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Where is Bodie State Historic Park?

REVIEWS OF Bodie State Historic Park IN California

Little Emu

I feel drawn to Bodie and wish I knew what life was like back then. Visiting this ghost town and the remaining structures is an amazing experience, and you can feel the presence of the past. I recommend the stamp mill tour... fantastic!

Leo Lehner

Go visit if you have the time. Be sure to spend the little extra to get the guide book as you pay when you enter the park. Last few miles going in is dirt road. It's well graded, easy drive.

John Hall

I loved the history of Bodie, the State of California management, not so good. JH

jerry quigley

Fun and great place to visit real ghost town lots of history


Worth the trip! These buildings are incredible, lots of history!

Kelly Mundell

What an amazing place, had no idea what bodie was after driving past the turnoff many times driving the 395. Many of the buildings are still in the same configuration as when the original miners and town folk lived here. Well worth the side trip.

Baptiste S

Absolute must see to understand what the gold rush was!

Evelina Saliginiene

Was really unforgettable experience, like going back to the past

michelle prescott

Go early while it's cooling. Very interesting.

Herley Jim Bowling

Nothing fancy but a chance to see what life was like in this once booming mining town in arrested decay. Great for photography.


A real hidden gem! A genuine, honest-to-goodness ghost town, not like those cheesy tourist traps with hokey staged gunfights and tons of cheap souvenirs. Frozen in time, as if everyone in town just suddenly vanished one day. Forewarning though - the 3 mile drive in from the highway on a washboard dirt road probably not a good idea for people with severe back or neck issues, and I’d recommend a rental car. Otherwise, you may need to get an alignment. Would be well worth it regardless though!

Sterling Robertson

It's nice and historic but it's $8 per person. No Military or senior citizen discounts and no National Park passes allowed.

Vinny Ramirez

Extremely cool and interesting place, can't recommend enough if you're in the area!

Pun O

Great place to stop by . Only take an hour to walk around. Great place for taking some nice photos.

Andrew Terlizzi

This ghost town is a piece of living history! I wandered the whole town for hours just enjoying the wide open spaces! Definitely pick up the guide book to provide more insight into what buildings you are looking at! Definitely worth the long drive down the dirt road to get here! Great place to take some photos as well!

Mason Smith

A lot of good history. Great displays

Carlene Cox

If you want to see an authentic ghost town then this is the place to go. It is only about 5% of the original town but still has a large number of buildings that are very interesting to walk around with a booklet you can purchase to explain what you are looking it. Would highly recommend it!!

Becky Saddington

This is an authentic ghost town. Not a pretend or made up, ghost town. It's actually rather difficult to get to, but well worth the trip. Also spend the few extra dollars to get the brochure that will tell you the history of all the different buildings that are still standing.

R E Broadley

I'd like to see more restored - e.g. the delivery floor of the stamp mill would really be interesting to see (but it was not accessible due to being unsafe). They should set up a kickstarter campaign to collect donations for things like this - I'd donate!

Patty Puser

Well preserved ghost town. I hadn't visited in a number of years and was nicely surprised to find out that they now have tours, a museum/gift shop, and a mostly paved road into the park (though the dirt road was still quite rough). I was also surprised to find out that admission at the gate goes to the state's general fund, so please buy something from the gift shop as those proceeds go directly to the park!

Charene Robinson

What a cool place to visit. A town frozen in time. There is a ton of info and pics all over the internet, but seeing this ghost town in person was awesome. So glad we made the trip down the long dirt road. We were on a hiking trip to climb White Mountain as we prepared for Whitney, but this was a fun detour. We wrote all about it on our blog. Gotta Get Gone.


Bodie is a fun place to explorer , looking back at the history !

Larry Tholberg

I love imagining what it was like living there way back when. My first trip here was 1971. I have since been twice with my wife and a third time with my daughter.

Janice Wood

So fun to explore this abandoned town frozen in the past! Checking out all the time treasures of a life once lived yet now abandoned-- peeking into windows!

Shirley Brown

Super cool place to visit! Wish more of the buildings were accessible but still an awesome experience.

Bob Massey

Bodie State Park: you can see first hand how hard life was in California from 1860 to 1900. Gold mining life was hard. I now know that I need 2 days at this extremely well preserved CA ghost town.


