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REVIEWS OF Aquatica San Diego IN California

Matt W

This is a cool water park. The only downside is If you're looking for big thrills and the more heavy hitting slides and drop chutes this place only has one. A side from that it was a blast. They even have a man made beach with chairs and umbrellas at the wave pool. Neat stuff and good times!

Michael Sanvictores

The park is a nice place to spend half a day. As usual, the food and drinks are pricey but expect to spend that amount when you go to theme parks. They've got flamingos and turtles to see but it's missing the wow factor that most parks have when you first enter. I'd rate the thrills at a low level for adults but that's a plus for the little ones.

shella rubio

Parents can have fun or relax and enjoy just relaxing while the kids play. The staff is excellent on keeping their eyes on everything. Worth every dollar. I suggest getting the pass

Claire Inosanto

love this during the summer season. there's a good variety of water adventures to try. I love the ones I tried. Especially the one that there's 4 of you riding a giant floater, anx you'll slide on a giant and long slide.

mike rivera

I like it......had a great time......the only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because of long line and ruse service a couple of times


Great time with my family. All the rides are fun. I suggest you guys bring your own food and drinks because the food and drinks there are pricey. But overall it’s really fun. It’s a good to spend time there with the people you know.

Haykal Polis

Worst experience ever. overpriced, bought quick queue nonsense for 5 people $125 and still had to wait almost an hour in line. on their ticket booth it says "skip the lines at our most popular rides & slides with priority boarding" total waste of money, when asked for refund, they refused. and they charge for almost anything $20 for lockers $17 for parking. Good job aquatica you just lost five local customers. and forgot to mention hair everywhere. overall dirty park.

California Mama

Everything was broken at Walk about Waters. If you have little kids be prepared for them to be disappointed because nothing works. I witness two employees walk right by a pair of underwear on the floor. The water is SUPER DIRTY in the wave pool and lazy river. They really should encourage everyone to rinse off before entering the water. Come early. Everyone rushes in at about 2pm & the lines get ridiculous. Way too overpriced for what you get. Also our entire family is Sea World Annual Pass Members and Aquatica offers ZERO discounts for Sea World pass members.....isn't this a Sea World Park?? I'm a San Diego native and honestly this park was way better when it was Knotts Soak City. Aquatica is LAME.

Joy Zhang

Fun experience! Come with friends and family! Get ready for sun burn though! The line is kind of long and move slowly, maybe avoid weekends if possible. Nice park overall


Insane!!!! You pay for a annual pass with parking. They charge you $17 for a locker on Top of your passes so they dont get stolen starting pay isnt even $17 thats a huge rip off!!!!

Richard Moyer

On an less-crowded day it's fun! On a busy day, the crowding takes away the enjoyment. But they do sell margaritas, so that helps. It's usually windier there than other places in San Diego. It's in a valley that acts like a wind tunnel, so try to go when it's 80°+ on the coast/90°+ inland. Don't go on an overcast day -- Waiting in line on the wind-exposed stairwells is freezing when you're wet.

Natalya Michelle

The water was very warm and the lines short. We ended up loosing some of our stuff, but staff was able to help us resolve the issue and find it.

Nicole Tamez

We reserved a cabana and the service was excellent. The day actually became very busy but the private lazy river access, fridge and locker (plus shade) saved the day. We had a great time and no sunburns.

Rickey Dale

Awesome place still!!! Do not change it to sesame street theme park! It a place for all ages as it is. Great new music and tropical theme. Too many reserved areas but other than that worth being a annual pass member! Thanks

Vincent Falcetta

1 star review because I’m frustrated with the site and access to information. 3+ ages are full priced tickets, yet in order to go on the rides the height requirement is 42”. What kids under 3 are 42”? When I try to call for clarification about this and see if kids can ride with adults, or the 42” requirement is strict, it’s all automated service. The water park is far enough to not want to drive out only to find out my kids can’t ride. The FAQ doesn’t specifically provide info for kids under 42”. Would be nice to know this info ahead of time. Won’t be visiting anytime soon

William Treul

Great atmosphere. Fun rides. Not too crowded. And CLEAN.

Julie Juaire

Ended up being closed. We got there at 11 they said they would open 12. We left at 12:30 still not open. No refund for the tix we bought online yesterday.

Commander Necroth

Had a fantastic time with my wife and son. But, if you partake of the adult juice, remember to reapply your sunscreen. I forgot after a few too many juices and a lot skin peeled off my back, with tons of blisters!! Not their fault, just the almighty sun. Will definitely be going back sometime!!

Karen Buroff

Absolute worst park I have ever been to (this includes regular theme parks and water parks). Absolutely no systems in place and it appears that they enjoy making people wait in long lines. We waited 90 minutes for ONE slide. I noted when I finally got to the top, that there is full 60 second delay after rides cleared the pool to begin instruction to send the next group. After waiting another 20 minutes for a second ride and not moving, we gave up and left. 60 dollars for two tickets and 17 dollars for parking. We will never be back and will be certain to tell MWR (whom we got the tickets through) and our military community how poorly our experience was.

shelldon Macnamara

Amazing place! We had loads of fun! The water is very clean and warm, same as the entire facility. The coffee is not the great though. It was busy on some of the flumes but overall the place is big enough and even if we went on peak time still I didn't feel like I don’t have place to move or have fun. Definitely worth going.

