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REVIEWS OF Disneyland Park IN California

Charlotte Lin

I really loved it. Rides were awesome and I went on all of them.... twice! Food there was also very good plus the hotel was great with air conditioning big rooms allowing u to see outside

Scott Asbell

Spent a day in each park - both were fun with plenty to do. Lots of photo opportunities with characters. Watch the schedule for fireworks because they don't do them every night. Overall, it was worth the money. It was also my birthday so I received a special birthday pin and I was impressed that at least 50 employees wished me a Happy Birthday - very thoughtful and considerate cast members.

Maria Ayala

I love going here! It's true when they say it's a magical place. Lines are pretty long so we make sure to go early.(still long lines but not as long as in the afternoons)if you are a fan of Disney movies it is totally worth it, Disney has such an amazing way to make you feel as if you are part of those movies during the rides. Although Things are a little over priced. can't wait to go back.

Amrik Singh Deol

Fun place to visit. Tons of rides. Waiting times may get crazy but one can get accurate estimate of times in app and plan accordingly. Friendly staff ao overall amazing experience.

Lightnings edge

I'm not a big Disney fan but comparing it to other theme parks this is a well oiled machine. Very efficient and staff is on point with customer service and attention to detail. Rides are cool and park is clean. The end of the night shows are pretty legit and probably my favorite part of my visit. Overall it's quite pricey but service and quality makes up for it.

John Ciulla

Everything was going great the staff and everybody were very friendly and helpful until we got to the Matterhorn now I'm using a Mobility device the guy told me at the Matterhorn ride is ADA Compliant and it was kind of just like get in line now I thought that was kind of rude but okay I'm complying then I saw somebody else the mobility device getting a special line and of course all the fast track people are getting in by the way can we get to the front of the line and they stop us now these four young ladies go straight from the end of the line right up to the front and they got in before us so I'm guessing if you are young lady you don't have to wait but if you have a Mobility device you have to wait not cool

Nick Abell

Who doesn't love Disneyland? Walt created this park for the young and the young-at-heart. No matter which group you belong to, you'll be sure to have a blast. Thrill rides, dark rides, and hands-down the most immersive atmosphere you'll ever experience.. And that's not even referring to Galaxy's Edge!

Mellysa Harris

Disneyland Park has to be one of my favorite theme parks around Los Angeles. It's always a pleasure to go ever since I was a kid. I really enjoy it even as an adult. If you have never gone you definitely should go. I know it's getting busier and busier each year but still fun to go.

Sugar Quinn

Absolutely LOVE this park. Very magical no matter what yout age. I'm celebrating my 1 yr anniversary with my fiance. Happy Halloween

Bryan Curiel

Disneyland is great! I have been going to Disneyland since I was two years old and it has really never lost it's magic. Things can be pricey, but know if you're bringing a kid for the first time they will always remember it . Purchase a maxpass through the app before you go because it will save you some time with fast passes as well as it will let you download photos that the photographers take of you and your family.

Kevin Lopez-Mohedano

Such a wonderful experience! It was the first time for my kids and they absolutely loved it. And it's just as much fun as I remember from when I was a kid. The Max Pass option is great and everything is just so clean and organized - Disney really knows how to treat you right!

Jessica Campbell

We had fun, the kids had even more fun, but walking around that land had my legs hurting in muscles I didnt know existed. Better water options, more budget friendly options. The tickets are enough to get in, why does everything else need to cost so much too?

Carwyn Potbury

Had issues with pre paid vouchers. Disney did not accept digital copies. We had to provide printed hard copy before tickets were issued. This caused an early issue but the rest of the day was great.

Ben Johnson

There's a reason why they call it the happiest place on Earth. Disneyland is a great place to go for a day or a week, if I could stay forever I'd never leave. The staff are friendly, the rides are fun, and the shows are amazing. You never have to grow up while you're hear. Definitely one of my favourite places to be.

Susan Zenonian

Mid-September visit. Crowds not too terrible. The park is beautiful. Autumn is our favorite time to visit. Days in the low 80's, evenings low 60's.

A Google User

Well if you can't have fun here you cannot have fun anywhere. Even if you're older like my friend and I who decided to go and have lunch and hang out at Disneyland and watched the people go by, Go during one of the seasons like Halloween or Christmas and see all their decorations and just relax you'll go on a rider to like pirates of the Caribbean which is always wonderful or The Haunted mansion... A lot of people watching and an excellent dinner or lunch and you will have a fabulous day even if you don't go on many rides.

Allison Gaspar

Disney truly is the most magical place for children...and adults haha. My kids have had an absolute wonderful time exploring, meeting their favorite characters and having a blast on rides. Highly recommend.


Disneyland itself is an amazing place to visit and yes the kids and adults love it, but be prepared for the most packed out place you have ever visited. My kids were tired of waiting 2 hours in every line to get on a ride. Happiest place on earth, depends on who you ask, I wasnt happy in the 2.5hr wait to go on a ride.

Rita Loy

I like going to Disneyland so much that I bought a season pass. A good day for me is one where I come and stay as long as I want to. I don't have to ride any rides to enjoy my stay. But today I did. I just enjoy every visit I make.

