beautiful location to watch the sun set over the city of Los Angeles. I would highly recommend taking the time to watch one of the daily shows the observatory runs. Word of warning though it is difficult to get at a signal at the observatory so I would recommend visiting by car. There is a bus stop at the observatory however that runs frequently.

Christa Umphrey

Excellent views of the city and all sorts of interesting science exhibits inside. Definitely worth the trip, but parking is a nightmare!! Park at the Greek Theater at the bottom of the hill. It’s free & easy and the shuttle (.50 cents) picks you up right there and drops you off at the top. (I think the lot closes at noon on concert days so you have to be there before that.) The .8 mile walk up from there would also probably be quicker than trying to find a $10/ hr spot along the hill on the road on the way up.

Nicole Casey

A must on anyone's California Trip list. It's absolutely huge and the observatory is incredible. Lots to do here.

Carolyn Rodriguez

So beautiful! The hike on the way up was a little difficult for me but I felt so accomplished once I got to the top. Great view of the city!

Herakles Li

Griffith Park is popular!! On weekends expect a pretty sizeable crowd and difficulty finding parking up top. It's also not cheap at 10 dollars an hour. You also have the option of parking down in the park and hiking up, the shortest trail is only about a mile long and never really difficult. The trail is dusty as it's just dirt so it's advisable to wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty. The observatory itself has a commanding view of the rest of LA but good luck trying to get a moment of quiet. The buildings house some interesting exhibits on our planet and the solar system including moving models demonstrating the seasons and moon phases etc. Everyone should visit at least once but try to go on a weekday.

James Teteak

Always love coming here. The place was packed but had a lot of awesome things to look at. Gotta go just to see the Hollywood sign

Troy W

We had a great time exploring Griffith Park attempting to reach the Hollywood Sign from one of the trails. We walked for around an hour and half in foggy and wet conditions where we enjoyed some outstanding views of LA and the Hollywood sign. As we got very close to the sign we met an experienced off road runner who explained we were on a dangerous path that Google often recommends as the best path to the sign. After putting us on a better path we finally reached the sign, although the path we were on seemed a bit dangerous it was a great experience. We went during the season where the Rattle Snakes were in hibernation and we didn't encounter the mountain lion! We did meet a cayote along the way. All in all great views and a great experience for people who enjoying walking/trekking. Recommended!

Matheo Cadena

Awesome spot for a jog/hike. Plenty of different trails for different levels of workout. Not challenging at all. Very easy trails and lots to see.

Teena Ryczko

I took my grandson to the LA zoo, and was very disappointed. 85 % of the animal exhibits were empty. There weren't any signs letting you know the exhibit was closed. you walk all the way down to find out its,a dead end. Not enough shady spits to rest. To many hills to climb. The food was stale. Why don't they give you a chose about French fries in the kids meal. No happy at all and will not recommend to anyone. Santa Barbara zoo 100 per cent better.


Amazing place! The Griffith Observatory is absolutely brilliant, it is filled with a myriad awesome of astronomy, astrophysics, and other science and space related exhibits. The planetarium is the best I have visited, with excellent shows and narrators. Griffith Park is beautiful, it is definitely somewhere you should check out when visiting Los Angeles.


If you want to explore the galaxy, this is where/you start! The presentations are great and only a few dollars to get in, like seven or eight. The surroundings at the observatory make you feel like you're in a foreign country, the beauty of Los Angeles from this distance is spectacular. This is a must see if you're traveling to the LA area.

Rick Muras

So, the view is incredible from up there, however the parking lot itself is extremely uneven with a lot of big and deep holes. If you don't have a range rover, you must be really careful with your car! Heading down to the beach, it seems to be a place for younger people to open up a beer and smoke a casual joint at the beginning of a weekend.

Mark Encinas

Went for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. Truly was amazing. The area was beautifully decorated for fall/Halloween. Definitely a must do during the Halloween season.

W1sewords Poetry

Great place to take the family and sight see. We spent very little money and had a good time, even learned a few things. If you're going with small children under 5 years old go early so they can enter the first show that allows them to enter. Enjoy!