Micsheika Lara

We go almost every weekend. So much fun for the family during the summer. On one trip my 3 year old daughter had a frozen bee in her vanilla dip n dots cup. Maybe need better cover for the ice creams that are out in the open.

Joe Rio

Several water rides for kids and adults. I noticed many Water Guards alert always checking out that everyone was save specially because the kids are always being kids so they have to remind them not to run but to walk. Ok when it comes to food, food tasted good but a hotdog was 9 bucks and a soda in their Park Bottle another 9 bucks by buying like that you get .99 cents soda refills. Other than that the water park it's fun. Enough parking with shade. Have fun

ben hurr

crowded but cool for the kids litteraly, had fun in the summer love san diego weather

Derrick Harhausen

Needs improvement in size. 5 water slides were closed today. If I knew that before hand I probably wouldn't have bought the tickets.

Francisco Salazar

Good place for a one day deal. Rides are fine but a little bit disorganized... Park needs an upgrade in general

Roberto Napoletano

Awesome place to take the kids or go race your buddies! Cars are fun to drive! If your kids are too small they do have the two seater cars that you can take them in! They also have a really cool rope course that you use a harness on. All of the staff is very friendly and personable. The facility is really nice and clean! I will recommend this place to everyone!

James Currie

Overall really fun. No big lines and some really fun rides but overall it was small. Food service was bad. Ordered a burger and nacho cone. Took nearly 30 minutes and people that ordered after me received their food. When I finally got my food it was just a patty and bun. I had to wait 10 more minutes for the pickle, tomato and lettuce to be handed to me so I could assemble my now cold burger. Even the soda couldn't be handed to me right away. I don't understand why this was hard to do.

Wyatt Mccann

The park is beautiful .It looks like you are in the tropics .Very clean park .There are slides f or every level of thrillest .you wont be disappointed. A big shout out to the flamingo girl she was very informative and passionate about her flamingos .Fyi did you know flamingos turn whitewhen they have babies.

Mary Canales

I have been an annual pass member for my family of four for three years. We average two visits a year to Aquatica in our children's short 6 week summer break. My children's favorite area is the swimming pool. They are 7 and 9 years old. We do not have a swimming pool and that is why it is worth us to spend money on an annual pass. The first place they wanted to go was the swimming pool. No surprise. We came across a blocked off area that reads Cabana guest only, we walk to the other side and again it's blocked off with a sign that says Cabana guest only! We wave down an employee who signals to go around. Then another employee comes and tells us the new policy, that the pool is now for Cabana guest only!! So us family annual pass goers do not have privileges to the ONLY swimming pool in the entire water park. Only one guest was in that pool! I immediately felt like a low class citizen! The pool only had one person inside while the rest of the park is flooded of people! I am insulted and enraged! My children did not deserve that disappointment. They could have at least notified us members prior to our visit. I am really considering canceling our annual passes.

Jezabel Lara

Love this place. The kids have so much fun the only thing all the seating chairs are really low and being pregnant and trying to get up from the seats was a little hard.

Kim Graham

We've had our season passes for a couple years now and the prices have increased, while certain pools have become "cabana guests only" and the wave pool is closed off at 3ft during week days. A little disappointed....

Delsie Matos

Went on a weekday. Nice place for kids and was not crowded.

Faylina Stni4th

More fun than my family has had in a long time. It's safe, lifeguards and staff everywhere.

Jacob Wallis

The kids love this place! So much to do and helps you stay cool!

lovejoy li

less of an aquarium, more of an entertaining amusement park. More food and gift shops than animals.

Ruben Durazo

Great beach spot they have grills pools restaurants great place for the whole family

Chuck Reed

Paid for a 1 day pass. Multiple slides were closed creating longer waits elsewhere. People were getting angry at a lack of intertubes available for the lazy river. The wave pool deep end was pulled back to the 3' mark. Food was a little bland, had the chicken alfredo and marinated pasta. Parking fee, Cabana fees, Lounger seating fees, and locker rental fees are excessive. Access through the amphitheatre streets made leaving difficult and we couldn't head back to the freeway as we intended due to traffic security staff. The rides which were open were fun, but the 45 minute wait for each felt like it wasn't worth it. Quick Queue lines were being abused as a result of the long waits, by patrons without a pass. The water doesn't sting your eyes, I'm not sure if it's chlorinated or sea salted, but it was nice and clean. The park and restrooms were clean. Staff were fantastic, enthusiastic, and helpful! The whole park could use some SeaWorld branding and magic. They have turtles and flamingos, but I didn't see any other animals. I would like to see some live music or other attractions that you come to expect from a park. SeaWorld season drink cups should work here too, and it's a shame that they do not.


