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1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, United States

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Where is Cabrillo National Monument?

REVIEWS OF Cabrillo National Monument IN California

gaurav sharma

Beautiful place to. Nice experience learning all about the old lighthouse. Serene views and amazing tide pools. Ample parking.

Derrick Wilson

One of the best views in San Diego and good history. Military is free, all other must pay some amount. The best way to see this site by bike. You must be in decent shape because at times the incline can be tough. You will be humbled as you pass the cemetery on the way up.

Jos Wilkinson

Beautiful national park with great views of the harbour. Great price at just $20 per car, an excellent morning or afternoon out.

Tabatha Smith

Amazing place - Had our wedding here and it was beautiful!

JP Hampton

Wish I could have caught it at low tide, bit it is still a cool place to visit. Go to the visitor center and see the lighthouse. Views are amazing.

Alex Williams

Beautiful surrounding area, but they do not have a traffic pattern to save their lives... It turns into a line of cars waiting more than 20-45 minutes just to pay $20 to park... I was hoping to just sight see and check out a cool monument, but I did not know it would be $20 to just drive near it and I was not willing to spend $20 after waiting a solid 45 minutes in a line full of cars... Would not recommend this place unless you want to walk from a distance.

Ximena Cruz

A must visit just for the views, Fort Rosecrans National cemetery is on the drive up, you can stop and pay your respects there. The monument is a great place for a day out to learn & explore. There is wonderful hiking but it is not a light hike so not for young kids. Views are spectacular so bring a good camera & comfortable shoes

bharat c

The only national monument in San Diego! This place has history and nature attached to it. The light house, the views and the ships that you see from far off. Definitely a full day itinerary! If you visit the visitors center they will guide you with a map and things to do there. They trails where you would walk near the shore. We were told the low and high tides are amazing to watch. Unfortunately when we visited it was high tide and didn’t see the sea life near the shore.

W C Hunt

Flew out to San Diego for my friends wedding, which took place here, and I only wish I could have spent more time. A absolutely incredible facility with amazing views. Hope all get to enjoy!

Derek Reaves

Really fun place to visit if you're in San Diego. Cabrillo discovered California back in the day so this is a cool place to check out if you haven't been there. There's also great views of San Diego, Coronado and the entire area. There's a light house as well in the park which is fun to check out.

Adam Lindquist

Although it sits above the San Dirgo harbor and downtown, surprisingly a lot of people dont know about it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have the annual pass and use it all the time. The views, nature walks, and history never get old. A must for locals and tourists alike.

barbara dickinson

One of my "happy" places! There are great walks as well as hikes and museums about San Diego history. The iconic lighthouse is a great window into the past life of the lonely lighthouse keeper in the 1800's. Also a great place to whale watch in January or February and good birdwatching. Unfortunately they now charge you to even walk into the park. Used to be free for all: cars, bikes and walkers but no more. Still worth it.

Diana Miles-Hannah

Must see! Go early in the day to beat the crowds. Lots of places to walk, but you can also drive through and see everything. The tide pools and the vistas with historical markers are so interesting. If you live anywhere nearby, the annual is worth purchasing!!

Eldrith Corke

What fabulous views of San Diego and it's surrounding areas including the Pacific Ocean from it's top. It's very windy and I think probably a warm top is a necessity any time of the year. Good exhibition. The gift shop would benefit from an overhaul of goods and their display. I feel that it definitely has the potential to be better and the addition of a café would enhance the experience of visiting.

Logan Craine

Great place. Did you know that Cabrillo is the smallest national monument in the entire United States. It is a pretty cool place to just come and chill on those endless summer days when you don’t know what to do. Anyway the monument does not have any restaurant so bring your own snacks and water or get some water and snacks from the vending machine. There is also a gift shop which i give 5 stars for having views of Mexico and the surrounding Tijuana area. for me never have gone to Mexico. This is a big deal. There are also tide pools which i give 5 stars and a scenic ocean hike. Which is both fun and intriguing. Now you are all set to go to cabrillo national monument. I wish you well.

Caroline Jackson

If you like to hike, whale watch, explore old light houses, are a history buff or want to explore tide pools Carrillo National Park is just the place for you. To get there you pass Navy facilities and a National Cemetery but at the point you come to Carrillo National Park. It is located at the mouth of San Diego Bay and if you like you can watch the ships navigate their way in or out of the Bay. The weather can be chilly. Come prepared with a jacket some eats and be ready to explore.

Gina Pickett

Great place to take your family! Great views!

