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3146 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

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REVIEWS OF Belmont Park IN California

Vanessa Valdez

Love the games n rides always have fun with family and friends

Theresa Hudson

Brought back good memories. Graduation class 1978 came here, it was still an amusement park.

Victor Ipina

Could be better, need renovations , if you have kids that likes to ride the same ride several times it’s worth to pay the whole day pass , otherwise just drive the overdrive and maybe another ride , most of the rides are for kids which it’s great but they are just a few . Ice cream was great. el

Raymond Nierras

Great area to skate or scoot around. Nice beach too

Cynthia Robles

Never a boring moment at this place! Great for people watching and to catch the sunset

Robert R.

Lots to do at Belmont Park. There is plenty of parking and a lot of places to choose from to eat a great meal by the beach. the public bathrooms are disgusting and need a lot of work and attention. And the actually sandy beach is fairly clean enough to enjoy and they have lots of life guards on duty is certain spots so that gives some peace at mind.

Christine Arreguin

Growing up in San Diego I've gonehere for years and it just keeps getting better. Great for all ages. I can still enjoy with much kids and now my grandson.

Charisse Fletcher

This place is all the way live and exciting. It will provide an exciting beach/carnival West Coast experience

Ryan Scheel

Beautiful and fun for the whole family. There is plenty to do here from an arcade and large swimming pool to the carnival attraction or taking a walk along the beach. Highly recommended for families.

Renee Almeida

We've always liked it here so much fun n it's close to beach

Gary Meeks

It's a great Park to visit I would like to see San Diego clean it up a little better.


Old style Ocean side amusement park and public pay swimming pool right on the Boardwalk, myfav...Aloha...TLR/Goggle One/Funconsultantsondudy

Melissa Pina

Fun place to go with a variety of different things to do in area. From rides to renting a bike or just hanging out and relaxing on the beach.

Cindy Peck

Yesterday we took four grandchildren ages 8, 10, 12, and 14. Except for the 12 year old girl, all appeared to have fun. The wrist band is the best bang for your buck.

Travis Cooper

Great place to have fun on amusement park rides. Love the carrousel and roller coaster.

Martin Olson

Always a great place to spend a few hours. During and after the Sunset is really awesome.

Johnny Tapia

It’s definitely one of those fun tourist spots. I enjoy going there for runs mostly. Locals! Avoid this sport during holidays. Ya’ll know. Lol use one of your secret hidden beaches if you want something more quiet.

Jim Chen

Not baby friendly especially if you searching for hot water to warm up milk. Ask every food venue and no one offer hot water. Weekday is also under staff. 1 operator overseeing 2 or 3 rides. Basically operator will hok around opening and closing 1 ride at a time.

Jason and Sarah Pope

Despite being a bit dated, our kids enjoyed the rides. We went on a weekday so there were no queues and the girls certainly got their money's worth out of the all day pass

Karen Kennedy

This place is fun, reminds me off a very mini version of the Jersey Shore arcade center(s). They have made some updates and revised the old skee ball game, was fun but miss the old one (you wouldn't get rid of the wooden roller coaster - would you..)

Raresies Rule

Awesome. Very busy on the weekends, but its so neautiful, and a few rides for kids and a roller coaster for adults!!

Katrina Thomas-Jimbo

One of my all time favorite places in San Diego! So much fun!

Gio H

Had a great time here with my nephews. $31 online for unlimited ride pass.

Janet Rivas

It's a beautiful place. Cute little carnival right on the beach. The beach is packed the closer you are to Belmont Park. Parking is horrible. I ended parking on the street maybe half a mile away. That part of the beach was perfect and not overcrowded. The kids had a great time riding the rides and eating ice cream.

Gladys Refuerzo

Always a fun place to spend with family and friends. Love the chill and beachy vibes and atmosphere

Denise McCarthy

Very nice day at Belmont Park and Mission Beach. Costco has a cheaper Day Pass...Visit the Sweet Shoppe, best place for a waffle cone ice cream!

