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Where is Chicano Park?

REVIEWS OF Chicano Park IN California

Mary Diann Marcone

We visited this park to catch Pokemon with the kids. Some people were dressed in native clothes, dancing and playing drums. Really fun to see. The playground was clean and the park is really nice. Great Pokemon catching ground.

Delia Robertson

Aside from the occasional homeless crazy individuals, the new playground is awesome for my cub. He loves it. Sometimes there are nice and sometimes there are crazy homeless people, finding out with my kid is what I’m afraid of. When they have events it is always also fun. Good food.

Isabel Rodriguez

I always see parents flagantly drinking beers and evidently under some other substances. I am always on alert because its every shady park.

William Jones

All Good had a great time

Angel Gomez

Great park!" The Murals are Breathtaking!

Guillermo Gonzalez

Full of Chicano history and a very beautifull park my kids loved it

Logan Swiecki-Taylor

Great community park with lots of activities always going on! Handball, dancing, skateboarding, playground, park workout equipment, picnic area, bring family and friends and enjoy the space!

Violet Tunohun

Love cultural arts here in the Barrio

Edgar Juarez

This park has alot of historical blood, sweat and tears; especially since 1970. I completely love and enjoy the new playground area. The remodeling that it just received a few months ago is phenomenal. To some people the park may seem like a no mas land, but to local Barrio Logan fokes its home and meaningful. I have many beautiful memories encountering this park and still experience wonderful moments with my kids and family at Chicano Park. I know that the homeless make it feel unconfortable for some people but some of them are locals already. I wont recommend the park at night though. I was just there this Sunday and it was relaxing and enjoying to be there. I love our Chicano Park and to anyone who stops by and enjoy the murals please respect the art and keep the park clean. God bless!!

Barbara Anne Senzee

Fun place

Drea Lion

We absolutely love going to Chicano park, it's always fun. We love to see the colorful art, and watching the kids playing on the new jungle gym makes us happy. It's nice and clean, especially with the new bathroom facilities. Makes going to Chicano park a lovely experience!

Melissa Tarazon

Very pleasant good atmosphere positive people are very nice.

Jacqueline Reyes

Laid back and a hidden gem of culture.

David Bueno

Very comfortable no worries everyone cool plenty delicious food and drink plenty of officers too but very cool even play low rider in there squad car how cool is that.

Jason Goodall

Chicano culture at its best plus great beer and Taco's / TJ dogs.

R Garcia

I loved all the art work done. It's a don't miss out when I'm San Diego.

Jeremy Troy Clark

Lots of culture. I love the murals ( art work )

Danny melendez

Great plce to go see some beautiful Murals/Art

Mellimel Hernandez

The artwork is beautiful! I was happy I could take my son to learn about his heritage!

Brittany Oquendo

Beautiful park with amazing tacos just around the corner!!

adrian martinez

culture is ok..its more of a modern hipster area...not a true culture location...

Kerrie O'Neill

There was a drumming & dancing performance this afternoon, it was spectacular. I wanted to join them.

miMichael lLopez

Very cool place what a ride to get here

Elaine Tagoai

Nice small park good for the kids and to relax dont forget your furr babies

Shawn Libsack

Nice and beautiful place under the bridge

Natalie Vargas

One of my favorite places to be. Shout out to all the raza preserving our cultura. Much love

Rachel Pope

Fun play grounds and beautiful art

Mark Pantoja

Awesome place to view inspiring murals

Dón Escobar

Got to visit the park during the annual festival. It was fun, beautiful and loaded with culture. Chicano culture. Viva la Raza!

Amina V.

It was an honor to have a guided tour by artivist Mario Torero, himself.

Diana Cabrera

Now who wouldn't like this place? This is the place to be with family and friends to enjoy the view of every low rider vehicle,painting, handmade crafts, toys, tshirts, hats, cups, etc. I love the fact that they not only have low riders during festivals, but they also have them nice jams, and they welcome you as if you belong there. Everyone gets along, smiles, greeting, drinks, cupcakes for kids, like what else do you need? It's all here

Krissy Holloway

A beautiful place. Love the art that's everywhere.

serge shubin

love the culture that's restored!

