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REVIEWS OF Fluegge Optical IN Wisconsin

Stephanie Whybark

Great selection and very personalized service. We would highly recommend Fluegges to our friends and family!

David Echelbarger

I cannot recommend Fluegge Optical enough. They helped me through the transition time between and after two cataract surgeries. They replaced my prescription lenses with non-prescription with bifocals until I received a new refraction after six weeks. They charge $25.00 per lenses which is refundable upon getting new glasses. When it was time to get new glasses, Dale helped me sort through the issues of what I needed. He took an interest in my needs for protective shooting glasses, regular glasses, and cycling glasses all of which required bifocals. His knowledge in the field is incredible. He took his time to give me the best possible outcome. He noticed deficiencies in my previous glasses’ progressive bifocals and corrected them. I have not seen this well in years and years. This is truly professional service with an incredible array of products and most importantly, an exceedingly professional knowledge base.

Judy Collins

Great place. Great service. Wonderful people to work with

Ken Miller

Absolutely the best customer service anywhere. When glasses are finished they are the clearest I have ever had. Great people to work with. Will recommend them to anyone who really wants to see clearly.

Robert Romaszewski

They have the best selection. Staff is all awesome. And the turn around on prescription lenses is super fast. Love this place.

Tammy OConnell

Stellar customer service with state of the art lens and frames at lower prices that the boutique frame shops. My prescription is really challenging and Dale Fluegge uses hi-tech lens material to make my lens look normal and not super thick like they would be with other places. I really trust them, after all I have to wear glasses every day of my life.

Jason Corbin

Expert, friendly advice... exceptional, stylish quality... fast.

Constance Barrett

The best selection of glasses, and the fastest service. Friendly, helpful. If Fluegge optical cant get your glasses right, no one can!

William Corey

Pat helped me not only choose the right glass but helped me change my old glasses into sun glasses. They were able to get my glasses in less than a week, both pairs.

Dennis Maller

Found Fluegge while searching the web to learn if it was possible to get bicycling oriented wraparound sunglasses that would meet my progressive bifocal prescription. They said they could do it and they made good on that. Customer service is excellent. Selection of manufacturers and styles is very good. I ended up with a pair of Rudy project glasses that are a great fit for my bicycling needs and they were able to create progressive lenses that meet my bifocal and astigmatism correction. Highly recommend; I will definitely do business with them again.

Kevin Engel

Outstanding service plus a great selection of frames and options. Buy your glasses here!

Jay Walkowski

Dale and his crew have done a great job fitting our family with eyeglasses over the past 20 years. I would HIGHLY recommend using them.

Pamela Thickens

Dropped by to get new prescription lenses in 2 old frames. Received quick & friendly help from a nice young man while my favorite Oldies music played. They have a vast assortment of frames & will give honest advice on best frames for your face. Exceptionally fine people to do business with. It’s worth the drive from Mequon, WI.

Margaret Luther

The best place for your optical needs. Great selection of frames to choose from. If you want something different in a frame you are sure to find it here.

David Ollinger

5 years ago I walked into this place with my mother-in-laws glasses. We needed them welded together just enough for her funeral. She had broken them in a fall a few weeks prior. The tech took them in the back and said the weld was very weak and they should hold enough for our need. He then said there would be no charge. I protested a little, then he said someday everyone needs glasses. Keep us in mind when that day comes. Fast forward to last Friday . Peg went to look for new glasses here because..... " someday everyone needs glasses". They were very helpful and came up with some really good looking new glasses. Her mask always starts the conversation about her condition. Today we went to pick them up and part way though the fitting the owner walks out of the back grabs the bill and halves it. Tells Peg that she's been though enough and deserves a break. What can you say but thank you. Just when I think the world is circling the drain this gives me hope. Please Please...if you need new glasses go here. They are awesome.

Ansel Youngblood

Great service, fast delivery, very knowledgeable about lens requirements for shooting sports, I highly recommend them for all your optical needs

marta Kultgen

Excellent staff and excellent selection!!!

Michael McTernan

It is wonderful to be able to walk into a business and receive exceptional and personal service. The selection is extensive and well worth the drive. Thank you!