Brock Whittaker

We got to see Jupiter and the 3 moons. Except they may want to hire more knowledgeable and polite associates. One employee told me that there was only one telescope and was rude when I asked her where else we could view Jupiter from. Other than that, the views are amazing especially at night

Silvia Márquez

You can find many ways to the Hollywood sign, but the closest way is Bronson Caves. You find parking there and then you walk 1 hour if you walk fast. There exist an easier way via Beachwood Canyon but the gate is closed.

Dhruval Shah

Nice place to click photos. One more garden is there from which you can have closer look to HOLLYWOOD sign. You can ask any local pedestrian and they can guide you

Flannell Jackson

Went to roaring night at the L.A. Zoo. My and my sister had the time of our life. We danced for 2 hrs straight. Walked around and watch some of thw animals get fed. Everyone also got to make their own painting. And all the different types of food trucks you are bound to find something you would like. I cant wait til they do it again.

Cristian Lopez

This place was amazing! Totally worth going and checking it out. If you can try to plan to be here all day. There is a section which involves the sun. The view in the evening is beautiful!

James Wan

The only view of Los Angeles needed!! Being the biggest public park in the US this is a must be destination for everyone and anyone. Parking is limited up top so save yourself a headache and park below at the Greek Theatre and take the bus up the hill. A hike up the main road is not bad, and if your adventurous with good shoes you can take a hiking trail up to the observatory.

Spider Man

A worthy place for the adventure-lovers. The view of Hollywood sign is clear from here. You can cover this place within 1 to 2 hours at max. Free parking and hiking. The food is good and cheap!


We only used the overflow parking at Griffith park, as we went to see the Observatory. So we can't really comment, fully. The area we parked was a good way down from where we wanted to be so had a good climb ing the top, which is not good when you have to use a walking stick to help with your mobility. The Observatory was very interesting, but due to the large crowds it was hard to see anything, but I would recommend people go see it.


Nice free open park. Bit of a steep walk up to the observatory - needed to be able to walk continuously for 30 minutes on a gradient. Alternatively can drive up and drop off.

Jasmine Marie

The observatory was amazing at sunset. It was super crowded but beautiful and worth it. Use the shuttle bus!

Lela Mansfield

Full of fun activities like pony rides, merry go round, awesome hikes, the observatory, and more. I love to come here on a weekday without any crowds. it's a nice refreshing escape from every day life in LA

Rey Gamboa

Beautiful design ancient structural building. A bit on the elementary side but the views are very enjoyable. Wow at the right day and time you will enjoy the city. Perfect for a hike!


Griffith Observatory is free, but you have to pay for parking. I believe it's $10 per hour, or you can park and take a long hike to the Observatory, tourist can get a good photo of the Hollywood sign. The Observatory itself is nice and informative.

Katie Painter

Absolutely stunning views with multiple trails to hike. Great views of LA and the Hollywood sign. The observatory is also amazing and offers great learning opportunities while still being fun. I would 100% visit again on my next trip to LA.

Sai rama9

This is OK kind of place during your visit to LA. It is all about our planetary system. It is kind of kids related. This have large telescope Which you can’t access but see from glass door. This place is good for kids for providing information with our solar system. Once you reach top you can see HOLLYWOOD sign from very far. Ok kind of place

Munish Prabhakar

A great observatory for us to understand the earth, planets sun, moon and our galaxies. An extremely well managed place, to understand the planetary systems and how the telescope were invented about various types and the evolution to the latest technologies. Also you can observe Hollywood sign and watch the skyline and the length and breadth of the city.

Kevin Nunley

Absolutely gorgeous scenery here. LA never looked better than from the trails and the observatory. The trails are well maintained. The observatory is a fantastic family friendly attraction that is something you must visit if you're a tourist to LA. Hell, even if you live here Griffith Park should be somewhere you make a point of stopping at a few time per year.