Nate Borne

Highly recommend visiting Chicano Park. Amazing story telling and art, diverse set of folks visiting and a very cool part of town. Check the calendar for local events going on. I didn't check and ended up missing the lowrider festival by a few hours...

Jezreel Castillo

Nice place to visit with your family and friends


So much art work, murals, and near so many places to eat... definitely a place to explore and enjoy

justin fuller

Awesome awesome awesome. If you like art and\or hispanic history this is a must see

Ruth Tobin

It was great

Kawika Hoke

History and community. An important place for our children to gather and become friends.

Erica Townsend-Bell

I stumbled on to Chicano Day and it took an already really cool space to the next level! Highly recommend!!

Jazib Khan Ghory

beautiful murals and artwork reclaiming the native history of the neighborhood and area

norma perez

My Older Sister Francine Villalobos Memorial Resides Thete.

Trevor D.

One of the best places for seriously impressive street art in San Diego


Awesome park we hoop here on Sundays 10:30

David Struss

I didn't like it. Didn't feel that comfortable for some reason. And was an easy to find a parking space so he might put this low on your list of things to see in San Diego.

Sheri Tempel

Chicano Park is tucked away in a part of town that does not attract tourists, but it's not a place you want to miss. I didn't know this historical park existed but I'm so glad I found it. The sheer expanse of artwork is incredible. There's a sense of reverence and pride in the air. As you walk along observing the intricate artwork pay special attention to the detail and pride poured straight from the heart of the artists. Plan to spend at least an hour.. you'll be glad you did.

Omar Pierce

Still the same crappy park I grew up going to. The new neighboring businesses are cool but still the same "dog s**t smelling park"..


It was nice thank you very much

Jesus Martinez

Everyone must experience Chicano Park for themselves. It's an amazing experience mixed with community, commonality and familia

Nereida Betancourt

It's fun for the kids and family.


Some the best street art in the west side.

Daniel Estrada

It's the culture of my jente (The Mexican Peaple) The murals on the pillars of the bridge speaks to our Peaple especially the young ones letting them know how much we have accomplished in our struggle and at the same time that our struggle isn't over. We still have alot more to do! Chicanos from all over AZTLAN fought for this little piece of land that we call CHICANO PARK. But it's sad that at this time of age their still alot of prejudice Police still harrasess our young Chicanos when they're kicking it at the parque telling them they have to leave! What kind of BS is that we grew up here in THE HEIGHTS they have to tell us to take a walk! But they sure don't harras the Light Color Peaple that has started moving in to LOGAN they can drink and party on the sidewalks at all hours of day & night but don't let it be a Chicano because we end up in jail that's a fact! The Struggle still ain't over let's get OUR neighborhood back! (VARRIO LOGAN HEIGHTS) We are here to stay!


Very nice park. Kid friendly.

Pesky Blubber

incredible artwork and two good place structures

Dread Queen

Loved it! So much culture and amazing murals. I also love that 4 milpas is around the corner lol

SoniA A

Great place to see different murals, it has a lot to see, I enjoyed it a lot !!!! The area was ok ... When I was there I did not feel unsafe, just go during the day and I think you will be ok. There's a small park and restrooms as well.

mario escobedo

Have to love Chicano park lots of the new and old spots great to bar hopping..

Elias Walker

I like it for the culture and art .i think everyone should check it out once .sometimes they have low riders there .


Definitely worth a visit. The different murals are very expressive

Duffey Wolvin

Lovely Park under the Coronado bridge. Playground, murals, shade...

zahab pathi tribe of issachar

Best historical park in San Diego hands down

Diego Garcia

Cool art..... many shady characters lurking around.

Michael O'Connor

Art was cool bathrooms smelled like piss so bad could smell them throughout the whole park

Christine Surpitski

Beautiful place to relax and admire the art and culture... Holds a lot of events, has public restroom, picnic tables. Must see

Carlos Galan

Chicano Park is always good times lots of History and Pride highly recommend you go and visit and also make sure to stop by at the local breweries and food spots surrounding the park best in San Diego

Eliseo Villa

Love this place. Lot of culture in the art. There is a lot of really good restaurants around here.

Vicki Frias

Not enough benches to sit Being under the freeway is kind of scary.

