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It's been a while since I've drove on the Tomorrowland Speedway in Magic Kingdom. So, I had to refresh my driving skills on this ride. The wait was supposedly 20 minutes, which felt more like 30 minutes. As my friend and I got closer to the …

Dia M

Our Grandsons loved this ride and I honestly cannot tell you how many times we rode it! The Disney Cast Members that work this ride are delightful! As we were leaving the ride, we stopped at the Autopia Winners Circle and purchased a couple of hats. Kent, the Cast Member who assisted us was wonderful. He patiently waited for us to make our selections and made our grandsons feel special. Kent was exceptionally friendly, polite and had a smile on his face the entire time he helped us. Kudos!

sam yoon

This ride is showing its age and is probably in need of an update. However, it is still a classic ride that has been a part of the park for many decades and will likely continue. My kids always want to take a ride on Autopia every time we visit DL.

Russell Fast

Worst ride in the history of rides. You get stuck in traffic before even getting on the real 405. It’s like they are practicing for the real world. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

John Bautista

Fun little ride.

David Sebelius

Great ride. It was a bit shaky at times though.

ciaran thornton

Son loves this ride, Hard on dad's foot however! Early morning best time, when sun comes out u fry in this shadeless area

Brian Dickey

Its disney

Laurenz Sommerlad

More of an children's ride and super slow

Andrea Whitin

Quite fun, but I lost my camera on this ride.


Cool ride with cars that you drive on a road!

Daniel Berglund

Cute ride

Tony Danza

Biggest waste of time at Disney. What does this ride represent with Disney? Who is bird? 5 thumbs down, Honda ride is outdated and lame!

Tony Guedea

Best ride for petrol heads! Who doesn't love the smell of that beautiful two stroke engine! EDIT: reopened 04/29/16 now sponsored by Honda featuring OEM Honda car colors and Honda badges. Not a huge fan of the badge idea but that's promotion I guess

Paul DiSalvio

The cars are unique and the ride is great for children.

Alex Lo

Always good to use a fastpass for this one to avoid long lines. A fun, slow car journey through Tomorrowland.



Chris Gianos

Much longer wait then the time posted. Had to leave to make a fast pass after waiting in the sun for a while.

Ashley Sutton

I cut my knee open getting into one of the cars

Louis C

great way to give children a taste of driving without ruining your stick or automatic transmission. put your adult foot on gas pedal and let children turn the wheel for guaranteed fun.

Greg Lyon

With the renovation am upgrade to electric cars would have been welcome.


Steering wheel barely works, not fun at all.

Ice man3024

It's fun for kids but not adults. Children get to enjoy driving, while adults get to enjoy not being in traffic. That's all that needs to be said.

mark williford

a Classic Disneyland Attraction..

Maddy Rund

I love this ride because you can drive without crashing into anyone or anything. It is kind of hard to get in and out. Your child might be too short to drive.

Ryan Martin

Good ride, but I wish they had changed it a bit more for the new renovation. They just repainted the cars, made the que look new again, and got a new sponsor instead of chevron. Not a must ride, but fun nonetheless.

Evan Egley

In desperate need of an upgrade here. Slow cars and exhaust smell was pretty bad. Brutal wait in line if its sunny and warm.

Kaveh Sateri

So fun for people who can't drive yet.

Ling Hoong NG

No more FastPass on offer for this ride. But the queue moves very smoothly. The cars are getting a bit aged and run down. Also, didn't enjoy the smell of the fumes! :(

Flipside Reviews

Imagine spending your precious time at Disneyland doing literally nothing. I hated it when I was a kid and I hate it now.


C'est très bien mais trop lent mais super idée

Hockeystar Vlogs

Great I think I'll be a good driver when I grow up ☆

Dave Elmlund

Pointless for adults, but kids have fun. Scary to see the kinds driving but they have a blast.

Emily Tani

My cute 9 year struggled a little on her own, but everyone else loved it!!


The line is really long, but once your driving your mini-car, it's pretty fun. It was a good way for me to get driving experience before I drove lol.

Graham Bradley

Kids are sure to enjoy the experience or driving a small vehicle, albeit on a guided track. Cars meander along a paved and winding track. Brief offroad section offers some variety. Ride first thing to avoid lines or skip this if you're not travelling with under eight.

Danny Gonzalez

I LOVE CARS SO MUCH! It's my passion to drive one

Guadalupe Moran


Kristine Richards

I like really driving arcade driving games and I rode a ride like this before so I expected it to be very fun for me. But instead there was a smell of exhaust and when I got in the car, it was very small. When I tried started driving the car would take a while to start driving, my foot was hurting as I was driving and at one point my foot fell off the petal. The steering power was horrible! The car kept bumping off of the railing in the ground, and just felt like the 30 minutes wasted in the line was just pointless.

