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Lisa Manzo

We loved playing miniature golf here. Its really nice in the evening with all the colorful lights they have all around the park. I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great and the price was reasonable only 10 dollars a person for all four cousrses.

Miriam Luna-Leyva

My kids always have a blast here. I love that they now have pizza hut in their menu and its more affordable. The golf course does need some work, its falling apart.

leah's world

this was great! food was a little too expensive but it’s worth it! rides were fun! my kids loved it more than magic mountain! i recommend for children!!

irwin jimenez

It's old & it's showing. Paint is faded/peeling, light bulbs are burned out or not working. Miniature golf has green or no water. Food is ok but very limited in location. Buckaneer Cove water park has poor seating & little shade. Needs to be "Parent-friendly".

Nicole Sipula

Great theme park and at a fantastic price!! My kiddos had a blast and so did the adults! Bathrooms could be updated though. Other than that, awesome family fun! Can't beat it!

Zack Fennec

This park is very cool! Lots of waiting in lines though... You have to know when to come. Overall, great place, nice food, and fun rides. I always enjoy when I visit!

adam murphy

I’ve been coming here since I was 10. Great time and inexpensive and the kids loved it!

Camorree Tinsley

Park was fun. Everything was fine except for the fact that the closing time was not correct on the website. We came at 5 pm thinking we would get 3 hours of fun because the website said they closed at 8, but when we got there, we learned that they closed at 6. This was a bit disappointing because most of the bigger rides were already closed and we weren't able to enjoy the park as much as we wanted. If someone could update the website properly, this would be great. Everything else was fine.

Kristina luna

The golf course is never cleaned. New rides are boreing. Water park is small.. Arcade its fun but needs maintenance. This park had better qualities years ago. What it has become is boreing.. Most the rides are never on.. U will spend more money then having fun . not worth it. They need better rides better maintence and more better employees.

Jeff Peters

Amazing park filled with families. Has great atmosphere. Fun rides for kids of all ages!

Brenda Robinson

The price is right if you purchase 4 days in advance but the park needed a good hose down and sterilization. It was very grimy and dirty. All the water features were turned off. I could see where at one time it was pretty and nice.

Azairah R

Inexpensive but theres always about 4 or 5 rides that are closed. I've been bringing my family here for many years and today I think I came to the realization that it would be my very last visit. The staff at the food shops are EXTREMELY slow. Many attractions are also often closed. Its just not as fun anymore. Although still under $20 it's not worth it for the few rides that you can get on.

HUSH Viper

Its an o.g. in my life thats why i like it

Willie Liu

Rides are ok. One ride my daughter really wanted to go on was closed so she was bummed about that. Groupon deal online is a decent value.

Carly Soos

Absolutely wonderful park. I’ve been here since I was at least 8 years old and it’s such a fun environment. The rides are super fun, even now when I’m older. My dad worked here for years and I got to know many of the staff. They are very kind and always make sure everything is safe. If you’re looking for a fun day and great memories, this is the perfect place to go!!!

Acpattybonbon James

It was nice in the 90's but now it's ratchet city with rides mixed in.

Celina Tinsley

Great for a mid-range outing. Not Disneyland, but the lines aren't as long as Disneyland's, either. Good selection of rides with enough for little and big kids - bumper cars, carousel, gravity ride, small roller coaster, and more. It's more like a little fair with the games, mini-train and booths. There is a mini-golf course and very generous popular smaller-size water park on site. Great service, too. I had a problem with some of the tickets which was handled quickly and courteously. I recommend using Paypal if you order online because the park does not refund tickets.

Jacquelin Verdin

I love castle park but I was there in the day that the log ride messed up and injured 3 people. I was literally going to go on log ride but decided i just wanted to go home, 5 minutes later as we were driving out there was about 10 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, and about 8 police cars coming into the park... We then later heard about the news.

Carissa Borland

Awesome for my kids 2-5 years. They had a blast!


Amazing place I've been here since i was 4 im 13 now and still love it the staff are great and the rides are super fun although the food is a little pricey but it's alright making plans to come back next week with friends and family hope to have a great time as always!!!

K W.B.

