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Burtonkc08 -

I don't know how to start. Watched other adults get off rides because the seats were to small. They weren't even obese. Food court has a terrible ordering system. Since these personnel just stand there often, they could help get maintenance for the computers you order off of. Nobody wants to wait over a hour just to get food because machines ran out of printing paper. Wait times are always wrong. Learn from other parks please not difficult, especially when CGA is so small.

Ms. Lee

Awesome rides, friendly staffs, and plenty of parking. However, food was a bit pricey. Other than that, I would totally recommend my family and friends to visit this place.

ajeet singh

So much fun and a sure place to enjoy with your family and friends. So much appreciate the security and support to keep each and everyone safe and have fun


Coming from a former theme park worker, this place is amazing!! I traveled from the East coast to Great America simply for the Mass Effect: New Earth ride!! The park seems to take great care of their employees because everyone seemed to love their jobs!! I nearly cried with joy as the Mass Effect ride operator made my ride experience a phenomenal one!! As a long time Mass Effect fan, it was truly an unforgettable experience!! Food, restrooms and scheduled events are easy to find and the phone app is easy to navigate and gives you a route to everything. An ETA is also included with whatever you are going to. I had an all around great experience and would definitely recommend going!!

BostonTerrierMama Sacramento

Used to come all the time as a kid and teenager, haven’t been back in years- brought my 6yo. I’m impressed! Everything is nicely updated while still nostalgic and classic, well done! Came on a Sunday morning opening, practically no lines- hit the thrill rides that get crowded later. For $80 annual pass includes parking and discount on food, including Starbucks! Looking forward to checking out all the holiday activities! Overjoyed this childhood gem is still going strong! ❤️

Alex Zhang

Good place and of course with the ticket. The Halloween event is great.

Sharon Houser

First time we were there . Staff was very helpful when we asked questions!

JustDidItMyself DIYorNotAtAll

Lots of fun to be had here during the summer months. Make sure to at least get the gold pass = free parking and free admission to other parks, and discounts on items in the park

jungmin kim

Great place to have fun with kids. But do not go here on Holidays! Each ride takes about 40 mins to 1hr wait in the lines on holidays. Costco not selling discounted gold tickets this year. My family has all silver except daddy who has gold pass. Gold pass includes free parking.

Alyssa N

I love all these rollercoasters. You can go again and again. Just go during the summer weekdays, only busy on weekends. It can get over crowded time to time, but you can find a way to aviod it by going early and try to get some gold passes and flash passes.

Nestor Nubla

What a cheap place can even purchase a led a cover for the soda cup? Making so much money. They charges so much for food and beverages. I can provide photos of you like.

Darth Simmons

GET IN LINE 1 HOUR BEFORE THE PARK OPENS!!! IF YOU DONT, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT IN A LINE FOR 1 HOUR AFTER THE PARK IS ALREADY OPEN, & YOU WILL BE MISSING TIME INSIDE THE PARK. You have to wait in one line for a security check of your bags, pockets & metal detector. Then, another line to buy tickets. Then another line, for them to take your ticket, and admit you into the park. Each line seems to take almost an hour. It's very crowded. GET THE FAST PASS!!! FOR ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!!! GREAT AMERICA EVENTS & HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS ARE POPULAR!!! OTHERWISE YOU WILL WAIT IN LINE FOR 1 HOUR FOR A RIDE THAT LASTS BETWEEN 30 SECONDS & 3 MINUTES!!!

Andrew Gonzalez

I love this place I come here like everyday and this place never gets old. Definitely recommend it when you have nothing to do but I also recommend going on a weekday.

Claudio Lener

What an awesome amusement park!! Went on a day with little crowd so we got to try many rides. The food is really pricey so perhaps don't buy much when you're there. Aside that the rides are fun and the design of the park is definitely appealing

Jamie Gibson

We had a blast at the park. All thw rides were opened, nice weather and overall great fun. We our gate tickets on Groupon, print and go and paid $63.00 for 2 tickets. We bought the flash pass online and was it well worth it. No waiting whatsoever for the rides. Spend the money on the flash pass and you won't be disappointed. My only issue at this park is the stand workers and others do not know anything about the park nor where the rides are located so keep your map handy.

Tahira Hamdani

I got lucky and went on a not so busy day! Pro tip reserve parking online to save a few bucks and download the app. The app has a detailed map and live wait times for rides. It may seem like a good idea to go in order but it's best to go to the rides that get busy fast first. Also no outside food allowed but you can eat your own food in the parking lot!

Kathleen Henderson

I used to work here in the 80's. Overall the park was clean and staff was friendly. Why I gave it 2 stars is the "dehumanizing"they are doing. The food court was a disaster. Half the order screens didn't work, the other half were in the sun and unusable. And all food stalls were understaffed with huge lines on Saturday of holiday weekend. Cluster inappropriate word comes to mind. Also so many rides and drink service stations were closed, hard day or more old pretzels at several stands..inedible for the kids.. again Saturday of holiday weekend. It was lackluster at best.

Manish Tandon

Food catered by GA is terrible. The whole experience is nothing to remember. Much better to go for a hike or swim and then eat a good meal somewhere nice.