Sara Gharagozlou

If you are a local, buy an Annual Pass for $100, as the cost of one day's admission is $64- I believe you can even buy separate tickets for specific rides. The food and activities are expensive (I suggest to bring your own food - there are benches there to sit and eat with your family)--but there are some *fantastic exhilarating rides * and different activities for people of all ages; Mini Golf, Zip-lining (which was AMAZING), Bumper cars, Arcade, Virtual reality, Carousel, and a 4 Story Climbing expedition (they provide harnesses). They do take safety very seriously at this park. I take my little brother to Belmont Park once a week!

Christine Luzenko-Scordino

Beautiful beach & boardwalk. Loved walking & when the sun started to set. The area came alive.

Vicky Everts

Used to come here as kid. It's changed yet stayed the same. Shops are great. Beach is pretty clean. It was pretty packed but we still found good parking. Good experience.

Carrie Sharp

Absolutely loved it here just beautiful water nice in mid September lots of lil shops and restaurants with rides will definitely be going back

Toni Gladstone

Perfect location to go with out of town guests but locals don’t really hang out here. With that said perfect spot to people watch! It’s right on the beach lots of restaurants and bars.

Nancy Neave

We didn’t find this place until late in the day and I wish we could’ve spent more time there. It’s family friendly and there was a lot to do but we were tired by the time we got here. The parking lot was packed and spaces are very narrow but everything else that we were able to see (shops, restaurants, rides, zip lining) was fun. Don’t miss out on this spot!

Mike Miller

Mini golf is really mini...but there's a lot to do here. Wish there were more food options but food was still good. Family fun. Great views. Parking was tough.

Rebecca B

A fun place to visit with lots of rides and fairground attractions. Great for children and adults and has a real old fashioned seaside vibe.


Cool attractions, great food. A good spot for tourists, but the prices are steep. The rollercoaster is great for children and adults alike- not too boring, but not too wild either.

Trista Dunbar

Pretty fun. Rides are expensive. Lots of good eating options. The beach is family friendly but can get really crowded. Lots of shops and vendors. Parking is free close to the beach but in high demand. Spaces are super tight. Our Yukon XL barely made it in a thin spot.

Nancy Neave

We didn’t find this place until late in the day and I wish we could’ve spent more time there. It’s family friendly and there was a lot to do but we were tired by the time we got here. The parking lot was packed and spaces are very narrow but everything else that we were able to see (shops, restaurants, rides, zip lining) was fun. Don’t miss out on this spot!

Brian Vehon

I've been coming here since I was a kid and while the park itself seems to get busier and busier, the times are still great at Belmont. We always watch for the wristband Groupon code and then enjoy a day of rides and treats and we always close it out with some ice cream from the Sweet Shoppe. I definitely recommend visiting if you are in the area.

jennifer rickel

Good family style open park, you just pay for what you want to do. Seemed safe enough, clean, so forth. Would recommend to anyone with kids to go. It is not Disneyland, but its great for a few hours and just hanging out at the beach. People working there were very nice and polite.

Daniel Segall

Went because we had SD go cards, so wasn't disappointed overall. If I had paid full price I might not have felt the same. Several rides weren't open. Some needed a lot of work. But as a bonus if it passes that were used at the bigger attractions, we had a good time.

Mark Robinson

So much fun! Went here for a birthday party (great place and very well priced). A lot of rides and games - girls loved it. We will be back many times.

Kelli Bates

At the lifeguard stand closest to Belmont Park we were able to borrow a beach friendly wheelchair for our son with mobility issues to use. It was amazing!


Had a really fun time with my family here. The rides are fun for all ages and they have so many sweet treats to choose from. Shopping is great, they have a ton of stores and small stands selling cool decorations and clothing, along with jewelry and various other things.

Corey Bohner

Fun place to walk around and then head to the Beach

Kyle Wilson

Great time. Love the shopping and if course always the people watching lol

Tiffany Huynh

Great place for some family fun time without the theme park cost. The best part is that it's right along the beach and parking is free! Plan for a whole day and get a one day pass for the rides or enjoy the beach and then come over and play off the sand. There's also a ton of food options all around! Definitely a place I would visit again!