No where can you go with your family for the affordability as Castle Park has provided to us 30yrs I brought my kids now their bringing theirs! Always a great time. Unlimited rides, Small parking fee. Perfect price. No long lines. Fun rides. Love it.

Edith Parra

Visit with the family to celebrate one of our kids birthday on a weekend. Lots of activities to do, their golf courses are big, but we had a couple malfunctions with some of the holes, but nothing that could not be fixed. The spaceship game need to be cleaned since the smell can be a deterant to ride it again. The employees were nice, some of them being focused on making the visit more enjoyable. The food is very expensive and the portions small, so try to bring your own snacks, specially with small kids around, so you focus on getting fewer items. Ask for cheaper tickets if you bring along people who will not be using the rides, you will save a lot?

Angie Lo

This place used to be really nice, but the mini golf area has gone downhill over the years and needs a lot of maintenance. I wish they would spend some time and money to bring it back to its original glory (or better), with smooth greens and working features. The rides have been around for a long time and could use some updates as well. Please, Castle Park, get it together soon!

Danny boy

The mini golf courses are fun but they are a bit run down. We lost a couple of balls because of problems with the tunnels

lupe cano

Having fun at castle park with my kids jeeping ourself nice and cool in the water park area

Sergio Gonzales

My only regret I had with Castle Park was that I didn't find it sooner. Talk about value! My kids loved it! I think any child over 5-6 yrs old will have a blast. So much to do for such a small, mini amusement park. Fun games, fun rides, mini golf, and much more. Its a great budget friendly park, and a nice break from the costly Disney, Universal, Knott's, and Magic Mountain prices. Give it a shot mom n dad! You won't be sorry.

Rita Colfer

Great place for the whole family. Buy tickets online in advance and get awesome deals.

Penelope Ince

Castle Park is always fun!! The place definitely shows it’s age in places but I appreciate

Stephen Newandee

Great amusement park, every one working at the park was friendly, gracious and helpful. The food was great and reasonably priced. There was very little waiting for rides even during weekends. All the children, older kids and even adults love these rides and all have a great time.

laurie sikes

Had a great time miniature golf water park and rides fun times

Scrug D

Awesome way to kill some time. $10 for unlimited mini golf. 4 courses all with 18 holes each. There are a few holes being repaired but still a lot of fun. The arcade is $5 for an hour of video games. They also sell drinks and snacks.

Perriann Nieto

My family had a great time Lines weren't long lines went fast kids enjoyed themselves!! We di miss the fireball!! They need to bring that back!! It was shut down. Food was good love the free refills on popcorn and soda!!

Rodriguez L

Great place for younger children. Rides are good and prices i think are alot cheaper than bigger theme parks. It is a nice place to distract yourself. Not a big fan of the food but it is ok.

Charles Lankford Jr.

It was good for the price. The courses need a lot of work and the greens definitely need to be replaced. The rides are carnival rides and seem to be safe. Seems like teenager heaven diring the day which means most don't watch where they are going. Curious what kind of crowd comes at night.

Jamie Siordia

Had a Girl Scouts event for miniature golf and we had a blast. I miss the water, but I understand why.

Mr Galindo

This place is outdated but the bomb take me back love it had a great time with my children would love to see them update the rides and a few more really wanted to ride the log jammer but if they would do something to improve that ride or get a better one I'm down highly recommended

Bunny Lange

Still a fun little place to take the kids but needs MAJOR TLC. The water in mini golf was drained, half the rides were closed or in need of repair, and everything looks dirty. Golf course #2 was a worn out course with torn carpet, boarded up models, and the handles of the golf sticks...just gross:(

Roxanne Spain

I miss the log ride and all the vendors kept running out of ice but it was fun!!

Nisa Janai

It's ok. It reminded me more of a permanent carnival than a theme park. Rides where pretty old and it felt like there was so much going on in a small space. Also a lot of rides weren't running either. I recommend this place if you have younger kids or really like mini golf (golf course is set up to have water fountains but they're conserving water so their completely dried out which isn't aesthetically pleasing). They also have peacocks just walking around, that was pretty cool.