Jackson D

Another ride you must go on. Autopia is a Disneyland classic and one of the originals here!

Patrick Braae

This ride has stood the test of time and even though I hate when rides are replaced, I actually wouldn't mind seeing this one get a huge facelift. It just recently underwent an upgrade after being sponsored by Honda but when we rode Autopia last week, nothing really seemed any different. There are Honda hood emblems on each of the cars now but other than that, the changes are too subtle for me to find. I can sit in slow traffic on any freeway in Los Angeles or Seattle so why would I want to do it on a ride? The kids love it and they especially love it when they are finally tall enough to drive the car by themselves and it is one of those must ride attractions when you visit. I find that if you don't ride something while you are there, you may not ever get to if they remove the ride so you might as well do it while you can. The cars are all limited to a nice slow speed and they say not to bump the cars in front of you however most people don't follow that rule and they do plow right into you if given the chance. There were no real repercussions for the people that did hit other cars so I guess it's okay. They used to give you an honorary driver's license upon exiting the ride but now that they have photo booths that can add your photo to the license, you have to pay $5.00 per just to get one. Definitely not worth it in my mind. If you're looking for go-karts, these really aren't it but if you want to get off of your feet for a few minutes then check out Autopia. It's a cool experience once or twice. Thanks for reading.

Amar J

i dont like the track

Colin Silber

Let's start, cars smell, line is forever, and "THIS IS BIRD!"

Joey Archer

The line wasn't too bad and my four-year-old loves driving a car. This one brings back a lot of memories from my childhood

Cameron Jaffrey

I thought this ride was overrated...but the kids loved ti and wanted to keep going back.

Tin and Sof

Definitely a fun place to be, but the smell of burning gas whilst you wait in a 30 minute line reallllyyyyy smells bad. I know that's a small thing but this is Tomorrowland AND Starwars! Drop this tiggen Honda ad and upgrade nOW!!! Other than that it was a lot of good fun, got to film some awesome poohppooh with mine honey. If you like what I do here, please follow M€ on Instagram [@arcane_bunny]!

Ender Steve - Stop Motion, Gaming, and More

All you do is drive a car, which is great for kids to have an experience, but I can't complain much about this ride, since it's old.

Glenn A

When I was a kid, my favorite ride at Disneyland was Autopia. Why? Because you get to drive a car all by yourself. Autopia is one of the original rides when Disneyland first opened. The ride consists of a car that you drive around a track with rails. The car goes only about 5 -10 mph so it's perfect for kids to drive alone or with an adult. The lines are pretty long for this ride as it is one of the popular rides for kids. Autopia hasnt changed much over years, only cosmetic changes were made when Honda started sponsoring the ride. They still use the same gas powered cars as before that emits a gas smell when being driven. I am not sure why they haven't updated to electric cars as it has become more common for public use. The ride is overdue for an upgrade.

Antonio Jimenez

Love this ride only because it’s fun to rear end the people in front of you. (You’re not supposed to)

Cris Mois

Hard to push the pedal, and you have to pay for your driver picture now, it used to be free

Ostyn LeDuff

to long of a wait

Jimena Torres

Amazing you can pretend you are driving


This is a great ride for kids who can reach the accelerator and want to drive like Mom and Dad do. My family of four rode this last time and my wife and I never once actually drove, leaving that in the hands of my kids - they loved it! If you wait until later in the day the line is super short.

Lauren Mounzer

I like Autopia, but I love go karting and this ride can be frustrating with the bar in the middle of your car preventing you from moving around and driving the car on your own. Line moves quickly but its always good to get a Fastpass.

Caynen Cross

It is awesome! The ride it's self is awesome

David Dixon

My nostalgia made me put the fourth star. It was a blast to drive as a kid. Even more fun to annoy your dad by ramming into the rails as you travel around. The smell of exhaust though is terrible. Disney needs to team up with Tesla and move this to cars land. Electric cars in the shape of Cars? Brilliant.

Rene Desfassiaux

I loved this ride!❤️



Jeremy Yamaguchi

This is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland! I can go on this all day. If you get the pedal just right you can coast down the hills really fast and even go backwards.

kishore babu

Nice self ride experience for kids

Eric Gibson

Fun, but exhaust kind get kinda heavy if you are waiting for a long time.


My driving skills were put to the test. I am 12. They were terrible. But the ride is fun and good for little ones who want to "drive"

Stuart Combs

Very slow line, but a classic ride. Improvements made when last refurbished are great.

