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REVIEWS OF All Amusement Fun Center IN California

joseph vazquez

Big nice make over. Don't like the fact that every game is 75 cents(3 tokens) and you have to buy there card. Would have been better if it was 2 tokens that way you can play twice for a dollar, they might as well should've made it $1 a game other wise this place would have gotten 5 stars from me.

KennerJuarez Life

I love this arcade so much because of the prizes. In one of the machine I won a $150 dollar card. But then it got stuck. So I ask someone that worked there and then he said that he 100% believe me. So I’m getting the card tomorrow because they don’t have the keys for the machine so I would be able to see the owner tomorrow

Marshall D. Teach

Jamyla Taylor

Had a great time here with the kids. They loved it! We bought them $10 dollar cards to start with and they lasted longer than they thought I would. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. I will definitely be returning

Mike Goetz

This place is awesome!

Lavera Sims

Michael Monterroso

What happened to the Dance Dance Revolution Machine?

Ruben Perez

Gabriel Baker

haim akrich

The old place was great lost a old customer.

Mary Artsvelian

sooo much fun such a cute date

tommy Benton Cadle

Bryant Jimenez

maximum tune 5. thats it

Georgina Hurtado

Armen Ghevondyan

We came to the burbank mall and put $20 in the token machien and only games you could use the rest with a card this is basicly stealing i dont reccomend you to come here.

Dagan Potter

Great arcade. The kids love it!

Jimmy Maravilla

Nicely remodeled in the third floor. Owner is nice and games are good. Cards make everything so much easier to play

Fernando Deala

Cindy Lambert

I was kicked out of this place because I had a service dog.

cesar mora

Judith and Shane Cramer

Good place for kids to play while adults are shopping.

Sharon Jensen

Staff was helpful. Plenty of games. Air hockey was very enjoyable to use.

victor rodriguez

Great fun place

Roman Garcia

Very nice place

AshleyA Mcclellan

This place has potientiak in had more fun in 15min than in 60min at chuck e cheese

Chris Pardal

oscar vasquez


Very fun place.....

rudy ceja

Fun place for family and friends

Jonathan Lim

Carlos Vazquez

Quyen Ho

Juan F Graciano

armen artoonians

Ruth Jimenez


I_A_J_V Escobedo

I love this place. I was so happy that they didn’t close this place after the whole remodeling thing they have going on in Burbank Mall. I come here almost every weekend with my boys. :) great staff and very reasonably priced :)

romeo sales

Forrest 1

Madeline Zamora

It's soooo much fun there, plus the employees are kind. Definitely will be going there more often.

Nicole Pinzon

Ed Hernandez Silva

This place is fun. Some games are more ticket generous than others.

That ONE antoid

I can never go in there without this one old man grinding up against me asking if I know how to swipe a card.

Roger Puc

Really fun place to go to everything is really convenient to use with the card system

Shariff Carlos

Has some great games but due to the card setup some of their features adont work properly. Specifically the Maximum Tune games. There is a BanaPass kiosk but there's a sign on it to "purchase card at game". Problem is that the game takes 1.50 per swipe , so per "coin". So the game thinks it's only 25 cents a play. Now to purchase a card, in game, is 4 coins. See where I'm headed with this? That's four swipes at $1.50 per. $6 dollars for a card? That's absolutely NOT RIGHT. There is no one to tell about this to either. So, I'm lead to believe that the arcade owner set this up intentionally. Scumbag move.

Casey McAdams

Such a great place to take the kiddos to! The staff here is all awesome and knows exactly how to encourage a fun time while still making safety a priority. Trust me, your kids will absolutely love playing here… I know I certainly do!


The place is fun, but the people who run it are not nice. I went there one day and I had saved up a bunch of coins at home from a different visit and I was using those to play at the arcade and the guy just walked up, took my coins (even the ones I bought that day) and walked away. I refused to let him have it, but he didn't let me keep my own coins

Shelo Zonana

very expensive and the person who works there is very rude and disrespected my sister very seriously and made her cry I do not want to know anything else about this place and God judge them they treat you as if you were their slave they are also racist and insulted me for being black The lady who works there and disrespected me is blonde and is an older lady is very bad

nery lemus

pascual orozco

Martha Sarellano

Roger Condova

Great place.

Oscar Vasquez

No drinks

Marco Solis

Jonathan Del Real

There are many fun games to play (including air hockey) but the use of Token Cards and set values to each game will bankrupt you faster than the old coin method ($5 for a claw machine is crazy expensive and risky--might as well hit Vegas).

John_Playz 321

I loved that they were so kind to help me win a grumpy cat! I wish to come here everyday!!!

Daniel Mata


Shannon G

Just got kicked out for having children. In an arcade. I explained we were just waiting for my husband to come back from the bathroom to play. There weren't even any other customers, we weren't in anyone's way. Apparently that wasn't good enough. That old lady could use some customer service training.

Olga Aguirre

Artur Aghakianest

Good place for kids.

Adriana Reyes

Some dude named Atticus helped us & he was so friendly! People need to hire more workers like him. He made our day. The owners are very friendly, patient & approachable as well.

Shahar Hillel

Great place to spend time with the kids. Nice and courteous staff.

Otoniel Mendoza

gina Hurtado


Zareh Teymoorian

Noel Piot

Luis Farias

Jeph Foster

No DDR, but has Initial D Ver 3 and 8, and has Maximum Tune 5. Really good for a mall arcade.

Vamp's Racing

It was fun kinda expensive to play some games. But i guess thats how it is, nice variety of games popular for teens it was a first time visit spent like 20 dollars for 2 hour's of fun. Yes i would recommend.


Juan Vallejo

A great place to hang out with friends and have a good time playing arcade games. Selections are a bit small but still fun to have an arcade area to play games at when few are still around

Vincent Salamone

Heads up - doesn't open at 10 like the hours listed say. At least on 6/17/19 it didn't. 11 open. Other than that, fun little place, especially with it's location in the mall, to kill some time.

Cj Yektazarian

-. Katz .-

I was here about 2 days ago, sadly to say I wasn't surprised with the overall experience going there. Most of the machines were broken. At the end, I managed up to save and claim a small superman keychain, overhearing the employee talking to a child which looked about 4-5 years old. The child asked how to open a plastic packaging he couldnt open and for help on opening it. The employee simply said "With your hands" and Ignored the poor kid. I looked at my friend next to me as she was giving me the same stare "Did that really just happen?" We got the keychain and walked away. Poor employee friendliness.

Israel Camacho

Weston Deboer

I love taking my kids inside and not spending a dime.

Rommel Belandres

Pin ball not working properly, old games, good for kids.

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