Like IT

Amazing park lots of rides for adults and kids. My 6 Year old loved it. Went this Monday , no hussle/line and wait time.

Damien Huff

Fun park long lines. Last 2 times I was there got stuck on broken equipment. The staff will not let you skip more than 1 line no matter how long you are stuck at the very top of a rollercoaster trying to talk the lady next to you out of having a nervous breakdown.

albert alvarez II

My son loved this place!! This is the first time he has been here and we had a blast!!! PARENTING TIP: bring your own water, and lots of it!

David Ferry

Really a great park for all folks except larger people. Husband was kicked off the Patriot.. . He's only 180. His Co has their summer picnic there annually. $$$

Eric Scot

It was a fun day with my nephew. The park was clean, the staff was very well trained and kind. I suggest you get a fast pass makes the day so much more enjoyable.

Haruna Takabatake

Huge park with areas specifically for toddlers which us great. Food is PRICEY. Parking is $25. Kids are free until 3yrs old. Recommend you getting the Gold Season pass if you intend on going often. It'll pay itself off in 2 visits.

Amy Tracy

Long ride waits. Miss Smurf village. Needs more updated rides. Great 4D theater ride would enjoy more like that.

Alex Valencia

Way too crowded all the time. You can you get to ab ok but 2 rides due that you wait 3 hours in line. Good luck when it super hot and waiting those line not fun.

Nick Robinson

Wish they were open later in the year when it’s still warm, in the evenings at least. Season pass is worth the purchase if you make at least three or four visits. The food offerings are OK, there is a Panda Express, however you will pay a pretty penny for a plate.

Marian Choy

The park is big and has been expanding over the years it seems. Parking is $25 unless you have the Gold season pass. Very clean, and the staff is nice. It's a fun theme park for all ages, from young children to teenagers to adults. So many roller coasters and rides. I have heard that there are good shows and performances for the elderly or those who don't care for the coasters, but I have not been to one yet. Planet Snoopy is a fun place for little kids. I have not spent much time in the water park (Boomerang Bay), but have been on the water rides that were way fun and I got wet enough. I like the new N7 a lot. And the Railblazer too. Use the map, it'll help you navigate around the park. Good map, with lots of information, including rider height requirement and thrill rating of the rides, from green circle Level 1 to double black diamond Level 5.

tina wong

I love great America I wish it was bigger :( it just goes in a circle and your done :( better then nothing I sopose....

Richard Corona

Dropped $300 before getting to the park. Upon arrival, security staff was less than friendly. Accused me of carrying drugs, and, refused to allow me to enter the park unless I returned a vape pen to the car. No problem with the pack of Marlboros. For that kind of money, I'd expect to not be hassled like that, especially about something trivial like a vape pen. I'll stick to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from now on. Better food, better rides, better prices, better environment, and security professionals with better customer service skills. Great America should consider a name change. "Marginal California" or "So-So Santa Clara" more accurately describe the park experience.

Harshal Patel

I went there first time with my family. I didn't expect that I would spend entire day when I started. It's a very big place. It has very good rides for adults as well as kids. Really enjoyed the place & rides.

Nicole Milton

So much fun for the whole family! My kids are always so excited for all the rides. They range from 6-12, and there's something for all of them! I love places that cater to all ages.

Chillyghostgirl 103

Great America is the best amusment park ever. Has so many rides to choose from. And has so many places to eat as well

Michael Newton

Great place for family and friends. I LOVE the Fireworks and the "Taste of Orleans" events in July! I also enjoy the Halloween and Christmas events and I'm glad the gold pass includes those events at no extra cost. The gold season pass is a great deal and is worth the price.

casey ibarra

It was Great! Spent the day with my 16 month old daughter. She loved snoopy town or place. It was cool. And I went on a Monday which is perfect. Not a lot of people.

Scott Holzer

Good rides and water park. Lines weren't too long. Giving 4/5 due to high prices for parking and locker rental.

David Benj MONES

Great place for the whole family. Kids really enjoyed all our visits. Thanks GA for your Amazing Service!

Jessica Cornejo

It has something for everyone it seems. There's special days for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Great rides for thrill seekers and young snoopy lovers alike. The staff is friendly and approachable. My only issue is with the food, a tad too greasy for my liking and the pricing (but that's to be expected from an amusement park).

James Jennison

We went on Labor Day this year, expecting capacity crowds. Surprisingly the park was quite empty and we were able to ride EVERY SINGLE ride we wanted with little to no wait times. A once in a lifetime chance of this happenning and it happened as we were celebrating my 41st birthday!

Michelle Espinosa

Never disappoints great time and never packed. Love the all u can eat pass for 32.99 all day.

Jess Nik.