Sara Dorhmi

Had a really fun time at this place. 17$ for a whole days worth and we didn't even get to the mini-golf because there was so much to do. I never waited more than ten minutes to go on any ride on a Saturday.

Hexx Gutierrez

Will not take grandson again. Hot day and water side park close. But still charge full price.

Sean McKinney

My kid loved it. Nice to have an amusement park so close. The miniature golf was nice. The rides were just scary enough for a grown up but not too scary for a kid. They also have a ton of discounts online

Jeff Allen

Our family enjoys Castle Park. Unfortunately, the place is really showing it's age and is really looking run down. From torn awnings over some of the rides to faded, peeling paint on buildings and hang rails. None of the ponds, fountains and waterfalls around the mini golf courses were working. In fact, all the water was completely drained. The grassy areas were also brown and in need of attention. Last point: I don't think it's fair to charge $10 per car for parking when half a dozen of your rides are shut down. Hope you all aren't going the way of Scandia!

Rudolph G.V. Medina

An excellent place filled with fun for the whole family !!


We love castle park.. especially around holloween time. They turn it into castle dark!

Tyler Moore

I liked it because the tickets online were cheap parking is cheap it's close & the kids loved it

Donna Patton

It a great place but some of the worker are not great there

Shelly Cordova

We Had a wonderful time! It's a great place to throw a party. The children love it!

Magdalena Sanchez

What happen to this place it was so nice before when my children and grandchildren where little know for the first time I am bringing my grand-grandsons and this place have change so much you have different price and you charge for the entrance even if you are not going in the rides, the parking is to much, alot of the rides are not working, the trees in the park has this white little animals, they get in your body and you start iching is very frustrading, I was very dicepointed at this place

Caroline Louis

Perfect place to take the kids on weekend or during vacation I recommend it reasonable prices

Lisa Beltran

Had a great time with my family. Unfortunately some of the main rides were down. Screamin Demon, Fireball and the Log ride....maybe they'll be open next trip.

Jennifer Davila Davila

This place a awesome place to come have fun with kids and family. Not expensive but reasonable and it's fun. My kids like coming here during summer time. Come on and stop on by and visit this amusement park.

Jamie Smith

We had a great time especially because of Halloween.. staff was awesome


PARK IS NOT OPEN EVERYDAY!!!!! On web it shows that they are open every day however they don't only the miniature golf does. Drove one and a half on our vacations for the rides and we get there and it was closed. We were forced to do the miniature golf on a very hot day.

Elizabeta Morosan

Been here about 30 times. It's awesome. The arcade is so much fun. Golfing will leave you with a bunch of memories and maybe a bruise on the face

Uncreative Name

Great place to hang with friends and cause sexual tension

long hour crafter

Great mini amusement park it feel like a small version of Knott's.

Georgiana witrago

Went Easter weekend with family with kids aged 5-12. Affordable online purchase tickets and mini golf packages. Fun for the whole family, lines weren't crazy long like other bigger parks. Tater tots were crispy and delicious.

Nicholas Soza

I think 5 stars because there is very fun Rides, food ,and drinks

Hunter Orozco

A fun place to spend an hour or two specifically to play mini golf everything else is lack luster and sub bar. But with a good group of friends playing a round of golf at one of there 4 courses can be alot of fun.


I remember this place when I was a kid, they used to provide tickets for good grades. Now I get to take my kids. The place could use a little makeover but it does offer entertainment for kids at a great price. You can ride rides, play miniature golf, or arcade games. During the summer they have a water jungle gym as well. Castle Park offers a variety of rides with varying height requirements. It's nice to hang out with the kids for a couple hours at an affordable price. Definitely recommended for a couple hours of family fun.

Chantille Mora

It’s not as good as I’ve always remembered it to be. Maybe it’s because today there is not as many rides open. The kids always love it and the prices are extremely fair if you buy online rather than at the gate. Parking is always hectic, which lost a star for me. Great little day trip for the family, kids love the rides and arcades.

Kamber Rasmussen

This park is always fun no matter what age. Great for birthday parties, big group outings, and also to Just get out and fun. Discount days are the best! Just not enough tables, benches, and hard to locate bathrooms especially if you are trying to explain how to get to one in a hurry.