Anna M

The walk up is actually really fun, it's part of the experience. Considering parking is only like $8 and admission (except to the planetarium show) is free, it's a good deal. You can walk all around the observatory, so you won't get bored standing in one place. Careful walking on the road up though - there are no lights and no sidewalk for part of it.

Joannie Na

This was definitely a cool experience! My friend and I took an uber here. They actually can't take you all the way in so you have to walk for like 3 minutes. Which isn't too bad. There are certain areas where you can get a nice view of the Hollywood sign. The overall view of LA is breathtaking. They have a sun dial which is pretty cool too. Would visit again.

Iris Gomez

Great spontaneous family outing! My kids enjoyed the trains and the mini train ride. You can even throw parties. The staff was friendly. Just don’t go on a super hot day.

Carl McGee

Go for the view. it's 360 degrees of Central LA, Hollywood and downtown views. Amazing world class astrological observatory. Nice people. Lots of tourists. Great walking trails, just down below the facility in the Hills and just a wonderful place to go even if you just picnic outside and have a great afternoon. But if you have time visit the astrological Science Center building. There's so much to learn and it's so well done.

Alex R

I watched one of the best sunsets I've ever seen from this location. I'm also into photography and the views you get of Los Angeles are simply stunning especially at night. Plan to arrive before dusk and leave after dark to get the full experience. There is also a museum and plenty of things to look at inside the observatory. The shop there I found expensive. A small ice cream was $8. Having said that it's well worth a visit

Joshua Slater

Really great climb. Signage could be a bit better for those hiking. The golf courses seem to always be packed. Do not rely on parking. If you are hiking bring plenty of water. The water rest stops are neither reliable nor the most approachable spaces. Please be aware the climb to the trails is not advised for minors. Especially any with respiratory issues. Best.

Duke F

This is one for everyone children adults pet friendly spectacular views that’s just the daytime nice and warm 360° views nights are pretty awesome just being there they have a lot of trails that you could go walking with your dog or your family and of course going inside you’ll spend about two hours in there it’s very very interesting very educational for the children and some adults can always find something New that they didn’t know about like myself anyway I think if you’re able or in that area to go up and see for yourself.

Chanda Scott

Well worth the visit! Our kids loved it! We especially liked the meteor talk. We went on a Sunday, so it was very busy. It is a very beautiful park. If we are ever in LA again, we will definitely go back!

Trina Cowles

Wonderful experience. We arrived at 2 and still had parking. Although it is 10.00 an hour. The lectures are informative. The displays are very well presented. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. This was a perfect place to take 14 year old to open her mind to possibilities for her future.

Alexander Romano

This place is so overcrowded You cannot find a parking space or any place to enjoy the natural beauty, if you are into film then this is a great place to see some filming locations from many popular movies however if you want to go to a park this is not the place as it is complete chaos with thousands of people. I felt more in nature in Disneyland than here

Grace Willis

It's a bit outdated. They have the same train ride but they haven't added anything to look at when you ride it. It would have been nice to see something other than trees and dwarfs which have been there since 1990. Prices are pretty good no complaints there but they need more stations for the horses do people wont wait so long to ride a horse in the hot hot sun.


Had a lot of fun. It's free and very fun. You get to learn about outer space and there are even weights where you can stand on and see how much you weigh on each planet. There's also a seismograph (which are used to detect magnitudes of earthquakes) where you can jump and it will transcribe your movement onto a document. So much information and it's also science. What's not to love? Lol want to come back and i also recommend to anyone. Great for kids and the whole family.

Casey Oonk

Awesome park! Only wish I had more time to check it all out. Was in town for a wedding in Pasadena the next day and had to pick my parents up from the airport that evening. We made the time count by seeing the observatory, hiking around a couple trails and getting a decent picture with the Hollywood sign in the background. Definitely going back next time I'm in town to see the old zoo and that whole side!

William Lewis

Nice presentation on the restoration of Nikola Tesla's lab. Site dedicated to science education. Nice people. Great view of LA.