Alfa Santos

I've been coming here since I was a kid and I still love it. The views are always amazing and it's a great photo op place. The park is federal land, so don't take or damage anything. A weekly pass is $20, but if you're local, I suggest buying the annual pass, which is only $35. That way, you can picnic anytime you want, between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Pets are only allowed in the tide pool area, and they must remain leashed.

elvira evans

Fantastic view of the city! Nice historical park! Amazing ocean view! Beautiful place to visit. Like every national park, there is an entrance fee but if you are a military or military family with ID, it's free or if you have the national park senior card it is also free.

Eardie Curry

Outstanding views of the Pacific and San Diego. Did not get to see the tide pools. Would definitely go back.

Bryan Brown

It's truly a gorgeous place and the visitor center is filled with history of the conquistador that we decided to dedicate a national monument to. That's probably worth some thought, given their history in the Americas. At any rate, the views are breathtaking.

Chien-Chang Chen

I really like this place. It provides 360 degree views on the sea. Looking at east you can see the whole San Diego downtown. At the top of the mountain, you can see the light house. Near the light house, there is whale overlook trail. If you drive down, you can walk along the coastline trail and reach the beach. You can also see many wildflowers. It's really a beautiful place.

Geo Stone

Cool first time visit.alot of great views of the ocean.

Stephen Stohs

The Pt. Cabrillo lighthouse offers one of the best available 360 degree panoramic views of San Diego. Highly recommend for first-time visitors. And I never get tired of returning after fifteen years since my first visit.

Anna Kogan

Amazing views. Good combination of history and nature

Lisa H

Great place for the family and guests to visit. You learn a lot about CA history. You also have a good view of SD. The museum and lighthouses and walking around is nice and relaxing. For the kids, don't forget the Junior ranger badges!

Iris Waga

There are great walks and hikes. A museums about San Diego history. The iconic lighthouse is a great window into the past life of the lonely lighthouse keeper in the 1800's. In January/February you can watch whales.

Mario Garcia-Gillespie

This is a great place to spend 4 hours or less. There are presentations, artifacts, exhibits, gift shop, statues, and an amazing view. There is a historic light house here and tide pools which close at 4:30 pm on Sunday. There are telescope for use with a quarter.

Rose Hewitt

Gorgeous bayside hike. More beautiful California views. 2nd time here. Absolutely beautiful and trail was not crowded at all. Worth visit.


Historic National Monument Park, California history, national park annual pass can be used

Karen Bland

San Diego's only National monument, this is a great and popular tourist spot. Beautiful visitor center with bathrooms, a movie and exhibits. Views go one for miles. Lighthouse is cool and the tidepools are great at low tide. There is a hike you can take along the cliffs which can be steep in spots. Excellent spot for photos!

Hormazd Sethna

Great place to learn some of the history of San Diego. Fantastic views of the inner harbor on one side, and the Pacific ocean on the other. You can also drive down the cliff to the tide pools. The only downside is that the park closes at 5PM, and the tide pools must be vacated by 4:30. As a result, you cannot enjoy the sunset from what would otherwise be one of the best locations to do so.

timothy h

It had very nice views and seeing the ships and submarine was pretty neat. But it was a little steep on the price for what was there. Worth checking out once

Karyn Dancy

I love this place so much! You can see all of San Diego from here, and it's rich in nature and history.

Aida Awad

Spectacular vistas from the top of the Cabrillo National Monument. Displays are effective in exploring the history of the monument.

Aaron Schroeder

A great view of San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. Costs money to get in. Minimum $20 entry fee per car. Cash and cards are accepted.

Jose Napoles

Cabrillo National Monument is great to visit. The views are absolutely breathtaking. There is plenty of parking on the way up to the Visitor Center. This place is certainly family friendly. Most of the routes and trails are paved so strollers and wagons will be useful. The Visitor Center staff is great and very knowledgeable. Bring the entire family out for a couple hours of fun and snap away, as everywhere you turn there will be a great backdrop.

Santiago Gutierrez

It had a lot of cool historical value. Not to mention you drive past the national cemetery on your way here. It had a nice little hike and beautiful scenery. It had the monument, lighthouse and tide pools to look at. It had stunning ocean views and you could see from the mountains of Santa Barbara all the way to the border and mountains of Mexico, including all of San Diego. It was a little pricey at $20 but it is a week long entrance pass.

Tommy The Roach Lucero

A spot for both learning and knowledge of the history that goes along with such a beautiful place. San diego has a bunch of amazing tourist type spots but this is by far one of the ones that need to be taken in by ones own pair of eyes to truly appreciate that beauty of the bluffs and majesty of the lighthouse. The rangers are always so helpful and full of great nuggets of info about the place and just pleasant to speak with in general, both the volunteers and the rangers really.