Sharlene Allen

The 49th Chicano Park Day celebration! Had a great time. There for about two hours. Checking out the low riders, eating street tacos, buying Huaraches.

Marisol Duenas

Always great to see this parks murals and visit nearby breweries!

Jair Cortes

A beautiful collection of art.

Claudia Parra

Loved this place! There is art everywhere you turn

Sean Lykes

Hey! Look at the name of the park. And if your a true American, well you know what time it is. It's named Chicano park. What do you think this place is like. Get in , get out.

Candy Dread

I can spend all day here. Every mural is intricately painted with so much meaning within. Take your time walking through the park checking out under the freeways and make sure to look up. The stage is also somewhere you can get lost at. Every bit of it is covered in culture. Across from the park is a garden area. Make sure to stop here and look at the metal sculptures sprinkled among the cactus and succulents. There's benches here also in case you want to bring something to eat from down on Logan Street. Theres events throughout the year so make sure to check when those are happening. You might catch some dancers! Or aome great music! Enjoy spending your time here!

Jackie Camacho

It started raining hard do really couldn't explore. Looked cool tho.

Omar Resto

Great historical landmark. Beautiful paintings under the bridge

Arnold Villaescusa

Best murals n car happenings meet friends....

Lynda Bohnstehn

Went to take a few pics, beautiful murals and a great pic of restaurant within walking distance.

Robert Garcia

Because it's peaceful and you can take your kids to the play ground ect. 2019


Aside from homeless trying to ask for "help" the 2 parks here were very FUN! Safe that the cops drive by ALL THE TIME, makes you feel safer!

داؤد رفوكا

If you're into art, then definitely visit this park! It includes the history of this area all represented as drawings.

The Way Of Gentlemen

I got here at 10 a.m. today pretty quiet clean nice view of the Coronado bridge. They have two playgrounds to swing racks a liquor store right across the street where you can get water sodas snacks multiple benches where you can go ahead and have your lunch. they also have events on the weekend I would highly recommend this park for the families

Alexis Leftridge

Bathroom is gross, no soap, changing table is broken. Shows how much the city of San Diego cares.

Mark Bell

Great park! The art work is amazing. Bring some Los Quattro Milpas and have a great lunch!


Great place to have a picnic.

Jesse Fleischman

Nice place if you're of Mexican descent. Otherwise you may feel like an outsider or worse.

Brandy Williams

This park was super chill. There was no trash, no drama, no crime; just a really great location to visit. The murals were amazing and the culture of the barrio is alive and well! Thank you to Georgina for explaining the park's history, the Barron's legacy, and the alarming and disturbing policing of Black and Brown bodies for no reason!

Logan Fox

Really radical history. Really cool, politically fueled artwork. Great weather, neat neighborhood. I'll definitely come back.

Liza H

Beautiful park full of murals and Chicano and Barrio Logan history. The jungle gyms here are perfect for all kids and even some adults when there aren't too many kids. Beautiful spot for pictures, lots of grassy area, location is great being close to lots of places to eat and North gate grocery, freeways, and downtown is all minutes away. Of course this is where they hold Chicano park day every year.

Tony Rosales

Chill spot to visit, beautiful murals which tells the history of this neighborhood. There was a motorcycle club and vendors selling clothing and art pieces. Glad I was here, came down from L.A. for the weekend..

sarah bennington

Doing During daytime, felt completely safe. Enjoyed learning and being around San Diego culture. Don't ever be afraid of locals or homeless. That's part of who we are. Enjoy the artwork. Ride the trolley, walk to the new park on the bay. Or head up to Petco or Gaslamp. Or non tourist areas

Josue Diaz

They're scheduled says they open at 7am but they dont I have been waited outside over 20 minutes

Irma Duran

I have a great time,looking at the classics

Eddie Sanchez

Love the art. Definitely a place to stop by❤

Manuel Vidal

Love this part of San Diego so much history and culture stamp on the walls !!!got to love it.

Stephen Veeder

Great place for a walk to enjoy the artwork.

