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REVIEWS OF Discovery Park IN California

RockNRollMommy BadLittleBossRebel

The park is almost always clean and family friendly, providing a safe and rewarding experience for families that seek to create positive lifetime memories. So thankful for this beautiful place. It takes all kinds to make something wonderful. Remember it's not the city, it's not the homeless, it's not the well to do, it's all of our responsibility and all of us from all walks contribute to the maintained beauty of our recreational areas. Be sure to always have kindness and compassion for anyone you could find that may seem to fit the bill of a nuisance, because ignorance and negativity won't change anything for the better future.

Blue Ghost

Cool park. I was here for aftershock. Though go with a friend.............. Just saying be safe. Okay now it's awkward. Just be careful. Okay now it more awkward. Just be safe. Okay? Ah now that's just super awkward. Just be safe.

tony davies

Let's go swimming?!!

Max Sanchez

Always nice except when it is flooded. Plenty of space, although there is heavy traffic there. Watch your step in this area I've had a few flat bike tires before through here because of the litter on the bike road. Nice spots for activities

Claus Blem

Great place to launch boats into the American river. Gray launch point for the bicycle trail to Folsom Dam. A lot of homeless hanging around in the morning.

larry mucho

If you can ignore the homeless camps everywhere and can tune out the inter-state over head, than it's a mighty fine escape from the urban surroundings. You can swim in the summer.

Kory Ridgeway

Park Ranger Pullock has to be the most up tight officer ive ever meet in Sacramento. I pulled in to the park to check under my vehicle cause and was making noise. As soon as i stepped out of my vehicle i approached by two squad cars and four Rangers. And you would think they would of asked if everything was okay, nope immediately ask for my ID i asked why did they need to identify myself while I just pulled over in a park to check my vehicle. Well Park Ranger Pullock decided to get more aggressive with his voice, and place his hand on his fire arm as if he was going intimidate me. Then that's when he lost my respect, he said its cause im in a no park zone. But of course the nearest no park sign was at the front gate, plus i pulled in front of dumpster that was on the road, so the dumpster was blocking the pathway. After i said i wasn't breaking any laws and no need to share my information. But thats when he said i was being contained, so i gave him my Id. When he realized he was wasting his and my time and after i said some choice of words. I pulled off but not after he followed me for 5 mins up the road as if he was intimidate me again. So discovery other then the transits prostitutes garbage all around y'all worry about a black man checking his vehicle.

Kapele Kahoalii

Nice place to take the boat and drive around

Mark Orme (FVHS)

Wonderful Archery range, big, broad, every distance with easy access. Love the shade at the waiting line.

Jan Graffigna

I loved it but parts of it still under water, from the rain we had.

Roman Sarioglo

Keith Yetter

Nice clean park, has picnic/ barbecue areas and grass sections as well as a boat launch ramp.

Cynthia D

Don’t go here. I’m visiting from New Mexico and saw that Discovery Park had been noted as a good place to photograph birds. I attempted five locations around the park but because of the vast number of “outdoor residents” I couldn’t access those areas or I couldn’t comfortably stay in any of them long enough to see ANY birds. I’m a woman who uses a sophisticated camera and lenses and had to leave the park after about an hour because I couldn’t watch for birds and my safety at the same time.


Nice size park with bike trails surrounding, archery area, boat ramp, swimming beach and variety of events through out the year

Bradley Lobdell

Only 2 spots to be on sand

Michelle Parker

Good areas of shade and not to deep for the kids

William Sin

It's alright. Lots of homeless camp around here.

Burdi Bergen

Great facility

Austin Montiero

Great day with alot of people and boats having a good time!!

Dan Walker

Lots of RV campers and various people sleeping in cars. Off leash dogs and cats too. E-coli in the water from human waste left by the plentiful homeless that live in the parkway. Just a shame what the lower parkway has become.

Rory Vierra

Nice park. A few nice features

Wendy Rawlins

Beer Fest BABY!


I am glad to make my presence at Discovery park to remember December 7th 1941 a day we should never forget but it seems to me that we are forgetting the news media does not advertise or talk about this early enough to let the public knowwe don't even have anyone from the legislative here or the Governor from California none of your government officials are here

John Harris

Its a great park. It is so close to the bike trail . It is fun for the hole family.