Yapha Kimmons

Beautiful view! Absolutely beautiful view of all of San Diego. They have several various trails you can walk on. They also have the lighthouse which was cool to look inside but it appears you can only go straight to the top three times a year. I will try to go back around one of those times to check that out. They also have a couple of exhibits to look at as well which were interesting. Typically parking is $20 but we happened to be there on the day when parking was free. They also appear to have an annual pass for $35 which makes more sense especially if you intend on using the trails at this site. Look forward to heading back another time.

Kevin S

Great place to view San Diego, the ocean, Coronado, and the bay as well as see a little history. Make sure to go to the tidepool, it is worth a little drive down the hill. Make sure to get there before noon otherwise you will probably have to wait in a car line to get in the park. Highly recommend for a nice casual day.

Carola Bruflat

One of my favorite spots in SD! On a clear day one can see Tijuana, Coronado Isl. and all of the city. Always go on the really clear days - you will not regret it!

Iain Russell

To be honest, as a National Park this was disappointing. The views of San Diego are impressive, however, if you don't have a National Parks pass it will cost you $20 to enter. We were excited to see the tide pools only to find that they aren't exposed in the summer months. The visitor center offers films about Cabrillo's history and has the prerequisite gift shop. If you do decide to visit the park, the light house is worth seeing. There are also some gun emplacements left from WWII.


Beautiful place.. must go to place while visiting San Diego.. views are breathtaking.. lots of history involved.. go early.. you can drive to memorial easy parking assess.. don’t forget to visit the pool..

Lana MPM

Make sure to check low tide times to make the most of your experience. Quite lovely - worth the time. Don't forget to stop at the veteran's cemetery to read some of the markers - a gesture to remember those who have served - lest we forget the price of freedom.

Jamie Doheny

I LOVE coming to cabrillo, it's not remotely difficult but you're able to bring the dogs on the tide pools trail and the views are incredible. Generally it's less crowded than sunset cliffs and you can use your national park pass, if you have 1 which you should! Highly recommend, great for families and all ages!

Dave Sanders

Closes at 5pm, so just had an hour to explore; wasn't crowded on Friday afternoon after Labor Day...our last visit here was > 10 years ago. Intended to return the next day to hike and hit the visitor center, but plans changed.

Jennifer Cradduck

Really cool place that I never knew about. Great place to learn of the 'Pacific Christopher Columbus', Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Great trails to see different native plants, animals, and views or gorgeous. Tip: come early to beat the crowds.

Bennett Smith

Cool view if you're into oceans, not much else to see to be honest felt like a lot of "stuff" to try and get people to stay longer and look at the "history"... time can definitely be spent better elsewhere in SD.

Field Marshall Von Paulus

Breathtaking views. A great place to the ocean and breath fresh and cool marine air.

Tami O'Neil

A must see if you visit San Diego, great views and a lot of History

Ari Eberlin

Shh don't tell anyone about THE AMAZING HISTORY AND LIGHT HOUSE YOU CAN TOUR HERE! The whole monument is fantastic and so well maintained. Fantastic history to be seen and considered here about the maritime history of San Diego.

Adam Wiener

Very cool place to learn and hike and see some nature. It's full of history from Spanish explorers to defense of the homeland!

montana hegedusich

A nice place to go to learn about the history of San Diego and to see a gorgeous view this city. Nice place to learn about the oceans if you go to the tide pools recommend the Winter months

Jeffrey Funes

Very nice area on Point Loma. It is a national park so be prepared to pay for admission. If you are a service connected veteran you can get your lifetime pass at the front gate. Be sure to have your VA ID ready for proof of service connection or the necessary paperwork. That said, the view are spectacular as you will be able to see SD and Coronado island which is home to some military bases. It's great to see Navy ships and aircraft take off.

Bert Kimura

An isolated and unique place and environment in San Diego. Most historical facilities including WW II bunkers are open to visitors, including the old lighthouse with explanatory lifestyle exhibits of the time. Awesome natural and unique coastal habitat for viewing native plants and animals. Vegetation in vicinity of visitor center is labeled clearly. Unmatched panoramic scenic views of San Diego including Coronado Island and vicinity. Family friendly, wide, paved walkways, excellent explanatory exhibits, ranger guided tours, and a variety of habitats that are accessible, including unique California coastal tidepools. Access by cars or bicycle convenient and easy. Understandably, pubic transport access is possible but limited in frequency.


If you’re visiting San Diego this is a must go place. You should probably allow at least 2 hours to enjoy a few spots including tidal pools, the lighthouse, some exhibits, observation decks, and the bunker. If you come early you shouldn’t have a problem with parking or heavy traffic. Drive down to the tidal pools first to enjoy the scenic shoreline and do a bit of hiking. Then go up to the lighthouse and check out observation decks, the bunker, and exhibits. Very beautiful and fascinating.

james Williams

Beautiful views! Very informative. Wish we had more than hour to explore the whole place.