Joss Malasuk

Came here for lenses and had a bad experience. Staff did not provide what options were available so I was forced to cancel order. Simple features like Photochromic lenses were not offered or mentioned, so I walked away not knowing if I got all features in a lens that are available. They never checked insurance, nor provided a price upon placing the order. They called back and apologized for their bad service after I canceled but did not offer to correct the mistake, which I would have been open too. Ended up going to 'Family Vision & Contact Lens Centers' in Burlington and received fantastic service from start to finish. I ended up with MUCH better glasses and lenses than what Fluegge recommended.

Kathleen Gorlewski

Cant see going anywhere else for glasses. Fast. Knowledgeable. Dependable. Great customer service. They are the best. They'll take the time to get tou set up right.

Donn Anderson

We moved to Waterford 35 years ago. I met Dale shortly after that. I have always felt more like a friend than a customer. The service is outstanding. Whether I'm buying everyday eye wear, work or shooting glasses, I would go no where else. Fluegge has straightened out frames I've accidentally crushed, ordered new temples for me rather than selling me a whole new set of frames or glasses (when possible) and put new lenses in old favorite frames rather than trying to sell me new ones. Because of my job, and my hobbies, I have different needs; trifocals for looking upwards at electric panels, mono vision glasses for hitting targets around obstructions. I received a call one day from Dale saying he had an idea for my competition lenses. He suggested a near vision lens for my dominant eye and a distance only lens in for the non-dominant eye. It not only markedly improved my scores, the lenses are less expensive than bi-focals. Dale and everyone else I've worked with at Fluegge is more about customer service than profit. I highly recommend Fluegge Optical. Donn - Anderson Home Inspection

Sharon Cimino

Based on the recommendation of two neighbors, I decided to get my new prescription glasses from Fluegge. Glad I listened to my neighbors. Service was quick, knowledgeable with absolutely zero pressure. After reading the reviews of several chain, vision stores, I am delighted I decided on Fluegge.

Debbie B

Their prices compare to other optical places but where they stand out is their customer service! They are very accommodating and most things are done in house. If something isn’t quite right they fix it right away.

Laura Felzer

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly, Fluegge has an incredible variety of frame designs and the very best lens makers!

S. Musgrave

Knowledgeable Friendly Prompt service

Janet A Smart

A business that not only provides up to the minute frame styles and does fashion lens for a competitive price with a knowledgeable staff but thanks you for being their customer by not only treating you like royalty while they make your eye-ware but once a year treat you to a day of fun with a customer appreciation party with carts to bring you to and from your car, a great do wop band, grilled burgers by the Lions Club, beverages and sweets, games and contests for kids and adults, swag bags, prizes..... oh, and don't forget the tootsie rolls.

marie hilliker

Excellent service !!!! Will always do business with them

Kym George

Best place ever for stylish frames and the best customer service

John Kawa

Extremely competent and genuinely nice people. I have worn glasses for 60 years and never had a better fitting.

Lori Clarke

Every level of care is five star at Fluegge’s. Dale and Staff are the best at everything they do! If you have not yet had the Fluegge experience you need to run, not walk, run for your next pair of eyeglasses! They offer quality, and affordable eyewear options and they stand behind everything they do. Wherever in the world I live, I will always be a Fluegge customer!

Michele Dignin

First time at fluegge's. I will highly recommend them. Walked in, was greeted by Pat who asked what I was looking for. Once I told him he took me right over to a display of every kind I could ask for. Over 5 years I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere else! The glasses were completed in just a few days. When I went to pick them up, Pat recognized me and fitted them in a matter of minutes. And the price I paid was even less than other places that didn't have what I wanted. High five Fluegge's!

Peggy Kormylo

Fluegge has an excellant selection, and excellant service! They go above and beyond and help their customers!

Kathleen Pavicevic

Usually worked with Steve however he left this past fall. Steve was awesome. Ended up working with the owner and he was kind of rude. Looks like they had a turnover of employees and it shows no longer what it used to be. For an owner, not a very nice person. Will not be going back.

Scott H

Dale Fluegge is a great business owner. He will go the extra mile to please his customers. What he did for me was extraordinary, something you would never find from another eyeglass shop. This establishment is truly unique. I would recommend them for your next pair of glasses. They don't accept insurance, but Dale will meet (and probably beat) your out of pocket costs of eyewear from your insurance coverage at an in-network provider. My glasses cost +$650 through my network eyeglass provider. Going through Fluegge, my cost to them was $570. I was able to deduct the out of network frame costs ($50) and lenses ($70). So my total cost came to $450, much better than through an in-network provider. Fluegge is great!! Thank you Dale!!