C. J.M.

Loved this beautiful place, so fun! My son has autism and I informed the staff manager that I needed to accommodate him on the rides and they gave me a free wristband, and he one for half price. It was a beautiful and kind gesture.

John Estrada

I haven't been to Belmont park in years, but my recent visit has surpassed my expectations. The service from all the vendors was welcoming and helpful, the rides were fun and exciting, and the beach atmosphere that can only be found in Mission Beach was comforting. I would definitely recommend bringing your family and friends and have a fun day at a reasonable price!

Dee B

My family liked it here. We have three kids between 10 to 13, and they all enjoyed it. We got there early so there were little to no line ups (during March break). I liked the fact that I didn't have to pay admission because I have no interest in going on rides. It's a rather small place and not worth the gate admission price, which I wouldn't have wanted to pay. So I'm really glad to have found these tickets through Costco.

Kaye Speakman

Super fun for whole family. The lights are exciting at night. Along with rides, there are games, snacks, beach and restrooms. A grass area is nice for picnics.

Mary Wyatt

So.much fun there for the whole family! Ride a couple of rides then take a stroll on the boardwalk to see the beautiful ocean! A must see if you're visiting San Diego!

Pounder Pounder

Just a great park with rides, zip line, roller coaster, large indoor swimming pool, wall climb, arcade and plenty of nearby parking. Food stands available with darn good food. A great family place just a place for everyone. Join the fun.

Brittany Leydon

Great place to bring out your inner child. It's clean and well maintained, and the crowd is decent. Every employee I encountered was happy to be there and were all pretty chill. Just a fun place to be!

Catelynn Mendoza

I can't believe how much this place has improved since I was a kid. I took my kids here and there is a multitude of things to do for all different ages.They have a carousel, an arcade comparable to Dave & Buster's! They now have an olympic size pool with an inflatable obstacle course.they have the roller coaster that's been there for years as well as many other rides and fair games. There's so many different types of food to choose an rentals for the ocean.

landon walther

I love the rides and it's not to expensive if you get the all day ride pass. Definitely worth it

Abigail Enriquez

Love it!!! Every time I go to San Diego I always go to Belmont. The little dipper ride always leaves me bruised but I love it either way lol. I just wish the rides were a little more curvy friendly

Aaron Banks

Great place to entertain yourself with arcade games, and it's on the beach. Lots of food to be had. Definitely recommend.

Julio Salvador

Great beach. We set up by life guard station 13. Close to the amenities. Very cool and family friendly.

Lila K Devasher

I love Belmont Park. Took my kids there a lot. Tons of fun and rides are great. Game rooms are exceptional

Daniel Romney

Belmont park was fantastic. Lines for rides weren't too long. Lots of fun in a relatively little area. Good food, ice cream and shops. The beach is nice and has a nice little boardwalk type path right along the beach. You have to pay for the rides but that is expected if you don't have to pay to get in.

Craig Grady

A small, but fun amusement park. There are a lot of cool rides like bumper cars. Definitely worth a visit.

Steve Chandler

Had a great time with the family here! Beautiful beaches! Super soft sand and wonderful options surrounding here!

Spartan_1 Da Beast

Belmont park is a great place to hang out with your friends and family, especially if you love the ocean breeze and the beach. You can enjoy the different attractions or you can walk across the boardwalk and enjoy the ocean view. If you're willing to go there and purchase any sort of pass, I would suggest using some sort of Groupon or coupon, Belmont has a record for overcharging customers. In all I would recommend going here, even if it's just to hang out at the beach and watch busker's.

Andrea French

Great place for fun,excitement and ice cream! However I would not recommend buying a day pass here pay as you go on the rides. Definitely try out the ice cream portions are over generous and such friendly irish staff

Chucky Nguyen

Great beach and many fun things to day. Buy a year card and enjoy the fun if you are in San Diego. If you are visiting get the day pass. Have a great swim then enjoys all the rides & icecream.

madelyn calles

I liked this place. Very fun to visit with your kids and have a snack

Essie Dumont

It's ok for kids mainly. Some rides and arcade areas. Adult can buy stuff. It's a very small area for what they have. Most hometown seasonal.rides have more at their carnivals. The roller coaster is very rough to ride. The track is not smooth. Parking can be a pain. It is how ever next to the beach.