This park continues to deliver an excellent experience for everyone. There is something for you if you are a family with Littles or an adrenalin junkie. Food and games are reasonably priced well below their carnival and fair counterparts making it much easier to play and games give tickets and prizes. The rides are refreshed and updated every year with new attractions. The park has an incredible safety rating and every experience feels premium. The new water park attractions complement the existing attractions very well and feel clean and fun. Ride capacity and staffing are well adjusted to the parks current population. Line wait times are a little optimistic when using the parks app, however once you get the hang of the app you know to just add 30 minutes on to the estimate. Since the park has a long operating season and a very nice season pass policy, which allows you to purchase your season pass half way through the season and get the next year included, you can go during non peek times and avoid the crouds. Overall this is one of the nicest theme parks in the northwest with the best rides and water attractions. The park does lack quite a bit in the area of in-house entertainment, but makes up for this by regularly hosting special events and concerts as well as an extremely nice live music show with fire pits, couches and food service each night. If you have never visited this park please make sure you give it a shot, just not during the peek of the season, that is if courses unless you like waiting in lines and burning in the sun.

Julien Amelot

Fun amusement park, with rollercoasters, a drop tower, etc. I liked the Flight deck and the Patriot. There is also a water park, with slides, a pool, etc, great on a hot summer day. The park itself is pretty old. Some sections are geared towards kids. There is a large parking shared with the stadium.

Jeff Kautz

I loved it so much fun. It wasn't very busy lines for the rides were short and I was able to get on every ride within my 6 hours of visiting. Prices on food weren't bad and price of admission was perfect. It was the perfect place to get my 7 year old daughter into roller coasters and the perfect place to have fun on some other coasters. The Gold Striker was so fast and fun and the Rail Blazer was an awesome attraction. No complaints from me 5 stars.

Josie Lomeli

I took my son to ride this drop zone ride. He ask me to ride with him. We love it Its a great family place. Lots of rides. Food. Music. Live entertainment. Come and visit you won't be disappointed

Donald Clark

Fading grandeur. In a world of Disney and other hyper parks, what can a regional extravaganza have to offer? A modest experience? One where you can have some fun - but where you will be responsible for making most of your memories. And maybe that's not a bad thing.

Michael Plews

A great, but expensive, family day out. With a water park and theme park, there is more than enough for the whole family to enjoy. The park is very clean with mostly friendly staff. The wait times for rides can sometimes be over an hour, but the user-friendly app can give you up to date wait times for all open rides. Pro tip: If going to the water park, note that the first lockers you see might not be the ones closest to the sunbeds! There are one set near the kids play area, and another set closer to the wave pool.

Miguel Ochoa

Great place to definitely go an visit. Rides are a thrill, "bigger" rides, that is. Place was well kept & staffed. Venues, like food n drinks, as to be expected.. bit on the pricier side of things. Water park area, when a bungalow reserved very well usefull. Kids, teens, and adults, can easily have a good time. Thumbs up from all whom we went.

Raging Llama

Had celebrated a birthday here and it was amazing

Thomas Rimer

Amazing amusement park. It's size is perfect for a day trip, and the tickets aren't too expensive. A perfect outing with friends, but it's also super family-friendly. The rides are well maintained and the staff is super nice and helpful. I'll definitely be returning soon!

Channel Cancelled

The rides were fun, honestly really great trip, but everything is just so overpriced. Literally 2 slices of pizza cost $15 and a coke from the vending machines were $4. Don't come unprepared to spend less than $30 after entering. Also if you want somewhere to get some food, I recommend their diner, large trays of fries and delicious burgers .

I Griesert

Great rides. Clean facilities. Courteous staff. Went on a Monday and the longest I waited in line was 20 minutes. Great place

Elizabeth L

We loved the great time we had celebrating my daughter's birthday.

Franklin Felizardo

Great America deserves to be recognized for their efforts in accommodating their guests with Autism. They are very kind, understanding, and showed extreme patience. My nephew Christian (seen in photo) had a great time. We did not have to wait very long and it was a great day at Great America. I hope GA is acknowledged for their efforts. Having said that, things always can be improved upon and I hope GA doesn't get complacent and keeps improving their service, provides sensitivity training to all their staff on those that are alter-abled. But for now, keep up the good work. - Christian and Uncle Franklin

Rosemarie Azarse

It was good going with 2 son and their friends. Especially, there was no long lines. And especially, had some funnel cake.

Random Tsuki

I had a lot of fun here. Even though I'm not much for rollercoasters there was still plenty for me to do and some pretty great food. I would love to come here again. 10/10 would recommend.

MHarish Mnsatya

Good place for family and thrill rides, bit pricy compared to other places

Megan Toney

Really good, not very busy when I went... Barely any lines. It's worth buying the all day food and all day drink pass.

Loni Pacheco

Most of the crew are very helpful and cheerful. Some crew members ignore your existence and talk amongst themselves. I am happy to say that wasnt the case very often. All though many rides break down quite a bit.

Priscilla O

I love to come here with my family. Their are rides for all ages. The water park is nice and a great place to sit and soak in some sun.

April Dolan

Great time! Short lines, and affordable food prices. We will come again!

Mark Bartlett

Great America is a very popular place to visit in the San Francisco bay area. Never really to crowded, fast in and out and good roller coasters. There is something for petty much all age groups. The one thing which is why I only give four stars is the food court. What a terrible set up. You have to order from a kiosk. Then go pick up your food from the window of the corresponding window of the item you selected. Then you go to another window or two for your drinks. What a process. And the food is really sub par. There are other places around the park you can get food which is not as daunting. Otherwise get a season pass if your local and enjoy the park.