Love Bodie. Visit #5 and always more to doscover!

J S Deran

I LOVE BODIE! It's a step into the past, someplace you can visit and experience what life was like back then. How tuff the folks were then. Wow!

Mark Ridgaway

Very cool! More interesting than we expected.

Mayli Bruxaux

Very interesting place to visit. Long dirt road to get there but worth it.

Oisin McGuigan

Epic. Just epic. Be sure to take the mine tour. Outstanding place with spectacular backdrops.

Adrian Galarza

Great state park. Will preserve, everything frozen in time

Mark Adams

Best preserved ghost town in all of the West. Amazing to see buildings and internal fixtures ranging from the 1850s to 1960s. Only drawback is CA State Park pass is not valid here, and cash only for entrance fee. But this pure paradise for photographers and history buffs, and KIDS LOVE this place.

Spencer Wax

A lot of history here. I feel like everyone should have the opportunity to go check it out.

Emily Welch

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Bodie! We went as a family with our 8 year old twins, and our kids thought it was as fascinating as we did. Bodie is an abandoned gold mining town, preserved in a state of "arrested decay," meaning structures are maintained enough to remain standing, but are not made to look new again. It was so interesting to peek in the windows of homes, stores, and other buildings which would have once been filled with the inhabitants of Bodie. Some reviewers issued cautions regarding the dirt road used to access Bodie. The dirt road is fine to drive on! We saw rickety old RVs to low-to-the-ground sedans and everything in between, and all vehicles were completely capable of navigating the dirt road. The town is quite exposed, so be sure to wear sunblock or protective clothing as there's not much in the way of shade. We went in July and it was hot, so bring plenty of water. Wear sturdy walking shoes....and, there is a lot (and I mean a lot) of evidence that cattle roam free in the town on a regular basis, so watch your step! We saw several families with dogs (so pets are welcome) but I'd recommend bringing water and a portable water bowl for your furry companion as the dogs I saw looked bedraggled and thirsty. We are so glad we visited Bodie - what a treasure of history!


Have you dreamt about visiting an abundant ghost town with a gold mine, red lights district and a pack of spooky stories? Bodie is waiting for you! The last 2 miles is a dirt road. We went here in early fall, so, it was pretty easy to reach the city even in Prius. I'm not sure about other seasons. The city itself is walkable, but a road is a dirt, and, perhaps, your shoes end up in the dirt, as well. Check the time of the excursions, as one of the main and old part of the city is unavailable without a special guide. The parking lot is pretty big and we found a parking lot in the middle of the day. Spent here around 2.5 hours, but could have spent even more, as a lot of buildings have something to look inside! Definitely, recommend visiting!

Craig Dewell

It was like stepping back in time. I wish I had of booked a guided tour because I didn’t realize that you can only go to the main mining site with a guide. We have young kids (all under 10) and they loved it here. It was fascinating for us to read about the history of the town. I recommend buying the self-guide booklet for $2 as it gives you some history and context to the building.

Wayne H.

Some really cool things to see from the Old West

Jason McCutcheon

I stop here EVERY time I'm in the area I love history, and this is an outstanding example of American life in the past. A definite place to stop and learn.

ken kemble

Do not miss it. High plains drifter meets hard rock mining.

James Snook

19th century mining ghost town that is being maintained in a state of "arrested decay". Very picturesque and easy to walk around on the mostly dirt trails. Last three miles of the only road in are dirt/gravel but navigable in any car. Lots of artifacts from the mining operations, mills and stamping operations strewn all over and there are bathrooms with flush toilets and there is a junior ranger badge activity (at least they were there when we visited).

Mountain Dave

This place is really cool. Feels like walking down the streets of a cowboy town. Be sure to go into the museum.

Dana Wood

This is a really neat place to visit if you like ghost towns. Just make sure not to bring anything or anyone home with ya

David Kelley

Will go back, no doubt.


The Park is pretty cool, you can see how people lived there for some decades. Visitors can walk free through the park and take a look at the different houses. In some you can enter, in others not (unfortunately). The reason for 4 star is the fact, that some house were or will be renovated and thus the ghost town isn’t anymore one

Doug Gorrie

Had a great time! Nice piece of history.