Donald Bradley

They only open the light house top about 3 times a year so we did not get to see that portion but seeing the inside of the light house was really interesting. Would have never thought that a family had to live in the light house. The views at the monument and light house area are some of the best in the area. I also found the military portions of the park interesting. Finally, we also went tide pooling before we left. We didn't see much of interest aside from some hermit crabs and other small crabs. It was still a neat experience and I would definitely do it again.

July L.A.

Fun time, park ranger was super nice and friendly. Loved the multiple amount of activities one could possibly do at the park.

Ben Howell

Very neat peninsula with great views of San Diego, the bay, the ocean to the South and West, and The Coronado Islands to the South. Nice tide pools and trails. Museums and historic lighthouse. Wasn't crowded when we were there midweek. $20 per car group, with entry for a week included. Operated by the national park service. We spent 5-6 hours here, it would be easy tip spend the day.

Tracy Wesolek

Great view from here along with a little history. The lighthouse is interesting to tour, and the visitor center has wonderful information on the area. Did I mention that the views are amazing?

Mario Saldivar

what a great place to visit! This is one of the best places that makes San Diego an awesome city to be in or visit. I recommend visiting during the morning. It's nice and cool and very relaxing.

Maria Hernandez

Beautiful view of San Diego. Very small exhibit, 1 statue of Cabrillo and a lighthouse you can't climb to the top of most of the time. The only way to make it worth your while is to give yourself plenty of time to hike the tidepools

George Toth Jr.

One of the most beautiful views that overlook San Diego. 1. The monument itself of Cabrillo. View is spectacular, can also read up on a bit of history of the man. 2. 992 ft from monument is the lighthouse. Detail on the innards and working of the lighthouse. Facinating on construction of the lens.... 3. My favorite..The Radio house which includes history of the Coastal Artillery! The short video detailing how Enemy ships are spotted (by Forward Observers, aka FO) they feed thier informaton to the Fire Direction Center (FDC) and using Triangulation, information is fed to the Artillery Battery in a simple form Azimuth (direction, which way to point the tube) & Elevation (How high to lift tube). The rifled 16in gun will have the huge projectile loaded, followed by the powedered bags. A lanyard will be pulled to fire the percussion cap, which will then unleash havoc upon the enemy. Go Artillery! Steel Rain!

Cheryl Ann

Go for the view! This is a must as a stop on your day trip owing to the fabulous view of the bay. Be sure to head over to nearby Point Loma Lighthouse for another scenic view.

William Toulouse

Wonderful view of San Diego. The museum here is also interesting and just the right amount of information. Not too much but enough to learn about Cabrillo. Worth a couple of hours of your time.

swamiji Kalihatti

Historical place. This where san diego city started. Open area. Well maintained old light house. Museum articles, thiugh limited, yet presentaled/displayed well.

Laura Hutchins

One of my favorite places growing up and I still visit the Point Loma area whenever I can. The views are beautiful. The monument tells the area history nicely and the tide pools are always fun.

Carrie T

The drive up is stunning & then a solem as you drive along the veteran's graves. The park itself is quite small but offers great views & city scapes. It's a park that can be handled well by all ages. TIP: Bayside trail no longer loops so just not that you'll walk all the way down and have to come back up the same route.

Spencer Martin

Unique views of San Diego from the tip of Point Loma. The old lighthouse is depicts life on the peninsula in early days.

Sandy Tincup

Probably the best view of San Diego. On a clear day, you really can see forever. Wonderful photo opportunity on this point and the tide pools are fantastic. Been a fan for 30+ years now


IT is a Great Historical Place with Many sites to see. Also had many Veterans memories and lives were lost and must be Respected!!!! God Bless all our VETERANS!!!

Robert Lester

We probably did not spend enough time here, but were a bit tired after our hikes at Torrey Pines. The cost to access the Monument is $20/car. After entering, you can turn right toward the ocean and go visit the tide pools. As we were not at low tide, the pools were not at their best, but it was still a good stop. After that, we went to the visitor center where there is small museum, the Cabrillo Monument, a short movie and a path to the |Old Point Loma lighthouse. A great variety of things to see. Also, a spectacular view of the San Diego skyline and Coronado Island. Worth the price of admission alone. On our way out we stopped into the adjacent Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

Michael David

My wife and I experienced this beautiful peninsula with the many men and woman who have sacrificed so we could see our country's beauty. Just roll on rosecrans South and you end up in a must see. These views over look beautiful San Diego and naval air station North island and you can see all the ships coming and going.