I love this place. But I wish they let you bring your own food.

Amy Vandemark

Great place, lots of fun but the parking and locker rental fees are ridiculous. The cost to park and get a small locker for your valuables is about equal to the coat of a 1 day ticket. Food prices weren't too bad and quality was decent. Tip: Do plan ahead and pay the extra cost for Quick Queue. Totally worth it!

FLuffy ThePsycho

Wonderful place, the scenery is beautiful, the rides are amazing, the wait lines are fairly fast, only one ride I waited more than 20 minutes for. The food is good, a little pricey but hey, that's how it is at places like this. They have some cute little turtles and some beautiful flamingos, over all a wonderful visit, and I got the tickets for a great price.

Ajonee Mims

A ball take anyone and everyine you can. I never have an issue. Well..... The bottom of the wave pool can mess you up if not careful but it wont stop you from enjoying yourself.

Evan Ramirez

Was fun, just too many people probably because was holiday..

Logan Metcalfe

Fun weekend place, not a ton of rides but everything was very organized and safety was definitely an upmost priority.

Omar Tamini

Paid $17 for parking to find out at the gate that our groupon was not specifically for Aquatica San Diego which was unfortunate but fine. As we turned around the girl at the gate mocked us with her coworker which compelled me to write this review. It was unnecessary and uncalled for rudeness. Not the end of the world but is personally the reason why this will be my last trip to Aquatica San Diego.

Caiti Mouneimne

They no longer have Mimosas (they used to have wonderful ones). And no more 21+ wristbands (so now you have to get your id from your locker any time you want a drink, instead of showing them your waterproof bracelet). The fast pass price doubled (it used to be 20 and now it's 45 (service fee is $10), so it's more than buying a season pass (no lines when it opens). Want to save $45? Just get there ~5-10 minutes before it opens. The admission lines is only a couple minutes. You wait up to 1 minute to go on all the rides, and when you're all tired out, you can get lunch and get in the lazy river and wave pool until you're ready to go home. You just saved $45 and more than 2 hours of line time. Also, don't buy from their website. I bought from my work perkspot (I saved over $20 even with Aquatica's discount days). Buy from Groupon or another savings site. Not only can most of them match or surpass the discounts of Aquatica, but their service fees are lower or non-existent. Hope this helps. Stay cool everyone :)

Travis King

Had a great time, as did the 11-16 year old kids. Upfront parking was not worth it. Cabana was great. Rides were fun and safe. Everyone enjoyed.

Lisa Sullivan

It’s worth the drive out to Chula Vista to visit this waterpark. The water is very clean and the park is well run. We paid to skip the line and that was awesome we were able to go on several innertube slides multiple times. Totally worth it to buy the meal pass also saves a lot of money and you can keep your family fed during the day.

Michael Fimin

QuickQueue (fast pass) pass is a TOTAL RIP OFF, do not buy it, you will just waste $35. It’s not skip the line at pass like in Legoland. They don’t tell you, but it’s a 1:10 ratio priority and when the regular line is 10x more people, you essentially wait just as much, because they let 10 people from regular free line for every one from the $35 QuickQueue line. We tested it a few time, one of my kids stayed in regular line and we all got to ride at the same time. Just don’t give them $35 and you’ll be fine and no frustration. Otherwise the park is decent.

Daniel Garcia

It's ok small place lines for rides are small $17 parking $50 entrance go on Groupon so you will pay $30 entrance food inside is not great no drinks allowed inside only bottled water so they can sell the one they have inside. The flamingos they had were nice for pictures

Kana Gutierrez

We visited SD Aquatica on Friday July 19/2019 . I bought the first Splash season pass for my oldest son and a month later bought my youngest son and mine season passes. First thing first it’s pricey but okay to a point you understand or you try to understand that it’s money going for the care of the Sea World animals and you join, Then my son gets a group of friends and they go and they get their phones stolen. Then my son gets he’s sandals stolen. It’s very upsetting that people will go to a family place and have the nerve to steal peoples stuff. The lockers are expensive come on who’s going to drop their kids and already purchased the Season pass them give him money to purchase a locker for the day and to top it out, And what makes me as a parent so upset and disgusted is the food places so filthy and dirty to me so unsanitary to sale food . I went to order my kids food and my self the place was beyond dirty it literally made my stomach sick just too see how dirty it was. You guys need to keep it clean even if you are serving people someone needs to keep clean just to be sanitary. I bought the Season passes but if you think I’m giving my son money to buy food there it’s not happening the hamburger I bought was seriously the meat and bun so bad , That even the cashier told me that people where saying the same thing when I return my hamburger. SeaWorld you really just beyond disappointed me with the way food is handle in Aquatica of SD. Really please look into it and have better supervision during the day to keep food places clean ( This was an eye opener for me and my family) It’s a matter of time that someone gets sick. And it’s not a great feeling to pay that much to get into Aquatica get change parking and to topped it off with the dirtiness of the vendors. Please read this and do something get what us as customers are saying.