David Smith

Super cool look back in time. Everything preserved as it was when they packed up and left

James Peter

This place is where time has seemed to stop. Definitely worth checking out if your interested in history or California history in particularly.

Shane Mcnulty

Very neat place. Really cool to see if you like history.

Douglas Reed

Awesome place.... Take the kids they will like it too.

Kennedy Biederman

This place is a lot larger than I thought it was! Definitely invest in the $2 book that they sell when you get in that explains what all of the buildings are and who lived there. Would definitely go again!

Cris Preston

I love Bodie State Park. But they charge too much money for the tickets are. our tax dollars at work is supposed to support this but just like all new government entities they always seem to figure out a way to charge people because they can't seem to get enough funding to the government. So the problem is government not State Park. But the park is a part of the government. I need goes down to see. Not many left built like this if you get a chance you should definitely go see it is definitely a long drive. This is near Bridgeport California.You should also need to know that the road is partially paved and then it turns into a dirt road. It is beautiful scenery in this I see our country but gets up to 9000 feet above the treeline. So the air is thinner up there . Can get dehydrated faster so make sure to take extra bottled water for the strip as you walk around the town. Please do your research before you go so you know what you need to know

Kerry Lampkin

Love Bodie. Been there a few times. Make sure you take the correct road out though. You might end up lost. Like i did.

Jake Hoover

My parents took me to see this place when I was younger I remember it to this day. Super cool town frozen in time. Give yourself a couple hours cause there is a huge area to explore. The cemetery was really cool.

chandler seward

Incredible place, trapped in time. Highly recommend you go check it out, you wont be disappointed. Heres a tip, 270 is the perfect example of a washboard road! Go in/out from the mono side, 4wd or 2wd, you’ll be fine.

Priyavrat Shukla

I loved Bodie. This is an abandoned town from the Gold mining era. Didn't expect it to be as good a place. It is a slight detour from US395. When you go there, be sure to spend $2 on a booklet that is like a self guided tour. We spent about 45-50 minutes here, but I saw some people going far into the village. I would definitely recommend this place if you have 2 hours to spare. Facilities are good in terms of toilets and there are state park officials that take care of this place. Ticket is $8 per person for adults.

Trent R

Very nice to see some history. Employees are very nice and friendly.

Nader Kavandi

A true time capsule, incredible place to visit. Make time to watch the 20 minutes video they have on display. For an extra $2 you can get the map of the place which is very informative.

Jennifer Jenkins

So awesome to see such well preserved history. Nice bathrooms and no trash anywhere!


We were on final leg of our road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas and Bodie was a planned stop. As we came in from the north we encountered a really rough track mird suited to 4x4's and certainly not our convertible Camaro.... but we persevered and around 15 testing miles later we arrived and it was mind blowing to decend towards the car park and see this deserted mining town in the near distance. Apart from being weather worn and ageing gracefully it is remarkably well preserved with many properties still having the glass windows so you can see the contents that the owners left behind , a true glimpse into the past. Of course many properties are also quite dilapidated but it's no more than you'd expect after being exposed to many years of extreme heat and harsh winters. There's also many discarded bits of mining equipment and all kinds of stuff just lying around so it's quite eerie at times seeing this stuff just left behind.... like people left in a hurry .... I could write more but suffice to say it's a very very interesting place to visit and I have no hesitation in recommending Bodie to you.

Sean Kelley

If you are on 395 and are near the turn off to Bodie, take it! Coolest ghost town in California.

Art Davis

Love Bodie. I'll be honest, it's become touristy! When I first started going "early eighties" it was raw. The respect people had for places like this, was amazing. Nobody took artifacts every building was pretty much available to explore. Today, there is wire, to keep people out of reach. It's an unfortunate state of the times we live. Where people see the intrinsic value of artifacts of the past. Yet, they don't see the cultural benefit, for future generations. There is much more information given about Bodie, that's a plus. But, the "old days" of just exploring this amazing place are gone. Still love it, plan on walking a lot and spending about 4 hours or so. Only, if you try to check out every building or plot that's accessible.