Tanisha Taylor

The views of the bay and the ocean are fantastic. If you're Active Duty Military your entrance is free and you can get a free National Park Pass. We LOVED it and the visitor center was well maintained and informative

Eric Williams

Awesome views Very educational rangers. The visitors center is open and affordable. Restrooms are always clean. No idea why no food for sale. Only snacks machine.

Ate Mitch B.

Beautiful and serene. Weekday visits are much better than weekends.

Michael Fortenberry

Beautiful monument and spectacular views of the city of San Diego and her surrounding communities. I highly recommend visiting to anyone that is looking for a location to do some sightseeing. This is a very popular place for people to visit. I recommend riding a bike into the National Park if possible so to avoid being stuck in traffic on the weekends.

Bill Wieber

My go to get-away spot in San Diego. Great views of the ocean, city and bay. Take a hike down the trail if you have it in you. Lots of neat historical stuff to see along the way. Bit steep on the way back, so be prepared. Love the lighthouse! You can see whales migrating up the coast during the winter months. They also have a museum, gift shop, theater and vending.machines.

Paul Murphy

This is a nice place to visit. There is a musem and lighthouse. There is also tide pools within the park. However $10 per person walking or $20 for a car it is expensive for what it is. This does give you access for 7 days however an hour or 2 is enough to do everything here.

Melissa Monreal

Great preservation of our nations history. Loved it! Great views of the harbor and city. The tidal pools are neat! They close by 4:30 PM. Totally worth it....

Marilyn Okita

Cabrillo National Monument is a historical landmark with spectacular views above San Diego Bay where Juan Cabrillo discovered California in 1542. This beautiful place offers opportunities to explore Tidepools, the Visitor Center with a Museum, Gift Shop for souvenirs, an Auditorium with educational movies, and Guided Nature Walking Tours to Point Loma Lighthouse. There are walking trails on the ridge as well as the Bayside Trail. Beautiful way to spend the day and to take out of town visitors who enjoy beauty and history.

Dan C

Great place to visit. Plenty of parking as you drive up. Staff is able to answer a variety of questions and even recommend a nice place to grab a bite to eat nearby. The views and history of this place is breathtaking. Pathways are clear and well maintained. Trails leading down to the water are wide and safe. Stop in and take it all in.

Christopher Hyman

You're going to want to carpool, they charge per vehicle; unless you walk or cycle in then they charge per person. Views of all of San Diego, moderately interesting museums. And of course the tide pools are always fun.

Kristin Woosley

Beautiful view of the ocean and a great place to explore. Expect to spend well over an hour here, and pay attention to the tide schedule. Wear good shoes for walking on rocks, barnacles, urchins, sea hair, and other marine life. Flip flops and other beach type shoes are not really appropriate. Also, expect to battle for parking by the tide pools.

Pooja Desai Patel

What a stunning place! You can literally see it the entire city from here. Also the history that has been preserved at the lighthouse is quite remarkable. The walk from the monument to the lighthouse is picturesque. The line to get into the grounds can get long as there's just one entry point, but be patient, as the experience is completely worth it (tip: come during a weekday)!

Max Federle

Beautiful area with some amazing views of the city. This is a must stop simply for the views. There is also some great history at the visitor center that I never knew. Make sure to bring a camera and some binoculars.

Sourav Gupta

Lovely place to spend few hours with the kids. The views are awesome in all sides. There is an entrance fee if $15 which is valid for 7 days. There is a visitor center with a gift shop but there are no foods available except a few vending machines. So please bring your own food and drinks to enjoy the place. There is also a nice lighthouse to explore. Being higher and at the top of the hill there is almost always higher winds that in the town below. So keep your jacket handy.

Manal Isam

Located at the southern tip of the Point Loma Peninsula, Cabrillo National Monument commemorates the landing of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo at San Diego Bay in 1542, the first time that a European expedition had set foot on what is now the West Coast of the United States. At the park, visitors are treated to a view of San Diego’s harbor and skyline, as well as Coronado and Naval Air Station North Island. In addition, a wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean, Tijuana, and Mexico’s Coronado Islands become visible on clear days. The highest point in the park is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, a San Diego icon since 1855 and now a museum that visitors can enter and view some of the living areas inside. In addition, just below the monument, visitors can explore some of the best tide pools in the West Coast.

Peter LaPierre

Such a breathtaking place. I highly recommend checking this overlook out if you've never before. We definitely will come back one day when is low tide.

Anna Silverthorn

This is a great place to take the family. We go to national parks but this is our first time to the west coast. I am happy we went.even though we missed the tidepools at low tide the kids liked walking down the rocks to see what they could.