Adam Hall

Our time there was mediocre at best. From the start it's just a huge money grab $17 parking. No outside food or beverages allowed in the park. Arrived 5 minutes after park opened, line to get in was long and moved slow. I was able to get corporate discount tickets so we paid the additional $20 for quick queue, spent 20 minutes in line waiting to get the bracelet (1 register open). There are a good amount of beach chairs with umbrellas around the wave pool. Next we got the smallest locker available, another $17. The park seemed to be at half staff, with many attractions closed: hooroo run closed, whanau way had 1 of 6 slides closed, kiwi curl all 3 slides closed, both slides on the kids play structure closed. Woohoo falls has three slides requiring the rider to use a tube, they had 7 tubes in service. The wait to get a tube at the bottom was easily 45 min plus without a quick queue. Lazy river was fun, entry point near the racing slides was the least crowded. The food quality was ok but waited 25 min for a cheese pizza (not including the time waiting in line, 25 min after ordering). A hot dog was $8.50! In what world does a hot dog cost more than a hamburger? Lifeguards at the wave pool were attentive and on point, followed through with rules. Not sure I'd return here again, simply not worth the money for amount of time actually enjoying the attractions.

Alejandro Ortuno

It's fun, but the waiting lines can be a little dirty. The park itself is quite small. The parking is nice. Yeah it's an ok place to hang out.

Zack Hamilton

I had alot of fun at this waterpark with a friend. The staff was friendly and the park itself had alot to do with really no lines to get on rides.

Jack Johnson

I was bummed when I called about what you can bring in after wrestling with the website for any information at all. After being in hold for 2 hours they hung up on me which sucks but the park is still pretty neat. Ok scratch that 4 of the rides are closed for the season and all the tube rides only have 12 available which means there's at least an hour wait to get a tube before you wait in line to ride it. I feel like I've wasted money coming here, but I'm still throwing down a star because the people that work here are awesome and pretty cool.

Cynthia M.

On a weekday, it was not too busy but also not too slow either. Plenty of lifeguards although they needed to regulate and control the inner tube circular "river" since many people cut in line and took inner tubes from those who had been waiting in line to get in. The cashless wristbands are very handy so you don't have to carry your cash or debit card with you while you're having fun and don't want to get them wet. Great for kids and adults. You don't need to know how to swim to go into the rides and slides. Food and drink are available such as special adult drinks too - margaritas and beer. The main drawback forbme was the expensive parking. $17 for basic parking and you can't take most foods or drinks in. You can only take in bottled water and small snack sized items for example. Nothing in big bags of food, only small bags like Ziplock baggies of about 3.5oz of food. Very annoying.

Naomi Villarruel

Be careful in the big slides and be careful with your little ones

Lizzette Felix

Fun. But a pad for all summer and you'll always have something to do with your kids. I suggest you buy the two Park pass, sea week and Aquatica. Then you don't have to pay for parking at either places no blackout days. You can go unlimited days

rochelle Michaelson

Has fun rides but later in the day the lines could get up too 1 hour and 30 minuets.

mama Urista

Too much fun. Go early so u can find good seats, get good parking. Pack a lunch if you can because the food lines are long. Overall a fun time.

Rick Geiger

Excellent line speed, parking, and facilities during spring months. Animal smells could not be ignored, though. Many reminders of 30+ rescues and 50+ years of conservation efforts posted throughout the premises--hence the accreditation sign picture provided.

Ray Yamada

Went on a weekday in hopes to not be stuck in long lines and sadly 2 of the rides were closed and one of the rides with the single or double took forever to get on since most of the slides in the park weren't working. Also lockers cost 17 for a small which holds barely anything so be sure to not bring a lot of stuff unless you're prepared to pay for a locker.

Jun Colorina

We have fun here. Great place for kids.

Heather M. Stanford

We all really enjoy our time at Aquatica.. however, there are a lot of things that need improvement. Food lines.. oh my goodness! This shouldn't take long at all. Lines take forever to move. What is the hold up? The wave pool.. it's great. We love it. Buttt.. if you pushed the purple chain back, it wouldn't be so congested. The kids that want to heavily splash each other have got to be aware of their surroundings around littles. Lastly, the lazy river... My God. There is nothing relaxing about the Lazy River. Where people should WAIT IN LINE for tubes, they don't. I stood there for a good 10min while other behind me thought they were more important. There should be a lifeguard in the river, not just above, helping people get tubes. Then once you get in you have kids jumping all over the place and you end up with a tubes on top of you! Really, how is this relaxing?! Maybe things to think about next year? I suppose it could be chalked up to people too...

Max Rosson

Rides are fun but short. Lines are long on weekends so it is recommended to go during the week.

estela diferretti

My kids love this place. Full day of fun!

Juan Alfredo Blancas Velázquez

Fun place to enjoy time with friends and family.