Zi Hui

Worst experience ever. We bought fast lane, and we tried three ride, but no employee was at any fast lane, and we ended up wait for more than 45min for every ride. Since we did not get fast lane service,we complained to customer service, but the customer service guy threatened to sue us for complaining.

Jason Bellez

Definitely not what it used to be... Everything seems so run down and the lack of fun merch to buy seems a bit strange for a place that should be wanting to sell as much as possible. Some characters beyond the Peanuts gang would be great.

Yolanda Skipper

The New Orleans food event was wonderful. Several people gave us unused tickets, pay forward for food/ wine items. The band and the family environment was amazing. Upon our leaving we also gave away our unused tickets. Look forward to next year.

Sruthi Marneedi

Love this place. Awesome rides. Love the extreme flyer. Recommended for kids and adults. It's so much fun...... great place to hangout for anyone.

ian martin

Plenty of parking. They have a good variety of rides for little kids to adults. They have older rides and more modern roller coasters as well and a lot of games to play and they even have a go kart track which is really fun. They have food as well which is a little on the pricey side for what you're getting but hey I guess that's how it goes at the amusement parks. Overall an awesome time for the family or a fun date.

Emilee Chew

One of my favorite amusement parks in California! They have a very useful app that gives you in-park walking navigation and wait times for attractions. You'll need to create an account for wait times. I was hesitant at first, but it was totally worth the extra 60 seconds! (You also get extra coupons and deals to use around the park once you sign up!) Also loved the Taste of New Orleans festival they had going on!

Angelo Rauseo

The park is of a middle size such that there is something to do for everyone and it is not so big that you will get lost. Many rollercoasters and other thrill based ones. Have a fun day and plan for sunscreen!

Carolyn Arnold

Hardly any crowds and were able to ride the rides more than two times!

Anke Kölzer

There are a lot of nice attractions and the kids love the park. And I understand that the goal is to make money. But all the extra charging for this and that sucks. My daughter went there with friends and needed a locker for their purses and cell phones since they wanted to go to the waterpark. They had to pay 20$!! for the locker. This is simply outrageous!

Monica Palacios

Great place even better if you have your cup and your dining pass

Michele McFarlane

OK, this place is really pricey if you are visiting from out of town. Now with that being said, my kids had a great time. The park was beautiful and very well maintained. The service was great. They had a blast on the roller coasters and with the fast pass they did not have to wait in the any of the lines. If you are in the Bay Area, have a couple hundred dollars to spare and are into good old fashioned amusement parks, your family can have a really great time here.

Mr. Fabulous

Had a blast with the wife & kiddos today! I've been to different amusement parks but I think this one stands out the most by far... Definitely recommend this place to any family

Concepcion Vallejo

I love going to this amusement park. The rides are always worth the wait and the place is always very clean. The only problem I have is how expensive the food is and that it is not even that good.

Delacey Beasley

Really had a great time. Although, some of the rides would break down. They got them back up and going pretty quickly though.

Alan Gonzalez

Cant go wrong. Perfect the get the kids from all ages tired. I have a wagon that I pack with small snacks and cloths for the day and the workers are usually pretty helpful.

Vimal Pradhan

Lovely place to visit. They have all kinds of rides - for kids as well as grown ups. Lots of food options. No need to worry about the choice of food. The best thing, specially for kids, is the boomerang bay, water park. You can leave kids there and have some rest. Easy parking and good location. Buy the seasonal pass, that way you also get the entry to gilroy gardens.

Miss Cassandra

Got the All Inclusive Pass and it was so worth it. Got there when they opened stayed until closing. All Inclusive Pass came with : admission, fast pass (skip the line), souvenir cups with free refills, all day dining pass, parking pass, souvenir pics....Was so much fun. My daughter had a blast!

Jacqueline Meneses

First time going back in 12 years, and WOW!!! My two small children and I had a blast! Retail and food buying was fast. We loved the cleanliness and upkeep on bathroom. And we were pleasantly surprised by the hydration stations by the bathrooms. The rides and entertainment were so much fun!

Patrick Myhre

We had a fantastic time here. Parking lot wasn't packed, walked right in (we had tickets already), no line at the turnstiles. The park didn't feel claustrophobic or congested like other theme-parks do. We had 20 minute waits, AT MOST, for rides. Would definitely recommend going. They have big, aggressive rides, mellow rides, rides for kids, water park stuff, etc. Fun for anyone.