Shirley Peeples

The car's steering has poor handling. Too much exhaust fumes.


After braving LA traffic to get to Disneyland, you can pay over $100 to sit in ANOTHER traffic jam disguised as a ride. I guess it probably is fun for kids, but adults can’t possibly call this ride entertaining.

Wario Wario

Almost killed off


很棒的開車體驗 我很喜歡這樣的遊樂設施 沿途風景 道路都有不同特色 非常適合大朋友小朋友一同遊樂的好設施

Benjamin Serio

Nothing like bumping the curb repeatedly to annoy your passenger haha.

Reagan Turley

Coolest ride!!! Especially at night

K Mathison

(Translated by Google) Work! (Original) Rad!

Brett Powell

Better for smaller kids. The track is a significant link, but doesn't change too much. The younger kids will love it, though.


This place is really good for kids and kind of teaches kids how to drive! But, if you don't like the smell of running cars, then this is not the ride for you. But great ride all in all.


I imagine that this ride is quite a fun one for youngsters, but for those of us that are 12 or older, I do not think that this ride really deserves out time. You are obviously on a fixed track and you just bump along. This is one of those rides that they will hopefully replace in the near future with something a little more exciting. If you have kids that are dying to drive or learn how to drive, take them on this ride.

Bryan Girard

This ride is bad. The car accelerated like a gimp turtle. If you get unlucky enough to have a person who can't seem to drive in front you, there is nothing you can do but wait. But, when you stop going you will hear grinding gears. Good luck trying to not bump into rails while high on gasoline fumes from the world's weakest engines designed by Honda.


When you're a kid, the appeal of this ride is incredibly high as you actually get to 'drive' a car. However, you have to press extremely hard on the gas pedal to get the car to go and it always feels like 'the little car that could', straining the entire way through. The ride is not very smooth and there's quite a bit of exhaust from the cars. This ride is NOT as fun as Go-Karts; Disney would do better to change this ride to be more like Go-Karts. That being said, the track itself is very well done and very fun to drive through. As usual, there is a lot of attention to detail, so you really do feel like you're out driving and taking a cruise through the park etc. - very serene.

Aditya Rao

Really friendly staff and accessibility. The only problem is car handling is very poor unfortunately. But worth the wait.

Linda Khouw

Arrive as early as possible

Richard Dolmat

Still has that engine sound! Even though it's all bio fuels :D

Christian Cornelsen

It's bit boring... Only stuff for kids, not for adults...

FM 76

40 minuti di coda per guidare un auto semiguidata. Direi davvero ben poco di speciale ma a mio figlio di 9 anni non è dispiaciuto, anzi si preoccupava di non sapere guidare!

Cindy Pantoja

Mi kids love this ride, they get to drive by them selves, and they also get a driver license with their picture at the end for $5

Stacy D

If you are at all sensitive to the smell of exhaust... avoid this place. I always get a headache being near this ride. The ride itself isn't bad, but they really need to find a better way to make the cars run. The smell is awful.

Tanner Meldrum

Not the best ride, but still a great feeling of nostalgia

Goodly Earth

This ride is great for my daughter. She steers and I can press the gas peddle. The bumpers keep her on the road

Rog La Torra

What a blast! Yes the Disneyland Autopia has always been and will be a great place to be a kid. Since we as adults drive everywhere and everyday we forget how cool this is. Imagine the feeling of getting to drive. Wow. Other than the gas smell, I would think by now the cars would be electric but hey it’s still fun right.


Great for little ones who want to experience steering a gasoline powered vehicle. Within the past month, recent art deco was added to the track to freshen up this ride. It's sad if the rumor is true and that this ride will be leaving Disneyland soon. Admittedly, it is dated and no longer a "future" concept, it is still one of my cherished childhood memories at Disneyland.

Jorge Toto

muy divertido muy familiar

Nyssa Buck

I admit I had the driver's license they hand out in my wallet until I got my real license because I thought it was the coolest thing ever. They have photo booths to add a picture for an absurd price, but just cut up one of your photos from home. I like that they added the chevron cars shorts to the line and actually get excited to see a which cool car I get. I personally probably won't ride this until I have my own kids because I just don't see the joy in sitting in a car by myself for a good five minutes after waiting over an hour in line.

Tu Lam

This miniature car track allows you to "drive" through the course. The car has only a gas peddle and no breaks, but it doesn't go very fast and car slows quickly once you release the gas. Kids really get a kick out of driving the car.

