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REVIEWS OF Disney California Adventure Park IN California

Aydia EAston

It's Disneyland. There's not much to say about it. The food is amazing and the rides are so fun. Warning: There is a yeti with glowing blue eyes that will pop out at you in Matterhorn in Disneyland. At California Adventure, even the small smokey he bear park was cool. I wish I could have gone on the river bear ride, but it was closed :-(

Charlotte Lin

The rides were really good and fun, for example the cars ride was the best. The line is fast since we get FastPass when we go there. With the Disneyland resort app we can make mobile orders and see what rides there are

Rossana Rodriguez

Fun & exciting vibe, great ambiance all around. Appealing food choices, appreciate the variety. Staff is helpful & friendly.

Nicole Cruz

My first time at California Adventure, I loved every second of it. The cast members are kind and welcoming. The food was delicious. I had a blast and can’t wait to return.

Lightnings edge

Part of Disney so it's expected to be a well oiled machine of a park. Clean, efficient and excellent costumer service with great attention to detail. Guardians of the galaxy ride was probably my fave due to how wild it was. The cars land was legit just to walk around. The huge Mickey ferris wheel, however, was terrifying. Never again. The world of color was one of the best shows I've seen. Can't miss.

Lightnings edge

Part of Disney so it's expected to be a well oiled machine of a park. Clean, efficient and excellent costumer service with great attention to detail. Guardians of the galaxy ride was probably my fave due to how wild it was. The cars land was legit just to walk around. The huge Mickey ferris wheel, however, was terrifying. Never again. The world of color was one of the best shows I've seen. Can't miss.

Nick Abell

Who doesn't love California Adventure? Especially with how many plant-based and vegan options the good people at Disney have introduced! We love the laid-back atmosphere, especially when coming from the chaos that is usually Disneyland

Mellysa Harris

Disney California Adventure Park is right next to Disneyland. It does cost a little extra to go to but it is definitely worth checking out. Although kids can go... Adults will enjoy it as well because of the big kid rides.

José María Andrés Martín

We got the annual pass because this place is just too much fun. Get the hopper pass is possible and finish the day watching the truly spectacular water show at the California Adventure Park

Dar F

When my kids were growing up we had the annual passes and we would frequent the parks twice a week for lunch. When they got older we bought into DVC and would go for a week during the Christmas holidays and did the Disney cruise in Europe. Life has changed and now it's just me and my girlfriend and the park brings so many wonderful memories for me. The entry ticket pricing is just so expensive but while there, I had commented to my girlfriend as to how much they must make in a day as the park was so packed. We'll always be Disney fans but with thinner wallets.

Marcus Wang

It was great and the people are pretty helpful and polite. The rides are pretty fun just as fun as Disneyland park. I liked going to Disney’s California adventure too it was awesome. World of Color was excellent I enjoyed it.

Sugar Quinn

Love this place. My family can enjoy each other's company and fun rides and delicious food.

Jessica Campbell

We had fun, the kids had even more fun, but walking around that land had my legs hurting in muscles I didnt know existed. Better water options, more budget friendly options. The tickets are enough to get in, why does everything else need to cost so much too?

Ben Johnson

Love the California Adventure Park and all the rides there. The thing I love that they do in Disney parks that they don't in Universal is all the rides are actual authentic rides not 3D simulation rides. Simulation suck and Disney doesn't have those. I love experience the ride and this place has some really great rides. Grizzly River Run is a great water ride. The Little Mermaid Ride is a great ride for cooling down and beating the heat. The Incredicoaster is incredible. Just to name a few big name rides those are great. Every ride in the park is amazing. Disney does everything right

Allan Jay Garcia

Aloha! This is the best theme park ever. My kids love it and they have the most friendliest staff. The food and drinks are the best. Expensive yes but worth it. I always buy a turkey leg always whenever I’m here. I love Disney!!!

Allison Gaspar

We love Disney. If you eat in the parks, it's no more expensive than going out to eat at Red Robin. My kids (4, 3 and 18 mo) had such a wonderful time. We will definitely be back.

Duffmaster 888

Haven't been in three years. Lots of fun, only drawback is cost. It is getting ridiculous with all the recent pricing changes. I understand increasing gate prices to absorb the cost of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Factor in the cost of hotel and 3-day discounted tickets for a family of three and you are $1,300 in the hole, without travel costs or food. It can easily be a $2,000-$2,300 trip. Don't get me wrong, I love Disneyland, but these prices are really making me reconsider not coming back in the future. Come on Disney. You have to do better....

Yorkim Parmentier

10/10 can recommend this. The immersion is insane. Would definitely recommend 2-3 days for both parks while using the fast pass. Using the mobile applications enhances the experience further, though they're pretty 'crash' heavy.

Catherine Franks

Place was great. Need to tell what some ride are that r inside before they wait 45 min. to get on.. need signs up to respect other people ..some people especially the younger generation with kids who think the older generation should not be there..Disney is for the young and old...this was my first time there at 65..

Ruby Virgen

I love it but they close at 9'00 p m on Thursdays earlier than Disneyland. I recommend for people to do early because there's a lot of things to do and time goes by so quickly when you're having fun.


Super fun. 15 hours walking with a sprained ankle was 100% worth it to take my kids there for their first time and for my brother's 20th birthday. In 10 years a lot has changed, but all still fun.

