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REVIEWS OF Bayside Park IN California

Jag Sidhu

Hidden gem in Chula Vista. Great place for a nice romantic stroll along the marina. If you just want to have a peaceful stroll along the ocean/bay then don’t waste your time driving to some crowded place. Nice little restaurant at the marina plus I just love looking at the all the boats during sunset.

Magdalena Arvizu-Valle

Although swimming isn't allowed it was very nice to walk or stand in the warm water. There's a great playground for the children to enjoy and benches for parents to sit and watch their kids. Overall it's a wonderful, peaceful place to visit and watch the beautiful sunset. Enjoy.

Vance Smith

Lovely, quiet peaceful and happy spot.

wendy soto

Enjoy it ..peaceful

Trecia Lovering

I met a friend here to catch up and do some walking. I hadn’t known anoint this park all the years I’ve lived in Chula Vista. It wasn’t crowded and had a nice pathway to walk along the bay. The day was gorgeous to be outdoors. Picnic tables were also in the area for gatherings. If you walk to the end, there’s a large contraption to lift medium boats out of the water (last photo shown). This is a gem of a park that’s a bit hidden which makes it a great park to checkout.

Yolanda Macias

Nice for just taking a walk

Dennis Lorica

Good taking old people for a walk.

Dan Lopez

Awesome harborfest!

John H

Quiet out of the way place.

Michael Evans

This marina has not changed much over the years. It remains a great place to walk, eat and enjoy nature. You can walk along side the marina - there is a smooth path in front that you can walk. The Galley at the Marina is a casual restaurant in the park area.

Craig Mack

Cool park by the water when in need of some time to waste!! Kids had fun on playgrounds..

Diana Puga

Nice to take a walk with your dog.

Gene Brown

I went looking for a nice place to walk after an early dinner/late lunch whatever, and found Bayside Park in Chula Vista. Perfect. And as advertised, it's alongside the beautiful San Diego Bay. Even in December with a breeze off the bay, it was a pleasant and healthy place to stretch out and walk around.

Rene Aguirre

Its a nice little park that's away from the crowds. Not much going on though. But had a great time flying kits with my daughter.

Gary Kowal

A nice place to picnic, sit and watch the bay, sit and watch the sunset, or walk your dog.

Gabriel De Anda

Great sunset and very safe space!

Audrey James

We spent 18 days in Colchester and stumbled upon this place. We went everyday to enjoy the relaxation and scenery. Many times we took our lunch with us as they had picnic tables scattered throughout. They also have restrooms. The views of Mallet’s Bay were stunning!

Cindy Ross

Great time. Open space and beautiful scenery.

Irene Duchene

It's beautiful and the weather is nice .

Ms Du

Beautiful place to visit.

Scott Hampton

Spacious and kept relatively clean. Good park for dog walking.

Jaheon KOO

Berry good ~

Theresa Huddleston

I love this park we go every last Sunday of the month with my daughter in a little crew and we clean that place up with all the trash very relaxing they only need to improve on giving the kids a playground

Mario Capetillo

Went fishing at the J street pier. Did. Not catch anything but the scenery was nice, and it was a good time.


Not the beach, but the next best thing for Sure

Vanesa Calleros

Always come here view is beautiful and very calming

The Quest-Bomber

Awesome views!


Relaxing place to take a walk

Jaime Mendoza

Love this place to take long walks in the morning.

Adolfo Ruiz

This is a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy the view as you take a stroll. Grills available and pier for fishing . Nice green grass in some areas.

Briie Gilchrist-Fry

It's really nice being near the water especially since I come from the high desert. The water and fresh air were a delightful change, good for stress relief. The only unfortunate thing was the amount of homeless people there was there.

Marianne Hunter

Nice place to walk and nice people in the office

Margaret Woodard

Good location and great time

Aragao Aragão

Lovely place for a walk, exercise, hung out with freind there is a marina there to. Love to go there.

Dat Gurl

Beautiful oceanside view. Bathrooms aren't the most clean and only half walls without doors.

Edgar Christobal

I love this park, new renovations are coming up in the next few yrs. The marina boat park will be terminating their contract due to upcoming condo and store construction. The harbor will be busier, full of life and WATER WILL HE CLEANER! Can wait!!a

Michanne Hoctor-Thompson

❤ this place - festival or not, this is a great park along the marina and bay. Simple little beach front, rocks for climbing and lovely views. You cannot beat it for a perfect afternoon or or evening stroll. Not to mention the morning kayaks!

