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REVIEWS OF Confusion Hill IN California

Triston Milks

Food was pretty whatever but its nice to eat some simple food and just enjoy the forest. Nice gift shop with varied items. For a single or small family too the attractions are nice priced.

Susan Hochgraef

Fun. Interesting. Same as others, like The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA. Always leaves you with an intellectual debate on what the causes could be. Or motion sickness...which is odd, because you are not in a car, boat, plane, or amusement ride.

John Myers

The train ride is work every dollar The train driver was amazing had us laughing the whole ride the lady at the snack bar was super nice and friendly the lady behind the counter seemed stands offish at first but she is a sweet heart and super funny there gravity house was really cool if it was your first time it kids if you sit they and try to over analyze it becomes less fun there is an investigation of chipalopes they are all over the place they are adorable it is work the stop even if it is it off the way

Cherry Wilkinson

My son got a kick out of the house!


I dream about this place. Ever since I went for the first time two years ago I've been coming up with schemes and plans to go back down and visit. If you're driving down the 101 and are in search of some mysteries, stop in and take a look around... you just might find some.

Ciarra Walker

Definitely a one of a kind place!! Kids had fun spent about 2 hrs pulling in to pulling out. As well as sitting a just letting the kids play.

Thomas Chan

Amazing and beautiful place

Nishal Ram

Had lots of fun while there. Nice gift shops too.

Jennifer Reinert

We passed this place up and thought we should check it out . After all not sure the next time we'll be by this way. So we took the train ride and the conductor was pretty good at keeping us entertain and what's been going on around here. My kid's really liked that the water seams to run up hill in one part of the property. Overall my kid's like it and that is pretty good to entertain my kid's.

Debbie Kalas

My grandkids loved this place .

Jason Pruett

Many things to do there. Was fun for a few hours. Train ride was the best

Carol Pryor

Really exciting place. Nice owners, very friendly.

Tyler Ann Sands aka Sister Gramps

Friendly staff cute place with historical facts about location. Didn't make on rides next time.

Ayami Ryan

Completely A roadside Attraction tourist trap, but loved it! Go Gravity Falls!

Lio Ban

Awesome place to stop by when driving through the redwoods. Nice three carving, gift shop and rest area. Train ride was cancelled for rain and season but I will go back to check it out during summer.

Patty Spear

Kids and I enjoyed a quick stop at this funky little place! People were super nice running the joint. @supportlocal

Edra Hileman

Very cool! My son is a Gravity Falls fan. He was excited. We had a blast in the gravity house.

Mike Young

Sad train not run that day

Cynthia Packard

Gravity Falls lives. Check it out. Truly.

Sujeet Sharma

Full of fun.

Addison rose4567

Loved it and loved seeing the cipher statue again. It's a peice of gravity falls history

Marcy Mackle

Didn't see much


This place is awesome, the Gravity House is the best Vortex yet!!! This is a must see attraction.

missy lewis

It was TRIPPY dudes! Gave me a headache at the end from the whack gravity 8/10 would probably go again

S Blair

Ahhh this place was so fun, so many interesting things to see, great family stop! They have Humboldt county honey too, and the woman running the place was awesome! Thanks for the laughs! :D

Sabina Ahmed

Santa Cruz Mystery Spot's lesser known cousin. Charming little detour on the way to the Avenue of the Giants. Kids will love it.

andrew ocegueda

Cool little place , nice for a rest stop , definitely old fashioned

Quang pham

Interesting experience

Linda Marcelli

Lots of old fashioned fun.

Cindy Littlejohn

Was very nice place, train ride was fun. Anyone that has trouble with stairs don't ride the train. I asked how many stairs to the train, was told 12. There was 40 steps. My mom's legs started giving out at 35 steps. We rode train and got back to vehicle. I told the lady that said 12 steps that there were 40 steps. She said ' oh I know, thought you could make it. Really.... My mom had had 2 strokes and is 78. Honestly give correct info, if my mom would have fallen. I would have punched that lady, all she wanted was the $20 for 2 tickets. My son contacted the owner as we are still on our vacation. The owner was very apologetic, and said she would talk to her employee. She said there was a sign posted. If you visit this place, you will see numerous signs. The fact remains, I asked the employee, she should have been honest. The place is really neat, the train engineer was very informative. You should stop.

Summers Vincent

This place was so much fun. Its self guided so take your time and enjoy the mystery.

Karen Moralez-Guzman

Absolutely fun! My lil ones has such an amazing time. It was a great spot for a quick snack and entertainment.