Sean Kilmartin

Amazing experience, this park has something for everyone. Fast, slow, action packed, adult, child, shows, rides, This park seems busy in many ways. While similar to the hub and spoke theme park layout it also has surprises like the midway themed area! Colorful , fun and active. The nighttime water show is fun (try the desert party as a treat ) The massive Mickey themed Ferris wheel is a fun , relaxing 20 minutes with great views and Perot ops.

Vivian Lu

This is a great amusement park that I've been going to since I was a child. I always have a great time here and the ride was super fun especially if you have kids. Unfortunately it seems like the tickets are getting more and more expensive each year but it's a great place to go for a fun-filled day.

Alex Phillips

If you don't have a fun time here then there's probably something wrong with you! Disneyland is awesome!! I love the Incredicoaster! Space Mountain was a little scary for me, mainly because you're in a pitch black building riding a super fast coaster, but was fun either way. The Indian Jones ride was fun as hell and amazing!! The food is expensive there but honestly I think it's worth the prices. The food in the park is actually very good, which does justify the prices. The Cars ride, where you race the other car was very fun. Mission Breakout was insane, go on it. AND YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE WORLD OF COLORS SHOW!!!!! That will literally be the coolest thing you ever seen!! Guys, just go the park! See for yourself how amazing and fun the place is!

Jenice Jones

Great experience. Wonderful staff (except one who was really rude.... Not sure how /why you work at Disney) literally everything here is magical.

Lucia Rodriguez

Super cute place. I was in my childhood while I was here. The fireworks were awesome. Everything here reminds me of my golden days. I went Disneyland Park with my family and its always fun being here. Thank you so much for such contribution.

Sara Camille

I loved the California Adventure Park! Go to the more popular rides during the parade/fireworks or first thing during magic hours to avoid the line. Bring your own water bottle and refill at the stations. You can ask for a cup of ice at any of the restaurants. I love the vibe at the Pixar Pier and the food carts have some really delicious food. Tip: bring a light rain jacket (for the rapids ride), a backpack, water bottle, and comfy shoes.

Sharma G

Oh i just love going there, it is a great place to enjoy being a kid again. Amazing shows and the actors are great great. Entire staff just work everyday to make visitors feel WOW. A must visit attraction for anyone, any age. It is Magic!

emily langham

Really fun for a day our with friends. I would recommend California adventure over the classic Disneyland park for teenagers or a group of friends. However I would recommend Disneyland for families. Using the single line really saves you time and you can also order a fast pass for some rides. This way you get s specific time slot when you can come and join the ride a lot faster

Christopher Fordham

Love ❤️ love

Steele Snider

This was my first time here, though I've been going to Disneyland for 25 years now. It was pretty amazing. A lot better then I expected and much bigger. When I was a kid this was a giant parking lot. This is quite a bit different then Disneyland, but in a good way. Themed with Pixar and Marvel, it's a ton of fun to explore, especially if you have kids that have grown up watching both. I recommend taking a few days if you intend to spend time at both parks. The lines are really long, but the fast pass system helps. Word of advice: get there early and immediately grab a fast pass for the most popular attraction. Even doing that, you might not get in for a few hours. Take sunblock and some spending money, because the sun is hot and prices high. Otherwise it's epic. Enjoy!

Kristina Derosier

Love this place almost as much as Disneyland but still love Disneyland more. ;) Anyway, I would suggest a park hopper for 3 days then you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Mike Miller

It's a 5 star visit...but it's sooooo expensive. Your fun is limited to your funds. The kids love it too much for me to rate or lower. Customer service had dipped a tad bit still acceptable.

Randy Rugg

It is an excellent experience if you're with young children. As you get older the rides don't have the same excitement as Universal Studios or Great America Six Flags. But with the family it's a good time makes for enjoyable entertainment on vacation. Food in the park is quite expensive but it's very good and well done. Expect to spend a lot of money and have a good time.

Pranavi Rohit

One of the best amusement parks my family and I have been to. The rides aim towards the older crowd (ages 8 and up) but there are definitely rides available with a short wait time that can be appealing to younger riders. A must do is the Guardians of the Galaxy ride! Keep in mind though that the peak times to visit the park is the late morning until the evening. If you want to enjoy the most coveted rides (the ones with a long wait time!), go before or after that. It's best to target between 8:00am and 9:30am.

Jeremy Thomas

Disney California Adventure Park is amazing. I'd never been to a single Disney park before this one, and I guess my expectation was that it would be like any other theme park. There was something else, something magical about it, and I could really feel it as we walked around. It was so inclusive, and everybody was just so happy to be there. I would definitely go to a Disney park again!

Kirk Bagdasarian

California Adventure is totally different from Disneyland. It has more of a hang out vibe. There are less rides, but they're still good. But it's a place to walk around, have a drink, eat some food. It has a more relaxed and wide open atmosphere. The food festivals are the best times to go there, since there's so much more to do. The Animation Academy is a unique experience where you can learn to draw beloved characters, and I totally recommend doing it when you can. There's a lot to do if you know where to look. When you want a more relaxed day than one spent at Disneyland, California Adventure really does the trick.