Joshua Sowa

Bit of a drive in, especially on the uphill as we were towing a trailer. Great little bit of history, but we came at the end of the day so had limited time

Aaron Groves

Brought the family here thinking it would be a great way to kill an hour or two. I wish we could have stayed to really explore everything. Lots of things to look at and find. Plan on spending the better part of a day here.

Ainis Jankauskas

Authentic place! Recommend to visit!

Günter Worst

Very interesting and well worth the detour. Make sure to spend the extra 2 dollars on the brochure. Not too hot in mid summer thanks to the elevation.

Tom Lewis

Super interesting, obviously historic. Best ghost town ever!

Danielle Cutler

Really awesome place if you love the wild West or history. So much to check out. Open 10am-6pm, almost need all day to see it all. Plus they have a stamp mill tour for only $6 more, totally worth it!

Lasse R. Larsen

Defenatly wort a visit is you are one the area. Would have been nice if it was possible to get closer to the mines.

Premila Tracey Pickett

Amazing must see places to visit. Go back in time.. a great ghost towm!

Elizabeth Cardenas

Me and my family's first time loved it...sadly didn't make it in time to the Mills but that is our next mission

Erik Wilde

This is a great side trip from the 395. The setting is wonderful, and it's a lot of fun to wander the roads of this ghost town. There is a bit of gravel road at the end of the drive, but it's manageable with any kind of vehicle. Definitely go if you're touring the 395 and have two or three hours to spare.

Aaron Healey

First time back since I was a child. Every bit as exciting though.

Dan Pruyn

Bodie Ghost walk tour night. Three nights out of the year, usually during the Summer, the park says open until 10pm. The tours sell out quick, but the park is still open to the public. If the timing is right (2018 was not, tours were during a full moon period) and you have a DSLR and tripod photographing the Milky Way is possible.

Cisco Hernandez

Absolute best "ghost" town I've ever seen. History in the middle of no where, no shops, no McDonald's, nothing! Bodie is a mining town that is just the way it was left when the people moved out. Once you've been there you'll recognize pictures of it all across the country.

Ariel Lew

Such a great little peak into the late 1800's and early 1900's. Definitely do the stamp mill tour, it is worth the $6 a person. It's a 45 minute tour and the guides are very informative and answer any questions you may have. Wear comfortable shoes as it is a fairly large "ghost" town and there is a lot of walking involved.

Shell & Woody on the PCT 2019

Awesome place, really worth the visit, the town was larger than I expected, many buildings you can walk into, read up on the history beforehand and it's easy to use your imagination as to how this place would have looked. I'd guess in its prime it probably wasn't a bad place to be. I liked the fact that although a lot of restoration has been done it wasn't overpowering, a really superb day out

Mariane Tavares

One of the best places I ever been in CA ❤️

Bud Godbehere

This is a must see place. Loved it WOW

Jeremy Pratt

Really cool place to visit. 18+ are $8 and $5 for under 18~5.

Russ Lacuata

Visiting Bodie is the most authentic way to see the real life setting of the Gold Rush. With the gold mining days a distinct memory with abandoned wooden buildings in a state of decay to photograph and explore. See in the windows of the church, school, barbershop, saloon where bottles, desk and other relics remains. Be Warned: Leave everything exactly the way you see it. People have been known to experience a string of nightmares after helping themselves to a souvenir.

Clarissa Jimenez

Very cool to see the amount of building that are still intact.

Kyle D Rass

Very interesting place we had a good time.

Ben Nolen

Be sure to look into all the windows. Surprises around every corner.

Rich Bigtree

Fun place to visit with the family. Just make sure you have some time to walk around. Also get a brochure from the front gate so you know what you're looking at and watch the short film in the main building. Dog friendly on a leash.

Ralf Wilkowski

Bodie is always worth a trip. The drive up is spectacular, the town memorable and it really is a nice trip back in time. It is never really crowded, probably because it's a tad of the beaten path. Don't miss it, if you are near.

Sean Watts

It is a great drive, and being able to see how people lived is wonderful. It is dog friendly as long as they are leashed. I recomend the self guided tour for $2 and listening to the talk given at the old church. I have not done the mill tour, but that looks like a lot of fun. Bodie is a gem of the eastern sierra!