Raymond Hahn

This annual event continues to improve. We enjoyed all the bands and entertainment!


I've been coming here since I was a kid. I love the open space with lots of trees to climb.

Thom Hiatt

Great spot to visit in the South Bay. Children will enjoy the playground and grassy areas. Adults will enjoy the pier and walking path. Everyone will appreciate the proximity to the water and the nice breeze. Parking is usually available and there's not too much noise. While there aren't too many picnic tables, there are a lot of trees to help you enjoy the shade and the views of the bay.

Jami Neu/Rod

I love this place I grew up going there and my kids and now grandkids.... just need some more park stuff and swings . Thanks

ray gomez

Get away from crowds. Great spotted bass fishing from kayak.

Brenda Ortega

Broken bottles but still a nice lil area

sarah amaechi

Love this park great place to take your kids doing summer when is really hot

Maria Luz Alvarez


Lisa Sullivan

This marina has not changed much over the years. It remains a great place to walk, eat and enjoy nature. You can walk along side the marina - there is a smooth path in front that you can walk. The Galley at the Marina is a casual restaurant in the park area.

Sasha's Servin

swings are no longer at the equipment is minimal.Overall park was ok.

Lory Gomez

My family loves this place

mary ortega

Nice relaxn place

Terry Bland

It was clean Pleasant atmosphere Walking trails Pier Restrooms Sights to see .

Rachel Cholagh

Perfect place for family gathering,clean restrooms,gorgeous sunset view and very nice walk by the water.i love this park

sandra martinez

Just sitting on the bench looking at the bay, it was so peaceful , quiet and beautiful, of course it was on a Friday midmorning.

Lizzie Colwell

Beautiful especially at night

davygee gonzalez

susannah thanks for meeting me as your close neighbor and opening your door and heart , muahhh

Alberto Gonzalez

Good place to get out of the house, for a walk.

monica medina

Cute little park. Saw lol snot people there cooling off from the summer heat.

Debora Serrato


Mona Lion

I love environment and lovely park.

Chris Wilk

Great place, just wish they would work on cleaning the bay water to make it more enjoyable and usable for us locals in CV!

Steve Crown

San diego nothing but the best

Beatriz Capistran

My family agree best of the best 100 percent

Cindy Balfour

Lovely place to walk along the beach, playgrounds and benches public bathrooms.

Marisol Peregrino

Beautiful view to sit and enjoy as well as taking a long walk.

Lloyd Murphy

I came here around 6:30 pm in August and it was super foggy. Couldn't see anything at all! Pretty much saw some trees and a white blanket over the city LOL. The area itself is super nice though.

Raquel Vasquez

Beautiful place to watch the sunset with the calm ocean at your feet rather than huge waves crashing in front of you. Definitely a nice place to go walking or jogging at.

Amelia Winning

This is great spot if you haven't been to Miami and want to get an idea how it's like. Diverse foods, mainly Latin, live music and if you want to relax, simply walk along the seaboard south to the water fountain and right there it's a lot quieter, relaxing and refreshing

John Chavez

Vary nice for families to do outdoor activities.

Humberto Hernandez

great place to spend with the family

David Brown

On a good day, one can find peaceful solitude here on the western edge of Chula Vista. The combination of cool breezes from SD Bay and shade from eucalyptus trees is tough to beat for an escape from a busy life. That being stated, please stay away, so as not to spoil the peacefulness!


It is a great relaxing and always very cool here. A great place to have parties, family outing and walking for fun or exercise. Watching boats or fishing. Plenty of parking on the outside when the lot is full come early to get a good spot and avoid the crowd.

Nipsey Massey

I love this place I took my 2 little boys down here for a walk a swim and to play at there little park and we had a blast every time! Highly recommend this place to any and all

donna reed

Love this marina but sure wish the Port would dredge the channel as I wouldn't want to swim or eat fish on thos body of water

Ana Ibarra

Needs more cleaning on the ground with water pressure machine

Ashley Wade

Just happen to be in the area and stopped. It was rainy, but this is a lovely place. Very beautiful and peaceful.

Harold Brewer

Love this stretch of green belt along the Marina and coast! Lots of open area for locals to hold parties and gatherings! Hope that the city keeps as much of the land open to the public as the building of a convention center and hotel are in the future plans for this area...sorry they will be moving the RV Park. We have had a boat at the Marina for 10 years...great location for sunsets!