Jason Epp

Not enough parking, unless you hike up from bottom of Hill. Great Free museum, bring drinks. Have a posh looking cafe, but a little pricey. Cool gift shop. If you can stay until evening, I highly recommend - the views of the sunset over Los Angeles are memorable and postcard worthy. Be sure to take pics.

John Cordova

We come here for the free Shakespeare festival every summer. It's a drive, but soooo worth it for us. The folks at Independent Shakespeare Company put on some of the most unique and entertaining productions we've ever seen. Highly recommended!


This is a great place to go and enjoy the scenery! If your driving through or going through a walking trail, you will love it either way. Very nice, great weather and just love the scene

Garett Martocello

Place is free and run by volunteers, only the train ride costs money. It does 2 loops and is pretty cool if your a kid (or adult train enthusiast). Some of the trains are in pretty bad shape but there is an effort to restore some of them. Weekdays are ghost towns. Lot of information and history given.

Fay Talbot

I loved the area and trails around the observatory. The observatory is brilliant and views from up there stunning. We walked from the observatory to Crystal Springs for an open air evening cinema of Monsters Inc. Whole family loved our day here.

Christine Morgan

Wonderful place to bring a date, could also share a beautiful sunset. 360 view. Good place for middle school Kids and up. Great information given inside for displays. I learned a lot up here!!

Bryan Foster

Great park with lots to explore. Parking is difficult and climbing the hill if you park down is a bit of a chore but not awful. Great views and interesting displays in the observatory.

Kassidy Tucker

We went for one of the Star Parties, which they offer for free once a month. That was nice. There were lots of people though, so avoid this night if you don't like crowds. Very informative place!

Fer V

One of the best experiences every. Finding parking is always hard. Its better to park in the designated parking area and take the shuttle. The exhibit and staff are very helpful in answering question. If the sky is clear the view from is gorgeous. Iconic place to visit.

Alicia Thompson

The best! The observatory is a do not miss on my list. Parking can be an issue so be prepared to walk a bit or even better have an Uber drop you off right at the top. $10 an hour to park along the main drive leading to it and in the parking lot. The free stargazing nights are fantastic and the staff is very kind. The restaurant is surprisingly good. It’s perfect for a quick hour or even stay a half day and see a show in the planetarium and other theaters. See if you can catch the Tesla coil show at various times in the day. Of course, it always reminds everyone of La La Land but don’t forget that epic scene at the end of The Rocketeer too!

lulu zarate

Great hiking trails. If you go early enough in the morning, you can see deer grazing or coyotes crossing the roads. My dog and I enjoy hiking up there when it's still green. You can take the kids to either the carousel, Travel Town or Pony rides. Head up to the observatory to gaze at stars, or the zoo to see great animals.

Kim Koch

More than 40 years of going to the Greek theater I can tell you there is no better venue in Los Angeles. You're in a beautiful Park you can go early and tailgate dinner. It has very good sound and it's not big enough to get too far away.


Overall a very nice park, However I would recommend coming here early if you’re planning to watch the sunset or if you’re planning to watch the night view. Also, if you are planning to see shows at the planetarium, then I would recommend checking what times the show is at prior to coming here at the Griffith Observatory website. The food here is a bit overpriced, so if you would like to get good, quality food, then I would recommend eating at a restaurant nearby Griffith Observatory since there are a lot of restaurants that sells quality of food in Los Angeles. The sunsets and views at Griffith Observatory are amazing, and if you’re planning to take a lot of pictures (especially sunsets) then I would recommend being there early because there’s a lot of people trying to take pictures during the sunset hours.

Hanzel Carcamo

We grew up in this area and love visiting with our children now. The Los Felix area is beautiful but once you wonder into Griffith Park is when the beauty of the city really shows its grace. If you want to play catch with the kiddos or take a jog around the park this place just works!

Nancy Adams

It was awesome. We had a picnic and enjoyed the piece and quiet. My four legged grandchildren had a blast. We did have a coyote checking us out, but it was all good. Go there if you get a chance.

Anthony Maccharella

Wow. Truly a must see. A famous landmark, and a fun evening. Stay past sundown and they may be able to let you see through the telescope on the roof. I personally had a fun time guessing my weight on different planets, then using their calibrated scales to see how close I was.