Rochelle Noragon

Chipalope! Get you one.

Talonidir Skirata

A great tourist trap, especially if you are a fan of Gravity Falls! This is the original inspiration for the Mystery Shack and they have a book inside where you can sign your name along with other fans!

Matt Kobs

Stoped for some icecream Pretty cool place

K Lafave

Had a lot of fun walking through the hill, the person running the store had great stories and was very friendly!

David Weinberger

Great roadside attraction. Enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area while exploring this curious phenomenon at the end of the Pacific Coast Highway. Sure to be a fun and interesting time for everyone in the family.

CArol Porter

Seemed a little dirty could use a uplift

Yash Doshi

Good scenic place, replica of Mystery spot. If you have already seen that then you may skip. Or if you want to come for a train ride then it's good place too.

Chris Sanders

Great place

Elsa Seal

Great rest stop, especially for families. After a long drive it's the perfect place to get out and stretch your legs... and your brain :) They have some really neat wood carvings, a few mind-bending attractions, a little playground, and a gift shop. It isn't really somewhere you could spend a whole day, but definitely worth a stop if you're passing through.

Shawn X

Always a blast to stop here with the kids. The mystery house is now self touring which is fun. They have a train ride that comes reccomended. Simply stopping to stretch the legs is also a good experience with lots of places to snack and adventure within 50 yards of the parking lot. Stop by!

Maria Leimbach

Strage looking, old, run down attraction. People are very friendly and sweet

Leslie Crocker

Nothing like a Blackberry milkshake after a beautiful drive among the redwoods. Also they store has some nice stuff and they give you no grief for using the restrooms.

Kayleen Fiascher

It wasn't the best train ride the driver was trying soo hard to be funny that he was just wird

Deitra Cox

We stopped for the little mini mart and gift store not the actual confusion hill attraction. Cute stop.

Samuel Scott

so fun. nice stop to stretch legs and enjoy the redwoods. I would definitely stop by the gravity house. It really reminded me of Gravity Falls and helped inspire the show I understand. Worth a visit.

Emma Singh Baghel

$5 per adult for the gravity house so not that expensive for the experience, bit it is only two rooms with less lighting and hard to take good photos bc there is less space/angles for photos and not much for variety.

christine musselman

Friendly people. Interesting site to see.

Danny Lambson

Quirkey and fun, great for the kids too

melissa vitelle

Fun , very weird... I totally felt the gravity difference

Dale Johnson

Fun place.

C. Hamner

Ghetto tourist trap

Ruth Munoz

Love this place

TBR 4Life

Recommended! Fun place

Lfox _

Fun I'm adult but I love it

Vilma Paniagua

Place to enjoy with the kids

Samuel-TDA Dominguez

If you are anywhere near this place... GO AND RIDE THE TRAIN! It was amazing.

Kelley Relyea

It's ok, it's what they based the show gravity falls off of

Martha Ramirez

It's a very small cabin looking place, but the experience was awesome! It's weird how you feel as soon as you start climbing the small hill towards the cabin. You feel lightheaded, and sometimes a little bit confused because you can't explain what's happening. Your body can move and you don't feel as heavy as you normally do. It was a great experience!!

Cody Hair

Fun place with lots of things to see. Not to expensive & a good way to get out the car & stretch your legs

Renee Wall

Fun, but short.

Connie Latham

Fun & interesting more for kids

Teresa Reyes

Stopped by for a quick stop and took the train ride. The conductor was quite entertaining.

Diana Juarez

Affordable, really neat place to visit. I love the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere and stumbling across this place.

Neil Bettger

Very cool place in the Redwiod forest in North part of California coast.

Mel Basilio

Friendly people. Wonderful oddities in the gift shop! Great egg bread thing at the snack bar!

Samuel Rippe

Which way is up?... figure it out for yourself...or get more confused than ever.

CJ Porter

Fun place is a trap but is fun for little kids. Also a nice place to get out and walk around safely

Jeff Brohamer

Fun little stop, had some fun photo shoot areas for the kids and the gift shop was well stocked. The yard was awesome surrounded by redwood trees the size of cars.

Jennie Pratt

I love this place the memorabilia the gravity weirdness and the train ride its all fun

Tina-Marie Provoncha

Definitely fun. And confusing.

Ann Stephens

Great place to bring the kids. Shop staff were so friendly and nice. Lot of cute stuff.

Brittany Bowks

John was a really great guy to talk to. My son (6) loved this place, but it made me dizzy. Definitely worth the stop!