Amber M

Aquatica was awesome! We all loved it! Lifeguards were great and I appreciate their concern for safety! Employees were friendly! The park was the flamingos.♡

Chastity Ramirez Almaraz

I had so much fun with my kids

Maria Maldonado

Very friendly staff and helpful, the answer my question and took me Whit front desk.enjoying the family!!

Linda Clark

Had a lot of fun. Food and drink lines are too long, need faster service.

Kristin O'Bannon

Can get very crowded. If you can afford it, the quick queue pass is worth it. They seem to close rides often, but I am going to positively assume it is their high concern for safety. Some great slides.

Rico Martin

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jeffrey Canning

Water was really coldtoday, was the last day of the season, not to crowded, great for teens and older people, not much for toddlers to really do. They do have stuff for them but the bigger kids are pushy and undisciplined.

James Sommers

Super cool (literally) water park! The parking is outrageous at $17 or $25 though. Parking shouldn't be half the cost of admission. There's no where close by to park and walk though so they got you by the short hairs. Park overall is clean and the staff is friendly. Will return.

Sierra Colum

Really fun. Has some nice workers, too. I had a SUPER FUN time there. And every time I go

Daisy E.

A lot of very fun rides. But their cabana service could be better

Steven Chandler

For the price it's a pretty pathetic water park. More than half the water slides were closed, but still full price

Javier Perea

Was N amazing time, maybe more staff would be nice.

Saul Sevilla

Toilet bowl such a thrill!! Also the raft is fun for my sons and i.

Ernesto Colin

Great Place To Spend Time With The Family During the Summer

Ciara Martinez

We went on a Friday mid-August and the crowds were not bad. Very family friendly and small enough to easily get your bearings.

Micaela Gonzalez

My family and I were rather disappointed to find that most of the water slides were closed due to mechanical problems, at least that's what we were told throughout the day and it's Labor day weekend! I did see an SDG&E technician in the parking lot as we were leaving shortly after the park closed. Today was our second visit with the 2019 summer splash pass and it wasn't as crowded as other times we've visited which was kind of nice. A couple of things to know before you visit. General parking is $17. Preferred parking is $22, personally I dont think it's worth it, considering you have to pay an additional $15-$25 for lockers inside. Outside food is limited to 3.5 ounces in small sandwich baggies. So momma forget about packing the PB&J sammies, no picnic-like food is allowed. I also noticed alot of security today. We weren't sure if it was related to someone smoking pot on the premises, not sure about the park rules and regulations on that are or the upset patrons who were not getting there moneys worth.


Here is something for everyone .... Sun fun at this wet adventure

Aventuras de Nathan e Nolan

It was realy awesome we are coming back tjere fore sure


Iv never been to themed / amusement park where I've experienced so much choas trying to get into the park. Traffic was aweful concidering most of these cars had children in them. Its a bit pricey. Come atleast once, to say you've been here.

Sue Poway

Today was my first time and my families going to this awsome fun place....we got the Gold pass and we visited Seaworld and Aquatica today. My kids had so much fun the ppl there were so nice. Its a great fun place to take ur families or friends.

Harvee-Anna Rabb

Top notch park not too far in a hot area of the city Went here the lines were too long I was able to get on Several rides the only thing I will say is it seems that some times people are holding To the circular flowed I used to go down the slide and tell their family have them also which makes it take a lot longer and is unfair to the people waiting in line But over all it's great make sure you get the platinum pass so you have up front parking it don't have to walk far

Tracy Sommers

This was great place to take our grandkids visiting from Texas. It felt safe and easy to get around the park. Good selection of snacks as well.

Luka Jozic

They charge $17 for parking and $17 for a small locker box which is ridiculous. Furthermore, the rides are decent but would not say that this place is really worth the money.

Riz Md

Excellent water park and nice season pass price .. all rides are awesome .. had a very fun day with family ..

Amit Chakradeo

Was too crowded. Spent most of the time standing in line. The rides are cool though. They need to manage the queues better, inefficient operations all round.

j s

Nice place to visit in the summer time. The seasonal pass is a good deal.

Ian Moreland

Had great time with my nephews! Just as much fun as when I was kid!

Crystal Diamonds

Awesome Place. A lot of fun for the whole family.

Johnny Miller

Great place, excellent staff. Very clean and everything is accessible. Not a bad word to say about my experience. I will be back!

Julie Villagran

My girls love coming to aquatica, we have the annual pass so it's great when ever we want to come we just get ready

Danielle H Larsen

We have been to San Diego many times and usually hit sea world but have never tried aquatica. Our family had an amazing time. I definitely should have brought a water proof case for my phone. It was a blast

Marvin Hunter

It’s worth the drive out to Chula Vista to visit this waterpark. The water is very clean and the park is well run. We paid to skip the line and that was awesome we were able to go on several innertube slides multiple times. Totally worth it to buy the meal pass also saves a lot of money and you can keep your family fed during the day.