Jordan Baker

I would live here if the food wasn't so expensive. I've always loved this place and I don't think there is much that could change my mind. My only regret is not taking more time off work.

Steven Hale

I am a big Disneyland fan and had an annual pass for a few years, but now it is too expensive to go. I really enjoy the Jungle Cruise and Star Tours. I was also there for the opening of Galaxy Edge. If Disney will lower the prices, I will return.

Kristen Rigsby

Brand new parking structure and Disney still fails to organize parking. When entering the Mickey and friends parking structure there are 12 lanes to enter but no indicators to show which is open until you get all the way to the window to pay. A constant problem is as I watch vehicles enter open lanes, only to have to merge at the front of an already busy lane. Please, fix your structure or get more employees to direct traffic. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting 30min to get in the structure and then watch 20 people merge in front of you who drove over the cones to get in.

Katherine Cook

I love Disneyland! There is SO much to see and do and it's all really great. Is it pricey? Yes, but the memories made make it worth it, I believe.

Jennifer C-K

Of the multitude of amusement parks studding the Southern California map, no one does it quite like Disney. I'm not saying it's actually my happiest place on earth (it's still a crowded money pit with long lines), but I can't help feeling the magic a little after a day there. The production value is high, the employees are professional, and the vibe of the whole park feels, for lack of a better word, special.

Don McGuire

I'm 61 years old and this still one of my favorite places. I've been going here since 1963. Unfortunately, the.prices are kind of out of my league any more, so its just going to have to be a fond memory now.

David Yancey

The park is well maintained and the staff are helpful and friendly. We went in September to a kid the summer break deluge of kids. It was a good time to go. Cooler weather and less crowded.

Elena Cor

Happiest place on earth, staff is really nice. I didn't know but if you buy the max pass ticket you can ask for a fast pass in the app otherwise you can do it every two hours in the machines, lovely experience for kids and grown-ups :)

Joel Galindo

My girlfriend and I just got annual passes and we love it! Remember, if your planning on going more then 2 times a month, might as well get the second best one or else you'll pay more due to parking.

Jeffrey Cobb

It's changed a lot from what I remember as a kid. The lines were long but "fast-pass" helped with most of that on the popular rides. The "cast members" were generally pretty friendly. AND CHEWBACCA WAS GREAT! He gave me an awesome photo op.

Breanne Broesky

LOVE LOVE LOVE! We are going back this Halloween and made sure we got the Halloween tickets! Such a magical experience! Some of the rides we wanted were closed but everything and more looks like it is open this year!!!!

GND Devine

First of all to start my rating this is legit the best place on earth hands down. Nothing bad i can say i am an annual pass holder which means i get to come here alot. Place is prob the best place to go with a family or friend . Many options for single riders over all nothing bad

Michele Weslander Quaid

We are big Disney fans and Disneyland is the classic. They've kept it up to date by adding new experiences like Star Wars Galaxy's Edge that includes Smugglers Run on the iconic Millennium Falcon. The parks are clean, the staff is friendly and in characters, and it offers a quality experience.

vincenza arreola

The HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH ! I always love to go here and get away from my problems .... let’s me be a kid at heart for awhile. The music , the entertainment and the rides .... oh how I love them ! I absolutely love how each land has a theme and the cast members dress accordingly down lands act the part ! This makes it so immersive!!!

Kristina Derosier

Amazing rides (especially Indiana Jones) and great atmosphere. All of the details on every ride are so on point and it feels just like stepping into the movies. Star Wars Land is amazing! There is something for everyone-regardless of age. And it definitely feels like a magical place; the fireworks show is also absolutely incredible.

tracey florence

I wish I stayed in Anaheim longer! I wasn’t able to go on everything, but I managed to do a lot With only one day there. You definitely need more than one day to cover everything! Was an amazing experience!!

Aurora Alston

Truly the happiest place on Earth! The experience and the rides were worth the wait. I would go back again.

Edwin Rivera III

My whole family loved our experience. The weather was perfect. My son got to see all the super heroes. Food is pricey but it is what it is. The park was very clean & their selection of music to play through the park was excellent. The water show will make you feel like a kid again.

Patti T.

Docking bay 7 is probably one of the tastiest places to eat at disneyland. The menu was interesting and with flavors on each dish that complimented each other well. And the decor is fantastic if you are a Star Wars fan.

Marcus Ho

I especially love the roller coaster! it accelerates to top speed in just a matter of seconds and I was really thrilled by it! its my first time riding on such a roller coaster! coolest ride ever I would say! the show at night is simply magnificent as well! love it!

Dylan Ly

Great place love it there (like most people do) and the atmosphere is just perfect as people of all ages can enjoy and capture the magic for themselves. They also allow children 3 and under into the park for free also allowing new parents to enjoy the magic with their newborn child. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is also a new land which is available to the public with brand new attractions!

Stacey Adair

Once you're inside it's wonderful...just wish that the parking and security and tickets line were a bit faster. I will say thank the Lord for the separate wheelchair entrance line. What a blessing. Got to get away from the strollers

Sabin Astralis

Super fun and awesome place. I love the feel. Lots of stuff to do and tons of shopping. I love the pins and the customization some of their stuff has. The new additions are absolutely fantastic and really add a lot to the park. It's very well done. You sometimes can get a little lost at times but all in all you can find your way around pretty quickly. Only problem I have is it can get crowded at times. Besides that it's very well done.