Barbara Bernal


Kris Parent

It is the least expensive amusement park... there are quite a few rides closed... children 12 and under will love this place... had at least 5 major attractions closed... log ride, fireball, scrambler, etc closed

Abel Macias

Castle Dark was such a good time and well worth the money. Bring family, dates, friend or just go solo it's all good fun. Will be coming back a few more times before Halloween season is done

bob bling

Came to the park with a group of 6 adults and 2 children. Played arcade games and putt putt. The park is well lit and felt safe. Park was busy but there was plenty of parking. The parking lot is fenced in so less worries of anything …

Arivoli Elampirai

Nice fun place for smaller kids!! They have very good trees everywhere... so you can rest under the shadow in sunny days!!! Not so crowded!! Occasionally we see some crowds... Worth for the price!!!

Ehsan Khan

Great theme park for young kids and the family! Can't beat the prices and the selection of rides for kids around 42" in height. It does get hot during the summer months and many of the rides have exposed seats to the heat so they can burn from time to time so be wary.

Cameran Henry

It's a nice place and I would go again.

Jeremiah Martinez

It was so fun I went with my cousins and we enjoyed it like the spinning rides the bumper card the scrambler but kinda expensive for a theme park with not much rides

Paul Couvrey

I only used the golf courses and video games. Golf courses are run down but still fun. When buying unlimited video games, keep in mind that half of them are available and the other half you have to pay per game. Still had fun with my wife and 3 kids (5, 7, and 11 year-olds).

Chino Marah

Its a great place to have fun. Try going on dragon tower!! its super fun. There is also bumper cars!!

mike parr

I've been visiting Castle Park my whole life and now I'm bringing my own daughter.

Cori Ornelas

Had no idea there's a parking fee! We paid $80 for 1 hr of golf. There were tons of problems with a few holes, where my husband had to walk all the way back to get more balls that became stuck inside. We looked inside one hole and saw a huge backup of balls behind a small rock that we couldn't reach with a club. The couple of workers we interacted with weren't friendly, yet the "We Are Hiring Friendly People" hung above the entrance of Castle Park. The only reason I gave it a 3 star rating is because my husband and I had a blast with our 19 & 17 yr olds, and they are worth spending that much on fun together.

Jon Tinsley

Ok park ,we went on a wednesday and a lot if the rides were not running. But a fun day for the kids.

Ralph Ornelas

Great deal this weekend (Endless mini golf and endless rides $10.00 bucks, cant beat that what ever way you look at it!! I hope Castle Park will have deals like this every now and then

Roxy A Chaverria

This is a great neighborhood theme park. It has rides for everyone in the family. Toddlers need to be at least 3ft to ride the kiddy ride. The water park is great and the funnel cake are awesome. Once the sun goes down you can play miniature golf. It's a great place to take your family and spend the a whole day

Ashley C

Great place for small kids ages 3 and up. Not really for adults as most rides are not thrilling for adults they are on the smaller side. Water area is okay and golf course is huge and nice

Kitkat N00B

So many kid friendly things to do here and the price is amazing! My family and I love it here.

Quamisha Harris

This is our all time fav water/amusement park to go to. The kids can get wet and have fun without the adults holding their hands. I love it

Evonne MoNique

Miniature golf is always a good time here, weekends are busy for arcade and golf but it's always a good time.

Kayo Luciano

Try not to puke on the rides! Haha And the monsters weren't really scary, but to a 9yr old, they definitely are

Lorene Thomas

This was our first ever visit to Castle Park, and I thought it was a pretty location with colourful theming and a decent range of rides, although most of them cater to the younger rider rather than the white knuckle fans. Entrance and parking was cheaper online compared to paying at the park, so that's worth knowing if visiting for the first time.

Luis Valdes

When I was child my family used to bring me and my brother here all the time, when we where younger it's been many years since I stepped foot in Castle Park and I forgot what it was like to be there. Yesterday I went with my wife and two children my mother and father on a company picnic, my father and mother told me my children were acting the same way how we acted when we were younger so happy trying to go on all the rides and seeing the big smiling faces on my children. it's not a very big place but sometimes it's the little things that last with you a whole lifetime of memories And I would be bringing my family back for many years to come.