Sam Sachs

Having been to many of the Disney parks around the world, this is my personal favorite. The park is themed so well, you really feel like you are experiencing a different region as you traverse the park. From Hollywood to the redwoods, you get a great taste of all the unique regions of California. While there are less rides here than other parks, the rides they do have are excellent for the most part. The food options are also great, and they actually have an impressive selection of craft beer and wine scattered about! Do yourself a favor and spend at least a day exploring this park.

Sabin Astralis

I really love this place. It has gone through a lot of different changes and a lot of growth. It is really nice to see it grow and become better. The new additions and changes of rides have really improved it. I am glad that Disneyland it's making more stuff after their movies and not just California.

Jillian Flinders

A favourite part of our holiday. We loved this probably better than Disneyland. The rides, parades, characters - it was just a brilliant time. We spent 2 days and easily could have stayed longer. All of us had a different favourite ride here.

megan janet

The park had a nice variety of rides for all tastes and ages. The lines were not too long today but likly much longer on weekend days. Loves soaring.

Kathrine Jacobsen

Did the dessert party for seating of world of colour. Worth the price for the great view. Absolute Disney magic.

Megan Sandvig

My husband and I are huge Disney fans. We have stayed at the Grand Californian a few times and have been very happy each time. The staff and service has always been excellent going out of their way to make sure we are satisfied and have everything we need during out stay. The rooms themselves are very nice and have an outdoor/country kind of theme. The rooms we have stayed in have also come with balconys which make it great to watch the fireworks or The World of Color show from. This is definitely a perk. However, the biggest perk of staying on property is getting into one of the parks an hour earlier than normal. My husband and I did this on a day when California Adventure was open an hour earlier so we could go on Cars Land Racers ride and not have to wait 4 hours. We were able to do it multiple times by taking advantage of their magic hours. This made the whole thing worth it. Also, another great perk about staying here is your access in and out of California Adventure. It makes it easy to go up and change your clothes, take a nap for a few hours without having to really leave Disneyland and hassle with a car. Overall, I would give this hotel a 5 star rating however the price is out of control. The amount of money they charge you to stay over night is ridiculous! It is for this reason that I have to dock them a star. However, if you have the extra cash it is definitely worth the stay for a night or two.

Jazzy Symphony

Great experience, staff were super friendly and did everything to make the experience great! Rides weren't too busy however if there are lots of fast passes then queues for regular tickets was a lot slower. Overall a wonderful and magical experience!!

Edward Crenshaw

The usual Disney fare. Kinda busy today...on a Monday of all days. Incredicoaster is a blast. Toy Story Mania is a must do. Be sure to take a moment to go to the Drawing Academy. Guardians of the Galaxy is a phenomenal work of engineering and a lot of fun. Food is mediocre and expensive like ant theme park. I think the chicken at Flo's Cafe is probably the best bet.

Steven Johnson

Guardians of the Galaxy is great we had a lot of fun. Still needs more gluten free/ vegetarian options. Still it was great we had fun.

Lynn S

Wow! This is our first time here! World of Color was so cool! Drawing characters with Disney animators was one of our favorite things. The Frozen performance was like something you'd see on Broadway. Radiator Springs Racers were amazing at night! Wonderful park!

Jean Paul C

It was awesome. I wish I could have stayed longer. One day is not enough to enjoy all the attractions. If you ever want to buy a ticket, do it online because if you buy it for the same day, you would have to pay on the same site.

Ricardo Quintana

Great experience rides are mire targeted to kids heavily themed with modern characters if compared to Disneyland. Pier area is amazing during day or night.


I don't know why this park doesnt get the props it deserves. Radiator Springs and Pixar Pier are so well done. Just beautiful. With more to come!

Cynthia Franco

Would get a hopper pass since there’s not much to get done here (compared to Disneyland). Must do for this park: 1) guardians of the galaxy- mission: breakout 2) incredicoaster 3) radiator springs racers All other rides are just not worth the wait for older adults but stills entertaining to younger crowd

carlos castaneda

Great for the whole family. Definitely get the hopper for this park. You will want to go to Disneyland after spending halve your day here. I don't think is worth spending the whole day at this park. You will be able to see more of the night shows. Your family will definitely have a better time with the hopper. More expensive but worth it. You can take pre made sandwiches water bottles and snacks.

Chris Allan

Clean. Organised. Great rides. Long lines that do move. Expensive food. Wonderful staff. A great experience.

Mike Mcgrew

World of color The show lasts 30 minutes and if you get the fast pass access you can get right up on the rail next to the water. The signs say you will get wet which deters some people at first but it's only mist. Go for the wet zone it's the best view and it's just misting. The show cycles through a lot of Disney movies and pirates of the Caribbean is the best part, when the flames start..which is nice because it warms you up a bit.

Jb TechFanatic

Just cant compete with Disneyland but it has gotten better over the years. I give it four stars because we love cars the ride. Without Cars Land this park would only be a 2-star

Bruce Gardner

Can't wait for them to make it scary. P.s. the spider is not from Disney Cal Adventure. More of a feeling photo. Enjoy the park but remember to come during Halloween time.

Dominic Ivory

I loved the park. It's really fun for the little ones, and if you're looking for a bit of a thrill, there are a few rides that may pique your interest, like incredicoaster or the guardians of the Galaxy ride. The nighttime fireworks and water show are also wonderful. I would definitely recommend coming here and bringing the kids if you get the chance.

stephen shaw

Great place to visit! Bought the 3 day tickets and spent 2 days in Disneyland and one day in Disney California Adventure. The last 2 times I've been to this park, we got through it in about 8hr. Fun rides and attractions, but not quite a whole 10 to 12hr day.