Bryce Hendrickson

Disneyland is entertaining for people of of all ages. There are so many things to do not just rides. Every corner is meticulously thought out and cared for. The shows and character meet and greets are fantastic. It is a lot of walking so wear appropriate shows.

Sanjay Guragain

Long wait times as usual, however fast pass makes make rides bearable. Galaxy's edge was awesome. The architecture is amazing. Disney has spent a lot of money to making this as close to movie as possible. It will give the feeling to actually being in the movie set. Ride wait times are long but if you want faster rides then just use single rider option. We were able to complete the ride in less than 20 minutes.

chris kramlich

The "cast" members were all so very nice and more than helpful ,the park was clean as always .the reason we went was for the Electric light parade and that was a good show, the only I had was that the parade started to late they had two shows 840 and 945 it was plenty dark enough to start earlier than that ,but all in all it was a great trip and time at the park

Rick Sanchez

Haven't been back in a long time, they've added quite a bit of great new things. Unfortunately though we experienced several rides breaking down, one while we were on it (Splash Mountain). We waited in line over an hour for Haunted Mansion and it broke down as well. We waited for some update but never got one and left the line. They need to do a better job communicating what's going on with guests Still a fun experience though overall.

Valinda Henry

For the first time ever, we bought Annual Passes because of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. There are tremendous benefits to this that I never even considered when we bought them. I figured if I went once a month I’d break even. What it has turned into is every visit is an experience. We downloaded the app and we now map out what rides we’d like to ride, restaurants we’d like to eat at, and take our time enjoying the experience and what the park has to offer. I can’t wait to see the park during Halloween and Christmas and everything in between. I have noticed that the park has stepped up their food quality which is important and impressive.

megan janet

Well, who doesn't like Disneyland! I hadn't been here since I was young and absolutely enjoyed seen all the new stuff as well as all of the rides that I remember from childhood. Somehow everything seems smaller than what I remembered in my memory but, I was probably the one who is smaller

William M Fillpot

Went trick or treating at Disneyland with the kids. They loved it and got more candy then on Halloween. You need seperate tickets for it, and they are usually sold out ahead of time, so check online for tickets before planning on attending.

Danielle Calderon

I love Disneyland. I love that they only allow certain sized strollers & that you can bring in your own water bottles and food. Staff is always so friendly and bathrooms are always clean, no matter how busy. I HIGHLY recommend getting the Max Pass, 1,000% worth it, especially for us childless millennials.


Great vacation! Full of Disney Magic! Love the way this entire park area is laid out. Compact. Walkable. Outatanding. More family friendly in terms of walking then World.

Carlos martinez

Just got back from Disneyland and had an amazing time! It's the best amusement park ever! Watched my favorite parade ever, the Main Street Electrical parade and still get awestruck! Even had time to check out the Star Wars Galaxy Edge land and let me just say: wow! The attention detail is incredible! All in all, there's something for everybody at Disneyland!

carlos castaneda

Amazing place for the whole family. You can take snacks, water bottles, pre made sandwiches and chips. They have water fountains to refill your water bottles unless you want to pay $5 for new one. Make sure to down load the App and buy the fast pass it is worth it. It will save lots of time and energy you don't have to walk as much. Take time off during the day and go take the mono rail to down town Disney for cheaper eats and drinks.

Chris Allan

It was everything we expected. So much to do. All good. But wow - so many people!!!!! Once in, if you buy food and gifts, expect to haemorrhage money. It was clean. Long lines. The staff are wonderful and helpful. The rides were incredible. The kids loved it. The parents had a great time. I can’t complain - I expected the negatives.

Eric Evans

Loved it as a kid, love it as an adult. But man the place is so magical you can feel it draining the money from your wallet just standing in line waiting for it too open. Only making it closer for those who love the place question if its worth it.

Michelle Pena

Just renewed our annual passes! My happy place! Love Disneyland! I'm a big fan. Since I was a kid. I take my son here.

Paul Barna

My wife and I had a good time at Disneyland. I had not been to this Disney Park since I was a kid. I have been to Disney World in Florida countless times, so my evaluation is a comparison of the two. The main difference that was evident from the start of the day is Disney Land is far more congested than Disney World. I enjoyed Galaxy's Edge and our time at the park.

XxEmo WolvexX

Really nice experience especially when you bring your family or friends with you, my only concerns are when the ride is under maintenance. and you have booked a fast pass, after the long walk to get there you find out that its temporary closed. I would wish to get a confirmation about the status of the ride if it closes down. Other then that had I had an amazing time.

Sebastian Arredondo

I had an amazing experience in Disney! I never believed that it felt like magic when you were in the park. The fantasia performance and the closing parade were amazing also the new Galaxy's Edge was amazing, and the experience of building a light saber was superb, and it's a must try experience

Robyn Nash

It's always a treat when I get to visit this magical place. I think we can all agree that the lines sometimes get ridiculously long, but there's really no other place quite like Disneyland. The max pass and fast passes make it a little easier to cruise through crowds, too. I'll be back again soon for Halloween time!