Mark Moore

Great place to walk around and view interesting and colorful murals.

daniel celaya

Beautiful park. Very real and vibrant

Annette Breaux

Absolutely amazing, art is beautiful. Its a great place, across the street they have a Chicano garden & if you take the path in the garden it leads you to a traditional sweat lodge. Its amazing that there is a park that represents my culture my ethnicity.

Darlene Clark

Quiet park with two tot lots, a new bathroom that's cleaned early morning.

latonya turner

Such a rich history within this park.

Cesar Reyes

It's like the ghetto and the new upscale society combined

Matt Carlson

Awesome art. Cool vibe. Has a skate park and bball courts as well

Lisa Rodriguez

Always a nice place to visit for the events. There is Always lots of Good performances, Vendors, Lowriders / Motorcycles & Most of All the People are Always there just to have a Good time. Most People there are Raza but there are People that are not Raza & they are welcomed, there not looked at or starred at like they don't belong. Nice to see All the Children playing on the play grounds. It's always a good experience visiting Chicano Park.

Armando A. Garcia

Great historical park to vist; upkeep is needed.

Daniel Ybarra

This place at this event is awesome, we miss Ramon Chunky Sanchez,he passed a couple years ago. But his and many others legacy lives on . keep up the good work. Si we puede

Marisa Martinez

This place is beautiful. The art work is amazing. It has a great feel to it.

Jose Santana

Great mural artwork. Small skate park and areas to picnic and barbeque...The park was built by the people for the people

Esther Rodriguez

I was there as a volunteer for my painting class, it's another world, I feel like I was in Mexico city. The art fest have a lot to offer to the community and to learn about their culture for all San Diego residents. Delicious Mexican food, great car show, folklore and prehispanic dance, the brand new classroom bus recently got to teach their culture to SD county, you can appreciate the murals (paintings) over the bridge. The only problem is to find parking lot.

Arabel Rodriguez

Great family fun. Best time ever. So much eye candy.

Miss B.L.

Went here for the artwork. And was able to learn something about the culture of the natives.

Jim Vosler

Great graffiti art, food and breweries.

Jackie Zarate roberts

What a great event! The car show alone was spectacular. Not only were there cars in the park, but lines of cars, bikes, carts, etc. that were along the middle of surrounding streets. There was a variety of music, entertainment, and numerous booths with clothing, food, drinks, arts & crafts, and community information. The organizers outdid themselves on this anniversary event!

Isidro Flores

I went for a field trip for school and it's amazing. The artwork just blows you away and the people there are so close. It's a lovely place with a lot of culture.

Elvira Rios

The experience here was one of the best in Barrio logan. Everyone is so nice I felt right at home in the Barrio. Definitely will be BACK

Patty Ramirez

I'm from Florida and I absolutely loved the park and the history in it


Great place to be at when celebrations are held. Love going there. Chicano Park day is off the hook. Lowriders, the people and tacos. Whats not to love? Lol

Samuel Miranda

There's a lot of things about this park I love one of the main things is the rich history of the community the park is fairly clean Unfortunately they are quite a busy of Transit some days are good some days are bad but honestly the neighborhood the park one of my favorite places in all of San Diego I would definitely say it's a must-see

Maria Benavente

Enjoyed looking at all the amazing art.

Luis Natividad

I was part of its development, the building under the bridge was my office

Iris Guzman

Must visit if you're in the area. Quick trip, loud of great murals depicting Xicano ourstory.

Shuga P


Marcos Lopez

I love Chicano park. It's a great place to bring your kids.

Priscilla Lira

Nice place to check out local art murals. Filled with color and Chicano culture. Lot of local events bring a great crowd and food vendors!

Charles Gonzales

Great area to check out murals about Chicano, Latino history and culture.

Rose Yeager

It has a lot of active gang activity and still has violent crimes committed weekly

Noah Clark

Very detailed art great place to visit!

Jeremy m

Wasn't aware of the history of the place before i visited. Glad we were able to stop. The art is large and stunning.

Double Agent

It's a very culturally beautiful park where friends and family can enjoy themselves. It has very beautiful Latin American art.

MA 13

Sacred land, amazing murals and tons of history. This is a must see while in San Diego. Look at the murals then walk down Logan Heights Blvd for good food, local shops and art galleries.