Sandra A

So much fun! A lot to do, but not cheap. Bring good walking shoes! We logged 12,000 steps per day here. Support, support, support!

Paul Klein

Not much of a park. A couple of creative rides but that is all. however. best thing going is the 60 min live performance of Frozen. Absolutely Broadway excellent! A must see. Singing great and Disney special effects fantastic.

The Elite Friends

It is an incredible park at Disneyland! It has amazing rides that suit to all ages. There are fun, fast, and thrilling rides for adults and big children, or there are slow but still fun rides for little children! This park caters to your family’s needs and much much more!

Cheryl Williamson

First time, smaller, ofcourse compared to Orlando- but wanted to see with family. Definitely glad we checked it out. Always love disney, no matter where it is!

Antonieta Rodriguez

Love coming here. This time, even though it was memorial day, it was full, but not to an extreme. It gave us time to go on most the rides and wait times where reasonable. Of course, there are those popular rides that could take longer, but taking advantage fo the Fast Pass, helps. Also, using their Disney App helps as it gives you tons of information on wait times, I loved the ability to order food on it as well. We didn't have to wait in line for that and it was awesome!

Bacilio Magallan

Both psrks are INCREDIBLE. My family has been here 2 and both times we go on the best rides(all of them). They have a motto and it's motto is true. "Its a kids dream"

Jared Jaramillo

There's beer! It's the best part about this side project of a theme park (the fact that it's $10 a pop kind of ruins it though). Not a lot of rides, couldn't imagine spending more than a few hours here with the kids, although if I was with other adults I could see enjoying it a lot more.

Gia's Channel

Came to celebrate a loved ones birthday. Thankfully it's not too busy but it is hot. I just love Disneyland and California Adventure.

michael noonan

Super!! Lots of things to see and do. Great fun.this park was more for the teens but any adult who likes thrill rides will enjoy.many rides to try but the coaster was super! Its a definite place to go when seeing disneyland you wont wanna miss it!


DCA is smaller with fewer rides than the Disneyland. You can likely get on all the rides in 1 day if you plan it right. It's smaller, but not less fun. Hot in summer. Wish they provide overhang and water spray to keep people cool.

Jada 2 Legit

Really lit! One's you ambitious, brave, young people gotta go on: The Incredicoaster, Guardians of the Galaxy: BREAKOUT, and The Cars ride (get there early and fastpass!!) This park has more intense rides than Disneyland. Highly recommend both parks.

Wavelon Jackson

Beautifully designed theme park. Spacious and vibrant. Makes you feel like you're walking into a live version of your favorite Disney animations... Great Rides and attractions...

Karissa Ercoli

Absolutely love how the go all out for every season. Never ever a disappointment!! Thank you again Disney!

Justin Bennett

The food here and the atmosphere is spot on. Seasonal dishes and shows are the best and during the evening the atmosphere is even better. My family loves just walking around and getting some ice cream.

Neeru Johal

Definitely the Happiest Place on Earth! It’s a very clean place full of friendly people. FastPass is a brilliant idea including the MaxPass with photos taken around the park and posted directly on the app. The rides are all amazing, some thrilling while others nostalgic. Can’t wait to go back

Kim Michelle

Disney really has put some work into this park from it’s opening in 2001. Good restaurants (bring The Cove back tho) sit down and quick service. The broadway style shows at the Hyperion Theatre (I preferred Aladdin). This park offer some great attractions as well. Radiator Springs Racers is one of the best rides at the park. Disney did a great job when they added Cars Land. Can’t wait for Mavel!

Rhonda Santos

Completely and utterly AMAZING! Disney Magical through and through. From the Adorable Snowman Treats to the Zephyr flying high above Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure has something for everyone!

Stephanie ONeil Pedraja

We went on labor day no long lines saw a show it was so much fun!! Wish we could go more often!! A little costly but worth it!! Go have fun run up the credit card it's a lifetime memory!!!!

Elise Langiano

CA Adventure has so many options for everyone in the family! They have really made some great upgrades to the park over the years and it is a perfect way to get the full Disney experience. The food options are amazing! We can't wait to go back!

David Harper

We had a great time. The park was too much for my almost-three-year old, but the nine year old had a great time. The crowds weren't as bad as we were fearing, but the lines were still long - next time I'd get a fastpass. The park staff were friendly and kind consistently, there were adult beverages and decent food for sale, and there was enough to see that we didn't get to it all - although our aching feet contributed to that. Definitely recommend visiting at opening hours instead of waiting until later.

Christi Dresda

Good family friendly place. But 14 & older can't dress up in Halloween costumes unless it's a special event that allows you. If you do security will stop you

Jesse Brown III

The park was amazing, and I definitely appreciated the seasonal festivities and menu options. My only critic is that I would like to see a lot more of a Halloween presence in the park at this time of year! I cannot wait for my next adventure at Disney.

Maria Archini

Ahhh Disney--"the happiest place on Earth." It is--even with the crowd & the heat--it really is a fun place. My favorite ride was Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! 'Quite an exciting ride. Have a go...Have a ride (*or more)...Have some great fun at "Disney."