Miser Wiserk

Lots of fun. Expensive to eat in the park but the food is good. The gold striker is amazing. The rail Blazer is fun but definitely a different experience sitting in the front then the back. Riding in the back is a smooth ride fun and fast but in the front I literally came off of my seat 3 times during the ride and slammed down so hard it hurt my back. Be careful. The park is so much better at night because of the lights it looks amazing

Ra'chel Renee Solima

on 7/31 I drive all of the way here to take my kids for some fun with our season passes.... Once we get to the gate, I get told sorry we're closed to the public for an event! It's on our website... Grrrrr!!! Actually it was not on the website. Here is my screen shot for the hours and listed events. Come back 8/1 for some water park fun- once again with my children and a friend... I basically get kicked out of the water because I am pregnant. Not only am I mortified and was embarrassed in front of numerous people, I get told that my "SPECIAL NEEDS " son also cannot be in the water because I am not able to be in the water. I called the number right away to speak with a supervisor or corporate I had sat on the phone for 25 minutes ( here is my screenshot below) finally when I speak with an operator, he tells me I have to talk to two different supervisors before I can even get to corporate. Needless to say I don't feel like this is right it's very discriminatory.. Fast forward, I spoke with a corporate supervisor and he explained the policy to me but promised to follow up with me in trying the Water park employees better and pushing the policy about my situation. First pic is the wait time I was on hold for to speak to anyone live on the phone. Second pic. Is the day 7/31 where an employee told me the event was close to the public was on... That was a LIE!!

sweetea eboy

Though I would not recommend the panda express restaurant, it had amazing rides. The drop made me scream like a child, it was so very fun. This is the place to come when you want to take your family out.

Sam McGinnis

We had a BLAST!!! Idk what happened, but we only waited MAYBE 20 minutes maximum to get on a ride. Amusement park food was EVERYTHING I wanted / needed in amusement park food. Reasonably priced. Clean restrooms. EXTREMELY FUN RIDES!!

Bruce Garibaldi

Buy the gold season pass and a reusable cup with free refills and you make your money back in like 3-4 trips. Honestly great america is amazing and i love going there each summer. We personally enjoy going early weekends (even better weekdays if you can manage) for just a few hours. Its just perfectly cool with little to no lines. And we usually eat breakfast at home and we leave around lunch time so is to not spend a lot of money on food there. Maybe a funnel cake or two ;)

Paris Jackson

Great America is a shadow of it's former self. While they are currently expanding the water park they lack new coasters for thrill seekers.

Sarah Pyke

This theme park is great for the family. Parking costs extra money so budget that into your overall cost. Food is expensive as to be expected from a theme park. There are chain food joints in the park such as Panda Express, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, etc. Fast passes are also available. If you are going during the week it’s not needed. Just remember that you cannot avoid having to wait, it’s apart of the theme park experience. The kids area is incredible. There is even a playground where they can get extra energy out if needed. If you were to choose between this and Disneyland then the answer is definitely Disneyland. However if you’re in the area this is a great one to visit. If you have younger kids then I also recommend checking out Gilroy Gardens.

Quan To

Lots of fun, plenty of rides for all ages. We came the weekend after school started and it was pretty empty. Longest line was 5 mins.

lapis water queen

So fun. Really long lines I do like how there is more stuff to watch and take pictures with it makes it more fun. The food costs way too much though and when I had panda Express there it was cold and very bland not like the other panda expresses. Though it's pretty fun to me

Idania Mendez

We had a great time. Children rode what they felt they can handle,ate Pizza,Burgers,Fries,walked, and ended at the wave beach. What a way to end the week. And next to the Levi's Station : SF 49ners home stadium.

Angel Guzman Rico

i loved everything especially halloween haunt and winter fest and rides are amazing

Vinh Williams

Gold Striker was scary and fun. I like the Circle plate with an Indian statue the most.

Vivian Chen

Really friendly for a group or whole family trip. There are different level of rides you can chose. Fun and relax place to go. If you live in north California and have little kids, definitely worthy to get a Gold pass. But food there is not that good. Preparing your own lunch at home maybe is a better choice.

Patrick Morrison

Went on a Monday, it was a lot of fun. There was hardly any people throughout the day so we never waited longer than 35 minutes for a ride. My only complaint is really the price of food, 17 bucks for a tiny meal and drink is highway robbery.

Shruthi Pandu Subramani

Great place to visit for kids and family. With their ride rating feature it helps everyone decide on rides to try

Desirae Dickinson

I've been coming here my whole life and I've always loved it. The employees are nice, the park is clean, the rides are mix of old and new. It's always a fun time. I went on a Tuesday in July and there were practically no lines for anything!

Gussie Lorene

I give it 5 stars from the perspective of a parent with a toddler. I waited to leave a review until after our 2nd visit, because I was not sure how I would really rate it. My son is 3 and there are plenty of rides for him to enjoy. We were there for 2 hours our 1st visit and 4 hours our 2nd visit, both times he had blast. We experienced more of the park and there is so much for the little ones to enjoy. He had a blast in the water park area, then moved on to the rides and got some cotton candy (you have to get cotton candy at the amusement park). I highly recommend getting the season pass, it really comes in handy if you want to go a few times throughout the year.

Ashton Benedetti

Park was fun, however this place definitely needs a new attraction (hopefully log flume). However this is a very fun park so 5 stars. :)

Mary Mclaughlin

Been a while since I have been there. It was fantastic especially the water park area. Bravo.

Harshita Kajal

Great place to hangout with friends , kids, family. Plenty of options for rides, but very limited when comes to water rides!

Bella's Mom

We are lucky to have this amusement park ( i guess any amusement park at all) were we live. Ive been coming here since the early 80's. Rides have changed but still fun and entertaining. Food....another story. $$$ although they did put in a Starbucks and cost of items are the same as everywhere else. Havent been here...GOTTA GO

Brandon Knitter

A little less thrilled each time we go. A bit run down and it gets a little young after dark. A few punks around at nite spoil it for everyone.