Joe Traveler

One of the biggest and most well preserved ghost towns in California. Prepare for a long dirt road drive of dust and bumps. It is passable via 2 wheel drive low clearance vehicle just perhaps not during snow or rain when the road gets muddy or slippery. Bodie is a mining town which once produced gold. Many buildings and a mining mill are in good condition. They even have buildings you can still enter with original contents.

Henry Feilen

As good as always. Got a great tour through the stamp mill and a couple of buildings. The ranger new a lot oh history and told some great stories.

Rosemarie Kobes

Historically kept buildings, a few you can enter and see the inside. Walking Tours available, along with horse and buggy rides. Museum available. Fiendly Rangers. The road into Body is now paved, other than the last three miles.

Deedee Grafius

Historically preserved, feels like you can experience what it was like in 1800's

Erika gorgas

Had a great time and very good guide.

Blair Wright

Bodie is totally amazing, it's a small town frozen in time and there is nothing else like it in America. I should note that the dirt road to get there can be treacherous, especially in the rain (it's bad enough on a dry day). This place is off the beaten path but well worth the drive.

Regina Cobb

The town was so unique as I could imagine the hustle and bustle of daily life there.

Bill W.

Fun, lots of walking, good to break from road trip

Lisa Conrad

So much to see if you like old history. Plan to spend a lot of time.

Karen Acuff

Amazing step back in time! We spent an entire afternoon walking around Bodie. Pay the $2 for the walking tour book, it gives such a detailed history of most of the buildings. Worth every penny. There are bathroom with running water in the parking area, and there is a gift shop in the museum. Pack a lunch, and spend a beautiful day in the State Park. You won't be disappointed.

Tom Thompson

An amazing place to wander around a look at a piece if history. Bring cash for the entry fee - their debit/credit isn't always working. Also, California veterans get a discount.

Suresh Raj

As you walk through this ghost town, you can see many ancient things and places. There is an entry ticket for this park adults $8. It has a parking lot and bathrooms with flush toilets are well maintained

Ryan Nicoletti

A little underwhelming. Just seeing stuff dry rot away was a bit blahs. Way awesome to see a slice of history but it needs some more draw to it. Get us involved!

Haiyan Chen

Most expensive state park I have ever visited. 2 adults + 2 kids = $26. If they collected so much money why they not paved the road lead to the park? Yes. Have to drive 20 minutes unpaved rocky dusty road to the entry. For such a small park, I don't understand why the ticket so high? For all other state parks I have ever visited, usually is $10 for a vehicle.

David Mobley

Really neat ghost town. Not that many buildings you can actually enter, but a few, and even peering in the windows of the others is neat. Had a sort of "frozen in time" feel. The stamp mill tour (extra charge) is also very worthwhile. Highly recommend. We did it with kids ranging age 3 to 13 and all enjoyed it.

Tim McGrew

Beautiful scenery and great historic interest. My wife and I really enjoy it as do our kids. Been twice.

Carol Heesen

The last three miles was very rough. But it was well worth the trip! A lot of good history. Great displays

Nicolas Leroy

Pretty spooky and interesting place. However paving the last few miles of the road might get more people there.

Evan Marie Allison

Incredibly preserved, fascinating history, so much fun to explore the town. Bring sunscreen, snacks, and water because you can spend all day here!

Michael Dorn

Nice ghost town. We spent a couple hours looking around and caught a tour. Interesting history.

Pancrazio Auteri

Very well conserved town. It's definitely worth the trip. It's picturesque, interesting and fun. Very good place to take pictures.

Brianna Sheck

We really enjoyed our time exploring Bodie. I was surprised to find that we could even go inside some of the buildings. It is a goldmine (pun intended) for photographers, from the vast rolling landscape surrounding this ghost town to the smallest details in the weathered wood, one can easily spend hours here. It's nice they have a bathroom facility, too.

Tuyen Pham

Amazing historic place to visit. I'll be back for sure.

Nikki Tara

If your able to, go. I'm not a huge history person but I really enjoyed Bodie. Pay the extra $2 and get the little booklet with more detail on the history. My son (16) also enjoyed the visit. Fun place for those who love photography. Some parts of the gravel road are rough to take it slow. There are bathrooms but that's about it. Bring water and snacks.