Francesca Maddock

Excellent food. Super fun rides. If you want to enjoy this, seriously plan it. Look if it is going to be busy or not. Same for Disneyland. Other than that, it was truly magical.

Zoe Kelton

I loved the ride Ariel's Grotto because it's like, the whole Ariel movie but not watching it. Also, Cars Land was great, we came early so I saw Lightning McQueen, and when we came back to go on the main ride he was still there so maybe he stays the whole time after that. The ride itself was great, but for little kids (probably under 10) might not like it considering there is 3 little hills and it goes faster than you'd think.

Eric Capps

WARNING: this park's entry price ranges from $97 to $117 UDS. This park is great for older children and their parents. This park has more extreme rides and attractions than Disneyland. A great example is Incredicoasterter. The food options are great (but can be pricey).

Denise James

I had a wonderful time at the park. It's all decorated for Halloween and many guests are wearing costumes. Great people watching.

claudia cruz

Love this park especially at night! Seems so much more lit up than Disneyland. Crowds weren't too bad...

Ivania Montes

I was so disappointed by 11am we couldn't use our fast pass at all they were all done for the entire day. The lines at Disneyland park were way smaller than theirs. For what you pay to get in the park itself it should of been a better experience. Next time I won't buy the two day pass totally not worth it I will just stick to Disneyland park

Amber McCardell

Love it here. As an annual passholder, o try to come as often as I can. I can honestly say I've never had a bad experience here. Cast is always friendly, so are all workers.

Angela Anger

Well, Disney California has never been my favorite but since we had 4 days this time we decided to go. It’s changed a little. I don’t remember there being beer the last time I went, which was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the music that was playing and it was actually quite relaxing compared to the crowds at Disneyland.

El Bayda

Disney California adventure is place full of rides and fun. Therefore, it is suitable for older kids( 10+). My nephews loved it, and they enjoyed their time. It is better to stick with the rides that included in the max pass ( and came back time) rather than waiting in lines. Characters are very friendly and charminand take time to take pictures with you, chat and make you very welcoming and comfortable. A great place to visit. Highly recommended.

Itzel Jan

I love this place, we have lots of fun here. The only thing I don't like is that we spend too much money every time we go. Pricey!

Cary Stockwell

If I could give California Adventure 10 Stars, I would! What an amazing place. Watched the Water musical: "World of Color" all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I am sure Walt is proud! Thanks for a near perfect day!

Kathie Zettervall

Too much open space with hot sun beating down on you. Great park for kids. More spread out than Disneyland. You can get alcoholic beverages here.

Sinta McGee

Disney characters, Sourdough bread bowls, corn dogs, my favorite ride:Gardians of the galaxy, and of course the beer. Love Cali adventure, great for kids and adults! If you haven't seen the Frozen show it is a must see. Seriously, go watch it.

Cory Creevy

Great place for adults and kids alike. Almost always less busy than Disneyland. Cars land is awesome, everything is very detailed and worth the money to get in.

Claudia Alcazar

Awesome amusement park. Excellent customer service, delicious food and treats

Ms Pickles

Park was fun and it was a 5 star. However, the children are not. SERIOUSLY PARENTS LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR BAD MANNERED KIDS AND STOP BEING ON YOUR PHONE. Honestly, the kids at disney made me want to punt kick them out of the park. Had a kid who thought it was okay to keep sitting on my lap and I kicked him.

mía levine

I was really happy here, enjoying a ride and watching the world of color show, even bought some goodies! But there were 2 castmembers who were rude to me and I didn't appreciate that, so docking off a star! :'(

Jentry Tanner

I’m incredibly disappointed with my most recent experience. This is my family’s third trip to Disneyland in the last 11 months. During our trips, we have had a wonderful time and never had a complaint until our most recent trip. We purchased two four day Park hopper tickets with the intent to upgrade to annual passes during our trip. On day one of the trip, we went to customer relations to understand the process and what we needed to do. It was recommended to us that we enjoy the four day park hopper and upgrade on the last day at customer relations or the ticket both. With that understanding, we enjoyed our time at the both Disneyland and California adventure. On the last day we went to customer relations to upgrade our tickets and get some clarification on a few questions. The gentleman we spoke with was unable to resolve the issues (I.e., we had a gift card we would like to use as part of the upgrade, but within the app It would not allow us to input a gift card). We explained that this was the last day of our trip and needed to resolve the issue. This gentleman then explained that the ticket both should be able to resolve this issue; however, he told us that if it was unable to be reconciled that there is an easy appeals process and we just needed to call and explain the situation and there would be no issue, worst case scenario it could be easily resolved. Additionally, we were told by this same individual that the ticket booth would be open until at least the park closing time (11:00pm) but typically stay open for about an hour after closing. We went out to the ticket booth immediately after fireworks (approximately 10:45pm) and there were no ticket booths open. We walked up and down (even took a video) to confirm that they were all closed. Based on the the discussion with customer relations, we determined that we could easily resolve the issue first thing in the morning. We immediately called in the morning, explaining the situation, at which time we were told there was nothing they could do, the information we were told was wrong, and we were simply out of luck, unless we could come to the park in person. Unfortunately, our flight was was at 7am (Saturday, September 14) so obviously that was not a reasonable or feasible request. With that said, we did still have family members staying in town, who could easily have come and resolved the issue. Had we known, or had the proper information been communicated to us, we could have easily resolved the issue (i.e., upgraded at an earlier time, stayed on premise to discuss in person, etc...) Rather, we were assured there were alternative reasonable resolutions. We have another trip upcoming (January 2020) at which time we are now expected to purchase tickets again, all because of misinform and obvious miscommunication. I do not believe the people we spoke to were intentionally trying to mislead or misinform my family; rather, I believe they were doing their best with the information they had. Unfortunately, that misinformation now has a potential impact of several thousand dollars and I’m left detailing my disappointing experience to a review board that may or may not be read or responded to because the employees are either unwilling or unable to provide any sort of reasonable remedy... after being told that this is my only chance at any sort of response, I guess I hope that someone has any sort of empathy and understanding and contacts me to hopefully get a resolution. Thank you