The Elite Friends

This is an amazing place to go, and there are really no words to describe it! It’s such a wonderful magical place with such great detail. You will always find that the smallest detail makes everything look amazing! The rides are something that is incredible, you will never see them anywhere else on Earth! They are awesome and fun! Definitely 5 stars! There is no place better on Earth!


The new Galaxy's Edge area is bigger than I expected and you can fly the Falcon in a new interactive ride experience. The Cantina is also an amazing worth the visit.

Rana Hassaan

The happiest place on earth. From the moment you get near by the gates and hear the music inside disneyland you get extremely happy. All the staff are smiling and helpful. All the games inside gives you a happy feeling. The fireworks is delightful.

romeo carlos

Beautiful theme park. Visiting the place felt like I am reliving my childhood. It really brought the child back in me. You should visit this place at least once in your lifetime. Once you visit this place, you’ll know why it is called the happiest place on earth.!

Cassi Ferree

So many options for food and entertainment. I did some research and made sure we ate where my kids would eat and it made a huge difference. Don't do Disneyland without the Disneyland app. Great atmosphere at night. So fun to see my little ones light up when they saw all the characters.

Andrew Little

I'm 37 and this was my first visit to Disneyland and it was amazing, I felt like a kid again. I must have gotten lucky because there were hardly any wait times and I got to ride all the rides I wanted. The characters weren't out as much as I would've liked but I did get to take my picture with a few and I had some great food, expensive but good. All and all, I think everyone knows Disneyland is the most happiest place on earth

Stacey Adair

Once you're inside it's wonderful...just wish that the parking and security and tickets line were a bit faster. I will say thank the Lord for the separate wheelchair entrance line. What a blessing. Got to get away from the strollers

Salina Vonn

Who doesn't love Disneyland!? It was MAGICAL! My little one had an amazing time on her birthday she has not stopped talking about it. Staff members we run into being our first timers were all nice and extremely helpful with any questions we had they had the answer immediately. Can't wait to go back soon!

michael noonan

Great fun for the whole family!! Disneyland and parks.we had a great time enjoying the two parks.we got fastpass to shorten lines to some ready for lots of walking because we did about 8 miles a day from open to closing.super place for children to see!

Trisha Maclachlan

Always fun. Wish they lower prices on food and drinks.

Kathryn Coon

Was a lot of fun and everyone was very helpful and nice. Only had an issue with one person in the parking garage one day, who wouldn't let us park in wheelchair accessible area even though we have handicap plates and a wheelchair in the vehicle. Other than that one instance, we had no issues with parking or other areas. Awesome vacation place!!

Becki Cornett

Fun for families of all ages! The cast members really strive to make your experience magical. They are wonderful with helping individuals with food allergies and sensitivities. They are continually striving to make your experience a great one!


It's popular and you just can't avoid the crowds. Very hot in summer, especially waiting in line in the sun. I wished they provide cover above and water spray to keep people cool like Universal Studios HW. All the rides are great. The fireworks and shows are just breathtaking. Advice: Plan ahead.

Ruth Ocegueda

Love it.. if you have dogs and want to leave them here at the kennel, arrive early before the park opens so you can get one of the big ones.. I feel comfortable being here now that I can care for them myself.

Jesse Contreras

Part of our vacation. My wife and I would take the kids when they were little now grown and with children of their own have visited many times. This time just us two. I am glad they have tighten security over the years with added police protection. You can have fun

Danitra Parker

Never fails to be a magical wonderland of fun! I even enjoy going solo. Recently the park has been pretty empty and lines are relatively short

R Mayo

Great park and love the quaintness as compared to Disney World, where I grew up. However, due to fast pass and max pass, we rode two rides in three hours. Modern ride methods have ruined the experience for me.

Roberta Gravelle

Busy. You really need to buy a Max pass ($15 each) to enjoy the popular rides otherwise you spend most of your day in line. Some lines are more enjoyable than others. Would have liked to have the option of a refillable souvenir cup like universal studios has because not many places to fill up a water bottle. Can bring in a filled water bottle but if you are trying to stay hydrated it empties fast.

Marco Passalacqua

Pretty lucky because it Halloween time but frankly speaking I was expecting something better from the first Disneyland. Even the Galaxy Edge didn't really shock me. The location is cool and the Millennium Falcon is great but the ride is not so exiting. I've never been to the one in Florida (I've been at Disney Animal Kingdom in Orlando that it's great) but Disneyland Paris is better.


We had a great time at Disneyland. I think we lucked out because it was an extremely “quiet” day (still plenty of people, but we were told most wait times were absolutely minimal). We got to experience everything we wanted to, and most rides were under a 20 minute wait. We got to spend plenty of time walking around Galaxy’s Edge, which was phenomenal.

Melissa Silverhorn

The employees really make the experience special. You're allowed to bring in your own food, which saves a ton of money if you do so. Souviners are decently priced. Use the Fast Pass Max pass and get unlimited photo downloads from all rides and photo op spots, and fast passes on your phone that last longer than the regular fast pass machines.