Tyler Manley

Fun place for the kiddos..5 rides closed though when we went

Edward Fernandez

Pros: new cool games, very clean, peacock is awesome. Cons: parking $10, min entry $10 unlim golf x 4: $40, 2 pizzas 2 waters, $20---first 10 minutes (eat before you come, park off site). All just to play video games! Another $45 on an arcade card and 2 icees! All that money and rides not included! The castle used to be 3 stories, and although the golf courses have newer buildings the water is GONE! Best highlight about the place was the streams. To top of off; closes at 8pm! If you're going to operate like a large theme park, run the same hours and let us get our value! I will change my rating when the water is back and the deals are better.

Camila Pichilingue

I bought the annual pass and I'm glad i made the right decision the deals are outstanding and the park is great for any age.

Martin Benitez Jr.

First time at Castle Park and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. Great place for kids and adults.

Diane Priest

We love Castle Park! We get the season passes when they are half price during Christmas season. Who doesn't like Pizza Hut Pizza served there. We can have play dates all year long!

Tammy Davis

It was fun for my 5 & 6 year old grandkids. They had a great time. Several of the rides were closed though. No lengthy wait to go on rides. We had a great time. Will go back again for the summer.

Lizbeth Rodriguez

Had a great time celebrating my sons birthday here. It is small but cozy Los of fun rides for big one and small one. Prices are not really high so you can go once in a while and have a good time with family and friends.

Martha Lujan

It's a good place for kids. My grandkids enjoy it.

Joe V

Such an awesome place to take the kids! I have drove past castle park so many times and it looks unwelcoming from the freeway, but it is such an awesome place for the whole family and is big enough to fill a day. They do have quite a few rides frequently closed, but still so much fun.

Meg Borah

Lots of fun. A little older, not super nice like Disneyland but there's lots to do and the prices are very reasonable. Parking is $10 or you can park across the street for free. Buy your tickets online 4 days in advance and they're only 10.99! Plus you can buy an hour of unlimited arcade games for $5

Certified Reviewer

The girl who I purchased the tickets from at the very front was not courtesy at ally kids were excited they said hello to her and she didn't respond back I thought she was very rude then she ended up telling me that we weren't able to go into the water park because my son had basketball shorts on and I see alot of people were wearing shorts. other than that we had a great time and they enjoyed the other staff members. And we had a good time

Ms CndyKane

Castle Park is always fun!! The place definitely shows it’s age in places but I appreciate how the castle and golf course looks the same since I was a kid. I don’t like how they have one main entrance now. You have to pay to get in. It was nice when you could enter the castle at different entries (that’s gone now) or just walk around without having to spend money. We went to play miniature golf for Fathers Day. At the gate the worker was asking all the men if they were fathers and advising them that fathers were free for Fathers Day. It was really nice that they had that offer and that is was clearly announced to everyone arriving. Castle Park is an essential part of Riverside. It’s been around since 1976 and I hope it stays around for years to come!!

Cesia Loza

Fun place to spend the day with my little family.

Carolina Trejo

Went for a company picnic, not being there for several years it was better than I expected,kids had a great time...although my child injured her foot on a ride ,staff was very attentive

YaBoy Yeetmeister

Very good place to take your kids. The ride selection could be better but, for the overall experience it was amazing. I loved the drop tower, Merlin's Revenge, and the log ride. The drop tower had a fast acceleration. Merlin's Revenge is a great ride for the kids. The log ride is the best way to cool down during a hot summer day. Will keep going here forever.

Elli Nagai-Rothe

Great for little ones. Our 3 year old enjoyed this place more than Disneyland, which was a bit overwhelming for him and he was too small for most of the rides. I'm sure he'll love it in a few years, but Castle Park was just right for him. And so much easier on our pocketbook!! Nice to have a water area as well as rides on a hot day!

Victoria Drake

It was fun. The rides are stay for the younger ones but my favorite for me was the antique car ride. I went on that over and over. So cute.