S Kruttiventi

Excellent place to spend your day. Food is expensive and they don't allow to bring your food with you. Usually crowded too.

Clayton Chen

Nice amusement park in the heart of silicon valley. The water facilities are particularly fun. It has an artificial wave pool, a lazy river, and a whole bunch of water slides. Overall, it is a fun place to spend a day there. Arcade games are quite expensive per game. Food is mediocre. Ticket prices are quite high. Get the gold season pass if you are a local. The gold season pass can also be used get into Gilroy Gardens, another nice park for younger children.

sonali borhade

A good summer day spent well! They have so many rides for all age groups. All the rides metion the thrill level, don't forget to check if you are scared to high thrill rides. Many food options are available too, pizzas, panda express, Subway, Ice creams, pop corns, pretzels and what not! The water park inside is fun too! I don't think a day is enough to enjoy everything. A must visit for kids and adults for a day full of fun!

Zach LEGO Reviews

Great America has always been the best place for roller coaster rides and attractions. My favorite ride would probably be the Rail Blazer because of the drops and turns! This place is amazing for young kids to teenagers to adults! The rides are suited for different thrill levels, so your kid/yourself doesn’t get on a wrong ride. The food is Okay, but don’t let that take that away from this being Great America! I love everything about this place and got gold passes for 2 years in a row! I would recommend this to anyone who likes fun!

Sophie Shand

Huge amusement park with lots of great rides, admission for adults is about 59 dollars and you can expect to spend about 40 to 50 dollars once inside on food and drinks. There is a water section of the park where you can go in your bathing suits and you can expect to get very wet on the more normal water rides. There is a section for children with Snoopy, and the main area of the park right when you come in there lots of restaurants and fast food places like subway, Asian in the box, and Starbucks where you can get food. Depending on the time and day it can very crowded I would say to expect 20 minutes all the way to 40 minutes of wait time in the lines.

Jillian Hanson

I love the way you can get your season passes now. It seems much more streamlined than before. We came with the intention of spending at least an hour in line to fill out ther info and take our pictures and maybe have time for a ride. But she scanned our temporary tickets, took a picture of each of us, had us write our names on the back and we were done as soon as we stepped past the entry! We were able to spend so much more time on rides and just having fun!

Dhananjay Tyagi

Some rides are really good but then you would have to stand in long queues if you do not have an Express ticket. The water park isn't really good. Just have a couple of slides for adults.

Najati Salhab

It's a fun place with a variety of rides and water rides. They added new rides that look fun, especially the Rail Blazer. The management tries to nickle and dime you for everything. They also don't allow you to bring food with you. There are food options, but all of them are fast food and not healthy. Pizza and fried food that's salty are the main food items. The water park is really fun especially on a warm day. The season pass is a great deal, but eat a healthy meal before you come.

Craig L

Fun rides, food may be a bit pricey, not too crowded

Claudia Velazquez

It was fun the rides were fast and. Really deep down

Cass Mac

Fun park, great water park. The entire park is kept relatively clean, bathrooms always need the most work & effort to keep clean as the general public are terrible in there. Lines were rough but I really appreciate the shade offered while waiting in long lines. Food needs work in my opinion, but that seems to be how it is at these amusement parks. Pay 110% more for lesser quality and lesser quantity.

Pavel Pushkaryov

You have to pay for some of the good rides, like carting. We waited for 20 minutes in a line for one of the rides when it got shut down. I understand the technical difficulties but the employee who managed the line just left and for 15 minutes we did not have any update. Just sanded there in the line. Pretty frustrating.

Fernando Zuniga

No really what I was expecting! Limited personal in attractions which increase the time waiting in line, restaurants... pfff so expensives you which to bring your own food finally restrooms all them dirty and lacking of supplies. Sorry but I have been in others thematic parks they aren't perfects but this one disappointed me.

Prophetess Mona Fambro

Great America remains to be the fun family theme park in Cali. With the expansion of the water park and the unlimited dining and drink options, you can easily enjoy a full day of fun in the sun at a cost that won't bankrupt your pockets! There is something for everyone. I took my family. My husband and I enjoyed the water park and midway area, my children (20 year olds) enjoyed the thrill rides. They have many new rides that are in line with the excitement of today (Trail blazer, Tiki twist) as well as the classics (Demon, Grizzly). My grandchildren (teenagers and toddlers) had a ball with rides that kept them engaged without scaring them to death. My youngest (almost three) loved camp Snoopy. My only complaint was that there should be more visible weight and size restrictions posted outside of the rides along with height requirements before people wait the hour in line. I witnessed some people who waited in line only to be told that the ride could not accommodate them. My heart goes out to those who may experience embarrassment, anger and frustration when this occurs. With the knowledge that the size of Americans has increased in the last 30 years these establishments have a responsibility to be mindful of that fact and could at least post the restrictions on the signs that are already in front of the rides. I like to point out that there were many rides that did accommodate the plus size crowd, yet the few that didn't should be noted and addressed. All in all, I will return next year. My suggestion for those that go, get the all day dining. It can be used at the subway and panda express within the park along with the regular food fare.