Nely Tabora

Kids had so much fun. Great place to be with Fam. I would o ly say need more launge chairs.

Bipin Duggal

Good place to beat summer heat..checkout groupon for good discounts on 2 day passes..

Khoubeib Bouthour

Won't let you bring your food and what they serve is not the best. Rides are fun! Overall, nice experience. I recommend and I will definitely do it again.

D.E. Pop

Im new to Cali. Before I moved we decided to get season passes to Sea World and Aquatica. Love not paying for parking. I live 10 minutes from Aquatica so ive been 3x in a month. Just have to figure out how not to get a locker so i can save money. Besides that its pretty fun, lines can be long but not too bad. Only compliant is most food items are 9.99, even a plain funnel cake.

Erowyn Bergado

It’s so much fun. While it is kid friendly, most of the rides are height limited to 48 inches. The food is really good but pricy. Go early in the morning or later in the afternoon for the shortest lines.

Tomas-Ruby Berumen

Aquatica sounds like fun! You can hear all the fun they're having all the way from the junkyards(my actual location!). About a quarter mile away??

Eric Altman

The rides are fun, if they're open and you're not in line for an hour. Nice enough place otherwise, except for the bees on the self serve soda machines and expensive yet below average food. The stir fry noodles were pretty bad.

eric vandemark

Go. Enjoy.

Highly Creative

It's great for the kiddos but after awhile it gets ah lol boring for the adults and everything is expensive as hell lol but the cost of fun is worth it

Racquel Madden

If i could give a .5 score I would. Bought my tickets online so i wouldn't have to wait in line and the system was down. I paid the 9.00 service fee to bypass the hassle....but nope still had issues when i arrived. When i checked my account my card was charged twice. Went inside and talked to the people and the answer that i got was "sorry our system is down, but not the rides." After talking to 5 different people and 45mins later somebody was able to pull up my account from the last 4 of my card number. When asked to speak to a manager, there was no manager available and all supervisors were busy. If i can save somebody else the pain of the system not working, not being able to talk to a manager, having to pay a service fee and the service sucks i will. Don't waste your time and money going here. You be better off getting wet at your house with a water hose.

Eli George

Fun trip with the kids , nice place , end if season half off

Cj Hill

Lines are the longest in the summertime. And be prepared to hike for fun.

Jake H

A good experience overall but there are a lot of hidden fees associated with the park. Parking was something like $30 and the food is the standard “your trapped here” pricing, and clothes lockers were small and expensive. With that being said, it was not crowded at all, good variety of rides, and helpful staff. Also the park is conveniently located between Mexico and a landfill, but if you keep that thought out of your mind you’ll have a good time.

Charole Morse

I went here with the family usually not my kind of thing but I got right in the grove with it, I had fun on the lazy river. My grandkids had a great time. On the weekend its packed with familys,seating and shade are hard to find. This place is big with a lot of water activities. Bring a hat and sunscreen.

Martha Garcia

The employees are very corteus it looks clean but carefully when you walking to the water rides cuz is very slippery other than that so much fun with my 13 tear old

Keith Newstrom

Great place for the family and friends. Adult rides, kid rides and baby stuff, too. Make sure you get there early and I'd recommend bringing your own cooler and leaving it in your car and walking back and forth. The lines were crazy. The crazy straight down slide wasn't as scary as I expected and the massive "toilet bowl" looking one was amazing.

Jesse Thien

Had a great time here again; however, they were very understaffed, which caused long waits and certain ride unavailability. Understandable since most employees were probably college kids going back to school, but it did put a slight damper on the experience center today. Other than that, kids had a blast. Rides were fun. Looking forward to coming back once more before the season ends.

Chris Julio

The season pass is the only way to go. Love When this place is open. Get there early to get some reserved chairs. Great time and some decent water slides. They should expand and make more but for now, it works. Kids love the wave pool.

Gabriel Soriano

Fun time. My only constructive critisism is that I hope they plan to add more attractions to help lessen the long lines for the slides

Real McCoy

Definitely not worth the price if you are not a member.

america ortega

We got a private Cabana, it was pricey but worth it, our waiter was so helpful!! Only thing we would've change would be getting a Cabana near the private pool.

John Fudge

My mission team friends had a brilliant day here. Great fun.

Jona T

The gate guard was very strict. We happened to forget our clothes on the car but he would not let us back to dry ourselves and change clothes, so our car seats got wet as a result. 2 adults, 2 kids. Goodbye season pass, this is reason enough to cancel our membership.

Bryan Halley

This place is huge and fun for the whole family recommend going on a weekday. Wish they have more shading in the sand areas to get out of the sun.

Kristeen Evans

We got here about 30 min before opening. They do a thorough check of bags. Do yourself a favor and read what food and drink is allowed. Food is somewhat expensive, but not out of line with other amusement parks. Plenty of shade in the sand near the wave pool.

Jourdan C. Barlow

Rides are great but the lines get too long after 1, and the steepest slides were closed :(. Might be worth getting a fast pass if you plan to stay til close.