Mario Saco

"the" Ghost town in California. So real that you'll love it and will think in the live a century ago

Deborah Franza

The rangers are incredibly easy going and friendly, there was a random herd of cows just roaming around (which was fantastic!) and running from house to house to get blow away by pieces of history was fantastic. First thing, don't expect to go into many of the wooden homes, many of them have been shut or sealed off with wire to maintain the integrity of the furniture and objects inside. This wasn't a buzz kill because you'll be able to peak through windows and doors (which makes it all the more mysterious). Second thing, you cant go up to see the blue industrial plant or mill (not sure what it is) if your just freely walking about Bodie. You've got to try getting a tour in so I would suggest organizing that for your visit. Third, In my opinion you want to allocate a minimum of 3 hours including the tours to really soak in the town. My bf and I were there for only 45 min and I wished we had more time! They close at 6pm on weekends!

Ricki Jarmon

You can tell why this place is often said to be haunted, the ruins of this ancient town laid waste by greed and pride is filled with remnants of the almost alien life that was once lived there. Even in the heat of midday did I get a chill when I walked through the cemetary overlooking the skeleton of this once thriving city. The sheer scale and power of human settlement is awe inspiring and the simpler yet volatile life that came with makes one wonder whether they could have lived in that godless mining city.

Linda Napoli

This place is amazing. So much history so well preserved. I wish they had food available. I would have stayed all day if there was a restaurant or any food available out there. I can't wait to go back again!

Michael Vogt

Best ghost town. I've been to many.

J S Mize

Been here twice and love it. It's a good 3 hrs drive from Reno so leave early so you have a good 3-4 hours to explore. I never finish the whole thing in one trip. Bring a good camera and sturdy shoes as it is alot of walking around dirt and rocks. An excellent place to eat is The Barn on the way back, right on 395.

Kay Schäfer

Would be nice, if one or the other house could be entered. Overall worth seeing the ghost town

Brook Raisner

Really neat place! Beware the really long bumpy road if you have a lower vehicle. Better for SUV's and 4 wheel drives, though sedans can make it. So much to see, and great history to learn! Cheap too!


People over the world come to see this nice little town

Mike Warren

Bodie is a must see if your in Mammoth or Bridgeport or just passing through. It is one of the top 3 Ghost towns in the United States....

Matt Ryan

It’s a great place see an original stamp mill.

Becky Flint

The cost to busy bodie has gotten way too much to visit. It went frekin $8 a carload ti $8 per person!!!

UPE Resources

Awesome place. Still full of amazing energy. Great place to visit. One piece of advice, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING from Bodie. Not a nail, not a rock, or a brick, etc. If u do, u will see why I warned against it.


Super cool place to visit! Wish more of the buildings were accessible but still an awesome experience.

Alyson Wolfson

This is a great place to take your children. The Rangers out there have a program called the junior Ranger program for kids. They stop by the museum they get a book and a questionnaire on what they see what they have to find. When's the kids have accomplished did they go back in they get to take an oath and they get their junior Ranger badge they also receive a passport book that you can take to other national parks to the ranger stations and continue their Journey at other national parks they receive stamps in their passport books it's a great way to introduce kids to the National Park system and what they should be looking for around them.

Mario Mendoza

Great ghost town, don't bring back unwanted ghost when leaving

Jakob Rzymann

Awesome place. It's really like the time stopped. I would love it more if you could go into the old houses and not only be able to look through the windows

Sheryl Parsons

Interesting. A worthwhile day trip. You see something different each time you go.

Don Kloos

Interesting Calif history, if you're into that

Amanda Palmieri

Fun to explore what is left of this town. Get here early in the day to beat the crowds.

Peter Boon

Very nicely preserved. Fun to walk around and take pictures of the scenery.

Debie Bodjanac

Great place to learn about the history of this mining town.