Sarah Moreno

My best friend and I stopped here during our road trip down the coast. Don't regret it at all. The staff are super friendly and the attractions were simple, but very memorable.

Brian Bettencourt

Wow great place to hang out for a few hours, So many cool things to experience. Only 5 bucks per person to get in, and 10 bucks to ride the train up the hill is worth you time and money. The train was built in 1955 and is still going! Dont forget to go into the gravity house. I will be posting a video on YouTube, Confusion Hill 2019.

Timothy Brown

So much fun as a roadside stop. A definitely must see!

Grapes W8

Fun stop along the 101. Came for the Bill Cipher statue. Stay weird and remember, Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold byee.

Amy Dobry

Fun quick stop

Jasmine Loveland

It was fun for the kid. Wish I did not have to hear the personal conversation of the cashier on her cell phone. Wish she would not smoke at the enterance of the store. The attraction itself was kinda of fun though. My son had a great time.

Bre Ximenes

Can't explain it. ..but it's legit. fun, short adventure off of the avenue of the giants. .. a small price to pay to try out these fun allusions? ?? If you are prone to virtago, do not go. You will get sick! My mom didn't go and we were glad they warned us because you will feel something. .. fun!

Tom Hammer

Family fun, an American roadside attraction that lives on.

tameca eastman

Very fun for the family! Cute gift shop. Funny attractions and experiments! There's a snack stand too. You can also ride the train, but you must be prepared to squeeze in if you're an adult. Confusion Hill is not handicap friendly, but there is a nice picnic area to enjoy while waiting. We had so much fun here!

Kyle Wilks

Interesting place to stop and kill time


I had heard of this place years before. And I think its hayday was years before. The price was very cheap at only 5$ a person. So that was a definite perk. But to see everything at the confusion house portion only took about 10 minutes. It was mostly optical illusion. The building was kinda on the more run down side, it could have been better for sure. But it also could been worse. For the younger kids it would probably be a cool little 20 minute detour. But for the older kids and adults. It may be a little underwhelming.

Brandy Gonzales

Fun place to stop and visit. Bring a picnic lunch or there is a snack shack. Plenty of parking and picnic tables. People are really friendly.

Rainy Campbell

Fun to spend with friends, esp if youre a fan of gravity falls

Laura Merrill

So much fun

frank garcia

Great place for kids.

Taylor Hardy

If you're traveling through this area this place is worth a stop. The confusion hill is entertaining and fun. I love all the optical illusions and tricks that it has. It's worth the $5.00.

Chelsea Scheiber

Short little jaunt through the rooms but twistedly fun.

Ward Beaty

Walking through the Gravity House Definitely made us confused.


train ride was amazing and very educational


We used to come to this place when we were kids now I had to bring my family since I'm an adult. Parking is good, the guy working there was nice. I can see where some people think this was a rinky-dink outfit but we enjoy it. Don't forget to go across the street to the tomb. Ask the employee if you don't know what I'm talking about. the only thing that would make this any better is if they were dog friendly. The ice cream was good. It's well worth the side trip.

David Pickett

Fun Classic tourist trap in Redwood country

J. Hyland

Cool backstory the guy gave on the train ride, very cool experience. Super trippy in the gravity house highly recommend going in there!

Melody Compton

Such a unique experience for all three of my children and us adults alike! The front desk clerk was very polite and knowledgeable about the location. Encouraging us to take photos and video. Glad we made this quick stop. For our first time in the Redwoods it definitely helped us create some lasting memories.

Guillermo Murillo

Made a quick pitt stop on our way home from trinida not much to see.but the kids enjoyed it

T.S. Williams

If you have never been to the CA Redwoods, you owe it to yourself and your family to come up this summer. And don't forget to stop at Confusion Hill. It's the best place for ice creams and souvenirs. We love it.

Bryan S

If you expected anything other than a seedy knock off of the Mystery Spot, you'd be way off. Used the experience to reach my kids what a "tourist trap"is. Even with all that said there's very little charm to off set the grime, crude graffiti and overall grossness. Gift shop is worth more of a visit than the Hill.

Maxine Torres

Cute stop off...

Paul Michael Whitfield

Fun stop along Highway 1

B. N.

Lady there was nice, a dog on property was barkingalot, granted where me and my dogs parked on the left side near the Panda bear sculpture was where the dog was hanging out. Did not go through the tour but will in the future, my dogs just had anxiety so I would have been rushed.

Lacey Carpenter

Cute roadside stop to stretch the legs and maybe get a souvenir

tina may

It is a good stop to make specialy when the trian is in season . All the people who run and work for this place a friendly. During the summer is the best time to vist .