Cara Zylla-Paterson

Like being at a resort without the travel, hotel, etc. Nice day to just get away and have fun. It does get crowded on hot summer weekends. Lots of uphill and stairs for the waterside. Lazy river is the best.

Emilia Nagy

Beautiful park. Amazing. Great choices of rides. 4 of the 6 kiwi slides were closed creating hour long waits for the tubes. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars fo sho.

Laura Villegas

Love to take the kids there. We always have fun when we go. Feel safe and comfortable with security on site especially for children.

elvia mc daniel

Fun in the sun! Good Turkey legs too!

Shar Davis

Season pass holder..quick and easy cheap getaway for San Diego's to unwind 4 day in the Sun kids love it not open too early doesn't close too slate perfect

Frank S

Was in a cabana so relaxed they also have a cabana members private pool

Chris Aguilar

Wet fun for everyone. Wave pool, lazy river, spinning slides and jetted fast slides. Some wet fun for any age. A good day for anyone.

Ariana Velazquez

The kids and I love it and even on crowded days it's not bad

Mike Jones

Fun for a quick afternoon, was able to ride all the rides in one afternoon on a Monday. Only a few rides had really slow lines. I recommend the fast pass. We didn't get it a regretted it pretty quickly.

Chase Leslie

Great fun and later lines were better so spent most of evening in lazy river and wave pool. Rides are usually warm.

You Me

I wish there would be more rides in the empty spaces around the park but everything is fun there

Video Cube

Awesome place to have family fun. I just wish they inforced their dress code a little more!

dorgham sabah

It was amazing experience, but they need to work faster on the line it's too slow,and they need to provide more Floats so it makes faster and fun


Clean and clean pools. Staff helpful. Nice areas for young kids. Slides are fun, but long waits. Seating and shade is a HUGE problem. There isn't enough seating or umbrellas. People come in and stakeout their areas in the shaded seating and NEVER leave. Only available seating if any is in full sun. Especially an issue in kiddie areas. Cabanas and lounge areas are $300 and up. Food is really expensive and they don't allow outside food or drinks...not even water.


Excelent place to have fun with your friends, even though it's overprized but if you get the annual pass things get much easier in here!

Osman Ghaderi

We enjoyed and had fun. but some of the excited slides were closed for repairs without innforming or any notice on their website. it mae us upset. I think it's better to call hem before buying tickets. during long weekend repairment????? really?????

Andres Carrillo

It was fun but we expected more... also water was so cold


If you get the fast pass then the lines are like nothing like 5 minutes for the toilet bowl. The lines for like things that are not that popular are normally like 15 minutes or so and then for the things that are popular. Oh they are like 30mins-1hour. So it's very fun. But get the fast pass.

Paul Nissenson

Do not go here UNLESS you purchase the Quick Queue option. There are many nice aspects of the water park -- the staff were friendly and abundant, you are allowed to bring in water and small snacks, and we had no problem finding seating in shade. So why a two-star rating? The Quick Queue system and how it is implemented made my family and I feel like second-class citizens. We would wait in lines that should only take 15 minutes, but ended up taking 30-60 minutes because Quick Queue folks can jump to the front of the line and be given priority over non-Quick Queue folks. On several occasions I was waiting in line, some Quick Queue folks would be given priority access to the ride (while us peasants would be forced to wait), then jump right back to the front of the line and be given priority access again. It is not an exaggeration to say if a ride had a 30 minute wait for non-Quick Queue person, a Quick Queue person could go through the ride at least 5 times.

Tinou Roncone

Companion tickets weren't honored until we spoke to the manager (even though I called to verify dates since the website didn't list the companion ticket dates). Service at the cabana was horrible. We didn't receive our welcome waters (which came with the cabanas) until we asked 3 times... and we were one of the first cabana to check in. We received our first food order 2 hours later! We didn't receive our welcome basket and then were told they were out of fruit for the basket, even after the other cabanas received their stuff (even though we checked in before them!). However, after complaining to the manager, a welcome fruit basket magically appears. Although mimosas and wine are on the menu, they're not available. Their staff is inefficient, letting single tubes down the double tube lines, doubling the wait time. They also allowed a single rider to ride a 4 seater raft. They can learn from Disney, who is so efficient with maximizing their rides. A little kid vomited into the wave pool, whose dad reported it to the lifeguard but nothing was done. Ride operators didn't check for Quick Queue wristbands as kids were going to the front and getting on the rides. I had to mention something to the operator before it was rectified. This was our first and last time to ever go there!

Christine McCoy

Fun options for people of all ages. The park is great, but 17 bucks for a locker? That's a gouge. Food is not good either and you are not allowed to bring much in.

Keith Pickering

I used to go here every year as a kid, back when it was Soak City. Around 2012 the park had really fallen into disrepair, and SeaWorld purchased it shortly after. I'm happy to say the park is now as good as it ever was, if not better. Go on a cloudy day in late summer - we didn't wait in line all day.