Silent Dreams

Came during the Halloween time. Absolutely loved it. So much fun seeing all the decorations and characters in Halloween costumes. I think this is my favorite time of year to come.

pH Ayers

Galaxy's Edge was hands down the best thing I've seen at Disneyland in a long time. Buy the max pass and download both the Disneyland app and the play Disney app. Play Disney let's you play Pokemon Go style games while your waiting in line or walking around Galaxy's Edge. Fun experience.

Julia Borkowski

Had lots of fun! Of course it wasn't the same as DisneyWorld but there was some disappointing aspects of the park, one was that the joyfulness of the employees weren't too much fun, some of them were fantastic but a lot of them were very down and not joyful at all! The other thing was that there was only a COUPLE of characters spotted throughout the entire park, which was kind of disappointing as the youngest was looking forward to that the most. We did like that the park was smaller which made it so much easier to get to each part of the park!

Robert Lazo

Awesome experience! With such multitude of people going in and out of the restrooms, I was impressed on how the custodial staff always kept them cleaned and stocked. Great job custodial staff!! Everything else was great!

Elise Langiano

Of course Disneyland is the best way to spend any day of the week. The hopper pass is definitely worth the extra cost, since the park has so many upgrades and good food options. The overall cost of Disneyland is super high, but with planning and and all the helpful resources on the app, it helps to manage you day and make it as efficient as possible. We also added the fast track upgrade, which is really recommend. Hopefully they keep that feature for a while!

Shawn San Roman

Great time, fun rides, long lines. You know it's a Disney park. Go early. Stay late. Halloween time is cool for the Haunted Mansion. Mark Twain Riverboat rules. Indiana Jones ride just might be the best!

Arnold Winkler

Took the whole family there enjoyed by all, some major walking to capture all events the first day but the next two days was more enjoyable and hit our favorite rides. You got to try the smoked Turkey Leg. Awesome treat enjoyed by the Adults.

Dizziiney Nut

Love, love, love this place. Cast members are always awesome. (Remember to be kind to them. They are not there for you to abuse) not too crowded. Had the best time

Cardizz.19 13

I had a great time with my family! The staff at the restaurant we were eating at the park near the dumbo ride were very nice! We went in a Thursday it wasn’t as crowded as other time I’ve been there, I definitely recommend the Star Wars ride & Tomorrowland rides which were really cool, Disneyland is amazing.

Tom Brendon

Life saver! Freshly is my staple for having a life instead of shopping, meal prepping, and then eating the same thing for a week. Love the meals, they are healthy, balanced and taste great. The first time I ordered one of each (well almost since there a LOT of choices) from there I figured out real quick which ones I liked and which I didn't care for. I have been ordering these every week for 3 months and love it!! Please press up

Ryan Foristal

It’s Disneyland! How can you not have a good time? You will have to deal with crowds. We liked parking at hotels across the street to help avoid having to ride a shuttle to the park.

Brock Whittaker

Any Disney Park is a must to see. California has a great magic in its own park and you will love to go during any season! I just loved it!

teddy durham

Loved most of the place. Food was excellent, the people were very friendly. The reason Disneyland didn't get a 5 star is because of the fast pass. I don't think that it is fair that people was in line for a hour and 15 minutes and other people just walk up and get on the ride before them, especially when they have small children excited about going on the ride. Disneyland needs to come up with a better system than what they have. Other than that I loved the place.

ilker Aktuna

It was my second visit to the park in Anaheim after a long period from 2008. I saw that the park had many additions besides the new Galaxy's Edge. This park is not like the small one in Paris. Also Galaxy's Edge is beautiful but I really would prefer to see the missing attraction.

Roseanne Murphy

This empire started with an idea...a mouse. It's grown over the years and the magic has never left. What an incredible experience. The staff keep the parks looking beautiful. The rides are creative and thrilling. Fast pass makes a big difference. Great idea. We can't wait to visit again. Have fun!

claudia cruz

Love this place since I was a kid....sure it is costly esp for a family of 6 but worth the time spent together making memories and seeing our kids joy and happiness. A lot of walking in store, lines were not bad compared to other visits. Only thing I dislike is having to be at Main Street long before a parade or light show starts or else the park workers shoo you away and you can't see the event. Some people don't visit for 3 days to waste time waiting for a show instead of taking advantage of the time to go on rides n such....

Hunter Morgan

My mom told me that she saw me and everyone in a very positive mood with happy faces and laughs. That was many years ago. As each year goes by it has been more expensive, extremely crowded and more unhappy. I see people all the time leave out of line because it is too long. I'm sure my mom has left a good review but as the years go by and we all get older this three star review could possible go lower.

Roland Seh

One simple word. Awesome!! We booked the tickets and car park on line and on arrival there were staffs on hand to guide us on the parking area and there were trams to bring you from and to the car park area. We came on a Sunday and though the crowd were a lot, we still didn't wait very long, 20 to 40 minutes were the max. We enjoyed the rides and shows. The staffs are friendly and the place are so well kept. Highly recommended for kids and not so young kids.. like me!