Laura Runyan

Love all the Disney magic.. Didn't renew my ap and finally got it back after a year hiatus. I felt like a child when walking through those gates again. Can't wait to go back this weekend!

Nick Swan

Love e this park as much as Disneyland. Not as many rides but loved Cars land the most. Less lines than Disneyland. Tower of Terror is still the best ride and was better as that instead of the Guardians one.

Robert Szakacs

Always a great time. The reason for 4 out of 5 rather then 5 is 99% of the rides at Disneyland and Disney California have the ability to do fast pass through the app by scanning your digital ticket at the Fast Pass locations. However Toy Story Mania one of probably three or four rides that are big draws to this park does cannot scan the digital ticket, you have to have the printed one. Now I know if you buy the Fast Pass package you can just pick your fast pass through the app without the need of scanning but since that is an additional charge seems silly. Make all the rides have the same process of getting the fast pass one way or another rather then dealing with multiple system. Other then that had a wonderful time at Disney, great service, food, and rides. Did not wait in a single line at either park for over 50min which is always a win.

Leanna Stevens

I cannot ever say enough about how wonderful it is here. I wish we lived closer. I would come here a lot. It truly is our happy place. We are already planning our first no kids trip back here later this year.

Veronica Adams

Best trip ever. So much fun make sure you know how to do fast pass so you dont wait in long lines. Such a magical place we cant wait to go again.

Matthew Rosenthal

Very underrated park! Disneyland California Adventure has all the Pixar, Marvel, and other cool and even adult parts if Disneyland. The food and wine festival that goes on here during April is one of the highlights of the park. They bring in great food vendors and allow you to try all kind of good food, beer and wine! It's the third time my wife and I have been to the food and wine festival and the second time we enjoy the festivities. Being able to get beer and wine and alcohol at this park makes it even more enjoyable though it is not needed to have a great time. The cars ride, the incredible coaster, the toy story blaster game, and the guardians rides are the best in the park and I can't wait to see what they add for Marvel!

Veronica Chavez

I think this place is probably the best theme park for family and friends. Most of the rides here are kid friendly.

Jeff Dahl

Thoroughly enjoyed the Animation Studio workshop. The ambience of early Hollywood is pretty cool.

Dan Chen

The rides are mostly for kids, maybe 10% of the rides are enjoyable for the adults. The food options are pretty good, I would order via the mobile app if you don’t wanna wait in line. Single rider can get on popular rides faster then the fast pass.

Elias Gardner

It is fun and if you are feeling down. These parks will cheer you up in seconds. Truly Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.

Jonny Spence

Enjoyed visiting Disney Adventure more than the actual Disney park. We arrived early to get on as many rides and attractions as possible. With shorter queues we managed to get everything done that we wanted to. Would have been more stars if it hadn't been so costly and if once inside the prices were more reasonable.

James Manfull

Went there to ride Guardians of the galaxy. It is a great improvement from Tower of Terror. Better theme and better technology. The drops seemed more random. It was a lot of fun.

Christina Marchioni

LOVE California Adventure Park!! The park was clean and cast members were both kind and helpful. Dinner at the Lamplight Lounge was also great and I’d recommend checking it out! My only suggestion is that I wish California Adventure Park and Disneyland would adapt the Magic Bands system from DisneyWorld for fast/photo pass, method of payment, etc.

L. Rodriguez

It's better than OG Disneyland because the workers seem happier here and more eager to please. They seem to enjoy helping customers. It really makes a difference when the people not only are willing to help, but are happy to. It's easier to navigate, there's better rides and it's not overly crowed. There are more shows for little ones and great food for all. It's an overall better experience.

Amy Kilian

Highly recommend the max pass! Makes navigating the busy rides much easier. Other than that, it's Disneyland, enjoy yourself!

Susan Q

It feels less crowded than Disneyland, great rides, not a big fan of the big rides but there's plenty others to have fun! I love carsland!

Kate Diaz

A great place to relax! Food, shows, rides, and adult beverages are served all around the park. Flowers everywhere and character "Meet and Greets." Chillin' in CA!

Wendy Ashton

I love this place! The music in the Hollywood area is cool, the buildings and details are amazing! Cast members are nice. There are plenty of places to go cool off and sit down. Food choices are plenty!

Brenda McCue

We went to Oogie Boogie Halloween night and had a great time. It was sold out but not too crowded.

Michelle Loredo

We didn't want to leave! It's best to plan ahead if you are not local. My daughter had a great 7th birthday here!

Cristina Jimenez

Great place my 1st time here. If its peak season get the fast pass, bring snacks and water.