Anthony Fernandez

Cheesy, yet delightful. Several things to see including wood carvings, a gift shop and a small structure you need to pay $5/ person to go through. Glad we stopped.

Robert Harvey-Kinsey

Fun but a bit run down. It does require patience to see some of the effects. It does require some dexterity to navigate.

Rufus D'Bauchee

Support local business

Matt Maynard

Pretty lame but kids like it

Damon Broadbent

Fun place to go with a family. A lot like Oregon Vortex.

Lynn Lowe

Interesting optical illussions....but NOT worth $5. a person....

Brandy Carroll

This is a must do stop! So very cool to see the mysteries of the world first hand.

Danielle Ruiz

Not your usual "tourist trap"! They are friendly and kind here, don't pressure you, and have some very cool souvenirs to boot!!!

Jon Lawhead

I'm not sure how anyone over the age of 5 could find this entertaining. All these positive reviews make me feel like I must be missing something, but I went with a group of four, and all of us felt like it was a huge rip off. The signs are barely coherent and feel like they were written by someone who doesn't speak English. Half the "illusions" are missing pieces. The place is falling apart, and none of it is convincing or interesting. It's a classic tourist trap.

Martha Lujan

Nice little place to stop for a snack

Jrox chase

This place is a trip. I mean mind blowing fun. We took my daughter and her friend here. They absolutely just loved it!!!! The gravity house will boggle your mind. There is a golf ball test were you throw it down hill and it rolls right back up. I am sure they could update some things here and there. But you might risk the nostalgia of the place. Food smelt good, didnt get to try it. We just ate at the peg house up the road.

Miranda Pieper

Its cheesy af but so much fun with friends or family

Brittany Thomas

Fun attraction! It is only $5 and it has some great photo opportunities. We really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone. It is a great activity for children.

Joseph Lopez

On the drive back home I saw trees leaning.

Jennifer Moran

I am blessed to be CURRENTLY working the snack bar at CONFUSION HILL! Althogh my position here is over at the end of September my memories will last forever. Meeting people from all over the world is so exciting and getting to satisfy those visitors with HOTT EATS & SWEET TREATS is the greatest job EVER!!!

Shauna Renee

Funny old man running the tour. Interesting story. My boyfriend and I think it's probably a vortex. Cute store with neat items. Great food at the concession stand. With even better shakes, smoothies and floats. Plan on spending $30/ person and about half a day to take in all the attractions and a snack.

Jessica Smith

I could write great words about this place all day! The experience is one of a kind! The train ride is so fascinating and informative! The best part is the service we received from the staff there. All 3 were amazing to my whole family and I! I definitely recommend! Fast, friendly, and affordable fun for the entire family!

Rosanna Buie

Visiting from Chicago and decided I wanted to take my kids to a cool place I stopped at as a child growing up in the area. It had been at least 30 years since I had been there and it was even more Amazing than I remembered. I absolutely loved the train ride and the gentleman in the first picture did an excellent job explaining so many cool things about the beautiful redwoods and life working in the area in the past. My kids really got a kick out of the gravity house too but if you are in the area I highly recommend the train ride.

Dustie Coon

Fun place for kids

Cakey Champion

I had an amazing time! I suggest watching the Disney cartoon "Gravity Falls" first, it enhances the experience. I highly recommend going in costume, the employees will get it! 5/5 would go again!

Sergey Anpilogov

It's said it opens at 9am... i was there at 9.30 it was still closed

Travis Threatt

Cheap thrills. It's a real tripp

Shannon Belk

So beautiful


Spring 1973, boys 4 & 2. Had been passing it up on several trips. Sign 800' to C. H. 25' Discoverer MH pulling 72 Datsun. At that time, very small area for parking. Just enough to stop my rig in. As I came around the curve, the leaves, bark, dirt etc was flying UPWARDS. The tree base they have with the dates of it's life had just fallen into the only spot that I could have parked. Later found out that a tour bus had just left. It took out part of the bldg, and large propane tank. The strong gas smell caused me to floor board it out. Was going So. and stopped at the TREE HOUSE to call emergency but it had also took out phone and power lines for the area. Went on finishing USA to England and Europe . Came back to C Hill in 1977. New owners did not have the crash date correct. Told the attendant the story. Came back in the 80's Same guy!!! He said the owners did not want to change the date, since it was the end of the Viet. War. The only negative part was they had sold and harvested the GIANTS on the upper parts. I guess it included a lot of surrounding forest.