Nico Martinez

A classic Disney ride that frankly isn't that exciting. If you're an adult that is. If you're a kid though, a chance to "drive" a car is great fun. Even so, the ride could do with a serious remodel.

Caitlin C

Little cars you can drive around in. The pedal is in the middle of the car so that children and parents can ride together. The vehicles are throttled so no one can go too fast. Classic Disneyland ride.

Aimár Chirico

karmen martinez

This ride is definitely not worth the wait. The line is roughly about an hour, for about a 5 minute ride but the car only goes about 2 mph.

Katie Johnson

The exhaust smell is pretty bad, but it's so fun to ride this when you're a kid and you've never driven before. It's a fun ride.

Alan Zhu

Long lines without a FastPass but otherwise acceptable. Difficult and less fun than expected but still a good relaxation method.

Vanessa Locke

A fun ride for the kids. Lots of laughter. As others have reported, the smell of exhaust is strong and the cars are quite noisy. Definitely wear a hat as the sun can be warm out on the track. Getting the drivers licence at the end of the ride is lots of fun and a great souvenir.

g funk


Emily Kruger

Such a fun ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The smell of exhaust was overwhelming, and I don't see much of a point in the ride for adults. This is exclusively a ride for the little ones.

Asif Hameed

7E3216: One of my favorite rides. It is not too physical and you get to do something eventhough the cars are bound to the tracks. Bonus, now for me is that my little granddaughter can now ride as a passenger with me. She is getting taller!

Derek Jeffries

Very much a children's ride. The ride really shows the age. The ride is slow, doesn't have anything overly interesting to look at, and is just generally a bit boring. The only advantage is that due to how unpopular it seems to be, there never seems to be a line for it.

Jorge Ventura

(Translated by Google) In this attraction a fossil combustion vehicle is driven, however it is a bit old and very lack of maintenance and dirty, in addition to the above, when you drive you are sucking the smog that are firing cars and …

Jose Amaral Jr

Reminds me of my childhood days waiting in a long line on the hot sun to drive a car! Nowadays the cars have been upgrades to the characters of the cars movie. The track is still the same as it was before and often crowded and not moving fast while waiting in line but it's still a fun ride to go on. I believe you still get a card Drivers licences at the end at a photo booth that is near the exit.

Jaden Carpenter

I suck at it but I had so much fun

Cody Watson

Under renovations when I visited, but i remember it as a solid 3 when I was 9 years old, and a solid 5 when I was 4 years old.

Jessica Ax

Always a favorite! My 7 year-old loves that she actually gets to drive. If you are sensitive to smells be aware that there are heavy gasoline/exhaust fumes in line and on the ride.

fernando barragan jr

resulta divertido e interesante para los niños, algunos de ellos su primer experiencia en autos con motor a gasolina.

J Ranieri

I liked this. We didn't have to wait long and it is a really long ride in a go-cart kind of car across really pretty grounds. Fun!

Shimon G

Kids would really enjoy it.

David Rands

Great ride for our 6 year old.

Matthew Lopez

My kid got pulled over by a cop :(

Micah Arnold

I wish the go karts were faster and you didn't have to press so hard on the gas pedal for it to move.

Upset Pumpkin Pie

This was good! First time driving! The only bad thing was, the worker had a kid goon who was a foot to short, and sat in stop and go traffic. I would just stop for a while, then go. I felt good though.

Mandy Kirby

Such an iconic part of this park. I have seen it change dramatically over the years but, it still continues to feel so nostalgic!

Joshua Liu

I realized I can't drive.

b de

Ita okay. Fun for kids who are not old enough to drive.

Anon Ymous

Great ride for kids who can't drive. They can even get a "driver's license" there.

Lawrence Tom

Still very fun as i remember it as a kid. The hot, gas exhaust and glaring sun make for a great car drive. Rumbling banging into the track. fun in its primalness. First step on the gas I ram into my daughter and the attendant rolls her eyes. Funny. Now it is sponsored by Honda. They really should make the cars all electric but they probably wouldn't last the day. 5 stars when the cars become all electric.

Michael Weissman

Oh Autopia. I like you, but I can't help but think that it's such a large area, that really could be used for some new ideas. But the kids like driving. So do I. Okay, you win this round, Autopia.

Steve D

Classic ride and always a joy.

Erik Price

I love the cars. I know Walt did too. But the cars need to be upgraded and the track needs to be expanded.

Ryan Dariol

A great Go cart ride that is aimed more at younger children.