Glorieuse Tartibu

First time at Disney California Adventure Park and it was loads of fun! I will say this park is more adult than Disney Land... Disney Land is more for the little ones, as all the rides are kid friendly. Disney California has more adult rides and attractions. Park was clean, lots of concessions, and different restaurants to choose from. The best rides in the park would have to be the Guardians of the Galaxy & The Incredicoaster! The bathrooms aren’t the cleanest, for a theme park, they’re kept up... Could use some stronger air freshener. Overall a great experience, can’t say that I’ll be back, but it was a good time.

Christian Aguilar

Traveled from Colorado and had a blast with my family. Do recommend getting their early to obtain the fast pass tickets if possible, lines are pretty long but worth the wait. In my opinion, the rides at Disney California Adventure are more thrilling than Disneyland. My favorite ride was Guardian of the Galaxy! First timers. Good luck!

Jeffrey Easton

My kid was out of her mind with excitement. The park was perfect and the rides were amazing.

Caitlyn Olsen

(the cars ride at radiator springs) Not okay. 3 times on the ride, each time it broke. waited 3 hours in the line and never got to finish ride. the cast member told us it had been breaking for the past week or two every hour or so. if i could give 0 stars i would.

Eddie Bencomo

Grizzly river ride and Gardians of the galaxy are great along with the colors of the world water/light show. Not much into the carnival thing since one can get that at many different places. Food was really good especially the pasta, pizza, bread bowls, and salads.

Sean Mitchell

Fun time with family. I don't think it is worth the 149 per ticket as we were able to see all attraction and ride almost all rides before 5pm. But the photo people were amazing when getting photos with cast members

Steve Swanson

Once you wrap your head around the price, everything else is fantastic! Do the fast pass! It's worth the money...

Heather Chow

California Adventure Park is different from Disneyland. I had lots of fun there. It is a good place to walk around. There are lots of food there. Cars Land is very good. I like Cars Land the best.

Alex Claxton

Maybe you need to be an avid Disney fan or have come here as a child to be enamored with the park, but I found it to be just ok. Granted I am an adult and thus not likely the target audience of the park. Overall, the rides were what you would expect from any theme park, but with a Disney/pixar veneer. The most fun I had was on the toy story ride, as it allows you to compete with your friends and family to rack up the most points. I guess I just don't get the hype.

Claire Stockdale

Staff is amazing and courteous. Not forced, either - it is genuine and that means a lot to a guest. The sights and attractions are also phenomenal. Every little detail is thought out!

Mandie Lorge

We absolutely love this place! We visited here with 11 people and there was something for everyone! We were able to get him pretty quickly even during prime time which made me very happy because they had so many people working at made the lines move quick! we loved it that they served adult beverage is here! And that it had a relaxed atmosphere. We did use fast passes to ride the bigger rides and were able to get on many other rides just by waiting in line! Definitely the Disney magic just a little more relaxed then Disneyland. Can't wait to go again!

Voja Ilic

Park is full of entertainment for all ages. Staff is extremely professional, courteous and friendly. Disney is master of entertainment. Watching Disney movies is like watching 1.5h-2.0h commercial that leads to everything you will see "live" in the park. It is awesome. Expect to wait for some rides, so use Disney app. to schedule your ride and avoid lineups, though expect that others are doing the same so even FastLane might be busy. Food is very expensive, but it comes "with the territory". One banana will cost you $3.00, one pickle $3.50, etc.

Alexander Lajes

I've never been here. This is a lovely park. Had a great time and I will come back again thank you

jacqui schaning

Absolutely love both parks, but I do have to say this one is my FAVORITE! Toy Story land is a blast! Love all the fabulous restaurants, and you can drink beer! What's not to love

Aldezan Gusman

The experience here is really fun. The rides are amazing and there's free wifi all over the park. Amazing

T White

We love California Adventure! This was in the wilderness explorers trail where the kids got to zip line. This park is for sure a great compliment to Disneyland Park across the plaza. There are many dining options here that are great, the rides are so fun and the entertainment is amazing! World of color is the night show here. It was on hold for a while but I understand it will be running again soon.

Lorraine Myers

My favorite things, World of Color , and the Cars ride! You gotta show up early for both, fast pass or not! World of color, bring a chair if you can or come early enough to get way up front so you can sit on the ground and not be in the way. It's an amazing show, every time!

Cindy Peterson

This is my family's favorite place! The roller coaster was super fun and it's not so crowded. I would recommend a fast pass for Radiator Spring racers. The line can be super long. The World of Color was awesome!

Jack Percy

California Adventure is amazing the staff is funny, friendly and extremely helpful. And cars land looks amazing especially at night and is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to visit back

William Jackson

The Cars Land was awesome! Like you literally walked into the movie. And Radiator Springs Racers was awesome! One of my favorite rides ever!

Ashish Nair

A nice vibe if you want a chilled out day at Disney. Would prefer Disneyland more than the Adventure Park as there is more stuff to do and is more fun for kids.

Loren P

Beautiful and wonderful place! Whether you’re young or old you’ll definitely enjoy this place. Only warning is be prepared to walk and walk somemore, i highly recommend a canteen and fast pass.