My eleven year old son loved it! There's a nice mix of rides for little ones, and older children. I think it's perfect for younger kids and up to about 13 or 14, older kids would probably get bored easily.

Leyla Dare

This place is fantastic! I love to come here with my girlfriends after school so we could just hang together! The environment is great along with the ride selection!

Carol Witherow

The park was so so. Finally got s problem fix was sure a hassle when time was not given to the customers right. Meaning different responders were so different threw out the park. Enjoyed not having to wait on lines and one more thing it is not right that handicap people have to pay 10 dollars just to get into the park. Also I think they overcharge for parking.

Jossue Grijalva

Park is good but there's that lack of water maintenance around the mini golf park. So much potential but you can see how run down it's now. Maybe it was once a great place but not anymore. Course 3 and 4 are the best. Kinda wish people would respect the golf course and not skip. Food is indeed a bit pricey for what you get. Overall, is a fun time to spend a weekly afternoon/evening

Greedy B45t3rd

Took my five children for a birthday party it was a blast, I can't wait to go back.

David McKnight

We just got back from playing miniature golf with a group of friends from church. We had a blast! And Castle Park helped us create a five-star experience. So why three stars for the property? We've visited Castle Park over the years and have had some memorable experiences. I will never forget the anniversary my wife hired a horse and carriage to take us to Castle Park, where we had chili dogs, while a good friend set up our anniversary carrot cake in a nearby city park. Another five-star experience that ended up with us running out of the park when the lawn sprinklers came on! Tonight was fun, and Castle Park is showing its age. We were only on Mini Golf Course 2 and can't speak to all of them. Here, the putting surfaces are in good shape, but some of the features need work. When your ball goes into a hole that is supposed to send it to another level it should come out on that level. Whether in a pipe or crossing a visible feature you shouldn't have to help the ball. That's what gravity is for. Maintenance and repairs are in order to get it back to a first rate venue. It was Sunday night, and very crowded. Don't mind the crowds, but why weren't there trash cans at every hole or two? No place for trash means the place accumulates litter, and when there are a lot of people, there are wrappers, empty bottles and cups left at pretty much every hole. Prices are a little steep. $10 for parking and about the same per person for "unlimited" golf. Save a little green by carpooling. We started our game at about 6:30, and finished in about two hours. The property closed at 9. So much for unlimited golf. No difference in price had we arrived earlier. With a little work Castle Park could earn another star. But with the crowds, there may not be enough motivation to improve. Still, we had a great time, and look forward to doing it again.

Mithila Palla

Me and four year old love it! We have annual passes and go whenever we feel like it. I love the decor, rides, arcade and water park.

Brittan Anderson

Fun place. Great for kids and adults. Gets busy in the afternoon.

Alicia Ruiz

My children have been grown and gone for a few years now. So going to Casrtle Park isn't something I've done in many years. But now I have a 4 yr old grandson who loves going to the "Castle". A great place ( not called Disney) to take small kids . they will have a great time, spend lots of energy and go home tired. lots of great rides, arcade games of chance.

Gustavo Marin

Best bang for your buck. Kids had a blast rode every ride, played every game, and a round of miniature golf and wasn't too expensive. Lines wernt bad either.

Tutoring Gaming

I loved the rides but... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING AT BUCCANEER'S COVE. It had 2 available waterslides, no pools, & barely any water. Otherwise, it was a great theme park. I recommend dragon's tower.

Patrick Dennen

WONDERFUL FUN FOR WHOLE FAMILY Best place to spend summer vacation in the inland empire Great atmosphere with amazing staff members Wonderful place to take the kids to play in the water or mini golf play or try the arcade they also have a magic show and rides for all children.. great prices when you buy wristbands, this allows you to go back to your car you can keep your personal food because food in the park is not the cheapest but affordable you also pay for parking but cars are safe from what I saw when I visited. Love the splash area for hot days

anitra denise

Great fun park. You also can save money by going to Groupon and getting all day wristband passes

Ruby Alba

It's an ok place for a quick fun weekend. Paid almost 70$ for me and my family and only 3 rides were open. Wish they would have more rides open. Staff just talking and walking around instead of having rides open. Mini golf is always fun with the family but they need to update the courses and bring it back to life. I remember driving by on the 91 Fwy and it would light up the night. Will I go back.... yes but not as often as my kids an I would like.