Christon Stringer

It's half way thru the summer and they still don't have the water on the bathrooms are not open ..I hate outhouses and on top of it all I paid 50 bucks to have theses kind of services

Jill Carnes

We absolutely love this place

Lisa Marie

Please stop having concerts here. It is far to close to residential areas. No one wants to hear that garbage. My windows rattle, the noise is nauseating and the people crowd the neighborhoods.

Brok Leadfist

Amazing place where two very important northern California rivers meet up for us and animals to party at lol

Steven Vasquez

Great place to relax

Jaime Anderson

Great place to take the family

Damien Alexander

Great park that includes: picnic tables, boat docking ramps, bike trails that connect all the way to Folsom, Hazel, and Sunrise Blvd. You can also hike or bike to Old Sacramento within several miles. Lots of parking and bbq allowed at certain locations.

Shannon Smith

It is really sad how the city has allowed it to sink so low. Not a safe place place to go.

Joseph Simpson

I used to really love this place, but the last few times I launched my boat here I had issues. I also REALLY recommend thinking twice before getting in the water here, the american river has unfortunately been turned into an urban toilet, and the water only flows one way, and well you're at the bottom of it right there...

Deanne Perdue

I grew up at this park. It was such a part of my life and me learning how to become a river rat. The many changes since I moved away were truly nice to see when we went by a couple weeks ago. If you want a place to relax, soak up the sun and play in the water, this is it. A wonderful place to spend the entire day with your family and friends.

Dusty Studebaker

Out and open but kinda deserted compared to average summer days. 5 bucks for day use/parking per car. Lots of goose poo and ants at every bench/table.

David Romero

Huge park, large boat ramp for 5 or 6 boats wide, but the city needs to station a boat launch traffic controler to speed up things. Restrooms need to be cleaned more often and more thoroughly. Also the cars park in the boat trailer parking spots they should be and towed away, they don't allow the boat trailers to park in the car parking spots!

Leslie Moreno

Love this park.

Star Pak

great place to picnic with family. go for a walk. perfect place to enjoy summer sailing in the river. there is a lot of space for parking.

Wayne Darling

I love coming here especially with my kids. This time it was a little wet, lol which is understandable with all the flooding. The flooding made it fun riding down the bike trail. The bad part is that it doesn't stop the overwhelming presence of transients or homeless or whatever they're called. There are ⛺'s all along the river & all down the bike trail and even out in the brush with dirty trails going in every direction. We were riding our bikes just me and my daughter this time & it just feels so uncomfortable now with everybody hanging out in their tent communities doin what they do and it seems like they all have BIG viscious looking dogs barking like crazy at us as we rode by or if we even looked like we were gunna stop. It's not like they can put the dogs behind fences but only some of them were tied up with makeshift ropes. It makes it really hard to stop anywhere along the trail & take a breather without that uneasy feeling that something might happen to us. Because we're basically on our own out there. We rode for a couple hours and only saw 1 park ranger drive by. There's so much garbage around these areas it doesn't feel like your outdoors on a nature trail anymore. It's just really sad & I hope it changes somehow. These are some of the reasons for my star rating this time.

Teresa Evans

Been going to discovery park since I was a kid. Still see people bring their kids there.

Dan K

I go here for aftershock and it's lots of fun.

Michael Cato

Discovery Park is very nice for family fun fishing boating jet skiing barbecuing is just wonderful place to be and a safe place to bring your family

Daniel Perez

Great way to spend a sunny day (when the river isn't flooded)

Tate Peterson

Great park. Watch out for the geese though.

Chris Greer

Nice place to go get your head together and sit back look at the water check out mother nature very nice place to walk your dog and just sit back and enjoy life

Hez Kiefer

I had a nice walk along the river. The river was gorgeous, of course. However, I cycler yelled at me. There were several homeless camps there and it looks like they do their best to keep the homeless away.... but where the heck are they supposed to go??? Heavy police presence also.

Dick Lee

This experience was like no other ! I cannot explain how much joy and energy that was present at last night's show. Words will not do much justice. Had a blast.

Cathy Cruz

It's a large park so lots of room for picnics and gatherings but more important it's where the American and Sacramento Rivers meet, so on the one side is the fast flowing muddy Sacramento River, on the other is the clear, calm and cold American River which comes down from Folsom Lake.