Michelle - vlogs

I went to Disney adventure park, and the experience at the cars land was absolutely disappointing. I was looking forward to radiators springs but it was awful. We went there in the morning to get a fast pass but had to wait in the regular line and waited for almost 2 hours then the intercom announced that the ride had technical difficulties and had to cancel it, so they told us to come back. Then we did after some hours and we got fast pass and waited for 30 minutes we were happy because we got onto the ride but all of a sudden it broke down again. We were still at the beginning of the ride. We got another free pass and came back after some more hours. So then when we came back we got further on the ride but it broke down again. I was very angry, one of the crew members also said that is has been having technical difficulties the whole week. His never happened the last time I came here but today was disappointing. I’m hoping that it gets fixed again before 11 pm because right now it is 7:28 pm.


Just like my Disneyland Park review, Where do i even begin with the awesomeness of this park. First off, this is a park that is changing a lot, so expect to see some rides in one time and then others in another. Plus, every ride is awesome and some of these rides are also for the Thrill! Some are Incredicoaster, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT, and even more. Cars Land is just like Radiator Springs and it feels like you are in the movie Cars and Radiator Springs Racers is a Thrill ride and also a non-Thrill ride. So, this is the reason I give Disney California Adventure Park: 5 Stars!

Jason Anderson

Open spaces handle the crowds well. Lots of fun rides and activities for the whole family. Good food. Loads of fun all around.

Jacqueline NRCMA

A must do at least once in a lifetime... the oogie boogie bash!! My kids loved the trick or treat event. Shows are also amazing! Had so much fun watching the parades/rides/trying Halloween food.

Crystal Arellano

It was my first time... and two days is not enough time to see both parks! No one told me to wear tennis tho so my feet HURT! But all in all I had a good wknd!

Will Morrow

Some of these rides were actually made for adults. The rollar coaster isn't anything special, but it's a nice break from the cartoony vibes you'll get most other parts of the park. The grizzly ride is great, the new guardians of the galaxy ride had only 2/6 lifts working, but the wait was worth it. Given Disney chose to make this a "wet" park (serving alcohol) I would have appreciated a few more beer options, and considerably more beer stands throughout the park. But if I had to pick a park to eat in, it would be Cali Adventures.

Ansel Hendrickson

This is a great place to spend some time letting your kids ride rides and having fun. Its not over crowded, and is a very relaxing experience for friends and family to spend an enjoyable day. This park is adjacent to Disneyland park and easy to get to. Both parks have very friendly employees and they are very friendly.

Vince Licon

Love all of the new looks! Rides are awesome. They've changed a few but it keeps it fresh and makes you wanna come back!

Donald Mahoney

Great time. Would have been a good idea to check ahead, could have skipped "gay days". It is LA, made it a true "California" experience.

Amy Everett

I'm a crazy Disney person, and Halloween time is my favorite time! They did not disappoint. We got the special drink and poison apple drink bobbers at the Carthay Circle. Lines were short. New tram depot and parking lots were open. Much smoother operation than before.

Sjon Woodlyn

Annual Pass holder, very nice experience. Crowded,but they manage large crowds well. Halloween decorations look great, and photographers everywhere for you photo pass moments.

Jennifer Thatcher

Just one more magical reason to be in California. Excellent food and fantastic ride experiences. We love all things Disney!


Love this place almost as much as Disneyland but still love Disneyland more. ;) Anyway, I would suggest a park hopper for 3 days then you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Or better yet, a season pass is great!

Marylou Rimmasch

No place to sit. Bad food. So much money. Not as clean as I remember it used to be. Not enough trees, though they are growing. A lot of rides are not fun for small children. I wish there was a dress code.

Brayden Hatfield

Unlike Disneyland, California adventure Park feels more like an amusement park and less like a fantasy land. The newer themes are great and bring new life to the same rundown themes of before. Such as adding the Incredibles in place of California screaming and, Guardians of the Galaxy in place of tower of terror. A wide range of rides for people of all ages to find enjoyment. The best way to go is with fast pass. Being able to walk on almost any ride and have a 5 minute wait is a big win. A lot of places to eat scattered throughout, the wharf being my favorite. I will say that it is pricey and depending on how much your willing to carry it helps to bring food and water into the park as a water bottle is 5 dollars. Friendly staff that go the extra mile for everyone.

Evie Scanlan

Always such a wonder. Great place to take your entire family. Perfect life at Disneyland

M Gilmore

Such an awesome experience. Staff are just great and always went above and beyond every time we encountered them. Even with long lines and loads of people we had a great time.

Steven Winkler

Always such a fun trip to go to Disney. The California side is a blast always because of the themed parks and rides. Guardians is of course the best. Also drinking beer on this side is a plus for sure.

Joel English

Amazing memories. Full of energy! There are staff that are above and beyond, but others that are tired and don't seem to want to be there. Galaxy's Edge is new to Disneyland and well worth the wait for Smugglers Run. Peak season is busy! This means you pay more, and there are longer waits, and more guests to navigate through. California Adventure was less busy and was full of Pixar and marvel which is a bonus! Some classics, like the lion King and little mermaid to name a few.

Adam Hess

Amusement park for the more thrill seeker. Teenagers seem to have a lot more fun here. The remodel of the peir is nice. Lots to do and see, and some ride lines will be long while others will be really short. Come early to get fast passes for rides that you must ride.

Brad Wolff

Lots of fun. The evening light show is fantastic. Nice to have a beer there too.

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