Cheryl Fernandez

For those who watched that cartoon on Disney channel called "Gravity Falls", this is the place where the show was based on. From the villain (cyrus?) To the gift shop, to the forest background, this place is Gravity Falls. The complete cast of the show has a pic right in front of the store, as well as their signatures. The kids went in the mystery house, which they had fun in. There's also the shoe house - makes for a nice photo op. A fun stop if you're travelling on the 101 freeway.

Tawnya Tate-Tomlin

Wonderful time with our grandkids ages 10 and 12. Never have I experienced anything quite like it. Highly recommend the stop.

snehpets aymarej

Our best family memories were made here. Stop here and ride the train, you'll love it!!! Easily the funnest part of our Redwood vacation. These folks are super friendly, hilarious, and full of character to put it mildy. Tony the Train Guy is the best!!!

Do Bo

Although it's really just an optical illusion, it affected me pretty significantly. I started feeling dizzy just walking up to the gravity house, nevermind once I got in. Had some fun exhibits. Of course there will be those hard critics out there who can't be impressed by anything, but I thought it was pretty fun and was a nice stop from the long drive we were on.

Nicholas Denzler

Friendly staff and a fun place to visit.

Roxann Tuttle

I was actually driving late one night and pulled over here to rest. Went here as s kid and I want to go back This place is pretty cool

Chris Ericsson

Cute place. Lots of neat items. Old school wooden toys. Artsy items. Cool exhibit in the back.

Nick Van Laar

Kitschy tourist trappy place. Still fun. Reminds my girls of Santa Cruz Mystery Spot.

Marc Jakobs

For a couple on the road this place didn't have much for us but would be a great stop for the kids. Definitely some difficulty turning south out of there in an RV as there are some fast people coming the other way so be careful

Brad Clark

Definitely a tourist trap, but it was good for them that's exactly what I was expecting. I mostly stopped because it reminded me of a show my daughter watches and I thought she'd enjoy the pictures. To walk through the Mystery House only costs $5. This would have been a much better visit with company, as some of the attractions need at least 2 people to really work.

Nicholas Curry

Dire hunger and poor experiences in Garberville drove us to this Mystery Spot equivalent. Chicken strips were actually quite excellent. Fries as expected, wife's chicken sandwich 'eh...the Confusion shack was disorienting as expected for a large scale optical illusion, the wait for the train was too long but obviously the thing to do here...sadly we had to pass. Keep in mind this is really one of the last spots to stop prior to Willits or Ukiah on southbound 101...

Brenden Johnson

Great stop.

Jay Miller

Pricey but just a tourist attraction.

Tommy Lou

Employees were kind. the tricks were all optical illusions- this would be fun with small children I was expecting paranormal activity but in the end I felt gipped for my 5 dollars.

Becky Jesse

This place was neat as a mystery spot but a short trip. I expected more of the experiments to be led, and some of them were missing parts so it wasnt as cool as i was hoping it would be for the kiddos.

Mary990 3299

Kids loved it

Lance Herrera

Awesome place to go

Rhonda Waterhouse

This super campy place was a fun stop! We had a great time in the gravity house. The food here is decent, but overpriced because of the location. I'm glad we visited.

jose moreno lopez

Magnetic concentration área. You can buy magnets for Kids.


Very strange place.

Trevor Farr

I'll just say the train derailed while I was on it and I wasnt even mad. Had a great time and would go again.

Julie Healon

cute stop. we had fun. The part where the gravity makes you learn is a trip. makes you a bit dizzy if you're in too long. It's a quick stop. We were there about a half hour. The snack shop was closed. Boo. We were hungry, and there isn't anything around. Some of the little things are kinda lame. Like the height thing, where one side you're tall, on the other, short. But it didn't happen. We even took photos. No difference. lol Still a fun little stop. We've been twice now. Second time, we took my parents. In and out in a half hour. Cute gift shop.

erin williams

Small but great place to stop and stretch your legs. The gravity house was super fun for my nephews :)

Cris Jesse

Fun tourist trap for the whole family!

Arim and Mimi

This place is a really good place to learn a lot, and have fun. There is a mystery room that you HAVE to visit at the Confusion hill

Stephen J

It has a train ride, and other cool stuff. Old time fun.

Kai Turner

Cute roadside attraction. My wife and I stopped for about 15 minutes. It was a nice break in the middle of a long drive.

Kylie Stock

Pretty cool little site to walk around. Half of the "exhibits" though are missing the things you need to try them. No metal scraps or balls in some locations.

jack finigan

Super funky and awesome, even if your a local it's a must see. The train ride is epic as well.

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