Tracy Hock

Great experience! We got to see Jupiter and the 3 moons. Except they may want to hire more knowledgeable and polite associates. One employee told me that there was only one telescope and was rude when I asked her where else we could view Jupiter from. Other than that, the views are amazing especially at night

juan carlos Alvarado

Love this place incredible. I can get enough of it. I hope the city decrease parking fees. I love this place for my whole family. I cannot wait to get there again.

Phil Albanese

I love waking up early in the morning and go running up to Griffith observatory with my dog. The park is well kept, is always improving, and offers lots of outdoor activities for kids and adult.

Fatima Lemus

Whether you're out for a sunrise hike/ trail run (my favorite), running on the roads, celebrating anything, or just want to drive through... Griffith Park offers a lot from a quick sprint through nature to longer leisurely hours of outdoor activities for all ages!

Jaclyn Kietzman

Griffith observatory: avoid if you can during summer. A lot of tourists which means hard to find parking, long lines in restrooms and overcrowding in the main hall. It's $10 an hour to park, even to park far. So prepared if you do go in the summer to bring lots of water,hats, sunscreen. We spent 2 hours there so $20 to park. Tip: there is another bathroom in the cafe downstairs. Go there to avoid a crowd.

Amarjot Singh

Great place to learn, understand the fundamentals, experience and explore the science behind activities in our solar system and astronomy. Models and displays are very helpful in understanding the functioning of instruments. Some of the instruments and displays are not working so it was a bit disappointing. It is free, no tickets need to be purchased. A very inexpensive ticket if you wish to visit the Planetarium. Parking near the observatory, meaning if you drive up all the way to the observatory, is $$. It's best to park free down the hill and take a hike through the trail and enjoy the nature and also get some exercise!

Kimberly-Anne Jaco

I love Griffith Park! I've been there a few times to take pictures and with family in town visiting - never a disappointment. I'm dying to go back around sunset. I've never been at that time but the pictures come out amazing! The hikes are so nice and going to the museum gives you a nice relief from the heat

Kimberly Navratil

We started up the Wisdom Tree route. It was quite a crazy hike up that route, but cool!!! Get there early to find parking. We went down the paved route to be a little easier. But awesome accomplishment! We've always wanted to hike to the HOLLYWOOD sign.

Gene Huelman

This was a very neat place to visit. There were some neat exhibits in the observatory along with the telescopes.the views of LA from the observatory are also good for visitors like me. It was a very popular place to go. I went on a Tuesday night in July and it was crowded. The parking at the observatory was very full so I had to park at the Greek Theater. I hiked up the hill to the observatory. There are buses that are available to take you to the observatory if you don't feel like hiking a mile up the hill. Also with the crowds, the lines to view the telescopes (inside and outside) were long. If one wants to actually look through the telescopes there may be better times of the year to go.

Glen Dixon

Parking can be difficult. The hilly walk from the roadway is tough, especially in heat. Otherwise it's a great visit for astronomy and science. And the views of the city are remarkable, from downtown to the Hollywood sign. The remodel was done well! Leonard Nimoy is rightfully recognized as a supporter. I will return to see more.

Mark Anthony Cooper

One of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. Truly a gem. There are many trails to hike. One even takes you to the Hollywood sign. There are the trains and the beautiful merry-go-round just off the golf course. Ample space to have a picnic. It is not unknown to be able to spot a coyote or two. And up on top is the observatory. The views of the city are breathtaking.

amy ennis

We love every part of this park, hard to detail the experience. The carousel is interesting if you find it open. We enjoy the zoo here and the John Ferraro soccer fields. We have so much more to explore

Radu Andarachi

It’s a memorable site, a view to die for and an awesome experience! I recommend this place to anyone, be it someone the lives in Los Angeles or someone passing by or visiting. You have a Tesla Coil for your amusent, a scenic view over LA, the go to place for the Hollywood sign and one of the most important Observatory in the USA

Juan Park

Wonderful place to visit, lots of observatory stuff and vistas but I made the grave grave error to go on a weekend noon time takes so long and painful to climb and then no parking available and you have to go down which is also crawling... Just avoid weekends after early morning hours and this is a 5 star.