Jihan Cardinal

I don't know where to start, this has been the worst waterpark i've ever been to! The park was dirty, unhelpful staff,overpriced. We bought 5 quick qeue for $125 that was supposed to be a fast way to get in to rides well it turned out almost the same time as the regular line, total waste of money! Never again! Forgot to mention $17 for parking, $20 for lockers.

OWLS999 Robinson

I had so much fun here!!! I really don't have anything else to say it was so fun I highly recommend it. Aquatica is for all age groups it has awesome water slides and really good pineapple sorbet.

Sahrina Williams

Not bad place. Great place to relax

Anjolie McCann

Not the best water park I have been to. Loved to flamingos and turtles though! They have such a nice enclosure! The wave pool was one of my favorites and the raft water slide was fun. The lazy river was terrible and over crowded. I had people throwing their floaty on my head and pushing me into the waterfall face first. The guests are just rude in general. A woman tried to feed the turtles and then argued that she knew more than the zookeeper on duty that asked her to stop. Employees were nice. Food seemed ok. Just a lot of waterslides and not much else.

Maria Gil

Worse place to come and spend the day with your family. My husband and I both handicap and there was no parking available we noticed dozens of young healthy looking people parking in handicap they don’t check for I’d anyone with a illegal handicap can park with no checking up on them. I called before we left the hotel to make sure they offered the dinning pass I was told yes he was

Evelyn Castillo

HORIBLE SERVICE -Rent a cabana for 350 dollars server was included which the server took almost 3 hours to show up to take the order, server came with the order which was wrong, server drops the drink on our table. We would re-order drinks and would take 40 min up to 1 hour to bring your drinks. Server did not follow direction on how to process payments, he double charged our card and said he reimburse 1 transaction which we never saw the money being credited ... now have to wait 3 month to get this situated..

Nikola Alic

Loads of fun for the whole family. Don't forget to get the quick queue pass

Nyle Heckner

Everything about the day was good or expected in the park on a busy day like a Sunday. The only problems I had was first we had a disabled patron with us and the Handicap parking was full, which is fine but the Miss attending the lot would not allow us to go in the parking to lot to drop off said Disabled patron which was a real setback to the beginning of our day there. I personally believe if all the Handicap stalls are occupied, you should be allowed to drop them off at least, or maybe allow that Patron to park as close as possible to the Stalls to alleviate some of that travel for the disabled patron. Second the wait to pay for parking took 45 min. That is just crazy. Last I get the no food policy and I am cool with it, but to get like a Burger or Cone Fries took us 1 Hour, and we only had like 7 people in front of us when we got in line. If you dont allow people to bring in food dont let them sit in line for an hour of there day for mediocre food. Other than my gripes I had a good time.


Fun, fun,fun. The parking costs $17 but the annual pass is very affordable at around $39. You cannot bring your own food but the burgers, salads or pizzas are around $10. Great place.

License2Diva. Com

In Summer Go During The Week & Bring Swim Shoes! We have an annual pass with SeaWorld so we get to go to Aquatica and park with passes at no extra charge (platinum pass gives one preferred parking, and without the pass the price is $42.00 daily), plus, we get a 20% discount for shopping/food. The parking prices, food, etc., are kinda high (really high at SeaWorld parking is for example, $18-80 dollars) so expect to pay for your day of fun; unless you get a pass. We have the Platinum pass and it's $11.91 a month for both parks and it comes with preferred parking (a nice, short walk!). The passes expire a year from the day of purchase, not like the old days when everything expired on the 1st of January. There's a big difference from the weekends and the weekdays when waiting in lines. The park opens at 10:30 am on weekdays and 10:00 am on weekends. The slides are very high up and a good distance so, you'll have to walk all the way to the slide, then all the way up and go up the flights of stairs while you're waiting in line. In short, that means you're not able to wear your shoes on the slide down and if you leave them at the top you'll have a long hot walk to obtain your shoes. I really recommend swim shoes, and please, I can't stress that enough, swim shoes; because the cement is extremely hot, like burning hot; and the kids won't get moody, and/or have 3rd degree burns if not higher after your fun day in the sun. You'll have a wonderful time but, remember to bring shade (hats, sunglasses, huge towels) swim shoes, water, (to drink, haha) and lots of sunscreen. Enjoy! P.S. Leave your treasures at home or locked in an alarmed vehicle because the locker fee is $17.00 per locker (and they're little).

karla roldan

This place is generally very fun. It does get pretty crowded on weekends though so if you want to go on a day that there's not a lot of people, definitely going on a weekday. The pool area and attractions do get dirty since loads of people go in those areas so don't expect it to be super clean (it is clean for the most part though). Sometimes there's sales or promotions going on so the pricing isn't that bad for such a good and fun outing.

Regina Gray

Was waaaayyy too crowded when we went and hard to enjoy the water park. Wave pool and the lazy river had murky water which grossed me out. Might have enjoyed it more if we went during the week instead of on a Saturday.


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