Steven Sabel

Very fun place to walk around. Especially great if you’re looking for a kid friendly or family friendly type of place. The rides and games are quite expensive though, so just be prepared. Rides are about $4-$6 a pop, or you can get an unlimited ride pass for something like $50. Carnival games are about what you’d expect also - something like $5 a pop.

Lord 7

It was a fun little park to visit after going to the beach. The food was a little pricey for my taste, but it was actually pretty good food! The shops were fun to stroll around, and had lots of games to play so you can win your lady a prize. A great date idea, and most definitely a great tourist attraction.

Athena Haritatos

So many fun options for kids. My 3 year old niece loved the rides. We had Hot Dog on a Stick, a crepe and ice cream. I look forward to visiting again. We got the all day pass for 48 inches and under and we got to ride as a chaperone with my niece for free. The immediate parking adjacent to the stores can fill up fast so remember there's more parking across the street in other lots.


They've done an incredible job here! So nice! A lot of fun for all kinds of people and families! We had a ball here! Very impressed, will return often!

edith flores

Me and my daughter absolutely love Belmont Park there's so much to see so much to do. We love how there is a variety food restaurants and there's so much activities to do. The only thing is parking.

Sergio Rosas

Nice night time ambiance. Designated fire pits. Great walk.

Robert Lester

Belmont Park was outstanding. We purchased the combo pass from Costco and it was worth it. We got on every ride, the staff was friendly and helpful, no big lines to wait in and the food was great. We spent all day Saturday and still never got tired of it. Final stop on our vacation in San Diego. Great way to finish the trip. This mini amusement park has souvenir shopping, ample parking, nearby restaurants, and of course the beach. Kinda pricy for the quality of the rides but it is the entertainment industry.

Rob Shannon

Very nice little amusement park. Great rides. Very expensive, though. Restaurants and food vendors are also expensive and not very good quality. Parking is pretty much non-existent.

steven jones

Small amusement park on the beach. It is nice than it used to be. Mission Beach Plunge pool has been nicely renovated.

Mark Robinson

So much fun! Went here for a birthday party (great place and very well priced). A lot of rides and games - girls loved it. We will be back many times.

Annette Strmic

So much fun for children and adults The smiles and excitement on the children's faces were so much fun to see. Climbing wall. Tilt a whirl. Roller coaster that takes your breath away. Bumper cars food and clothing shops. People were so very nice. Great place to visit.

Chad Ives

Great place for a kid to go to ride his first Roller Coaster and a Awesome location. Really cool multiple level bar right on the water too. Be careful at night in parking lots because gang members like to hang out there and there have been some fights over the years. The Wave Is really cool to watch people surf and the venue is great for live music. Wish they had Reggae MUSIC every Sunday. I saw Ziggy Marley there a long time ago and loved it, and Unwritten Law Scott Russo Band.

EJ Ayala

Nice shops both premium and cheap shops for tourists. Carnival type atmosphere. Not a ton a shaded places and ride passes can be a little pricey but still fun.

Christine Tan

We went at 830pm and had only a short time to explore. It's a neat feature by the water. Saw the new Fit and Plunge facility that opened July 4, 2019. Cool inflatable obstacle course for kids and a deep end for water sports. Mini golf, zip line, arcade, bumper cars, roller coaster...and plenty of restaurants.


Amazing amusement park in San Diego! It is filled with loads of food stalls, games, and an array of different rides for both kids and thrillseekers. Belmont Park has some awesome and unique rides I have not seen before. Definitely check it out if you are in San Diego.