Louisa Rix

Interesting explanation of the stars. Enjoyed the show too. Fantastic views. We parked for free and walked up, took 20 minutes Exposed to the sun though

Ben Boulanger

This was a great spot. Didnt really know what to expect. We parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up. Pretty good grade, but doable by everyone in our group (8yr old with us). Nice cafe at the top with beautiful views of the city and the Hollywood sign. The planetarium was great. All kinds of educational exhibits and tons to talk to the kids about. The seasons and eclipse models were excellent.

Elk Tilles

Sprawling magnificent park with a myriad of activities for young and old. Lawns to run on, hills to climb and wonderful shady spots in which to rest and hang out. The scenery is stunning and the facilities from parking to restrooms are first rate. Great for picnics or playing. The Autrey Museum of the West is an additional highlight. Take a picnic basket and plan to spend the day.

Alexander Lepkowski

Griffith is a classic LA destination, with a ton of great nearby hikes and plenty of parking (free if youre willing to walk a little bit). The view from here is crazy and definitely worth seeing! I've never done the observatory events, but looking around the museum is cool and there's lot to see. Overall would definitely recommend!

Carl Ballard

Over the moon about this place. Everything cool about astronomy is here. They have outdoor telescopes for viewing. The science was smart and they have some novel interactive exhibits. Despite the didn't seem obnoxiously crowded. Plus, the nighttime sky line of L.A. was super cool. And you can take public transportation to and from.

Jose Hernandez

Great place to visit ! They have something for everyone from just having a nice picnic to enjoying a walk to the observatory and making a day of it. You will also find great trails from beginners to a more advance trekkie. If you enjoy concerts the Greek Theater is not to far away for your listening pleasure. What ever you are into make sure to check for updates of the area or shows and have patience traffic can get a bit out of hand on some days but once you are in its enjoyable all around.

Abigail Russell

Amazing place to go and hike. You will burn a lot of calories trust me. Take lots of water and a hat. Wear sunscreen and bug spray. Very Beautiful and Natural. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes !!

Robyn Castello

Love griffith park so much to do from the zoo, to hiking, to the merry go round, the trains, and the play ground. Always have a great time and my kids are never bored

Angel Morton-Nilsson

A nice getaway from the city. But tons of people still. The Griffith observatory was way neat and nice. Good bathrooms in the basement. The hike to the Hollywood sign was pleasant and good scenery. Don't expect a complete getaway from the city, but it's nature enough to refresh you anyway. There's horse rides, and you can take a bike or rent a bike to ride on the trails with. Parking in the park is a joke, so take the city bus for 50¢.

Krister Nielsen

Griffith Park is an iconic place to visit, but during the high season it is jam packed with people and cars. It's nearly impossible to find anywhere to park so be prepared to walk quite a way uphill in order to reach this location. As an adult there isn't really much to do than to photograph (if your not into science stuff i guess), but i imagine it's more fun for the kids. It's also fully accessible to people in wheelchairs, but there are some issue taking in the amazing view right behind the observatory if you are unable to stand up. The structure has fairly high walls facing downtown Los Angeles. During the summer it can also get really hot due to the altitude, so don't forget the sunscreen.

Bob Bonstead

Always enjoy visiting Griffith Park. There's so much to do and it's so big. We visited the Observatory early in the morning and were able park fairly close and walk pushing a stroller. Parking is at a premium. If you're agile and a good walker, you can park at the bottom and walk the trails (fire roads) up into the hills. Be aware that some roads may be blocked due to road work or specified closure. Great views from the balconies of the Observatory. Can see out to Santa Catalina Island on clear days. Enjoy yourself as this is your public park.

Keat K

Pretty much free to explore. You just have to pay for the awesome shows. Plus, the scenery from up there is incredible!

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