Denise Chatmon

Beautiful area. But there's a lot of homeless people out there.

Mary Buck

I am a member for the DOWNTOWN STREET TEAM , Discovery park is Nick Name( Disco park) my experience keeping it clean, picking up trash, cigarette butt's and more:..... Discovery park is a nice place ,

Elisa Saenz

Shabby equipment, freeway overhead so conversation is impossible, not to mention being surrounded by sketchy looking homeless men everywhere you look! Definitely won't be back

Dexter SJ

Like most fishing spots in this area, if you use worms of any kind you'll get a bite.

Emmanual Barnes

Wild life and it's a good example how the South is too me

chris sanghera

Went here for Aftershock last weekend. This place is huge. It was great!!!

Felix Sanchez

Great place to have family fun of all types

Ark Aimee Sayos

If you are attending a concert or show here bring a face mask!!! We did not know this, so we ended up with black boogers from inhaling all the dirt/dust

Angela l

This park was very nice but then all the homeless got kicked out the city so they went there and its always got glass and drug paraphernalia are love to go but we worry about ar kids and car

Marz Martinez

I only come here for afterschock festival. It gets pretty dusty & hot here....

Sarah Jarvis

Enjoyed the cool breeze and riding my bike

Dom Payne

Nice big park with nice biking and water views.

Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell

dirty nasty. park rangers were extremely rude and aggressive

Victor Castillo

Its a good place to park get out ur bike and enjoy the river and everything it has to offer. Good for da family or ur loved one or alone , don't matter ... It's where da KINGS Are

Nicole Schreuders

Beach is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful sand

Christine Whitfield

It was nice besides the homeless people they could have had a better attitude but other than that enjoyed it

Schelli Rambo

We've attended the aftershock festival for the past 3 years, thank you for hosting the event! the porta-pottys are plentiful and clean-ish. Thank you again


A convenient getaway spot to picnic BBQ, swim, boat or just chill


Beautiful park except for all of the homeless people. It's heartbreaking.

Liz Marsh

Love this park. To bad we cant swim there this year

Game Changer

Had a blast at Aftershock, but to hot, long long lines just to get water and use dirty outhouses, can't leave to relax cool off and come back to see more bands, have to stay in the heat and dusty crowded place all day to see 25 bands, won't go back without vip and in out privileges

Shellee Brooke Bradshaw

I came for a "church in the park" event while visiting my daughter. What a beautiful park. Easy parking. Large beautiful trees, open lawns and a quick walk to the Sacramento River.

Steve Broyles

Bbqs under wooden trellis, archery range, and the beginning of the very-nice Sacramento-Folsom riverside trail. Its a spacious park that is unfortunately close to hwy 5 (noisy) but fortunately close to the river, which makes it cool(er) on a hot day.

Hue Chang

Great place to enjoy the outdoors. With an archery range, bike trails, picnic areas and the river running through. Bring friends and family.

Michael Dennis

Great place to walk and get some fresh air! Beautiful views of the Sacramento and American Rivers blending!


Very nice....


Dirty and not well maintained.

Michael Arnerich

Used the park to access the bike trail. Nicely maintained park.

Kurt Elliott

Pretty big park but alcohol is banned on the beach and some other parts

Robin Elizabeth Williams

My unknow location by Discovery Park May 19 2019

Dawn Fournier

Great park. Poor fishing

Steven Tanberg

A great place to go if you have a boat or jet-ski or just want to go swimming. Plus there's a big Park area for birthday parties in picnics.

Baby Gurl

Discovery Park is Discovery Park is always packed with a lot of people parking is really bad you might want to park on the street or at a nearby restaurant or a store maybe or some type of paid parking area because it was definitely hard for us to find a park but other than that overall discoverie Park is awesome

Kal El

I had an awesome time until I was remote controlled to leave.

M Valdez

Excelent moments!

Constantia Oomen

Fantastic. Go there by bike. You will be awe-inspired and forever want to return, again and again. And don't be afraid when you meet a rattle snake on or beside the road. Just respect their boundaries and they will never harm you.

D Scott

Nice park

Juanda Wright

It's a nice place to pitch a tent and kick back. I've been there 3 times and every time is like the first time.