Alan Chen

Overall experience was very positive. Even without the quantity of coasters from my home park Cedar Point, the coaster lineup is still good for a park of this size, and it's easy to ride everything in one visit. The food selection is also good, and I had no complaints with food quality.

Purple Dragon

The rides are amazing, and the food is great! They also have many different events which cannot be missed.

naya abulebdeh

It’s a very fun place but now IT SUCKS, it closes at 7:00 on Saturday and on Sunday it closes at 6:00 UGHHHH

Derek Knowlton

A solid amusement park. Good variety of thrill rides, with a few very good roller coasters. The best coasters are RailBlazer and Gold Striker. Both are worth the wait. The park is clean and the rides seem to be in good repair. The loading processes, for the roller coasters especially, is quite inefficient. The trains spend way more time in the loading zone, or waiting for the other trains, than they spend actually running the track. The food is good with a variety of selections. But the prices are quite high, although this is to be expected at an amusement park like this. Plan on spending about $20 per person for a decent meal and beverage.

manjunath belgere

Good place to hangout with friends and family for people living in bay area. Variety of food chains inside to kill the hunger. Rides are fun. Kids would definitely love.


This was one of the original theme parks in the Bay Area and it's definitely showing its age. There are some new rides and some classics. Six Flags is better but much farther for most Bay Area people so Great America is compromise.

Vinvent Shao

Great America is a great place to have fun with your friends, kids, and parents. Tho Great America rides are free, the food, drinks like soda, and the stuff or toys they cost money, so you got to bring almost or more than $20 to play arcades and food. Waiting is a problem to most people, accept the people who have the fast pass. Keep up the Awesome work Great America!

Adrian Colon

Great America has always been the best place for roller coaster rides and attractions. My favorite ride would probably be the Rail Blazer because of the drops and turns! This place is amazing for young kids to teenagers to adults! The rides are suited for different thrill levels, so your kid/yourself doesn’t get on a wrong ride. The food is Okay, but don’t let that take that away from this being Great America! I love everything about this place and got gold passes for 2 years in a row! I would recommend this to anyone who likes fun!

Skyler Guerrero

Ive bin going here my entire life with my family and the rides are fun. Love the place.

Jose Rios

Lots of family friendly fun in the heart of Silicone Valley. Great associates eager to help. Thrilling rides, fabulous entertainment set into great weather that is Northern California.

Nancy Cisneros

Great place for all ages! New shows were entertaining and great option to cool down & rest on a hot day.

Robert Smith

This amusement park is pretty fun. It has a good balance between kids and adult riders. Not terribly crowded either.

Terrie Smith

This is my favorite amusement park because I grew up living nearby most likely. The rides are awesome. Roller coasters, a log ride, a raft type water ride, and a ride that takes you up and drops you 224 ft. Plus a water park. They do have many smaller children's rides, but my experiences are all about the thrill rides. I'm almost addicted to roller coasters and extreme rides. It's a wonderful park. Clean, kept up, and the employees are super nice and helpful. I love the atmosphere, how they are always creating new rides and experiences to keep it fun and new.

Muskaan Nagra

This is an amazing theme park with many rollercoasters, as well as other fun rides too. There are also many food and drink options to choose from. This theme park also has a water park in it which opens an hour after the theme park opens, and closes 4 hours before the theme park closes. I had a great time here, and its a good place to come with family and friends!

Marisol Contreras

Super fun!! I recommend getting a season pass whether it's a gold or silver because in 2 visits it pays for itself. The food is pricey at 15 bucks for pretty much anything. But they do let you come in and out with a stamp so you can eat outside the park. I also recommend the cup that is 1$ to fill up that you can use all season long if you'll be going more than once.

Chelsea Harris

Always lots of fun. Have had season passes for 6 years in a row now! My only problem is when there are 20 busloads of kids/teenagers in the park, you can barely move and the lines are outrageous

Nacho Perez

Nice little water park was an added bonus! Great rides. Try the rail blazer!

Kirk Rose

That place is awesome if you like fast rollercoaster rides. We went to a 106.5 FM Radio Station Special. So the place wasn't crowded so we were able to ride all the good rides they had open with no lines it was great. I'm 59 & enjoyed every minute of it.

shreela singh

I love this place! I went here 2 times and both times were just great. There are child friendly rides and frughtnebubg rides for teens and adults. I recommend you go here with no doubt. Oh and the food is alright, not that bad for an amusement park. Recommended.

Heather Chow

I used to come there a lot but not anymore. I had lots of fun there. There is plenty of parking there. There are different kinds of rides there from kid rides to adults. There are different kinds of roller coasters there.

Joel Acosta

Went here with family during the summer. Great prices and rides and it also has a great atmosphere. Loved the water rides and recommend the big wooden roller coaster.

Johnny G

It's an amusement park. What's not to like? No long lines some good deals on drinks and my kids love it. I would recommend getting the year pass to anyone that lives close enough. Will definitely be returning with my family.