Patricia Haas

Great staff. Lots of great glasses to choose from. Their service is out standing.

James Beck

I was talking to someone at one of the local gun clubs and they recommended that I go here for my prescription shooting glasses. When I walked in the door I saw a huge display of multiple brands of shooting glasses and just about every single colored lens available for each of those brands. They were extremely helpful matching me to lenses for the shooting situations that I encounter at the different gun clubs that I shoot Sporting Clays at. And just a side note there were three other people in there getting shooting glasses along with me. I highly recommend this place their service is outstanding.

Sammie Marema

Absolutely wonderful staff. Very knowledgeable with great warranty programs and selection of glasses. I get so many compliments on mine! All their options are so unique, I've never seen a place with glasses like they have here! They are personable and make the experience comfortable. Very fast service, picked out my glasses and walked out with them with in a 2 hour span!

Joyce Contreras

Excellent help in finding the best frames for my face and prescription.

Rose Hoppe

The only place to go for glasses. Great selection of frames. Great customer service. Thank you Kathy

Karin Kingstad

Excellent customer care & service. They go out of their way to accommodate your needs and strive for 100% satisfaction. Great selection of frames and specialty vision needs for sports. Dale Fleugge is the best! Customer for life!

Janice White

I can not ask for better or more friendly service than I find at Fluegge Optical! There large selection of frames made picking out new ones fun. But deciding on which one to get was aided by their camera where I could see how I looked in several pairs! I also received great help when the glasses were fitted. I know I can always get my glasses adjusted whenever needed. I won’t go anywhere where else.

Christine Uebe

I’m thrilled to comment and have told everyone I can about my great experience at Fluegges! I love my Sillouettes but even more importantly, my prescription was wrong and very shortly after I brought in a new prescription (from another eye doctor) and Fluegges happily changed it for me! Then to find out I could get clip on sunglasses—custom made—was topping on the sundae! Throughout, the service was excellent: not rushed, caring, and efficient. That is a rare thing lately. Oh, and did I mention the great freezer bag? I take it grocery shopping every week

paul Kaprelian

Everything about them is outstanding. Since they make their own lenses they can do what typically can’t be done elsewhere. I have a strong prescription and in my case they made me a pair of wrap around cycling glasses with progressive lenses that had no distortion. Something no other place could do. All with great customer service and with a reasonable price. I will go back to them for all of my glasses.

Craig Andersen

Great selection of frames, good customer service. Been a customer for a long time and always happy.

Diane Steiner

Fashionable glasses, lenses that are right first time every time and outstanding customer service provided by Dale and his team.

Mark Sommer

Incredibly knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, great selection, fair prices.

Tammy Coose

I was very interested in a particular Silhouette lens style but felt it was a little too big for me. Fluegge was able to cut a sample with adjusted size and that helped me commit to the glasses. I love what they were able to do and I get a lot of compliments on the unique style, along with feeling comfortable with it's fit to my face. They can really cater to the individual customer at this store.

Donna Burke

The staff is so friendly and professional. They really stand behind the product. Have replaced lenses at no cost to me. I’ve referred several people. They make the glasses there, so I get them in about one day. Can’t say enough about Fluegge.

zak malom

Not knowing much about the raybans I was buying, I was told that they only order in polarized raybans. Well after further review they actually arnt polarized. They are real raybans just not what they told me they are. Other wise would have been a 5 star. I guess you should know what your buying first.

Tim Crowe

Great Guys, really know their stuff. Dale can even set you up with shooting glasses for any sport.

Mitch Dunn

Incredible experience & great staff. Dale went above & beyond any expectations I could of possibly had. Thank you!

Brandon Schultz

Always a pleasure! Dale and Company were fantastic as usual. There is nowhere else for custom quality like you'll find here.

Alina Ancheta

Simply love how easy it is for myself and my family to receive top quality service here. We have moved out of the area, and yet we continue to return to Fluegge’s for our glasses.

Dennis miller

Fluegge Optical is an excellent place to get glasses because their service is Premier they relentlessly seek to solve any problem you have get any product that you want even if you have to order it from Italy they’ve always been my top choice for Optical wear since about 1995 And that’s a long time for having constant continuous good service and excellent pricing P.S. Anyone that can tolerate me for that length of time have to be above and beyond

Susan McDonell

Fabulous customer service, great prices, knowledgable, and treat you like family. Now that I've found them, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

jeffery young

I have always had a great experience at Fluegge Optical. The employees are always friendly and helpful and my lenses are always perfect.