JS 310

Amazing theme park. Left there a happier person. Really should be experienced at least once in your life. Stayed at Disneyland hotel and was just a magical as the park. Thank you Walt Disney for creating an amazing place to visit and create great memories

Alma Reyes L

As all of you know this is the place where dreams come true! Any Disney Park is a must to see. California has a great magic in its own park and you will love to go during any season! I just loved it!

jayson aldape

Disneyland is always a great place to be and is fun. Now that they finally finished building Star wars land. It's even better and so far it's a lot less crowded. Opens up a lot more room.

Kevin Nelson

Lots of fun to be had. I loved the Indiana Jones ride. And who doesn't love the pirates of the CARIBBEAN? Lines on the first monday in October were much longer than expected.

Laura Essence

Such a lovely experience all round. The rides are amazing. The staff are all super helpful and it's great that they are all dressed in theme with the part of the park they work in. It's also an incredibly clean park as well. The only reason I'm giving it 4 starts is because they have the other park on the same grounds and you have to pay separately to get in there. Seeing as it cost over £400 for 3 of us for 1 park, it's clearly a way to make even more money as there is no reason why it can't be all one park.

Pierpaolo Occhino

This place is magical. the only amusement park inaugurated by Walt Disney in person, becomes part of history as one of the largest amusement parks in the world. they are two parks with deferred entrances, you can choose whether to do them both in one day (but it's really difficult) or choose one of the parks and enjoy every attraction and every part full of details. attractions are treated to impressive levels, spectacular and perfect animation. it's not just a park for children, you can even be 80 or be sad about anything else in the world, but in here there is nothing but happiness. Have fun!

Jessica Smith

The original Disney! Love all of the classics like space and thunder mountain, haunted Mansion, and pirates. Indiana Jones is by far one of the best rides, though! It can be a great fun day or just a relaxing take it slow and people watch.


Park is so clean. Everything is always organized so well. Price is getting out of hand. But you get what you pay for. I will be back every chance I get

Irina Rochon

It was wonderful! No lines in the morning because most people rushed to the new Star Wars section! Went on Pirates, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, and Haunted Mansion with virtually no line. I would also recommend getting the photo pass with the in-app fast pass option. It saved us so much time with the fast passes and we got wonderful photos to keep!

Mary Rumsey

The new Star Wars world is amazing! My son made a droid that interacts with surroundings. Disney is so different than when I was a kid. Gets better all the time.

Phillip Coonce

I absolutely love Disneyland. It was so much fun! They know how to make everything not only great. But I had just been through Brain surgery, when I was there a couple months ago, so they did everything to take care of me. Thank you, with ALL my heart ❤ God bless you ALL.

Sam Sachs

As iconic as they come in terms of theme parks. With so many classics such as The Haunted Mansion and The Matterhorn combined with an entourage of new attractions such as Star Wars land, you can truly get lost exploring all there is to see here. We brought our two year old with us, and even though she was too small for some of the rides, she was tall enough for at least half of the attractions. She absolutely loved every second of being here. If you play the fast pass system well enough, you can avoid most of the longest waits. Definitely download the app to stay up to date with wait times around the park.

Mike Ghanbari

Awesome place for people of all ages. Loved it. Great service for families. Parking is nicely placed. There are something for all to have fun.


What can you say about Disneyland? It's a beautiful place, it's majestic and wonderful, it's the place that everyone wants to visit. I stayed in it for almost eleven hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. They say that this is the place where all dreams come true... It is indeed. I recommend to visit it, you will not regret it.

Daniel White

The fireworks moved me emotionally...the snow was magical. The best family vacation ever! Every single person we interacted with was positive and gave great customer service! Can't wait to go back!

Valli Aman

Well if you can't have fun here you cannot have fun anywhere. Even if you're older like my friend and I who decided to go and have lunch and hang out at Disneyland and watched the people go by, Go during one of the seasons like Halloween or Christmas and see all their decorations and just relax you'll go on a rider to like pirates of the Caribbean which is always wonderful or The Haunted mansion... A lot of people watching and an excellent dinner or lunch and you will have a fabulous day even if you don't go on many rides.

Ali bushehri

I would definitely come back to Disney land park because compared to other Disney parks, it’s easier to get around and the weather is much better in California. The shops also have better Disney products than other Disney parks I’ve visited. This might be a slightly biased review because I have my first Disney memory in this park.

Alice K

The attention to detail at Galaxy age is beyond description. From the sights and sounds really feel like you’re on another planet. The characters do a great job. A friend of mine son, built his own light saber and I got to watch. I thought it was a bit pricey at first but the show and narration while you are building the light saber is well worth it if you are a real fan. there are lots of shops and the drinks in the Cantina were fantastic. You can easily spend several hours in this part of the park.

Arthur Zepeda

A visit to the happiest place on earth! We love our visits to Disneyland. And now with Galaxy’s Edge! Soon, they will open the second ride at GE. The new land was not too busy.

Brandon H

Was amazing. Fast Pass was worth every penny. It gives you the digital download to your phone for all the pictures you get on the rides. There are photographers there as well and the pictures will be downloaded to your phone. Went on all rides several times waited less than 10 minutes for every ride. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Roya Dardashti

It is Disneyland after all and when you are inside it, it is just wonderful. You will revive the child in you and there are lots of interesting rides. I am totally fond of rides specifically those with water. There are parking issues a bit so check that out earlier.