Jorge Villavicenzio

Southbay Community Church Baptism Had A Beautiful And Blessed Time

Kodjovi Ceyram AGBIGBI

Very nice place to ride and nice beach

Tatiana Velasco

Super fun place to go on a date

Christine Gula

Take a walk down along the water, check out the huge yachts being repaired in dry dock, or take a break a have a drink ,something to eat at the Galley at the Marina restaurant. Even catch a live band on the weekends. Great park for a picnic or to just bring the family.

mark wilson

Love this place very beautiful

Vicente Marino

Great family place, excellent long walk .

Drew Monz

Great time for friends, family, or cost effective dates

Evan Cunningham

Nice little bay park. Decent parking and really great views of the bay

Joe Martinez

Stopped there to eat my lunch and relax. It was nice but wouldn't take my kids there.

andy rodriguez

Awesome place to go fishing or just visit the park and take your kids to the playground. Even tables set up for checkers or chess.

Tony Rodriguez

Good place, and plenty of nearby street parking. A lot of rocks in the water though so be careful or you can cut up your feet way too easily

Bernie Toledo

This park is one of the best places to exercise or relax. It is family and pet friendly.

edma martinez

I love relaxing here.

Kara Ostrokolowicz

So pretty here!! Not much of a swim spot but it's beautiful and has work out things, plus play grounds

Saul Castillo

Even though is San Diego. You need to bring covers.

Sesasi Rodriguez

Excellent place for a walk or a running. Good place to be with family and take some pictures.

Charmaine Aranda

The view is amazing. Sunsets are even better


Nice place to relax

Eileen J. Brooker

Great park., Love coming here for walks

Anya Andrade

Great place to hang out with the family

Carlos G

Nice park by the bay. Has 2 sections. Family friendly. Bring a few dollars to buy some ice-cream and snacks from the vendors. Parking can get a little cramped. Parking up the street will be best solution

Cyber Punk

Harborfest was here. It was the bomb.

Eilias Lamore

Super fun! Other than how rocky the beach is, once you get past it, there is a HUGE shelf of land you can use to walk out into the water. It does have a sudden cliff, but during daylight, it's fairly easy to see it below the water's surface. If your dog likes swimming, the waves are not too powerful.

Lilia Palacios

Nice park with a beach to walk or to stay to enjoy it

Evertte Phillips

Good place to go to have barbecue with family and the kids will not let them run around have fun good place beautiful scenery great views of the beach

Jim Kramer

The most beautiful place in the South Bay!!!!

Havoc Sun

Best views of the bay.

Karen Boyd

Beautiful! And a nice cool breeze in the summer. Great sunsets, too

Monique Simons

Nice family area to walk, ride bikes, or just relax!

Mr H

Quiet, large open spaces excellent location to enjoy the sun and the water.

Ann Kallevig

The park is lovely. Unfortunately not all dog owners pick up the poop.

Marvin Hunter

This marina has not changed much over the years. It remains a great place to walk, eat and enjoy nature. You can walk along side the marina - there is a smooth path in front that you can walk. The Galley at the Marina is a casual restaurant in the park area.

Maricarmen Sanchez

A nice walking place fresh breeze.

Lynda Ware

A great place to walk around and enjoy the sunset and some views of the city.

Evette Morneau

Ocean view is wonderful day there

carol maynard

Nice and relaxing at the BAYFORTHEDAY..

Olympia Diaz

It's a great place to relax

JeffreyDahuya Hayes

Love this park.........

Tracey Roberts

Great place to BBQ and relax with friends and family. The downside, the women's bathrooms dont have doors!

Rick Botterman

Peaceful place in Jana!

Charole Morse

Great place to chill by yourself are with family. Lots of sitting area right by the bay.I always try to make it here if I'm in this area

marco b.

Love the place it's nice and quiet but it could use a clean up from time to time

Laura Galindo

Love the view and we had a great gathering with friends and a nice carne asada


Nice park but very dirty

SnowballvsJohnny Now

I just realized that this place near the marina is perfect for snorkeling! Labor day wasn't as full as other days like the, weekend! Parking was full but waiting 3 minutes will almost guarantee a spot! There is paddle and kayak rental 2 people kayak for $20. The water is almost like warm and not deep!