First of all, rest in peace to the people that died from the car last year. You are loved and remembered, and the memorial shows it. The park was clean and absolutely gorgeous. Lots of rich history and amazing art is there to show it. I wish every Mexican American knew about this place because it is a piece of significant history and has become a real beauty. The unique environment right under the entrance to the Coronado bridge has a lot of room and plenty of incredible street art that displays the events that happened in Chicano park. It is an awesome area that I thoroughly enjoyed and will be returning to. I'm ready to visit during Chicano Park Day next year so I can see how people celebrate this part of San Diego's history! This is truly one of the hidden gems of San Diego.

Puppetboy Martell

Alot of history throughout the neighborhood of Logan. Im glad to have visited and share the history with family. Props to Logan Heights area.

Noa Cruz

The place is great. The park is beautiful and large. It contains much history, and depictive art. Apart for the harmless homeless who occasionally wander into parks, the only problem is the dirty bathrooms. There are two parks and a lot of grass. The park is near many stores and an architectural place with a fountain. People repeatedly skate there so be careful.

larry gayle

Good work keep it up good work keep it up

Elias Zabala

Very clean area and there are a few homeless people around. Check city guides monthly for cultural events and information. Many historical murals telling of areas history. They also have walking tours where you'll get more information

Tezcatlipoca Xocoyotzin

Great place to learn about Mexican American history. Lots of locals to share stories.

Deejay V-Flip

Really cool park, it has some cool art just a good place to come out with the fam

Daniel R Batista

Very nice place to visit .interesting

donny blaze

Chicano park is where you go when you wanna breathe culture. This and old town really give you the true feeling of San Diego before gentrification. Balboa park as well, but if you want the entire experience with food and art, barrio Logan is the place. Chicano park day has been going on for 49 yrs now, and if you havent experienced it you must try it. From lowriders to art, great food to Aztec dancers, this park is the place on that day. Salud!

Timothy Elizondo

Great place but isn't very safe in the early morning or after dark. Always keep a watchful eye.

Mr. Vazquez

Cool murals and skate park for kids.


Great and peaceful forsure . we are all a loving family , be humble , sit down .

Priscila E

A really nice park with public restrooms. Nice murals and playgrounds for the children.

Erlinda Salcido

I loved it and felt privileged to be present learning through murals about my ancestors and their stories.

REC1 Productions

Historical park where many events are lined up throughout the year. Music concerts of all types. For more info go to Facebook and search Chicano Park.

Victor Favela

this place is a must see .. the park is not too big so an hour or so is just enough time but the murals there are unique and magnificent!

david rico

A family friendly place great for kids and filled with beautiful history of great chicano and chicana leaders told through the beautiful murals in the park

Scott Manning

Cool murals, . We were lucky and visited on a day some car clubs were cruising & showing off their custom jobs. Lots of low riders, rat rods, airbrush and hydraulics galore.

fred Rodriguez

So many beautiful Low Riders San Diego's best ✌

Joseph Powers

All the history and good murals on the bridges cool no graffiti just fine art

Duceani Davila

I remember going to Chicano Park as a kid with my family! Always a fun time here admiring the murals or attending events. I am glad it has blossomed to a National Historic Landmark, very well deserved. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the conservation of this park full of history that will forever hold a place in my heart.

Velia Silva

Beautiful murals. If you ever get a chance, go visit. There are many typical eateries nearby. Please note, it's not a typical park, it's spread out under bridges.

Vanessa Espinoza

Best experience ever. I love it I can't wait to go back

Dale Huntington

A wonderful place to experience art and great expressions of culture.

Brian O'Halloran

Beautiful artwork on highway pillars celebrating Latino heritage and history.

Ruby Lara

This place is hands down a must visit. Nice, clean and safe for all, kids and doggies. The art work is one of a kind. Restooms are nice and clean and play area has a nice selection.

octavio aguilar

If you like Chicano culture you will love Chicano Park and the business community around it, including the bars, restaurants, art galleries and small shops. Chicano Park just celebrated its 49th anniversary and it's clearly the pride and joy of the Chicano community.


Loved it very beautiful just watchout for some of the lil memorials around the murals

Marley Smith vlogs

Come n have fun with the family .. we do it every year love it

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