Daniel Zheng

My gf and I had a wonderful day in great America! The park is nice and clean. Food and water are a little bit pricy but I won’t complain too much at least they have water fountain next to restroom. We bought two regular admission, parking and all day meal tickets. The line was not that bad and the longest wait was surprisingly the one in Maggie’s smokehouse. Overall, I recommend this park to my family and friends.

Ramon Pastor

Took the family during winterfest. Great time to go with family. It has grown bigger and they have made more of the park open for that reason. But note not all rides are active and shops. They do have local vendor selling and that does make it hard to walk through some areas since people stop and look.

Kyle Iufer

Went on a Friday and found the park to be very accessible with short wait times all around. We appreciated the little kids rides in the Snoopy zone for my 4 and 1 year old kids. Overall a great day, well worth the visit.


Well run. Safety is prioritized. Lots of rides for all age and thrill levels.

Gal Talmor

So many roller coasters, arcades and other amusements! Decent food in the food court and the others chain restaurants. A good place for a fun day.

Kristina Fox

We had a great time here ...we did use the fast pass option (which was REALLY EXPENSIVE) though so I know that helped make the experience better. There is both amusement park rides and waterpark rides & the reg. admission gets you into both areas which I think is really cool(but fast pass doesn't work on water rides). If you want to spend a good amount of time on everything then you should probably plan for 2 days there. DOWNSIDE: every thing is $15 & up once you get inside

Deepak Anand

They have some great thrilling rides. They have great rides for kids as well. Apart from rides, there are many other activities games people can enjoy. Only thing lagging is their food. Just decent options, not something you really like. Also for some rides, staff members were not switching the baggage cabinets for different cart on rides. So while you are on rides, people from next ride can access your baggage as well.

Andrew Tibbits

Great place for tweens and teens. Water park is amazing in the summer. Food is outrageously priced.

Sandeep Wadgaonkar

I love this park and they have amazing rides. Specially the roller coaster rides. Also have good rides for kids. And not to forget the water park.. nice place to spend weekend.

Kiran Haridas

It was really fun to be there in the great America Parkway I loved every ride.

Charissa Nag

Great fun for the whole entire family. My favorite ride was flight tech. I was pressured to ride the rail blazer and it was so scary. I will never ride that ever again! Terrifying. My husband really liked the Patriot ride.

Brittney Herrera

The park rides are okay, small family friendly area wish it was bigger. The food prices are outrageous, quality of food poor, wait for food way too long because of issues with the ordering kiosks. Staff is extremely rude and online description of gold pass perks do not match what you actually get. But i guess all of this is to be expected from a subpar amusement park.

Shakara Gunderson

For the entrance price it was great and we had a lot of fun. Meal/ food prices were really high and not everything was open for variety, but we were on vacation and somewhat expected the high prices considering it's an amusement park.

Jesse Radin

Fun but the best rides were closed. Flight Deck and Demon. The new rides gold striker and that new single rail coaster are great. The tiki twirl thing is amazing. Delirium is fun as well. I recommend the night pass. It's a lot cheaper and you don't need more than six hours to do it all. It's not as big as it seems at first. Food is amazing but overpriced.

Lawremce Williams

It's a great place to have fun, my only draw back is the Front of the line pass that people have. I understand you pay for the front, but Great America will need to share it. On one ride I had to wait 5 turns to let the front of the line people get on some of them ran around and get right back on the ride before people in line still in the holding pattern. Not fair! Should make it every other ride so that people in line will move faster. Please review that. Would have given a 5 stars until that happened on each of the rides. Please fix the ride photos also, thank you Great America

Misti Tovar

Such fun rollercoasters! Something for the whole family! Loved all the Peanuts characters walking around too!!

Rose P

It was so awesome and it was my first time at a theme park

Mike Murillo

Spent the greatest time with my Girl. Truly a moment to remember. The haunt was amazing especially the dancers 10/10 would go again.

burhan hyder

2-3 rides were thrilling. So not really a place for adrenaline junkies. Couldn't do the water park as I spent all time in the rides. Had to buy extra $15 ticket for Xtreme Flyer but it was definitely worth it. Booking tickets online will definitely save you some money and do look for some offers. I'd say the place is worth going to considering the cost.

Darshak Shah

Good rides and fun place to be with friends/family. Only open on weekends in fall and during Halloween haunt. Also the dining options in the park burn a hole in your pocket like other big parks.

James Decker

Way fewer people than Disneyland, still a great assortment of coasters. Will be better as they expand. Definitely recommend the Railblazer

Arturo Chavez

Came here for a two days excellent value $59 special included parking and one meal and food is good here at great America. And lines are short and fast. Also very. You lose a little points on Park service's though. we bought the 1999 picture package but had very few photographers in the park so we didn't get a lot of pictures.

Ali Akbary

It's a great family family outing. It has something fur everyone, from kids rides to food and shows for the elderly. Great family place!

Raging Llama

Had celebrated a birthday here and it was amazing


The rides are as fun as I remembered when I went as a kid. Drop tower was changed though, it only goes down once now. Other than that, I enjoyed all the rides I went on, the actor in the mass effect 4D ride was AMAZING! I got to win several stuffed animals too, I'll be going back when my brother gets more free tickets.

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