Marilyn Darling

the photo on this post upsets me people would get the wrong idea it doesnt even exhist in disneyland park it belongs in france i just wanted to point that out and that the picture should be updated

Jim Thornburg

Chalk this one up to childhood memories, but I love the Autopia! If you'll remember, there used to be a second Autopia ride, but this one was always better. Now they've brought in the characters from Cars and revamped the line. The track is still the same, cars are the same, no bumping rule is the same (but everybody always bumps, just be smart about it). I like the self propelled tour through the wilderness, around streams and over bridges. It's not the most comfortable ride on a hot day since the line is completely outside and most of the track is uncovered.

Thomas Quintana

One of the oldest attraction in the Disneyland. There have been several variations throughout the years. A must for parents with children that meet the height requirement !!

Sylvia Kathleen Racicot

This is probably the only time I've driven that my husband wasn't scared. Lol. Honestly though this is fun!!

Esteban Roman

Un poco anticuado, siento que aunque el juego es clásico, necesita una actualización. Deberían incorporar nuevas tecnologías.

Mike Teixeira

Almost always skip this ride, pretty boring

Brook Bowen

This has got to be the worst ride in the park. I thought, it will get better, It has to get better, when can I get off this so called ride.

Isaac Kim

Beep beep! Expect to keep hitting stuff here. Great ride, but the line is a bit long.

Finnian Silber

Just what Colin Silber said... TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T RIDE IT IS A PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


get no scoped

Joshua Hardy

I know it's noisey, I know it smells and I know it's slow. But there is something about this old ride that I love. My kids may be too old to get a kick like they once did but there is always a new generation of little ones lining up the same joy.

Rossie Monterrosa

(Translated by Google) If you have children this game you will like them they enjoy it a lot The joy of them is that of a mother or father. I recommend it if you have children (Original) Si tienes niños este juego te gustará ellos lo Disfrutan mucho la alegría de ellos es la de uno de madre o padre. Lo recomiendo si tienes niños

Cold Spot Of The Heart

This is just like other parks Antique Autos, which I normally like, but a little sportier. I am a tall individual and I had to scrunch down to fit, and put my right leg up in an uncomfortable position. The scenery was nice, but too uncomfortable of a ride. Definitely, one to skip of you are a bigger individual.

olimpya lopez

(Translated by Google) if you can jump on something else, this attraction is only good for children who can drive a car, but it smells a lot of gasoline and is very slow, basically a waste of time, if it's the first time you go, I can also …

Jeffrey Tomita

This is a nice slow-paced ride. My nephew loves driving around in the cars, and they designed the track well, so passengers get a bit of a scenic ride.

Ken and Alicia Lund

Long lines, but a lot of fun for kids.

Billy Smith

This ride is okay. Not worth a long wait because it is a little bit boring. Don't run into the car in front of you at the end of the ride. People get really mad about it.

Steven Burila

The line is usually huge but worth the wait, this is something you'll enjoy as a family

Ryan Lane

It's a classic, but it desperately needs a renovation.

Dave McBride

This attraction is very outdated. If this is tomorrow land shouldn't the cars at least be electric? Disney, get with the times and stop the pollution!

Lady Von Barber

This is more of a children’s ride, it’s a great learning experience to get them ready to drive the real car! Still a fun ride! Kids love it!

Ryan Nordgren

Not a bad ride. More exciting for those that can't yet drive. The smell of gas/exhaust on this ride is crazy. It's a classic.

Yanira Escoto

(Translated by Google) Wonderful and fun

Tom Hutch

Gr8 ride for kids to get behind the wheel!

Charlie Liu

Get a fast pass. The wait is very long at all times of the day.

Cory Coulter

Need to get rid of the smelly gas engines and go battery powered

Ben Bosanac


Cody Simonsen

Smells horrible. Breaks are jerky. Instant headache.

Jo Henley

Wasted our time twice on this ride only to have it close on us, once for rain, once for 1 broken down car. Total chaos, not worth the time. The smell of exhaust smoke's pretty bad too.

Lupe Pimentel


Tareq Allan

My kids enjoyed it, nice reality experience

Matt Anderson

Fun but these should be electric.

Believability Bob

Tried to use my Google Maps as a guide while taking this ride. Ended up on the Anaheim freeway. Going 3 1/2 miles per hour, I was passing cars right and left. Oh and I'm now an Uber driver INSIDE Disneyland, so I've got that going for me.

Lee Panda

Absolutely the worst ride in the park. Not even worth walking on, let alone the usual 30 minute wait. It smells, you foot hurts after riding it, and you aren't actually driving like a go cart, there is an extremely annoying cement bumper in the middle of the road. I really wish they demolish this and put something better there.

James Evans

Loved this ride with the kiddos

Nathan Witherspoon

Best ride in the place

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