Sher Marshall

Very interesting place. Lots of buildings to look at lots of walking nice experience

Aaron Folloso

Great history here and very friendly staff. Great place to stop by on the way to Lake Tahoe or Yosemite

Max S

One of the best historic places I have ever visited in the US. Bodie is a ghost town of the gold rush era and every dead detail in this site is so clearly visible. I had never seen something like this before and my wife was equally stunned. We were visiting Tuolumne Meadows so we took the Tioga Pass (120) to highway 395 and boy o boy...that drive is beautiful and magnificent. Reaching Bodie is driving on dirt road for few miles but its worth it. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting that side of California.

Normandy Helmer

Beautiful spot, lots of interesting buildings, great illustrated guide. 3 miles unpaved but civilized road. Can borrow all-terrain wheelchair, uneven ground & lots to cover. Up high, can be chilly.

Usman Ismail

Reminded me of the wild west from red dead redemption

Betty Vandergriff

A truly authentic ghost town. Well worth the bumpy, dusty ride to get to it. The "town" is much larger than I thought - be prepared to walk a lot. There are only a few benches scattered around to take a rest. The paths are gravel - wear good walking shoes! The gift shop/museum had limited items. I wish we had brought a picnic although there is no area for that. Plan on spending at least a couple of hours there.

Joel Rawlston

My son and I loved it . Very educationl

Randall Spenny

Kind of pricey for an abandoned town that is being preserved by the state of California. Its interesting. Have fun on the unpaved section of the road if you are driving a car...even more fun in an RV! Make sure your stuff is secured!

Asta Harvey

Amazing old town with lots to see. Many items still left in buildings and great rangers to guide you.

Aleta Conlee

You need a whole day to take in this good sized sprawling ghost town. There so mush to see and explore with very friendly park rangers to talk to.

ryan klein

Great place. Great staff. Showed up with a broken leg and they helped me out and was able to still realy enjoy my time with my kids.

Pat's Adventures

Bodie ghost town is a must-see in your travels. The town was once inhabited by 30,000 people who literally just got up and walked away one day. The buildings are preserved perfectly and all of the items that they used for day-to-day light are still inside the buildings or on the surrounding grounds. It is absolutely beautiful and spectacular back there. Well worth the 13 Mile Drive off of the main Highway 395.

Anthony August

Bode was very interesting to see so many of the relics in the building still was amazing.

Tereesa Tompkins

Amazing. Buildings maintenance and lots of history. Yosemite close by

sutej indap

If you are fan of wild west movies this is the place to go...

Lukas Nollen

Lovely place to see! Definitly worth the drive!


A great place to go!! A very cool ghost mining town!

Bren G

A piece of history that is nice to explore and teach the kids. They have running water and restrooms. Tours and talks. Guide yourself with a map.

Michael Berardini

Wonderful place! I've experienced this place from child, teen and adult and looking forward to going again, everytime it is a new adventure. Wonderful staff and the State's amazing efforts to preserve this town are appreciated by all who come.


This place exudes US history and how the west truly was lived. Was great to see how many buildings were still intact. Definite recommend.

Marlene Covarrubias

It was awsome loved the history behind it the dirt road is not that bad before u get there have fun

Keith Sutton

Authentic ghost town that has been preserved with new roofs on viable buildings, otherwise the remaining buildings would be quickly destroyed by the weather. Very popular so there is usually a line of cars to get in, but the town is so large and sprawling that it isn't crowded. Lots to see and walk to. Very little shade.

Michael Orlishausen

Impressive place. Be prepared to get your car dirty, however. The last 3 miles are very rough - which I don't understand. Why maintain a road that leads to nothing but that very place for 10 miles and stop doing so for the last 3..

Rick Hathaway

We vacationed in the area in July and stopped here with the family and it was absolutely amazing! I cannot believe the amount of history that is still there I cannot wait to go back and see everything we may have missed.

Tom Barker

It was worth waiting four years to visit! Its difficult to explain the magic of such an awesome ghost town. Perhaps it's the mystical state of arrested decay, or visualising the people of old who went about their own little lives: the half finished game of pool, the dinner table set up for none, the picture of a family member on the wall, the ornately decorated bed that's collapsed or the coat left hanging. You really feel like you're waling with the people of the Wild West. This is a truly fantastical place. If you're in the vicinity, or you're wondering whether to visit, you must go! #realspaghettiwestern #lookingforthemanwithnoname #realreddeadredemption

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