Jamie Strommen

As always Fluegge Optical was polite, timely, competitively priced and always willing to help with any questions I should have. It’s my choice for myself and my family hands down!

Barbara Griffiths

••I have been going to Fluegge Optical for many, many years. When I have a new prescription for eyewear, or need repairs, they are my only “go to”. ••Years of prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service has left me a lifelong customer. ••Questions are always answered, the site is always immaculate and cheery looking. Just a comfortable inviting place to have “the windows to your soul” taken care of !! ••I highly recommend Fluegge Optical to anyone that needs vision will have the “best of the best”! Barbara J. Griffiths

Chuck Korcz

The experience could not have been better! Excellent personal service and very good products .

mike knoke

Outstanding service and products. Very satisfied. Cant wait to go back for another set of glasses.

M. E.

wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else. Patrick was awesome.

Fieena Zvenyach

The best optical place! Both my husband and I have very complicated prescriptions and Dale was able to help us. You will not regret going there.

Steve Belling

I must say that you will not beat Fluegge Optical for service, quality and price. They spend the time with you to get your order right the first time. With their on-site lab, my glasses were ready in less than a week. This is the first time I ordered rimless glasses so I had concerns about getting the bridge and temples connected to the lenses correctly. No problem. I was a little apprehensive when I could not get a quote for the final price of my glasses when ordering but when the final invoice came, they were almost $300 cheaper than another quote I had for the same glasses. That was my cost after insurance! They are also the only brick and mortar optician I know of that offers a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on both the lenses and frames.

Chris Grefe

I have been going to Fluegge optical for many years and have always been satisfied. Dale Fluegge goes above and beyond trying to make his customers happy. I would highly recommend them.

Marietta/Howard Duncan

My wife and I just started going to Fluegge Optical. After being there we will only get our glasses there. All the years driving passed this place what a mistake on our part. I assume they had to be very expensive. Well you know what they say when you assume well you know the rest of the saying. I couldn’t believe how well there glasses were priced. I only wear Ray-Bans and very great pricing on there frames and lenses. I needed a special frame and within 3 days I got a call from Patrick and the frames where in. Next day my lenses were in and a perfect fit. Fluegge has the best customer service and selection of glasses that I have ever received when I needed a new pair of glasses. If your not going to Fluegge in Waterford you are really missing out. Thanks to the whole staff at Fluegge we just love are Ray-Bans.

Louise Teague

Frame selection awesome- unique, trendy, lots of choices of color, shape and style. Staff upbeat, friendly and efficient. Store very arty. Glasses clearly high quality. Super shopping experience.

carla christenson

I have been going here for years!! I have ALWAYS had EXCELLENT selection and EXCELLENT customer service!! I refer everyone I know!!

Michael Rytman

Excellent customer service. They took the necessary time to help me find the glasses that fit me well and satisfied what I wanted in a pair of prescription sunglasses. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would highly recommend Fluegge Optical to anyone looking for glasses.

Chase Retzer

This company is discriminatory against Union employees me being a carpenter. They specifically said they were going to stop accepting carpenters insurance. The owner was extremely arrogant and rude talking over you as you speak. 2 attempts to have them send the bill to my insurance and fail I had to do it myself to find out they messed up on the paperwork. I go in there to have them correct the situation and fix the glasses under warranty that broke and he refused me service. The owner came out of the back and threw my glasses on the table saying he won't fix them. Even Iyhough they are still under warranty. I will not be going back there anymore after 5 years I'm fed up and I'll never use fluegge again.

Patti Eder

The best glasses and customer service I've ever experienced has come from Fluegge Optical. I've been getting my glasses from Fluegge Optical for at least 3 decades. Twenty years ago I moved away and tried multiple other optical stores and they consistently failed to live up to the standards that Fluegge delivered. I now make the trip just to have Dale or Glenn take care of my needs.