John Ropp

My wife and I had a Go San Diego Card and stopped by here on a Friday morning. It was fun, but definitely not worth the price they ask (around $56). If it wasn't for the Go San Diego Card we definitely would not have gone as the prices are a little steep for what you get. That being said, the park is fun, it's a neat experience to ride a roller coaster near mission beach. If you are older, they have 3 rides that are worth doing. The main coaster called the Big Dipper, a spinning pendulum ride (which is probably the best ride in the park) and a flipping spinning ride called the Octotron I think. We also mini-golfed, which was fun. Most of the games/activities in the park are very small as they are trying to fit a lot into a small space. If you have the San Diego Card it's definitely worth a couple hours, if you don't I'd recommend paying for individual rides and maybe riding the coaster once, and the pendulum ride once. Everything else isn't necessary. That being said, if you have younger kids, there's a lot more for them. It looked like a great fun little park with tons of activities to keep the kids busy all day.

john ware

Great atmosphere. Clean shops and rides. All vendors were extremely friendly. Prices not too expensive for rides. Kids had a blast. Our son especially loved the little train that rides around the pier

Rommel Navarro

Growing up this was one of the most popular go to places. There's decent parking not to crowded with plenty of electric scooters and bikes to rent. Even encountered 3 dolphins while swimming.

Rachele Scevola

The coaster is a blast! So much so that I take a ride any time I need a good pick me up or reset. You’ll never leave not smiling. Caution to those with sensitive backs!


Absolutely love this place. It can get pretty pricey especially if your like me and have multiple kids to entertain. They have wristbands for unlimited attractions with a couple different price options depending on whether you choose to add on lazer tag and zip line. Both were a huge hit with my kids and I definitely recommend it.

Noel Prince

Super cool place. You can check out the beach here obviously, and there's a couple cool stuff on the shore that you can visit. There's a few restaurants and some games to played. The restroom facilities are horrendous, but what do you expect from a public restroom that is on the shore of the ocean? Good place to spend romantic evenings on the beach.

Kreig Cabacungan

They have upgraded this place over the past few summers and the Big Dipper is legendary! Loved coming here as a kid and its even better now that i can bring my kids! This is what San Diego is all about .. beach front entertainment!!

Devan Piggee

First time visiting...I wish there were a few more rides, but considering the space and it being located on the beach, there's really not much to complain about. The family enjoyed themselves and ate good. Also it's free to enter. Can't beat free!!

Imperatrice Diaz

Games were very fun to play and no worries about collecting tickets anymore as they are digital. Great place for adults or teens too!

Deniz Turkmen

I remember this place 10 years ago. Now it looks more fun and lively than ever. Parking can be challenging sometimes. They have wall climbing, laser tag, zip line, rides, arcades, and junk food.

Boris Velinov

This classic amusement park has recently been upgraded with new rides, virtual games, laser tag, climbing wall, putt putt golf course, zip line and more. The park costs nothing to enter and you can purchase tickets for rides or attractions. The bumper cars and air hockey in the Arcade are still my favorite things to do with my 7-year old or my girlfriend.

Evan Schwab

Intook my daughter here and she had the time of her life. Tons of rides perfect for an 8 year old and lots of food selections. I also caught a beautiful sunset while riding scooters down the beach. I highly recommend coming here if you have children.

Jenny Xiang

Awesome gateway! You can get the all rides and attractions pass from Costco for $30 and spend the entire afternoon/day at Belmont Park! There are free parking lots on site. It can be difficult to find a spot on weekends, but if you circle around the parking lot and wait a bit, you should have no problem. When you get tired of the rides, you can also walk outside alongside the beach. We enjoy a beautiful sunset there! Overall I would definitely recommend this place to people with families!

Randa alsuhaibani

Great close park. If you live close by, I recommend the seasonal pass.

Marla Mason

Lots of different things for everyone to enjoy. Family environment and affordable rides.

Billie Jean Perrone

Belmont Park is awesome! Old style amusement and gaming, shops and food. Visit the New York pizza place across the street!!!! Best pizza I've had in years!!!! Authentic NY pizza by the slice or pie! TRUST ME! I still can't stop thinking about how great it was!

MagPie B

We went to Belmont park for a company event on a weekend. The park itself was nice, with your typical carnival games and rides with some touristy shops. The little arcade was fun but a tad crowded. The only problem was the parking. While we were able to find a few different spots in the closest parking lots, the spots are ridiculously close together. Other parking was found further away, but it can be a bit of a jaunt, especially with kids in tow.