Cj Pink

Amazing family vacation Disney goes over the details and takes care of you. It's everything you think it is plus more, a must-see for anybody especially families. My daughter will never forget her seventh birthday spent in California.

Rod Prontue

Absolutely brilliant day out no matter what your age. Even though it has been some time since I was there I can remember it so well. We spent the entire day there and the time went in the blink of an eye. Great fun on all of the rides that we went on and lots of other thoroughly interesting places to explore. No matter what your age you will have a great time. Would recommend going here to everyone.

Tayler C

It's the happiest place on earth! With the new app, getting fast passes is so much easier than it used to be. They go to great lengths to keep the park clean and safe, which is great for those of us with kids that are still young enough to eat food off the ground.

K A Crowell

Despite the cost, Disneyland is still worth the money to visit. I'd give them a 5 if it was more affordable for the average family. No one does the ride experience like them. Something for everyone!

dustin byrnes

My family and I went to Disneyland for our summer vacation and had the time of our lives. My daughter absolutely loved it! Everything is super expensive inside the park but it's well worth it.

Candace Larson

Loved everything about Disneyland land. The fireworks moved me emotionally...the snow was magical. The best family vacation ever! Every single person we interacted with was positive and gave great customer service! Can't wait to go back!

CJ Trachta

It was a very wonderful day. I went with my in-laws and had a delightful time. We took an 08:00 monorail into the park and left around 23:15. I felt like I got to see everything that I wanted to, and was thrilled throughout.


Second time in my life I went when I was 12 now 22 years later it's my sons 10th birthday what a great experience the staff from top to bottom is so friendly and helpful, again what a great experience (3 day park hopper and fast pass, 1 2 year old free, 1 9 year old, 2 adults $1300) bring snacks and frozen water bottles(so they thaw as you ready to drink them) to cut down on costs

Celine Kim

We came on a hot summer Monday, and were pleasantly surprised to see lines were shorter than an hour! Since we had the Park Hopper pass, we were able to experience both Disneyland and California Adventure, which made the experience even better. If you can't get your hands on a Park Hopper pass, I'd recommend Disneyland for those with younger kids, and for those with older (or no) kids, California Adventure definitely has a bigger collection of the more thrilling rides. I highly recommend getting yourself a map to plan out your route, because not all rides have the fast pass option available.

Yen Luong

Loved the experience! First timer and went for a couple days, but got used to how things worked after a few hours. The Disney app helps with time management. We found that the new Star Wars themed section has exceeded expectations. Magnificently built to scale and details are amazing.

Monicca Winters

Everything is fantastic. Amazing rides (especially Indiana Jones) and great atmosphere. All of the details on every ride are so on point and it feels just like stepping into the movies. Star Wars Land is amazing! There is something for everyone-regardless of age. And it definitely feels like a magical place; the fireworks show is also absolutely incredible.


A wonderful place where you can have so much fun. Everything very detailed and with love designed. I payed 129 $ during week in september

Josh Greenberg

Disneyland is well, Disneyland! What can be said about it!! There is a facility of car parking. There are nice, amazing staffs. If you want to avoid crowd, go on weekdays. There are plenty of rides for you to try. The place is well-kept and clean. Highly recommended place for kids!

Kody Jensen

Love Disney Land. Galaxy's Edge was fun to walk through. The Halloween food specials they had going were amazing. Especially the funnel cake.

Tamara Todd

It's been over 7-years since my last visit. So worth the wait! Love the seasonal Halloween decor on all my favorite rides.

Kyle Turner

How could you not rate this 5 stars! Make sure to get the Max Passes because it allows you to get fast passes directly in the app. This makes planning the day so much easier! It also shows you to save all your in park photos to the app. If I had to find a fault it would be more bathrooms and better signage for them, but that's mostly because we were potty training at the time.

Gerardo Grajeda

Place is fun, exciting, and relaxing. Customer service is excellent overall. However, food and items you wish to buy are expensive.

Jules Johnson

Its truly magical. Its super expensive. I recommend bringing your own water. A lot of the rides don't have shade while you're waiting on line. The band, parade, characters and decor are all outstanding. I love how the shop employees stay in character. I'm almost 40 and was squealing like a little kid.

Brandon Ruiz

I'm not giving this the most magical place on earth 3 stars for lack things to do. This place can be so much fun, unfortunately when we went, the wait times were so long that we really didnt get to do a whole lot. Was hoping my son's first experience to Disneyland would be much more magical than it turned out to be. Plus the price for tickets adds up when you have a family. I guess we will have to wait a while before he gets to experience the magic that Disney should be.

Mario Cisneros

We are a Disney family! We come as many times as possible. Very happy with all the new upgrades to rides and food around the park. We are fans for life! We really like how the fast pass works here at Disneyland Park, we actually used it to its fullest. Must use it if you visit.

Dulci Torres

You’ll feel like a kid again when you enter this magical Theme park! They have the complete souvenir shops that you visit and buy from. Restaurant is of course a bit pricy. Make sure to keep your receipt if you dine in for validation at the parking.

dunia terakhir

Unbelievable an amazing place. So nice many things you can see and do. It cost you $199 for 2 difference entrance between Disneyland park and the I other places.