Joel Nadio

I've been going to this park since I was a kid. It's amazing. The wildlife here is plentiful and diverse. If you're looking for a stroll or a nice drive, this park is one of Sacramento's hidden gems. The trees are very large and grand. The native American heritage site is also a great place to catch some facts.

Vicki Cook

Second year we have had my grandson's birthday party here. To get tables with shade with no reservation was once again, awesome.

Harold Williams

Awesome place to bring family and friends

Richard Ellis

Love this spot good fishing and it's where both rivers meet up ,The Sacramento river and American

Carey Dessaure

It was amazing hookers every where cheap ones

Robin Williams

Hurley Ave. & Fulton Ave. Burglery Alert for $365.00 was two white male & female, a couple assulted a senior 50+ neighborhood Oak Terence Court. Notify the local Sherrif to Identify

brian clark

Was at aftershock amazing concert there

steven schaffer

As well as the park is kept up;I noticed they took out one of the coverings over one of the BBQ areas.

Ted Lang

Beware all killer on the loose ( mostly homeless men and women)

Antonio Cortés

Nice place to walk your dog.

Robert Blan

Great place for archery.

Vanessa Taylor

Nice place to take a walk or ride a bike, play catch or just hang out. Always pay attention to your surroundings here.

Ruanjsan Law Firm

Best 28+ miles of road bike, jogging, hiking, horse backing riding trail in Sacramento.

Lorraine Cwalina

It's definitely a good place to get a piece of mind get refocused relax beautiful view cool water fresh water thank you God for making it

Aaron Damman

Big boat launch but very congested and chaotic.

Maina Mucoki

Awesome park - floods a lot during the rainy season - could interrupt bike commuting during those months

John Foote

Wonderful place to spend the day, great for cooling off and catching some rays.

Lynn Godwin

Beautiful location by the Sacramento/American River fork. Tiscornia Park is where Albert & go every Tuesday for our Tuesday Treasure Talks.

Chuck Tracy

Awesome place for a dog walk... interesting view along the river convergence. Alarming number of homeless people meandering through the park

Andrew Hernandez


Catherine Mcgowan

It was 5pm on a Wednesday air was good, sun was setting soon, walked a little bit.

Nishant Arora

Nothing can beat the view of 2 rivers meeting at the discovery park American River and the Sacramento River. Good for boat launch for catching fish, especially Salmon in August-September. The park is huge and lush green, good for an afternoon stroll. P.S. Be careful of homeless population in the park yet a $5 entry ticket.

cherie Street

Beautiful and not too crowded on Tuesday and it's pretty cool

Leng Vang

Can't pay entrance fee with credit card. C'mon man! Its 2019. Gotta pay with cash. There's no attendant in shack.

Djoesef K

The entrance was closed to autos when we last went there, but there was plenty of parking across the street from which it was easily accessible. We wanted to take our bikes and go up the trail that goes all the way to Folsom from there. We we're not alone because in the time it took us to dismount our bikes 3 other cars also parked there for seemingly the same purpose. It is a pretty riverside Park, even though there was still a good amount of flood debris that had not been cleared yet. The trail itself was dry.

Larissa Batchelor

Nice for bbqing, concert going, bike riding, and charging up.

Lashon Green

It was great!

Sarey Roth

Great for fishing, swimming, and the scenery is amazing

joshua cash

When I was walking over the bridge it was absolutely amazing the river looks like the river Jordan.


Lloyd George

Ser up to get ya in and out in a timely manner The Grounds are very well maintained the area is also very well patrolled by park Rangers armed park Rangers..Beware of water Always wear approved life or ski vest my fav.

Martha Ramos

Best experience at aftershock event, park was very organized and clean!! Loved It!!

Deb Howard

I was living in a tent for two years. The Rangers were very kind and helpful. The park is huge. Great trails

Juan Cabañas

The many changes since I moved away were truly nice to see when we went by a couple weeks ago


The river's still okay the homeless are everywhere on it and don't let your dog in the water some sort of E coli

Keri Lynn Leitch

Great venue, beautiful setting

lavena moon

Under 14, no getting into the water!!! 500.00 fine


Great archery range and bike trail


When to Aftershock fest. The weekend was crazy. Great food and bands that playing. Can't wait for this years.

Rylee Payne

I have been coming here for my entire life. Unfortunately

jason roozen

Great fishing! Droning, boat launching and dog walking and the best of all it's great to get hi!