James Dui

Parking is tough, so take a compact car if possible. I enjoy walking along the beach, but besides that... the amusement park area is small. Great if you have a family though.

Adrianna Rivera-Hernandez

It's a fun spot, super touristy bring lost of money and an appetite!

Jose Camacho


Kyle Parrish

This a great place for letting kids have fun. Plenty of food options. On a budget that's fine cause they have a wristband that is unlimited rides which pays for it self in no time. You can pay by ride as well. No need to pay for anything if you dont want to. Going there is free. Bathrooms are there. Along with free parking

Crystallynn Aguilar

So pretty!! Don't count on maps to help though, you need to just wonder around it. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Jimmy Phillips

Great place to take your kids,plus rt on the beach,perfect for tourists, souvenirs,food,roller coaster,not in that order,lol

Kari Pomeranz

One of my favorite places to visit for a bike ride. I highly recommend Cannonball for a meal during sunset and then going to Draft for a beer. Such a fun place.

Rayleene Elliott

Good place to take kids of all ages. Rides for little kids and some that the older kids enjoyed too. Lots of good snacks. Close to the beach.

Max Miller

So may fun things to do. It's not very plus size people friendly, they don't have any rides that can accommodate a larger person, however they do have an arcade and laser tag. Good food and treat selection. Close to the beach(within walking distance) and shopping. They have some pretty cool souvenir stands too. Overall, a great place for family fun.

Iris Guzman

Small, but fun theme park. Pricey for what it offers. The rollercoaster was fun and the location is right on the beach.

Justin Daugherty

I've been coming here for more than 30 years and I have so many fond memories of this place. It's small and it gets crowded but for what it is, it's a great little amusement park. Bring your kids here and don't miss the Beach Blaster for a quick thrill of your own.

Silvia Pupo

A good place to go for a walk or spend the day with family or friends. There is food, games, drinks snacks. a beautiful sunset at the beach.

Melinda Shipley

Had such a blast here with my family! So many fun rides and games. Parking can be impossible on weekends but weekdays are perfect. Not to expensive and the staff are all so kind and great with kids. We loved the variety of food that was there also. We overall love the location right near the ocean. Amazing place amazing people ❤️

Melinda Shipley

Had such a blast here with my family! So many fun rides and games. Parking can be impossible on weekends but weekdays are perfect. Not to expensive and the staff are all so kind and great with kids. We loved the variety of food that was there also. We overall love the location right near the ocean. Amazing place amazing people ❤️

Salome Aguilar

Great place to come for BEACH FUN for all ages. Shops are reasonably priced for souvenirs. Fun

Kristiana I. Aguilar

Walking along the beach we saw this place and decided to check it out. The highlight of our trip! ( If only we were locals :( ) The golf course is very fun and I wish we could have done more.

Rodney Byrd

Nostalgic seaside coaster and carnival games on the beautiful Mission Beach America's Finest City - San Diego, California.

Melissa Boos

Had a blast. There is so much to do here. The kids even had an awesome time!


What a fun place to kill some time with the kids! All kinds of things if you want to take a break from the beach. loved the gift shop located in here..if you need a bathing suit or cover up they have it all.

Kyle Swalling

The escape rooms were fun, also miniature golf. And lots of food

Rich H-M

Old school amusement park right on the Beach!!! This is a must stop. The 100 year old roller coaster was a blast (of course it’s been rebuilt) - the carrousel was classic. The best part though.....was just being able to visit an old school amusement park at the beach. It brings you back to a time when this was the norm....Coney Island in its heyday or the old boardwalk amusement parks along the east coast (Atlantic City) transports you back in time.

Robert Clark

Fun park. Free parking south of the park. You don't have to go on the rides you can check out the shops and restaurants scattered around it, or take a walk up the strip. Great open access to the beach!!!

Liseli Martin

This is a great little amusement park for the kids. They have rides for all ages and they also have the arcade which they all love. The price for the unlimited (band) rides was about $35/child and they can really go as many times as they like. The boardwalk is right there and it's really lovely to just walk for a while. Of course the souvenir shops are open and prices are sky high but if you bring water and snacks you dont need to go in to any of them.