Pat Otten

Always great friendly service as well as best selection ever


My experience at Fluegge Optical was beyond exceptional! Dale worked with me personally to help to figure out why my prescriptions weren't working for me. It has been a struggle for me for many years since I began wearing glasses. My new Optomatrist referred me to him. He made a number of changes with trial lenses for my problem eye and in that process was able to determine what the issue was and what would work best for me. He did not charge me extra for all this work. He was more than gracious and patient as it took several visits to bring this to fruition. I highly recommend Fluegge Optical. They go above and beyond for their customers! And their prices are reasonable.

jeffrey knoerzer

Great service and quality craftsmanship!

Kimberley Harrison

The best eye care experience in recent memory. Kathi was amazing! I needed my current eye glass lenses put into a new frame purchased at Fluegge Optical. I entered the store 1/2 hour before closing not expecting to pick up my new glasses until Monday or Tuesday. They were not only done in 20 minutes but the progressive lenses were much easier to read with. I would recommend this Optical to anyone looking for great customer service and a great product for the price! Thanks again, Fluegge Optical you made my day.

Christin Gould

The customer service and selection at Fluegge Optical is outstanding. We live 30 minutes from Waterford and the trip is well worth it.

Jim Mueller

Excellent service and extremely knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

Janet Ahlgren

I have visited on a very busy day and a slower day and each time received phenomenal customer service! Fluegelhorn optical is the only one I now recommend to friends!! Thank you!!

Nick Ioder

Very professional with satisfying experience every time


Quality products helpful service would recommend to anybody

Cheryl Wilson

Friendly knowledgeable staff. They make buying glasses fun.

Robin Hommel

Fluegge Optical is awesome! I always receive excellent customer service the minute I walk in the door or call them on the phone. The eyewear selection is outstanding! Keep up the great work!!

Jackie Cooper

I love Fluegge Optical! They have such unique and different frames. Not the same old, same old you see every other place. I went in for one pair of glasses and came away with 2! The turn around time was very quick. I wanted one of my frames in blue and they had to be ordered from France. Fluegge actually put my lenses into the red frame they had in stock so I could see how they felt and was able to test my lenses. Fluegge then sent my glasses to me in Florida. The staff is very knowledgable. Patrick and Kathy were both great at helping my husband and me pick out frames. And Melody at reception is always very friendly and helpful. I really wasn't into glasses much before I went to Fluegge. Frames I saw at other places were ho hum. I'll definitely stop into Fluegge when I'm in Wisconsin next year!!

Jeff Singer

Absolutely perfect and awesome customer service. All businesses could learn something from Fluggee optical.

Joyce T.

I’ve been getting my glasses prescriptions filled at Fluegge for over 25 years, and have never been disappointed. I drive 45 miles from home for this, because of their great selection and really great service. For example, a year ago the temple broke off the front of my glasses, and I arrived at 5 min to closing time on a Friday night. Pat, one of their stellar people, stayed late and fixed it himself; above and beyond!

Randy Eib

I liked the store, clean and friendly. Busy with out the feeling of urgency or rushed. I had a pair of custom prescription lenses made for a pair old style welding goggles. Very quick. Turned out great.

Andrew Drefahl

How many retailers that you interact with actually know you by name? And they remember who you are? And they talk to you like a friend? And that happen to be expert in their service level, quality and knowledge? In my life I can count them on one hand using only my index finger, and that would be Fluegge Optical.


The bes optical place I've ever been to, TOP quality materials, fast service, great prices, would recommend.

Dwayne Russell

Very nice people, replaced sunglass prescription in my frames in one day. Also, loved the oldies music in the store.

Barb Burmeister

Great choice of specialty prescription franes and lenses. If you need personal attention to get the right product for you this is the place. Worth the drive and easy to find. Why try and figure out what shape frames would work for you thinking you are saving a few bucks on internet sites. Treat yourself better than that and get the right ones.

Dan Wooster

Great experience Wish I had found you before now.

Bill Lange

You were recommended by eye specialist nurse & then I suggested my wife to your optical co Nurse said Dale set-up athletes with other sports. You should put up pictures on walls. Dale set up my ski goggles that I know will be an asset. Pat does a nice job too . I ve told other friends that drive to Watertown is worth it. Bill Lange

Riley Stendel

Just go there. You don’t have “big box store” eyeballs, so why would you give your eyeballs glasses from a “big box store” or discount eyewear place? Hands down the best -end of story. Just Go There.

Randy Fahrenkrug

Fast friendly and knowledgeable. Repairs often done while you wait and new lenses and frames often ready within 24 to 48 hours. Amazing selection too.

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