Joyce Romio

AT THE TIME I'M WRITING THIS (1/23/19) THE MONUMENT IS CLOSED DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. Love the Cabrillo Monument. Views are spectacular. You can hike on paths (snakes!). You can visit the tide pools. Views of both Coronado/Imperial Beach coastline/Downtown San Diego, and, if it's clear, Mount Miguel. The lighthouse itself is full of history, there is a museum as well the gift shop has history to share. Restrooms, yes. Only at visitor's center, if I'm correct. Food: I've never seen the snack bar open, so, can't verify there is one. I believe there are vending machines. If anyone knows, I'd like to know, too.

Katherine Garcia

Such an amazing beautiful place to see. The views made it such a serene memory. Definitely somewhere to go sightseeing if you're in San Diego.

Leonardo Graciano

Wonderful place with a lot of history!! A must go place to have a nice view of San Diego

Annie Blue

Beautiful views, suitable for those who don't want to walk too much, but if you do there are trails as well. The tide pools are fun.

Richard W.

Beautiful views of San Diego! Friendly and informative staff.

Uwe Dörrenhaus

Nice place to visit. Friendly Park Ranger. Great view all over San Diego. Visit the Point Loma Lighthouse and the Tide Pools. Great view at the pacific ocean and cool waves.

Jewett Laygo

A wonderful place... great trails... serene & offers great views of the harbor.

Joe Miller

Neat spot. My recommendation: don't go on a national holiday! Traffic gets stopped up down half the entire peninsula.

Palmer Roberts

Beautiful views of the city, ocean, military base, and it has some good history museums. Great for individuals, couples, and families.

Michelle Miller

The view up at the lighthouse is amazing! It was awesome to tour after visiting Old Town State Park. We wished we would have gone earlier in the day to visit the tide pools too. It's definitely better to drive here with a car instead of an Uber so you can visit the tide pools and the monument/lighthouse. You can walk, but it's a long walk and kinda dangerous since it's a road for cars with no walkway.

Nimil Parikh

The view is second to none... Lovely place with a panoramic view of the ocean and San Diego... It closes early in the evening so make aure you reach there before 2 pm to spend some quality time

Robert Steven van Keuren

Spectacular views of the city and San Diego Bay. Great place to take visitors.

Annina Rupe

Great place to explore. Very hard to get to the tide pools if you don't have a car (I Ubered). No sidewalks/trails to get there, so you're walking on a two-lane road. Worth it, though!

James Dui

Great place to relax and contemplate. Check out the trail to the Kelp Overlook. Nice walk, and the scenery is breath taking.

Steven Wiersma

The best (only) national monument in San Diego.

Dave Miller

There is a lighthouse and a monument that are on top of this amazing bluff/hillside. Rhis is a national monument so if you take the bus there is not entry fee. Otherwise its 20$ a car load. They have bathrooms and trails to see many things. There are tidal poola but it is best to go with your on vehicle to get ro them. Great views of San Diego bay and the naval bases.

Julian Roque

Driving seems to be the main way to get to different areas of the monument. It'd be nice if there was a way to walk safely from the visitor's center to the tide pools. Very nice views.

Marc Basilla

This is a quick half an hour drive from downtown San Diego and well worth it! Located above the ocean, on clear days you can see all of San Diego in the distance. Make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses as the sun can be glaring at times. Make this part of your San Diego trip. There is an entrance fee.

Robin Fatone

This place was amazing went down to the tidepools. Just beautiful you take a self guided tour. Cost 20 bucks to get in because it is a state park . Be prepared to walk and climb many, many stairs. But we'll worth it.

kris miles

Great overlook for viewing San Diego and Coronado. Visitor center very helpful. Amazing history to learn.

Aileen Tennell

Visited the lighthouse, & tide pools. Fantastic views of Coronado, San Diego & ocean. Ruggedly beautiful rock formations on the beach. A must see when in San Diego.

Alana Marsh

It's a tiny park in the middle of/surrounded by a Naval base. The tide pools are supposed to be some of the best, but we missed the best time to see them. It was still beautiful.

Allison Jones

They only open the light house top about 3 times a year so we did not get to see that portion but seeing the inside of the light house was really interesting. Would have never thought that a family had to live in the light house. The views at the monument and light house area are some of the best in the area. I also found the military portions of the park interesting. Finally, we also went tide pooling before we left. We didn't see much of interest aside from some hermit crabs and other small crabs. It was still a neat experience and I would definitely do it again.

bhrugen patel

Beautiful place! I would recommenced coming before sunrise!