Mike Smith

I really enjoyed my time here. There is something for everyone. You can go to the beach, you can shop, you can get on the rides. There is plenty of places to eat. It is a great place to spend a day.

Christina Moschella

We just walked through so I can't say much. Very busy and bright and flashy. Lots for kids to do with the arcade and games. Would have liked to get an ice cream but the lines were out the door.

Geoff Braden

Great place to to bring you kids (between 10 and 16 seems to be the sweet spot). There are not a lot of rides but the ones they have are good. Lots of stuff to offer and decent place to spend an afternoon.

Anna P

What a fun place! Lots of shopping, good options and games. My daughter lost her wallet there and the staff found it and it was returned with all the items in tact.

Jonathan Lara

The sushi at Cannonball was amazing! We also had the spinach and lobster dip, it is a must try! Otherwise the beach is very nice and with plenty of space, much more space than parking can accommodate unfortunately

sharmaine SLH06/60

We Had A Blast!!! Family fun at a descent price, we decided to come back next year a bit longer and stay closer to this area because it has everything you need for family and vacation fun time!

Patty Bellotte

Well worth the visit any time we visit San Diego. We all love to go on the roller coaster and do a few other rides, go to the beach, and/or enjoy the restaurants with the beachfront view. It's worth looking for the parking, or you can always save that time and take an Uber!

Dana Edwards

The view was beautiful. Enjoyed drinks and sushi at Cannonball. The happy hour menu was reasonably priced. The rides/attractions I felt were overpriced.

kelvin martin

Not enough parking. Drove around for about an hour and a half before I even found a spot and then it was a serious journey. All in all... The city needs to make more parking spots for this place.

Ron Cambridge

Nice beach. Lots of seaweeds washed ashore. Sone nice little beach shops, restaurants and cafes around. Best part was the Plunge, for family fun swimming in an indoor swimming pool, which great and friendly staff. The Plunge also offers a separate lane swimming pool, and indoors and out doors gym. Highly recommended.

Chris Jenkins

Great alternative to the larger parks. Smaller but with enough things to do to keep kids busy. Relatively no lines, but we went from opening till 3:30 on a Tuesday. We bought the ride & play pass, spent $270 and by ticket value for what we did we would've spent $463. Recommend getting the souvenir cup with a meal for free refills the rest of the day, and the ice cream shop gives enough ice cream for 3 in one serving. Check out the rides before going, if you have little ones you might only need to buy their tickets as on the rides for littles the chaperone rides free!

Dren /Drew

We spent the day at Belmont Park and Mission Beach. The best day we had in California. We ate so much good food, rode unlimited rides and got Henna tattoos. Water was great.

Patricia S

This is a nice little thing to do. Not an all day event. Geared towards kids 8-9 and up. Not friendly for a 6 year old. Other than that it was nice with the ocean breeze! Games were sorta expensive and the prices for ice the same but the size is for least.

omar gomez

This is a fun place to come and chill. Lots of good rides children and nice snack foods. Also some cool surf shops and other souvenir stores right by the beach.

Evelyn Lebron

I love these are so many shots that you can go shopping around so many food places and then the ocean view and the ocean right next door I mean it is nice you don't have to walk far go far just to have all the fun thingsthey also have carnival rides and fun things for the kids to do all in one place we had a very good time it was fun Beach to go to.


The park had so much fun stuff to the point my phone died so I couldn't take pictures but hear me out, they had rollercoasters and an indoor pool and many restaurants definitely I would come again.

Caiyel's Corner

Belmont is an amazing place. This is an amazing place to hang with your friends and ride fun rides. Also their dole is the best thing ever. My personal favorite is mango

David Poxon

Fun by the beach. We like to go to the beach, dine in the area, ride a few rides, and visit a few shops. Lots of people to watch, if you're ok with crowds. Enjoy!

Bryan Rees

Way more to do than we had time, but had a blast riding a few rides and playing in the arcade. Make sure to bring closes toed shoes as some of the rides require them. Will be back to explore more next time.

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