Andrea H.

It's Disneyland. There's nothing else like it in the world. I grew up nearby and worked at the park for a summer, but I experienced it this time with someone who had been only once and hadn't seen it all. That made it all fresh and new. It's still a wonderful place. The cast members make it magical.

Alexander Lajes

I have not been here for about 25 years. I still find it exciting and I still find it fresh after all these years. keep going Disney we love you. From San Francisco

jennie black

The star wars ride was awesome. It stated the wait was 60 minutes but it went much faster than that.Si don't let the wait time scare you.

Elva C

They say its the Happiest place on Earth!!! I don't like strangers staring at me lol. This doesn't make me so happy. But i enjoy all the rides.

Enrique Arredondo

Always a great time. All annual passes above deluxe, when buying into the new Flex pass will retain free parking. Just make sure you buy it before you let your current membership expire. Just wanted to pass along the love.

Heather Houston

Happiest place on earth, older Disneyland staff weren't as patient with disabled visitors, a downfall of not giving out a DAS placard anymore and autistic adults not "looking disabled" to park staff. The constant explanation on every ride is stressful and exhausting for caregivers. Captain America was the BEST and interacted directly with my son and he smiled the best smile I've ever seen.

Jaime Putnam

It was a perfect fall day for Halloween Time. Crowd levels were low. A beautiful day at the parks! Main Street Electrical Parade is the perfect way to end the day!

Ashish Nair

What can I say! It is the most magical place on Earth. Totally enjoyed my visit to both of the theme parks. Would 100% LOVE to visit again!

David Austin

Great day at Disney! drove it parked in the toy story lot and took the free shuttle from there to Disney it was great and a shuttle back when you done,very convenient.

Eric Miller

The attention to detail at Galaxy age is beyond description. From the sights and sounds really feel like you’re on another planet. The characters do a great job. A friend of mine son, built his own light saber and I got to watch. I thought it was a bit pricey at first but the show and narration while you are building the light saber is well worth it if you are a real fan. there are lots of shops and the drinks in the Cantina were fantastic. You can easily spend several hours in this part of the park.

Will Morrow

The classic. Try not to go during peak times (Labor Day weekend etc). Research the fastpass process to maximize your efficiency waiting in lines. Yes, it will be packed. Yes, with a full day, you can ride every ride in the park, some multiple times, with time enough for some food and rest in between. It's a great experience, but you get what you give.

DNA Joshua Geist

How can this place get any better, nother can compare to the joy that me and my family feel when we go here! It's truly a magical place, like no other. I strongly urge any family or just person to go there and enjoy your self! Take the day the weekend what ever! But experience this!!

Devora Kelley

No reason to waste your money on fast pass as they limit the number of rides you can use it on. Averages to 1 ride per hour. There are so many people it's hard to enjoy. I feel like it's all about money and not about the experience.

Jennifer Thatcher

It's home


Disneyland Park, originally Disneyland, is the first of two theme parks built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955. It is the only theme park designed and built to completion under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. It was originally the only attraction on the property; its official name was changed to Disneyland Park to distinguish it from the expanding complex in the 1990s. It is the oldest Disney Park in the world. Walt Disney came up with the concept of Disneyland after visiting various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 1940s. He initially envisioned building a tourist attraction adjacent to his studios in Burbank to entertain fans who wished to visit; however, he soon realized that the proposed site was too small. After hiring a consultant to help him determine an appropriate site for his project, Disney bought a 160-acre (65 ha) site near Anaheim in 1953. Construction began in 1954 and the park was unveiled during a special televised press event on the ABC Television Network on July 17, 1955. Since its opening, Disneyland has undergone expansions and major renovations, including the addition of New Orleans Square in 1966, Bear Country (now Critter Country) in 1972, Mickey's Toontown in 1993, and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in 2019.[2] Opened in 2001, Disney California Adventure Park was built on the site of Disneyland's original parking lot. Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other theme park in the world, with 726 million visits since it opened (as of December 2018). In 2018, the park had approximately 18.6 million visits, making it the second most visited amusement park in the world that year, behind only Magic Kingdom, the very park it inspired.[3] According to a March 2005 Disney report, 65,700 jobs are supported by the Disneyland Resort, including about 20,000 direct Disney employees and 3,800 third-party employees (independent contractors or their employees).[4] Disney announced "Project Stardust" in 2019, which included major structural renovations to the park to account for higher attendance numbers.[5]


Land is different from World, in that in Disneyland the experience is closer together and easily accessible. It will still take more than a day to see. But, it is not as overwhelming to the small child or the elder. Your Downtown Disney experience will escort you to the gates of the theme park.

Kyle Goldthorp

For my first time I liked it more then I thought I would. The best part was watching it all through my daughters eyes. Definitely made the family time and experience all worth. Thank you Disney.....and my wife for planning.

Duncan Cameron

Loved it and so did the kids. Such a good time and well organised for the numbers. Food was awful though. Service was great

Veronika Domnina

This place is perfect for family vacation. There is a Castle in the centre of Disney Park. In the evening castle burns with lights and have an amazing show with Disney princess. I advise you, to visit this park!!!)))

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