Dandi Wright

We spent most of our time at the tide pools. They were fascinating and there were so many creatures to admire, barnacles, anemones, etc. The rock formations were really neat and of course, the waves from the ocean rolling in. We were able to get lots of walking in, by choice, but you can drive and park at each destination if you wanted. The lighthouse was interesting to learn about and see. You can go almost all the way up but the very top is closed except three days a year. The Cabrillo National monument was interesting to look at and read about. Inside the buildings are tons of cool displays. Lots of detailed information too. We went to all of these as two adults and stayed several hours. We are excited to return with our kids because they'll have a great time too.

Eric Woody

I always enjoy going to this national monument, the views, tide pools and the trails are really great. They really need to do some basic grounds work. Trim the vegatation off of the sidewalks and replace the broken rope borders. Coming in they should also add another lane to pay for entry.

Carizza Pareja

Fantastic views, great breeze, and very informational. -Traffic during the summers but stay in the line, it is slow because of the pay booth. The line is only long outside. If you don't have a national park pass, the fee is $20. Bring cash or else you'll have to line up a little bit more. The park is kept well and the the restrooms are clean. Staff is very friendly. Multiple benches throughout to take a break if you get tired walking. ADA friendly. Enough parking spaces.

Rob Johnson

Fantastic location and well worth the cost of vehicle admission. Tip: Unless you're visiting and know you'll never ever be back within the next calendar year, go ahead and buy the year pass. It's $20 for 1 day, or $35 for the whole year so you can come back and bring any of your friends or family with you in the same vehicle. It's a no brainer.

Jherlyn Lopez

Great view! Lovely, historic place. Fun place to visit.


This place is a nice spot to walk around, enjoy the breeze, get some great views, and check out the tide pools.

Kristi Thurmon

This is one of my favorite places on Earth! The views are simply amazing. I was disappointed that the fee went from $5 to $20. But it’s still definitely worth it.

Art Tibaldo

I was here in 1995 together with a retired US airman and we were accompanied by an ex-navy serviceman. The place reminded me of the Hispanic Occupation in the Philippines that began when Portuguese explorer Hernando de Magallanes or Ferdinand Magellan discovered Philippines in March 16, 1521.

Katrina Pickett

While this is a fun place to visit and see some spectacular views of the city make sure you go well before 4 o'clock. We got there at 4:30, paid our $20, and by the time we finally found parking we were in the gift shop for about 10 min or so and they were making the announcement they were closing in the next 15 min. So we didn't have time to see the light house and only had a few minutes to check out the views. When we talked to the rangers all we got was a lame apology. It was annoying to pay and then be kicked out without so much as a "hey we're closing in 1\2 an hour" from the man at the entry gate.

Jason Warner

My son and I go to this monument nearly every weekend either to hike around the hill or play the tide pools. I'm a disabled veteran so I don't have to pay the admission fee of $15 per car. The restroom facilities are always clean and the shop has some nice little souvenirs. I highly recommend it to anyone from out of town. The views from the top by the lighthouse are amazing.

Morgan Turner

I hadn't heard of Cabrillo National Monument but I visited San Diego and have the National Parks Pass so I took a trip over. I am so glad I did. There is a lighthouse to visit, tide pools to check out, and hills to climb. The wildflowers were amazing! Make sure you call ahead to find out when low tide is and get there early to find good parking.

Liseli Martin

What a beautiful place. You could easily spend half a day here. The drive up to the information center and monument is through a naval base - there is also a huge cemetery on the way up in a beautiful location overlooking the ocean. So much to see and do at the monument. There is a small exhibit that is very informative. And the reenactment performers are really great. The lighthouse is wonderful to see and so cool that you can go into the house. The grounds are wonderfully kept as well.

Kim Jones

Great Ocean walks, mind-blowing scenery of down town San Diego surrounding the Cabrillo monument. Went into the historic lighthouse which was filled with lots of facts and information. The visitors centre also had a mini museum,a gift shop and coffee. The car park was plentiful and reasonable. Definitely would visit again.

Jason Satterly

Panoramic views of San Diego. Possibly see Navy ships enter the harbor, a destroyer and aircraft carrier the day we visited. While there, walk up the hill and visit the old lighthouse, drive down the West side of the peninsula to the tide pools and stop by Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on the way out.

Trevor Bergman

Very enjoyable visit. Thoroughly enjoyed the staff who was very knowledgeable and friendly. The views are breathtaking. Well worth a visit.

Angie Muir

We have been to San Diego 3 times in the last year & didn’t go here until the last visit. It was an absolute favorite! My sister in law grew up here and suggested we go visit. The kids LOVED it and was so much fun touching and seeing all the sea creatures. Check the tide times online & only go while it’s low tide!

John Lim

Awesome scenic view and museum. Please mind they close early than you think. They are in navy territory.