Ana Sanchez

Omg ! It was my first time here and I loved that I have to go back! thanks a good place to leave stress

Javier Rodriguez

It's small but it is great for the family. The rides are nothing to be super amazed about but they're all very family friendly and you'll have a good time. For 20 dollars general admission, it is not a bad place at all. Mini golf and arcades are great. I didn't get to go to the water park but in sure it is just as fun. This is a good place to take your small one's.

Juliana Contreras

Pretty good. Prices raised up during summertime, I can understand why though. Food is kind of overpriced for such a small park, and their water foutain is almost impossible to find though. But the rides are great and staff are overall nice.

Nathaniel Carpenter

Good value and fun for the kids. Did not see the arcade and a few signature rides were not available (bummer). Hit a snag with Bucaneer's Cove as my niece was told she could not couldn't play because of her top, which turned out she actually could not get on the water slide. I think some retraining overall is needed for the staff in regard to customer service. I understand you're hot and tired but I paid my money to be here and I'm hot and tired too. Disrespect and lack of commitment to service is going to result in an unpleasant exchange and being documented in the customer's review. I'm not saying this was everyone at the park, but there was a sense of not really giving best (or some) effort several times during our visit. For that reason, poor communication, and several rides not being available, I can't give 5 stars.

Gaylene Bechard

Nice place to take the family miniture golfing. They need to upgarade a bit and put the water back and it would be a 5 star.


Not what I though pretty boring


It dosent have too many big rides which makes it a nice casual place but it is ever so slightly sketch. I would gibe it 2.5 but i cant so 4 stars

Stephanie Ortiz

I just got a annual pass,and it is such a great value for the price. The admission to the water park is included, plus mini golf. The magic show, with Anthony the Magic is truly a diamond in the rough. Just as entertaining as a Vegas show. I can't wait to use our passes for Halloween and Christmas.

Howard Parker Sr.

Great for kids probably under 10. Lots of mature trees was not too hot even though it was over 90 that day.

Natalie Pyle

It's a nice park if all the rides are open. But my last experience there they charged $65 dollars just for the dragon ride, fireball, log ride, and a few more other rides to be closed. Staff are also incredibly lazy and just walk around while the food stands need to be opened.

Farrah Costa

Castle park is my over all favorite to go to hang out with my friends. I love it there I've been there for field trips there and just to go I like it there but they need to work on security I heard a lot of people steal just a heads up and a few times I went and half the rides were closed so I could barely go on any...

Alex Jimenez

the lines werent that long and the rides were fun. and it was 21 dollars for rides and mini golf which is nice. the only thing that sucks is that some rides dont let you on as a single rider


Ok so I went here for a band field trip a while ago and it was AMAZING it's such a big park and I totally recommend it. Although it's sad about what happened on the log ride. I pray for that family but other than that it's still an amazing park!!!

Shisha Munoz

The best place to have fun and relax after a stressful week . Also the employees are the best . I made a couple of employee friends there and recognize us all the time we go there . They treat us like the best way possible and make our day awesome . Thanks castlepark u haven't disappointed me since I 1st came here . Will be coming back again soon.

Alan Pearce

For the price you pay it's well worth it. Needs better upkeep, but between the water park, ride park, and 4 golf courses included in admission, great for young families.

Rebeccah Leal

This place was a decent amusement park for the price. When you don’t want to spend two arms and a leg at Disneyland or go to the crowds of Knotts this place is a good option especially last minute. A few rides weren’t in operation so that was disappointing. The mini golf was fun as they have a few courses you can play. Some things on the courses are little run down and some upkeep is needed but you get what you pay for.

Lizette Mineo

Good value for the money (miniature golfing). Wonderful staff!

Sandy Burciaga

Great time with my hubby and kids. They all had a blast!!

Carissa Romero

I have so many awesome memories here at Castle Park from when I was a kid & now as a adult watching my kids come here to enjoy it as well thank you Castle Park for still being here it's one of the most entertaining Place's here in Riverside California


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