Claudia Alvarez

It was clean and I really felt like I was completely comfortable allowing my children to go there

Tania Quintero

Just stop by for a quick walk while on a road trip. There's really nothing going on here. Lonely!

Jason Gormally

Do you need a nice quiet spot to buy some meth or receive the act of love known as the Arabian Goggles? Bayside Park, a crumbling, shambling, decaying stretch of waterfront overlooking opulent Coronado Island, plots its overthrow of said aquatic brother. Oh, Coronado, you think you're so good because you're called an island even though you're actually a peninsula, and a man-made one at that. One day, the mutants will rise and you'll be a meat grinder as your rich inhabitants attempt to flee from you though the bottleneck of the bridge or the strand, while we on the mainland will have more than enough room to survive your downfall. The ice cream trucks are pretty good at the park, though. They got them pickled eggs.

Taissir Bilal

Truely an underrated park. Kinda hidden, but definitely a nice park to have a late night walk

Seewhat Isee

If you like fireworks this is one of the best spot in San Diego.

Jorge Luis Flores

Beautiful park with a bay view!

Nick Geraci

Nice cool breeze today and not dirty here

Brittany Boobcrushes iPhone

Took 25 outstanding photos of the area. It's so peaceful, calm, and hardly cold at night

Just a random Kid

It was a very nice place to take photos and have fun.

David Romero

Nice view of the water

Blas Hernandez

Nice park for picnic with family

Patrick Higgins

Cool place to smoke a joint

Laura Lopez

The park behind the marina is so relaxing... It allows you to stroll near the water of San Diego bay. There are restrooms nearby.

Ricardo Camargo


Pastor Lance Croom

It is a wonderful location I just did A wedding there on the Bay. It turned out beautifully.

Beatriz Ontiveros

Good place to walk and see the marina.

Rosalia Estanislao

Bring my kids and pupper here all the time, very nice view and very chill

pam nerz

We call it the G Spot it feels so good

Stephen Moulton

Love this place. Great fir a all day fun day. The waves are very small. Great place to let the kids play and learn in thier kayaks.

Alec Santana

Very relaxing. It sucks that it doesn't stay open after midnight

Mayba Martinez

Good place to kill time with the family

Patricia Chavira

What a relaxing place to clear your head! Blue water, a cool breeze and free parking—who could ask for more?

Angelina Reyes

I love going there to clear my head. Always feels good there weather wise. So much to do there like walk, fish, picnic, play in the water and sand, take the kids to play ball or fly a kite. So much to do there.

Luis Escobar

Great place for walking/jogging, fishing and picnics. There is jungle gym for kids. Parking lot is small. There is a restaurant with a bar and music and dancing. Dogs are allowed.

Lorenzo Miranda

Nice place to relax

lennon j. arias

Great place to feed the ducks, even do it says not too.

Antonio Montana

Ran across a flea market. Right in between the 2 nice parks they have here. Its kinda hidden but follow signs or ask people. There is 2 parks here people.

Darcy Barron

My daughter was in the process of driving past this park and I asked her to stop and lets take a short stroll. The weather was great, the patrons were friendly and we had a lovely scenic view. I think if anyone is looking for pretty scenery they will like this park.

Pedro Cuevas

Tranquil, quiet, no traffic, no waves. Seasonal events. Views of The Silver Strand, Coronado Cays to Downtown San Diego.

Ed & Sons

My daughter performed here during the Chula Vista Harborfest.

Dean Williams

Nice open park, fishing pier, open grass for kids to run around, bathrooms at both end of the park and always a nice cool ocean breeze

Eric Rasmussen

It's a quiet Park with Chess / Checker Boards inlaid in the table tops. Little Oasis on the Bay in Chula Vista

Chris G

Nice park with a great view of the bay. We were staying at the RV park. Love it here.

Francisco Villa

Not the best place in SD but has the potential to be a nice walk. The strand is the background and on the weekend you can rent paddle boards and Kayaks. It is an okay place to fish. But space is limited and it's not always the best environment.

Sharon Farmer

Calm, clean and not crowded!

mike muller

I was looking for somewhere new to walk, and picked this park. Good pick!! Great for waterfront walking, and there are two restrooms available ( big perk for guys my age:). Happy to find park, and happy to return soon.

Isaac Montano

I've always lived coming here when I was younger. It's always a good place to take ppl from out of town. Whether you' want some peaceful solitude or a place to talk things over this park is one of your best bets.


Close by pretty safe park even at night their is always people walking around

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