Angelo Mata

Except for the homeless ...... great place to boat launch and see Sacramento like the first people to settle here back in the 1850's

Steven School

The scenery at discovery park is awesome! And the salmon fishing is eaven better. I will definately be visiting again!!!

Willis white

I had totally forgotten about this park. This a lovely park. It's been years and i mean years since i had been here. If you want to sit and think and to watch Mother Nature's Beauty, other than listening to the freeway was the only bad point. Sat for 5 hours watching blue jays, and robins fly around. You could see where to water level had risen to in the last flood in the area. But still was a great day even in the high 80's. Well be back soon my do some walking. Only thing bad was watching one lady shoting up and her walking around with a needle in hand.

mike diaz

Love this place great to go walk with the family. Kids loved it

Jordan Aquino-castelan

Nice place

Stormy Weather Sprite

A lovely place to spend the day. There are nice walking and biking trails and a small little archery range. Due to Sacramento's homeless problem there are quite a few illegal campers scattered about but they're generally polite and off the beaten path anyway so there's not much issue.

Lori Stanberry

My pup Vader had a great time chasing the ducks it was quite and peaceful.


Discovery Park has lot of things to offer to everyone. My favorite is the bike trails. It allows you to escape the Concrete Jungle. It is very sad how much homeless there is there. Like anywhere, you need to be cautious with all any of your valuables.

Robert Dansby

Here for the Aftershock music festival. Good venue for a two day show.

Carrie LeeAnn

Used to love this little beach many years ago. It was very clean and safe. However, now that the homeless took over, it's contaminated and disgusting!

Michael Buick

Beautiful place to chill!foreal!

L. Edward Mathews


Rafael Cobian

Discovery Park has a family and the family peaceful that was not the right way attraction

Simon C. Wilson

No shade, but great concert options. Really good food options too.

Sarah Lee miars

Packed and water was kinda yucky

Raisa Godunova

Discovery Park is a great way to spend a couple hours away from the city, enjoying the views and nature. The hike is relatively easy, but you can also skip it if you drive all the way to the end. On nice days, you can see the Olympic Mountains, and see lots of Elliott Bay.

Lou Earles

2 days of the best music I've ever heard it was awesome

Cody Donovan

The music festival I go every year amazing

Samone Sweets

Always great times here. Family boating down the river. BBQ, mud pies and floaties! FUN!!

Jerry Graf

Chill location. Great people.

Azrieal Faust

Nice clean park, good river access, smooth bike trails, beautiful trees and some nice veiws

Carlos Rodrigues

Overrun with homeless and the problems that come with them including ecoli in the water since they poop and pee everywhere. I blame Darrell Steinberg and Gavin Newsom for letting this go on & not fixing the problems , do your job that you ran for and stop blaming President Trump for your inactions.

Michael Smith

SERIAL KILLER, still lose and in our PARKWAY.... Pay close attention if you must go here !

angela harden

The park itself is well maintained with river access abundant. Several gazebo areas for parties and bbq's. There is the bike trail and horse trails and little trails all over throughout the entirety of this sprawling park. But be aware of the homeless population who call this home. Drugs are very prevalent.

Sabrina mcessy

Always a good time

Sandra Pierini

Great place to launch our watercraft...


I come here the aftershock festival. Its a great atmosphere. Lots of trees.

Khalil Bocock

You have your choice of things to do at the park ranging from picnics, boating, camping on the bank near the water. You will enjoy the feel of soaking your feet in the cold river water during the Summer and early Fall months. I especially like the calm easy going vib of the park in the early afternoon when the sun is starting to move west and the shadows are forming. You can also add naps to the list as you frequently see someone taking "10 winks" out onthe green grass. Actually, Discovery Park is located at the point where the Sacramento and American rivers converge. During the Winter and early Spring months it is locally known for the high water marks. There are painted lines on the bridge supports documenting how the river's force is measured in feet that can be seen from the nearby Highway 5 overpass. Take a moment and get back to nature; it is right there in Sacramento

Joshua Colburn

Nice park on the American river. Plenty of places to camp(if you're homeless) and swimming is fun, if a little dangerous. There's a bike trail if that's your thing.


Let people stay in park all night , with out police interaction. Not saying spd is doing a bad job. Quite the opposite From. The white guy on a scooter game

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