Best place to view the harbor and the city. On most days the breeze is cool and refreshing and a great to walk and enjoy the coast

Mark B Borg Jr

Super blast, Carrillo National Monument!!! We were on our way to San Diego (proper) when we saw a sing for this amazing--seemingly hidden away--little stitch of sea, where the kids could frolic in the tide pools, observe various sea creatures (quite an experience for New York City Girls!), and wrap ourselves all up in sea weed!

Hanna Lee

This place was awesome, the view of San Diego was spectacular. You could see the ocean and the city, and the monument is really high up. There's not too many people, but there are always people. The entrance fee is 20 for regular cars. A beautiful place to visit!!!

Jesse Nelson

It is breath takeing to see the immensity of Jehovah's creation and to see His 4 attributes at work. 1. Wisdom. 2. Love. 3. Justice and #4. Power.

Kevin Tran

You can't beat a national park riding your backyard if you have a pass it is cheaper to enter the park if not each car is $20 and $10 for bicyclist definitely worth it as a views and the hikes are really nice and the tadpoles are also very very cool to see

Charles Kibby

Beautiful vistas. You can see so much of San Diego from here and Coronado as well. Cool little museum and the light house is very nice. Do not forget to check out the tide pools at low tide. Some really cool sea life in them

Ulises T

Nice historic place ,small like museum, but this is Federal facility ,must be FREE. $20.00 for private vehicle.upto $100 comercial bus you spend the most 3 hours .other states like Oregon or Washington is free parking and facility.

Molly Duke

The monument is absolutely beautiful! I was with a group of friends visiting from Kansas, and it was very easy for us the find our way around. The gift shop is nice, and all of the buildings around it serve their purpose. The view is a beautiful as well. Would highly recommend coming here to learn about Cabrillo and to see the views.

Sheba Daniel

Hidden treasure. Such an amazing view of the ocean. Too bad the park closes around 4 or 5pm. Be there as early as possible to enjoy when the weather is nice and cool.

Frankie Coyazo

Amazing view!! The military base and surrounding area are magnificent to just stare at.

Trey Granger

Go in the winter if you want to enjoy the tide pools. The light house has nice views and the volunteers who dress up are a nice added touch.

Lisa-Marie Plaster

Great open place. Lots to see and do, light house, military exhibit, tide pools, lookout, visitor center. Since it is part of the national park system, there is a $20 entrance fee

Albi Espi

Respectfully a beautiful place with a great view, it is a National cemetery, was there to start a race, ( half marathon). Still a great early morning view of the San Diego bay.

Claus Pedersen

Amazing place, I love coming here. It have a history to tell, a trail, I find it very interesting.


Nice view of the ocean and costal area, and a relaxing trail facing the sea we always take

Kim Jenny

I love this place it is very peaceful and quiet place. And nice beautiful view

Eli ExiledSunflower

The drive alone is beautiful! Be prepared to pay a large fee to park though! 20+ dollars for parking and it depends on the size of the vehicle. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long, but I'll make my way back there again to fully enjoy the experience.

Mark Truitt

Good memory & nostalgia location. Except for the views nothing else. We are from a coastal town so low tide Tidal Pool was not a difference maker.

Kevin Noles

Beautiful location! I've been in San Diego for a while now and can't believe I've never been here before. The tide pools we're run to see. Parking can be tricky when it's busy, I would advise going as far down the road as possible as most people are flighting for the spots that are closest. Will definitely return again to see more.

Colleen Chianese

Go to this place. Arrive early if you go on the weekend during peak season or you will need to waiting on an access road. The views are spectacular. The history is is well displayed. Don't miss the tide pools. They are beautiful!

Michelle Wright

Very beautiful. Not sure it's worth $20 to get in.

Shawn Bennett

Who would have know?!?! We literally stumbled upon this place. The tidal pools are incredible! Well worth the price of admission!

Andrew Hooper

Amazing place. Didnt even know it was there. So much to see and learn and the views from the top are stunning. Worth the fee to get in and if its low tide at the pools extra bonus

LaToya Adams

What an incredible place to visit. So much to see and do. It's about a 25 minute wait at the gate on a busy day but it's not a bad wait and totally worth it. Going down to the tidal pools brings a nice view of the ocean. Then head back up to the lighthouse and the monument for more pics and views. Just be sure to get there with enough time to do everything, they close everything on time, so we only got to peak in to the lighthouse.

David Myer

The lighthouse is nice for photos of the bay, but the real attraction here are the tide pools. HOT TIP: Most people look down into the water, but the real action is in the cracks along the rock walls. They are ABSOLUTELY FULL to the brim of CRABS! Some are palm sized others are tiny. Go at low tide, park down the hill, walk north past the first outcrop then scramble down to water level. You'll see!

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